North Carolina Newspapers

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:.tiilionl! He alluiM W Mt. Calhoun a for-
.,wr oprHMitiea lo Mecoua atrng, ana
tiniraated il with die prreeat advocacy of the
Kub-Treanurj Khema. Mr.fJathnuii, (-ontih-
myl Mr. Clay) "i iw'r M cooaMeni, oiiui
he .hall orvhrn to be meeni'ent. He haa al-
llnd bimaelf loiiea eiihla hk:h are nut e-
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iafst.Uua epUIuttav .MU..KtouM.jnwum. J0Jj
It with ereain? o thai Senator hi jrt j
perfect reripr wily. a. to Ibe application of any
nf all of tliein."
'i'be abota u an imjxrfret aketcli; but it
ree lo anew the mitiuai ft!in toward each
other of lbee di;nguihei4 Individual. We
regret the enirte .ce of tbie hitter' penorial feel
ins and Mlieea, liai Sweei much they may
thffer in political aeiiii.-amt!, proper reeot lo
ttixmeelvea andtotbelr ountrymen. demanda
ibey ;houW reprena uch violent penonal
ilectamalion. Out the noit lUuetiioua 'a
iS fauM.i it J not human, to he bU?. r
panVcf. We have cinfiilcni-e in liotb. .
tit. Paxa-ro folhiwed Mr. Clay in a brilliant
d .pirited buret "of H qaiicek in defence of
rtouth Carolina agatnat tba remark, of Mr.
Cby- thui" proving birnwlf friend to Boutb-
era principle, and policy, rcgardleae of the
oorce from which lhy may be attacked, uik.
it aUke due and honorable to Mr. Clay to
utte, that be immediately and utterly dieelaim
ed lha ialention of impngning tln motivea mr
inducing tba unaullied character f Soulo oar
tun. la lact, hja. broad, and fwrnprheneiyo
petriotiam, hi. f irmer un.nrpaweed deveHorrto
the intereau aud honor of the whole country,
ferbii!. uUerly furbida lha Traat uepiii f
hi. peaeenl moti'ea or principle. kr,t.
The Eoqairer it oitpoead to the 8ub-Treaea ae deatrurtlvewbelievea in the
right of inetroetion, bat Mietinately (rfueea te
perawt Mr. Roane to be inatrutod, whoee vole,
ia the preerot pontino of partiea, would aa
the country fjm all the evil, which" that print
m pioaaly deprecaUM. ,t The democratic party
fiiece food up to lha Enquirer for "their rue in
every great public emergence; but in the pre
eat inatance, they have otrtv board the old eong,
"Dear and forbear, I natnictione to Mr. K.
will rfivitle or ilitlract th party;' and thur tba
iniereeta of the whole country are put in jeop
arJy. A lid h.i the Iviant atruggled front beneath
iSe fe-t of chTjri Semhrr Tgrmnmiif Haa
he forgotten her wwn b'h, atern' ilevioe
the piourirM utotto that evr bUriil upon a war
rior'aahieid or 'a n.tiow'a trrnn1" Why tbia
inaupicioae .ilcacc oi (ho mother of MEN
of Sta ew-a,t af State Hinht. doctrineaf Cm
it be that Vinnit i inwnaiblett the illuMri
aao past in la.ii.ii. Ini.. f h prea
ent and the evergreen wreath of fairr that
" eneifrla her Brovy throngh all future hiatn-
ry ! MO have been burn upon her aoil, and
e!vatcd upon her alrong ire to lira imperial
wmmhTof ninor dfead m
aha repose beneath I'.ie tread of their t!e
seertdaat and th principle which they in
ewiraied and ilefrnilcd. iflheydo not live there,
wut Mr, in the breasts of freemen ele
whem, "i9 ih t ajriUM of recorded timer'
The RepiiWie, froin it length and breadth,
looks li . Vjrjinit Shall ita diversified and
mighty intrresta, now IremUirtg in the ha Is nee,
PPI m aia foe ibe enrreeiiv influence of
bar tiiicqMtaitian) .,- .
OHAKOK tJOIlKi'V," ' ' '
Trom tliit sterling republican county w learn
lhat the Whigs are preparing fnr a vigornne
aunirwr campaign.,., Their ticket preaeitu a
brilliant array of . latent and patriotiam. Mr.
" "wu is aiiam hefore the nenpta a a candt-1
date lor the (Senate. We understand ha will be
"in opposed by Oenartl Altiaon, of the Van
Uuren party. In the Commons, lha whig have
nomiateo Wm. A.Graham. Willie P, Mn
tniu, Nathaniel J Kim, ml Hsmual lljltx a n J
if proper vijilance and exertion are nsed, tkeirj
auccea is certain. i
. . Il is rumorrj that the V. B- parfy Intend
runuiug Qv.-Baacaj in opposition lo (iov.
D"nuaf, Va attach no erartit. whatever, to
liii rumor.; W Ha not believe the Governor
will suffer hit name to be 0ed hy the Van Bu
ren parry In any wayt end more especislly d
wa not belie,, that he win unVr it to be used
for lha purpose hare indicated. , , -; .' ,, , , (
n3 Mr. WtSC ha add reused to bis constit
uent i statement of the part which h stutnio
d in, lh lata tneaneholy tragedy. Thi week
wa has not rnont either for bia sindira'.ion, or
for eommant. thereon. Wa would remark, bow
ar, that are behave tb public should aoapend
their judrmaiit in tba ea-of this genthvatan,
ata the f-t.a'inU have been clearly exhibited
and thornu ;'dy iiivest'nted.
