North Carolina Newspapers

    , 1
' -TV
And Su H.,p repa,a rang-.
,!T A Um late Mrtmtrrl en-ng."--1-
' rron, the Halifax Adwite. v
m'1'" h'J "J ntlitm onward unr,
- - nw, pauae, mot reetinf phew;
C2i?f oravee iha !
j W bill wHTU chock, tb tbesulrrutc avalanche
,And hatie hi jdumget the hshuiinge
Binji do-w le rewt'npnn hie Manii'm
B"U' FTf" VVr! t hidci Shot upward
. M tlXmil Hal I . - . . , , . ,
The iplcnrlon of iha olar throne, from bia
r Ethereal flight at length return, to .
" Piai'm oa mountain' brow. Bui
72; ,,kh biit th.l from th opening
.'WtaoWa af tha leeting Ark, e'er water
Deep and treubfo.1, wmg'd hia Miliary
; rsnt, ted et ot wak) K1 hit
reel, and backward look along the mutt
l,'"' wbich h P-d. But eyes with
" leeple ; ' ";
Gas tha ff-8r gnat where ha muit fblj hia
vVing,and tik tb Phomix die.
Beneath tha
tha vinWring'J
ring tret
; efope e'
"last (hide
riains- bill--Rdnk ntMi'it ami
pa San. braaka out aa bubbtiof apriiig;
Ai flrat a tlreain, (hat aiol
Its flow'ranamera baaka. aod on ila bright,
AM randulafitif boaoia aU Summer
''" ,',I,Tho In rivar a well.
,-varc-aaaeina' and aabHma' Town pofulaoa
'. an muraf d an lia aoaat a
Tba tow'rint Vaaael tpraada bar aaoara irga,
nn on iia r-ajDlnf earrant hcarg
Tha wealth of Nation; yet on it roll, with
Still anrnxmtad ewerp, tillto.t in Oceana' '
. - ' - . ' . '
Ttaia, fntm aai tha hiodea danth. r,b.
And aid Night aprang fbrtb; ita bold, aawaatia'g.
Pauwla-a eouaa, baa a'ar baa oawani. And
aim , -
It dark, nrttetd billow break opoa
The antred (hare o( Great CtarnHy.
., X'ons taaUawiae.nd bfia
1'hair ladaa piniona by Black and lowtring
fiouaa, wittt or adgad, and arm'd wilh thus-
' .. aer-elta,
JIaa ea te Saaating waters wreak'd their rag,
Fall many a bark, with life and nlmun
IWgnt .aaa" saailing ia tba light of hops, ha
a iia rreaming rock keen ebatterd. ar in
. Its eddyiag whirlpool auak ta rise no
iMersv The apeila f earth mouldering (rag.
OMbaaacietit World, strew like eataum lasvea,
tio aaawg rMM yet en twill eawr Srge. '
' Unchangng
Tml Whe lh number of hi day can tall!
t the of hia tyrant roignf . , "
Hs board the new-born ti together sing, "M
And esw creation bang her banner . . , ,
On tba seeming breete Ha beard tba potent
Tele ef Doily caramanil the dwn af
Xlghl and aaw th radiant bluabes kindl '
Thro' annumber'd world., tilt all were bathed ia
0 aftewW4-Then bia youth begin.
Kavoluliona, by rerolguon ebaa'd,
Hse totTd a'ar earth their deaolatiog b'deat
Empire ha riaan ap, ta m!c ahiU , ' j
The destiny afttMn.lhendieappeari ' "
'Aeeyrfa, FereU, Otoaes sad Koma, bae,' ,
From th world' senwlaioaa boraled qp; than
Faas'd sway; UkeUle that atad the hosiy
Deajphr ajaiearinf earth quakea sanJu Tim
' (rm at .';..
Th wracks of crumbled kingdom rears hi
"''' Ibroae ..V , , . ' , :
ffobdrae, ta asoaa a'ar rain gray and inaek . i
Th power of man. And y at ha eoem net old,
N wrinkls mars his brow ao alow decay.
JHsd paralysed bis atrengtb-rf. at hievdieek -
waia paienaaa tuiowa. oiiii 1 im I not
Immortal Dath write hia nam in flaming
Letters aa his brasen frani. . .'
i. , . .-'; Tbs stars that " '! ."s. :
. Light ta yam Mi esak their everlsating
Lamps, ia aigbt' anwsnlng gloom shsll aaaaeh
.wsir !.' " v -
Beame th lowering Alps that lilt 'mid hoaeVs
Uakravel'd sllitada their nowy aralpa,'
Mall fraa their bed be torn) yea ehininf orb
That wheel tare' apace immrnas Ibeir cbsngs.
bajl 'yemet eaeh other daab thi aalrcres "
Of ayetsmai aaa aad warids ahalt fa agaia -' 1
Ta ehaeot and thea aa angak aea shall '
Wak straajp-Uneproclain--ht "tima ahall
jt smsra,"--uxj-.-...4, ...
BeaaUTta'CaUf r an IlHraav.
t- At a late celebtatioo la - Louisville,
Jty.;ar the-birth day or Scotland's
favarttfl 'poet," Ho. Bams, Mr. Pren-
lice, the celebrated punater of , the
Loaisville fournaU addreaaed tha com
pany in tha toliowing happy atrain:
'Dritaia aad America assemble to
pay their heartfelt tribute of admira
tion to the memor? or Kobet t ISuros,
tha unrivalled miastral of Scotland,
whose faaae gather freshneaa from the
lapse ef yvnra, aad like the ivy flour
ishes greenly over the lone prostration
ef the lovely and the beautiful.
' "Voa all know the bialory of Barns.
