North Carolina Newspapers

- 1
As lit baiikiag yUa U ntuutiflBgrm
J much of th pabneDeniMy4!uag ftew
n that subject win of coon Uurwat our rJ
pt. Wlhnfortneimth, la othr
column, an abstract of th aw pa-ed by tfcd
m,kirij raJiea! chang in th yln oftwnk.
ins in lBrt 8uM: ' ulhori n7 dividual
or association to eierei th pwr U bank,
iris, under the priaioua and reatrirtiona which
it prcribe, provided tbeir capital ba not lea
it,.- 1 00.000 dollar. It will ba n that th
" i l I. 1 1. . vuMrmittMil lit lu
cm banker ara, that they ara required to da.
Wait with
the Cooiptroller of tha State, ia
tra.t, public Hock, either of tha United Slate
or in individunl State, bearing, au interest UJ
not lew than fiw per cent, per annum, to thet
fiilj amount of tha propwad banking capital; osf
half the am.winl in eucb atock. and j t2 f
balf in bond and mortgage
bored productive real estate, am
of the State of New York; 0
Comntrollrr ahull issue to tha V
note, engraved for tho purpose.
himself, equal in amount to t
Ul of tck and mortgage tl
redemption of tlie issue;
individual or association
uuil fuuetioti of banker
We con few, ou-acq
JrtCl OI Milking I
form an opinion
thiiiniuri:int measure. It i believed by ma
ny that it wi!! be attended with the happiest
eineiueiice. The act i certainly drawn
withcareand ingenuity; and thoae feature of
it whirl) am intemled to prevent over-issues and
Rturo a sound redeemable currency, look well
on pjcr. But may they not be counteracted
by others? A there is no limit to the number
will not banker become so numerous as to
ilood I lie country with bank note and inflame
the spirit of wild speculation? Wilt not the e
vil of expansions and sudden, connections We
produced by tha multiplication and frequent
iuuic9 ui iiiuuuijjcicui private uaimvr! vv jn
not the value of their stocks and mortgages be
liable to fluctuations, so as to sink aomeliruel
below the amount of tbeir issues t Will not
this often cause depreciation in the value of
their note! Will thia capital be always avail
able! Will there not ba inch an endless varie
ty of note in circulation, a to keep the enrran-
-cy in a perpetual state of eonfasioa, uncertain
inequality! And wilt not lh Cotnptrol-
be clothed with powers dangora to ba placed
tli bauds of one maul
The ara queatiuae yet to b solved. Now
rk baa entered upon tha grand experiment-
tbt other State maik (1 progr, and pro.
by her eiperieaca. It i dated that several
nk of very Urge capital, on the new ays-
i,r already organizing in Wall street
"4. on of 50, and one of 100 niilliona!
f tha latter baa been published. It
to be distributed among tha otbe'
io of their Congreaaional re,
i exchange for their bonus. Mr.
iter" may now hide its diminish
ttajb studied and deep-laid
he part of certain pre, to con-
yraafety of the South in relation to slave-
vth the admintstraUon party, and to india
.gnately brand every one, no matter bow pa
hc and well-tried aa a public servant, aa a
Wrker with the Abolitionists, who may hap.
(j ba of an eppoaite' political faith. Thia
H only unjust, but it ia far from being pa
ps or Indicative of proper devotion to the
'n f ths 8uta. For whatever innovate
Jils to prwe, most be regarded aa unjust;
I I UM.nmaJ tkaft ill v iuirtM nl Mh
on tha slave question should be the last re.
Urt or. at least, H lorceo anon ua oi iu
... . L
th, we, of every party, should be the last to
" I . , B
. stir op ana xep auve ine eiuucia oi a uwuhi
fire pregnant with civil atnte and uiaeoru. nut
this has been done, not openly for. the agita
tors of sucb a fearful subject must aeeus wor.
under covert.
But more particularly base the injustice and
bitter party spirit of certain editor and politi
cian developed .themselves in relation to the
position now occupied by that most distinguish
ed and illustrious statesmen, HENRY CLAY.
Justice to (heir own peculiar political sagacity
demands of a th admission that' they have,
re tbi, very adroitly icconnuitered the field of
Ihe next Presidential contest; they have, ere
thin, determined who shall be lauded and. who
anathematized by the faithful;" they know
Henry Clay to bathe choice of the Republican
of the country; and hence, uaMskaai is now
poured eut ths Mseven vials" fuliof democratic
wrath, . ; " v.