CTk? riintnr (hat Gen. eJoott bad been ae
eidan tally iit by on af hi aoldier, prove to
be uJotucVJ. ,
3,1E RlM 2LIC 13 IN" AXCER!
lf ever Iby fathers' dee.?i or km.
Or mrmo af tbeir ilcathleee name.
ftraJ !, Lf.k.l or MiJ lh. h.,..
Lover of (-ibcrt! rouse thee now!" j
Zj" Toe HrpuliWU in imminent danger,
fit retmrctin(j Ih few past year of eiperi-
j went,' tyranny, tnJ aiitrule, oar miud sickens;
j in renlemplaling-lh future prospects of the
'-,..,..1... .,u. r. ik. . r .
"""" " v""" rm
ernt, nor the futura can afford evident durablU
if v a Mil ' r.t h.r tt vmILaa .ml
.gcly adnjtnialradon.aijrljcientto llay
our apprcbandoiuki The pait,. with regard to
tit preeent aad prcvioua administration, k bat
I htetery of unceaeing and powerful Executiv
eocToachment, but feebly met by the eon.titu
tiooally VepuWe power of the repreaentaiivo
upon th high and cardinal principle, of the
constitution, and, of coume, upon the iniereeta
guaranteed lo tbe people in that inatrwnrent
A re the pronfa demanded?' They are written In
broad and legible character, upon the pree
trale commerce, maniifacturea, and general bu
eiaeae of the country a proat ration end help
loatneae which originated ia executive en
croachment ila wild and ieonary
it. vet? of the United Slatea Bank lie trine
fcr of the publio depoaitea, first into ila own
baud, end afterward to lrtefault of irreepon
aible Pet Bnnka Ua Treasury Circular, which'
drew epeeie, the bai. of a good paper eyetem,
' to tile went, to be depoeited ln the jpvenunnt
, vault. and in iu general and reckbaa pro
! .cjiptiafl of the independent citixena of the
' country. With every encroachment, dieaatcra
and ruin were predicted and 'to thia complex
ion beve we cumr at Imt." Atthocotninenee
merit of General Jackeon'. administration, the
dentiny and career of our beloved country were
oxwjan, with u liiin, neoaured, and majestic
tread. , Every department worked regularly in
Jht proper aphe.retlie jopleteJhjFon-
fideiirc to fheilornngpalrlofisru an J tried abil
itiea of the man whom they had ever delighted
to honor. But thru look ed in vain! Their
conSdence wa misplaced not in hi patriotism
or integrity, but ia bis ability and u. loca
tion.. Tbe stern, brave, self willed Hero of
New Orleans, failed lo exhibit the dispntsion
ate deliberation, the judicium economy of prin
ciple, and alrnodt every other cardinal republi
can virtue wliieb hooM charactize an American
President. "Bui to atone fur theae imperfec-
Iimis of character t carry oat bit admirnily
fioritiut project of retrenchment and reform.
then in tbe ftm tide of successful experiment''
be bequeathed to his fetlow-cilizeus a fit suc
cessor to "follow Irt hi tltualriou footsteps."
And roost gloriously has that successor played
the Jacksonisn game." With what desperate
tenacity baa he cluiij 'he- phantom of an M
cluaive reiq.;f?ia!teyir?'. judichru
mea tares bee he adopted to aecnro auch a ear.
reney! First in the long line of glorious experi
ments, designed to give the dear people a cur
rency exclusively epedey comes the pet bank
depoeite of govern men t gold and silver tUae
etiaulating theae Banka to Isette, upon ht tu
is, mifliont of irredeemable paper. TJii waa
moat wise! Waa it not a bard money curren
cy? Next c omea the Treasury Circnta'whicji
exacted spacia irt payenent far j'bKe Unds
drained it from the commereiitl f itiee ana" old
Ststcs of the eat, w be locked pp. n the Gov.
ernment's strong box ia the weal leaving for
t!:adesr fjeopteVcttrrency the irredeemable
and rapidly depreciating notes of tbe pet banks,
Here wiedomf ' Next came ihe Treasury
and Post Office d'afta, forced upon tbe people,
with the poiuvn refusal to receive any tfamg in
payment of public due but' gold 'and silver!
Tbia.iraa a apacie-turntney ior lha 'dear peo-.
pie' was it not? 'ABoToow, to Insure di full
success of thia long train of glorious ex peri
merit, comes the 8ub-Traury project, .'We
care not who are it advocate aome- of them
are honest, and aotne dishonest. JW eppeee
the nasurenot.,rn.rtixn rnotires, bat
becaase we believe It will prove ruinous to a.
ery legitimate and wholesome Interest of the
country, end subversive af the great end Mir
govt rntnent waa deagned to accomplwh. ; a
We are an egricullural, manufacturing, and
commercial people great in moral, physical,
and intleauaTleaouftea, A natriotie and crnn-
prehentive policy, looking alike, to the jnUreaU
of every aection of th Republic, would 'con
demn lhUStTreryjrc.jet,e ioadaquata
ta lh promotion ef a clear and regalar system
nf trade. What kcnclll" will ennre from; it to
the ataple-growet of the fteuth? Under iu pp
et atlon, what' currency at par" even, can be
command for hi labor! j Treasury notes! Ex
perience has deaionalraled lhatj with whatever
intereat such not ara iasued, lliey are certain
lo depreciate. Can. he coenrnand lat Bank
notes! Certainty.' Bui of what ve'tte or aolvcn
eyf ' W can know, from tbe policy af tliis bill
towsrdi those instilutions. It proposes lo re
ceive tbeir note for six year ta comet d then
to diaeonnecf thera from tba tfow tment or
rathtr to eundor the strong nak ta-t bind ibe
government and Ibe peopla together. Undef
tbe cverahiJnwiiig Influence ot tbu Treasury
Banktie pew or to deal in aiecka le issue
notes without any wholcaom restrklion', thu
tataing and depreciating property at plraanre,
what good will th mot olent of the Stele
inttilulions be' able lo e&ct for. th people!