Tha world knows it by heart - The
fidottiaH boy, .. bora .. in ' poverty and
abacarit, woo bia. way tbroagb tails,
ptivatiotia, and aufferings, to one of
the lortieat ana Dngh teat places lo
the' history ol literature . Ila wa tbe
child af miafortane and mankind atill
weep over the Borrows of that, gifted
genius, aad will weep aver then lor
everv He was anfitted for the rough
triala of a world tiki thie.V'.The' lyre
af hit teal should have been fanned
bot br the ' airs ol Edeai and have
five oat itamaaie ia a heavenly clime;
and who can wonder, that ; it a cords
were jarred nndalmost broken when
'visited by the fierce-wlnde lb swift
tiKniuuijrBr BHMiiao- uiaaimg nuncanrp
at life. LiketJi rainbow, ; bit .fame
aprnng up amidst clouds of gloom bat,
Uka taa rainbow; it wat az-feSectiott
af the ton and -itslrch, ihogli retr
i ag apoa U carta was lost ia Jbtav
ilBaS' ,diVsr'1 "'"''""OH"' e j
The geniut '
tai ujr
irnswas aatveml.
VtllslrV.'- ! aHl'Di
Li tMCCril
'a i i it c t. Ill talent wai ait
l i .cct. His
wilful, whether he aimed at the
fart of file lover, to call forth the lou J
or th ijuict mirth of the votary of fe
livi'y, to kindle the tiih anJ holv
fervor devotion, to poor hrs treat n".
tliu.siat.rn for liberty iuto the tout of
e patriot; or J to aerve the arm
and tend the lava tide of vengranre
along the Vein of the warrior, 41 to
pa through ; Scotland, yea 1 feet "hit
mighty inflarnce every where, like aa
universal presence. He hat made
that wild and romantic cotntrv em-
phatirallf hia own. Ili ttei; ia ipon
her ' raoentain. her braes ani her
glens i.ii image fa reflected froa her
oiue iHcltsanu her gaslunj alreams
and his name is breathed b ber winds.
echoed bj ber UdersijBdtl,ateiL
njWf oratre sons and b;aatlful daugb
era." . , . . -.
fi - , ...
incre is srarceij sny thine, aaja
mc awbicKeroocker, which teada more
t J tht nil nrnitmaiil ,f ' tUmw,
htiir and liberal anpport odered to roe-
chanici pf ererr description. Popula
tion is necessarj to the prosrjifttjr 'of
anj counirr ana the population- be
ing of an honest and industrious char
acter, renders prosperity more certain.
umlurin and unvarying. Scarcely any
place has risen to much imoorUnce.
even if possessed of the best commer
cial advantages, without due regard to
me encouragement of the mechanical
arts. For though the Importation of
merchandise form the leading feaftirca
oi aucn a place, the various arts of me
chanics are put invariably into reaui-
aition, and are indispensable to reader
tne progress pi commercial operations
aafe. To an inland town, mechanics
they constitute a laree and hie-hlr re
apectabU portion of society in coun-
iica, out m towns and viiiagca ihy are
almost a leading constituent part of
their growth and population. ,
rK lbtlemart w)ilefojnrjQngjttje
if brToWnrri"Virginia, encountered
In the street a aloat, double-lunged ne
gro, who was ringing a hand-bell moat
manfully After laboring at it soine
nine, me jeiiow made a dead halt, and
nsms wilt hah gome ' fresh oysters at
nis -araunsnment Dy Healer desire,
Mr. Hewlett will gib' imitations bber
again two or three dozen damaged
Hisr ussiftit gun locks-Rev. Mr. P.
will deliber a sermont on tetnneranre
half past ais o'clock precise dat'a not
all nudderl dere will be a nerlifeand
coloured ball at Mre Johnsoa'a fust
irter dia ia bia done. -
TohavtAlurieat Dinner. Tell Tour
wife alia ia not SO handsome aa ihelade
whq lives serosa the way. Now, apea-
Paaaiietehs oaT pet. ' '
And miwi in do kittle
Darr'a rautc IndekniC and fork, .
Whan you Vat d vittal.'
There's music enourh in tha aha
little hYins. without tut extra squall-
ina wf an " i .
' w" e . :,-r
A Hle-i-ln the new piece of 'Love
niLResn,! otd -General OortdliTli
perauading Adjutant Vincent to mar
ry 'She is an angel I'lays the Oen
erah "I don't want an angel I
abould not know what to do with-3 an
asgel,f ia the rrply of the single heart
ed adjutant. 'She is all' Sweetness.'
rejoins the General, So is a bee hive','
answers Vincent, 'but it does not fol
low that I should like to thrust
head into it' '"-i v.-..y .
HjtruHinl.- gallant wag late
ly aittiog by the aide of hia beloved,
ajtd, being , anaUe ta think of any
thing elae lo Bay, - turned to her
and asked wh iha' Wai like aHailor.
MW", ' ' mm'
pou ti ng li j" a n lesi" it is beca use
sitting beeide say Jto' ' -
' Iruk quotation from' Shakipear7-L
An Irishman' complaining t one of
hit employers that he bad been slan-
dered 'a fond of whiskey, added
"There't aathen I'd punish worac
nor defamation. He as steals my mon
VV, f tha( ; Shakseer.'JI steals more
tbumpriee but him as gets hole of roy
character tobf hie, of what's 'no use
to him at all, and what would I da
vtddoat Itf"- '
Dremdvl calamity. Mr. " John Van
HoOier't house ta Parmington, Mithi
gsn, was bdmt down Feb. ir; and hor
rible ta relate fivt of hia children per
ished, ia the flamea.; ' The father esca
ped with difficulty the mother had
gone oa a visit to a neighbor!, k" r
'-- -' u ' ' " '
i oiagwlar ipedieet bai beea hit apea ia this
eommuaiiy, ta . eteraome tba kvaoaveaieaa
which aa geaerlry lelf for th aim l (mail
ehangws.ln the ordinary retail trade of the mwa.
Bane; bill are divided lata helve, Ihe mreieh.
ing th fractional part el a dollar with can, for
fnilanae, the halfef 8 dollar bill goe far
ft S. half ottmree for t 50. aadieoa. The
Baaka receive them aa other mey..: W take
it, that the arieiaalee el tbie hom it a aoa of
the JJniacraJ Tankaa'aatiea . n U.Udv.
