North Carolina Newspapers

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Ater-while hia Harn rMrn4; httirr
TM A lbs Uum Minwrwl'eune;.''
The Drlaf Dr.
r tii unMMTiini ate. ,..,.
ll must be eweet ill chiUlhowd In give bjek;
Th spirit l Hi Maker, c the heart
Hath grows familiar with th paths f sin,"
And mm Id gather ap in hitter fruiu.
I knew t how. wkaoe infant eet kid trod
Upon the bl.MMMn ''w seven springe.
And whoa the etgbthaMo. round, tail cello" him
To rewef iit ite light, k turned away,
And eoojU hi chamber U lie down and die.
Twee )ighu bo ewmnsonej kit orciutoiooJ
A aJ on this wis botowd bit last request:
' Mother, I'm dying now!
There's 1 dor suffice Iran, on my breast,
Aif earae heavy band my Vbeuut pressed.
And on ay hrows I h-el th roid sweat atsud.
Bay. nvrtlier.tolhie dVathf.
" Mother, yoar band!
Here, Uy it on my wrist,
An ptae lit other thus, beneath my beef;
Aud ay. im mother, aay, when I am dead,
Bhtl I ha rai,aJ?
. "Never ynne kia
Shall kneel down al night and pray,
Nor in (ha morning wake, an J ain tba Uy ' '
I on taught to ox.
"'WhenTyoai' look round" add W a a"n4 au'
You wrtl a. it wait then for my c'ttiwiag tawi-
Y null alas me there!
, "Father, I'm going borne!
To that great hem you epuko of. that hlreerd
Where tbera ia ooe Wight Magr, alway a
bland, j
And torture do not fom.
From faintnoas and from Mia
From troubles, (vara, you ear t await be
Thai ek knees done not rater there, and we
Br rthar, tba liula kH
I aaad to call my garden, where, long bnura
We're atay'd to walck I be coming, buiia aod
Forget it not!
Plant there aine boi or pine,
Sometbiiif :ft Uvea in winter, and will lie
A eerdant arbring to my memory,
And call ll niiue. ".,-
i "8iatrj the young reee-tree,
That all the apring baa bean my pleaaant care,
, J tut putting iurtb iu Icataa ao green and bur,
. . - . I f" U lboe.. .
. -And when, it reeee V'uom,
I ahall be gone away iy abort course ran'
Aud will vou not bestow a single oite
Vpn rny loulbf
"Now, mother, sing tba tuna
You aiif,tat'nigbl; I'm weary, and must sleep:
H'tt ww it cmllrJmj) namtf Nay , do not weep
Veu'll all come uon!,
toriiing tpreada aval earth her rosy wlnga,
' And that meek sunerer, culd and Ivory pale,
Lay on his eoucli. alrp. ' The morning air
.Cene thrnugb th open window, freighted with
The fragrant odora of tbe lovely spring,
lie breathed it not, Tbe laugh of pateer-by
Jarred Ilka a discord in sum mournful nute,
Hut worried not bis slumber. Me waa Jeadfi .
. - -
7 We extract lh following frum
an tvrtUU, writtru in Kjle of itir
" pataing vigor and bautjr, and publish
eil id the March No. of (lie "Souilieni
" Literary Merngef.M The article ia
entitled "The InHuence of Morale tfn
ike bippinett .bTMitn, and the itibiTt
ty of Social-Institut'tuni." In refer
ence to the pernicioqa tendency of
FwVtninir, our et'unat of hit abilt.
tiea 4"rohhit writing!, when we coin--pare
"hat hr might have dune with
" what He haa effected, we (t'A iui pelted
ta inquire whefenrrtcU.tahfn ti should
have been unwise'r beatnwed. Far
' belt from u to detract from the full
celeetial imagery, he brrakt forth in
hie "S-mg of the Start" with a wild
bunt of eloquence, which thrill the
heart and leads captive the understand-ing4-
And in that other beautiful ex
traearania. "The Soul in PurMtorr."
, how eiquititely, aniVyet how faithful
'ly doea he portray the. constancy of
woman's love? We have long since
passed throuRh Ihe "May or youth anif
bloom of iustiljood," and we begin to
feel in our bosom the freezing influ-
- rata of the-ne thai have fallen on
. tir . heail I T when in that beautiful
: fictHrft the Angela string their harpe
n Heaven, ami their music ascends
like a stream of oil or s to the Paviliofts
iof tha Most Highwe seem to listen
to the ngelic minateisy, and leel that
4lte haraof.Saralitn, sweeter than that
f-his fellows, bail rirlilr earned the
rt'a forlht Ion fAftl burned upon hit
could atophere, or ojy' Jurn aside t
breatfte. a ,fequtin 4ver tie 4ieparieu
abrrit of 1he gentle Leila! But' be
Bath this bed of viwlcta lurk the dead
ly eerpvjifl inlhe VfP( Jf i? coil, and
ia the fulaeiaof aweltering venom In
a former number of thia perjtMlicll, the
" irofli irulhy.of'BjiUerS mks H ably
iapUyed. We nhesitatingly r pro:
. n6unre the first anil thllatt ofihe no-
r els f BuJwer. tliecry 'werat books
lP;Mage. Io. thf ei -
,- ? -prestiife langasgeef a beaatifut writer,
" - Falklanti" ajd Earnest Maltravers'
t" ' -VilU; feeling f admiration for the
i i i Wrtier. "God.dotfnot lovtlhal mnn.