They can da nothing in competition with
power a tremendous' ihey will be compelled ( in ibeit untied eflbrta. Jrv then but light,
either lo break, curtail almost entirely their aai Ajtx ask no Miore." 4 let them but aea
discoonu, or wind np then roncerns, and die 'clearly ahead, and tbey will act glattonaly; act
with what decency tbry May!' 'Tbia mint be lo the complete triumph of tepublican goveru
tha teeull; and tbe Soutbern abtple-grower will meat, without th jnterfcrenoe of oftca-bolder
be compelled, I take depreciated Treasury ;, maugre the dictation of aelf-wiUed 8ewtor,
note, f high irenomiitationr, or th note of ; and the arrogance 0 party rppresenjaiivasj j "
broken and irresponUUeSialeinatUutiona.', ' """DsVa SVai 8jiJ me one copy of your p
.Jfotwillit. opr.ul.e.d-trnctiv r- , Di'c !i TS
.' . r. ' .... . county, Xorth-V arohirn. The Khtg cautt lit
to the nalfcniii end ewmeryi! fotewt n-,,, revMmr,n xK ,, tJ ,.t ,
of the Kortb. They cannot prosper with tw ' a .. .... .: . it , ju , j
rency of specie wiib a currency excluaivety j- y From OX8L0 W we feant thai tb
specie tbey cannot go onward la tbeir opera- Whig cans lliar is gaining ground. Keep
tion. Th tat Bk will b to x- the "bell in asatien!' ."''.''" " f !
Icul U t'ue a an aJcqatie rel.ef tli. Sub
Trvaaury cuenur furr,ih thera with a currency
a. aound and regular a that of the United
Platca li.iik. Whit, then, are they to do?
The agricuftural istercata . of tlie country
will fret moat ruinously the blighting erTeet. of
thia Sub-Treasury heresy," "The fanner will be
unable to procure specie', there ia bat bttle ia
circulation now, and tberW will be leea than tit.
tie, under the operation of this bill,, . Tbe aotea
of the Dsnka of other Sutea than that in which
he may re.ide, will be to him nnavatlable, at
heavy discount, or probably altogether an
known ' A. to Treasury notes of what nso
will AO end 100 bill of depreeiatej paper be
to tbe poor, but baneet and indostriout yeew
menry of tho country! They must have a cur
rency and when are they to get it! Specie ia
scarce, aud becoming scarcer every day. They
454OTl0tJrocuiT rtsloTj ta pper -
nor Treasury note. , We repeat, that thia bill
will not only prove inadequate to the establish
ment of stable and regular currency, but if
will operate most Injuriously upon the farm
ing, a wallas every other interest ef the conn
,, . .. . , . ,, , :,
We have weighed thie aubjeet with due de
liberation examined ell it various bearing.;
and we have the consciousneaa, at Crast,' ef
knowing that our conclusion have been dicta,
ted by a .incere and hone devotion lo"lBe
cause of the Constitution and the country.. We
believe it adoption will tend id the concentra
tion oft great banking potter id the Preeident
to . tbe consequent destruction of ear beet'
State Banks to the bepeCt aolaly of 'govorq
nent officers and partizana lei th oppression
of the laboring cfa of the Country nd to the
ultnnale overthrow of "ctviluuUion, totallectuel
excellence,' and al! those great principles which
mark the present superiority of our wage and
institution. . A,!. j ,
. fcX M'e publiTrf'tadty's Star a article'
frwn;lhe"; CbiHaVto
Clayjand Buchanan.' WagrVypftbfli
writer, that Mr. Clay baa boon most, wilfully
rnisrepreeented on the slave question,' ndMjr;
those loo who. nave reaaon lo blusn lor lae aue
litinn sentiment bf their wn- greet political
leader. Mr. Clay's position on,! stave ques-
ti'in i in Uia main unexceptionable; be anight
have taken higher ground but the fact that be
did not, fsiia to impugn his comprehensive'
patriotiam, or to identify him wilb- ibe Abolii
tlonlsla. He might have assortied, With perfect
constitutionality, the existence of slsvcry in Uaa
District, nntil abrogated by i convention bf tWe
P'oplc of the United Pistes; for Congress hs
no mora power aver slavery in the Dittrict,' fban:
has a IegtIture over U in a Plate. . Congress
may k-gialale fur the District, as IgieJsturesuo
foribe. Ptetes but fnrfhrr il fiower &o Bot
connututionally axtetuu
We would t; if M ?. CTaf atTmiU tbef po war
of. Congicss lo abolieb slavery la the District,
doca hot Mr. Van Biiren admit the samel Doe
he not go fsrther? lias he not ia fact expressed
sentiments and performej act adverse to alave
fat Oa the Miawti quution Mr, Van Curen
eras dechled nd but for Mr. Clay, llio princi
pie he then maintained would have d.'seeversJ
die link that biud these ritte togctbr. AVby
than this' nnjutt and unceasing' clamor ga(st
Mr. Clay! Is it just and patriotic ta censure
and traduce a genilman af known ami cornpr
heneiv patriolitm? ' But wbether'jutt or patri
otic, it has been dorj, and fviently wilh tndi-
ad designv Had not Mr. Clay been nominated
for the Preudeney, w ahould nave heard noa
ofthi. Had be either retired from public Jife,
or remained in Congreas a tTj advocate of the
Sob Treasury berevcy, h would hav been
euingfad by nhe party" a the purest an most
patriotic of statesmen. " J...-tlLL
As to Mr Buchanan, w commend hi palrutio
and sensible views on the slave question. Evry
party canaideration should be forgotten When
thi great question is agitated,!; ft i,a question
ol of ptrty-rbut of JJnitn. Ara w ta re
main united ot we arewith the tmtitiitton
af $taverg-rt it tke vnitn ( be thivtrtj iut
fragmmut Thia ia Ihe question. ' And ft be
coraea the Nortby without reapect to party K'b
ponder upon ic We Will profass n induTer.
