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-wilt not p deceived. to the ehtrac--.;
tef of thi bill. . It do not contain a
smwU militating feature. ! trust it
. will be resisted r any thin; like it, in
all the ctagee of its progress, ontil the
Executive be conpelWJ to abandon
his scheming and return ta a system
based on onnd principle, and anc
tionrd b experiences ' . - -
" HTietw-tr-is) occam ' lo-wespojuL.;
.-jm ike wci w ib gnoii. o arc It)
- earnest, and oar resolution is fixed
ad Irm. Let bat the peopf have an
opportunity to tee thi msttrr In ,t
tree light and as end will bt pot ere
Ion to those pernicious and )an-r-
itprnjtts. r . f -
Vrr reaped fall r.Tora, .
. A GttEEt m lau vax.
V Bat I hive, meanwhile, forgotten
. 'the pretty bride who was to be marri
d u tbe keaae of an tntiimte friend
of oars, tad wbo. eft my arrival there,
....era' momentarily etp.cteil. The
' centre of the freit saloon w rrered
by a. Turkey carper, on which t.d a
, " reading desk, vrUyed by a gold em
broidered handkerchief, supporting a
Bible and the two marriage iifiz the
whole bright with the profuamn of
ilrer money that had Den aratiered
ever them. The lady of the home
was ta officiate as "godmother' to ih
bride an office aoaewliat similar to that
of bride's maid; and s'ie was even at
that early hour spark in; with jewels.
. At length the sound of mvic an
nouareu 4U3 arrival or the wan uge
traini and we hastened to a window to
watch for their approach. The procr
siut) was an intere(inz one. The mo si
cians were succeeded br the briile-
f-mom elect, w alking betw een his own
iitherand the father of hi htrdc; one
fair rirfdlo wed, accompanied by a
coupla of her y''ing co7op;inTihV arid
IM two RKithers, attended by Mrwips
I inejniis,' closed the trsin.
Tbey were met at the threahhold by
tha Archbuhop oj Nuornaukrity, and
I party of priests, who immediately
commenced chanting the marriage w.r
vicejand, as they ascended the stairs,
abowera of money were flun over them
i-oia aho.
la frva-minntes the spacious ssloon
Was fiJtetl til sulf irinn lh rminir
conplo wera placed onon the edW o?
tha carpet, tha nuptial crowns, formed
o( Sowers, ribbons, and guld thread,
were deposited on the . reading desk
and tha rector of the parish, in a robe
of brocaded yellow satin, fringed with
ailvsr, began a prayer, . which was
caught op at intervals by the choral
boys, and repeated in a wild chaot.
At tha conclusion of this prayer, which
waa of considerable Irnzth, the attend
ant priests flung over the AThbihp
his gnrgeoaa veatineuU of viotet aatin.
cmuroiuereu wnn goia, snu girueu
avith tissue and he advanced to the
reading desk, and took thenco the two
jbrilliant diamond ' rings, with which
jht made tha cross three times, on .the
forehead, Hp od breast of dhe con
tractiBorpviiesi and then placed them
in tha na4f tha goduwther ho.
putting one apon Ibe nnjer or escli,
continued to hold them there while (he
prelate read a portion .tif tha gospel
after which, aha changed ' them -three
timet, teavinz thens uliiinately in the
possession of their proper owners.
This dooe,. the Archbishop jut the
hand of tha bride into that of hr has.
band, tid went trough tha rae eer-
a monies with tha nuptial crowns that
bd preivoysly enacted with the
' riagy , they were then placed tipon the
-1 beads of lb young couplei and a goblet
- of wiae being presented to the Arch
- bishop ha olessad it, put it to his tins.
j "i .i. .s.i i l .! i
-i!JtimcjLJnf M p to hc pxl
Tha crowns wera next changed
.three weral times from one head to
. the otheri and several wax candles be
jng lighted, as I have deacribed thain
: to have been daring the Easter-cere
monies at the Taoar, the whole party
walked in procession round the carpet
. nd 4hen it waa that the silver shower
Wl Click and fist about the mj the
, floor waa literally covered.