f" iThef tra the ery breathings f lirtnr-j
" ttoort lewJIneeee and profliga-
v cr Tb 'orT rnet Maltravera
Vie ont of 4J4 deeded Jwwdry,
unredeemed by one feeling' of remorse,
ne touch of pity, on the part ot the
perpetrator of the most abominable and
disgusting rtebaurheryl m ft is imposti1
tele to anfold the dirk abominations of
this work ia all their repulsive enormi-
ty. with dee regard tt the delicacy of
uiose whose eyes will fan n port these
pages, but 'whose glance, we fondly
trust, will never be thrown upon the
dark-history-of (be wrngf poor Al
ice: Drval. tne motherless, the orphan
ed victim of the chilly profligacy of
Aiai travers. we have no language to
express our reprobation ef this outrage
epiin public moral and public deten
s. There is not In be found in Eng
lish literature a more immoral and dii
zuatinr scene than is exhibited ioT the
lirst fifty nazes' of the first volume of
this woik. In the third chapter of the
second Uxk Tlhi same volume there
is a sketch of maturer and ano.e fash
ionable crime. " Bulwer'i heart is cor
rupt in Its innermost recesses, and he
pretends not to greater virtue for him
self than he betwt upon Maltraver.
For, notwithstanding the gentle pro
testation, in the introduction to this
sham ful work, it is apparent that
Earnest Maltraver is bound up in the
self-love of ibeluthiir, and that, by a
pitiful imitation of Byron's worst vani
ty, there is a faint shadowing forth of
Edward Lytton Bnlwerin the reckless
ana icy profligacy of Maltraver
What a frightful audit a a aits these en
emirs l toe soul of the children of
men! If we could be persuaded that
'he gross immorality of Bulwei wa
?EL'Ie" Ji'.te5.tejL ..?f..,d?.ireu by the
jouin ni war rounirv, we wouiu tie-
pair of the Republic,.!1
The writer thus eloquently advert
to the RepuUsw to the great hope's
that roneentre in the rising generation
We live in an age of experiments
as a free people we are ourselves an
esperiment. Our excellent institutions
eere i be no long-r regarded as re
pubrican setltemeot, but ir nurserie
of fature revulutioo. In the brief pe
riod of sixty years Irom the founds
tion of our eoternment, whila our no
litical estaWishmenl are yet in llieir
:..t .
nancy, reueeung men nave been a
mazed at the alarming and gigantic
stride of a youthful neoole in the oath
of precocious corruption. " The frame
work of our institutions the sancity
of contracts public faith and public
credit the arm ot government shrink
and wither before thebi eathiiig r tbt
turbulent spirit, like the sinew of Ja
cob's thigh beneath the touch of the
wrestling angel. We repeat, that th
last hope of the Republic is in the mo
rals, the intelligence, the virtue of the
rising generation. If they will impress
deeply upon their youthful minds the
stern truth, that the prosperity of
a nation corresponds with, tba rUy of
its moral) if they will accustom them-tv,
selves to reflect that our eiceUent in-
stitutions have "been borrowed from
the rollfcted wisdom of successive
ge, that they have descended to them
Irom a long line uf illustrious ancestry
a a iicrle heritajtei to be transmit
ted unimpaired to their posterity; if
they will steadily devote all the ener
gies of their mitids to rebuke (hat sti-
rit of inirovation, vvhicli, leaving ait
the' ancient litmlmarks lar bilntid,
would plunge at once, without skill or
experience, into the turbid and tem
pestuous water of revolution if they
will look upon onr frame of govern
ment as a kind of "family settlement,
combining, the interests of , the state
with the charities of social life, the af
fection ot the heart, and with the
sanctity of ''t1ieirearlhe''ntelraepu)-'
chres, and th- ir altars;'' then may we
confidently hope that the Eagle upoe
our banner, vh6 has careered over ao
many field of victory, and whoce gate
hi oeen gladdened Vv the aTare that
have been lit up arodiid him, beaming
with the mild lustre of freedom, will
never behwld one dais: spot in the
broad blaze of glory in which he float,
but bear then onward forever, the ever-burning
type and emblem of that
Union, which none but ourselve can
put asunder!"
Notice ft hereby given, that I shall attend at
he Court Ho, on Satuiriay, the Slat instant
! from 10 o'clock in (he forenoon, to i o'clock hi
the eliemooa, toe the purpose of taking tbe City
1'aa List Inr the earrent year.
Persons buluig to give in their Property for
tasation, imihe dsy'spesified, are liable to a fine
of Too Itoliorf
A kt free males, who bave residevl jrlihm tbe
City b three months previous to ibe time of
Vising m ihe annual Taa List, are subject to
Poll Tax.
tUt. ih. March 83,1M . U tf
In 117. Ihe omeors of both the Hanks in this
place rlixline b. to Interfere with tbe duties ef
their ofliee vben Iher acted aa agents for their
customers, reo,aealed - me- to advertise jhat I
would do that baiinrss Since then.. I have been
in the pi-aciwo of offering notes for disannul ami
reneoat, aud making remHsneea, ka. witbuut the
Occurence m one aeaineutl
. Wetwi-aeSOernie fnsseuias under 1400. From
that ia xjo, tec 1 X)i and lor all (nrger sums
ft SO. tor eslra let wra tu aenla each
Urlievmg that I Have given general satiifaclion
to my rmpla)ers, I resiectlully ssfc a aoiiou-
anoe of tlivia tsvoe, and the eountenaneo of
ailirrs, oha may have occasion ror the like ser
vmc, I also do other gcuet ai eommiseiua busi
ness. - -
Rslrlth. Msrah 40, t1. 14
ItaseMabtisbeir himself in Rlelth and w'ilt
Srtwd Mfdiret eid tavlhote who mav feed etispo.
anl t patron iae hint, , His office is in tbe rear Ot
the ApotlKara lltare of Mes.cs. Vm. M. Ma
Sna at Co. where we wuw be see wbe ao mhI
tsaarHy abarnl. rttafntlaue oa Ihe poor grata,
January ftys'aWL ' .- , J rZT yi'
Neafl nd exuewltiOusljiecBtfpA
' - . HATS, .. .
