North Carolina Newspapers

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LW ar- aai a
Abj4 while bw Harp re. po mure rung
",Mim ihe.JalMt .Wiuetrcl aung."
v t T rem Ibe L mdn Aib.rncu.iiv
. ' WoaIlgh Fancies. 1
' "IoMook the dim : '
Cold tinted rirn,.., r-
"TtJWg,,U"ei,d doth erect!
Ti- .1.-1 t . .
- i " Menu Ut jj f--,
V , - Of'h'BrtdeorMghi
.,. , to rice from ber reel,
And he eUPyt,irdirk.6roWMl.'.l,r.Mi;
- . IUr fairtr.m of,,.,., in ln.;r (, . rf
Are out . ,j ,w,iting llM,jr h,mjfe ,
, . llf rfcjioe.W,o bright on bercwnine del.j 1
. Then lovely Moon, hail!
"ee the parple ml
throw, ofl from her fld.-n he..!;"
.-, , . VVhete magic heer
'. " ,V l'th-her erode eerene
Jflhan.,iKi hrr.boj,
And the world of water, bencth her apre.d!
- . . pre-enre. Where'er tl is fun!
Met hr.uty J dreemy gl.nee mrneall around
. v eccoce ot once.ntuieiil to fiiry-hke laud
Now, now to the eigjit,
' Pic a rolumn of light.
That lower, from aea to eky.
With Ha cloudy tip-erowri'd
....... l J tba caUiitui aouiid
, . ,. 0 lutt golden orh on high!
A diamond column, darling the eye;
itrlcd by fountain, that evermore (),.w. "
With a feemuioua motion eMcnd. to and fro,
tftPrdiiig and d.nciiig with ,ud clear & lov
Crown wider it eeeme
f A pathway of he. ma,
dual made for tha p ru. of air
- - -t, ,;;;. ,-T?,.aWB with Ueir feet,
So priiutea. .nl fleet
- , I Would ,bnu 'r there.
ev tcwoutu not be bi whbuut le .hare!
w wihi niee io float,
.ArfVJ?- -'Wi-
" -inou. .ck of yon moo.,livl,t tide.
wmW n... ,.,,hy tonn by my
Sura, fnat ia not thr ga.h
Of thi billow'i ruali!
Tia tla roll ,f h, Urr.,.king, ear,
. wirl through lha aea,
And about in hta gtca.
And toaaea the white foam af.r!
Ko! thpao are not aarklea of moon or .tar!
1 bay ra tba eyea of tha ocean nyioiiba bright
tliog the war, . . .
Aa thaa Innfe :i. ..
, . r . mmlm irom we caol tea-
a'n raaa,
Wher. tbair young b!ooming charm, tba freah
ytiftict Uaaar
" :' Oh,' th aoothing baJre!
s The d lirtonaealin
, TTte fiaiona on iin. pi'adf
. . .. The heart e aweet repoee
, That, while alumbering, glowa
like the chlek of a .leering child!
Talk f th eonlightf gie me the mild,
I he beul ful Moon, with ber weking dream.'
Oie e the eoft, abadowy aplendor that teem,
lie owo aud with lancy'e moouliht
flram.f- . , .. ,
- ' (O The fullowiog. from the Milton Sp.cla-
lor, wiH aait elinoet eery eommunityt
"The tale-bearer occupie. an unt-nviahle la
tion in eooteiy. Ha ahouK' be avoided ly all
-abeae wbe deaire to he reapeeted, or to fill hnn
rabte aiationa in the rommuniljr. Thia nion
fiav unwghlly and tuiecbievoue aa it ia, alalk
broad in .linnet all ranka of society, and even
inainuatea Hwlf into the company of the better
part of mankind I mean theoir, W hat a u-
,J that the wllldehaae their ei ailed and dig
tiiGeJ character! What a pity that virtue will
etoop ao low! . Thia vice haa bla.tcd the hoiwa
and proepecta of tnouaanda, who once .iiauin
.avepotleaeeharaclere. and filled honorable f-U-eea
in aoeiety. "Behold how great matter a
.little 6re kindletb." One word .pokto in a
tnalevoleol apirit, or with a particular ineinua.
tion or cant of voice, haa borne with great
.freight on the character ef aoroe individual, and.
fcaa lbo bJij(tJdt and I may aay , deatroyed, hie
r her feUire ,-roapeta. ilence the neremify
r of eetting guard over ovreetvre in .peaking of
etbera, or f inaiaualing any thing that may lj
turne.1 1 their diaadvantage, ther by inference
jr conatraclion.
ignoran.e are daubtliite e
raUKB, in many ineuncea, of UltUng. P.
who read but little and atudy la.., m
thu pTMiice, when in company, forf
formaiion or a topick of eoaveraaliu
cot loot or. and vendere have but fwV
end the comraea ahiichal of the villus
neighborhood in which they re.ule, . Dut,
.led aa thiir knowledge may be, they can tell of
II tba ecaml.ioue teiiorta in circulation reapect
Jug tlieir oeighbora; and they eeain lo under-
aiand'ever body a buaineaa but tbetr own.
It ia ei range pawing alranre, that being.
-endued with rationality ahould deocend ao low,
mm feeget the oreign of their being.- O human
-ity.hvw aft thee) fallen! What do we find le
be the ceaaaoa tnpicke of convert.) ion in aa
aemhlagae of young peraonal Wbu i. oflen
Jo eoMMinl ef their chitchat! Ia it not general
if eoceraing other people' a affural It may be
.-that erne perean within the boundary of lb. ir
cqoeJDUirCe Je going to be mmrrttd, O what
- glurinoe theme ia-tbtal - Or rvrhane It may
be .aid that Mia had a bmn the other
day, et Mc SnCb a one walked hundred yard,
with a certain lady. Thia ia quite autTicfc-rrt la
Ivm aaatcb, at leaal ialhe catimatioa of theae
knowing nrM
'Bridle the lonf ue;71M ttuif k ieaa "uara
iy aaaaiDer,"
' A derintman ceterbfaing the youtlia of hi.
parUh, pot the firat queatioa in the catechira
to girl what la yeur only eeneolation in bife
and in ileala! , 1 be pnor gui entiled, and
doubt fait surer hot did not anewcr. The prleet
ka-iawd Well, then.' aaid .be. 'if I murt tell.
tt in tu HiUe boentaker that wear eiriped
. -!' Tfcw Boetoej aepera enaoanee the death of
' Xt&M-dacav ihenioet pmtWod malhcisali.
o4xamiom euatr baa fnNdaeed
. Wka Itaruaaea iMUiabee! uto tasok
aavaoarnir tba Doited tiutee, Kketchea of our
a.aM ytiblia aaaa ibrai ft Urge part of it
t. t ai -i. -
Je. IlenaWrena, Ambaaaador front Tea
fa Grant firiuia, le akj lav hat. bee reeei.ed
-fctlr?rlee-'. 8rtavtM vfca .eaeea imimii.
t& ' , : ,
"reea tk Aoterioe t?a!e.