-Wbep ' the chanting ceased, the
bride raised the band of her new made
' boaband to hex lips after which every
relative and friend of either partjf ap
J reached and kissed them en the fore
ead. The Archbisliop castA his
ebea, the children acramhlvd for the
- tcattered money the band la ."the
outer hall buret into! an enltvenins
'trainband such of the company as
warn oj sufficient rank to entitle them
' to do sot followed the bride and the
-lady of tha house to an inner saloon
where a train of servants was in attend
. ance. beannr trata of preserved fruits
and "delieate little biscuits, , which
. ewe iyea to each person to rarry
away. Liquors wss then offered, and
pobseqaently coffee, after which each
married lady made a present to the
hrld of soma article of value. Drevi-
ualf to her departua from her "borne,
.v arnimer we an accompaniea pei in
:'!.S " processioni and took our leave at the
' portal to the house of her fi lends, and
' '' ' - join in the cheerful morning ball which
i?".' r -raa about t commence." . , s.
"J:" ' Tha effect of tha rolden thread that
nad auisted to weave waa very beau 1
f tiful, binding, aatt slid. 4he rich dark
" "Tiaii of Uie bride uposiber. fatj young
prow, and then failing to her feet and
., ker whole cost a me would have ' been
'eminently rracfful, bad the oofbeeo
.:-t:-rl.p. K. tM r
V ' ' -tJl'iTii Mj
crowns which mtntwned are
about a foot high, and ahaped like a
oee mvej when thj were; rrmoved
froMJhf beads! Ul.JJS frf
they-were carefully enveloped in a
handkerchief if coloured gauze, and
bore awar to. b boog ep in the chapel
of the bridegroom' houe. w here they
will remain nntd the death of etthrr
J 'arty, when the deceased is crowned
nrJUie-jtrciiiul ami lasf , time,.ia-,the
open coHin in which he is bore to the
rave. ,
The Cretks make almnst si much
toilet for a funerjl as for a, roarriayje.
Wtu-re the dtreaed is young and jpret-J?j-5'f
'f 0itt 1 heif siyeit ap
pnrH, and iwt nnrrfqientlr has her
rye-brows stained, snd a - otiantitv of
mug over he cheeka, to heat dath
for a few haurt of his "Vividness her
gloved hand sre carefully displayed
she is trickrd out in jewels, snd this
frightful itiotkrry is rendered Itill
more rpvolitng by" t'e foct that she is
par.ided through the Streets, followed
by .her fomde rrlafivrs, who weppand
sfiwit and -bewail t'Hasls. Uh a.
trsnsient vioVnre truly At the
rave aide,. all. the fmry i stripped
from the 1i(T.-Hed corpse the friend
carry it away, a cover is pljcpd over
the ro din. ai;l the p'or remain that
were so lavwhlj adorned, are Cunsin
rd to the earth, of wYich they are won
to from a part.
rV7t Penhc'i City tlki Sttn.
From Ihe Now York Mirror.
It is related of Madame ilu Dcfian,
that thrernf htr friends "brought a card
table to her bedtide, at her r(.'(just, in
her Lit illnct. shetakingahiiiid. As
she happened to die in lire midst ofjn in
teresting game, her partner played
dummy for her, and thus "the three
quietly pljyed it out,, and seitled the
takes bi-fore J hey callcr the servants
ti notify tiiejii i of theVery importahf
deiniser of their inixtrrss. Shocking
as is this incident, it is trivial in com
parison with one that is said to have
occured at Albany many years since.
There was at that time a low-raved,
peaked roof, stone built inn, situated
hi the upper part of the city, known as
the "Colonic" a place touch frcqucn
trd by Schneclady teamsters and Mo
haw k boatmen; before the completion
of Clinton's grand canal had caused
that dissipate a mongrel race to be su
perseded in their vocation. At this
inn one day a man by the name of Dor-1
rick Ilelfenatin, but better known as
"Dirk Hell, of German Flats." had
been seized with convulsions amid a
drunken frolic, and expired during the
fit with his limbs all knotted together
by the fierce muscular actum inci-
denito his disease. In Albany at that
time, the Dutch cou atom of several
friends of the dliccased remaining all
night in the same room with Ihe body,
and keeping tluir vigils until the mo
ment of interment was strictly observ
ed. Codes and mulled wine with dote
r dead takes and other refreshment
being generally vvteJ ny the near
est relatives to cheer the rlnomy duty
of the watcliers. Dirk Hell, 'for Hel -dirk,
as he waf as often called,) though
a wretched vagabond had still some
whom he railed friend, among the
reckless and gambling crew with whom
hechieflv associated) and as the land
lord of the inn where he died could not
rrluse the costomsry refreshment of
Honor upon an occasion tike this, these
idle hangers on the establishment read
ily consented - to honor the obsequies
of I)irk and the usuat-vigitr" Th e
dead man, in the mean . time, as du
ly tali out, but. the distorted shape
which hitf body had assumed in. the
death aonr, made it necessary to use
great force An straightening out the
corpse and recourse" waa had to conies
binu down Ins limbs to the decent
fohtlll wai"detTfabtg'ther shotitdas-
accompTIshed, the three iriendsor the
gambler, when night came on, took
possession of the apartment where he
waa ' laid . out. Hlth characteristic
: .
