North Carolina Newspapers

" a.
(- - 1
"And while hi Harp rpoaiva rang
"Tim Mm ibe latwet Minstrel wt."
. i(,itruil turn'..:' ..
Whn lata duel like JT flower departed.
rVtm our dins fatlv th brightSiid Joely-
fair la lima, lb para, lha geiitie-hcsrtaJ,
Whoa look svitbia ika breast a Sabbath
like a whisper a tha inconstant wind,
memory af their voicMatin Um Blind!
haar tha igh. the eoog. tha fitful Uughtar
That fram thai lipa, ia balm, wan want to
fliW "
Whan hup' bejuilinj wrioue they hurried af
And drank bar airaa muslo lone "I"!
While tnya bright harp to iwaataal laye waa
poured rich number far tba loved and
Whan tha clear' ataraare burning high in Hen-
When the low bight-wind kiea the autum
naltrea .... . "
-And thoughts ara deepening in the bosh of e
Has soft those voice on lha beart will be!
Thy breath of rapture whirs bava bloomed
andjliea. ..
Of sorrow by reinemberanre aelifiJ.
Yet when the loved have from our pathway
What potent magic can their etnilea restore!
Like aoroagty aun bunt, by the leuiposl ban
They pad in darkneaa they will coma no
Unlike tba beam, when the storm bath
No light renewed break on their lowly bad
A ' PUtt I K AIT.
. Her croaa fipa' -
Ware delicate aa tha tinted penciling
Of vein upon a flower, and on bar cheek
The timid blood had faintly melted through
' I,ike something that wa hill atraid of light.
There da no slighter print upon toe graae.
Than her elastic stem and in bar frame
There waa a perfect symmetry that seem'd
JE ul ss s ptrJ a. .
Wo The best and purest feel
ings of our human nature are excited by
' woman autl Minamata tne auiirciiia
cr of her influence, to coutrast with
and in pioaition to the more grovel
lin.1sioiis of mankind has employ
ed Ue pens of the brizhleat geniuses
in every age a roost faithful and elo
quent theme.
Not h$ with traitorous kias, her Saviour
Not A denied him with unholy tongue:
S: while epoatlaa shrank, could danger
brava ;. ; . '
latl at hi croaa sod Ear&ft hi
The above paragraph is from, a con
temporary, whu is at leaat thejVnty
w'trtth publisher of this precious morsel.
On making this remark to our Devil,
he slyly handed us the following, with
a request that it should be appended.
Newbern Spectator.'
Not with curious, damning wish to pry,
That broke Con's lw, and caused our Loss
- - to die. ' ;
Not r. in Eden, Drat took Satao'a tajtt
Wbaa $k aa ducad bin), bso-packed Adam
JTor al, nor death, aar shame, nor dark doe-
. nsir. . . -
Would Man. have known, had Wentaanot
been there!
.. Brautiful Extract.
. Virtue has resources buried in it
elf, which we know not of until the
;....i;nr Iwiur call them from their re
treats. Surrounded by hosts without,
and when nature herself turned trai-
turT is Its tnostTletdly enemy wrthin,
.. . mam. .ml ft m ru rK ii m .1 n
aasumrs ' a new anu nmuism-i
hich is creater than nature
I.wair. Whatever be its treed, whatev-
tr itf aectfwmWBaUvi--Mgiaent
..r h. .tr,he its orisons arise. Virtue is
Ood's empire, and tronvins tnrone ne
.ill defend iL ThougiKtsst into tne
Hi.t.nt earth and struzalinz on .the
dim arena of a human heart, all things
above are spectators of its ccnflict, or
enlisted iu itt cause. The angels
have their charge over it-the banner
of archangels are on its side and from
anhere to sphere through the illimita
bU ether od round the impenetrable
.i.-bn.aaat the feet of j God, its tri-
.,nki. hvmned bv harns which are
trunz to the glories of theaCreator.
. Jiulwer.
- , . ,1
Advice 4o Sundry PeOple. AVhen
ou feel your passions rising never
ionfine or suppress them. How many
i t,... been burst br too
close an imprisonment of their, con
. -
i.a nroclaim faults ot others,
Thre shoulJ be no secrets in a repuu
IlCsia jvwi . - - -vr
f.-. nn irouf dbinion thougl
t.-.r era wrontti it show
tow in" ' .
iii . in,l,..-nileiice.
mat you. n .m.. 7 i
Wh.never vou attack VOttT neign
bor's character, do it behind ht ck
. not to wound his feelings.
Make it a ruie to aeep
wit- rogues and rascalsi and then it
you should be prosecuted for an or
fence you have committed, and your
.- comrades should be called as wtfnesses
. against you. no botly will believe them
and so you will get clear. .