'laaac, bate Jm paid the pruitcr!
inquired an uil lad y oMirr hatnl,
ha.. tat del igh ting , the family irvl
hy reading ta tlicnTanBne Itw.kin newt
Pjt (ezenae our Whej lor we
edttwa are aa tntdnit aa maiden. ) :
N, Kvbecc; I hae not. answer
ed lite old gen'lrman, adjutting hi!
rH-cUclf-i-'but ru koow it ia unlr a
IriBe. 1 Tlie rrinten, t ae, gave a e
rjffjwlUe dun, bat thej cannot mean
me, it I am one of their political
1 1 1 e tul it n l a tall e ven, t!UMi 4v4J-
IrttlTvioulJ be but a trifling rnoictjf to
-Welt Isiac, if alt thfir tuberriber
wtc tu aj the same tliinjj ibe poof
fellows tvoul.l staVvr, tt'flle'aa tbej could
C'mjtire their tvp into corn, arid the
pre into a flour milt. And toreljr
jou, a their 'friemP aliould be more
punctual in paving them than if jou
were their poliliral cnenij Uekitlea, it
wohIiI ahow foor aitachment fof them
ami iliv goud cau-e uliic'n ther advo
eafr. '
I thought of ettlinej inj tubscription
when I wj in tnwn last, aaiit Iac,
wiiuimj frm the ru'., but the money
whti h I revrired fur mv produce mi
belief (Uan usaal, a id I divlike to part
with it.'
Why certainlr, rou would not
'hem htl niriiifv I..e.r
. , j ,
' N n. nitr dcarj but .omelime I am
iMijed In take uncurrent paper, and
I prefer, paying my debt, with that
when I get ii o!j. () thrae bankr
these bank.! Any way, that ami,
wnuM suit printer just as well, as
they dm't kep it Iomj, My neighbor
jenmna said tic piSseil nil some on
them thai nob-tdy else -wiiirht take, -and
tliey did not refuse it.'
'Siiame on you, Isaac!' exclaimet
the jrnod old ldy vnu would not.
Impx jjnita te Jhe e.xauiale nf iha t .jU
e able fellow, Jenkttis why. he would
jew tne parson out ul hall iustipeiid.
ou'i imy uic uaiance in trade.
. . i i . t .
et ne nam iuc printers, irrantltna.
interrupted a little fljien haired miss.
who stood beanie her erantlfather'a
o -
Writ, well; lilt call and nar them
asm me (i.i gentleman, not a little net
tled -lor an article I re:id in their pa
per the olher day, was wnh twice
tlie amount ol the nbcrintion '
Anil VllU know, rrrandm. nm mu.
fliat that pier, about the co:nltr!titt
. y ' p.- I F ' " '
aveil rtia t .venf v ilT1ar. ul.IrW t..
a J -
wtrufrl hnvelaken from the ratikee ped-
rr, egain mien upien tlie Tittle cir .
Yes, it did so. Mare ami for that
when I eo to town, I'll pay ,tff my old
erfniljhe next year in advance in
to ihu baiuain.'
"' "fob s-ajviL- ' "
Jl nan ltme -anti htallhy rttidtnet.
I would tell, nn f ror.hlc lrn. i,. ika
turn r, ili.i ,-ll krr;n ljtm I
""I'Sl f l.B MIAN I; fnuneen -
ike CH) of UWit. l tiwl Nnrihern 'Mail
H ail. tnwai'il. t,mM.l)ti c fi.eniilei liom Vbe
rore.t lii.niuie ami .h. ul one mi Irmii itolrt
ulle ronUmini Sll3 Ariel, Akmil one bidf ml
Hie I.nil it clmred, iwi mm iftreih ami of .
'open, r qulii), intdjiiling a fin. Me.. lov nl a
liom 8J A.irL I here ai clou Dwilling Moiltri
( .mii half a mile .pail) on the l'l.aiiiiri one
f vhieh if . Urge ell Ki.i.heil ir an1 eomnin
'i u. Ilini.e, with treij necetuiy Ouitiouar;
the other it quite comlnn'alitei ha. the ad
anugeof iBee, ltliKbiltt term;
i ni iriei iyri. among l tie mnat ileurable In...
tion. in Hie Uiierenmtiy, .lietlierlot comhirt,
health nr tK-auiy, wl prnileer. Umi-Ij orn, ml
Ion. ht.i nrual., anil trnulil tie an invaluable
acqiiuiiicin .1 S.minier and Kail retreat, from
the iwklineti nf Hie tnw country.
A lnneia vroulil finl it the centre eta ponn
loui and .e.lihv iieighborbood, and thtrclere
aa ea.cllenl location.
fur lernn, appte i me in Raleigh.
Raleigh, March 31. IS it 111,
it: one new books
Juat received nt the North Caro-
' - Una Hook Store,
Ko. 1 FtvjeUtville Slrttt, Rahigh.
Pickwick Papei t, by San Waller, and Alfred
rVawnuitl Willi t!lu.lrlt..n. Im ..... hl..
La - fcyTwliFieiTi i nViTTnn-ivnTrhhTt
BTington tteci. inueaaaint Ql an"Klderlr
mieman. vi
lata ol
in the
.r HOW Ml.
and ihiinet oi Sam
tamlrrlrur, or A
I hoi.rblt, by A
those, by Laid Chamier.
rumble, of Uriiniblcton I ...I I. Fin Kernllea.
tion. of a Southern Matron The Old L'omodore,
bjr Capt. Marryatt I'reten.ion, by Mitt Sarah
Mocking. Lluiloe Di-atl.haw, nr the Adven
ture, til a Lawicr. Vitii. and Skelrhri by Mrs.
