North Carolina Newspapers

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Roanoke, ,,
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wiJ, wUh tha axception of ao.n. lew wmj-ar..
(jwly healthy aituationa,
..ti.. Jl, into nf!VniT pool.
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AnJ charH with pUlriJ eeHure, breath. . Ztf
And mortal nuiasnee into all the air.
IpaaaeJ the lut Sabbtlh at the booae ef 1.
H. Webb, Eq, the proprietor of the Ferry
whowkioJ ami polite attention I am deeply in
lahted lor much of the pleasure and .ati.faction
ei thii it t8 the ffoiKSr' :rrn ;
At to politic, there ia a diversity of opinion
with retard to public men and meaiiuree; but
the princiiilea of the people generally are de
cidedly of the alerlin j republlCsn iltmp.
The 8team Packet Columbia, Capt. Wright.
while on her paaaage from Oaleton and Velaa-
t to New Orlesna. wae fired upon by two
Xriiean teaaela of war. The following ia an
amount of the traneacuon aijned by the paa
atagera of the Columbia. The brig mentioned
Wow ia the new eloop of war Igula, aaid to be
Mimaadd by Commodore Lopex, carrying
from 3J to 86 guna, and believed to have 800
nee on board. The other veeael waa the Itnr
feult, conoianded by an American named Da-
vKearrying 18 tuna, alao with a large number
ei nta. CapU Wright a forbearance on thia
ornnM, b highly commended, a be could aa
ail ktve run down the Igula.
. On hoard the (team ehin Columbia,
Kear Naw Ori., March !.'), 1838
Tj nwuunodai S. Caetin, Commander of the
U. H. Nal force in the Qnlf of Mexico, tec
Sir Aa the prolectnr of your eountry'a hon
or and interest on thia part of her maritime
frontier, whan both are araaiied la the moat wan.
. ton and agararated manner, we -frel uuiat'tvee
ewwlraineil to Inform you of an occurrence that
ha recently trannpired. which it may be your
doty to inquire into with a view to anch repa
ration at Hrcumatancea may warrant your de
mailing far your inmilted country.
l LeaiHg Uitleeaton on the morning of the
tith int. for Velearo, waa toon afterwarda die
cn-ered two Meiican veatcla of war; one brig,
under a jiraat of can, miking lor ut; the
etbtr a Urge ahip tying at anchor. The latter
wi got ander weigh and joined the cbaae.tbnt
anar' following , u for three houra they both
fare it'op. landing onr paaaengeri at Tele
co, and taking on board eeverat otbera, weitood
en aur eor for New Orleanaj and when
ekmu ten ninutee from Velaxco, we again dia
eord the tame teaeeie that gave ut ehaae in
intriiommn, The brig ehntacnm nufratar.
adopu'hf meas-oree im MabliJt a direct itnpwt
an etport tnda (wtweea the elhra) ttate
ar-i Europe, ntoet at Aagaeta, Gee. aa the tnd
Inet. Col. Thoeaaa Hotter King, of Glynn
coaoty, Geo. waa cataoe TreaiuVot rayrtte
ville end WilminjteorlirihtirSuta, arerw rep.
rejUe4, Coo eUo. Below, wa fit
the rwenluUoua adopted by the Conrentioo. Wa
have not had time to carefully read them; but
We presume they are euch at are calculated to
en-are a unanimity of vigoroat actioa oa the
pan of tbo Boutbera Stale. '
- iien. ilavne, from the Committee of 51;
ma.1 s a l.othy rrp'n nf.f-reat clearnciM and
ability, on the aubj, el of the obiecta f the
Pomri titm, acctHTirutntrd by a act of rl't-
jMX',,,4..uftvuajtRuig.rar, r
Mr..Memmiiij-er. and addpeael the
rnwu'ion in a ape-ch of con-idrnili'o
"J?!i ""d of mirent ability, no the rautea
n-liH-li ti"nv rorfMrel lo b-ralc down the di
rect foreign trail- f the South and the reme
oV 1 1 be rfwtcd to rrvive it.
J ig" Ine;-rert followc , M-m-nln-fer,
and a l Imac J the Canvcntion fr some
Jt(lj-e, alo tMrec! th Con
rentiim anil prcipnse.l a anbotitii'e for vjim
ol the r-fli"i'Ms of the Committeeman at to
rvorrimni the mcorpnratinn of a bank in the
t-oii'h, of VI millnt.-a capital, jut after aome
iciision lictxren Mr. Milaon, Mr Cummin;
ail hiinttl! lie withdrew it.