Never forgive an inju'J Pow
ir of pardoning belongs to the Gover
' or and Council. . - . ii "
- When you have done an act ol cnar-
i i:U tt A nthr aa that thev
iV nuoiiaw - ' .
yaay do iotoo. Besides etaey
an preach best from Iris own notes.
er par roar aeots it is unconsti
tutional, for payment impair the ob
ligation ol a contract, ana. even ine
legislature has no power to do that.
Temperance is a great virtue) there
fore always be moderate in the nse of
ardent snirits. Six glasses elating be
fore breakfast is as good as a thousand.
sleep. Sunday is a day of resJU
If. a secret has been coramtttea to
1 . . . . a
your to keep, take special care to keep
r , -rT- i it r.. ..
it safety rami iv t wen iw sa-
(ions sake to get one or two to help
.,,1 ,-,ftm.i,ia railed tha weakertTtT''te. ha followinf tresis af UASD.jw as
And as woman is eauea tne wer wue amount of taes due fer the
veel.M she should hsve a dozn to
help her. - 'Past bind fast find.
Never sweep your parlor it manes
a confounded dust.
NeveTbrush down a cobweb: it is a
part of a spiders's dwelling house, and
of course bis castle, and therefore is
sacred. "
Life is short, and as things are now
managed, a woman's work- i never
done, she muat therefore work double
tides that is she should talk and laugh
at the same time. Years of life may
be saved in this way.
When you are in company and can
find nothing to say, you may do your
part by singing and whistling to your
self. In telling a story, season it with
laughter as you go on, and give notice
when you are done, so that others may
know when to join in the laugh-
Somepeople a gh in the old fashioned
way; and some give a long sigh through
the nose. The former mode occasions
much wear and tear of the heart, and
the latter saves the wear and tear of
the pocket handkerchief.
Poriland Trantcripl.
From the Columbus (Ohio) Journal
and Register. A Pleasant Conceit!
A gentleman of Montgomery county,
having been rsquested to lurniwh some
atati 'silcatTii'tttTeirTeipeetinjg lhat th tet
ligent and wealthy county, for the pa
ges of a monthly contemporarv, in con
senting so to do, thus pleasantfy a'ludes
to the political teeling of that district:
"By the way, lest that fact should
perchance be omitted in any future ac
count to be furnished you of our topo
graphy, static?, and characteristic fta
tures.'you may say that our soil -deep,
strong and preduclive, as well upon
the hill tops, as in 'the bottoms, every
where over the whole face of the coun
try, is Clay, excellent Clay. 'Dig in
to the heart of the land, and first and
ppermpst, wherever you try it, you
will come to that,"
Our readers will, we think, gener-
allv admit the common sense of the
following article : "
r rom the Columbia (a. e.Tlrcope
DivoBtmo. Congrens has now un
der debate a resolution, which proposes
the appointment of a committee of re
trenchment ana reform t "iad "
ail rrtvrVnrtB-tro tnstructea also to
nnuire into the expediency of divorc
ing, by law,' the Government from the
public press-"
Really, we should like to know bow
manv wives the uovernment nas. we
hear of nothinz but divorcing It from
tliit. and divotcinir it from that. If
half the insinuatinns against it have
anv foundation, it should have been
indicted and punished for bigamy
hundred times over.
This slang phrase of "divorcing the
Government from the Banks," by
which a there metaphnr is substituted
for fact and for argument, has perhaps
acouired for the sub-treasury scheme
of Van JBurejiiJBenton, &.C. the chief
part of such popular supporiits tt r tvaa
received, wnat uoesumeanr nas
it any meaning? Let us see.
Dtvorcei a"" dissoloiiotrofthe -marv-
riage contract dividing the parties
Mumagei the closest connexion mat
can be formed between mortals: by it
We say to our shoemaker "sir.
we choose to pay your bill ami quit
your shop." Is this a divorce between
JrVe say to a tailor "v e are come
to employ vou to make us a suit ol
clothes." "is this a marriage, -
We say to a broker "Negotiate
this bill ot exchange lor us, on theusu
at tommmission." Is this a marriage?
To a President of a bank "We
wish to put in your bank ten thousand
dollars, to transmit lor us to various
States. We will pay you a reasona
ble commission." Is this marrt
If the bank can execute our business
well and reasonably, why not emply
it? Because we hire the bank to do
our work, does that marry us to the
We hope not.
Duelling. The Committee of Con
gress have made a report recommend-
if, Uraves to be expelled, snu censur
ingll the parties to the right and left
implicated in the late Duels. Dcsirou i
as it undoubtedly is to prevent duel
ling generally, and particularly in
Congress, intemperate party reports of
Committees similar to this can never
effect the object Members may pre
vent duels by courtesy and propriety
in debate. AM.
r DanclmV Waltzinfr School.