J. melon Ctiaraeleri.lia nf Women, by the
enme. The DiaVc of Manmmlt. a Novel. The
lioml Fcllnw. by Paul Ue Kik. The Sketch
Hunk nl Kailm.n. Agne. lie Mauitrhl, by
T. U. tiraliau Miacelauiei, by .Mim Hairict
Maitinrau.' Fetjing. on Society, author ef
Trwvndin ke. Worth e Million, l altt Irom
ike I .era. an, translated by Nat fireen. Harry
O'Kvadoa or iiluslraiioH. of Irish I'ride. Aa
modte. at hvge, by llulver. The Cmtuett, 3v.
Herbett Wradrll, elate of the lieialuilow.
tVayee Skttabea. ChaioUt, by K L Uulwvr.
Heeluteol Nore.y, l.y Alia. M. Toiler. The
Ih.wa Ft Kit AIm
A few trlt of fcir Walter Scott. Ko'el.,
tplrndidly bound. AIm b lew aet.ut K L,. ciid
ecr't oiels.
A lew wt. of Jimn' Novel., together with a
large eul ledum ot light reaiimg, in irdinus to
Heeuiuu.all el abtcb wilt be .old .t vary redtie-
en pi ice a.
TTRXfctt k IlLfUIF.S.
, Raleigh, April . IS3II canes uiursi
Tnrth-e k Hughe. have just opened at the
North Caroline Hook Store a splendid ass.a I
meal el Walking Cane, and W h. p., of every da
u iwtion, le which ibey invite eitra iotii and are
eon&.lenl thai tboae who need tuah arliclea us.
! be fttherwia. ilka pleated. Ot be ioemer
the have, Malaaea, I'enxir. Illrknre. !lit
Basnboo and Tdl.w and Itlark. tlv.Hct lleeda
(told and Bilver Mooniett, Mb ami about
Sworda. Among ih .tt.r ar Slket,(.ia
Drew, Crop nd bwiteb Whiin, whal. bohe
weaaae.1, iraiker, de. tvorv Lamilea. Wire nlai.
(II 41 la ra. pU nointe4( Ivory aMMkitMl he, he
Also a ehoiee eelleetioa) of Ladies rating W hipe.
0H at Na. I ChewbUde. end examine au.
ynwraalvea. --if -
NtMtlf "ad Mpeditiowalt ttecat4 at
.ear ,W'Oat.'- ' '-; "
tiri'itl i'i -' ?-'.r jj '.J
nimai .Tnrr.iei
Ia llr. fin etfteen of kotb the U-mkt a (hit
ntaae iananc k m ia.rfi re enb ah efceuee of
Tvamtar, aelrd a. gsU.i-r beie I Cmt of qvif. Full TeiVl,
ra, n-eeeatcd mtm le a-ivertiva .that Ij OVigiaal tt ill.
- Kiaa uWO. I have keen I TV. -s 1 Thaa.x lla
laear em
WMMetkatkaamrea feiiawlkea. I
Ihr praeliee ef creriejg easca lor ttieaoent antt.
renrwal, aa asakiiu emaatatca, ka. Mbl the
etMmei of aa auHlewi!
I ckaeg e SO ecwta for eunia oadrf f KM. r roe
that to tM. lee f I 00(84 for all larger aaaat
ft 50. roe estra Irlbrra atS .cat. each.
- Betieviag that I ftave given geuerat aatHfacttoe
ta my em ploj era, 1 rcecrtully aak mmhi
aaee ef I heir l,w, awl ike Mnlaviaiiee of
eibera, eko aaf have Oceania, toe, the be err
viee. I alee do asker gtucral eewmuiion buu-
tt ii I . VV.r.K.
Ralri'irh, Mareh 80, U
eatablieketl biniaclf ia Kaleigh, and
aflorit Meilinl atd lo Iknae arha aaay led tji
eee lo pMrooixe hh. Ha olUoe hi trie rear oi
Ike Apothecary Store s4 Meaart. TV a,, . Ma
an is tM.rbcre he . be teen VJiea ant ae
eetaarily abatnt. ArieaiilUI OB the poor grali.
Jana.rT ., IMS. , 7 il
nitlGS A. .tlUDICIXCS,
Sljjn f the Goldeq .llortur.
II it in. (Mirehaaeit idettitii. nek nf Menri
F. H llvkaitb K tjn havt; enminencvit the
APO VIIKtMKY hmineiaat the ttat.4 lurmrrlt
neeiiiirtl lit tjiem m Knjritleville Hlreet,
lone north i.t W. V A. Sitth, vhere ihey have
juit receiveil a Inrthrr n iply ef
Ornira, Itfedicinen, Class, Oil,
faints, wye Mnfli and m
fiimory, fotr'ilirr Willi a
Ki'iiernl HMworiment of
whirh they will dispowofon I lie mo.t reaiona-
ble term..
Merchant. a,nr! olher. can be fnmillied villi
turlen! and other merlicinet nn a. r-anntle
t. rniiai thr-f ean be ent moth of the Coimiik
Pernn. woul.l do f II to call and eiamine lor
Ihemselve. I'hliicianl .1 . ilinance, vhn may
lirnr u. allh llierr (pii'rrl, will have tlitm
nrnmtillv attennen lo ttn i.diiii will he m.!
in .ele.ijiiK Chemical, ami I'liai maerutical pre-
parwrinn., a. they are netermioert that no medi-
cinr. nut Mich a are ri nmnv. ihall be tnlrl hr
lite, (hp ol the firm hrea brniij-lil up
o me r-uiinei., in alucll lie "ill rive hi. unit
viiltil atleutinn, thereby oli'.e thnia laial
mi.i.kc. Ih.t loo olieti ortur ilirmigh inenmpe
trney nr earelet-le... thev hot.e. I.t Uriel alien.
tinn lo bnune.., (o met it a .bare of the public
February, ISM. 10 tf
The tubteribrr harm, taken Ihe a!nea rnPm.
ly Occupied by C lienilrrion .1 whnleanla Itat
.ml Cap Hare limit. . tnieudi keeping alwaytua
band a full and antnplrle ataorlrarnl ol
Hats, Cap, Palm Leuf and
... eraolllaia,
Which he iiBor. to .he uublia on the mn.i a..'.
.omouanwg leraae. .
Hyamnre St Pelerhni-r. Va. ' 14 t
Eiirtltenw-nre, Cliiua A tilasa.
Imptrter, a
Ka. Si K.t.AC SthkiT, Kiw Yobs.