eftce aa to the final issue. God knows are nrite
ij,,,, te' highly 4eok upon iu oluiW
aa a , trivial matter, The decision Test with
tb people' of the North with Cengress. We
or 1hrSdhtS"af'"alrM
We atand upon the broad basis of the ctnttitv
lion. Our duty alike to the lame of tbe peat
ihe realitationa of th present and tb proraia
ee of future glory, "conjure a' to remain on
moved; the blood that animated th. father of
76 yet law In oor vein -and it k toe tern
to yield or fslter when lh struggt ahall com
for oaf immutable rtjjtita, ; Tbcy are rocogniwd
by the consu'Uitlim an instrament which we
ptay God, may prove iailestructible w are iL
termlned lo defend them at trf .naxard," 'J,-
. , " : ' ' '" : .: t '
.... J, WRBEN. v ! i
- It will be perceived from the following ex.
tract from a leUertn'llut Editor, Ibat th Whig
aue in Warren- ia reviving.1 Th people set
thi bait in motion. ' W predict fliat its aixe
and velocity wUl eontlno to increae that it
wttl crush every principle and VKperlment' ad.
versa to lb libcrttea of th peenle, 'Like die
immortal prince of ball-roller, th people' ev
ery where desire to aland olitary anil alona"
i I1C vt'E TuSASt.'HV. '
Tbe IvIij! is from tlie correipomJenre ol
the liaitmiore t-nronuio etnogmug ,tir. i t
he remarks: -
tint it Itaow mittet thst the Sub li-essory
ftill ssaaot ('S iHe Senate it any thmg like its
presrM sHspe: tnaj isrih the specie festur in
it. I'r.!rs Mr t'naai a sn awtwer this arjo.
wnt ef Mr Wsarrsa, tu lb sstiiseiioa oi ntany
admiaistralWHi mtn, ojoeliiieveiy, tolly, perfeel.
Iy, it eool be earned. .1 hit yea may rely ,
a a iat, Mr W tatTia, K It generally too
eetei, hit ghrea the bill Mt ttesth-blo.
Th fcrbiwins; remarka were the reaultolanme
delibrratioa last aight. This rooming I think
ttt tinners are still snore rorblc I tet
thera, aooeeer, at they reahorlr the ottiaioaa of
sway here, at to the reetiTi. IM aa I was
disnosed to prediet this itivitiost . , -.'"'..
Kor The Hill Messrs. Williamt. tlattm,
Pieree.Nite. Smith of Conn , Wright. Wall.
Mosne, tlrewa. Strange, Ualhaon, Lampkia,
Kine. Clv f Ala . Tratlee.' Walhee. Mmitoa.
A IK a, Kahiatoa, Tenar, llenioti, uaa, l-yaa,
M 1 iruliM a--.; .11,1 .
Norwll. faltea. evier 96.
. ArH the - Dill fetsre. Rerslet. Swift.
Prtirttlerliavis, Robhiot,. Knighl
Tallattw, SwHhrd.l,Kfir, HBstiawaer.
Chy f Kf Morfrj-nriloo. Smith M la,.
Nnnh-. - .-'. " ' ' ' .
This, if lhe raarken- ahb a ttp. a eTowbt-
fal, tsy he reliel on, nitkct a tie - III it i asUI
here, oa gned authority, -tht,ahouT(I il eometa'
Ibis, nNsre stsndt ready1 on kia4 rrhmd In the.
tnk of lh 'syet,' who has eat laaenmiiteit bint ,
tf at at) thus far, to relieve h Vie Prileet
.1. l..l i 11:. i iuMU. I ...
from i" mnw rv.uvauunnj ui u,n,uiig . ...
greet q'iesiio).Vvy .'! ,tXv. IV
, Ht ! tt some lo this . f Aye. ihere't tbe
rubl" The prohahiMti-a, asnt nti)jilHiei,-nr
all benre yout and aotbing I eerlaia ean yet he
said. upon the subject. My :na apiwenvs Irora
-tretrnt apaaraaeet, it, that Hie aaVTr-emury
Uiltaasmat pas th Vanatei ar. If tt aboald, Mr
not rapretbanMe vftle. - It it eotn to wilt
h Insl.hy the vaUtV aheacnt oneemiMad -oa
te Bsnhe thst liei Mr. Morrtt aaana viita
for it, onlst ahsred sea lahxitiMe the hard
aaoaey feature, at one, lor elis- gwulmtim prm-
aile, or an lot acts ' oafiotimy to ms wn
aetara'rsitCM.-.-. Cothbert. I ha reason Wj
believe (inaot.' aor ao I blis that Air. Ntch
olm ill gn lor it.
