North Carolina Newspapers

    RALEIGH, II. O. WBDNliSDAir, PE3H1TA11Y 14,1030.
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lIOMAS' J. lEM.4f .here I rejoice 1o exhibit something love- thcnccbv Robert Jeffreys, crosses Crab
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rmvi hiiibu me u'Piipsi opinion i me -. unuge, mence crossing ins bujp . uoad
ISBMS. ! characjejrof female. With mf idea at the Pigeon House, it enters KaleiitV
ihiee uoit.ti irrnpum-on , woman, i ni l iwa ct.vea in tuerear I I noma t i.v-vrcu-.
ihut the 8ii i ml'nes,, aumnity, inj quietness of and terminates at int. .ax Street, in the
lull m 'l'ecr
,,u''1,,,,wrtl4l, ,, T" urnciiuneiji.f p- raine between MrDevruHt'a aut the
It(tlt . -Jr - - T ijs.tflir flinV iaf that-LA iiiqtli'ma I tt'tt-l iff! Ilia fast "Vtrm m-.i-- k ..a -ti I a. r
- 3 " ' J s. j 1 1 . is- j a .
ion in lanc
I. . I KS Of ADVf.IlTtSlXO.
.i .... nf 3 ii nrr mil
r, .r i- sHterlitc! bv llw jr.r.
I .u,rt to die K.liinr niM.t tur pnw-px-t
I Lite!. Fur a
in 'ue particular
.i..i;..i...,t ,. t... i r i ..... ... ....i . r.L- :. ...
Fl"" "H)"ir.'n,.L7ii.m,Cw .MUrj Mb ub- change this opinion, ac.l even if J we beg to refer to the detailed Repot t
t'"icVi ' iiucriKin, iwt-my fi" n-nit 'tiny chivalrous disposition would have of the Chief Engineer, which, accom-
- I iu .!eriiriei vu-rk ,,rVventedLmv ta th panics tlaiac BeLeving that the inter-
-1 ., .. .. ..--... I .-r rent, Iil--r: nl 1f- 1 . v l.
ihu. i-h - r win III. M v Attintiiifl ftflrnr-t. i till I lli Stnr k lifil.tMi-u umii-i1 lkA'i..i 1 1
ffitto a niarneti lartf, whu 1st promoteJ bj the speedy cott,tettn
t ufrto in r.miw i ,.,.rt cliililrett: saw she ii the I the Koaa ju lLik-ili, auti timlinx
' V s "i , Ve 7'fj irfl f a guoJ TiirfeTTot h that coniracU could he made on mure
roa ti r" . , ' ' did no'. I diwere l p'aiulf titat she favorable tel in at that time than' attjr
yU. EuiTonf Last week I gave ..u psl g., ,,e li-g,.st fun.l of interest subsequent p.-riml, immediatelv on
in account oUoitie ol iiiv :' rv.itiiu ln? C(inf frsa,j(lll r anr m(lther 'e compleiiou of the grading on the
in the region of .fancies ac-oiUm to (j,,;,,,,,,. but hhe v."i not-aware fim divi-iin, it was determined to 'so
I iw that ii'ie tt td the betatiiigoti' with the work.- The whole line to
jianiptc.oai-ci-uut, O'Uviferou Hilei'j;li i now under contract, and
jiij one i ."' "v" " ' i?saj.?Ler c., but 'ie did not tltnik so. the contractor liave cummenceJ ope-
i .Ve-a..y. awte s:,e hail the wot bteretinj aod ration. This courts wiH,- wu bope,
th hsrJHai l"rM Jruiftlif childrflt. Oenius was meet the uuattirooU3 approbation of the
are aciuai tiuc. ....... .fsuotjie't on the countenance ot eaclt ot Storkimuiers,
tn.-ffiiuiou-.ue. !:... - "Thrni: bat she t'.nti.r'it tl.ev were-all
but eoo-ili ilLiL.was perfect
and so er aJI t!ic r -t-t.
fer, W would, therefore, recom- vast resources; O irs appears to : us
mend that the President and UireitoYs now, the only feasible .achetm-j and
be ittstt ucteiU. in the first pl.-Ke, to re- althouh, heretofore," " iiappiititetl
ceive atldiimiial subscription for siot k in our expectation or interesting them
to an atnouut, tyiexceedinj- in all owe in, our project, we are iill dipoei to
million of tiollars: and. in tiie evvnt of ettend to them the hand of cmd
the whole not brin-; subscribed, that
thejf be autUiitiseil to negotiate f.ians unite in
fellow.hh); and will
,trocttrins t-oc Utt-nvart least
converlibletor otlierwixe, a thej may one goml outlet for their pioduce.
think proper, for sucb.suin as Uiay be "I'ltis we shall be enabled ' to do, by
required to increase the vvlntle capital diverging at Haywoodrw ttfmetithvr
of the Ci'iiipar.v to one; million id dol- suitable in the cnuntr of Chat
the Legislatures of several States are
now deliberating on the subject, and
some of them have' adopted resolution
upon it tsiUich. ltae yet nit rt.rdied u.