At'lvr-a gwxl '.leal of diwitnion upnn the
different rrwdii'iOM awl amamlnirnta nffcnrd
to them, titry wire finally pasaril in Ilia fol
leiwinjf fo-ni :
1. Keaolved, T!lt a direct tr-.d! is the
tie aaaaniactwrf woald alaa) bo deairabe! i
mrnemim that a cMiine of tv r
apr-potnted la- prrpar aa addreae., la (h
p-epr .wf the auaihera) a t aowth wevtern
tatra, upon thtjai ta rapcdirtMf at
f iring lliaif kx arty co-opar-itMMi in rti aa
coinplibRcBl of the frat object of ttie coa
Ion. . -
7. Rraolrrd. That when thia Convention
yet aamM-atd whether. they will rua.Br
e)iarOala.4..Tat) Victabarf; Rfk-iater f
the 13xk of March givee th followinc ao.
etMint af Uta receplioa of Mr. rrentita ia that
"Hf. Preni arrived lavt niarnt. ' The rar
r)l canK anncrtjcnl hia arriral, and anuhi
ItMWthrtonj-ed ta wrlcnme bint -with every
dem-tnttratton of joy ami tha Tit-wdcst ho.
djiiMrnav w hH adjourn to aneet at Aog.r. J o,-, with the a em a.vd act W-t porpoae.
ta on I ha tliinl Monday in Octnbce acit, anj
bat a committee of. corerofM.( a-a b an.
pointad. whoaa duly it aball a ta take the
proper aaeeaurca to enliat the feeling of the
-people, and aecttr a cordial co-operation on
the part rf the ?iatea t me retried m the ob
jet tt of this Convention, and to aeeore a
lull rcprcsculatton Irotn every part of those
Uesolved That it it recommended to
the members of this eonrcntiiM.' to aeaemhle
ihe-aitiaawi . jb 4heig. xouoiu;a,4r ialric!;
and pUea before them their proceedinrs, and L
urge upoit tnem the ripcdiency of promn
tJtie; the meaauree recommended by thia cih
vemion. and particularly of forming Limited
Partnerahip under the lwa paacd by the
totilltern atalet aaaroreaaid
9 h Whereas the coplvtmn of the line of
eommiKinieatioa by lUil Roods connecting
the Southern AtUmie Citiea with the great
Valley f the Mioit-ippi. ia the moat prom,
inent and efflnient meeaure io promote t' a
uaelul and pa-rio ic object which haa called
thia Convention toe-ether, rheretore.
Kesoived, That thia Convention ia deep'y
and .o-emnly impreaaed with tle transcendent
importance f the (freat woraa of Internal Im
provement which are intended to elFcet thia
intercommunication, and do moat earnestly
invoke the people of the Southern, end; South
Western Sutcto brinir all their enerpee arwl
retrxircet to bear tipo thi vital point, not
the fixed ami firnt revolve which fMer'ie.hf
to nc-rvae the hretwta of rVrrmea) ,whve
ritrhta are Ihtit amailrd am! who are attempt
ed to be tram tlcd ia the duet- - The clinched
teeth ami the ehokiiK muttered eenfeance
a-aint opprraaioa, bespoke the epirit of Mia
aiatippi freemen. Had we a governor and
lenialature tofficientty tcnacione of the rijfhlt
and honor of Miv-iteippt, w e might have ta
ken a prowler stand than waa ever bciore ta.
ken by any State, But aa it ia we ive no
wwmrt tw-rrreilr. a t,treTtrtKwHd'ilfe" State
will apeak in voice "f thunder. '.
We etwerfully make the correction re-
qoeated by lha Chatlealpn Mrcry. The ani
le wae taken from tome paper ia which it had
been re-pohlUhed; the mivtake may have been
with Ut, bat we IncUne to think it originated
there.' We are not in the habit af making each
muteVre W'kh ut, the Mereary'e diaavowal
U aufllci.-nt; and if it he iKapoaad ta publuk aa-
euch commnuicationa aa may eorre-ponJ
with Its own political viwa,ol court any thing
commeadatory of Die aterlinf and compmlitn-
aive patriotUm of Henry Clay, would foil to get
doMaaion into He eohimne.
natural clitnijtl f communication between doubting that etr!i.efl;rti will crown with
iiaiiuii. i imcr mi cucn einrr me t
-mrj, and the ship doted on onr larboard bow,
tdertusll- tn intercept our flight, if attempted.
- tepnhe hitioha from the
wameot wa niaed aur anchor in the morning;
-ft the private aignal of the Columbia at the
Jam. On dividing, in order to prevent our
'CK at a little more than mueket a hot dia
the brig hoisted the Mexican flag, and
fl t tun leaded with grape and ball, which
J-d .wilSyt a abort dietance of ut; ahortly
if'Tr ""hrt gun, with grape and eanniater,
which aaaaad tlote under our bow;the ahip at the
" time hoi. d her colors, being a very short
"i! frBra nicB fen eor
Mtraaard tide. Jte brig again fired at aa with
PH nd eanittarr vi.lratly aiming at aur co
"?t t one of 'tha nhroude eoanerting them
V enat mam c it throvgh, and the flag at
m-irki't for tiirir natuta' prtKloctionn ami that j
the inUrvi-nliun of a third party muat ufM-nae i
aa a Ux upu.t the exchangee between them.