recklessness they had brought a pack
of. cards into the chamber of -ileath,
and after taking a glass jf liquor ' all
round, end drinking the memory of
their comrade with some unfeeling al
lesion to his sudden -fate, the tnree
"profligate sat down to a game of ranis
epon the loot ot Ins oerf, rour hatuM
were then dealt) that of" Dummy" fall.
in; almost Umii ihe fet of the corpse
ami tl other three' upon the opposite
side , and extreme end -of the bed a-
round which the playerv were thus' ar
ranged. The game proceeded appa
rently .to the saiisfactirfn of a 11 parties
each of tlwcm bt turns rdaving the hand
of dummy, until drinking and gamb
ling had carried thein deep into" the
middle watches of the oi"ht. Some
light dispute, however, now occured,
as to who should play the next dummy.
Words .waxed high, and the two oppo
site players both attempted to seize
upon the vacant hand at the same time,
while 1h third, impatient at the con-,
lentioft, exclaimed, "I wiJ la
'; . Ileldjrkl''efHriprtng up and
take the cards from, both of you!"
The wrttel,, had Jiardl uttered the
wish, before the corda which bound
the - corpse . gave war- with a sharp
cracking noise, the atruggle about the
feet having probably disarranged them
and the diatartrd bmlr JeleasedXroin
its Jjgatures bounded forward in re
suming the form under which life had
left it, and seated itself epon its haun-
chea with knees drawn op (o its ehin.
arms a Limbo, and hideously distended
jawa in the jnidst ot the appalled and
wiacwrrttd trjorThi thteeworthieV
were laid never to bare played a game
of carde afterward. - .
" " FntM lb RirfciaoiiS. Whig.
THE MJN 1 8 K 1 M CU RtttNCT;
Our readers have already been la
vored wiiha conr of the Uw of the
State of Frankiin,' " regulating the
pay of its officers at a permdt when a
better currency, like that brought
aoout oy the jaksonian ana.iientonian
circulation., ; A letter writer at ah
Ington has favored the Enquirer with
a description of the amusinz scenre
wnicn occn'req in me senate. v.uen
Mr. Webster cited this law as wer-
Hit oi imitation by our sapient cv
ernment. fpeakifig of the office-hol
der being, panl in specie and the peo
ple irr rags, the writer rsy: -
"I egree entirely with Mr. Web
ster on this point, shat thejr. onght to
take neighbor's fare.!' When the
p:iple have and ran have nothing but
paper as a medium, the Government
officers ought to have nothing else.
.'Lft them take neighbor "a fare. r If
the people have nothing but faceoofl
and mink skins as a rirculatinr me
dium, let the government oflicera be
paid in skins.
"I enclose you that part of Mr.
Webster's speech, in which he touch
ed upon this subject with such inimi
table wit and good humor.1 But vou
can form no idea of the effect from
reading it,
"The galleries were crowded to
overflowing, with a brilliant cluster
of btauty the fipriatars all in the .r
places and half the House of Ref re
setative ere present. His dramatic
tace the soitie of ridicule and humor
with which his countenance was wrapt
when he introduced the law of the
State of Franklin, produced profoand
aiience and excited the most intense
xuriosiMu ao was
coming as tlic substitute fur specie,
a there was no such thing as bank
notes at that time in that country
He krpt up this curiosity most , admi
rably for some time whilst reading
and rommutijjg upon the preamble to
tne law which recited that the collec
tion of the taxes in specie had been
very oppressive to the good people of
the Commonwealth for the want of a
good circulating medium, Sec, &e,
until he came to, the enactment His
Exeellency the Governor, per. annum.