'Tbe aabaeribef bavNtg taken the store forsjer
y ocenpred by C. Heedersoa as wbole4e Hot
endCep War Uoass, Nxaodi keeping aleaysoo
kaad a full and aoplr ""rt-acrrt at .
.Ilala, Caps, Palm JLeaf aiu4 7
Wesl Hat,
f, Wkish be offers to Jm publia om Ik most as
eemodatwg terms.
Syaemor 5t- Fetenbsrg, Va. U
raoifs. pence n. niciitjebx
Hespeotrallr informs tbe ettrsews of Raleigh
sad its viemitf , that be wilt open a
Daaclns; Scbl
iej this pise at an early period, (vitbm toe
ereka.) tie baa braeght VMb bim an sesom-
stithed Mastcam. ano IS prepared to teacb dsn-
sing m its moot raodeea aad taabiowable tijle,
sorb as Faoay Psnsas, Cotilliowa, Country llsa-
y..UUmy, rsta -
dsaro, Fiaarro, sis, ale.
He hopes, by assiduoos attewUoa to kit prates
inn, the anaoawrs and deportmeM at kla pupils,
10 ebisni a share of publia pat renege. '
N. D. Tba. rnnra bars the School will be
kept, and the owy ot eommaeeemaat. sbsll be
saooaneed ia this paper seres Her.
March fti, U JS litt
Carthetmrsire, Calnia tilaaa.
imptrfr, sJ''
No. 35 Xstsie trasrr, Kiw Test,
Offers tor sate a aomplaie Assortascot in tbe
above line, comprising msny scry ehowe pet
isms ' repacked la order lor eoontry trade, or ia
ike origHxl package. Orders kj- teUer aill re
cew eery all em ton.
New York, Jan. 9. IS.1t 10
China, Glasm rartben X Stone
- Wanv -
liKporters and !)ers in Chwa, Glau, and
Raribea Ware, arc daily eipectiog a large sod
ksndsnme supply of the shoVe, wfweb, added to
I heir present slock, wall make their aseortmea
very eileweise and splendid. They Invite all
to call anil rsamino their STOCK It PKICIUi.
Uounlry MerchaMa would do well to aall and
look for themselves before going North or pur-
cnssing eivea,ert as are are Oeterminen to sell
sar fioedt on aa reasonable teems at I Key aa be
aan m Mis or aay at toe Northern Markets.
March 17,1. " I S it
Ball aad Party
Will bo held at J. Wood's Hotel, in xrais
korg, on Tuesday and Weduesday the 3rd and
4th of April aeiu The mosie will be furoiihcd
ay riai.s, jotinson eah his nana,
tioisborg, March I, l3.
bianitard and Urgltlcr Insert Iviea.
The subscriber, late of Prteraborg, Va:, hiv.
Hie associated with him John T. William,, for
toe iraosacnvtg oi ine
Hat ntit Cap Itu'lnesa,
tn sll its branches. In tha Cky of Philsdelphis,
un.ler die Srm of tiEjYUEHSO.Y U WIL
I.l.iMS, would respectlolly solicit a aa1 from
Merchants visiting the Northern Cities lor the
purHse of purchasing goods, and from bit Iriends
f'mmpt atteniinn will tw raid all order di
rected, to the firm. ' "
Wholesale Hat, Cap and Wool Hot Ware house.
No. 113 South Ui street, Philadelphia.
U 3
State of North Carolina,
. F R . fc E LI C OC NTT,
Court Equity, Full Torn, 1837.
Uriginsl Hill.
The bill of complaint nf Thomas Dunn, of the
eoiinty ol Weakley, and State nf I'ertnessec, Na
thaniel Dunn of the county ol Franklin aforesaid,
and Mary Cooper ol Ihe same aounty, eooiplaiu
sdis .'It'ttinst .
James Broom 4 hwite Nsnev. of tbecoun
t of Halilai. and State of North Carolina, trsv
Uiinn, of the county ol IJmestoon, and Stale of
Alabama, John IMun, 01 the county ol Weakley
and Stale of Tennessee, Elias lk-loach. of 'be
counts of Holmes and Hiate of Mississippi, Ann
Meruit and William Merrill, infanta, waiter the
age al twenty-one years, of the county of Todd
aud State ol Kentucky, Hardy W. Tharp, aiK
mlnialrator ol Wa. Ihina, dre'd. and Anns
Dunn, of ihe county of rrauklta aforesaid, de
wndaa's. - ti sppesring 14 the satiraetioo oi the Ceert,
lhat Gray Ibana, John Ihinn, Kliaa F. Ileloach,
Ann Merrill and Wm. Mvrritt, fivw of th dc-
leausnis m the auute causa, are not tnhsbHsnls
nl this State; it is tberelwre ordered by the court,
last puoiicaims) oe mada lor lour aaccessive
weeks m the Siar and North Carolina Uaiella.
prmtsd. Snd pubttshed m the tny of RelcVClhsf f
the said (iray Dunn, John Dunn; Rim beloaab,
ann .Merrill ana v m. ,larrt, be and appear
at the neat term ef thia court, to ba held fur tha
W.T al Pnnklia. at the covrt-bense in Lpsis-
uurg on the aewond Monday alter the fourth
Monday k March nest, then and liter to plead,
smwer'or demur to aaid bill of complaint; other
wwa tbe same wHI be taken aa eoNfeserd, and
nram ci parte a te Uiem, and decree aude to-
WMncaa, Samwel Johnson, Clerk and Master
of eur said Cnwrl ot Kquiiy, fur the county nf
Franklin, at office, the seenad Monday after the
lounti Mouday In September. A. U IS.1T.