2. Hrtolvrd, Thut the Soti'hent and Ponih.
weatrrn Statta of thia union afl'ortl thiwe
alapleawtith which are piirchaa-d nearly the
whole foreign im;i i U of the emintr) " Ihut
they are the conamners of a large portion of
theae import, amlourht naturallv themselves
TtrtiiTrthm The cnarwiel Through wfttcti-theTx-change
ia mdci that on no occasion have
their Citizen been found incapable of mailt
taining thein-elvea in fair coniprtition with tec;on, and that the diversion of their
trade lvm ,l ritral chamtels, must have
been brought ahout by the unequal action "f
the federal go "rnrnent, or by the abstraction
of our people toW;i"dj oilier piireuite
3r-KwWedr -hwe-tav""- aptinwi Hate ot .''ifff almuld i.o
loneer continue; that Ihe nreaer. condition of
the commercial rvlationa of the Cf'ntrj-, and
Ibe diatrlbuiinn of the) exitting chljti' t
trade, afToru an opnottunity of breaknJ down
the trammele which have ao HMg fi'tterru o. r
mmmrrcT, and t" re-toring to the Sotith in
natural advantag' i auiMtiat it is inctm'Hnt
upon every man. who haa at heart the gaud f
hie country, to lend bit beat enertion to the
pnmiiVion of those oiyecta and to esUhliah
our trade upon a aound nd permanent batit
4. lieaolveil. 1 list t!ia Convention ia fulljr
aware of the difficulties to b- overcrwne in t!ir
proaectilten of their entec;riae, ui
daunted thereby, -and fully relingP" the
public apirit and xealoua ce nperatunt pf their
fellow citizens, liny are tlrlei rained to 1
vance with untiring perseverance t ami with
that view, do eai neatly recommend the adop
tion of the follow ing meaaur-e.
1 1 hat an effort tliould be nade to effbtd
to the importers nnd pHrchaaera at Southrr.i
aeaport'a, the same faodiliee whWh are aftVred
elaewltisjtetj ami with thitit w it ia recom
mended that the Bxnks intlie aeanotts should
immediately apply a. portion their reapeck
live capitals, to the purchase of foreign ex
change, and to the proctirrmeirt of ceedita or
funda in Europei and that they tlioul.I afTirnl
the ute of the eame to tlieimporting merchant
upon a dieconnt or collateral pledge of itieh
good paper aa he may. take from the mer
chant of the interior, and that thia accommo.
dation be afforded aa writ irnon paper having
more tlian six months to run, aa upon that
having lcwi and that the llanka of the interior
co operate by collecting and remitting the
nrocceds of audi paper to the banks on the
tea coast, that tlier maintain the cretin m
their Billa ami keep down the exchangee by
redeeming their own paper at the sea ponat
and that on the other band, the Hanks in the
Southern Atlantic cities make arrangements
by which the notes of till ei then, shall be at
par in each.
2. That with a vciw to the iinportft-it sub
ject of equalising the exciiangea between
Southern, Southwestern Statea a- d Terrilo
ries, th'm convention earnestly recommend to
the varimia bank of the principal cities of the
two States, or such as may be eonvicntl lo
cated, to receive the bill of each other in
Itwir general buaiuets, ami to dpt ch ar
rangVmeuis fot" settlements, at rt perlotls,
as they may deem suitable and proneri the
bank a against whom the balance should fi.ll
In furnish funda fnr aetlliug the same, riria
brdliant-mirceii thi noble enterpni
vi o nuuiuii oi air rincuney,
Keaoivetl, That the memoers oT tlile Con
vention, in recommending the aforesaid reso.
lutions, tut their conttitiicuta of the Southern
and Siuitli W ateru States, will afford to them
i he moat itodouUted pledge of their sincerity,
by adopting them aa a rule of their own) con
duct, hereby declaring in the -most solemn
manner, in. the temple .of the yicMt High, that
tiraireiimrm rw
frreuce to the direct importer, and aealotialy
etidcatoi, in all cases,' to carry on the views
i. nd recoitinierxlatiooa ol tint convention
Volea ot than - s to the Hrrsbi terian Ctiurch
to the citizen of Aiifti.ta to the President
of ihe C'Miveation to the St cretary- and to
the Chairman of the Committee of 31 were
sevrially nnanimoualy adopted.
'icrTtmmt tharwe tfHfTuTfie
pnntetT at (he exper.aeol the Charieaton IH-1
eeattun umlrr authoritt of the Convention.
Mr. Memminirrr moved that the President
have time to appoint the various commitwe
uinter the resolutions and announce. them
rough the public tiazettr.
i'lie Convention then adjourned tl'ae Jit.
time hm lha hall.
r",'"8 "topped, said within FORTY er
iARDU of the brig, the act of vie.
P7 werf maaifeeted. Capt Wright feeling
jOttly indientnt at aueh mtntm anteaM In hi.
f?"""?'' flag, demanded rfiat they wanted of
" ' wiry twey eootinud to Ore upon him,
T he wae enUrely at tb vir aaercyl They
fhed, Wewant yoor peptea.' Captain W.
ned, '001110 and get them, and O d 4 n
toU" AJk ' nohr at me, I'll blow
you to h f Immediately thrne muakeU witU
nd alug were fired at hint at ha stood
j?ey the wheel house an the forward deck,
liall n"t"nt ,h n8'n"r " Weam par
'J which from its strange and extra-
. '7 aaite to thaea brave Mexiesna, caused
" " 1 wh. a solitary exception, to fail
uT. ftt, apprehending are eoppoea,
CHWa Wright intended to put in execu
- - ae tiwreti a lew ma-aenu pre-
. ThaieniaJ th ewrowwicr, fiapUin Wright
Pweaailed IriomphsMty m hir-vrsywnh.