1000 deerskins! ! Vou never heard
in a Theatre a londer burst of laushter.
He paused until silence was restored,
and procerded to the next officer.
His Jlonnr the Chiet Justice, 500 ditto
ditto, with a comic humor of face, of
which no language can give you any
idea: A still louder burst. He pro
ceeded then to the iSecretary, to His
Kxcellency the Governor "Eve hun
dred raccoon ditto' The laugh here
was absolutely .outrageous. We all
loror wnere we were ana no one
seemed disposed to lwfrrt. e
nuisite mirth which the Senator' had
produced. Tlie presiding officer for
got bimsell, I believe, completely,
and enjnveu (lie laugh as heartilr as
any one of tlx immense crowd. The
Speaker paused " again . uitil silenc
was restored, and proceeded with the
pay of the next officer, and then to the
next, and so on. And (he laugh in
creased as he proceeded untd he got
to the pay oi the constable, Jo the
constable for serving a warrant, one
Mink ditto!!! I thought the wall of
the capitol would have bursted. The
roar continued for some time, and the
orator, (who all this lime preserved
a sanctity n countenance which no
priest ever luuL) manifesting a dis
position U proceed, silenee was again
restored,' . He liven gravely . gave us a
commentary upon the character of the
Mink, and its great similarity to that
of the constable, and how very uppxa
wewt e it was thalTie ati'buf d be"pait4n
Mink skins."
77ie United Smut and Mexico.
We hope that none of onrTeaders will
sutfor themselves lobe alarmed by the
belicose intimations thrown out in the
Debate in the Senate on Wednesday
last, whercofrwe publish to-tlay a re
port, whidh we regret that we have not
sooner had room for- We are happy
to be able to express a very confident
opinion that Congress have not yet en
tirety patted wiih their senses, end
that nothing so Quixotic as a war: a-
g-jinsLthe wind-mill of Mexico is
likely to be undertaken, at this mo
ment, or under present circumstances.
Lettst of alt, will it be undertaken, we
apprehend, to establish a new code of
lav, in which the belligerent righ of
blockade by actual force shall have no
place, and the right of runninz con-.
ti'aband goods be cffoctually protect;
cd. '
Set iously, some Members of Con-
grek. as well as tome Editors, and es-J
eciaHy thoso of the city of New" Or
leans, who are ao clamorous for a war
with Mexico, have auffered thHrfoeX
ings to fun altogether ahead f their
juilgment, in reference to the rase of
the (team-ahip Colombia.- Asa bellig
erent, ihe Republic of Mexico has cer
tain ur&oestioriaMe rights. Among
them is the right, by her armed vessels
to examjne vessels passing in and out
of any port of her enemy, which she is
actually blockading, in order to ascer
jainl their charicter. The commander
ot toe toiomwa. we flare say ior.,Tery
good rrasontj did not cho'see have his
vessel, searched . If he could help iW
He took the risk of attemptirfj: to, avoid
are gisd of it.) by mean or hi. steam,
a : . tt -a .
e,P jletcujiob? if not se.apurrt
' And
this is the -whole of the case," upon
which the , Senate iainvSEeiTlo take
pleaauttt of war, truly; -
. ' . - ; Ao'. U'
CT Tlie recent triumiih' of the
Whigs in New York may well be re-
garueaihe tmt-giwiewamrwn
iHirtant which th'f have ever ret jrain
without the aid of any other rartr,
polled a Urge majority of lt tfie vutrs.
The Loco-focos entered into the con
test determined, at any hazard, to ear
rr the citr, "Hieir treat aim was at
the iioaru i
of Aldermen, irt whom is
vested the power of choosing all the
officer of . the ritj escept the police.
They nrgedrlteir nien'on by the pro
mise of place, and held out allure ments
of ofTicf lri all 'who wavered. They
flt tfiat if they foiled to succeed they
were ru'ned and prostrated beyond the
hope of recovering. Where ihe pro
mise of fu'nre reward was,
bffry with money, was resorted to.