But with what do these very pure democrats
charge Mr. Clay! That he once voted to guar--aatse j negroes Die right of auSagel No
us in tih ou io metruci a ocnavui w u'vav
El admiaaioa of a 8ute, fceeause that State
Id slaws! Oh no! That he fawned at tba
H of power, and, declared the perfectfon of
ennrem glory to eonaitt in "ervjng under such
ehien" Nol j That ' he admita" the right of
Congress la shoKah slavery in the District!
No not exactly; there be b even with the
Baltimore nominee; but were it net for this feet
would he not be beU up aab vilest Aboii-
tioaiat? Well vbst-ther are some stern
which stand eat boldly to rebuke their ar
oganea and political deception! They are con-
I that these facta should be forgotten, bul
have not forgottso, bor will they forget
ace by which they-uesnpt a wail to
jiublie virtue as to cover these fact. It
the purpose of these dstsocrat t4 idea.
r. Ulay wim to Detiuauistar as their
pale) and upon -what do they raly to sab
tiate this grave ehargsl- That he is sup-
'J by th Northern people, A forrible rs.
' "uly! We regard thia, rather aa an iadeg
conprcUsoMse patrrotum of bis devo.
r I
1 fu
aiiiii lull rp 'TTic jr of Wi hope fhe
fun of every section of the Un-1
ion! noon thk Voood U he ODDortad bv the
v ; ' - .11 .v. I
North, and upon a other for they can cares-1
ly expect to find in the adjuster of tha Missouri
qoestion-rtb pacificator of the Nullification
dint of i l"av Elate, one unfriendly to the Un
ion, or disporad to coantenanc, much leas te
favor, their onhallowed designs. " ? '
But they insist that the abolition whiga, and
abolition Acrata ara ranging themselves un
der hi bart -that their democratic brethren
How have
attempted to prove thia? By
mere aX
the aboT
Will they take the evidence of
emselve, as to whom, "they
or Tan Baran! Wa arc
jU The Emancipator, the
inverting to so
tbi CHty, say
some remarks of
I srolinn Standard
2 have idantifird
" -s
in piam cngiun, nm ,
n, that the 8tandard is mhtaktn
t "tli abolitionit have identified
itb tba party in opposition to the
n. w Dica is to tie oeiieveu! is
nted that the Emancipator knows
ies the Standard about who are ill
0 are abolitionists and who
8uthern people will not fail
to see through these flimsy artifices we will
not say arguments, for they deserve not the
name. For our ward for it, the battle is yet to
be fought, with arumetit (it may be with tteel)
botween pstriotinn and mad fanaticism. It be
cornea the South, then, lo range her chivalry
under a leader whose talents, tried patriotism,
and political ssgarity and energy give the asn,
ranee of triumph at least, of -justice.
such a leader one who has proved bims?
alike the friend and pacificator of every section,
tba 8outh may hope. With one who is unable
to bring nerve, energy, pntriptiam and principle
into the dark atorm which is now lowering
over her, she has every thing to dread.
Steam Navigation acrou the Atlantic.
The good people ol Gothsm are making as
much ado over the arrival there of the steamers
8irios and Great Western, front England and
Ireland, a if it were the first lima a steam boat
had ever crossed the Atlantic. But it is not
so. Brother Jonathan ia 18yarsahead of John
Bull. Tba Robert Pulton steam ship, Captain
Rogers, built in New York, crossed the Atlan
lie twice in IS 19. She visited Liverpool and
Stockholm; th King of Sweden, Bernadotte,
was on board of her, and presented CspL Ro
gers with a atone and "muller, a token of his
grat'dcation at the success of the enterprise,
The ship also visited St. Petersburg, and Capt,
Rogers received from the Emperor a present of
a eilvet tea-kettle, a a token of his gratification
at the first attempt to cross th Atlantic by
steam. The savannah, afterwards went to
Constantinople, and the Captain received pres
ent from lb Grand Ssignor. .
Relief fir the mfferert at CHarlctton.
Public meetings have been held in the towns
of Wilmington and Fayetteville, for - the pur-
poae of expressing the sympathy or the citizens
in behalf of th sufferers by the late fire at
Charleston, and adopting measures for contrib
uting to their immediate relief. The citizens
of the former place have already raised and for
warded $ 1 1 00. Speaking of this set of prompt
and praiseworthy liberality, tha Charleston
Mercury of ths 2nd inst. says:
?Bi9 dat eiM eit ilat" "He gives doubly
who rive qaickly."
The North Carolina left hero on Sunday
afternoon, bearing the news of -pur calamity to
Wilmington, North Carolina. By her return
yesterday morning, the generous citizens of
that city transmitted eleven hundred dollar for
the relief of the sufferers by the fire. This is
an act of onsdhcite 1 and prompt philanthrophy.
and it will be recorded upon the hearts of our
Columbia, 8. C. haa also appropriated three
thousand dollars out of its tows funds, and ap
poi4ed eoramrttee to take op individual sub
scriptions. The Governor has been solicited
also, to convene the Legislature.