7-Wtew-rhsd, and wa eaooot let thia op
'',1" wattiOHl awardiog hint that
"rJ hich ia paculiarlv hie doe, for the firm
ett" 1 b - Melaining the ban.
ris touBtry. leaving him the proud and
Jetion, that Ha would not. at (he hn
rjnt ViaM of kie UtVewBr auia la he
TW M "Srtlirld Ratrnae
nav an iviterel of six ner cent, from Uie-peri
4 of settlement, and that a emmitter ofAtg.
be appointed to take such rreasurewasintiieir
judgment will carry fully into effect the pre
ceding recommendation.
3. That the me chmtaof ihe Sooth and
Sotvh-West, he earnestly recommended to
give preference to the importers in their
on market, abd that they afT.trd them an
opportunity of fair competition with other
secti'U'S by making thvtr firt call for pur
ehacea at Sou'hern and South Wenteru sea
Bortst and on the rthrr hamL that the
Merchant at the sea-rone ehall fnr h with, set
about impo'ting such stocks of goods, at will
ensure, at for rate, a apply to the demand
from the merchan'.a of the Hilerinr.
4. That an earnest and united effort
ah'mld be made to draw home the capital in'
vetted h the Sooth in Bankaand Compa
nies abroad, and to employ the same, tngitli
er with sunt sujfius capital aa mi at
home, in mercantile on ration! and the
wi h this view men oflnfltiewee and eJiarae
tcr be earnestly invi-ed to sfTewd the hne
fit of their example, by entering into limited
Par'nersh'ps, unrie the lews lately pasted
by the sites iT Virginia, B:u'h Carrwjla,
Ceoiris Al-bama-leoneetee anl Kloridt.
5. Thai this C avemioa cannot hot view
w);b deep regret, lb- neglect ef ail commer
cial pursuits which has hitherto prevailed a
n mg the ymtb of etir eou- trv, andwbicli
haa a-ce-trily throw its m-at tmporaot
intees into the bsmle.of tho who by
feeling and babti a-e lead intn eomnt reiki
eonncKiona elsewhere'. This Convention,
herrtote, cvnot too ear net-1 y rec.irvouend
the speedy udoplioa by all their fellow ml-
ixers of nvaiHire to introduce - eommereial
education aio g onr youtbj to train litem up
lu b.bits' of business, and thereby t estab
lish a body tf anerehaoia whose eery in'er
est and feelii.g shall be aentered in the coun
try which hJ reared and anal anted them. ;
5. Iteisolrrd, That this conveniion isf
pinion that the estabiiahment by snanniae
tures ht foreign countries of agencies in the
chief souihetn por s. lor theaale'of various
artielea snorted bf . iheaa le the United
Stat t a, wou) I cotiaac t the reetoratiooof
! dtreet foeaiga trad at the aowth. and tbt
Vs era highly graliflad to state that Coa-
necticot baa mated the Loco Foee, Uegeney
party, 'boras fool and dragoons.' The victory
is decisive; out of 31 Senatora the democrat
have but onea minority most gloriously 'soli
tary and alone.' In the House, Ihe whig count
164 to 60 Loco Fucos and Conservative.
The principle of Federelieot which formerly
united so closely together this Htate and Mr.
'an Buren, hare prared unequal to perpetuate
that unioi. t the haaard of the national weal
It baa been eotutetcd. oy ee net ji.fwe
to relinquish their exeelleni credit eystem o the
capricea of the sue-Trsktury advocates; even
though Mr. Van Duren should wave bie necro
mantic wand, and mutter the incaatauona of
Federalism. ' "' " ''
Connecticut's present poaitioa ia, f ilaetf, a
triumphant vindication of the credit ayttcm a
aignal rebuke to those wha advocate the tfub
Treaeuiy 'berevy. What haa snade her barren
billa and heaths fcrtil- npeoed her river chan
nels to white win'Titrmmeri-e' trarsrsed
her bosom wit h canertndil-roaloT--
versified her soil with the peaceful abode of
literature, happiness and wealth? The credit
eystem not extravagantly ao; but the stimula
ting and healthful attendant af industry and -eom-rny.
Thia bae encouraged the worthy poor
men, and enabled him to compete with the nu
worthy rich man. It ha eaved the worthy rich
man' property; and established confidence be
tween un and manIn a word, it haa MADE
the NORTH whatNand it will make the
South, if it be fosti Jj!???!!!!Af!..
we iategine the eouaA not prepared to y ield
this system to one of doubtful policy or excel
lenee. Connecticut ie not, we are eure. Maa-
oa tax 'ta a.