The ahsm'Uee-f tlitr means jjstified
the belief that the horde of office hold
er, spread over the whole country, had
been laid under contribution. They
filled the city with thonsands of illegal
voter." and erected than tees in the
doubtful wards for their residence!--Each
man was instructed to swear his
vote in, and was paid by theia for per
juring his soul! - Kotconterjtwilh this,
they had a flying squad" paid and or
ganised lor votingin every ward in the
VVlth such means and such men, they
were confident of victory. Thev made
an arrangement for an express'to car
ry the intelligence to Washington, and
even before the result is known in one
of their ward,depatcbd their messen
ger to Philadelphia. . He leaves New
York on Friday evening and arrives in
next morpiun; T.r Uiltimnrc. He hur
nes on hre and takes passage in the
cars for Washington. He spreads jy
ami gifliines among the. laithln! at the
capitol. His "gratifying intelligence"
is ushered forth in the Globe, and sent
off to Mississippi in the hope that it
may reach there before the election on
the 23d and 24'h. Ihe express mat
carries it, nnd is charged to make the
speed of a bird "with healing on its
wings-" ' It is sent as an ol
to a parly without hope.
ve branch
ftvery thing shows the immense in
terest which the leaders took in the c
lection, and their plans, as developed
during the contest, are proofs of the
desperate pass to which they feel they
have been driven. They have, (banks
to the noble and patriotic W hies of N.
York, been defeated. They made (he
contest a vital one to themselves, and
losing it, may well abandon the field
in despair. Never azain, can thev
lncrsttv-iswr-Ten "hope : for success.
lie nig nag iioais in triumph and
the whole country will rally under its
ampie loios to no battle lor our tree in
stitutions. -Dull, Citron.
From Miss Martincnu K troiect of Weitern
, ... . 1 ravel,
v, 77e SitprmU Cetirl tit If'tithinglon
-At some moment this court pre
sent a lingular spcetacle. I have
watched the assemblage while the
Chief Justice was delivering a judg
ment) the three judges on either
hand gazing more like learners than
associates; Webster standing firm an
a rock, his large, deep set eyes wide
awake, hi lips compressed and his
countenance in that intense stillness
Which instantly fixes the eye of the
stranger; Clay leaning aninst the
desk in an attitude whose grace con
trasts strangely with the sloven!
make of his dress, his inutTboxor the
-moment unopened in hia band, his
conveying an expression of pleasure
wliiclj redeems hie face from its rrsaal
unaccouutable commonness;---the At
torney Gen., witli his fingers playing
among his papers, his quick black eye
and thin tremulous tips for once fix
ed, his small face, pale with thought,
contrasting rctnarkahly with the other
twojthese men, absorbed in what
thev are fiteninz to think in? neither
d es
of themselvea nor of each other, while
they are watched by the groops of
idler . and listener around them,
newspaper, corps, the straggler from
the lar.weat, the gar ladiee ift-4heir
waving plumes, and the member of ei
ther House tlmt have stepped in to listen
-all these have I seen at one moment
constitute one silent assemblage, whie
the mild voice of jhe aged Chief Jus
tice sounded through the Court.
The act to prevent (lie rarrvii- of
concealed weapons, ("introduced at the
instance Ol Air. JJous. 'provides that
ir any person, null iHiimuany . Or
generally keep or carry about hi per
son any concealed pistol, dlrkj bowie.
kmle, or other weapon ot the like
kind, from the use of which death
might probably .ensue, be: shall be
lined not lesa than .50, nor more than
45500, or be imprisoned in the common
jail, not less than one, nor. more than
six monthsat the ditcretion of . the
jury in. each instance; and a. moiety
of tle fine to be given . to the person
who volontarHT institutes' the pruseru
tionj and inliill examinations inhjhs
coantyor corpratioa court for niiir
der or felony, by 'shooting-, labing.'
maiming, cutting or wounding,, if it
appear that the act wi comfjMted by
any - such " weapon, the court haft
late thefact,andifthe
jUCused- be
He was lady, ti well as bold.
for the! el-
no bar to anjndictment
feTittrin-the.Bperior jcourt.
if found
rused be found not guilty of the mur
der or felony, -but guilty , of carrying
the concealed weapon, the .court -may
fine hi in therefor, and- pronbu nee judg
ment as in casese of mi'ihemeanor
ajLt ukc effec on the first day .r
June. Richmond Jt'hig.. -
inst, Ivtween 6. and. 700-barrel ,mf.
Turpentine ter destryoed by fire at
Hamilton; in Martin county. " vMc. C.
H. llissell lot abo6r1Ci23 barrehi,
Messrs, I,... Jojinoh. '& Co. "'250,
Gabriel Purvis rToTirtT.cst 90, .i.e.