The New York Banks have resolved unan
imously to resume the payment of specie
on the 9th of May. Many of the hanks now
pay specie for their notes, nd all of them do
for those of $10 and under- They have also
addressed a circular to Die Country Banks,
notifying them that their bills will not be re
ceived after the 16lh of May, except they are
redeemed daily.
The Boston Courier of the 50th lays 'We
are glad to announce that moat, if not all our
banks are willing to pay specie for all their
labilities, and more than all, to announce that
such is the public ny Vice, they are not
called upon lor it, amrrnai people in general
had rather have their billa than their silver
or gold.' Business is in the measure reviving,
and by njl by w shall be as well off as c
ver.' -The Philadelf hia Banka are making ar
rangements tef y all sums under one dollar
in specie, as soon as sufficient amount of
small coinage can be obtained from the mint
The Banks of Virginia are authorized lo
continue the suspension of specie nsvments.
by th late set of ihff Legislature, until the
1st of April next, InjUajl of the 1st of Janua
ry, as waa inadvo -"d .ia..ourJaat.
waa on of the W, ft
extensive and
destructive of hurK
ever occured inthj
property that
1 ft
copy from
the Mercurf of the
the following
The fire broke eut abeufTVvsfock on Friday
cveninr. and waa first diacovsired issuing from
a small old frame building e it te the corner
of Berresford and Kinr atrects. occupied by
colored persona aa a fruit atore the building,
were wispped in flames, befer the alarm be
came general. The number of stores, dwell
Hire, dec destroyed in King street were as
follows: west aide, froa within three door
of Clifford atreet lo Liberty atreet, 66, on th
east side, from near Horlbeck's alley to Bhel
ton's, flats Mott' IloteL comer of Socie
ty atreet, which building waa fortunately ear
ed, 46i total ia kTing atreet, 112. ' On Market
atreet, outn nU, front near corner ot Arco-
(ion la lb
dale no tute street, 47i north aide
ia Ueetins trl. 27. Xotml In Mart!
; Oo Church street, west aide, 10, extendin
from Market street to on door frtSm tlx
ner of Cumberland street.
. w0n ,.lttg fttttei mdc, from the
Market atreet icehouse to corner of Society
street, 21 j west tide, and one house beyond
30. Total on Meeting street, 31.
On Society street, north aide, from Meet
ing street to East Bay, 27 j south aide, from
King- street to near Eat Bay, 40. Total
On Haxel street, south side, from King
tet , to Msicjert ( JsneindingTBiuty
church, 14;' north srdefiom King atreet to
East Bay including the Jewish Synagogoue,
21: ToUl llazle street, 35. - - t
-. On Piuckneyst., 4
ansonsVfj east side, from Laurens to
Pinckney if:, 27; west side, from Pinckney
to near George ats., 17 tirtal 44.
On M'entwtirth St., north side, from Kinjf
st. to Kast nay, except on dwelling, 42,
nth Kte frurh Ringst. to$ay,,iHud
the Mtrtbodist froteHant Ciiurcll "jJ
Wit.i ') 1
g win ton's Lane 20,
Total number of dwelling and (tores des
troyed, including Norton's old Kic Mills,
Kerr's wharf, set on fire by flake falling on a
pile of I iglit wond and burnt to the ground,
560. The 'number of out buildings destroy,
ed estimated at about 393 total jumber of
buildings destroyed, 1,158. '
Deaths by blowing up, Fain, SrHtmaLi,
Johh Pkaut, Col. STtniV and Hansar
Mennrs. Brows and Tiklet badly injured,
several negrues killed.
Such is the mere arithmetic of tins fright
ful calamity who shall count the nvntal suf
fering IMof liope.of stcurityof comfort? Upon
the best estimates which have been made to
us, up to the litest hoir,we set down the toss
of property at over $3,000,0007 The whole
I amountxoveTrdby insurance, ia net far from
iJf4K000. Of tins, $75,000 falls, upon the
nj Teomces, at Aiigiuta. I ne New ho
sr insured in this city for f)60,000, aiul
ifiwO in Augusta. It is believed .now that
mscH"Ttlie oRicers here will pay all, or very nearly
all of their liabilities.
- Maleigh, May Or
10 00 a 13 50
00 00 a 00 20
00 75 a 00 80
00 06 a 00 08
6 60 a 7 60
1 00
00 J
00 75 a 00 80
00 10 a 00 123
Fayetteville, Jlci S,
10 60
00 12 a 00 Id
00 OS a 00 08
00 80 a 00 85
00 18
5 25 a 760
00 35 a 00 40
00 07 a 00 11
retertbuvg, Jlau 3, -7
o"7 50
Bocon, per cut,
Butter, lb.