-1c Eii'jsr At the public have a right to
be enlightened upon all eubjeett aflVcting their
tents and interest; and aa the. public pre
mtv he properly rvgsrded in this country as the
chief source of dig lit,' we trust we thall not be
conaidered curioua in requesting your answers
to the following question;
I. tn net amount of eutplue money haa been
received h Ihe Stat from the Ueneral Oovrrn.
ment, and ia what funds, whether specie, dra!a,
or Bank paper! ,
. i ii ealary of the a rent denoted by the
Governor to transfer the funds, end the manner
in which the Service was performed!
' V bst amount has been loaned ta individ
ual, and. what amount to corporations, Banka
or companies, and upon what term)
4. V hether the loana have been made ander
the authority of the Governor, of by order of
the Doard of Internal Improvement; and on
wUaltermM.- ....----
6. If by the latter, at which of its meeting
and tbe proceedings! -
We retpeetfully k of eon. tf in your now.
er to A ao, to give a the facte. The auhject
haa gone abroad, but wa thmk perhapa upon
riparteatatementa The topic ie at least a high.
ly interesting one, and may become still more
Halifax CJunty, March 31, 1838.
In replyingto the foregoing question, which
we eharrfullv do, we can only stale again what
we have stated en several nccaaions prevmu to
thi. I. The surplus money received by thi
elate from the Federal Uovernment amounted
to f I.4J3.7&7 39,. It was paid in -thwe equal
instalmeiita, end received by the state in disfu
on tne uanx ot iew x oik.
t. There waa no aeent deputed hy the One
em or to trsntfer the funda; they were received
by the State Treasurer. : Oen. Patterson, we
believe, wae deputed by the Governor, to take
UP (Ae tf tkt Slmjr, f 300.000 but th
dury Was diuerent from that of1 s-wosforring
y. Tvi-.. ."-;'--;r-' v".r '' y'
aachb!trcmitaflci whi& happened
in that District bn Mondsr, the S6ih
Itim...-- Hath, tl'kif. - . ; . "
. "Mr. Benj-tmitt Kborrt, JuJt'r was
engaged in gelling atavra with two "of
hi Degroca: about 10 st'erock. one of
tilt ltnroe rait ta Major John Clark's,
(an ancle of Mr. Eb irn,") and informed
him that I ra'j" had fallen upon h i
tnvate -and - killed Uu.- -Mr-CUik
iinntetliatrlj went t the place in
lh wtrmU, and : found Mr. . Eborn
lying deail upon the . earth -his
had mashed and the ground covered
with blood and brain. Mr. Clark
had the deceased remutfed to hi
houf , where he was dreaaod i"
the rttUe nf death. After which Mr,
stances, became aurpitinu, that he
wa mnnleretl btr the negroes and
ralletl t aift' him a rnasUtrite and
aoftie of hi neibora, who went to the
p'ace nfhta death, and made such ex
amination as justified the inajtra(e in
eotnmitlinj; the negroea to ja.t In !
wait their trial at the next So;etiur
Cu'tr. -
. Mr. Ebnrn wa ithfrtrt-Sfi rean of
aye. lie i err a$reeUl.' and genet
ous dipoitinn nail endeared htiu to a
larr nuHitKr ol young romjiatnons.
and hia sutltlen ami unexpected death
he,left an astcd father and trere' m
nv.ncar and deaf rel-ttion to mourn
hi earljr delt,V ,
n. ' TtVbipiil will net be tt earlr of New York have apect
4 tWU fe-aat the FsJeral Uovemment.
WMdusjoaed e1y
f 330,000 00
300 000 00
300,030 00
100 004 00
8.0U0 00
sachuxetts, npsurpsserd in patriotism, it with
her-on- -tbie- great uel ion, -The- empire State j
ha thnndered forth her approval of the credit
systems and all the State are prepared to ap
preciate ite happy influence.
Rctrnpet ft'flern Travel Ay -Wit Har
riet MarUntau.
We enpy the following notice of thie work,
from a late number of tbe Norfolk Beacon:
"We have glanced over it, and, though we
see eoma things that deserve serioue condem
nation, we most eonfs that few wilt drop it
orilii they- get to the end. She ia full pf little
tattle ami the Wahinrtmiane wilt stare at
her revelations. On the auhject of Southern in
ti tot ions she remains a prejudiced at ever;
ever, Mr. Calhoun ia bandied roughly, and
while aha appreciate the action of Mr. Preston,
eccusee him of wearing one day a brown, and
another an orange wig. IShe speaks contempt
uoualy of Col. Benton, and from her description
one would take Mr. Webster for a lounging
buck. Ktill there ia something very fnctneting
in her book. But it i vain to look fr any rad
ical improvement in Mis Manineua until she
changes- ber name, the i not very fond ol
Gen. Jackson, and represents bint aa writing
the psalm of Watta only in the album of
young ledst. The Only ooe'nf ear eminent
puhhe men to Whom her heart werma, is Mr,
Clay. Whether St Ahlsnd or in the Capitol,
aha adore the eloquent eon of Kentucky, judge
Porter and Judge tftory are rivals in her good
graeea, and she Util the Lawrence eilair, and
conclude by lamenting the death of Poindek-ter."
a. 1 ha snrtd
Tie last i.llatrc at fultHW:
For tlie redemption of the scrip
of the State, told toraiae fund
to take the aharea reserved for
. the Stat in the Bank of ft. C.