Siteli nny viewt oft he msllel lt eve
aM. My minmiaiinti . o-iy, oertvea irem
onverstiion wh geailcmrn nf both partiea, Is
moh M to make heptbatidilita: much more
favneeMe'yet I do not hetitale to gi il lo
the tloing of the Old World all .to te
sifted and sorted in a single sheet, J
hardly know where to. begin. A fleet
nf packets give us news tar Feb" 1st,
iiJ "tlie On lirfi'of tlKeTfithiOowTW
OW, kf , l,;,Vt lUtl'll . .M.i f
Ihe Mrl l Dorham 11 appointed
Crbvernor tieneral bf Upper and Low-
r yaoaua, vv.evij Mrutv. auu twya
Scotia. , lie is invested with the- now
eri. almost of supreme Dictator tb
lUipeinl the Coiiiitotioit of . JCower
Canada -tv'itit off th meeting: of th
Parliament--to onrantle a fetrtpofary
Government oCQounlloi Irom Up
and Lower Canada in short, with
the full p6we"f4 ' 5cn 1f 'tllfC'-Catcatta
goo Botany Bay, Governor, ta do ve-1
1 -JL-.L. - I A I..J l.LL
. ,..1.. . f . v., e rir
itossetviias lntrotiucep, ijimjvo-:
ei cleOtio the Commons and the) Loral
a-tstaiiiing hun almost en 'matte. Peel
atiifl RueH, and Melbourne aottAVcl
instoji, acl'iii aa one,al pa-ii dif
ference being'inergeil." Lord ,Brpug
ham, however, baa , tnauled ..lis . old
frU'pds lu Jiis . rouglirit. style ..The1
lories, he lays, make litrm, 0710
prcteosion'to' cnstitotional liberty I but
tUe: v higs do pretend, and: in the pr-tenceacrjftce,-,lj
ata.singlc blow."
'I'be 'Uttdotf TmeV. J2 1 0,000
troops are jo.cpine Qver. Every JcJt-
ef baa more ar vtt ol -Jmltsn Oicers.
All 'the',siden.t'i)a4fra ire
British ,' officer,. ( We have i' Rule
Londoir- here uovr,- urTiouifgerThr
cpufie.of jBoverriraent s neutrnty
gave ' great satisfaction t - England,
i'her was not the least complaint of
any importance as late the 1st, some
timejafter.thfj Nsyy IsJand affair,, btjt
previous to the Caroline afTair being
Known.' Ptrtiamenl Waa;. wholly,
voted to'Canada affiri. The eVbatea
would Jill a - great library. The Mir,
isters will Carry all their measures bT
licit win ttii j an incir invhiii wm vi
,. Li.' ,ri tk.
coercion by power ul majorities. ine
. v-r j ,- t
Tortea, bewever, langb at tlie -Wings
for resortinc
to t "prerogatite
.Tbe commercial newsisdliat rnnnev
is only 2 1-2 and S per cenf. in 'Etl-
1jtndj;ihe distressed tlastfef"iieing'the
capiulists, who don't knew what to
do with their money.' y' The lAwVrate
bf ixchanje On Englandin New VorV
eiciteasome attention. It i repor
ted that the Ontario, below, has 'some
specie on board, If this be.o. it will
be Jlie (u-il tarsi bf tbe European tidx
Alrady:, however,' these rnrJvetrients
were w'afched 'j3i,Englanj, and they
wiil be counteracted, rely upon it,
r'J..'-- Ke Tetk. Maralii-
. The. Tlmr nl Commercial lnteTr
Cgencer,? a nw Democratic Repub
lican ConservaUve-rraper , made itj
appearance1 thi vmorping. , , T1i" part 1
hold ft meeting this evenmr, which, itj
it highly probable, wilt be fully attend
ed. - The ' Locofocos have sot,yet
hamed.theirmn for Mayor,
.,; Gen. 8colt t on, hia way t this
ciiy,'and will be here in a d jj.of twd,
the frontier distorbauces now bettig
ronsidereu all oreKt i
Treasarjrnotee art hsing Jittle 10
the mwkeCbejngai fiar or 1-8.' pre
mium. Tbe 'cause ia the demand ! at
y. S. Bank gtock to-day i , 1.1 5.
Tbe fhtiin'u-. Ctititr... Stock fa-U under
the investigation that haa been inttitO
ted into same wf it transactional
There in tcrtjit tf eat of STarnBan
iitg. in fbe lcofoqo .paprirg'jrif . Uiis
State- nbut-,I)Mnecratie reactiona"
f r hf H tt!ey lofcaf eilerctldftA.'- 'aTo the
jrcit of mj know ledge, and J. batata,
ken some pains to investigate 'them,
tb indicate decided (and .imrrortanl
l firm nftTMilMIn K.mmI nnml IHtntii 1 . . 'i ,. . t V ... . W . . I
1 u." " " "-"t: ' -"fV v4b . lli.t. h u.a
CP,BM?S?LlGENCEtt . The' Mad.sonian says ; ;.tTie. .ftp ttnqvHf.A,.-,.Hk
' VilViT-t '-.1 t titan at tht time," It in calculated . n.t...A .k. i i.t. .1.. u.
v.. vruiucirnrti mwhb.i iwreisii i nvwi, i
t!.at,e in i-v.r 1 1 0. ; ; J uiijf.
llieyotuol w . hi k, t.Kf ,i , t J (lay ,
an ,au 1 y Ji.uUt, wOU d leave Mr.