Moo. POJfCEM -ytCUTERJk', respect
folly miorvae tha cdixen of Kaleigh and it l
chiity, that his Dancing School has commenced,
end is bnea for a session, at Col. Cook Head
inr Konen. eorner i Hlllshnrw, arreer. '
Kerular davs for Teaching: Kvery other week,
en Twesdaye.'Wedaesdays, Thnradat a aad Fri
days, at 4 e "clock P. M. for young Ladies, and
ighti lor Gentlemen at hall past T. . .
April tt, IMS,
Tha Spring Haeaa will eommcaca aver the
Oxford Course the first Monday in Jane out.
The first day aweepstskes lor 9 year 0!0 eon siw
fillies, aaila beats, fifty dollars antranee; la aleaa
lb first day of My, now one subscriber. Se
im4 day, sweepstake, eoh aad fit lire, S years
eld, rails beats, one bondreo collars ewirwnw,
half forfait ia both, owe subscriber! ia eioee
first May. Third dsy, Iwa aaila beat for a parse
of twa baedred dollarsi twenty dollars eatraaee.
Fourth dsy, esile beet, weal mree " wvw,
buedred dollarsi eelranaa $rO. Tkia rase Is
aide op by there will
be from lour to fiva votries ia both the" sweep
.wkea. PUOPB1RTOK.
OeJareV April , I tM.,.,. ...II.
Will be sold, on baturaay tha 19th dsy af
Ms Mil. bet or baiaa Uonrt Moase ooor
year eating 1 S3, together a ah 4be cost af d-
John W. Bond, 57 aerea,
Jsmea Bkr, sea. S0 seres.
Tiaaon V. Kara, 100
William Core. Is t-a
Daniel PMrlds, fOO seres.
Harwell Griffith. 97
Samawl iiarrcU, 7 arrca, Hsnrll. IUO eenea.
Tbenia Junes, SO aarc.
John Joaes, 1 asrea.
TnomaaJ. Miller. S aa
Jlrrrisan Hsrker. (of Vs.) 9u0 aaras.
Jamee Skmnrr's Heira,300 aeraa.
William Hullockt hh-a, S5 aares, edjoioinf
the land of Tb. Ssuhrtei s and other.
William Parker's heirs, i aeres, adjein'ng
the Isnrls ol Klijah llarrell and oihera'-
Kitha'd Parker's hrirs, S3 aeres, ailjoinuig
(ha lands of Knot. ft. rartrr anil othrt-t.
JAS.K KIUUICK,8a''afr.ts
April IS, IS4S. ll 7w
M EnfieUl, IlaUfax Connly, A. C.
Having taken from Mrs. P. W. SOUTIIALL
llast Desutltul new uuiimng, suaaira si in wh
end of the villsge, and eAatigaous to her grove,
m now ft It me it up lor tha rwaeptia) ol iravellrrs.
Too many promise bava, been made ia thi liaa
of busiaess, in whish tha pablia bsva been aV
eeiverl. I at, All only ssy, call aaa jaora- km
ynnrselve. Mn. Snatbslt and daughters pro
aad indtw-forJ
ra.M prsoualtealloa ta lafliea.
April, 'VIS. 17 lie-
Sljfn ribe Golden Mo
Witt. M. XOASOXT a CO-
H a wins nurc hsaed tba entire stock of Messrs
T. 8. Beckwith tt Co. bava eommeoeed Ibe
APOTIIECAKY buiiaenat the tand formerlv
oeeupied by them on fayrtteville Street, second
door north ol W. k A. Stab, where they have
just received a further supply af
nrnirau Iff rdlclnt?. CSIas, Oil
Faints, yt? Stndls and ler
imnrry, ioiritir with si
awaawraet taaMwrSSiaea Af
whhth thev wilt dispow ot an the most msona-
Mersnania son omers win wm
nalaat and other medicine on a rrasoaabla
term a they esa be got south of lha Potamsa.
Persons would do well to aall and esamine lor
themselvea. - Physleiana at a distance, wha may
favor us whh their orders, will have them
promptly attended to. No pains witl be snared
U ..iMiina Chemicals and Pharmaaeatiaal pre
narations, as they ara stoermiaed that no medi-tTTTes-tutiuah
a re genuine, shall be sold by
them, una oi tne r irwa -r
to tha business, to which ba will give hia eads.
sided attention, Ihereb avoHling those laisl
mistakea that too often occur thraogh incampe
teney or esreles.less, Vhey hone, by strict atlrej.
lion to business, ta merit a eharo af tha publia
February, 1SSI.
10 If
MORDECAI h MeKlMMOfi hsve just re
ceived and are now prepared to oner ta their
frieatls sod customers, '
A Splendid Amortnaeni or
New jiMtt,
to which they would reapeetfully direct thesttea-
in with an eye-single to the present pressure of
the times, principally fnr cash, having besa se
lected upon the most advantageous terms by one
of the Firm, thev feel no hesitation in aiiunnr
4ha publia that tbcr caa dispose. of lljem st wits
comparatively much lower than heretolore.