The fire occurred about noon, through
the carelesne ofva negro ilrepping a
CTial on the fanding)whicn heinjjria"ed
to the the Upth of about Cinches with
turpentine, the fire, made siich dipid
progres as to defy alt attempis to fx
tiBguish 1. The scetle is represented
to have been truly temficlha.blar.e
ascending to double the height of the
tallest tree. - 7arlro'Prt$t.
Iwpor'rtn' lo 'Savjf I)tppcr$. It is
a fact, that much of the snuff, which
our young Ladies are so found of dip
pin":, i manufactured of Ihe Tobacco
which has been chewed and spit out
by tobacco chewer. ' We once heard
of a tnsrt whose rigid economy led
him to preserve every quid of hi own,
and not only so, but he picked" cp a 11
he could On I in the public street and
elsewhere, and after colectih2 'a
goodly cpantitr,. would sell it to tli
trader in tobacco, who, drying and
pulverizing i bottled it up," and .sold
it.ltr hcotch snuR, and is it possibl
that -oor-young- lailies can brook.? th
Idea of beilaiiliing their mouths with a
article every particle of which, 'ha
been thus us-'? Caroiittn Gazette.
omts s rjpiNiosA7-.-T;viTmeniire
slower to change their opinions than
men, because with the former ther are
founded on impulse, with the latter on
argvment or the opinions of others
Men's opinions are only adopted rhil
dren women's their own... Your jm
prcssions, ladiea ire o bvelv, that
they yield, to no reason, -only to time
or to a new and stranjresenatioo. You
have, too, a peculiar faculty of forg I
ting your former impressions wv
t " it SJ f
uner uie Hruucnee pi a new one,
whereby you aco.oire an nwrers
sense tf yopr own infallibiilty and tin
chan-geaul.cnes,' in the same way as
, ... -
nare Known pnpie with wean mem
ories, who never IS'cfe aware if the
fact, simply because they had forgnt
ten they ever torgot anything.
: .VnKvovrs Talpxt.---When w
reckon up how many tainted children
we rind in country towns and schools
and twenty yearsafter, see how few of
them become heads ot colleges, gener
at omeers, ami the1 like, we shall be
astonislied. 1 here i none of Gwl
demesnes so slightlv cultivated as tlla
r ti..-
i grtnu!,. iiesicB sows every rear
it - - r i i . .
me Bcems oi a ricn narvesti but we
care not to water or transplant them
A country boy of talent, left to him
selfr-Feniod W-ftf a rHtond-ff tmn
which, in its rough state, is worth nn
JOMt) out when made np in'f wafcli
springs, letches sixteen million of
torn. Mow manv snrin min-hi K.
made out of these neglected geniuses?
Gov. Marcy has transmitted a mp
age to the legislature ot New York
on i lie suoject ol the resumption of
.v.v ii j nielli?, ii is. m verr
gir.itiirui, ucciueuiy conservative,
anu is propeny considered as havin
tin.. . 1 . I A !" 1 r
ween ciiuneu irom ins lears. if u
for any thing but ja.diyorce,5'JIe
recommul4Htthe Canal Commis
sioners be , authorized -tn : issue state
stock to the amount ot einht .inilli.m.
iar-ihv enfarremCTt fif tlre-IitHHit
and flic completion or the Black
and.Gennessee Valley Canals, and if
any emergency should arise, rleman
dihgitsuse, to loan, it' to the banks
of ihe State, requiring of .them most
ample security for the punctual pay
ment of the interest, and reimburse
ment of the principal from time to
time, as the money may be wanted in
the nro2Tsa of this works.
The spirit of the message U
Foco, thoii'i its recommendations are
conservative. ' , .
We regard , ibis measure as a shiri
and devKe of the nartv fmret rlr
of the just , respoiisibility which rests
on. them. Objectionable as is the
proposition to divorce entirely the
government from tl banks,il contem-
piaiew.Dy tne t,oeo focos we regard
the close union which this recommen.
datum ol Uov. ilarcy involves as much
more ao. It is an unnatural and un
righteous union. It place theBanks,
bound hand and foot, in the - power of
the. party in Ihe ascepdanf v. and calls
them directly into the political' arena
to fight for their task ma.ters. Such
an alliance can work no good to cither
the banks or the Statv . -'
; . " fair. Cliron.