To drain the tMvamp Lands be
longing tit the Lit Fund,
To pay lor stock subscribed for
by the Slate in the Bank ot
Cape Fear,
To meet the etpentes of Stale,
To drain Mattemnskeet Lake,
Tbe balenee, 1533,757 39. wet appropriated
10 ihe land' for Internet Improvement. This
sum. watt placed ander Ihe control of the Board,
to he loaned oat hy them until wanted to meet
appropriation-; and it tha amount left, out of
whi h two-fifthtofthe capital etock of Ihe Wil
mlngton and Btlenh Rail Rn., the F&yettc-
vi 1 1 and Western Koad, and the IV. C. Central
Rood, were to be ubcrilied by lite State when
madr to appear to the aatisiaction of Ibe Board
lhal the other three fifth . were taken and ae.
cored hy individoel. - The Wilmington end
Raleigh Rail Roail ha availed Itself ol the pro.
visions of this ort, Snd has received I. "iU.OOO.
The balance, f 337.737 39, has been loaned to
corporations and individual; be greater por
tion t.r it to tin Bank of the Riate.
4.- These leans were made hy the Board of
fnteimal fmnravamenr: and not" Itv Ihs (jdvern
litafom have ersgeoasly supposed. They
From the Washington Glolie, April t.
, In the Senate today, a number. of
p-ivite billa were di -posed f. The
bill t pnihibit I lie gtvi'ij- or accepting
challetise in Birht a riuerin the lm-
rirfttf Columbia, waa then taken up
and, alter some remaika. wa passed
over informally. The bill ninki' s ap
propriation Xui the clfil and dj pluinauc
expenses xt the tsosen mt-nt lor the
year 1839,-tne bill making apprnpria-
ttnna tor the Arm? f-ir the yrar Iu38.
and the bill direct in-; the transfer of
enotteya anrlaimed by certain penamn-
ent, antl tne navnent thervnt, were
In the llooaeol Keprvwentaiiyea nn
buftineaa ol importance wa transctd.
From the R eiiins llrutd, klareh S8.
FROM ti 111 KALI KR. .
the Erorueaa, cane .i'uwnsend,
front Gibraltar, we hate the.Chront
elf of that port and fortress, to the
2nd February. . .
The Cailistt were on the burden.
of Antlaluaia in thr beginin; trl-f ?
ruarr. and the mail front Mail) id to
Cattlz. ami thence to Gibraltar, were
i ntercepttftl.-DoTr- BaHIrtmr-Crliat
leader, had entirely rtiotetl t!ie eorm
inaniiant Minnair. -The entire pro
vince rtf Andalusia had b-en declarnl;
be the Queen' General, in slato t-l
The inlenor of Spain wa inamnal
tnitterahle tatf JnMign;Raiitii. -j
Under the f epou-ing either
of the cnnnictihi parlies, .in.t. tl
the mvlttew vnd ttawwea of Atd7Vwat
were rtrrrupied by haniituvViJy
ahewrd their impartiality, by robbing
every nney prief peant-atu twer
chant, indiscriminately.
No Commercial ne'. .
aame.oanxa n new I or a Mveaoect
fietle-poiaihly. it'nvy be - muntha
later, eke," -That i. the Unke-here
are wot tn ir condition to roame lr
t ie 10 h of Mty,. bat hone to LtT
atone months later." f
But tile Enquirer alter making; thit
cont-'aston of lhj impotency of or-.
bittktv and of all the btmihem bank, .
eery irraeely declarea in the wortla of
the Albany Argnerthat Mr. Diddle ia
tbe'aolc obstacle to k seneral renmp
tinn of the batiks', of the Atlantic
S-tatea.' ; ; . ; . .;
Thia may be an,nr,it may not. W
are not in possession of information to .
enattle oa to tleterrhine. Bat if it b
Ufjief.lliMU-4eMU7! lo? -
ten with many atrtpeat and. ao far
we have authority, we jive him over
fur that purpnae 'no (he tender mer
cie of the Enejqr' ' ' -
The Knonirer aeeme io cnneStler A .
rraumpiion by 4he banka, aa the most
i hi pun a nt measure which can beadop
ted lr the jimhI of the ennntry. It ill
expel altin-plastera jive ta t snood
an l uniform -errrricy- fe'ieee the
prendre revive, trade. Sec. te. There
is much of humbuz. we areinclineJ
i it k, in .all this. " It in eery joe.