Olfert lor .ate a complete Assortment in the
ajinve tine, enmpriving many very choiee pet.
icrnt rrpaeaen loonier loreoonlrv trade, erin
ihe origm.l package. Ordert by letter will re.
cehe every .iienlion.
New Voik, Jan 0, 1833 t lOw
SPiU.VU hlU'l'laX.
Cltina, dlaas, r.nrtbcn & Stone
Imperler. and Dealer, ik China, tilasa, end
Karlhrn W arc, are daily expecting a large and
handsome supply f t,e above, which, added lo
their present Stock, will make their astoilinen
very extensive .ml iplcndid They Invite .11
lo call and examine their STOCK fci I'KIL'KS.
XAiounlry Merchant a would do well lo call and
louk tor Ihesntelvc. before going North or uur
ch.tin; elsewhere! .. we .re determined 10 aril
nut" tumili on at reasonable term, at thv can be
nan in ttiiior my ol Ihe Northern Markets.
vi.rcn 17. tt-'Hl. j 4,
-A-lintl ttrtrt
ni i , otH, in Lnui..
auig. on I uetday and VrTdue.iiay flrd nrt
rh o( Annl next. The mu.ia will U, lur.ishcd
by rkJiM". ih liiili.ud,
SlWch 1 . 1 Ml.
StaniWdiind Itrukr Insert ttiet.
The nthseriher, l.te of P lerxberg, Va b.
g atsnrixlrd With I MM Juha T. Vl lll,.. 'i
the tranueling of the '
Uatnnd CttpBnsiness,
In alt il. branchrt. hi the Lit. nl l'
onder tin, fi.m ol IE.YEU.S0.Y U IV l
J,l.t.X eould retH-ellully tol.c.l . call from
Merchant, timing- ihe Xoitlu-r. :ii-. r...
purpose of purchasing aooils. and Iron. i.i. i..: i.
r-aceally. , . f
I'rnmid alleniirra will be naiJ i .tl ..J j:
reeled lo I be firm
tlMKH) x. u ii i . ...
VVhole..lellrt, Cep, H ooIIIm Worbou.a.
. :L . S,2"h !l,'c, '''"I'delphifc
March S, It.ti . 'j j l
Jj Tlie kikr Uicr nanM mL
two apnrrnin-r. 10 the I aihiru.v baame... nerd
would be preferred. " "
rnn. in in . a rm .... . -
ttaleiah, January , tKii
ea-5 lttWAUC,
Hanaway Imm the stlbexiber,
on llic iih J.ntit.y, U.m, a negro
man named .ft'ffJ, I.H-n.criy
Ihe property ol Charle. A. Hill,
dvceaaed lie is no doubt in lise
tsearhhtHhnod wlrr the Said Hill
n nn merty Itet rl. The alnivC re-
,ir,L ard id t weaiy-five dwllara will
he given to any person who will deliver the aaid
boy Alfred ta me al my rewnlrtate, til mile w etl
ol 1-ouiir.nre, nr aixGaj. hua in LoeielMirc Jail so
that I g. t him .gaia.
ty I wntjvd) give a dearr iplion nf tha boy
bull have not bad b ta a sufficient brngib ot lime
to observe or recollect any particular mark a.
: Franklin an., N. U. Frb. I. I SSI . I tf
CTH. W. MI EL EH hua remov
ed hi. office (ha. at the Seanwor Caart Clerk,
in tbeCeart Jiusiea,. where , he auar be tewed.
(xeept wbre wrrausrlTktata. . ,
Maicujb, Her 1,1137 .
a. t; t' - .. , I
Wfa ia.
UUe, f Sfartia Catrliai
FitAiikLra Cocittt.
Tha kid afeoHiulaml nl Thema Oena. of the
aouBi; ol IVeafchry, aad btale of I tnnriv e, N
tkaniH Uea of Ike ewmtv at Franklia aibrevant,
and Har Cooper ol the iaruc couM), aeniplaw.
lame Reeee al hi wite Xanev. o the eaa
ty of Itatih... cod nlate Of Weih CaTiiftnav fii'ay"
Uoan, efkeeMMlr ol IJrnealAM.'arnt IHwte f
Alakanw, John Ihwn, ef the innati ol Weakley
end Slate nf Tcaaawee, fclia. Deloacb. ei 'he
eoooty of Holme aiut Stale of Vliuiuippi, Ann
Merrill and William Merrill, inlant,unler the
... ij twMi.iM. tMrr nf lharnunlv of Tmhl
minietratnr or nm. minn, nec .i. ami ni
Denn, of the county of Franklin alartj.i l, de
renda. It appearinK ta the aatiifaelion ot the Cnnrt,
thai irv laann, Jnlin Dunn, Kin. F. Itelnarh,
AoeUlrHi,! LIIJlw, Vlrti ji.ti fie ( the de in Ike abnve tauvetre mit inlia'jii.n'T
ol thu St.iej k it Iheretore ortletcd by the eourt,
(hat publicaliofl be md lor four iucte
week, io the Star .adrrrlh Carolina (lazclte,
printed and pnbliihed in Ihe en; ot itelrih. that
the mid fray Unnii, John Dunn, Klia. hrloarji,
An Merrill aad Wm. Merritt, be and Inurar
at Ihe next lerta of Ihit enort, to he held (ir III
.nunty of Franklin, at Ihe eurt-hon. in l.nuu
l.lire on the lernn.l Monday alTer ihe Iminh
I '"iiIiit in March neat, '.hen anil Ihtre lo pleail.
antwer or demur In iiid bill of cnuiplaintt inlitr
wite the .am 3 "wrrl he tuken .4 confessed, .nd
beard e. parte at to tbeiti, and decree
Witiiet., Samnrl Jnhninh, Clerk and Mailer
nf enr s.itl Cnuri ot rtiui'y, fnr the er.anty ot
Franklin, at ffiee, the iteon.l Mondai alier Ihe
lourtb Monday in epremhrr. A. D IKr.
" March 5, IS8. I'Ht
Kaleigh unit tafon liail ISond
yiiliteriplinm f .r the letiilue of tt. Capi'.l
Slntk of Ihit Company- .-ill he received at Ua
leth; l.fiuilbuip, arrenli.n, Oxfutd and
Heier.bnrg, under the dircclmn nf ihe tame
Coinmi.iiHner. a. beictulute, ui.i.l the I.t do
of April nut.
Ii; order ot (! tlnard ,f IV rretrt.