March S, 181. jjfc
Ualeigb aad Uasloa lcall Itoael
Sabserlnl lone for Ibe residua or ih. r!.nb.l
9inek of thia Company will be received at K
teinn, Laisourg, Marreaion, Oiford and
Petersborg, under Ihe direction of the tame
Commissioner a herctolore, anltl tbe 1st day
of April neat.
By ordea of the Board of Directors.
. r.;EO, W- WKDtCAl, Preat.
Raleigh, Feb. ti, ISJ. g j.
ltalelgta Clasnlcal BchaaU
The andersigaed has opened hia fiehnol In
this City, at the house owned by Dr. Ilavseod,
situated nearly opposite Mr. (iuion's.
Together wth Ihe ordinary English brsnahes,
will be taught the Languages and Mathematics,
and the Pupils pre par. d te enter Ihe advaneed
t;iaases ad the Jniversii) of this Slate, or any
of lira American Uoitrgrt; .
From former es per a ate and success In
Teacbmg. it is trvste- that mtisfaetion.willbe
(ivea to those who patropuc ihe School.
The aumber ol pupUs bill be limited. ,
T.SB1VI8, ' -.
For Session r five nontbs.
Spelliugt Reading and Writing, m -w f 00
Aiahmr w, fieography nd Lrammar, i, fjg
History, Natural Phdosophy, Kbeioric. .
Geometry and Algebra.. - ' 154
tUneuaeea, ' - . - "ll ial
. - 07 tsfe pnpil will also, be charged Fifty
Cettts per Seaaiosa) lor ssitmgenciea. A
OTIS, ..
Balelgh, Feb.
rialt SALE " ' ,
J?atf of isrell bmtt Cirriage Iforsea,
I .t .t..U St. -1.1. wo Yr -
- ssaurisis. ossi.iw - si ll
...... t, --.. , ... v
CtO :
Paaliaherav JlkeMerai l"
uwnere, .
Keep a geaeras asaveiaseot of oobvn
various dxpartasents ot Ijaerature, Saienee, sail
1 neology, alsa btationarytn all ns sarsrtica, all
ef vkkt i hey oill aril at wholemte orrxeit, on
the moat liberal terms. Tbet have an eitensive
eolleotioo of the moat aprrraved edhimsof school
books. Amoog them are Way land's Prdnie'.r
ussMj, M aaown rrpoiainw, wcn-'j
ased as a trxt book in nil the prmrtpal CoHeges
Way land's Political toonoany, abridged for the
waa of sthonlsia very eatoablc work. Wsylsrol's
Klementa of Moral, bcienee. T ne atteritior ot
the publia la moat .respectfully ealled to Ihie ve
ry caiosble oork. Alao, Wat land's f.lements
of Moral baieoae abridged, and adapted Ine the
use of common schools and ecaib-inire. We hail
the abralament as admirably adapted id supfly
tha derieiency which has long been left m com
mon school education the study nf moral otilf
gMKMt. . lar aa mm bate bean able to riimmt
the two works, we must my that we are quite at
well pleased with tbe smaller as with the larger;
tbe Uluatrat ions are apt and striking, Abererom
bie pn Inlelleetukl Powers. Why is such s book
not m every fsmily and sehonl ( - Psley's Tbenl-
pge, new edit mm, enlarged, wan tony plates, and
additional notes of Dr. llaaier and oilier. The
J.,, Book f Nt Tbeol-TT. or the Tesrimo-
nf of Nature to tha Beinr, Perfration. and (iov-
ernment of God, by' H. Fergus. The Voong
Ladies Class Jlooki a selerlinn of rm for
reading, hi prase and verse, by bbenrser Hsilry,
X. M. Peter Parley 'a Common School History,
bellithed wnn engrasmrs, a new workt also.
a great tsriety of small valuable works, by Peter
Parley, eontamiog histories, travels, vnarrs.
Uvea, St, for Juvenile readers. Wake's Natu
ral I'hiloaophT, new edition, enlarged. UUke's
first book in Astronomy,-designed lor the use of
ay P'""-
mt. XZ? "a Ajr'?' Lhss K Dillowav. A. St . illurfm.
led by elrgsnt engravines. The Am-riran Kv
poaitor, or L.tellealual Definer, designed for the
use el schools, by KutasCloggetl. The arrange
ments are good and Ihe definitions clear and con
cise Says Political F.eonomr. Hrown's Phil
osophy, 'abridged, for priiLery schools. Slew,
srd's Philosophy of the Mind, Bu)'t and tiirls
Library, Harper's Family Librry, .here there
is more vsluabte reading than can he foired in any
other works for the enst. Classiral Library
where there may be found'neSrtf atl Oilier
sieal trantlstinn. Chi istisn Library, Miss K4,
worth's Novels complete Mrs. Opie's Worts
complete. Mrs. Sherwood's complete works.