Corn, per bushel,
Cotton, per lb.
Fodder, .
Lard, lb.
Meal, bush.
Tallow, lb.
Baeon, pes cut,
Cofl'eet lb.
Cotton, per lb.
Corn per buahel;
Candles, F. V. lb,
Sugar, brown, lb.
Corn, per barrel
Bacon, (Hog Round,)
Apple Brandy, Last crop,
8ugars, N. Orleans, -St.
3 60
9 to 10$
65 a 70
10 a 12
7 to 81-2
..10a 11
$100 to 110
8 a 9 60
3 50 a 5 50
5 50 a 9 00
Salt, Liverpool
Iron, Hweetls, per ton.
Tobacco, lugs,
THE MOSELLE. The detraction of the
Moselle and upwards of 100 of its passenger
was announced in a postcript in our last. The
number of persons lost is now estimated si 230
or 40! The Cincinnati Evening Post of the
25th April furnishes the following brief account
of that dreadful catastrophe:
Avtful Steamboat Rxplotion.The new,
beautiful and fast running steamer . Moselle,
Capt. Perrin, ia now lying at the water works
in this City, perfect wreck. About 6 o'clock
this evening she started from here, crowded
from' stem to stern with passengers, (princi
pally German) bound for lb port of St. Louis.
When about three quaiteraof a miloabov the
water works, she stopped to turn, when both
ber boilers burst with a very loud noise. Near
ly all on board (with the exception of tho in
the ladies cabin) wer killed or wounded; 17
of the former have been found; numbers of the
latter have been conveyed to the different houa.
es slong the. Uoje; and soma of them- are now
writhing in the throe of death. Capt. Perm
was thrown up into Front Street, (upwards of
eighty yards from th boat) and Instantly expir
ed. The pilot was throwa about one hundred
rfV55Jt, into th air, came down lo
thA Vunk beneath its surface,' nevef
1 J lLrin. A boy that waa on board
wss f&ad upon, ths roof of a house. ' A
great rastiy of Those that were killed, have jiot
yet been found, and perhap never will be,
which make it impossible to ascertain how
many were killed the number of which ara
variously estimated from one to, two hundred.
The boat is torn alt to pieces, and lies immersed
within three feet of herWricsne deck; one of
the boiler was thrown into front street, and
lore a targe hole in the pavement. A great
number of bodies are known te be in the cabin,
under water, and cannot be got at. Parsons
were there enquiring for their friends, but the
unfortun! beings were so much disfigured
that they could not be distinguished."
THE ORONOKO.-The New Orleans pa
pers of the 34th ult. contain accounts of ano
ther awful steamboat disaster. The Oronoko,
Crawford, Master, on her passage from New
Orleans to Louisville collapsed one of her boil
ere f ' Th number of those who
perl fYaJyujly wounded, ia not exactly
ly estimated from B0 to
nded, left at Princeton, 13
ind of 30 broua-ht to Virka.
liurjfrwarfTav died. The inhabitant at ik.
two place attended with a great deal of kind
ness to the sufferers.
MgMy Mmporfnl The Porlt of
If nl ,
- e a
. 4Merrv jitocKaaea.
The New Orleans Transcript of the
28lh ult, saja -The schr. Sarah
Ann, Capt, Bontemps, hence for Tarn
pico, returned litt evening in conse
quence of that port being blockaded
bjr the French brig of war La Pej
ronse, bit the 22d inst. "Lieut. Henry
ot the L Peyronie, who endorsed the
papers ot 'the Sarah Ann, informed
Capt. Bontemps that the port of Vera
Cruz and other Mexican ports, were
declared under blockade on tbe 15th
inst bj the French fleet, inf conse
quence of the Mexican Government
,e indemnity,
ship Natchez,
uce to commodore
attention to the fallowing;
The , of deep moment 1 and may
we not hope that North Carolina will prompt
ly respond lo thia call of Virginia f We hare
no room for any further remarks just now; but
we shall again advert to this subjirt.
: r At rmeetiflJl tf tfie Ci ttMna W XbK'
folk Boroaghjonvenrd at the Town
Hall, parsuanJe public notice by the
Mayor, onTlidrsdajr evening tlte'l9tl
day of April,1 1838, on motion,
' Miles King, Kq. Mavor of the
Ttnrm,rli Wll mA I.. ,1... .1
Lv, ..uii, -..- v, IV HIC Vliail, AIIU
II.jHutlerand William Tucker were
appotuted SecTetaries.