Tb LinoeUT rsnaoript sayai ' t :''"
"We understand that earn tim teat month,
tha mi Or of Mr. Benienua Watt, a ekiaea of
tb weatern parteflredeTI aoanty, ia this State,
was delivered f two find eon at on hlrth.
Mrs. WatU wai 9 year old, and ber voting-
cat aanld ar heir birth a 10 year abb their
rtamea . ftr. Bantam at Frankha ami. William
DolatMi..,,, r.vKli-.:'.; ' t Km-
"This ia, what w cell .folnnint that Imrt of
IK eriptar Which aj "b y fnn'tiul.'ihul.
lijdy wdrTknkbmsesrth:, frV fc 'Vr
Dioweq eut something to tha following
eBect:" "Sale dia nite frying paoa
gridirons books oyster-knives, . and
odder: kinds of medicines Jon Wil.
A Call and Tatty--
W ill ba hU at J. Waod'i Motet, ia LMia-tai-r,
aa Toewiay and Wcduexlcy tha 3rd
4ibol Aiwd aafel. Tbe nuiu aill be fun'ukmi
by Frank jobaaoa kh h bawL
Uxtuburr,, Mvcb IS, 13.
Simdard and krgiatcriaaert Ivira. .
The aubaarlbrr. lata of Prterabarr.,Va kv,
big aaMieiated with aim JobaT. Williams, for
iim iraawaiiag of ine " T
'' ' llat and Cap Baartneee,
. le all k braaabr. m the Oy ef Phaadalpl'ia,
Or.J.r Ih ir ef .JiEJVUEMSOYa HIL
LLiMU, woald rueeifuity eoitait a aall (rem
Martbaal ritMiap tka Jierihera C'um- for the
srpoa af aajrabaaiog good, aad worn hi tritad
gloomily t . . ' t .' 1 .",""rT "
I'raapl atleataaa wdl be paid to all order di
reeted to lee arm. ...... . fc .
Wkoleaale Hal, Cap aad Went Hal Marehooaa.
Aa. IS South 4tb Sirect.f' ,
State af JVorta Carolina, '
J Waaa CoosrrV Iv Kowrrv.
John JIuth and Son v. .itred 31
Haywood rid otheri.
or Vala. e s llearoe, made by tba Coarl of
Keaiiy tor Ike treaty ef Wake aioreeaid. a lb
abea aaated eee. I eboJI. at the Cawrt tloane a.
the Cy ef Kaletra, ea Tttarsday, lb Sib day
ef April a, trTer tnr .eale ea a errdit f ai
moatba, TH'O KFMROMZK.m Waaaaai
ledd-ela. a valaabte TJL1CT OP UtAfit.
Noaled about ibree end a batf milaa baa tk.
Cay ef kalciab. aa Walaat Creek. mm.m
twe bandrad aad mty-tee aad half acre el
MM, anjowlag ike taiMla ef Jaiae Camaa, ta
iinm(i, ubvmi v. Bioae a eikera And,
at Ike tarae lime, the ialareat ef mid Alfred M
Hm vood. ia Lot No. 9tf aod 191 ia in City
oMUIeiah. 7
Tka above Let ar Wall interned, aod
alnl)la MWI laiboCHV. Bond vkb aeaaWie
.11 I : a . . .
" State af Morth Caraliaa
CourtjfEquitif, FoU Ten, 183f.
Original Bill. .
Tb bill ef complaint o Tkomat Dana, of iha
eoeety at Weakley, and State of I'caeeMee, Ka-
IkanKl Uoaa of toe oualr ol f -Li:-.r..-. j
khd'H'ary '"Cooper oi the aam county, aonplaiol
aisnst - -
' '. j Againit
James Broom aad hit wile Nanev. oi the eaea.
ty of Haldai.aad Stale of North Caroline, Gray
man, vi in wvniy unenoM, ana Bute el
Alabama, John Uunn. of the aountv of Weakle
aad State ef Teeaeaaee. Elim lWtoaeb. of he
county of Holme and State of Miaaitaippi, Ann
Merrill aod William Marritt, iafanU, under tb
age at tweaty-oae years, of th eoeety of Todd
aad State ol Keatncky,. Hardy W. Tbarp, ad
minntralor ef Was. Uunn, dea'd. and Ana
Dunn, ef lb aouaty of Franklin araremid. d.
ftndaet. .. 'f
It eppeeriac ia the aatUfaotioa of tbe
that Gray Dunn. Jpba JJunn, liaa P.Deloech,
Ana M err lit and Wm. Marritt. tire ofik U.
tendinis in tbe above eeow, are aot inhabitant!
of tbi Stle( it Utltaeelore erderrd by the eoort,
that pabliealion b made lor four aeaaemiae
week la the Star and North Carolina Gasette,
printed sad pobliahed io the MV of Retebrk. that
lb mid Gray butm, John Da no, Eli sMoaab,
Ann Merrill and Wm. Morrkl, be aad appear
at the aeil term of this eoort. to be held lor il.a
eeeeiy of freak Iia, at the aoert-boaee ia lowi.
kurg oa the eee1 Monday alter she foorth
M oaday m Mrh east, tk , awi..,
antwer er demar to kill ol complaint i other-
wlaa tb eama will be taken a eoafemed, aad
bawd eiparte a to tbem, aad deere ssad aa-
eordinrU. .
Wkae, fiamnef Johneoa. Clerk aad Maiiar
of Our mid frt af Tquiry, for the eaaty of
eraaaim, at penea, I a eeeoaa Bl outlay alter tb
loartb Monday in September, A. U. tJ7
a alarah S, IMS. )' ... gt
Hm tatabj'uhed hhaaelf ia Baleieh, and will
r,.or?- !t ".Wft Jt."H..te juu- vmau 4ei Otrpo
ed lo setreets kau.i ; U het h m the rear ef
tb Apothecary Store f Mesarv vVm. M. Mo
no It Co. aber be may be aeea when aot ae-
waariiy anaeat. A I lea dan aa the poor gratia.