A inarblo bustnf Mft A'an Iluren.
the President-ol the United Slates.
has, within thelast few- dav. been
placed in the Ulirary at the CapitoL
It ia a. work t extreme theantv
The more weIook at it, the -wore we
are struck with. its rare, merit b th la
t". . i J: Trm s.r
w-iiniir nimi anu execniiLin. 1 ()C
styleja nesto na, , eibodyii;jr," as it
were according (o mr i.le.Y the re
finement of the chisel ofCarsovj with
the impressive HimplicifV nf .theJarM
acquttted or discharged.
ivu," empire.; It II ine pre- anS Me; Frelinelltlrarw. and other..
-.- j....,. m litpii-, j-.. m frtulant, IMiiri' ertaiaee -tri?wt ; -!
BTe.celebrlted Thorwaldaeh
tainlr doe honor to that .chco "
atudio of thi admio-rable .,; f
contain - many, charmini ,i,;
mtmgat jhe rest, a ,le. jUl,f ,
teL -baptismal front, which t.
all the praise we car. gjvt t . f.TN
. - s- - . .
It A LEIGH. AlilTiTrT-
" ere ind(b(i2 o lha JCo t. -
for vaWl dotVAenl on mb(u
neeled il.e Ijind Oflfee.'cJ.i.iVi
- 0 - . m -r use; tk
pleicefp-iq, ' ; ".
, vVa Jiovo wir ihe C tHrmuMHi- j V -Oxtonl
Ciaminer, a new ran,. .
.Sv. I.-vrry"ren9,rJ2
. to i- matter nJ ty-trspht,
thetepoUKcan .mp,' and wiU U " .
on Ard WW j priori.'' y '
eur ranks a woruiy eoailjutor in fa
t i i .
"i na rc:orm, one ge h oar btal
Ijc iiarcm.
77 f'i"' iriump,nit.'tlrfl lllr'
hM i give oar miter, . fj i(,4 "
memt ot Ihe Jfcw Vk .i.-,.
of fole. imlleJh S9.J00. wbioh h 45lTIZ
. ue
mm wer m.,h-rn . .. '
J90Q mora (l,n er. polled M Ih 8.,!,.
Ul fc.II. The r..ult , , 7
W-kCWhWMajoerf .h..b.,
ol sat . LrVrw?rGii T
br a inMir mjwit orer both of 4, .JJr 1 ,ote Jn,, . 1
Aaron CUrk. . . r-
J a.' V'artiin tljimn f n; ,
KW.r. Hiker, ttJonrMi,.) ' i
F.r Iho Commnn Council lha Wain a... ''
leelt 9 Alilermraanil 9 Aaaitianli, anilifc. iju,
j.22lL!!r!.i'. oxiwniii a.iU
""f" werirH twtrj tepanmrt Of Ik. &
(lOTernmrn. - -'-Jji.
I'UBI.IC L.NU. .' ,
.. price M ,n.
I ih, or, nther lo pi-e ih.-m lo Ike aa St
Tim i.a..el ihe Senile. All or ltwM
n1limi, I. be brol,j down la ih lo arfc, V
JO e, n(. prP ere. Mr. Ctay akoM ,kj. ,
oo'd oterae on 71 milliona nf arra. a4 t
it immrdin- tfTret would he aitkf 4
rnilliaiii dollars from die value nf 1nriii
rrlTf Ad i-nmmmii tiin-aiM iku k. . 1
i"o foe rasli ol the old wiffld
the of Uli most exIratimM J T-wmi
in motion for one rear! Ftul ht -ri.l .r.
be men de.irueiive in Ibe old Slatea, 'k4
10 rite whole tOHnlnr."- Under kt,
old S'a'rt mill be drained ol ihairp,1lHite,Jf.
build ol( flniiridiing sViilemsrou oa Ibew kjf
lor who ,M queMion Ihe .Iron, iwbrwami '
liere held ouf lo etaigi-aouf Tba'smtei,
dieae Unh will t-crue lo ihe BMioaal intmfi
nd ibe Old Suae, through Ilu. tide af !.
linn, a ill l. immmIUI I . .
lion ot Itx-ir eilitent, Ihm to r.irniik "dW.
Ua b-irttinw of lAafe run trttterf b ,U .