, Col. John .S. MilUofl, in bolialf of
the -delegation appointed to at'eml the
Southern Commercial Convention re
cently held at Augusta, rose ami al
drassed the meeting at length, in ex
planation of tha course pursued "hv
them in that .ftdy. When he hall
concluded, V . J
On motiun tfti.H Butler. Eq.,.
the following avrtere adopteil;
Resolved, ThatTart meeting, having consi
dered tbe report made by its representative to
t!ie Augit a Convention of the proceeding of
that body, doe hereby exprea its approbation
and adoption of those proceeding.
Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting he
and they are hereby tendered to the a:iid dele
gate for the promptitude and zeal with which,
they carried into ell'ect the ninlies and opinions
of thia community .-
Tne following resolution?, oUVreil by
Jiunes-T-Sout'terT Esq. m ilitetl :
Resolved. Thutil he duty of the Cummiltco
of forty, appointed at a previous meeting, to
assemble forthwith for the. dUctiargc of their
duty in calling a State Convention, and that
they bo and they lire hereliy instructed to ap
point from among their fellow citizens twenty,
five delegate to represent this Borough in said
Resolved, That it be Ihe duty of the said com
mittee also to appoint delegate to the Conven
tion to re-assemble in Augusta in October next.
Resolved, That, in the opinion of thia meet
ing, our fellow citizens of North Carolina
should be cordially invited to j.iin us in the
proposed State Commercial Convention, and
that the Committee of flirty who are charged
with the duty of call!
vention, be and
they are hereby ins
Ires invitati mi
to all the counUe
ougho it that
inia and
North Carol
ll these
and to
lend their
on this
the com
ted in
ity w
gles bet
writer o
cept to give
City Hall, but hi
tlemen who attenuk rico elec
tion, that the canvas conducted
instyle creditable Ttlhe Virginia
character. Men seemedto be actua
ted more by a solemn conviction of
duty, than by any mere party impulse.
Indeed, the course of affairs for the
last terry ears, is well calculated tor a
wakea reflections, and to cause good
citizens to discharge the elective privi
lege Avidx proper sense f jjt solemni
ty, i o see a country lost or saved, is
no ordinary spectacle; and- even in
withdrawing her from the precipice,
there is much to make the heart throb
and the pulse tremble.
, We thought at one time that Vir
gmt meant to have no patt in the res
cue; but we believe the pride of other
days is aroused, and she, two, means
to wear the guerdon, of the victor; , It
thrills the soul to see our good old
mother taking rank with her sisters,
and joining the general voice which .is
raised to check the career of the op
pressor. We will. not ;believe the
toul insinuation, (even JTgh made
by a prophet, that in--Another year
she is to sink back, into the degraded
condition of a minion of tower. 'The
conviction which has operated npon
her, though slow in matuiing, will be
icrmanent and unchangeable. . No
onger does a stupifying idolatry
bind down her five spirit. She n in
breathes a renovating air, aii( she Will
continue in the path of rectitude 'and
honor. ' ,
Superior Court. .The Spring Term
of our Superior Court Was held last
week. There were several very impor
tant Land Suits, Stone Crtrfnal Case.
Reiner. Ilarrald was tried fir the Mur
der of William Hinea. -The evidence
not being sufhecnt to convict her of
murder, the Jury returneiTa verdict of
manslaughter, and she was branded.
; Judge Pearson, we understand,, pre
sided daring the Court,! in manner
that won for him tbe esto-vof all pre
sent His charge to v is said
to nave peen plain
ners modest and f rIali
fax JlJvoealt,
Sale o( Che)
seen from th
r "von
aaf B
iif Nins
I a
I roh
ll Xt
3 r
f .foal
1 )
neraliv i
hicIL -
in f hi i
tern part of this State, lately ac
quired by Treaty from the Chero
kee Indians, are in market, and will
be exposed to public sale on the first
Monday of September, ensuing the
sale te continue fnrJJks'wf key ami
noTonger. Gen. Samuel F. Patterson,
of Wilkes, and Maj. Charles fcrttrn
ton. of this Countr. have been annoin-
j ted by. Gov. Dudley, CommUsroners
ia superiniena tue saie. A wetter se
lection for this responsible duty could
THEATRES The performance of the The.
pian Corp on Wednesday night last, i poken
ir in term of the hi:;uet eoraniendstton. f'hev
had a crowded. hou-th pnceeds of which.
win relieve tneni troi . ileht, smleiianlo inein
now to rarry into effect the rtiaritahle desiens
for which the : company was established.
Cor f erf t, ever prompt and united in
any advancement of the general cooil,
Ikih already bruu "-lit fortli two renui:ie
lug catutiilatc to represent tier in
our next Lei;islature, Knoch Foy, K-sq.
of Jones, as .Senator, and Kltjali S.
null, ot Larteret, lor 'lie Commons.