Their stock consists of almost every srticle in
the central line:
Cloths, Cassimers and Vesting,
A handsome assortment of Geutlcmea's Sum'
rner Goods.
Splendid Goods tor lbs Ladies, suitable for the
approaching season.
hhoes oi every description.
Hats of all kinds.
Queensware, Hardware, Groceries, fc.
All of which they offer at reduced prices, and
invite the alientioa or tne pnblis.
Kaleigh, April II, 1838. 17 Iw
Fiflr Dollars leeward,
For the spnrehention of ssa hv the name nf
for any intnrmstion so I get lite hnrse, which It is
belnsed the said JUH Y SMITH look from
the subscriber's stshle an tha night of ibe id ol
April, as the said SruilW has not been seen since
tha dav the horse wss iskea at nicht. Ha is sun
Cased lo be shout 6ve feet six inches high, welt
ult,a little bow4eggec'rsbout twenty year old,
wore a blue aoat and black bat, black hair, end
has a healthy appearance. He came frem Ibe
Northern Ststes lo Tarhoronrb. Edeeeombeeo
M. C. The hnrse is about five feet foar inches
high, a bright Sorrel, round bodied, a littles in
elined to be honey ( pace, slow when travelling,
anu ta about sis years old.
Hamilton, Martin county, N. C.
ApritS,tS3. 17 4w
. Prese and Type for Sale.
The Editor of the Danville Rcnorter offer
for Sale the Washington press. Hp and office
6tares belonging to the "Danvil ht Observer''
efhee. 1 ha whole estsblishment ia almost
good a hew a aa have an are far it at this
writer, wo win sell it lor a low price, and on
ereuit oi s mnnina.
Nsw?tr 183T. .U.feU.'-T:: -C -.
(Tjy Eilrlnrs with wham wa nehaag, will
plesse publish the above notice, and lha favor
wil ba cheerfully reciprocated
BLANKS for aale here.
rr T aU mt :.C.retlUor.
Messrs. Wra. Robertson, VVra. Mdikmwed
joba M Walton, M. B at Was. -Edr,
tt i. C. (ireeawsy. yooa iieawiu, .
k iiagbes, U. S,
i. Uaaber, Altoraej, awe -i
ataer araownrs: . r
i, - ,k.( ilia ma u"T "
May neat, at tba Court Nwu the C.iy af
Ksleigh, betaeea the bawra ol ti aVIoek sad t
P. M
I sfcail appear vtw
tba itnel
.(kli v.!.. uuki lha benefit ol the Isw V
mada aad provided for Ibe) reliei w
Raleigh, April 10, l3..
17 If
An leetalment of TEX DOLMl per
Share, ow lha Capital Svaok af tha K.I i aao BmA C'-nmnftnT. ts required to be
u.kJ mm knra lha SrM dev Of Ma aSI. in-
lereat will be allowed aaS eluu geu a nereiwur..
By order af the Board,
GEO. W. MOUDECAl, Prri'l.
17 if
HMMtahliahed bbnself in Kaleieh, and will
aftord Medical aid to those who may feci dupo
aad ta patronise bin. Hit offiee is in the rrmr ol
lha Apoihaaary Store of Messrs. VA m. M. Ma-
aoa k Un. where be may aa eew wum my
ssarily absent. AtteadaDca on the poor grans.
Jaaaaiy , IS38. J '
Turner St llurhe bsva just opened st the
North Carolina Book Btore a aptenrlid aitoit
mentol Walking Canes and Wbips.of every d-
crirKion, lo Which tuey invite atteniton; h m
aoKBdent that those aho need such srtwlri csn-
nnt ba ntherwise loan nleaiea. ui me lorracr
!. base. Maisaea. Penana. Hick.irT, Steel,
Bamboo ana I enow aau macs,, mim
' . ..... V . . U..11-. II ..I .
finlH and Silver M ousted, with aa-f wiilioot
Swords. Amonr the latter ara Sulkey, (iig.
Urevera, Crop and Switch Whips, whale none
.r.naJ. leather, da. Ivorv handle. ire nlsil.
t'll iilain, Xlt moanteo, ivory mounteu . c.
.IT." . . . - . . j .
Also a fhetce eoiieeiioaoi iiirmini ,,mip..
Call at No. t Cbeapside, aud essraine lor
Just received at tli North C aro-
lina Book Slorr,
JVo. 1 Fayeltevitlt Street, llaleigh.
Pickwick Papers, by Sara Weller and Mfred
Creaauill with lllastrstKina, in one volume.
ICIlia lJ I1UI.CI, m Mijrcr wvjmu v-,w,
Cugravings on steel. Confessions ol sn "Kldcrly
Lady and Gentleman," by tba Counteit of
BictSingion. Wcod Leigbton, or a year in the
country, by Msry MowUl. 1 he liock-maaer,
r ssjfings doings of Samuel Slick of Slick-
vi lie. mnnerieur, or rtmrnai msgnetinw.