At Uichinnttd Uft kuow something has
bi-eu done. Sir, I want to hear Iroin
must che.rfut.rHhe WVst, fritn ATbany, fmtnRuh-
larsf an-!, f ii purpotK-, tint iltey
beinjrtWvied lueioplnv suitable--A-tents.
The "'''"it "i ' jjiock-
liam, extending tlunte Wvstwanllv.
alunx the border of Randolph and
(, to the Vdilkin, vthrtic, il
mood, front all nuar'ers f the Cou-itr
that are so deeply and vitally interested
in this nieaxui e, before we take the vote
upon ii;und from llarriuorg especially,
th.iuj'ht last not leat ue may hear
w'ial the kt-y 'Stone State Jias to say on
this su'-jci t.
Sir, 1 av, w'nh surprise, that I can-
pnimi-e vou shall now if t,
Let itbeuudertKMl, tiial 1 lo i.oMtn f f
,iv one to conclmle, berao , Vjio-w,,
thiWil, a I have b. cn, will! an i.iny.i
iiito the vcrel iet:r--- of the h.-.,i .
M-'tiihcil- is a capiiti"sw!iiin-.C4l
b:ins, and will not panly th-w.h.-
of eerv prt-suiniog wiu'it. M t advice
j, 'ai i.ipct I ill heart j.
VttTlie fi .d
ery pr-
ti ee v-4'ea-j
- finiiiteil mtiiai ttall v 5
llirTfirtrt-afT tTjsei f f x - tfrrbiiu f-toT
vanityelf-et'em, artd complarrncy,
let Itrni be' satisfied with that disnne
rj, and make the best of it. without
lufculatin conceriiiig the internal
cmiilition of others. Hut, 'Rafter a lull
eia niiuiion. lie com lude that hi heart
would undergo the scrutiny of an oin-
Iioamer like in .!!. anu be
It was never contemplated or expect
ed by any one, acquainted with the
work, that tie sum originaly sub
seribeil would be s.unicient to complete
this undertaking; and it is now evi-
it i: rote T
PrfliiTriil of lhfltntfih nndHnitaJi
dent, that the whole Capital of one
million -will be insufficient for that
. Jtail RoadJCtmpanl iit .uanutJ meeting
is lbJ..-
In suhtnittin; to the.. Stockholders
the following licport of their proceeding-
since the last Annual Mevtiog,
the Piesident and Directors tlevtn it
not amiss, brit-fly to advert to the sta's
of affairs and the cuodiiiuii of the win k
at that time. It will be seen on refer
purpose. It will be ngccar) there
lore, tor the Stockholders, at tlte ptvs
cnt meeting, to adopt som measure
fur the increase of the Capital, to en
able u to comply with our contract.
A the Scheme would be incomplete,
were we now to stop nhort, and the
value'of the Stock be thereby inateri
ally allected, we cannot
hid. let , ivjianluigthem inerfly a such, -desirable, it can be continued so a to i not comprenciid (he recent reversal of
inters-Ct the lliarK ston and Cmtin-; trie ctiuise ol legislation m Longie.
tiati Ilutd at some favorably point ; to l"e good oi.t nays 01 t inner lime.
the ben- fu to tht' country mid the whole
KUci t-t of the Moik ili-uiiti.l if exti-n-
sion, mi l we are tberetore satii.riea; wu!un tne state. , iai was
that the Stockholders will adopt any) Suice tlie last Anoal Meeting, the ; Tneti, a I
uieans in' their now r to eff.:cl tins. I heavy eiflentlitnre ItiVid.4 ut to a wi k I --where?
A lm of 'Coaches coiuoieni:ed run-' if tin iiiagnituile, nnd the rani li v of
ning between Gaston and FayettevlU..LU proves, have emnpellril us to call
the course of legislaiion?