Thecleclinn of both is unouestioiiatile,
fur what Carteret nroinicg to do slie
Iocs. Ae ibem Spectator.
The Richmond Whig, of Saturday,
savs: "We have had the pleasure of
handling a- few' nt the new land S-
Notes ol'the Bank ol Virginia. Tliev
are beautilul specimen of Hie art of en
graving. They are payable irt specie at
the distant offices. We learn Iroin the
Knquircr, tliat the issues from the Far
mers 15.1 nk will be out in a few days.
Ihe amount ol these small ntw is i
range-from 1wo to four per -i"7L
the capital stoct of each Bank. Vn-
tier this regulation, we shalj proba'ily
have about 200,000 tloli. worth in
Stw York, April 17.
R r.c i st f. n La w . N 1 x. I lofl'tn a ii in
the B;ard of Assistants, last evening
offered a resnlutio-j of reference to a
committee to inquire nto the expedi
ency of applying to the Legislature for
lite passage ot an net requiring tbe re
z'utralion of voler, and to iuquire
whether there be any constitutional rb-
jection to the passage of such nh act.
the scene of iniquity through which
we have just passed, and which was
eloquently and accurately portrayed by
Mr. it. cans louniy tor the passage ol
such an act. Cour.
Suicide was committed by David Flow, of
Mecklenburg county, on the 16th, by hang
ing himself with a brklle. -T--
Our Mexican Hefations; It must
frive your readers pleasure lo learn,
at the oner ot tbe Mexican govern-
t, to reter the tlitlerences between
wo governments to the arbitrament
ird power, has been accepted,
t that source ol uneasiness is in
vy to be removed. All crotxl
ens must decidedly rejoice over
consumation, so devoutly to be
Murder, foul! horrid murder was
enmitfed i nnRocVingharr-xountyrT
Thursday the 19th inst The partic
ulars, so far as we have brei able to
gather them, arc these: On the day
above mentioned, while Mr. Win.
Cotter (overseer Tor Abner Webster
was sitting on a stump, in a tobacco
field where a parcel of negroes were
engaged in making tobacco hills, and
while he was calculating on paper the
number of hills which had been tnadey
one of the negroes came on him in the
rear and gave him a blow on (lie head
which bro't him to the around when
Mr. C received many other blows in
flicted by four nejrxoes who conspired
his death. The negroes have all been
arrested and lodged in -Jail.
MARItltiD, "
In Rockingham, Mr. John I', (iibion, off. nil.
fot'd, .lo Mia Di-maiius I'ortcr. In llv'nlon,
Mr. David Welhorn In Mia Caiberme I'atigh-
ternl William Hodenhatner, K.q In Itaiulil.h,
Mr. WiMiam amsll lo M ur Mhy Varmr. In
Warrenlim, Mr. James YV. Eaton, of (iranville,
tn Mits IVfury youneeaV daughter ot Dr. lefihen
Dtvia. Al Hillii(ili. Nash enunlr. nn the
2nd intt. by the lt.r Will, am K. I'ell, Uf. Sill-
dry Terry, ol Unmbarg, to Mm Uali .M.llill
lard. Iii r'ayellcrille, Mr. Augstlm V: Steele
to Miss Jane Hall, of llmniwitk.
In franklin county, on the 27th April, Mr.
Sally Winston, consort of Capt. Moses Win
don, in the 611 yearol her ge,of anapoplejy.
after about fifteen hour illneu. Khe was an
amiable wife and an aflectionate. mother; highly
esteemed and well beloved by all who kpaw
ber for the dignity and virtu which she sus
tained. She has left a husband and toil chil
dren, with a numerou circle of grand children,
friends and rriany relations to mourn their ir
reparable less, ' - ( Cam.
Departed this lift on 8onday 22d inst, in the
twenty-fourth year of h.r age, Mrs. Alee Ann
M Cullers, wife of John SlcCuHers, of J.ohn
ton county.
tier imlmposition though short, (lasting only
a few day) was excedingly severe, terminating
in death, and she is gone lo that rich"""reward
reserved fof all th faithful in Christ Jasus.
At an early age, she ejnbracad th doetrines of
the gospel and became member of th Meth
odist Church, and by a steady land undevia
ting course of life in well doing, evinced br
faith in the Bible being always ' humble in
health and prosperity and meekly patient in
adversity and pain. She was a bright orna
ment of th Church of which she was a mem
ber, and adorned th doctrine of Cod in
Christ Jasus. All who kuetr her wer her
friend, and all mourn her early departure.