Areihusa, by Csil. Chsmier. Thonglils, by A.
irumble, of Grumbleton Hall, Y.n. Itetollee
lionaof a Southern Matron. The Old Comoilorr,
by Capt. Marry tt Preteasioa, by Miss Sarah
Stocking. Clinloa Bradahaw, ar the Adven
tures of a Lawyer. Visits and Skeschrt by Mr.
Jameson. Charaeteristw of Women, by the
same. The Duke of Manmnth, a Novel. The
Good Fellow, by Paul lie Kock. The Sketch
Book of Fashion. Acnes le Msnifirld, b)
T. G. G rattan. Miseelanies. br Mis llsrriel
Msrtinesu. Feelings On Sock-Ij, sullior of
Trcmtline Itc. Worth a Million. Talcs from
lha German, translated by Nat. Greea. Harry
U'Kcadon or illustratnws of Irish I'ride. As.
aaodeas at larae. b Bulwer. The Couuetl, Sv.
Herbert endeH. s tal of the Itcvoiatioa.
nrua Sketches; CbsroUs. bv P.. L. Buloer.
Keelosa of Norwsr, by Miss M. Porter. 1 be
Down Fosters. Alsa
A few acts af bir Waller Scwlt's Navels,
spleodHlly bound.. Alsa a law acts of K. U Uul
war's Novels.
A few sets of James' Novels, tngelher with a
larea eoHeclion of light readme. ta IcduMj, to
went ion, all of ohih will ba a4d at vary redu
TTRS KSV a. saslSlssaiw
-piTirw w, iu.
otMtaasessi for Ibe Ulinal Filets.
Tba pablia are savored that I bava had this
remedy m ess for six year, during which lijae
it has, n ntsmaroa ease, been subjected tn Ihe4
lest of cxpermsent, aail, ia many mstaases, on the
saoet aggravated forms of thi disease, and l-
wava with perfect sassess nn rastsnce of tadure
having ever none ta my knowledge.
1 be as"vponeat part ol inn remedy are sure
ly vegti ; wsrrauled to contain no mineral
aubttaa whatever. Na particular eare ss to
espbsa- la Kxerssery. It may be used wiilioot
Miterrt.ptsnff ordinary pursuit. It eauses no
pens, M ta a aaatbmg eneet en the diseased
part, and as a short time effect a perfect cure,
. ,, i . . i
II as aox gewrrsiij aaewa mat inf rues are
ew the sea a of lhat dreadful disease Fistcls.
Ilk moat instance ia which I have been called
to practice on this disease, I have traced it origi
nally to lha Pries hence, those suffering I rom
Lhein should lose no tunc In seeking thi must
efficient remedies. Price $i 00 per Hox.
HichmmiL, Ta.
S. B. Numeroo references can be given.
The arrtftcvra-'Tjf tbe Revr Wtlliem r Smith, ol
lha Methodist E. Lours tv, aluna as submitted,
with tbe remark, that like testimonials nave been
obtained from nomeroo other Intelligent and re
ft1 Winfree, Thomas Hart, James C Crane.
Archibald Thomas, Cornelius Cre. , Ezckiel
Daw. Jarues Caskie, A French.
This Istorerlify that 1 have had a fair oppor
tunity to k ndw bttth ihr nstuit and cfTi.iswHn"
Marslll remedy lor Ilia Blind 1'iles, and
think it a duty I ewe to those who suffer with
this distressieg disease lo say, that il may be con
fidently relied en as a Sab, agreeable and efficient
remedy for the form of disease for which the
propraetor recommend It. It nas beeajaxtea
sivcly used ia the circle of my acquaintance, and
a vase ot lalmre has not coma to my knowledge.
F.rthnr-tjf th Virginia and North Carolina
Conterenee Journal.
Richmond, Vs. Oct. St, 18 17 7 tt
K7" Vlie anicted will do well to
call and obtain this invaluable remedy,
sold by R. TUCKER, Agent, at his
Store on Fayettcville Street, Raleigh,
N. C.
Directions accompany each
Eartbenware, China A liiaba.
. Na. 35 Nissac Strut, Niw Vork, "
Offers lor tale a aompletc. Assortment in the
aboea line, aomprising many very choice pat-
paeaea ic oruer ior country trade, ar ia
tba original package. Orders by letter will re-
cerrc every attention.
New Vork, Jsa. 9, I S3
i 10
China, 31ass, Carthea A Stone
l: ruNsroaD v eatoji,
Imparter ahd Dealers in China, Class, and
F.arthee Ware, ara daily eapeetmg a large and
handsome supply of the above, which, added to
their present Slock, will make their assorliaen
very extensive and splendid. Tbey in, all
to call and examine their STOCK ot I'KICKS.