Janatry ,, . n, i t Y , : f if.
' CT'IICW. MILLER hasremav
ed hi ofite to that af aha Httperior Court Clerk,
m me vaan nooaa, wner a may k leond.
esaepl when aceemarily abiept
ttatcleh, V-'v 1. 1 tar
The lubicriber having lately given notice that
bCliad sgaln take the
lliitsbora' Female SeialnarT "
under bi immedan laetruelioa sod ooatrol
deem it due le I be public aew to itata, tbat
siaee tbe date oi dud adrerttiemeot. he baa da.
tertnined ta remove from Hillitrirttogh, snd that
hi aeaeaiua with 4hm iaukuUoai eeaaweeeet
Jydimolvad. , .. ,
MM.mmm,. m-nii (mr ttwaepai ai ion Trom
ini accool Ml aot injanouily aOeal III ihletcMl.
Tba Lailie ia wboee abarge a remain are well
known and approved Inatruetreeaet ' Their pan
diligence aad aueeei afford ihe turett pledge for
the aonatieaiious dieeharge of1 ibeir tutor l.bort.
No better eyiibtar rga be grrn of tbe eerreat
and wkical wade ol matraetma puraoed m thi
inatltutioa tbaa th well-know bet that ill 0
plli br eagerly aooght after, snd highly Spprov.
ed a kutnielwaaee in ether aahanla. It ha ever
bcea a leading prinipl with tb lee berate grr
to their popiliaa. irrfmjinx knowledge ef
what they ar Uught ta proportioa the atudie
re tbrir reapectita capaciiiea etblih a ha.
bitot alow and correct thiakieg to Jlluwrate,
ai far at poMible, each leitoa by example k ex
perimeat, and tefiv to tb who! lyMem of in
truuoe a pratmeml abaraeier. '
-At b raqneat ef lb Teacher the following
atalemenl ef term tea, ia here added: " .
Literary branch, It " Cla, 117 00
t i. i , . : fladiitddo II4N)(
' . " y- do SO
Uetraatioa a Piano k, f.ultar(eab) S5 00
' 1 1 Orawmgat Painting, 10 00
.OrnaeMmtal Needl i
? ' r, 'iH .'"v (MtHlm) 00
n ae On Crawcl) I 00
FrtaeA, Language, ' IS 00
Uaaonikv MUSIC at PAINT1N0 ere eivea
by aempateat aad anproaed InMructreaa. 1 ha
S'KENCit LANGUAGE ia taught by a aatlv
of Fraacc gentlemaa every way ial ijtext. ,
v Board may be bad m reapecubl nmilic. at
nm er le dollar per meaib. ' A few boarder
will rereited, a early appliaauoa, into the
family of tb principal mdructre.
' ' I ' WM. M. GREEV. :
t Hilliboroagh, iMarah t. ISJS. : .list-
Tba Editor f the 8tr wjl an, on reaeona
ble terraa, So blooded MARE, bv Meni ir
Toaaeau Ako, an s0ent HORSE CULT
from ber, now about S moa tka aid. bv. Mur
doch, a cable ea tl Sir Chariot. Ne asiauka
ia the blood. ' vV
Haletgb, Fh. SO, 1838 '
13- The aabacriaer umI4 take
toe annreetiaei to Ihe latfotioe boameaa. aeed
ftwra TV toJ It year, flora from-the Coualrr
w;ataNwfarsa.' ' "- .
3e,nn,'jartrjr l", IMS.
,.tLEi. CVMrBKLlj.
taa 1 a .a ;
Inbllhert KookwII-r, A Sta--
. . , . tioners,
Keep a gcMral atatHasenl of Cook, ia tb
Triond-,VimrnU ef Lheriiura, Stienee, aad
Theolngy, alio Stiuonary, ia att ili larhrtfi, U
al vbick tbey vilTaiU at oboletale er retail, ea
the mod liberal term. 1 be) h aa eiteaiw
aolleeiioa of Iba no appratrd eilttxmiof wkuol
book. Arao-g tbem are Waytandl folaril
Eaoeomy, et keona repaiaiion, and csteaw.ely
awd a a trxt book in all ihe-prineiii Ollre
Wayland'a Politie! rVpoaomy, abrwlvd tor the
aw ef atbooUi a aery tamable wa k. ' Wylaad'
Klement ef Moral Seleue. 1ke attenlioa el
th poblie iitaoM reipeetfully aalled loibi va
ry vahjabte work. le, W) laed'i r iemaat
of, Mora) Science abrklgcd, aod adapted hir the
in of common achooli aad academic. We bad
tb abriilKmeat a admirably adapted to apr';
tb (Scficieear abieb ha loae bcea trh moa.
moa aebool cducaitua lb study ef mural obli
gation. 8 tar a we bare been able to einaiin
the twa work; v aratt my that w jjujuiia f
van pieaaeti wim tne (mailer a eaa id largrri
tea uieMraiioni are ant an I'rikmr. A bcrcrum-
4aanM Poa.r. Wky i toeb book
aot ia every family aad aebool PaUy "a 1 beol
ofV.aew edilioci.enlareed. with fertr nlatc. aad
aliiieal Botes ef l)r, tfatler ad otkira The
CpS Book of Xat. Tbanlngy, ar tba TeMirae
ny of Nature to Iba Meinr, I'erfralioa, and Gov
ernment of God, by H, Ferjui. Tha'Ypuag
tadata CUas Uooki a aelceiam ef leaaon tor
readier, ia proa aad vera, by Ebeaeser Bailey,
A. M. Peter Parley' Commo School MUlorr,
embelliebed wtth Sgrating. a aew wetki alio,
a great variety ef amall valuable wars, by Pater
Parley, aoaiammg hiatorie, traerlt, oTr.rrl.
lire, a;, for Juvenile reader. Blake' Nmlu-
ral PbdooDeky. aew edition, ealarced. BUke'i
arat book ia Aatrbnomy, deaigned lor thrum
enmmoa school, illualrated br" ateel nlatc ra
atniaga, ' Moaaaa Aotiouitie and Ancient My-
ueiogy, ey vaaa. a. .uiiioway, A. M , i(lutra
d bv decant rat-ravin. 1 be Amerieaa K
pjaitor, or latellearual UeBaer, drsirned for the
aa al acbaole, by Hufui Cloitgetl. Tb arraage-
meoia are gooo ana ine oennnnin clear aaa-aoe-im.