Van Burcn 15,000, arnl ptubably '25,-
(tt in lit. miijiinlr rti. liririund"
J'V", M HIV Jilllll'l II M v,.w.
are just such reactions as. we poor
lugs, in lSi4, were obliged to crr
ocr. 'Uupalleleti nev Iront Tint
enm,'' ."Proilitou , yate ia Ilcliog-
.1 ) Norihern n4.i Etfrn . ppri
ngve nothinBew r emiriible...
Par filj rihibiu little n"
tlie PacUtahips diarharginr, and the
?armfn,Mtherefttm, pntiing; wpioT
while, the arrival il . lrartgert , be gift
ttiincreaav 'Te river U uaij. to, be
ope rt ta, roughcecpsie.
'(.mi eiii-.-s
r rram tne KKBinonu tvomptiar,
. . i .
The adiauniart liniler''ftlt' hfkdirig
aud , nanuiuc , appeal , to tlo btltea
whiili ire known '.to w. decidetlly p-
poaed to the' Sub-Treasury ' iclictne br
the ! unduratooit afiitimenta f their
Legislature!, W well kaby tleeided de
velopemnta f public ieiitWeni--aiid
vhoie lSena(or(siie (filltf r tlctertntued
t6 coiftcinn' the wUhca of tlieir conslit
iientt or1 wbern bjr diviiiiinof (Ite Rep
f eaentatltea ' the cofialitttf'pt voice i
TnailepaaMV. -''''' '"!. .
t:The MaJtaortVatt warn Olito" thai her
bright are td be' Violaled, 1ief"prH-rH-Wj&rrfr-d,
ami Uer htllnirwotlnded,,
and ask v'i1l the nt again expr3ilier
will in ' langtiagrf ;t!iat rgn neither be
WisttndfTtttMj, or eVa'Jedr"' '"NVjll
ahe itantl bj 'in apathy and indifllr
cnte, and fiehofd Iter JSenatr and
Rnj-eaentafives ' bowiri their necka
under the juggf rnaut ol pari j, Jja rio-
iatioii of tier. rip-ina.atHi wimrt, anu
thereby lend the we'icjlvt 'ol ner influ
that the Sub-.Treaar,.liitl t will .lni I
the Senatc'j 'with the casting . vote t
me Tice. rresiuenu. nnt w uutua
i ii e ae n a tors i rom tw jeiaev anu u-
-a ' n - v r w ta t t v
Wn;- awt-;M eiwirWTiglit tndt pf ivf nf
new ignniut, y irginia, ntay ik inuf
reu rfpoci ,me unumputetij wjy ft
their consiitoenta, Jc Utumtdr,
,treal behind 'the term mtructeiV,ia
tndreed ,a'liameful, ubtverfo(e.f.'l; !
" The Seitatet New-Yotls ia'anneali
edto.' STfiat ' My .does- lrwIeV it
K.i' ..;n;i iV-'t ,,i; ;ii r ,iM j
Jm 5A'm4 . P1
I'' V," a.w. K ?? V tf'WMWtdpli1rt dwn (1 awsken. a inonfamt unaV
and lMioenUin2, riSiiteti.lq .the .-oteH
visited. .upon; surih louicnitv ana , u
I temnt. ttiTt tnatincr lanz titlje temeiu.
I-1 i- s ' ' " ' "
j. - ., . f
; We extract the following ipneal to;
yirgtniai-Wofild flrSf'she 'wolrf'bei
prompted to ahnke off-her tethafgyi Undj
feeV that Tively interest on tlirs"mbkt
important n Vttar-af nil tvvbtton
that now ftgirate the''tiittion, which be
comes her, " Her pridf arttf flietigl
position she sustains, should force har in
'coerce hericpfetVDtativr iiit.jii eg
fiorTnTtier tbicer- If w'6 art rtifn t)
sul of the honor and glory of tSuV'latli-
,er,' we canuot. sit wjlbi foldud Umn
anil, see; our voice silertcea tO ithat;
branch of the Ration!. Asembly wkic,li
embodies theaoui and sovei-eiirnfe-i
urea-- tlrah5ottfetleTic
jStatea pi theifj high 'apaciityrput itpe-
quaj voices, on question, there tnade
tor auiu
KiiuiJicatipo, y liut we(tnuch tear;
Vircrinia ti.r. .min.JtM t,.t
slie labors under tire torpor fife Doliti-
caf magnetifm inflict, wpn her, . by
that rnasnetiser party, ' Wn fenx .tli"t
her condition ia now so entirely sum
nambutant,ihst neither the arpeals of
patriotiam nor tne tormret er weunucti
- . . . ,- ,. , , . ... , ,
PTW'0 nd Tiolalted rights, Will 'reach
f 1, - . , , ..;,,, !
her ensibtlities:-j. !:'''
Tu.i!ij ...J
uiv. .n..t ... ki.i .v: Jt-: Lti.J
. . r ..,,w myyrmt w vii vj , irsuiiar iir
mother of meh to her people? and'lier
ir4eaMtative, -tocomat forward 'wAjtl
eiert that direct and tHwitive I'nfloence
ciseti in ;me councils ot(, iiie nsuop.