'jgreat in'Msnres oritnati-d
In thi branch? No, 'u;
tli y originated with the People'
Rt'sresentative jo the other end i-f li e
during the. rat spring, un l, ltiiougit largely upon the Stockbolil.-M 1iirtn-ty-pttoL. .;Mes res Mating to l ues,
the change of timen ha caused" a" mil- triliuiions. In-taWnta jiercntl. ;.'ilie public treasure, to onr armies.' and
stderable reduction in the ''number i.f have been required to be paid on tlte!Tie. originated wiicre ihy ounht
tiavellers, it has reewved a lair pro j fi-st day .f Mart h, July. -O- toh-r. to originate with thus who are near-
port ion of public patronajje. r rmn i Ueeemlj.r, Januarv, and F.-btiay, et the reopie. I here Jin-se great
the expeneni e gamed I coin tins, we are I whn h, toj..her w
satisfied that the want of laViluie i iou v jiat-l, have
the only obstacle to the diversion of fust t-f J.muarv;
the greater part of the siAitlu rn travel i 8406. li.S.ti.i
along tin route. i hese will be ifreat-
the amount pie- an-1 iniHrtant measures were matured
oiluceil up to the 'd "ent to the Senate. But (hi- safe,
"e I vo U.n, i ii an ini,l i'iii tim the v will admit anv nr.if lir;ilili' nl.ili
. . , r rillV I ' IIIV l.i '"I 1 mi " "iO" in. J ' J "
fi.un.fclear l a" moiui.tate uegree o R .j haJ been jocatetj ,8 far a Tar whicb can be . devised.-.!.- racing -llie
Vanity,'b "in.iythe'i .C0"H'ler nl,,,?iel, u.vcr, and the greater part placeil un- means nf carrying on (he work. To
solitary and alone" in virtue and hu-lj contract. From the seveiitv ol effect this, three modes have. euggestfid
l..ini-nt ?UC in.'a.uatioti Oil,, i:,,.. ,.... t, l...l v, ltuMiii-Ui ltv I lip txraiit of our
toad to Kileigii, and if two good hues
of Coaches shall then be established.
the one to GtoVtobU and AugOstS", .and
the other Weslwm-dly to Salisbury,
ilu re to connect with the Tennessee
and Pv'nliniiunt line, we have littlt-
ilniitl. tTiTt llirt- m-tiifiiiril l.'ii I 11I ttli
i. . int. ri i- i .i"wi .. i si
doubt that Southern and Western travel wi.ll ft ml
its way to this II. .id. It nny not be
itreteviuit or-4mpt'o4Kr ber,-to draw-a
fcuiti of republican, democratic course ofleis
. la ioitha been t .tally t eversvd. Sir,
Aitbwugh 4edi3Vru!tiei,4d" he past why is this? 1 it the result ij -atiy
i : t" r " r--. . T . . . .1 11 1 . ....... 1 1 . 11. a 1? v ii . ... . . u
Ibe collections, and pro-'ueed sonie
tiiakm2 it
militv. "and lament Jhc tnlaluatioti
his fethtw-eratnres
... . 1 ... mr.ftf tntoi-!ifl
.. - Jiarneii 1 saw n -.
yout ajery modest-looking;, easy,
ticiturtr, milk aiMf-water sort uf a fVJ:
I. m; whom no one ori account of
harnilesni'ss, and good nature, ever
troubled. As he seemed to wish tooc
Mlcuiv a neutral, 7-ero place in creation,
disturbing none, ar.d by none disturb
ed, the world was willing to gratify his
Strang whims. Hut Mr. Pukerasy
took quite a different view ofthe inat
tcr;he wa conscious of possessing un
cawmon parts and rare merits, aod
.sagely concluded that these qualities
tnsnutd bis companions with reveren
tial iwe distant atid silent T-espect.
He cnasitfered hiotself a rora uvt$ in
(err;, antl determined that taciturnity
should be cne of the marks of his ge
nius. Clear the way! here comes the
vaDourinsr, pedantic, nufled-un cox
comb, with head erect, as if buoyed'
tip, like smne other light bodtesTbyTie I
elasticity nf tli- surrouniling atmos
phere. This youth's vanity was open
and manifest to every one. The pal
pable contempt with whit h he was trcat
cil, lie considered the result ol a vile
and malii ious envytHg ofbigreat mer
its. Said he, Aut Cat'tt, ttut nihil,
villi an air nf najC'tyamf iinquestion
ahle importance. Already 1 am lear-
ei) by some, envied by others this is
the kwJumeniubtU dicta, of all trua
'Tis n easy leap for me "
Tu pt.ick bright l.onur fro.n tlie imle-faced
By the
to take
terms ot our
subscribers are
the residue of
Tkefirst plan
then, w Mill d be, to oilr 1 0 a ppu i tiun the
remaining Stock among tlie present
solvent Stockholders, according to the
the winter but little Work had then themselves.