' 6ay Political Economy. Browo'i Phil,
eaaabv. abridred. far nrimarv aebool. Slew.
arri' Pbilaoopby of the Mia-t, Boy and titrll
terary, tiarper' ramity Uhrary, where there
M mere veiaeble readme than eon be foaad m an
ether work for the eot, Clauieal Library,
ebere there may be found nearly all other Cla
tieal traaalalroa. Chi htliao Library. Mim EH.
worth's Novel complete. Mr. Unie'i Work
emplete. Air. Sbarwooil complete worki.
A lew roll set of I be American Almanac aad
Kepoitery oi Uaelul Kaoaledre, eomplete ia 9
Vol .' wefl boundi alio; ome odl Dumber; and
far the year 1831, eomplete seta of tbe Penny
Magaaine, of the Society lor the dilution of oao.
hil knowledge! with very large and mixed col.
leal ion ol Hooka, eoniting of Law, Medical,
liiitorieal. Tbeoioekal. aad miuellaaeoui. trar.
ell, vnyagea, novel, k., all kind ef School
Book, toe tedton le mention. Blank Booki el
.uUkwdr4ae-Bmoh-Books wsd to order ai tb
borteat aotiae, alio archMectural and carnen-
ter'l gdidea. Old Booki rebound io all tarietie.
All kbida el Bonk and Stationary lor ml at
lb North Carolina Bok Store at very i educed
Tb County Court et htoke havinc aDooiat-
ed tha naderairned Commimlonera to contract
for th building of e Jail, It the Court Hnae in
Urrmantoa, reaewe propoul lor lb cree-
tiea of Mid building until the ISih of March
Th baildina; to be thirty by fort Wet. twe
Moricabigh, built ot brick and covered with tie,
with three room lor ihe Jailor, aad one far
Debtor below i and foar cell above for CrimU
aall. Tbe plan of tba Jail, together with lb
peeileatmn sad style ef bailriinr, can be icca
by applying In either ef aa, at Cermaatea- -
Jr.Kr.MIAH t.lOSUN, -,
Germietoa, Feb. It, 1131 9 w
And aammitted, a a runaway
aWw.a tka M to Wa,kWiam.
Kiehmond eotmty, N. C. a aegro
. hov, eallliia hitnielf GROKGE
LOCKL1EK, and claiming to be
free my ha wa raiwd m
llruniwick count;
Know wait state, nor ha crcr
heard of any tews except Portunouth and Nor.
mlk He w S well built boy, dark eomplexioai
about 4 feet T or t inoha high, snd sappaacd to
ne itKHIt is years Old.
' -Tb owner le reeueated lb com fare aid aod
lak him away, er he will be dealt with a the
law direct. Any information about tbe boy,
n B II r..S!oald ne Ibaiuumiy eeieOr -"""
, 8. H. SEOHERBT, Jailor.
Rockingham, K. C. Jan tl, 1S3S
Price f If
. . 1 1 .Jill , mil
las- ltal Wvl .
' Th Tavera Iloue and lt latolv eeeonied
Uy Col. Jimel Kattall, th nbiariber H amho.
nose io eiiwa moeerata leraaa. a creeii at
one and two year may be bad lor a greater
part ot ine purcnaa money.
Tbi property aow la goad repair, well
paiuled, ud iaaa eligible fituatioa for a tavera
A wtll rerolated bouce ta T)trd
meet' w hb eaaou rare meat. The louriahing
el th academic, ai eourt being held, tb
rate, and Oxford being place of re tort of ma
ny m th rammer mouthi, highly recommend
tbi property to thpt oiipoMil le keep s bout
of entcrtinmert. '
pptiee1tonfnTid'rhratlsh" Tb (nail or oiher
wiae, will be atteaded to. Payaeaiion may be
nan at soy tun.. . -
It L. R0B.VUD3.
Oxford, K. C. Feb. 19, 1S3S S tl
liegiiter and Standard till tor b IX :
J0f Salitbury and Morgonton '
Tb Stage (recn Fayetteville, lor .'Seliibury
ar aew at aperatwa. Tbey leave Fayetteville
oa tbe morning of Monday and Friday, at Si
o'clock, and arrive at Salisbury oa the eeening
of Ihe next day, to lea. . Returning, tbey leare
Salitbury on the aaaae morniaga at 4 o'clock,
aad irriv at Fayetteville ea lb evening! of the
aext'day. ' Paiaenger real nine boar at nirht,
al AiUa1 ia Moore eor.iy, , Pare f S SO. Tbeat
Stagei connect wilh my (in from Salitbury 0
Morrinton. ' Tbi rout afford treat faeilir
for merchant! in the interior, to vied Kaycilrtille
tor tb purcban of their good, exebaag af
moaeyi,'parhe ef Draft, It, ate., at it th
cheBpcit, moat xpedHiou, and moat direct
rout between the twe place , At Fayettetille
Stige tiaei leave every. dy fpr tbe Korib md
South.' ' '" ' r-'-
. . A. CASMICHARL, Proprietor,
. J, BBOWM, (Latajetta lloirl) Agent,;
' Fayetteville.
A. CCURRT, Agent. Carthage.
T. HAt.LK, AgeM,aliibvry.
T. M. YOUNG. Agent, Staiei.ille.
K OI PEARSON. Aaaat. U...... '
Jeawary 4,1BSI ... i-, - JM .