.tionaUle, whether a rMtomptioiT would
not tetnl to iti-retse the, preaent em
barrattstnent of 'live' titjintry , and who-
j th.T a "continued aospenaion ' will hot
rijjtu. ininj'a-.aoonrr . tnanj anj winrr,
inegna. It is o rt tin,-that a rtneral
. MlSSISSIPr-l .The Special election fnr
members of Con great in this stste takes place
on the 33d and 34h of April, instant. The
Whis; candidates are Serf-can' 8- Prenli,nd
Thoe. J. Word, l ha Van Buren candid
ate are John Ferdinsndo Ilamtrammock
Claiborne and - tbifee tlaston. or General
James Davie. Mr Gholson deelinee tbe
Contest, oosjtrri ly, and the party hsjva net
were made, we believe, at an interest of 6 per
oeuWto ji ralurosd tt hen artniedlo sseet -ep-j
propnation. t 9
S. Thi question we sue net prepareq to an-
awer. W e have ao nseane ol ascertaining
when the meeting wae held, er what were its
Tha Erphriiiir KrptiiitianWm learn that
Lieut. Wilkes, of Ihe Navy, ha succeeded to
the command of the Eiplering Eipedition, hnd
is actively engaged in arrangement with refer
ence to it. -
Virginia, Walkixo UpI We are
indebted ttf (Jte Aleihodria Gazette for
the ftdJowlngliitof approprittiot.a, Qir
internal iinproeementa, matie by (lie
- :.i.A..''.:ir v. : '
I.ejiaiaiure wi v nginm, ai ua prcsem
e iton, notwithstanding tne rejection
of the general Kheme of Intenihl Im
proemen(: . . -
For tha Falmouth and Aleiaodtia
Koinf, '
liaiaa Rail RoaJ,
rtlaunlrm and Parbersbarg Rsal,
-Staunton and Winchester Rood,
Winrbester and Martinshnrg Road,
Road from tfrpyth Court boose to
the Plaster Banks,
Road from Beverly, by way efMor-
gantown, to lha Pennsylvania
Bdti more and, Ohio Rail Road,
Lean to the Portsmouth and Uoan
. oka Rail Road,
Loan te Ihe Wineheetar and Poto
. mae Rail Rood Company,
Loan to lha Richmond yd Peters
burg Rail Road Company,'
Lean to Ihe eonetrartioo of a rakd"
from tha mouth of. Fishing
ersek. by way of Morgsbtown,
to ihe Maryland line.
S 4,000
We are indebted t a fcieml at Lg
IIosl-iBdinf,ln Ihia county for the
fiellewtn particolara ( aaoat met
Tlie fillowiiip; text ia fiom the Port
land'Adertit iw the cmuinent from
the Mobile Chronicle!
- ware breaking to pleera U the
only ohiect in nature beaatdul in Us
MA thinjj a wati, whose "last note is
Hit Ms a weeteat" an expiring iioipimi
tiniinj the ocean wa;e- with ite,bril.
liant hue a aetiinz nun, radiant oith
glory -a ml a yoen girl nn-ltiiig into
eternity with the cooaiimption, are all
beautiful object. The last intensely
beautiful almost ditineiyao."
Gen. Houston hat pretenlfd a stden-'
did anuflf box loauiaAniia.ialieuJ
of one that peraona;e lost on the ficld
of San Jarinjn. .. ,V letter to thia eflfrct
returninyiih nkf appeara in thejia
Santa 'Nrs Butiij"
W t
ceetL is lie courta lit
ineluiTitive Creeks in teat Etomia
are in treaty with Go. Call, who Sa
with them. - The chief haw promised
him they shall all cimnWii and emi-
aratr. Ihe Apalachicula tribes have i
also consented to "mu--TalluMtwrt
FiroiJan, March 7lh, :,J - ', Ji r
ICT'rii death ot I Unity B-.C npQV, r
of North Carolina, in- the aleam-pack-et
Home, is a serioas litaa to literathre.
We learn, however, from the' ISew-
bern Spectator, -that the valuable cat
alogue of plants made by him during
his herborniKatitina in North Carolina
and Florida, and which contains sev
eral newle discovered genera, iain the
preas in Sew York, ander the super
jtiteodenre of Dr. Torrey. The Doc
tor annejes an tntereating sketch td
Mr. C.'a life from his- friend tne Rev.'
Mr. flawkea, and proposes to call one
of the new families of plants discov
ered by Mr. Croom, f rooniuu ' An
other haa already been named Torrcia,
Mr. Croom waa a member of the Lr-
rrsm of Niitural History o New
York, in whose annals his name is
much distinguished. -V. T. 4'f.
hi i i H i 1 1 , I, i -. i .
fit turn pt ion of- SpeeiePaymtnti, '
The ' Enquirer aitiiounres that Oie
Preatdenta- of, the Richmond Bank
will attend the Dank Conventioifs of
New York, on the 11th instant.
Thf sam paper, which appears to
,be convrrunt with the aecreta of the
banka httorma eajhat ther -is
reason to believe the Convention will
resumption now will, enure more ar
ticularjy to the benefit of New York..
She ia the cteat creditor Stale all
the South and Went are-largely in
debted to Vr. If the banks resume.
he will collect her debts in spt-e'e.
much to the distress, Miwtdy, of the
Southern. hanks anil Sduthern people.