But none can feel th deep anguish of - soul,
hit him who hope ar blightened by 'her
death, and whoa anguiah is to be Tronatanrly
renewed, by beholding in an infant daughter,
th4msgeof his irreparable loss, but bis
mourning Is" riot t without hope, that bis
lo is her infinit gain-' Pear ba to th
mane of tier wa loVeJ. W rejoie in' th
bop that her abwne ffora s i mad unto
er ptaeenc with lb Iord.
' YEUS-XJfltUP!''
Tbe abriberenibrcs the preacnt epporto.
aily ol talut auog lt uitiumrri sad ill snihlaa
(enerally, lhl t .. juat rrtaraml from New
yH - . wriuiiy m4 npgfitHj. one nf"
th chae alovl of UoimI ever broucltl In (his
narket. He fXirchsd In tiootli alinrther
lib Cash, -wlttvh ltl rnaLI htm to sell unmu
ally low. Owibk to Ihe very t;reat ilemand lar
money in New Vork.'oi.e with that allele has
sonerior advantages nver ilioae ho have no',
evra hen they are periettly srvent.
, 1 be lollowiwg fortnta part ol l.i Stock:
1 general Jlstorlmml of
en,-UoinrMirs Hosiery umU
IIrIk; it No, an excellent
selection of SHOES, -
bnlh fnr IjiiIi,., anil tirntterarii all ol wliirb is
otiViafdat veiy reiliitril irw. J. . . -
I lie suhaei ilx-r uilk-it, a call, and pleitge liim
self lliMt for ctieaptiefti mill variety of ante, hia
lovk cannot bo ui'aie.l lv nnj Imiue in ihe
Cm. . W'. C. 1 IT'krlL "
May 9. te.15. itl 4
S U M HI K ltG O O D S.
KaTettevHIe Street, Ualrigh, Xorlh t.'srnliaa.
I he jnnveribera have tjjrn, afaAJr
l in I Milan n . Llll t ,i,l, of Uloiln.
aMmeiS and veitllivi of rtrrv rulnur anil
qiiahij , iii lact, every ihin Dial can I lonnil in
any kimilar taialili.liiucnl in the Country'
which we reitilull, iriiu at our ) ientlt'and
the public lo t ad suit exa-nine before uriliinr,
vlti'where, we ni e il. in niim .1 lo n il on
meli lerrrit a rnnni I.,, I i,i iii ihe iuirliaaer.
i-i rc i iron u tx ouvKit.
liiil(;'iKh. Msv7.IS.tS '20 Cr
I. S. ttrdera Iruin a il'ui-.i.ce w ill meet ith
prompt alieaii ion. I., hi).
The Spring Jtaeti aill rummenre over the
iloidUoorae on V ( ,li,t-,Ja, ihe I6ih lv of
av nent, inairail of Ibr lit rlutJj, in
June-owing lo the Iticeiat l.tnchbnrK com-
mrnciitg the same wiik; alvi th Warrcnton
Kuera being pnstponeil lo ihe 2.Vt of Mjy.
Ciiiiaeqnruilv lliia xpp'iinlmrtit war ill bring the
Oiforil lincca the week previous to the W arren
Inn Uiict-a. t he fi rl il y aweeptlakei fur S
year obi colts anil filliea mile - hesla, (Si) en
Innice; lo ele tltefiid i!v nf May now one
uWeiWrr Stly,TwrrTt;e', coirs ami tilliei;"
,'J tesra olil mile head, i$'0O enlrancc, half
forfeit in holli one ni'.isii ib l'( to clow tbe firat
Mny. 3 I Hut, lo mile beula for apune nl
f .' lt J'JO entrmice. 4ihrUy mite heata, belt
A in 5, fHM-i; enli Hiice $10. This Usee ii msile
up by lubicrifitinn.
We espeel tliere will be from four to five en
tti?i in bolh the avmpstkts tliere ia much
part anticipated. c expect aeveiat alablei
Oxford, April S9, I S38. 80 I w
Bychaiios i:o)wcll k Co.
'extensive sale of
On Tuesday, the 22ml init., without reterve,
at 10 o'clock, we wiM eUHe, al Public Auction,
ihe entire Mock of gnnilt, f the above ileacrip.
lion, containeil in Ihe two Stores lorroerly oc
cupied by It. W. Keaney, on Sycamore blreet.
I lie Hock embraces almost every article to be
found in the moat exliniive KatablithmeDti,
and perhnps offers greater indneemeiil a to pur.
cbaiei a, tlutn waa ever preaeultd btloi o in ibis
It eoniiats of a vrell selrelod aaaortment of
Krench, Kngtivh and tnclia China; I'luin, Mnul
ileil anil Cut tiUaai Priated, Japan, I't-rtian
llipt, I'ainterl and C C. F.arthetiwme, Slm.e
Ware, l-noking Glaiies, Ili itanla Tta and Cof
fee I'oti, tie.