I.KO W. MOitiJECAl, Preit.
Italeiith, Fb. Itl, 183S. 9 im
ICa U-ilgU Clasiwieal Sea ooL
The undn.inril hat ripened In. School in
Ihit City, at Ihe hnute nwned bt Dr. Ilnvmooil,
tiltiateil nearly npHtiie Vr. tiuion't.
Thriller will. Hie nrdinary KmkIi.Ii hranchet,.
m il I .Lk :nuf u thm iMtmtgr- hM - ;Vtt hmttTT,
aud the I'upilt prepar. d la ruler Ihr a.hancrd
Clatte. ol the I nnrrui) of tint Slate, or .ny
of ihe American (Jidlrgi i:
From former riptrrirnce .nil tacceti in
Teavhiiifr. it it truited thai talUI.etlrin willbe
given to thot who patronize the :h..ul.
I he number nl pupilt will be limited.
For Session of ave .Tlontlia.
Sprllmr;, K.ailinK .ml ntinK, - ft (10
Ainniue nr. teoy;r.pfiy mrl l.rammae, 12 00
llitiory, .Natural Plulotnidiy, Kbctori.
-t.enmetry end Atfbra, - 15 On
Language., - . . J no
(TT C'.eh Fund will alto he charred Kiliv
Ccnl. per benion, for .enltngrnete..
WM. U. O i IS.
Raleigh, Feb. 14. IS.'. 9 4w
I VKNEIt dc ULtallEei.
I'ublihlicis, laookscllers, A Sta
Keep a general assuriiueHt el Book., ia tlie
v.riuui ilpnrtmeni nl Lileralure, Science, .nil
Theology, alio Siaiiontrv, in all its van. I.-. .11
ol which Ihey will cell al wholesale, on
the most liberal lertna. Thet bate .n rslnii.M
eolleelion of ihe most approved edition, of school
books. Among them are IV 4) land'. FolHwd
Economy, of known reputation, and ieiVti-li
Used .S B It xt hook in all llum jMiMkMl IhUMM
v.fann- rnlrtlcal r.tononi) , abrtdiird for the
use 01 scnool.t ve.y valuable woik. Waylaud'l
Klemeni. of Moral Science. The attention ol
Ihe public Itmott re.pcctfulty ealled lo this re.
ry valuable work. Also, Way land'. Flementt
of Moral Science abridged, and adapted lor the
ute ol common Schools and academic. We hail
me aoTKigmeni at admirably adapted 10
(he deficiency which has long lH-cntcll uicnni
mnn tchool education the nudy of moral obli
falion. 80 lav aa we hav been able lo examine
Ihe (we w ork., we must .ay that tre are nuiie .1
well pleased with the liu.Mer at wiUi the larger;
IK. apt and striking. Aberrrom
uie 00 liitclkeu-.l l ower.. Why 1. such . boi.k
O'rt in every amily .nil tchool? FaJry's Tbeol
ogv new ediiion.etilarg.d, with forty plates, nd
a. thiKiiial r ue.ol Or and other. T
Clas. Hook of N.t, or Ihe Teeiimo.
ny ol Nature lo ihe Being, IWretion. and tiv.
emmcnt ol Ood, by H, Frrgna. The Young
Ladle. Class Hook) a ecleriinn of Limns for
reading, in prn.e and verte, by Kbenecer It.ily
A. M Pe'er H,u lev's Com nrfm Hchaul II.m '
cmbell sled whh engraving., a-new woikj.lM,',
. gial variety d ..nail valuable work., by 1'elr.
I arley, c.miainuig hill or in. iravrla. rm..
livet. ka. Juvenile readcra. Ulake's N.inl
ral I'lulosophy , new tdition, enlarged. Ulake's
first book in A-tronoror. dct.vHcd lor the uu. nT
rommon achot .dtnityil.d by ttrel pUte en.
g.timgs. Koman Kf r. and Ancient l,.
iliolngy, by Cha. KJ W,., A.M. illutir,.
led by elegant engrak f TUe Ani. rir.nKx.
poiilur, or Inlellealiiay Jnr. ileaigned for the
use ul school., by RulusCloeeeii. The .n-..,..
cseit. 1 tie err:we.
mlMtn.etear and erorr
cue ays I'lMNMral beonomy. Ilrnwn's I'liTT-
niopliy, aliriugeil, loe prinary aehnol. Slew
aril'. 1'hiloar.phy of the Mind, tfoy'. and C11I,
Library, Har(T, Family Libr.ty, where ihere
it mure taluwhle reading than can be lound in any
other work, fur the con. Cla.tical Library,
where there may be lonud nearly all other Clas.
sieal lranl(ilino. CbiMtian I jbrarv , Mia. K.ds,
worth. Novel, compleie. Mr. Oote't Wmks
complete. Mie. Sherwood', coriiplelc works.
A lew lull aei. of Ihe American Almacacaml
Repository ot Cse'ul Know led,te, compleie in 9
volt, well bound also, soma odd numbers, ami
fnr ihr year 138, emnpl. t. .el. ol the. Penny
Magaxiiie, of ihe Swieiy .ie the difTuuon of ute
tnl tawWleet with . very large nd mixtd eol
leelion ol hunk., enntisiing ol I .aw, Mediral.
Ili.Voeieal, I'hcnlogical, aod miMcllaneoiit, irav.'
e-a.ijaeea, bovtlt, kc, .11 kind of School
Hooka, ton tetlioui to ro.i.iicm. Ulank linaktal
.11 kind., al.o Olauk Iloukt made loonier at ihe
thnrtest, alto architectural and carpen
ter's gimlet. Old H.mks rebnunu in all varieties
All L ' .1 11 1 . o. .. .....
nn ainira ai ntitiaa inn ni.tionary lor Side at
the North Caioliua Uoak Store at very t educed
Au4 .uii. milled, at a mn.way, lo in Rnckingham,
Hebmad cminty. N. C
Im, railing himself t.F;)HK
I.OI alUKU, and claiming la be
free mv. he w. ,,1H-d in
llrutiswick ...Misty dr, nol
know wbat Slate, nor ha. evar
heard of any town exrepl PorttmnuUi and Nor
folk tlei. a well buili boy, daik complexion!
abonl 4 fret 7 or I inches, am tappowd lo
w rv'u. i .. j nr. ft i.i,
The nwnee it requeued to enme forward and
lake him away, or he will he dealt with at the
law da-eel... Any information about the boy
if bail (ire, would be thankfully receiver).