A lew lull sets oT the Ameriesn Almsnse snd
Keposilnry o Useful Knowledge, complete in 9
sols, well bound i slso, some odd numbers; snd
for the year 13, enmph-te sets of the Penny
Msgasine, oi the Society for the diffusion of use
ful knowledge; with a very large and miled col
lection ol Hooks, consisting of Law, Medical,
Hiatnrioal, Theological, ana miscellaneous, trav.
els, voyages, novels, etc., all kind of Srhool
I Books, too tedious to mealion. Itlank llnoktal
Sll kinds, also Blank Hooks mane loonier at the
thortest notice, also architectural and carpen
ter's guides. Old Books rtbonnii in all varieties
All kinds el Books and Stationary Inr sale it
the North Carolina Book Store at very t educed
And eemmHieil, at a runaway
lave, to Ihe jid in Itockingham,
R eounly, N. C am-gro
bny, ealling himself CKOItfiR
L0CKL1KK, and claiming In be
free says lie ass raised in
Brunswick enonty does not
know whst State, nor Im ever
heard or any town eieept Portsmouth aniTNor
folk. Ha is s well built boy, dark completion;
about 4 feet T or ioabes high, and supposed to
be about I i years bid.
The owner ia requested to enme forward and
lake bim away, or he will ba dealt with si the
law directs. Any information about the boy,
if hi is free, would be thankfully muWad. -
O. It. sr.DHF.HHY, Jailor.
Rockingham, N. C. Jan 31,
prioe first in. $1 r 7 tl
The Tavern House and I Alt laiely occupied
by Col. James Nuitall, the subscriber is outho
rised lo sell on moderate terms. A aredit ol
one ana two years may be bad for
' a gi-eaier
part nl the purchase money.
This property ia now in gnod repair, well
painted, and it an eligiblesHualion for a tavern
A well regulated bouse in Oxford is certain tn
meet with encouragement The lourivhing state
ol tbe academies, six courts being held, the
rices, snd Oxford being s place of re soft of ma
ny. ju tba summer months, highly recommend
this property to those disposed to keep a house
of entertsinment. '
Application, made '(trough the mail or other
wise, will be attended to. Possession msj be
hsd at any time. '
Oxford, N. C Fab. 10. 1831 8 1 ll
Hrgider and Standard till lorbid.
or Salisbury and Aforzanlon
Tba Stage from Fayatteville, lor Salisbury
are now m operation. They leave Fareiteville
I on the warnings pi Monday and Friday, at five
im p.. o.n.uurj im iuc evenrngt
el the nextdwV s, tn tea. Keturning, Iher leave
Maliabury an the same mornings at 4 o'clock,
snd strive at Fayetleville on I lie evenings of ihe
acit days. Passengers rest nine bonrs al nieht,
at Allen's in Moore county. Fare ft aO. These
Stages connect with my line from Salitbury lo
Morganton. Thia route affords great facildie,
for merehaott io Uie interior, to visit Fareiteville
for Ihe purchase of their good,, exchange of
moneys, purchase ot Drafts, ke. ka., ash is the
cheapest, most expeditious, and most direct
mute between the two places At K.teltetille
Stage lines leave averv day for the North aad
A. CMIMICHAF.L, Proprietor,
J. UROWN, (Lal.jett. Hotel) Agent,
T. HAT.UB. Agent. Salisbury,
T. M. YOUXU, Agent, Statetvill
K C. PK ARSON, a..-. t '..'..
January St. IMS VsT'
5 Hew aIcdT-""
Runaway firom the Subscriber,
on ihe 4h January, 3t , negro
man named ALFRED, lormei ly
Ore property of Chariet A. Hill,
deeeaaed. He it no rioukt in the
neighborhood aliere ihe said Hill
formerly lived The above re
ward of Tweniy-five d-llan will
be given to any person who will deliver the taid
any Alfred tome at my residence, six miles west
nf Loutsburg, or aouiiao him in so
that I get him again. ,
(O 1 would give a description of I he boy
kwtl have not had hrq s sufficient lengih id time
to observe or recollect any particular marks. -
tK , WM. H. SLKIHjE. .
rranklm err., a,, tj. Feb. , r38 tf
. w mii i rii .n.
. ' - " mmmam . CIHa,l
ad hia nffiaa to tbaSAf tMm Suite4ne f 'm t L
nllat'a UMM a.kM 1. . t .i
Sleep! wben-neeessariry absent.
' - . " wmmj mm hum.
Raleigh, No KW 45
- Tba Editor of th Star wilt eelLanwaaonn.
bl firatn. a Una blooded "WARE, bv Mmune ir
iutiwrn. Alao, an vttcelleM HORSE COLT
frorir her, sow about 8 months old. ! Mur-
4oelj a nebla sea of Bir Charlse, 1N'8 mi stake
omeviooe.' :; .w -
.paloigb. Feb, 86, tS8 "
a.-.-. - .
Oiatmeat far la Illind Pilra.
The publia sre assured that I luye. had this
vemedy in ass) far lis year, during which ti nc
it has. In numerous eases, been subjected tn lite
test dciprrhweat, and, in many inViifW r.'finfKe
mnst SKgravated birms of this divrsws, snrfsl
aafS nh pert rat success--aiO htstaneeol lailorc
bating eer Some la knowleilga. ,
I he component warts of this remedy sre pnre-
ty vegetable warranted to aoniain no -mineral
suhstMwe whatever. No particular sure as to
esKare is beeesMry. It may be nsed nilhoul
inierrupling wrdiHsry pormiis. It aantes no
psm, but ha-a anarhing eftfft .on the diseased
part, and in a short lime eflests a perfect ciirr
li it not enrreilv known lhat Ihe Piles are
nOea ihewanae nf that dreadful disesst PlsTna.