Country Merchants would do welLjo call and
look for themselves before going North or pur
chasing elsewhere) aa we are determined to sell
our Goods aa ss reasonable terms ss they aaa be
bad in thi or any ol lha Northern Markets.
March I T, I S. ' i J it
Neatly and expeditiously executed at
this Office.
ST nli Eg,
or Salisbury and 3!organlon
TUa Stsres from f ayetwtiMe, for Saliebwry
are naw ia operation. I hey Iceve rayatleviiio
on the mernines oi Mondsy sod Friday, at fiva
of Hie vieWl?, tat4eawcITiWrj,by leave
Stlishnry mi ih asma WMwnmjs si km kIOcK,
and arrive at Payelleville on the evening of the
next day. Pssteagira rest nine hour at nicht,
st Allen's in Moore eonaty. "are $S Hfc These
Stages eonaect with my line Irare Sslisbory to
Morganton. This route aflords grrst laciMk-s
I. ...rchaalua the interinr. le visit Fscltrville
lor 1 1. a nurelixM or I Urn- amidi, escnsage ol
money, purchss nf llrafts, tea. be., a it is tha
eheaprst, most eapetlrtioa. end most dh-ret
route between the two places At PsvetUville
Stage lines leave ever dsy fur the urlh and
A. CRMICH.r.I., Proprietor,
J. BHUWN, (Lalsyette Hotel) Agent,
A. 0. CUR BY, Agent. Crthse,
T. llACt'K. Agent, SliHary,
T. M. YOUN'ti. Agent, Sistetville,
R V,. rKAKSON, Agent, Morganton.
Jsnusry U, MM 6 3m
The Tavern House and lot latrlv occupied
hv Col. Jsmes Nuitull. the subscriber is audio.
rised to Sell on moderate terras. A credit of
one and two years snay be bed for a greater
part os tne pnrcnase money.
This properly is now in good repair, well
painted, end Is sn eligible SHualwn for a tavern
A well regulated house la Oxford is certain to
meet whb encouragement. The flournlimg stale
ot the academics, sis eourts being held, lha
races, and Us lord being a place nf resort of me
ny in the summer months, liiic Ii I y recotnrnciid
this properly lo those disposed lo keep n house
of entertsinnient.
Application, made through the mail -or other
wise, will be attended to. .Possession may be
bad. at any time.
II. 1.. KOU.VHII3.
Oxford, N. C. Feb. 10, 15 g tt
lirgister snd Standard till lorbid.
The (ubwribers, hating contracted with the
Commissioners of the State fir the imbrication
of the RevineiJ Silrtulcs of Nnlh.Canilipa, , Jiajf
inc picaMiiw ui apiiuuncm tne couipietlon Ol
id work. .
Heine appointrd by the Governor stents on
the part ol the Slate lor its sale, they now tiffei
to the goad citizens of North Carolina a woik
which, as regards rjuality ot paper snd execu
tion, is not eqiullt il by any law book ever pub
lished m this country. It hss been pronounced
by every one alio has examined it, (and amongst
those si a numbered many of the oldest and iiiont
extensive book publishers in the United States"
to he the "ne plus ultra" of typography.
Published in It volumes the lit containing
71 i pages the 2d 558. Price only nine dollars
per copy or five dollars for tt -volume, and
four lor tbe second, if sold separately. All or
der for the above work, directed to ihem at the
North Carolina Baok Stare, will meet with
pre nipt attention.
Raleigh. N. C. January 4, 1837. 3 3m
Ranawsy from the subscriber,
on the 4th January, I.'i8, a negro
niaa named JlL.t Ut.lJ, lormetiy
tha property nf Charles A. Hill,
deceased. He Is no doubt In the
neighborhood where the said Hill
formerly lived. The above re
ward of Twenty-6ve dollars will
be given lo Sny person who will deliver the said
boy Alfred to me at my residence, miles west
of Louisburg, or confine him iu Louuburg Jail so
that Lget him again.
CfTT 1 would gie a description of the boy
but I hare not had him a sufficient length ol lime
to observe or recollect anv pmiiculur murk a.
XVM. .VI. SLI'.IXili.
Franklin o., N. C. Feb. , JSM 8 if
Town Lots for Sale.
Will be sold at public sale on Friday the 6th
day of April next, it being th wetk'el April
Court, hirty or fifty uuimprod Irfits in the
tnwu of Yancey ville, on a credit until the S5rh
day of December next. These lols have lately
been laid out, and are beautifully anualeil, ei
Iher for private tesidenees or michauical husi
ness, and sre so laid off as lo suit the conveni
ence of persons wishing lo settle in the village.