Earthenware, China Glass.
'.. .. - imaeir,-j. . '.
N. 3J Kasaav Stssst, Ksw Yeas, T
OSVn tor mle a comulele luoriai .v-
above linek eemprhang many , choice pat-'
terni repacked le order lor cr.omrr ti.i. ..
tba arigiaal pmkace. Order by tettef wiH rt-
en etery attention. . (.
Ace Yotk, Jan. 9, II3S t 10e
Olntirirnt lor the X;:iuU l"i!e.
1'hc pstili are luanf that I hare bad lliii
remedy at uc fur uu year, duiing which line
il hat, iu linmerOH ce, bent aubjreted t III
Irtt id eiperimrnf , ai.'l, in mnj inMneei, tn the
moM I'rraTilril fcFrtil of tbia ihwiM, and al
aay ab pertect uiecet no iutlaaceai lailure
hjting ever ov.e to my knnaleilge.
Z be eoaipuneet parti of tbii remedy ar rare
ly veeebble en-aated to eontaia a mmeral
w'lilKiiae vlialrver. , No particular cire al lo
esnoure li neceMary, It may be nted oiiuoul
meerraiiiaxg ardiaary pnruuta. It can tea eo
t"". .. vitmz rgm -w mm. wkhh
In, and m a itiort lime t Been a neriect core.
L... I - - a J. .
II n aot eeaerall mwn that tne me are
nttaa tbe aauac of iIm drealful diieaac PliTKLA.
In mnii intUbsri io whirh I hare been eallnt
te praat'mr on hii diaeaie, 1 have traoed hori;l
eally l taw Pdr; hence, tbe mffermg I ram
tbem hould low no time m arckiag lit aul
cfficicul reaiediv.' Price ft 00 per (Ins.
Jiichmond. la.
y. B. Vwrnrron rclrrenee can be !--
I TM WHiBerorit.eTtev. William A bmMb, ol
the aietbotlirf K. tnrck, alune w aukmeied.
cith th reibark, that like tcMimonial, have been
obtained from nnmerotit other laltlligenl andre
peeeakle imbValiial! among ebom are blaeer.
J W Winfrre, '1'bomaa Hail, Jaiae C Crane,
Archibald Thon,a. Corneliui Crew, Ktrkicl
D. Jantei Caakie,' A Preach.
Tbi lata re, ilfr ihatl bar bad a htir enner-
lenity to know both the aSfBTt SlHheneen el Or.
Mariball'a remed lur Iha llliwl Pile, aad
think k duly t eee to ihoae who wIT-r Hb
thi diatreaaing diaraar o my, that H may be coa
fiileatly relieil oa a a aWe.agreeeble aad cflicwet
remeily for ili form of diaraacW whwb tb
oTp"" reeem mend ftTTf ha beca eilea
lively uaad ia the circle of Bit acqtMU. ead
a cat of faliur haa aof come io my knowledge.
Editor of the Virginia and North Carol hm
Conlerrnce JottaaJ.
Kiehmond, V. Oct. 8t, tl3T T If
KT The aflicted will do well to
call and oirtaiir this invaluable remedy,
sold by R. TUCKER. TtntT at his
Store on Fayetteville Street, Ruleiglv
N.C '
Direction acrnmrum !
- , j
Raaaway from the aabeeriher,
en tha 4ib Jnuaryr4.tSt a weye
maa named ALFRED, formerly
the property of Charle A. Hill,
dec raced. Ha il BO donkt ia the
neiehborhood where ihe mid Hill
formerly lived. Th above re
ward of Twenty-five dollar will
be given lo any perioe,, who. will deliver tbeaaid
boy AlTred io me at my reiidtncc, ix milei weal
ol Louiiburg, or enafioe him in Louiiburg Jail o
tnat I get him Beam.
(Ty 1 would rive S dceeriatioa of the boa
but 1 hive not had h m aofficient length ot time
to OMerve or recollect any particular mark.
Franklin en., N. C. Feb, (, 1838 B if
77 otkbratid EngHth Hart Verse
(Bred by lb Earl of EtremoatT br Whale.
bcite, damTkemiaby Sorcerer,-fparchaaed of
Iha Earl af Egremont lor the King of Pruaciaj
ner nam tianaa uy lionann. ttummine rlinl
(cicter ta t'.arharmi, Colibrle and young tTarhflla
tbe dam af Mandaec aad Allegrvtta) by Wood
pecker, Camilla by Trentbam, Coquette by the
tyompion nara j liater l Krgulu by tb Uedul
phia Arabian. , .
Whalebone, the aire ef Flexible, ia bralLer to
vt mixer, wmul,. and Web, by Waxy dam
Pcaelape by Trumpeter, PruMtla be Itmhlyer,
" T mmmm. speaonar- mmm ay rirtnrr
ia riexible I tbu unnad lb beat blood e
Matahem, Herod and Kclinie.
FLEXIBLE woe nine raeei when three yean
in a cup m a mi lei j ana Iia beaten
AmewBio, ur. rauatu. Arerhra, Ueaeral Mi.
a. 8ignrme. Wbitliagion, Oawertry, ijtnho
ronxh. kfuxame, 4i Flexible ateod m Eng.
land at rlevea ineereigni (eqnal lo iS dollara. )
H I full If hand 3 m.hei high, with great
mueeular peweraamd for nkm proponioai M a.
eaallad by few. . He il one ol lb . beat anal af
w neirbnae, flrateadr Iron ibe Iwe bn Ar.
bane, witbamt aa anfotbioaeble em. Hi peed.
i0""1?. d f fmner fci.rqnal a-anlmrr at i
nay. n now at ax itafHri. , Tb eraan will
(ommenee ihe 4b day of Fcbrry, or earlier,
il rreuired. For tb part iealar ef hia runniae
ead Hut of hi roll in F.ngland, ae hand billii
alio hil termi, which ib.ll be liberal.