In mast instances in which I lisve been called
in practice on this disease, I have Iraerd it owe,i
nalljr it the Piles; hence, thoae sulft-rin( li-om
lhea should lose no lime m seeking lb moil
eRiewiit remedies. Price $d 00 per Hoi. .
HicHmimit, Va.
N. H umeroas referenres can be given
The certificate of the Rev W ilium A Somh, id
the Melhnditt R. Church, alone is iiihmitled,
ilh the remark, that like lestimnnial, ktve been
olrlKioeil from nnrneroni other intelligent und re
tprcislile individuals; among whom are Messrs.
J VV Winfree, Thorns, Hart, Jsmei C Crane,
rehitald 1 hnmas, Cnrnelios Crew, Kt-kitl
Ds, Jsmc Csskie, A French;. "
Thit is to rertify thst I have had a fnir onpor
tonity M know both Ihe nature aud eAVeis ul l)r
Marthsll's remedy for the Blind Pil. a, and
thinl h a doty I o,to ihne who an ftVtr viih
this distressing disease to sy, ihl it iray he enn
fiH tally relied on it s safe, Sgreeable and rflWiu
remedy for ibe form of disease for which the
proprietor reaommeads it. - It has been rsten-
.ively used in Ihe circle of my ncqMainla.e
" "'" "" 'J "
..... ..... . ... ..
F.itilor of the Virginia and North CaiuKni
Conterenee Journal.
Hichifuind, V s. Oel. St, 13 7 tf
C7 The aflicted will do well to
call and obtain this invaluable reined,
sold by R. TUCKER, Ajjent, at Ins
Store on Fayetteville Street, Rtleiglu
ia Oa
C7 DiRtcTfON accotnpar t "eacTi
bon. - - "7
77ie ctltbraltd English Lm t llntue
(Rred by tha Esrl of Kgremont) by Whale
bene, dam Themis by Sorcerer, purchateil oi
the F.arl of P.gremont for the King nf Pruttia;
her da'ni Tlahha by Rohahna," Ifuiiiiiiiug" ITiiiV
(titter to Camarina, Colibrie and young t aiuilla
the dam nf Mandaae snd Allegrelia) hv V mid
pecker, Camilla by Trenlham, Coquette by ihe
Compton Barbi sitter I Hrgulus by the f.oilol
phin Arabian.
Whalebone, the sire ef Flexible, is brother ir
Whisker, Woful, and VV ;b, by VV a) lar,
Penelope by Trumpeter, Prunella hy llii.l.fiytr,
Promise by Snap, Spectator's dam hy Hk. iiht
In Flexible ia thus united the but blued '
Matchem, Hi rod and Kclipe.
' KLKXIBLE wan nine raect when three ; esri
aid (including t eup nf 4 mitri) and hut bin ten
Lnngwaiirt, Dr. Fauttus, Arachra, (ieuer! Ml
ua,&ignnrina, Whitlinginn, Oswtl'tiy, . Liizbo
rongh; Musame, eta. Fleillje stood in K-ng
lunilat eleven tovereigi.s '(equal to 55 ditlluri )
He it full 11 hands J Inches high, villi gieai
motciiljr pnworsiand for Hire prOioiilont is e
qHxIleil by few. He Is one ot the best tout nl
Vt hill, bone, rieioeniled from the two b it Ara
bians, without an onfathinnable cross. His tied;
bcxlom. n4 tempws la equal la any horse ol hi.
day. He is now at his ttaulrs. The sriison will
commence the l,i h day nf February, or earlier,
il required. For Ibe parlieulars of' hit run'. it
ond lhat of hi colls in P.ngland. see hand bills;
also his terms, which shall he liberal.
F.DW. II i:aiitfii
ilton, t iranville eo. N. C.
January IS, im.
5 tf
M M b. BSC2
1'1'n. great popularity and rstahliih'sid drmund
for t hit valuable medicine, renders th. anniiii
uatinnofa lengthy advertisement unneccttary
Nuinernut testimonials el their value fl.irli re.
eetved) from gentlemen of the highest re.ieata
Dilily, in aiKlitma 10 those accompanying each
koi. may be seen nn application lo anv nl ihi
agents. The pills are put up n s tUrri7r title,
in tin" boxes containing 40 pills, with lull aWe
linnt. Price $0 cents per box. To agents nr
ui chater the terms of enmnustion ami il .count
sic liberal. All eoiiimuiiicationi wjll be piuniiit.
Ij tlici.rl. il tn, by ,.
- THOMAS L. J CM P. Hen'l' Am
CT 'mce, Morgan St, Hah igh, 1,1 dourecst
of Ibe Prtt)trrun Chuicli.
The subnrHier having lately giteo toticc lltai
he had again Inken the
Ilillsoro Female Srinlna r
under bis immediate intlruciinn and simi.iI
deemt it due to Ihe public now tu aisle, that
since the (Lite of that adtenivui nt, he h it de
termined lo remove from ridltlHinuigh. am" that
hit eonavxi m with this Institution is conai uuenl
ldiisalved. -He irntts, however, that his separation from
this achiml will hot injurious.) aft', el ill inlet eats.