been done. As soon, - Wwevcr, as the Charter, .the
S.irinir onenad. tie vyrtrtTvas viirorr fust entitled
1 1 1
. uusly proscctitttlt-anl we liaye the
satisfaction f statin that, with a sin
gle exception, the contractors have
i..-n far comnlied with their enn-a-re-
inents. The grading. of "48 miles of amount already held by them,
the Roar' is now completed, with the TTii would, ift sbitie ift-lan.-en, perat
exception .''f a few hundred yards, and, unjustly and oppressively, as many may
the work exe. utcd in a manner highly have made as large investments in the
creditable. t the contractors and the first instance a their mean would
Kno-ineers entrusted with its super- enable them to do; besides, we think
vifcian. The soil is admirably adapted this could only be done by the nnani-
to the construction or --i-hmkIi uuua,iuuui .!' tUSiocki
.-.lthe ruts are L'cnerallf f'ce from holders, ana it is on that account lur
U.-H.V Th.. hunk on the first nine ther objectionable, as it would be dif
miles ufytbe IWd, from Gaston te ficult if not impracticable, tondjtvin
1 .it.l.-ii.ii-liatfi'nv-'lteeHTihrowtt'-'nD-a thi: To comply, .however, wilb the t ;.! t,. heroine firm, it was provsiona of our Charter, the offer can
thomrbt .advisable to lav Jowu the. sun- ba mule to the respective Stock
PL-(structure on this section at once, hohit-rs, who can then accept or reject
.. i.r . . 1 .1 . iuir mil lull
so tiiat ll 1 now rea.iv tor use as booh h 1. v...
.a it.- It. ;.! .. flic Roanoke slial I he next and most ojvioiis n'an, 1
t.p rnn.t.lefe.l. On the lemainiiii' S3 to re-open Books of Subscription for
miles, the timber has all been deliver- filling up the amount unsubscribed.
ed and dressed, ready to be laid down Had theortdilion 01 tne country con-
as soon as the embankment stiail have utiueu as pruspciuu " -ui .su...s.
become sufficiently settled, from ei- and the facilities for obtaining-mo
.w..-.. in tiu Wint..!-' f.t. nev as ireat, a at the commence-
The Bridge at Gaston, which Jias metit of this wot k, we might caiculate been coinineuced at the last mee- withCertaimv upon the success of this
nun- U now comtileled within a snan measure, and that the same anxiety to
and a half, anil would have been rea- possess our Stock, which character-!
dy for the cars on the first of Janujry, ed our first movements, would be,a
but for our disappointment in receiving gain manifested ; for nothing has or
ilmiwr ttl.i, li l..l liwii contracted for curred to dioiiuish our confidence in
nearer me i.x.-rutive. t.r a
failures aniona the S:o. kbold. ts, ct better mirror of it view, that these
upon the whole, w believ,. the pity, reversed prixeed'tigs have .been adopt
ments have been generally tnaile with H? But thi session th - At uly bill
..jre punctualit y th;.t to any othi-r ha o.-iiuatedhere; yestcrdav the IiahT
lioad now progressu.'.'. To" n-ln ve bill fthal great .Agrarian projec) wai.
the Stnrkhidders, a far a pos-iide, passed here; and now we have the
at a season when the pretomre wasg. eat- Su'i- rreury project hete m'r irlnred
est, a loan was made Irom the B it k Sir.i-thi the proper bi am h of lli.ngve
.i'.t. - t? l a. . . ...L..... 1 . T. f lku mLin .f-ancrt-t-nat-nHMsltt-at
coiitiiariMiii-between f tie picsent uvvl- mt H.lfUtd iv tin mim f 70.000, Wliy are thf y ovinated hi-te?
nd procured in the towerRoartoke;!
win-r to the low water in the R.ver, iug. Jiut owing to the sudden and un- j become as valuable a any in the Ctiion.
n.l tin. .lim. nltv in obtaining means loriunate revulsion which has taken
be place in tne pecuniary siiairs 01 me
un in tune; inrviinstanuiug luuuui, jii.. vaunts uu.. v. sm. --r
palled with such ebulli:;of tl.jIlspo.u,u,n it could not
. I vyas introduced into b )it in ,jme; ll(,Witlutiini
ThU wasa pj,,, , fully j o effort to do so- This difficulty be here alluded to,) Stocks of every
After beinrr
funis of Viiniiy
a school-room.
interesting spectacle. I saw that notb-: , , rm,.. .,,i. and the Ilritltre will descnntion have undergone a very
ittg was taught , the school, but the;. ...pp.r.i. fmnetcd. The Iron considerable decline; and, from the
uiiucuiiy ui procuring moot:, a? -
longer sought for with tlie aine avidi-.