Thr ttnds- vn which these lols we iitualetf- hs c
lately come into tbe potaenion nf ilie suhscVU
ber, and the anxiety on the art of some per
sons lo locate in Yancey ville, lias induced him
to aftord an opportunity to all pertnns of pos
sesting lliemselves of a situation in one nt the
most healthy and flom iiliing villa-et in North
Carolina, and one too, which promts as many
advantages as anv other having the advantages
good society, snd a wealthy nei);libnrlinnd. Pvr
sons desirous of locating thriiiaelves lo advan
tage would do well lo attend Hut a.ile. ltondi
and good security wiN be requiieU ul the i.ur-
chaws--fusilier pailicMlws wic--knowTr wn
lha day cf sale.
Feb 3d, 183$, 9 8w
l ha great popularity and established demand
for Ibis valuable medicine, reudrri the contin
uation of s lengthy advertisement anneeessary.
Numerous testimonials of their value (lately re
ceived 1 Irom gentlemen of the highest respects
bility, in adddiou lo those accompanying each
boa, may be tern on applieatioa lo any of tha
agents. Tbe pills ara put ap in a superiur style,
in tin botes eealaming 40 pills, with lull direa-
Kiona. Price M seat per boa. To aarul or
purchiwnjhe term of commiaaisa and d Mount
ara liberal. All eommunicatnini will be prompt
fy aileaded to, br
C7" niftee, Morgan St. Rafrtgh, Itt door west
af the Prssbjterian Church
TO ftxcnonAHTS.
HATS, ike
The sabvCribev havmg lakia tha sHmw fnrmero
ly accupttd by C. Hrnnefson st wbolrsote Hat
and Cap War House, inteadi keeping al way sun
band a lull and anmptrte assort meut ft
Hats, Cups, Palm Leaf aud
. Wool Hals.
Which he offer tn th public oa tha most aa-
corooustmg terms.
Sycamore St. Petersburg, Va, 14 4w
it :-- - - - - '- -- ' ' '
77i ceUlrattJ XnglUh j,t ,
(need by lha Karl of r. '.
tna oan ot cgrcmont lor the c-J r..,
her dam Harm, by Gohann. .? I
(sister loCa'hsrma, Col.bri ,Vd , '
the dam of Maadane and, All. 1?''' 1
pecker, Camilla by TteniUa. Vl7' v
ComptoBarbi sister ta vulub;,?1',
phia Arabian. ' . C
Whalehnna, the aire aft(M .
aa L W w1 W .
rcneiope oy s rumpeter, rmoeli, b,
Promise by Snap. Spectator , rUas 'ki t
In Flexible ia thus anitea! tb. w2 '
Matchem, llrrod and Eelipw, " -
FLK.XIHLE waa nine races
aid (clid;i.g a cup of 4 mlies),- ru
lngwairt. Dr. Faustns, Arseh.. ( w
na, bignorina, Whillington, Os.i,t l
roogn, .Muxaiae, aco. riexikl.
land at eleven suverrignt (eoual a. i. ? '
tin ia full IS banal. InX fcy, .
moseulsr powersjand lor nice oJH 8
quailed by few. lie is one idLVa
Whalebone, deaeended from the twT '
biani, without an unfashionable ares. H," K
bottom, and temper enual to an kai""
day. He is now at his-stsules. The seT
commence the 14th dsy of Febrsjarv a,
il required. For the particulars of' L
oad that of his aotii in F.nglaad, J'
also hi ttru., which shall ba liberal '
Wilton. Granvilta eo. N. C vM1-3.
. Jaauary H, ISSg, . I t
' TAKEN 1)1
ltichmnud etwirty, N. 0,
heard of any town except Porlamoaik aa
folk. He is a Well built boy, dark oia,,,!, ,
about 4 feet 7 or I inchel high, aad ,
be about IS year old. , '
The owner i requested looase,t l
tske him away, or lie will be dealt aiih
law directs. Any Information about tu ,
if he is free, would ba thankfully miM
8. H. SKDllfcltRV, jju
Rnekingham, N. C Jan 31, ItiS
Price first in. ft
State of JVortti SJaroUsta,
Court of Equity, Ftdl Term, ?
Oriftinal Hill.
-"Ttie oilT om
county ol Wcaklry, and btale of I'mtim tj
tbauiel Dunn ol the county of Freaklm stati,
aad Mary Cooper ol the same aouMy, sue,,.
SutS L '
, James Broom snd his wHe Naney, Vikti.
ty uf Halifax, and Stale nf North Ceruhu, (,
Duun, of llie cnuttTy ol Limestone, Mn
Alabama, John Dunn, of tha county el
snd (State of Tenncoee, Eli Delaaali,
county of Holme and Sieto of Mi.iii,i.,?li t
MerrHl and William Merrill, hifantigHuW;
age ol twetily-otie )'ai l, of lha ceuaii sf X,
nad State ot Kentucky ( llaidj VI r ,
mlnishator ol Wm. Dunu, deaU M i,
Dunn, of the aounty of Frsaklia a&reuKl, ,
fondants. ' '
Il appearing
that Cray Duun, John Dunn, Kin P. Ik .