-Wdion. Crscville ee. N. C. , . ,
Jannaty J9. I3L ' l , ' '
Tba treat noBularkr and eetabliahed rieanaml
lor Ihia nhiable medicine,' reader the contin
uation of a lengthy H refinement unneceiury.
Numeroul tettiraouiata of their value rlatrlt re.
eived) from geatlemen of lb bigbeat reipeemi
my, in anoiiioa to inuae aeeompanring each
box, my be area 'bo application to any nl ihe
ageatLv. Ih pillasr pulupieaauperinrMile.
in tin boxei containing 40 pill, with foil divea.
lioni. Price 50 cent per box. To agent or
porcliecvr lb term aof aommiminn atiri il antoi
ar liberal. All aemmiUMcalMmi will be prempt.
THOMAS L. JUMP, firnl Agent
OCT Omer, Margaa St Raletgbt let doorweM
of flic Preihtterian Church.
The lubicribrra. batine iii,i.ri k.
CommitMner of th Slate fnr iha ,i,kli..i,n.
of tbf Keviied Statuiea ef North Carniina, hay
the pteir, of announciag the aoupUlioa of
iimI work. " .
Heine inneinted be tbe Rmmua
Ihe part of th Stat foe Ma mle, tbey aow efTtu
to tli. good titrxen of North Carolina a work
b-hath, a regard! qualii 0I paper and eseeo.
tma, liaol rqaalled by aa law beak eer pub.
1 1 died ia thi eouniry. It ha beea pronounced
by reery one who ba examined k, (and amnorai
the are aura bored menv of the aMi
Xlenaivc book publisher in lb United Slate.)
,0toJ.h,M?!r'"'ra"oflypogr.rhy, '
Publnhed In Volume-tb. l.t t.lnlnr
.11 pag-ibe .l SiS. Price only nine doll...
p.r fopy ar five, dollar for l tnlume, an
four for I be araond. if anhl i.i. an
W bw. the abtne work, directed ra them at the
NoMh , Carolina Book Slere, will meet wnb
prempt attention, -
Beleighft, K. C. Januaiy 4, IS-V.-r ,'m
1 be uberiber inform bis frieatli and the
publw generally, thai h Iia, eUiMithtd the
' Tlatlnaf Chalaesa '
a the City af K.lcigt awe door rknr Thorn..
Cobbii Coach Rbip: and it pretwrrd to rlccut
alt kmd, of SITA Elt ( JIU.iSS PUIT.
IA S, oh tb m reaaaaable termi, bad at the
lUOrlvM BOlBM.-,. ,u
TT Ordcra froux'n i
He tbaukfutlyTccerred and prniptlv MK-ttilrd ht.
iV ;j;'-r. f WtLLIA-tt! SiASO.Y I.F.Ev
Balcibh, Fib I, MJJ. yu
rtalolah rsliimiiiar
The Bookinf acbieriiK,, t '
of Iht compaar, are at.w re. mJLl k
Haywood, P.tiorourt.CaribllTV
the aame aon.miawoiwra aa beriuJ
eoktinue open uald the fii at d, .'
Hy ortlvr ol thr eomit,i-Li. ' a,'
-lUleigh, P,b I. ISIS. " Kilr
ItaIHgh ci nHte a sTiT
Th anileriirnrd ha, r,j . . .'
thi City, at the home owad k, iwv
J I . - II
t miiatetHleerty anKiMla V, V ""Jiw.
I Tnwril.n- m,ik ika .i. " '.. I0 v
tttmedwewrty amwati i:"V")t,
Trg edier with ike actluwry Kiwhi .
i.U be tmigbl lb. Uns-ie7 ta7 tt
ud the Pp.l preparrd u ,mtr JJ"
.laaae ot the tnirerm tj ,lu "..
of Ihe Amerbu Collrgrai - ".bi
Prom former eipericae tl
Teachnig. h il tratted that aatitf..
given to lhfae who patronise Hi a!il K
l b nambrr n pupa, wilt he tJ-
For Setblon af flT me-o.
Spelling, Urcuting and WrUI-
Amhmeiic, (ieoerarilir and fl.. ' !
HiaMwyi Natural Philoaophy. Uk,Zftftk
. Uewmetryatid Algebra, , I
Mnewatr,: a. ,.-' ' B a
(CT Keeh Pupil wilt afoa be aAwJ
Cent per Seaaiea, for !, .. JT r
Aalrigh, Feb. 14, 1US
Tu a Lota far Bau.
Will be wd.1 - puWi. ml. ftjT -
.T - tprit acii. u eeiag ike we.1 ,11
Court, tnriy er Sfy to4mprwd llr-H
In, nv Yanarcaitl aa . ZLJ ' w?r 0.1!
day ef OewemblSawst. TSma,
beea lm.1 out. SWd ere Iwawiifoa. 'JT H
ther for prima rridrni ar ii t ui Z "
aeea, a4 ere a laid ea ae le tmk ii-Z
aace af pertna wtchiag I avtiU
The laud oa wbiab tbeaciot are MluaW i?"
latt ly cam into the poaaeaatoa of thTliZ
brr. and Hi aaxn-iy oa Iba pare af a"""
Kmito 1at ia Vanarrville. baa .j'
U affat) aa opportunity to all prrteaTal
cecamr I hem e tree af a aitawtmn la
mM henhby and flourieh im
Caro'ma, aad one ton, whwb preaH, ,ltT
.lijei ai any wlier - baeing iba dau:
of a firat me Male and Female AriiW1
good aeciaty, anl a wealthy eeighborbood, f '
ileairoo of localine tltemarlm i. -j-
tare would do wt-H to attend Ihe mle uZ
atid good arcuriy adl. ha , ,, m
T t T 1 a
Hie day of ml. , ., .
r a,t '"V' i y l i,
Raleigh and Oastott RaUsad
Stibierintioni lor the reeidue of it,, r-..:,.i
Slock of thii Company Will be recertcd m u.