tv asTormerTyC'"'Our"laizesr cTiuTfaT-'
- . ii- - , I " , ICI.BU.) " "J HIV in""- " J J ...
imagined hiiiis. ll perfectly skilled ,n ;ttl be ready for transporta"i..n by the ists find it inconvenient to meet the r
fyeiy branch of sci nee and literature, f. nr i,,,.. tha!, fioerience has existiuz ensatrciuents, and those hav
. o i . . i r i
made u somewtiat cattti m in giving '"g the command ol money nave so
any pledges to the public on this sub-, many opportunitiys of making invest
jgj ments aii'iM-ilitig - immediate atul exor-
01 the Road betwepn Roanoke and bitaiij profits, that but few can be
Tar River, there are five D-pi.ts, vu: founTTo lake Stack in iucorpora'ed
at I-itileton: nt Brown's, live miles Ooiitiianie. however nattering their
.s as .Hogi.i in tne school out tne . fompetcd. The Iron
coinumn Lngll, branches, and a Julie Sh' Wa ordered, has all arrived,
i-atm. Ut i, .e pedagogue was tittn.g auiJ -H , b;, , we e no
iUttr-XjLiiwgiUexiaUgnity sbou'lT
1 mi it i ,1 j.. I 1. . . .. i . r A . I. '. ll...l .M 1 J
He looked with nerulinr inttest on the
gruup of urchins atound him, and
Jhouglit that in ach of them he was
'avilii. the fnundatinn fur lulu r iri-pnt.
' - . - - gj-
ne. I lin-erd fur tarn 11 A fimii ill lluft
1 m . .
"npie of science, and durnnr. my stay
... . o - - - a 1 liiiiieuiiu 111 xi un 11 s.
a-iiinc ev Klenee lit Hie n.'il.i"il"lCal r mt- i .. 1. r:iti
.;f : , ,. i --r. 5 nnrttl UI uineiitviif at i.iiji.i . "ji- m5.chi uv. .......
r ' 1UuUw"-w-tbi8 --master -ol --le-prt-W-awentonfat Twtry' and at cs we jtppreliend Jieremay be some
fl lUOtithiii t 1 1 r f I f wnr iF a .l
Krbului it ' - ---n - urnaeini, ajuui inr-c iniivs
I" 1IIIIIK.IIIV II fillnliV (A il'iVaa
mth of difficulty in obtaining subset iptions
ii,a Phallr 1.ive!rairnf which, with fr the whole remaining Stock. Pits
the water lTl ions and woodhouses arc i can. however, be attempted, and in
nearly finished. i the. event of its not succeeding. It is
The Land damages have, with one, then recommended to the Stockholder
r two i-tei-ntiiin. been lioui latld to vest the Board of Directum with
in the counties of Warren atid Gran- authority to maks a convertable loan
eauwfl ur every ,in.r. ,.-mjindeil an
"puliation i.f the Grammar rule. "Ac-
v verbs govern the objective case."
"enian i.f science replied, 'Govtrn
ens tu rire, to ku.L that in. to ro be-
-m . r . " : .
,,....; , "aniP1:. ""John sit 01 the , but in Halifax, though proc-e- or loans, to the amount of the residue
"ere m a ii an n. tiiR vprb. and .- . 1 .1. .. ..r ii. s. 1 1, .i . i,b,u.
"ferns t . r 1 .- 'ug nap utrcn u.smuic.., . , p
vebmn "'"i''ff0"'0" "'C nbjec- cul ()f prucunn.guUable Commission- the property ofthe Company; for the
, men. Very few ofthe fra'ernt- , - ,1W a nr utl!.i i,,-ir navment tln'rcof. This n'ah, if sanc-
c:tn nve-ii.k . i.;i......,t.:-..i :w7 " ' . - J .. .. .. 1
, j""."o"'"v-a. being ailiuateil.' Ibis bas been increa- ti-inen uy tne otncKnoiucra, oent-TPii
mougt4t he. Another m- cai ,,,;.,.; : r C.U irir to to be more nrarrieahle than either til
V. . . .i .1 r 1 . .. : ..I'
pisi'.ive le lli.w u ...! ... I . .. I...