She suspended fpectrpaymenton oc-
connt ol the Urge balance due by Iter
M EuroptM these Jtre now litjuiilaien
she is t'tr creditor, ami she is anxious
for a Keneral resumption, that fth may
ewct her thieTti"icie or ua erutv
Unt. - - - :
But the Banks ought they ow it Ut
hnm-?v and S"hI faiih to resome, if
itron l)e tlone wit'-otttCaentMis detri
wtent to the public. Their inKwrst,
apart froth the intereat of the rem.
niui.ity, ought not to hae ane "m
fluonceta retard resumption. Tney
aliotild, in eons'tileraiion of the liberal
.indulgence eitended thf m, make aac
rifiri -to improve the currency aud
retlerin tlieirbliiatnB .
A pHoritnjJ)isTrtrno" - Gotjr-
''nor'XJfTtteiiden.- -tif.T.atrate- t'f
Vermnni. Wii"' of humble t Irth." anl
fo8.l fftre tf talent to hia esalird -
station rYi't vrTilre Onternnr of tht
Greetf Mountn'm etripija-. he f I ron
tinued to tfep lhe Same' lavern, Opcttt
the strep hill side, that he kept foe
mnr year brtye. -J-' Ohe evening,
rttgb-one drerVe rip arid arcnstetl him
th, 'GoV,' Cldttehtlen, ; Cbhf
M agVutrate lif Vermont l render t
"all duehomnsTf but as landlurtt thtt- -tendon,
I'll thank yim to turn out m
linrses." -
; 'D't ytiu find. the bump of generosi
ty tlierrf" Sid- silly fellow whose
head waa undergoing phrenological In
Ijiertion . . - . "; ' " '
There t snmethlpg tatlief 5tV
txa." aid the man nf heads, pressing
fii fing'fS on the skoll. , i : .
' Th issue of Treaewy notes carlrtot
be otiji-cied to fiotn any other than,
far.otos motiVVs.' ftiTod
ritru'rr Jii ksoN him If. no longer t
than laf June, wride to the Kditor of
tlsi GluW j'l hii'j.e no ,1'rrasiiry note
wilf he iaaitnl.;.. Why does nt tint
Glob- turn and curethe.fa tius ten
ant of the Hrrmttage. Pftntict, -'
MA It It IE D,
In Johnston county, on' Bnn.lav, let April
Mr William Lsn-rly lo Mias Zilphls i f.angly.
-Tiiiotph, on tns aat ait. Mr. net id U.
m llannah-PirJet?
jan, Mr. Job 8. fkinner, ef Ferrjul
lr. bHsaheih Ann Juttlsn, -lfotd
county, on the lh Intt. Mr. aa.
. slee of Rockingham: to Mite Marf Ann
L. Mehane,' "
. In Rowan eoonty, on.lhe 18th tilt, Mr. Lit- .
tleton Bmwn to Mrs. Lncinde leopard. '
In l)ie eaunt, Mr. Bauj. Ealua to Mies
LOes-Tetum. ' i:r r
- tn fiitsHetb Ci'V, Jtfier 'eetere ilineea of
twenty four hour oaly.Misa Etaelina AlberV
wSr-f ihst place, aged 89 jeara. . - ' f ;
in Waahtntton Uttj. on ibe I let an. Maynr -Anthony
Grevllle tilynn. Isle a P'letk in the
Ordnance Department. MsJ. Giynn waa among
the first who wae commissioned av Lieutenant
in Ibe, lete war with Ureal Britain. He was
fur many years a teaaher in tbe Raleigh -AaaaV '
amy. , .- t . .
At Snvthville, iTardeman eoonty, Ten nee-
tee, en the t td ef March, Col. Case. Smith,
formerly of North CateJina, and nrcemly of IS.
Orleans. ,- . sr " I '
. . j.'.j. j . . . l. . j.--uutmBi
Danclaff 4c Vialtxltr ichsvol
bias. Com M Njehieen' restM-atfullr he
tornst the titisent ol ltaleih wt Mt vtyOiHr,
llml hi llaneissj Khoo sill open'oa eWtesa.
nay msina ant M 1,01. ihiI'i Keaaling ft .
s-rw-eoi Hill.WwV ftt. Ilegalae slay et Teach
Ing! J'.ieej other week, an 'f actdaTa, edaes-dat-
Tkai tnyt and f ndata, jt '4 irUotk f.
for ).Hii.g , and il)C aigM for (rttai
nirn, St fc-l t 7 o'sloek Teenl'tSee f 10 p. t ,
etsirnvi a artsioe- atMisiMHig ef f4 lettetes aad (
Cotiliwsi Psrthra. r "w4 ; -. . -
- AprH a-1'Aa.--vai-t .
L "i l ,1 .,.! Ill,''
Prem ttd Trie fur tale. "
The FMeys-tvieirtrtlt-r wer.rer ttK-rs
fnr eht- tlee vVashtagfoA pre. pe "-t afTlea
natexwebelengingte the '! ills UKMeisr-
a. 1 The ahohi estaiBihaaenl la:ataatM nsf
good a. new -sa wa hna.aM ant ' at ka -this
hSW. we will tail Jt fue. alowt-arist, and an a
etlM si,'mnnibe7 . . ;
-v. nmr. ? ,y
fry sMeora whh wheat we ssshaaee. 01
Ml .-I UMIA Ikji m mmw a-l ttum
BZ atpeat same terini mmj tor 1 , waea aneeeaaiij retnj

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