Iie, Lnniiburg, M arrenton, thfor aW
Peicrabni-g, under Ihe directiea ef tb Mm
Ceramieaioner a ber clot are, watd lb Ul aw
of April next. . .' ' , , t
By order ol Ih Board of Direetert, ,
Balelgb. Feb . IS.1SSS. tl.
..State of North CarolhTa7
. Clistham County. .
Court ef Pltai and Quarter &imi,
February 'Term 1838. .
Petition for tale of ntgron'.
Wm. Huley, f.f John) Simon Hatley, Jowtk
Martin and wife Prtgy, Wm Hat ley, fM tiir.
4jJ Wiley Hatley, Nation Hatler, ConralUajt
d wife. Kliaabeth, Heaekmh Herring ,
Milly. Jahnhbtw rl Nane bia wile. Taaia.
Hatley, Shaw and hil wife Patley, Marw
Allmon and wife Polly, Guilford Hatley, Jaw
Halle Polly Halle. Anderaon l. Bell anftt a.
Klisabath, John Hatley, V m Hatley M Akawl
Zdpha Hatley, Keririing IVareon and Bile Mill,
t:ynthin Hatley, Itiehard Pelkixrtne tall a A
wBcoaa, 4 an a rnsmgioa and auc Trmprrinw.
Bedrlmg llul.y d Brnton H.lley; fjtrtn
.7 . . . " "nerwaon Hatley, M
Hatley, Kanly Hatley, Kdward Hatley, avt
tiatiay, tnai wi ualieall and wd Martka, ba.
Ian Leper and wUe Nancy. Alntna Hatley, in.
Bryaa and wile Polly, El itabcih daughter d
Jacob haitey, WBIlam Hatley, Stanford Heilef,
Uriah Hatley, Jaakarv Hatley, Jamet H,
and wife Nanry, Mark Hafley, Sirphn MmJ
S'arka Moore, Thomai tear and Rlixleikkii
wife, aad Keddibg lUnnwell aad wife J,a.
It ptearM a Ibe Mlataartiana hi ik.
thattbe chrnntdamct th Ks JSrVattamS
" atwa, H n) oritered that aailie.
ima b a! ia Ih Star paper pabliimd i la
Cay af Hligh, lor the apace of iia aecka, i
Ihe prndeeey of thi pafalme, that th Mi
frnitanla amy annear M Iha neat laeaa af A.
cmtrt la be held aa the td Mmutae f l..
and pltad, eetwerer aVmar; mharwit ii ft.
l" nairan aa eibewtal
aet.dnwa ta be beard ex parte. . v,- 'i'
ft. A. at CUM AH, CCC"
Pr'me ada. g 4g ; , g ;;
W ill Ihrouehniil the Vaar at hi, natutl
able bl Johnilnn eouniv. Ilia 'alUaM at
u mile aorib eaai of Fayetlevillr, at ibe (aad.
cr.te price ol TUHU V dollar the aram. eitk
fifty cent to lb (room. IIm enrm ariiaa
berin an Ibe lit of. Mi,,hJ ii id
of . 7
FESTir.1L hat now th hrodnr el flirt
xprmi; n toot, widely anrrad throtiah the wnitr-
era-and itarm Sulci, thoar of th Ira iprirg
onng moetiy m a.mia.i and In promiiel al
diilimtinn and tiaefalaruclianar bring rqual
ibry are not -excelled b, the get af nj oth
in America. . .
Such evidence!, ia aJifilinn lo Mi blaad. liuf
perfr.rm.neet, ti-nm one to tour if lie belli Nr
l urf Reglater and moderate lei nu, il it bapr,
ill cent mo tbe liberal patroaeg he hit eh
ready received, i Eileninc and a)htpipr
unni are mc in Bnirtl mr at S3 acuta aa
dyk with no liability for eccapra or accidtaik
, Fottljrree, In brief.
FESTIVAL , n-A br A mericaa Eelinie-
hi dam by TiniNlrna, grind dam'hy Tmt
Tno't g g dam by Umph-e, w g dim by rtf
Owmrd, rill Hm he Wild Air. be bv Im
ported . FeanHrughM.Ynung: Tap by- mtnoriri
Tup, h by Jatclin, aad he by EogUah jlUbam
oung Tnp'i asm br Mankr, he by impojitd
Bhaiknot of unpertrd Vkage Cmpir kj bar
pnrled Shark, out of k Cob Mar. Thai k
blood might b Vitrnded llmett 'mdrftniiefr.
every body kanwi tbif SaeeMors doable at rtrry
remoe.i'ii : t . t - -. , "
Thoee enneermnt ia th enaale nf blood, eit
mil lit pM-erire, that better mairvml eanant.
thii day, "be Inrnithed for eh nice Stork, m
ounea in the veiat of thii beautiful
la s eonitebaed -view, hei ataod rfmi rrktied I
lb ben bleed that Her graced die Eaglith tart,
tin: iib w imaaediai deiceat, , ia to eallateral
lines f' the great' Enfjukn EcJipea, ir
thinugh ihe dam . f Timnleoa by Salirim '
by Eclipae thrnngh tha grand dam of Amerin "
Kelipm by PotBlov by Engliih Eliipm
And enlt m: raatov further, Ironi.tb mm
ntn in anntlier line, vis: ,lhrotixh, Jivrlia,l
l"uj. and yiong Tiiji. Then, fall m th l
ponrrlul turret, il from th loins of old Impertrd
shark, halt brother to Enrllah P.elhiae. thmatS
Umpire; snd the dam of Vuui'g Tup, But tt1
amant, him swnrc anpuneswy vne nan
abeiae AU'Urf Sirain,, aoorimg tram the par
(cnHrteiaet Urrj Uioaied, by imported ftwHr
and An.and, tfir u (if Dure. . iE.
Who ul.i ih-iire bdter material a? -T'
Kone ji, J.n.irttua Oy N.rG. 1
Fyh.U '.3.
HL t.-KS for nale here. "

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