Let ner wi4e nd , more! time in contii
vaiicet to save the partjj-bat tome at
once in fetr gnciant aptrii pf Jofjijnd
coVnpreliensive palriolum, to (l)e rescue
of be? 'country. "f lier Bercef 'wgre
ever wanted,"-her 'countrjfifefiQiref
Ihcni Vow.' '. Ifave the lllustrl'ous char
acters . bf Jc fTerson nt! " Ma'tjisop ..leU'1
ho impreaa upon the Stale in , wlmtf
bosoms th?y are entombed, tliat 'Vir-:
ginia shouldjbe pai,yr and seuirff" at
the tnorrtent ol the greatest. uauger jto
tlie ' Republic? . jVill ni oerfnit bor-
self, by ' lip .of,omiion,.to beaceesv
sarytto uf Kppubu
cau institution JV;iCnrt ker,t Mtstiuct,
habit,' faillfa pr'ide, rr patriolis'o, ejeju
her to rekindle hc,r ancient watch-fires,
and toatisnulate bep political warrmrs
in the ldrt ,f nrlart gaiftst ferI;', ;'irf.
crpacnments,,anu tiieeniargamept ana
consotulatinn of power' in the hantU bf
fefl ertlEtecotiyerElse bh,' trotild
wtabe'u4' nvblfpln.o4 jrrgt'lef
fjoblohistwy.". . k-di ;-.n i ..i
; . t 1 1 ii ! mt In i pi ii) &A
The forf lowing tapitaf Kit tt the 'prof
ligacy of tim5,ii,fiim.theJNwJ
Orleans Picayune i . lietii! u .
".Tan : BdrenfhM 'jtisf' Wf'a?d f ti'f
oulWeaklnj irj'fiof 4rlMVnWlCJUy
c T A Vfiihtnet-sPreinj; .war beld
to divine, measure for puttn;a stop to
eh i anti.dctnocratKj roptirns A
mos gave an opinion that ;t woold ,be
perfectly ; 6nstltqtlotU7lnd M
stop the transmission, by mailr,f all
' .1 I . III .. . It A
Wiltira llj pi'JJUtaf; Mill, C4rq(n'',e M I imaginations io iw i.-iie jai.,! ju
nurse loAIVP ISit. i tep"HliltUe WtlT wornaOTtrn-tri-p.auu tn acs.S tqeir.aj,
.,;n..n..' lii.trrt-utl , tJ I appear as (amibr to as tT rtiey y(writaiU
' " r . ' r .r : r -ilne
t 4-3 . :. . i. .. I a :
lire aa tlit iiiHi.inalcol r i JlenrV f-laj
for. the Pi eiilf nrjt. ''iiiit.v a pppii
d by Miijur Jlownir.w, wliomid that .
"it were iot nutlioriztil by tlie tcniti
tutiou, that the right d'ctriue t, t
confute the calculation nf the Whiga 1
by argufication, that thejr oggltt not to
top the pizen, but let medicine be rTt.
along with the piten, and ihenth peo
ple could judge for themstrlvra, if tltey:
the ptzen killert. let tm take it ptl
they fottnd it hurt femv'.leU.?eui lake v,
the medicine." rThe tag counsel of
the Major did, not meet with mnch fa
vor atnong le cabineU t ... i j. , r ,
;,,j'b! iictary : "Of AVar aaid h
thought nn ' end migiil aoon be wJi
t the Flerirla war, bdthti dnnbtttLz:
the policy tf it, at the 'pklrohage " en-j-yed
tjjci P-nar(raent, And the, 8JSW
000. tliatiib'tttttd entry day might wf
ivilUertJt ciecljoft: aiw
therefore it'-wwt teth interest ofMiia
Ecellene. the presidenf , toT jirotqiig"
the war. Tfiii suggestion wag appro-
ed by. Van anil all the cabinet egcept
Major Downing, whatwl "ib waa-a
tarnal sliamoto nukej-thii natio suf
fer ee mach for the take of promoting
demncriry. ' ,( , .
An'ortlef was iiued by. 'jhef Secreta
ry of the Navy r (Tut all ; the Captain
on the roll ahould aerve,tb aweek
in succeaainn, as comtianderol the ex
ploring sriuanilron tijl it. toils j ,;,E
la the llouae of Repreaentatiecs, Mr.
Adarna,: af MecUue!a', invftxhicid
a remdetron falling (vrrt the presidett
to inform the Jlottne rec;inf (he flrt
tnestic rtlalioHa ,of lhe Sjromc'a Hot
lana, a ,ta wlhclhsr lbey, U slaves,
and if so, how tbey are fexly what they
wearrehether th-' are- Hogged lot'dis
ourdience, and tlivers tither important
matters, in onering uit. resuiiittof,
Mr.J Adams diaclaiined, ny iitterttioo
ThnraaimVOrririmtai'M.1' sOiuTe: it tide
City. to. Mb Csmflne; d. daughter ofihe'lat
i npT;ni r Z- . r r .;! niT
, . --.