I. rrt. . ... kim .... , ,, rnmriprissti..n lur I ir ft rvires the others: lor. Willie tne ararcny
r "anm 0.1.. ..t -r. ., . . t - - - .
ll'e.l V.7 was mi (lic Commissioners. We hope, ; money is so great in the dniteti :ates,
l 'timet '.i"""0' ' llC 'i'1'''1, "i however, they will sooti be settled, appears to oe abun taut iu Kngland.
r that was the only rule in the ,i... f.,P th f !snd CanitiilUtt there are set-kins in-
led route Irom the South-and South
Wett to Baltimore, shewing the .lio'ei'
ence in the distance, by them respec
tively. Taking Mill, dgeville, G;o
as the starting poitiir toeTTftstaKefroni
that placf. to lialLibtofe, by ;thtV PiBl
mount, the moat direct rou'e, is C92
miles the whole of which journey, as
far as Potomac Creek, is pei formed iu
Coaches; "The: distance frtrm Mih
Icdgeville, titi Augusta, Columbia,
Fayetteville. Raleigh, Petersburg.
Rtchinnttd, Fredericksburg and Wash
ington City to Baltiimire, is 71 T utiles,
or-nJy 19 miles further than the other.
I Of this, upon the completion of our
Road to UalelgH, iVwre will be 233
milea of Rati Road, winch vrttt f
more than coiiiifei balance the increas
ed distanrr; atid even those, choosing
to travel on the Piedmouut tine, bv
diverging at Salisbury, (jl distance of
about ICO miles IroiikRaleigh) may in
tersect our Road here, when they will
have a continuous line of Rail Road,
with ah increase of only 3? miles in
distance. The distance by the third
route, viVi Charleston, Wilmington.
Halifax, Portsmouth, &.c. to Baltimore,
is btni miles, uring 1,1) m,le greater
than by the Pietlimmt or nearest, ami
151 miles than by the Road t'lVi Ra
leigh. Should the contemplated si heme
of connecting Rdeigh with Columbia;
and Augusta, by Rail Road, be carried i
into effect, which we are satisfied must
lie done in the course of a few years, it
will place this route beyond coinpeti-
whTcTiT to be provided for and . el'rtntie I But again: it it not a consideration ot
out of the Instalments now due, unless peculiar ii'nest. that we sivonm near
some other an anwuient is made by from the other House before we send
the Stockholder. . -emiiitfTrgainfTTiast year, we
A detailed Statement f i-ur Re- sent 'it. nearly ac it now is scept that
ceifls: and . itebnrseraenbs :. ttiit-b:
lound appended tothi Report, to ui. niiscneviotis, ami rooustruu man
which we beg in refer. The account it wasjand what became of it? Sirtftvas
a'.itd vouchers' have -been examined bv utaccefable to the Representatives
the Como.ittet' flfrpn'mledTtir that pur- ot the. People;,;.- UKy, M . not .c.ttouse.
pose, whu-e Keport is nerewitn sua-,
mit'ed. . "iB -
IStf order of thf Iiocnl rf T) rerlon.
. GEO. W. Mt)R DKC A I. Prttl.
In prusecutioh nf this, ami pursuant
to the authority given by the Sioi k
holders at their last meeting, a Recon
naissance of the route from Raleigh to
ColffrnbTa'"warmade By The" ChTeTKx-
jneer of thi C unpany, whose highly !
to iul. pt this new experiment on our
praspeiitv, and they laid if on the. ta
ble where I Imped it would lie in per
petual atid et-'mal repose.' Why, then,
is this measure agan brought bef-Tf u.
b.'fore we hear from the otln-r House?
. ... , ;.i. .. i i . .. .
. HetHf,,li,y Jun. 31, IS3S 11 COlisio lea inei C. anu n I at
SUU-'IRKAsaCRV sCllfcMli. bear from the Rep.eentative of the
-MrllUBBAItl? Imving T-nKrvel -Peiqdetheir views onihis sul jecf' .