Hie Ladies in whose charge it remain, are well
knnwn and approved Inatruotrtsses. Their past
diligence and success sfford the aut cit pledge for
the eontcientioui discharge of their tuiui c I bon
No better evidence can be riven of the aorri
and eiilical mode of inilrueiion pursued in thit
institution than the well-known fact tl.t its pu
pils are eagerly sought after, and htghly approv
d as Instruetrctset in other schools, ll hat ever
been a leading principle with the teachers to give
io their pu;iilt so nntier-tamUtig knowledge ol
what they sre taught-to propiM-tinn the studies
to their respeatite capacities to etalili.b-a ha.
hit ol close and correct thinking lo illustrate
as lar as poitilile, each lesson by example k et
ueWment, and to give to the whole system of iu
stnictHin a practical character.
At lb request of tbe Teachers Ibe lollswuig
ilatemeni nl terms ka. is here added:
Literary branches, 1st Class, I7 00'
" Snd It 3d do 15 00
4th do ' I JO
Initraatioa on PianokCuiar(rach) VS 00
Ih-swingk Painting, 10 00
Oinamrntal Needle- V-.
work, (Mutlin) 3 00
. .Do -(Crnwel) S l
m a
" a
t. K I ..... , , . mi
Utaoniio MUsICk PAINJINH are given
bv a competent and Siproed Iiiaf. tieiress. "I he
FRENCH LANfiL'AI.K is taught by s iraiite
of France-. gentleman every way qualified.
Hoard may be bail hi respectable taniilles, at
nine or len dollars bar month. A lew wnarilna
ill -ba rweerved, on early awpliuiioa, iai the
auiiiy im ma. pciucipairnsvi uciress. . .
' t- J WM; . VJ. GIIEEV.
Hilltbormrgb March 8, 1I3, 3t
T The abacritr wo4Jd take
two apprentice to the I niliirtngjtiiainesa. ly
from 14 to 18 years, tiny s rrvsw the eui
would be preferred. . ' .
AI.KV CA M rwf.l I.
aSa HLiM. 1. 4.. . i M J--; -.s4tjeV UX
Ralrtwh, Jasmarj ( (gas.
3 f ;
nrvisED iTAtiTfaT
Thasubwnhers, bavin. aootri.iL7" .
Cnmmiisuiners of Ik State for thr! ? ,"
tw'fhe Kevised Siatutea ef North tlff.
ine piesir, ot annMneing the eow-Z?
aai'l wm k. . " - rHa
' Wring appelntrri by the f!-tnw,r
lha n.rt At the Klala h. at. . .. 'r'Sti .
to the good eiliaeus of North CaridbT? 1
which, a, aualiiv nl t I
lion, is not rouallrd by no law book .
litbed m this emmtry. Il'ha, Si
by every one who has examined (,vTM
those are numbered many ol the
eilefl,ie bonk la . a
to be the le plus ultia" df t.. "
Publi.h.,1 in ..dumea-ihTY?7r7
' in fages ine xn frice only alaZ
per copy or five dollars for iT"88!
four Inr the seannd if aM.t . , , Skf
derk for Ihe above work. direcid . i.".-
No, th. Carolina Book Store, will -
nronipt attenticn. ja. - a
Jtaleigh. N. C January 4, mT" LG '
1 .--aa - ,
Town Lou for SaieT"
Will be sold at public sale nu Prida, n-it
hy ut April next, it being the wwk.rf'
Court, lorry or fifty nlraprnvrd lwi
town of Yancey vide, on a wredit nwu
day of December nest. These lutt b,rbl!l;
been laid nut, and are beautilally .sitasLT
ther lor prjvate retidrnees or nierkanisal 1
nrss and are so laid olT aa lo suit the anew
ence of 4iersnns with ine toaetile mmaiatll'
The lands on which these lots are situate X
latrlyeowe into the possession ef the sail!!?
hrr.'and the anxiety on Ihe frivf tnT
snAs to Inaate in Yaneeyvtlle, bav faulawd
in alrnrd an opportunity to all person al
setting themselves of a situation in
mott healthy and fl.wrlthing villages ia V k
(;rnlin, and one to, which presetii, m'nwli
atlvantaget aa anv oilier-having ihe advaeiS
ji-a-first rate Male and retail,. las a
gofd ioeiuty, snd a wealthy neighbni homt, i'Jl
vms drsirmis of local ing themarlvcs to aan
luge -would do well to attend the sale. JTi
anil good security ill be required ut'fht ta
chasri s. Further pan iculars made knowiT
the day of sale.
.. M -. . a -
tat3 of Arth Carolina,
Chatham Countr.
Cjvrt of Pleat aad Quarter Sett'wru.
'..I.' '.. . r. ,
i tut unrif j erm 1 ;
Petition for tale nf ntgrott.
Wm. Hailey.fof John) Simon lUlley.Jnaa
Martin and aile Peggy, VV m. Hatlry, H
)J VV dt-y 1 1 m ley, 1 1 atl on Haiht, Cui4 0i(i
ami wde Glixubeth, Hrsekiah Hcrruig ts sZ
VI illy, Jolin Shaw and Nancy hia wrie, TaWaj
llailey, Shuw and hit aile Patsrv, Mann
Allmun and wile Polly, fiiiillord Hnlli J, )m
llatleTjp "Pfilt Tf allrr," Ahderton l.ihcli mm) i.
RliaalKth, John Hatley, VV m Hat(ry (4 Astarl
Zilpha Hat Ivy, Itedditig Pearson and aile Mkli
t'ynihia llilli), Kichard Pelkii.gti.n and sai
It. becca, Jnhn Pilkington and wile Tempcfiaic,
R c.l 1 1 ine Hatley and liriiinri llsllcv. E.A J
Wm HniIcv deceased, Shei woml ll-tky, JUs j
naui-y, ninny nancy, riward Mailry, iilak
Hntliy, and w fe Maiifia, Uk.
len Luper snd wile Nancy, Alatn Hatley, Jtt,
Itijan aad aile Polly, Kliaalirih daiighter a
Jacob li alley, William Hatley, Stanford Haiht,
L'n.ih Hatley, Jackson llatlrr, Jmnri II f!rai
snd wile Naaey, Mark Hatley, Slri.ti.a Moaif,
Siaiks Moore, Thomntcart and KUxabitkha
wile, and Iti-dding Hallowell and wife J ias..