8. H SF.DIIKRRY, Jailor.
Rockingham, N. C Jan SI, UJS
Pliae firal in. f.1 f II
Italeigb dc Columbia ItailKoad
The Rook, of aubscriplioa lor the eapii.l Hock
ef ihi. eempajt, ere new ra-onraed al 11.1. n;h.
Haywood, PiMaberongh, tirthag, l(oekiiham
and Faycue.ille, undae lite aiiperinteat'ftiee of
Ih same eomroiatienen a. heretofore, and. will
emit root open until Ihe fire) day ef April n.xt.
' i.tnwr m inv wanBanseiri a. tlalrara. t
Ue :
The Tavern tinea and IM lately occupied
by dd.Jamee NwHatl, the aubaariber ra .wiho
riaed to aril on moderate lefbta. A aredit ef
One end Iwe jean anay be bad for a Kfcater
pert ot the poi-ekate ovMtey.-
-Thii. Bjreiieriy i. now ia fnod repsie, welt
paiwied, and it an eligible litnat inn for a rare, o
A well regelated hovte ia Oxford it certain to
rrtrtvkh eneMin.gemea. The Bnnrithing state
orrirti aenderuie.. tit conns being held,' the
rre.t and Oxford being a place nf reaoet nf ma
ny in the dimmer iwoulht, highly reaommend
Ihi. property lo Utova diapowd lokccp a houae
of enteriainment. w.
Application, marie hrrngh the mail or office-ww-.-
will Ii. etl.uded lo. Fottcttinn may be
OsfnVd.'fl. C. F.b. 10, 1S3I tt
Hritter and Stamlard till Inrbid.
lor Salisbury end Mitrg'intotL
The Stage, (rum Ktyetteville, (nr Saliilmrv
are no in iiperaii.m. They Ua l'eiieile
nn the morning, ot Monday and Fri-tay, at five
o'clock, and arrne at Salisbury on the evening
nf the next dayt, lo lea. Ketiirning, .they !.e
Salikhiirv on the tatne m.iriiingt 4 oM.ick,
and arrire at Fayetteville on tlie evenings of the
n-xt jlav 1. PattKiigrrt rett nine honri al niwht,
at All. n't in Moore eouniy. l-'aiefS SO. 'Mine
Siairi-. eonnecl wilti my line Irnre Salnbury io
orgntoo Thi. rnn'e all.rdt gri't taTilnrci
for iii'.;rchantl in I tie iiileiior, lo Kalrlli'ViPe
for the purchate of Ihrir gmi!t etch-me of
ninnt-yt. purehrite nl Draftt, Nte Kc , tt ii is the
cheapen, moil expeditious, anil molt direct
r'liile between the two p'aers At Kelti ille
Si-A-r line, leave evert (lay lor I lie North aad
A. C AftVIICIIAF.I., r'rn..,Vior.
J DUOVViN, (Ulayelle lloirl) Agrnt,
A. C. CITIUY, Agent. Carlhiige,
T. HAfiL'K. Agent, tial.tb.iry.
T. M VOUNIi, Ateot, St.ieiville.
It C. I'KAKSOV. Acrnl. Moreanlon.
Tanitary 54. I Sit
6 3m
The aubacribrri. havine ennir.riril ...h thi.
Cnmmiuii nert of Ihe Stale tor 'ihe i.nblic:ilion
nt-ttti"rtvvrHf Smmte'l ir Xi.rth; Carofhla, fiay
the pleasure of aiuiouncing 1I1. couiplrlion of
an. 1 woik
It. ing appointed bv the Covernnr tgenlt nn
the pnrl nl Ihr Stale lor il. Ii. Ir, Ihey now i.H'rj
to the goad cilicrn. of North C.ioin.a . woik
which, a. rrgar 11 quality ol paper and
tion, it not rtHalled by any law bnok ever pub.
lul.ed in tint country It ha. .bern proiuiunred
by every one who hat examined 11, (and anmng't
Ihote are numbered many of the n and
exien.tve hmik puhliiliert in the United State i'
to lie II.. "fie phi. ultra" ol iViO;iapl.v.
1'ublt.hed in . v lume.-iiie lit enntainina
712 r.j?e. Ihe H.l 55 Price only nine dollm,
per copy or live dollars for 1st volume, and
lour ior I ne second, tf .old leparalrlv. All nr.
dert hr ihe ahhve work, directed In ihrm al the
Nonh Caroline Bnok Store, will meet wuh
prompt attention.
Raleigh. N. f! ..lanuarr 4. I 37. 3 S m
r- : --S.
Town Eot lor Sal. ,
Will be .old at public tale on Ft iilny the 6:h
d.iy of April nrxl, it being ihe wek ot Aptil
Court, t .rly or fifty unimproved l-mi in ihe
town nf Vanceyville, on a credit' onill ihe 5,1,
day of December next. Theae lott have latelt
been laid out, and are beautifully intuit il, ei
ther for private re.idcncet.Qr.. nirchanieal liuu
, anl art aa laid off e. In mix Ilia cnveiii-
nm.. ,i, lurutnl ...Inn. m . . I i ...
,.iT 1 .......... K u umi in uie v illaire.
I he lund. on which ibeteloti are litnated hate
lately come mho the povvetaion of Ihe nthjci i
ber. and the anxh iy on Ihe part of some p, r
.nni 1 10 locale in Vanceyville, hat iduC(rd him
tumior-i an rppnneiiiiy to all pt-noni of nn.
sevsmg themselves of a .ittiation io one n ihe
mnil healthy and flunriihinir iill.. i. v. ..i.
Carolina, and one ton, which, s men.
advantage, a. anr tl,. .,1..
f-nf a firM rale Male and Femaln ..i
gOfd society, and a wealthy nei;hbni ho, vr.
aoa.. detirou. of rneming themarKe. lo a.lvan
tage would do well lo attend Ihe late. Ilondt
and good security will be required of ll.e , ,
ehatei.. Further' particular, made known on
the day of tale.
, , ALLEV Ct'VN,
Feb SI, IHk 9 Hw
State of Noi tfi Carolina,
Chatliam ('ounir.
Cim-ef ritun ami Quarter Scssioni,
February Term 1 8.58.
'"Petiion fnr lule of nrproH.'