General f Jowramenl. Tl gmduatiii, ntn
wilt encourate luriliu ml .. u u 1
qiiei!oihljp a .irons: bid for a sues. (
made nndrr ihe mn de.nenta .
It patted tbc Senate by a vol atrimh BMar
'ratlin. ' .
We, wilt) lU rirainW Hl
tls tfrldS4-0 --, l-m . a. -.! : V
!""" ""' ol right belong t,era. Tkn Inta
an onrjnratioaebte fjght f drraand a diviiloa 4
irir rrnreri!a arcordHir - federal eankwvl
......era u, nr. t;iingian in thetW
lure ef hit Stale, at by-Mr. Clar. latiea tT
lhi rijhi what have thee fona. Thraaa hri
rJjht and their tutirf.u in these tandliata d :
of Ihe National h'eiher kfcasw,
lory tre loo tn to withhold them. arkn
er they prphrrrH lliui la mini Her lit ptriripW
tt-to Ihe mad dt-'aivn. nt .IiwIiammh l. k iMLr '
Bcotl le itelermine. , . ' t -'
It It both fir and- proper that the penpft i
aTorlh CarnUna Uiauld know -the fcat-'aoii r".
here Wale it, that Seiurtor S I HN(iB tm(fc
tbia bill .!,. Poator CEUfOUl) DUOVlK,
n3S9iKa llir cjiletiion, " ,
K.ery once in a while ther. ia a 0raa
Conpre,. nn Ihe tuhjqet of oitr re'lio
Mexico. I'hevar itiirit ia ratine in ike rel
of aome of tl nambera, aoL: we- . bell ail W
urrHi.ed it liiey aneeeed in firinrlnr oa
meatiire of hostility a-ainat that goaernatrat '
ring; Ihe p'rctenl aniiian. An intere4i-X er at.
on Ihe aoLject, took place Ih ib 8eoai o
liibinrt: p originmed fronr ecrlaii Wiak-'
end ent)Hrea made by tr. Walker' in reh'loa,
to what tha, Caramiltee f a Ftireign RelMinM
had rfone; w inijib, about, to do,?ai:he-rd
lo rtjr r)wm .KMinM-M-Tieo. Mr. nnch",
ahalrmaA of that fommiitre, rrp'ie,' tbl '
eomfniitee t.1 held a noniker of kifona.1 .
aullalion.' nn ihe ndtirat. wad 'enate'l lb
eMieiutiofl.ihat it wee pronar ta awaij lh 'oi
of the' Itmaa'ltf tteprraenWire. ''Tk
step we i1ie nid Me. 0 ) in refferd teSTiiMi
muat be mm. m-aire that aa dicllflea
ar, or mar liti H!" It rhe went owto
bjr he lhuij;hl lurh fnetrmre orM S eri-
ale ia, the other M ohk, anif added, Ibal fcs
heeb atatircd that report aastlt sko1'. .
peeled from the eommiltew-wfebet Hu. T,
rbnie waa enntiirued for. aome tiibe bf 'e,r'
Uiichanan, Clay,- W alker, PrtMon, .BrS'""
- -.nn.. iv..l.;.'-.M.nindelit l
Now .York Amnion yi '! rl evideat V-
ttnno- ttonfrd betwfta, aad Jlcif; ,
It kaioeeied that Me. HowatJ. -.
arrent rennrt in a d or two. Tbaminow
of ihe Senate Cnwmilier nre alan ol npieits . s
aoeraiao meathret eoi-hl now ti be adoutad,
arirje the repealed 1
il tviuHatO oar naliaad t't
1 J W- ' .a " - .L-M
.V'ot- fat. Wo barn In "
Diriri.1 Camt of' ih." limited & late." ' "
at Trenton,'K, J. JnCgt Baldwin nretiJ".
" ta
Ibcen wnirarril diiriaif -weY paet with f '
I ay w . -
bronwht by Colbreih, t MI-, W"
an Whera, IrhahjtanH SaTem,,X. i- ""r "
fiiajai iSr iJ.r Vt,ieh the dlailill
.. . ... .km.
laimrd. Ih the twinlte- or MMt low".
, - y .. . - j . . . ,
bioortoae triat Mt. Sflifi.naH Tat t'"!f- -
Jt. - U TIT T..,-.-.r.l m......-- .
- rmAt-t. to)4a.-jr -

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