. It appearing to the asiitlHetinn nf tl soar)
i hull lie defrndann (except Ihe F.xrt )rctlli,a.
residents of this State, it ia nrilered that tublea.
lion be inaile in the Star paper puhliihra la iW
Ciiy nf Ualeighi for the tpaee nf til etkt,il
the pendeney ol this petition, that tba laid n
IV-nriautt may appear at th next term of la
court to he held on the 3d Monday nf VIsy nr,l
and plead, antweror demur, olli,rr aah) pK
liii .n aill he.iaki-n pro cml. tto at io ibcnaW
set down to be heard es parte.
N. A r S t'tDM AN, C. C.CT
Pnee ailv (t 40 lift,
VV ill to ve iht-nghoiif the j ear at kit oaan
ilile in Ji. hi. ilon couniv. ti, mil..
Snmhtirld, 85 mile somh east nl Ial iab,ss4
l milet aorili east ol Fiyelletille, at theaaiS-
rt price t t fHH t V HoHm s ifle arasos, afl?
emu in n, a groom. Ihe
wii iieim oi, lliv 1st of
ol Aiiffutt.
March am' and lbs If
FES TIVAL hat now the produce oi ins
I" " toot, widely tori sil ihrough tbe SNOw
em and cm in Slates, those of llw first uticr
bring mniilv in Virgiuia, and in "pieeiiiet
iliMiiiciioii and iitefuluett chances lieanr i .tiat)
ihry aie not excelled ky the gel nl tun anas
in Aiuerica.
Such ctjdeneri, in adiliiinn to hi, blood, W
pei loriiimiees, hum one to Inur mile neslt iri
Tot f hjitiVi and moderate ti-rnit, bis kuu4.
aill coniinHe the liberal patronage he haaO,
ready rrcrited. Extentite aiidsud.blcprraww
tiout air made to board niares at Si cidl set
day, with no liabMity lor escapes or aeeidcaU.
Fetlisrr; In hrlor.
FESTIVAL was aired hv A lean ErUpas
hn dam hy Tiinnleon, grand dam by Yaaaf
I up, g g dam by Umpire, g g g darn kj tvrej
Dmmvd, nil lam hv VV lid At. ba. kr Us
"pnrte ' t at u.imht Young " "'u i . ty" iiiortei '
i up, s uj oveun, anil tic bi r.nglith Mitpw
I oung Top'ivlam by hlarske, he by imn
Shaik not uf imported V iiaKn L'm;ire by ka
poncd hh.ik, .ut of a Cub Mate. I hus aJ
blond might be extended Slmoal Miilcfiukcly, M
eveiy hotly know i that auoettort duqbte it rnf
1 bosc cmiverHiil in the annals r.f blood, a 91
readily pteceive, lhat bcttar niatciiali cannot,
thia da) , be Im milled lor a choke ilo k, llaa
courses in ihe wins id this brauiihil animal -la
a aondtavt il view, be staudnahui relstrd
tbe heat blood that ever graced the English tut!,
t is: ih in immediate descent, in I wo eellateisl
I"", from rlie gieai jEngli.h Fv'iiea. -till
uiih ih dam f Timolron by baltraut bt
b) Eclipse thrnngl, the grand dam of Americas
Eslip b) I'stfltus, he by Knghth Eilipar
And. mil) one remove Jim her, trim Ibe saw
aocrtlry is another line, ix; ' lhnoU,b Jatclav
Pup and Young Tnp. Then rail m Ibe
pnwerlul rturle h om the hini nfold tatporleJ
Shark, hall brother lo Enrlith Eclipse, I bfk
Umpire, aad rb dam of Yuui.g Tup. But tb
'stream is still niOi-e impulsed by lb rkh sad
choice .tenVry SfniM, courting Irom eh psr
fouiiiainet (irey Diuaicd, by imported Medky,
and Amanila, Ihe dun. of Duroe. ,
W tin could desire belter mater'atN f
Bona.Vrua, Julmtton co , N. C. -
reb 13. I SX , J tt"
UaJelsb dt i oluaibla KailM'
Comaauy. .
' The Books of subseripTioa lor the capital strrk
oflhis connint. mm mtm .1 RidrSki
Haywood, Pitt taoroiieh, Csrihage, Kockingb
and Fayeiteville, umlcr the suMrriatent'raee
rhe Siime.aommissioners as heretofore, sad i
anhtmu open nrnd the first day ft Apr il '
lly order ol she enrarissioaTS aCKaleiik,
Ralegh, PebUlf. 3;. aV J
, A ipro fuco Van Buren Sub-Tre
ur7. Coliectd . hb-woniled a.few JliJ$,
a'tice Irom rh-towa o Fajette Sewt.
Co..irthi -Slate, carrj'mg iih ti
SM500 pC lie bublic. loooer.'.A.,,'
p ' A lellow olr;4 feej ftvt
T)t under "his had,vfiuding -it h
Jufled it yith feathers, atxl. t 17
l ..... ir. - n.
at will confidence of soilness, "
e ' 'V -
Jt --
- -
.- 0
r t
.: m.
' ' . a
, - -yr .

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