W'm. Hatley, (of Jchn) Simon llaili-v, Joseph
Mart ui and wile Precv. Wm Jltl. t s. ihL
AJ W tley llatlry, llaiton Hatl.-t, t:on..d
and wife Kliiabeth, liezrkiah IKrrmg and w.i'c
Mitly, Jiihn Shaw and Naurs bit wile,', ,
llailey, Ahaw .ml hi, wrie Patiu-v, .Varti.i
Allmon and wile Polly,- (.milord tlnrlrv, Jeerr
Halley Polly llailry, Anderson Lvnrli and wde
Klwabvlh, J.din llailey, ,i m llailV) (-1 Aluver I
atiipua rianey, ueiidiiig 1,'eai ton and ile Mil's
(V4.thia 4l.i Url,w-i liv.b
-rif- k -rfr i-a-xi., K!:iu. aiui-aita
l.cbecca, John Pilkiogion and wile I en pciaiiee.
Redding Ilwlley anil C i-iuon-tl j.1 tr-r. Pxrt nf
Wm llatlry deerated, M.erwend llilri, .Mm
llatl.y, l.a.ilv llatlry, Kdward llailey' Ma k
Hotlry, Charlet Oaiisaif and w le ,V.U
en i,nper anrt wile eT, Almon ll.llev. Jo
Hry.n and wile Polly, Flriabeih daiii-ittrr if
Jacob hatley, William Hatlry, Sia-tfnid i I at lev
Lnah llailey, JnekHi llailrv, Jame. II Crxdv
and wile Nancy, Mark llatlev. Stephen Moore',
Staikt Moore, I huiuat tkart ami F.liaaheth hi.
de, end Redding llallowell and wile
II appearing to Ihe salnfarimn of the lour! the defendants (except the F.xr. are ;
residents ol this Stale, il it ordered that pnUic
tmn be made in the Sltr paper pnhlished Id the
Chy of Kalefgh, for the id- six wrekt cl
Ihe pendency ol ihit petition, that the .aid ile
(rnd.i.i. may appeae at ih. nexr lerm ,.r il...
court le he held oniheS.I M.m.l.v of Mas rm
and plead, answer or demur, ..ll.erwi- ii,' U(J-nii-n
will be Ink. n pro c.,i,fc.i as to ihrm anil
ct down lo be heard ex part.
N. A HTtDM AK, C. 0. C.
Pnee dv f 40 Hw
1 he greal nopuUrhy and eitehliaheil dem.nd
for Ihi. valuable medicine, rendere tha enntin
sattonnfe lengthy advertiaemrnl unnecesmrv.
Numeeoos teMunonialt ef their vatwe (lalrlv rr
teivcd) Irom gentlemen of Ihe hit; heal reipeela.
bilily, in additioa to.lhoaa anooipanymg earh
hot. may be aeen on application io any el the
agent The pilltarc put op a a tkiperiur Uvlc,
in tin hoxe. ennt.iuing 40 pill., feh full ilirre
itoB. Price 50 eem. per bovjj To renl or
porrhatera the terra, nf cnmmis.ion end d acount
are liberal. All communication, will be pnumM
ly Mteodsrd to, by ' . 1
' THOMAH I, HMP. GeVI .enl.
tj" 'ffiee, MertanSt. Kaleigh. In wv west
A oi the Prcsbyieriee Cbetelr. '
WvjffiwlMl'IMea! i'!tfi'''x2im
-aaaaaaaaawaaaa) - 1 1 i a 1 . i tHrtSXi fJSitU.
doctoim. ir. HAtifei,. i
The rahli. e e--r,d tk. , J' t. j
remedy m ee kg -m mn, ewH7 -it
haa, tn nemeroea caaaa, bent VJ
let nf eiperimrat. and, in J2a h
moat aggravated for rat of Ibi, Zzt,
way. with perleet enaee..' i aa WaZ'
bvnf ever la my kiwwleoW,,'kfc
The component part, nf ,hi, l. . f
ly vegeble warranted " iJ
aahtlance-ehatetre. part in,!?, J
r-xnovnee ia ntwr-yr ft niay k-T,? tTl
iterrtiplnig Ordinary, partni, j, 'al
pain, nan naa a aowniin eflM. . ..
jrt. and in a thorl time t4rtit t serfc.
iu. 1
II it nn veneraiiv known u,J ..""'a. tlu mult .a Ml J 11 .
... ... mm wrvwiiini
In mo.t initance.
nitance. in- which I k..7Z "iA
WTn-vetlt 'tn't m-ewir7ri;,Tt
1 1 ... I. .. P.I I .. "TH I '
. ' . . . ' ,"rm!ri ""'t MiJLTTtM
them should lime in tr,V; Tl
cBvitnl rtmedrt:. IV (H)fVi,
X. M Vnmerooa referrn. L
The of Ihe ttev Willian. ? M
with the remark, that like 'ettiiCni.ii,'
otiHioeil from numernu. other iute,fJl!'',4
Injectable fndivi.lual. atanng bwVw tT I
J W, Thoma. Il.rt. hntCcr1
Archibald I liomat, Cornelia, tn,,
nmt, Janiet talkie, A Freach. '
.Tlris is lo rerlifv that I har. I.u . . . "
tuniiy id know boib Ihe nature i.u .(r"T
Marthall'. remedy for 1 1,. Uli?!V',
think n a duly I owe -to those a-aLjr M
lint dwelling diteaar'ioaay, dial ii .JT 14
tiiieiii IV relied on as a m"e,jrrji
reimdt lor .he form nl din-jsefn
prrniiirtnr it.
.i .
It kst
tntlv usi'd in the rin-t .... "kfcf
m. tiiyp1 aj'Mlin lyatWaW w
a ease ul li.liuif has not i i. " "? l
E.!itor of Ihe Virginia and NgrilwJ
llichiooii.t, Va. Oct. 81, is.vf ; a
'I'l.o .lt;.l ... ii '.
r.., . .. u.i.viu win on al
, . ... nstentt wtj
. N t lire, lilt lilxajutleka.ll.. kJ . . r
direct, Kalty
p-r accorn
V"J ti
! box
The. ctltbmteJ Engtuh .', j.
FX E-X t It L Ef
(fired l.y the Fai l of Kgremont) by Wlx
bm.e. da-n Taemj. by Soieerer, Web.