;t iDIED . ni-
Tbotpaa W, LupcotuX,iu ibe Sih year f bl
age. llu,i, i..,. K.wi (ill .d-a-I n..' i.t1
A tribul tfrttfitt "4 littinilalAe'ai.
r.i 1 er i'nnaa iV, Ltraaoatal " r
Th iwnembiaa) of the1 virtuaaa dead I
cbribd wiife peculiar tiiUneea anil drbghtby
I all: and more wjiecially by tliw.with whom
f"" torn i-
kimlly acouaiBianc and frtewaabipadiilti.
,. 'rhcit ,..nor, i. a theme on which w.
and pleaatng askortatlon, aa w rvit in our
: si at. r 11 vti
mory etliiliiU to tu mind tnelr virtue and
many, a little Incident 'nnrtcd wjtj their life,
ia coritlantly glowing hrfortkfonnrnlWfiot
broad 'rnatri alining ail kfejiing ahv
rawAWed trilrtetllrt dur niinJt, vhen w know
lhat new they'll longcf ne,on litib but bat
their bodies srs stitdnil'ieJ a.niid all lb lonei
nesa and nlemn tlillnai of th gry' ' 'Jr
With wbtt av'erwhetmtng flincof.miogl4
mnlancholy hti'd delight do w pause ft th faot
or tti frv fit; dear frien b; boui. WOiJijpv,
no).iii who cumpaiiy Vt lav ypru' npy
haripy hours to know thai h postmar'd 4 nat
ural generosity and nobleness 'of hrirlhal
rarely to I fodndln aajl a lra( of Jchararlar
uniting him by the tendertst eords f affeolieei
to alt wttlf whom he'brme ief'psirjied, Vih
feelings of meliiichnlybecaiieilieeyiejidrrlise
are broken uf deKht, bcus pf;tb glorioaa
prospect ibat"unitild Uolf liiirrnitif J?r
U him, Jo whoa rbemdry I pen'tbit Itt ihiuh
of respect1, at Well at 'to all olliert who auknajl
YaT did.ttTitfin aTBtirmir
tbe prospect Wiiiileett serene, glurioua, and ua
clouded,, , And js, . be : gonsl Y Tboma
Uaeomb is no 0l aaj with iilm bs toss,
er fled lb hopes of an 'aiHictodaniltaiid parent,
fry ea nf tb most prdmising end nffrc linnet
chilJren, , Lmig aretby enaaf liniibUaruren
I it iiiernjiaa height, iw thy na iparkUng
eye awiniming iuVtlentlawiaitl ay! band 'epsn
tfiy breast, and felt, as it were, lay haert-strin-s
break, andonilur. be bT last aaaVUbae
ihroe bxikett opon.b utvtiing lip:-which
told thai th spirit h4aar,dd totbaOed who
gave-it and amid th deepaigb and guablrig
teare 01 ten tor irteno an relative, wa aandaa
thy one tomeiy and active body down to lh
eilent tomb, Xt hall I eatt my eyfi.upoji
the tall oaks that. rlao in the dim distanc,er
upvft til. vwvrfrvcn reiiara mac.rwno ITT vormn
allllrtea near thy grata, atboutJfihnbving
yf ."-f m mftv. vi"vn l.Jiw
whom tJ',, on.erth-rrMint, abaUfiva,a
meetlri heaven and vihoa inemor law i,
light 14 cherish and td hwior.' V ' .'' ,
aisK3in be ttnf tatf aitb,',.?''.'1
Friend of my .aalisrdayej t n rfaatj
Nnekaew tbe btttitoloVatlie,!i.Q
4 Or named theabnt lo praissi, ,Jf J, ''j
When hearla whase trtJtH wa praye.
f 'I.lkk thine, ars'Mil li "
I Then .houMa wreathhe irtven.""11'
ii!T leUlb World IherfWaHlti't'iat.i ftw
!f llii
li;A''f.. ,l
'Ketpretrally' atfofniS the'elTiivnt ef Kalcikh
and' it' urintt, wMrt he ttt ttt a wi"
, i 1" . .? Davsatlnf ,htt . .iT
in tins pltes at sn ewljrj (wiK'd,, (viihie,,t
weiit.y He bat brought with' Vim sa Mna.
ptltheil MaabMis), ana is preps rye" ujh flank
ywig ia in aaort inunara aiiir rafliisasiita atjkt,
such at Fattey lHntea,.Cotillioni, Counlrr-Oanr
t. Wtltsaa MinOHt, 1'olato.i, taiwitcs, Fta.
elaag, ffigwro, ate, eteiS'M I nl'sd nut
; He bapc bg altlilttoaa auentioa to Ms )
aioa. the aiaiHMrt and denortment at his uanils.
to abuia a share ol pebli. patroKsg. ' i ,w
N. B.' The reera where lh'hbbl'in V
kenl. nd tb ly M i omrrat, kaH ha
CktkinMUIaie Earthen Mta
Weal; titt ('w trig
Krlhe Wsra.aawaflraTibsjMm, M
liandfom aply ef th baahih, 4ed ae
their pi tet Block, will msk.. (hsle attorttaeaT
wary aateaaiya na pleHdi''liei'i,,krBfl
Uy eall and- eiamMva .their STOCK At Mil-la
Coantry, Mertbsnla.WoultLHa welLu aaM.sksl
toaOag lae.lsarW, ba eW? Werwe,ha itU '
ear Goods on a reasonable tsrraj a (hsy saa V
bad la thitet any ( th tffttfcer Mik
far I7,ra,' - ' ' ' ' ' V rtli '
ll.toftiseaert am Dsafrr In Cbtaai. 'fclSu' ;a.a

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