Ann Merrill and Wm. Merrht, See Wn ,
fendsnts in I he above cause, ara not Uiuv.-.
ol thil State; it it therefore artlrredaj'lko.
that publication be mada lor focr'n,,-.,,
weeks iu the htar and North Carot'nn (;,:,-:
printed ami published in the any i B. hi tt. .
the aaid Gray Dunn, John Dbpn, Klui
Ann Merritt and Wm. Merrkt, be stir,;
at the next term of this eonrt. In besWt
sounty uf Franklin, at the aotwt-bossral .
burg on the second Monday stlcr il ,
Monday in March next, then and tbere t ..
antwer or demur lo said bill nf swiaptaiM.
wise the same will be taken as coalnu: .
heard expaite a to Ihem, and decree s.v
cordingly. - .
Witness, Samuel Johnson, Clerk left!
of our said Court ot K.itiily, for the evi
Franklin, at oHRce, the second Monthn .!
lourth Monday in September, A. U.
March 5. I DSD -.
TI CZivEU A JlKalilX
Publisiiers, Itookacllers, d V
Keep a general assortment af JtooU. n
vsriniudrpartinrnl ef Literature, i
Theology, also Stationary, in all its .
ol which they will sell at whiilesaie orrr
the most liberal term. They bale aa re collection
ol the moat approved edition! ol
books. Amnng them are Waylaad'i f .
KctjntTmy, -of knMrepulalljou, suit tin
used as a text book in all the principal ' .
Way land's Political tconoray, abrHsircic.
use of sckonls;a very valuable wmk. W.
fcUemeala ui 1 oral bsin. J1 be Mrvu
the public is most reirctfuHy walleilMiiM'
7 valuable wmk. Also, Way land's tlc-
ol Moral aeienco abrnlgan, and SiUf1" '
tha abridgment aa admirably adapieil i r
the deficiency which has long bteatet' no
mon school education the study a taunt
gatiun. So lar as wa bava beea ablet""
IlLe iwa...m' s-
well pleased wnb the smaller as aufe Hwu s
the illustrations aiw ait and striking. AVi
bieoa InlclU'clunl I'oarrs. Why nsaW
mil in every fa .ily and school' Pslrj"! eilitiqrt.nilargcil, with fnitt
ai'diiional notes of Dr. Utiler aad allien
Clas Book of Nat Tbulgy, ar 1""
y ol Nature 10 th lleing, I'nfectiaa. aaJ
ernment ol Cod, by II, Fergus. 11'
Ladir fMass Uook a selcrtaa af l" '
reading, hi pri-a and vrrsr, by Kbeartri tw
A. M. I'eter lavley's tjommon cnMi r "
embell shed with (.ngravings, a newwwl:
a gnat varacty of small valuable oarbs,si t
I'arlcy, containing liistornrs, tranrs,
lives, etc. for Juvenile readers. Bl-c -ral
Philosophy, new ,i!iiir, anlareed. I '
first book in Astronomy, designed ht M
common schools, dluaiisted ay stem r
ntuanatra ay ri r -I
Antiniillirs and Aera-at
Dillenay, A. M ,'"
cravmr. Koman .
iholnev. bv Cha
Sul he alreani eneravines. 1 na A""- '
r, -. ----- -
posnor, or inieiieciuai ssenarr, -use
of schools, by tufas ClocgeU. 1 ""''
menlt are goml and Ibr dcltnMiontenr-r -
sis. Bars roinwal r.conomy.
i.. lkri.i..1 r..H i acbuets -
J. iM.ilnanr.h U" 1 1,. Xlind. tlwf's " '
Librarv. Harper's ramity uurry.
ia amn luahla renlnia ibao be I
i inr ,1,. mmL. Classical
where there may be fnslnd nearlv aa .
aicat Iranslalinns. Cluisliaa LiWa-y, '
orth's Novels eomplrte. Mrs. "I
complete. Mr. Stierwood's !"' .
A lew tun sat a ot me saw" m,
Kepositm-y of Useul Knowleihte, eer
vols, well bound) also, son. """
for the year 1S3S. aowpUie acta w,
Magaaina, of lha Society fr ne
lul knowledge! with a very large aad
leetioa ol Hook, ennsiatu-g '.
Historical. I heological, aad v
els, aoyagen novels, ke., all ,
Books, tow tedious so mention, "-' ( ,
sll kinds, alsa Blank Books made J"Tf,
shorteat nolle, alsa arch Bed oral
ter't guide. Old Books rebana m aii (
All kind ot Books and Stationary "
the North Caroliaa Hook biore at ecrj
irler. : ' o
rr. rws. ......Iker M'OS
tlU 1
twe appmitieca to the Tailoring
from 14 lo IS years. Bay Irons v
would ba preferred. cirV
Raleigh, Janaerv I, 1S38,

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