Ihe Kirl of Egiemotu lor the Kin, of Hr,fc
her it. m H.nna by Oohaon., Ilummiat ,
(tister tnCtharina, tolibi ie and tonr,. CJani,
. ... .1 ..1 11 1 . ... . V
,., .....iiiaiir ana nnegrrlt.) hy VVaxJ
pecker. Camilla by I'renlham, Crqiirltc k 1.
loo lljibi sutler lo Kegului by. IU t,.
phin .'.
,,lV';,.-Wf;Sn ,ire ofFlcwMtr, trhrerln-J
nhisker.-Wolnl, .ml eh. hT
K-ih l.i.c by Trumpeter, Prunella by Haddrir
. . .... ; ,.j .,, pruiaior t utn. Dy Vtnm
tn Flexible'ltlhil. unltr.l ihe I..m ll-j .i
Mutchca l'nut Kclipse, , i
H.r.XIHI.K won nine two. il.J
al-' r 1 . . .J1
, i" a - ' w mnrtjann u tc,
l.rtKW.irt, Dr. I'auMua. A r. hi '. Ceneral Ht
na. Signorina, Whiliinginn, Ovwertry, ja.
....j", .tiuunic, oic. Mtxible Wnndie Ihf
lund at eleven tnvereigr.a (equal to Si AilUn
,S K""n 3 tnchet liigir,' wilkV
mtWulxr pntrcnranfl lor nice nronnrtioat ...
quailed by few. r ia one ol tha brat khijI
squalen. me, tieteeniled Irom the Iwu b a) Alt
aian., witnnni an no adiinnah acmu II,.
.hotlom. and temper i. equal lu an hnrvt.ltt
n.y. ne is now al hi. tluulet, The sra
v...M.riice me i vn nay pi r, orrarlm
it required. For the particulars of b ruaaia
ond tlmi nf bit end. in F.ngland. It c band klK
alto hit tern.t, which .hall be liberal
W dlnn, Granville ta. S. C. 3
'January t, l5, .F
The tiibtcril-er havine; lately iiea wet lie nat
i,a.t again ta.en lue
IIiyor' Female Scminarr
tinilrr hi. inunediaie ii..i. wl
deem, u de io the pul.l.. now U iw. Ihr
rm o.,r di n a.iveriiiemrnt, he ha. a
lermined lo remove from Hillth.trniilch, aiaitw
his cona.xi,n with thi. h.MMution iacuuMeun.
Is ilis.olreil. " t
Ce Irusti, however, thm hit tepr.ll,i frm
Ihi. a- hool will no iff ct lliiolnnu
I lie Ladles in whote charge it remains are art
known and approved Their st.
dilifc-enre and aflord Ihe mreX ideHrrle
the coiiieiemtnus discharge ot their (.Hurt I.Mri
n belier evidence can be given of ttrcttlrrM
and ri iliral mode nl instruction pursued
MiMiiutiou il,.,, ihe well-known l,ct UuMttte.
pi a ar- rageiiy soiiglif after, and h'L-lily wprtf J
e.l as In.., ........... . .... . . ijV ' r A
.hit -riitinii. ii aat ever
b'n leading principle with the teachers! (in
lo ll.eir pit;, in an nnffrrttaniinf kiiawnHtgr tl
vbl Ihey are luglil-m prnpvi'ninn thewwiliei
lolhrir re..ecli.e capwiues lo rttahhdtaW
bit ol close tin I correct ihiukiaif to I'wMnM,
. Iirra. pmtiltie, each letnon Bv eliii U k
fterim nl.,.ait.l logise If. the wl.ule i)iaalie
.trucinvn a pnn ycal cljarartee, . .
A I Ihe r. mi-it '..f the .'le ..h- jt.LJlaaii
I nl lerm. .IkvaiJe 4mr- added. '' -
Literary brancliet, Ml - Cl,, ftT (vYl
'.nl it 3d di - 1$ eHMVf
4h do lefuflf
rijnoic f.'nilaieacli) 2J ou j .l
Drawing he Painting, 10 (JUj!t
Inttruclioa on
Ointinirutt.l Nee.'le- I jt
woik. ( Vluslir.l ' SCO It
Do (Crewel) I 00 J i
Freneh Ijmgnage, 15 4,
lejionsm MWslCfc PAtM INC are br
ftv a .nm..i., . , i .
. . ..,.,.. ,.., in,.t .revre-J. i
FMK.NCH I.Wt.L'At.K it lanrb., bt t hulw
of Crsnte-a gunilemaii ever) wv-y qi..iihcd, -Hoard
may he had in re.tpeci . le tarndiew, at
nine or Itn dnllariper moiilh. A le bttardrn
will lie rrrelvcd, on early ae a'ietitioa, mi tt
tamiij el tlt pwncipal ji.rn.
, W' vl. M. CUrt.
Ilill.hnrnugh, Mawh 9, II X
I he LJuor of trie B'ti' will a. It. on loantaf
ble term., a Hue ao&nl MA RE. bf MnoaV
Tniwon. Alo, an e ; . llrnl JIOKE COLf
ftoih lmr, now about H mmill.. old, by
d.vh, a Vioblo sou ef Vir Cliarle.. Ne mi1
,n the blood. . , . ,
Ke'ieifjh, Feb. ?0,. 1638 vr
j f. . -
'I he gmmlil t4qienrr of lome if .ll"
stump niHlnr of tlie Vet, pwia
alinw. Tlie last llnui ia'i we have
tif, ran thus:, . . -.-.rr-
"Fellow citizens. I am itatidinglifit
on a throne, pmuiler than 'an' In P'
rope- in tru luce nf the Univtme,
in ihe niiblime pt ehe'nee f the peopWl
A.'itl I aland hfie a the life. I drceit
ant tif the nruililess nf JibcH ! Yi I
waa raiat-il a the Lreast of ihat 'glif
ou individual! Her Arm haa auale
nrl me, hrr fchielj a guarileil .
every pnlirtval fiphtl eerhd--w
the Lortl knnwa I 1 ae had g""
inane; herr voire hits borredln
ears'i anil mnnt a liine. tthrn J I'
beniarllT iti feat. r! bj tn'r fif. r
haa faiteJ ,nie Vinm the tlul Ui
thirrat wflhe COhflictf 1 'f
Hae Uld rny Inrtf Oid'lietd upon Utl 4
Aod bathed my blood brow arith taaevy ttaT
' a-.-u ' ke-'.i. ': -'. - v : .-.
- .'.' . ..- '. '. . ., ;

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