that all previous oid'er. be-fM-atpood "Sir ! do not know wlott wyil be the
for the purposes ol taking np the bdl fata of drs tneaure.' but I put it tq
imposing ailditioiial ilutiesas depii- the ron.shlera'iun of the In n rah!o
taries Mm certain public officer and Chalrm.inot till committer iind his
for oilier purfiosei and brit f conver- Mend whether it is not more in char
sat ion having ensued, relating partly to acter far the-8-nate to wait for these
the Cumberland wiail;nd otlnr sub- instrtictioiii foiii legislative bodies
jects on the table, in winch -Mr. ' '!er proper aim popujar source,
JH I tiiired lhe .great imiiintaiiCc in relation to this measure, rather Wan
of the Sub-Treasury 'bill, and of act- thas tn burry its passage. - Sir. is" it
ing upon iip. eil,ly. " righf thu to acl'o co ninit ourselves,'
Mr..4;l4VJMP, and al4refd the our judsuitnl, and our opinions to this
Chair us follows: Mr. President, the : measme, till and Ugislativa"
proposition ofthe Senator from Kw othojttie hal be heard frbhi
Ilampshire, a 1 understood it, i to "l"stit1f inaknirnYolinn 1 liawfffs'trf ""
piiHipone nil the ord.-is of the do v ftr mi sm h purpose; b it to reciumm nd
which precede that measure whfch t to tlit fnends of Hit measure 'toj ait
usually called the sub-Trt-a-ury bill fi'vf day or week loi g'Tr,"ti I we hear
lor the pui pose nl taking that bill up irom tnoie tiotne wnp Have me subjret
iirfoVniyself 1 ain..readj, and alwaya nler considernthtri. t
ready, tomect tKal "bitt wheft ttd- AteWJUGUTijr4)ly'
enme to discharge my duty in respert briefly into the biatorf of t!ieprogrest
to it as far 1 can with surh power and of thi bill; agin alluded tojbe c .m
hutoble ability n I posses. ButI plaint ol delay vyliich he said had t eeti
liaye rl-veiron the prex-nt orfat.)ti : to majilrbx the -onpiin-nii of the bill, and;
make a proposition or ratlier to ('ernni- eYpreaieiTTiii . relifiheiM.r6. sutliiilt fir
men-ltofhe fib rids of this bill tin m- the will of the Set-ate as- to lurther
sattslactory iiepori snows mat a very s. ives to mase one. ' delay., lie wo iiu, not now O.scus
favorable route may o oiitaitien. i . It jta ie-ji,.a!d aji
Book riTsuhscrintion i tor slock in the i by the honorable chairman of the Fi- aoro in the Senate.
Raleigh and Columbia Road were o- nam e Committee that ( bill i of The previou tirders were now post-
pened during the past year, and a large immense importance; and, sir," if is my pnned, and 'h bill laki n up.
amount subscribed the greater part in 'deliberate opinion that there bus been , j,jr- W'RIOH I then rose- at-l sti-lit
Hie city of Raleigb but not sufficient j no bill, from, the commencement , of a( ,IIUC, ),., ), i,t Support- of the bill,,
tn secure the Charter. A we still re-; the iit, nf such inomenlous ,,.,1 . rstdanation of it varioua mo.
gard the construction nf this Road of magnitude, -W fraught with such tie- visions. 1 - . . -
vital importance to the success of our . mendous cotiscqueiices, as tHi. Sir, -J,ir. WEBSTER hiif 'risen, MM
own, it S fuougbt proper to lir ng U I liave nn tiesue to create undue I'fJ- WJT t.i a motion to to in'o Eexecativa '
-- - -- s.t
thm At it. .
".viivs iiiprHifiri iiv tia
''"m ticians, it is called
fu'e. I am
t. thnuirlit hp.
one," or
any sub-
hancing tlieir damages, have pretended vestment far less profitable, than this
such hostility to this work, will then would be. As soon as confidence in
cease th'ir opposition. In Franklin j American, credit shall be restored
I U' I... ...... iu. II k. I.S.n .1 Ii.- ! i. I.i. Ii ivo ri iilunuxil In ttllV 14 dailv
Aer tin a plain rustic farmer was ensuin-i Courts, to condemn the lands ! increasing, and a sufficient portion id
u?nt Delore me. he held all the .. it..,.. ;tl. ulmm we cannot effect lour Road shall be inoiieratinn-toaJT.rd
f fmng of the school in utter con- c.m in.mise. ia guarranty for .flie loan and the pay-
opt mother Wit. thllllrrbt In. i. lK 'I-, . l. . Tm M',.,m- in IJ .Inirrti ' munt .f it ii,tru. U tlSVr PVl'fV
1. f . B ..... 1 lie 1111 VII t a. iv i.....,....... . ... -. J ,
pi alter all and "I have as much of I.,. i,,.n l,,rted. After crosinz the Isuranc that if can be effected there.
I any om .u iti. n t,..;. i.....i. n- . . .. . v :. 1... :r ..i ; u; ir. .nil w mn.
- ... n iiic.i viu I.vivcr UPIOW yia,is ruio. , .. .i". .tin, ......ji .. - - '
,G . I . .. - 1 I " I 1. I. I
near Winston cc urmeu in tin oeiiei oy our suuwieiigc
crosses Cedar Creek
...ui, tn.-it run llirnii"h
self importance. Wake Forest, alonz ljy the Baptist In-
''j 'sthen honored wi'h an insight stitute and Alston's Store, crosses
he minds of tome of the fair; and Neuse River, Near Wm. B. Dunn's,
v.sany one with all their book- River below Chav
S i -e " ro,,ch fcene " ny Presley Person's,
'm -having before met with such Kearney's Store. .