A ealulogne of the gondi will be exhibited on
the l:iy nl Sale, mill the Stork (including (he
fixlurei) first offered entire in tne Aiij .but if
not inliUnJlut aiayr-the-Trrjrvtls will he sold in
lott In suit purchasers, without the least reaei ve.
At tliere ia but one liiuiUr Kslabliahraeiit in I'e
lersbuig, it HtTWda any peraon dispnsed lo en.
gage in ihe bosincis, a rare nportunity. The
Immi will be liberal, and Mr. It. W. It. wilt
impart lo the purchaser all posaible- informa
tion respecting the bminets.
rrj Itolh the llouael will be offered for Itenl
on lb day al n!e.
C. H OS WELL k COAael'i
Pclenburg, May 1. Sif
Jly the Governor of No. Carolina.
Whereas, by an ant palled at the laat sen! n
of ihe (irneral Aaaemhlyol this State, entitled
"an an act prescribing the mode of surte) In g
and idling the LainU ol ihii State, lately acquir
ed hy treaty wiih'lhe Cherokee lniliuna," it Is
msile the dirty of the (lovxi nor, upon tha ire
turn ol Ihe Maps mid Field Hooka ol avid sur
vey, to tlx Seeml plncei as prescribed by
said art, to iavue his I'roelamatibn of the lime
and plaee nf sale; atvrt slieieai, the sMj"Sjps"
and field Hooka have been returned aecoor
llingly Now I, T.dward B Dudley, Governor ef
Nnrlb Carolina, in obedience to said set of As-
tfnlllly, do hereoj iiue Inn my i'roclamalKin,
iving nntiee tbnt the sale of saiif land wilt
commence at the 1 Own of Franklin, in tha
cnuuly id Macon, on the first Monday in Sptcm
ber next, anil continue lioin day to day for
three weeks aiirl no longer, by ami under tha
siierinlerdanc and direction,. of S. V. Patter
sou and Charles C Minion, . F.iqrs., Commia
aioi.en appointed fur that purpose,- agreeall
to ihe provisions ol lh said t.
S"7""i"'C IN teaiimony whereof, I, F.dvard
$ ssit.. II. Itudley,' Governor, ete have
aauacd Ihe Crest Seal of the Slat
to be ht-ieuntn affixed, and signvil the
(his 7lli uuv-ul Java m tbe Tcritf"Jr
20 l7w
Star and Standard. Rutherford Cim.
Columbia Telescope, Sloulliern ( t;. Rpcoi der.
Lyncbburg Virginiau, and Knoxvile Itegisicr,
win escn macii ine auove, weekly, antU dav
ofsale. '
State of North Carolina,
ff'ttyne County. - .
Court of Equity, Spring Teim, 1838,
j -en lion jor tale ana divlmn of real eitate.
Needham Woncll and Celiahis wife, Arnold
Borden and Jonslhan fike,
Th hairs of Prcderkk Rttrn.deeeaseil.
. "It appearing lo the satisfaction of ihe Court,
that I'haroah Hum, Btephea Worrell, Pbarnsh
Beott, fcljr eolt, Jesse Falgaai. Jotrpti Flgam,
rreoerKK r uigura, oaraii Arnoia, l-lia Arnold,
Patsey W irts, Mkrv Corbit. Kebecc Parker.
and I'eaina lions, dvieadsats in lb atwiv warn
ed , ara awl ittbaViiants of (kia Stae it is
tberefor orderad ay tbe Court I hat publican,)
b msn frr Si oawuirs weeks, ia th Klsr
awd North Carolina Gasett- prtaied and pub
lisbed in lh Cily ml UaJeigb, tor -lh said de
fondant t b aad appear at lb neat term af
tbi Court, ta W held for tk nanly of Wayne,
al th Court How a fci Wayaeshormtgh, o ttt
first Monday aftcv Ik fourth Moaday ia rVptera
bar aext) thca and there to plead, answer or da.
mar, or said pelilio will be take pro Male
and beard s part a t them, aad dre suad
asyaordiogly. - ' . " ' "
Wrtaess Jsoa Rrtsweld, Perk sad Mailer
ol mr said Court of Faulty for W j M .Cnanty,
t offic ia asid aoanty, Ihe flrti Maud.' afiar it..
fimrth Moada in MareK, 3t. - ? .
WsiMlboro' April 7, IS3I. go w . .
f. emimunitrntea. J
: :'L a. -' ' T " '
' ('-.:: '-,.''''':' l " '
I i

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