TV' l?0?l-.left't,'e wise-acre to and th two Buuni
of the fact, that several Ran Road
Companies in the United State have
already negotiated loans in England to
a considerable amount, none of them
giving better security than we "can of-
gain -Delore the stockholders mat unice agf.mst tut measure, nut i ue-
such measures may be adopted by them ct.ire my lull and solemn ronvictiiin
as theynSiiy il.-e n advl ible." i tlia'f air'the TaTaoittierdf ,,iyarwTlb the
V Iteneverlos Road shall be com-1 most potent rower on eartli would be
menced, we are assured that the l.e i a blessing ro.tnpared with the i one
gidatnrt of South Carolina will, with 1 qnence of this measure. Sir, I be
their aecu-st. nned lib. ralify ond spirit . Iteve it will lead to the consolidation
of enterprise, incorporate a Company j of the Government or rather (lie pow- the future; extension nf the Koart ers of tlie Uovernment, in its ledetal
i Columbia and. wc learn, that the authority, and that it will tend to de-
Cnarl ston ami Cincinnati Road ha troy the power and influent e "of the
been located vvitfi a view to that con-i States themselves. It will place at
nexion. We are still of opinion that the feet of the Secretary ofthe Trea
the rout -originally contemplated ' ury n- power equal to the combined
through the counties ol Chatham,' power of the 80p 'or Oof) bank'dis-
Mo.ire and Richmond, is t e proper perscd thaottghout the I. nmn; and su-
lnortion for thi Road, both as re- ' nera-tded to thia. lie whole tiowef of
gardsthe directness of the communi-! die late Bsnk of the United States,
cation, fr the accommodation of the J All thi. sir, would be the ultimate re
Northern slid 'Southern travel, and ( suit of this nieasure, if adopti d; it will
the probability of ita ultimate exten-l place all this power' at the feet of the
sion Westward!?, an as to connect us Secretary ofthe Treasury, who him
wttn Salisbury and the whole Western 'self ties at the feet of the President of
O.I rs. . A
section of the siatej for we cannot
yet abandon the hope, that the citi
etTS i.f thi fertile section of our State,
cut-off as they are from all facilities
for transportation to market for their
varied and valuable products, will,
the United States.
Entertaining thess opinions of this
measure, it is my vvish nl On my own
account, nor on that .ofthe friend
with whom I am in. ibe habit of act
ing, but for the sake of the country.
ere Ion?.' find "it 1o their interest to 'that this 1 measure shoo td not novy' be
unite with u ifiaecompMshing' this taken up,' T wish thaf we should re
object, so desirable: trt ihemselyes, and cfive fr.m i 'oii VximVl i f lit? ?,'A e) " S fjl '
tending so manilWl' to' the Improved and thA PeopfeTsTRh HtstnrrtMirt ot ex"
ment of the internal condition to our' prossions of their will and opinion as
State, and the developement of its they may chose to transmit tothis city, "aot discuss that question .now, bat,
butinrss. Aferwhi. h .adjourned,'.
Me, CAi.lIOUN-nmnrked on tlte
alleged object of - foi tm-r'tletay, that
it was to have time for Set a tors to ex
amine and consider , the ImII. ". antl ; to
prepare suhs'itutes and amendment,
and said that a grind ileal of feeling
wa excited when it was hinted that
the red object was to gain time. Hit-
wag not disposed In doubt the sinceri
ty of "these reasons for 'delay; but
could any ftwiator now take fhat
ground for farther postponement? .-
II agreed with the St n itor from
Kei.totky fhat fhis bill .was of th
deepest import; it Vtiimed the pro--
fotmilest and .earliest attentit n of this
body; aod the Senator eoul I not have
great ee con fitlitc-m--thf correct nesa
of bis opinionstltan Mr. C. had in his.-
Thv Senator snyi it will $ greatl
augment F.xeruttve tpatronage, 4 .
; Mr.XLAY, 1 did nt say so; bat
I now say it wilkv't - -
Mn -CALTlOUN.VShairbf al
to meet the Senator on thai question; '
for if ever, there "Was'a question about it
which t had perfect roqfidrncr.ltlstVa,'. j
So far from argumeqiing, it dimin.'
isv hbtiVtily'- Kxec'utiy a?i 'irfng, ,
but that of the' Government generally'"
more than any other tueasnre. I will-
k t
s. .
" f
" i

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