North Carolina Newspapers

ibe I.B-A. W.TD.J now ake-en
subject J -PI - pr.m..or; but
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'Locr. which .T rwndt to the cow try
J. whig, isolated i 0-
mM1liWnwbamJii uistress
. '. orr depsrtment
',,, country's Ubor-th. hammer of th. mo.
Lhsnic has ln leocel--in ' "
, msJc insolvent the machines oi me
... .rla oppression, with
I, ,
! they mo-t hejr it th.t they "traded
-. I M .I.mCh (lAiinl.t In
1 'urf.m'l capital, " ""t
I . . I t I 'MnlMll
V nni I Imit of no alleviation: I oey ere low,
Hi, eulJ sneer, ,D,t "erninrni must
Xjff trt or nseu, .'"V x
Ve hi improperly rstiwsieu me sru ui
opfe of North Carolina, ifthey participate lit
i, tHf-hs'inilMtbif degradation, when they
4vf !k eortunity and power to declare their
' ' 1 .k..:- f -;-t..
bborrmor IH tyranny, w mv" '"
be fully heard i the national council,
flu note of preparation for tli summer earo-
'i 1 -.!.. in lu V . r.l in tb 1 i O"orn f
3IIB are pr(iiii"u -
!rtiicinof the Stale. The Van Buren party
Lpscislly are artfully & industriously at work.
frjltir best and most skiilul men win oe Drougot
fiw ibo field; and a Circular from Head CJuer.
I . .l - ld..l.ra in .svftf aM-tiiin mav iJinn
Irra 10 me i""" v j
i (iertrd. fycrJ . stratagem k " Jfl-4W
,l i.ule and Van Boren Ilka part mil war-
it i - .aoaJ is Kw I r aa akT nitav.
rlo erry the State for h duunutrauon.
iva know Ilia Van Bur leadera in thia Stale
It' well u bellevo lW they are here murepre-
And will the Whig", knowing their adveraa-
-iw, and the high principle Ihey are competent
will to re-aaaert or overthrow, lie ao apathetic
Is In to moei lueir mauuuric. niw cunr-
Dling exertional' Even now, there ia no time
jjrt, 4h aldort of the hig-pailyin
mt eouuty U preaented to the people lei
fhrin ipoe the acta of the adDiiniatration, and
ihow the people who are not their real friend.,
hat that mlmiiiialretion not friendly to them
ihich pcrainta in the mad experiments which
uard th prerentprej&ure which requirea 40
Eistrad of lit millions of their money for its
innual expenses wjiich promises gold and ail
rr,and in Ufu thereV floods the country with
f easory notes and 4ich pursues a system of
ftotcription for opinions cake, alike tlisreputa-
t o ilwi( and despotic, VrauM usurped over
e people, Let them urge ie peojile, in view
r the) mljnilude of the crisis, to sacrifice on
i altar of principle every personal predilec-
jon to vote for tba man who ia both ready
fed qualified to carry out aound republican
iioeiples. - v
To those who may rettard the Auguat Elec-
iis as a small matter, we would say: Are you
!meaLl'ersLKia.jaythaL-yott are not
ia would hurl at tta the indignant responae
t Hortb Carolina would blush to bear one
wwrthy-iif rtisH prootrntM tipsu kw w.u.
n why refuse to exercise a freeman a pre-
uwl My vote ie of bol little importance;
AwJfi, local elections invoTvBurTitUe we
ret Amemolyraf ii" lo make Stale law not to
it in national politics. Very well said. But
nnl North Carolina a member of that Union
liich wrll reverence even now, when it ia
ereuing such a great influence over ua far
ill Does she not, through her Senators, ex
ntt an influence more direct and positive
i erlhe national councils thad could be attain
by simply casting her vote for a President!
til by whom are these Senators to be elected,
not by the Legislature: Besides, would not
whig majority in the Legislature serve to
ow jnoro plainly to the Van Buren party
orth Carolina's disapprobation of their idol!
'oukl it not indicate her desire to see the ad
iuMlralion of the government reformed! Are
' to sit still tie up ous, banda from all inter
rencs with national politics, because we form
j Slate and require State laws! Are we to ail
JLlud tuneLy.aee. evary privilege secured to
in tba national compact, violated, and ag-
: ewians actually made upon our rights as a
Eternal vigilance it tht price f Liberty!"
i the Whigs remember Uii and let their
kruons'show how much they value that blood-
fught heritage. If then, .hey would preserve
inviolate and uncouupted, they must strike
the profane hands that are even notv laid
" ,- Uoon the Ark
jff their magniticent and awful cause!
V.' t nrbnks) and silence one and (ores.
Jttasr Jacobinical doctrines that secretly lurk
Iittt uy politic, reckjess as
: " "The lava flood
Thst boils in JItna's breast of flame!"-
trailatmj tbemselves with parlitan phranzy,
king out in the most wild and reckless in-
lty, and threatening lo undermine the mag-
Icent sdifice of our national glory; they
t speak in tones that wilt find proud and
n rstponse in their Representatives awa-
Uis dormant energies of that high and in-
I 'd spirit which animated those who trampled
o tyranny in the 'days that tried men's
u teaJily keeping an eye undiraroed and
cbing as that of the proud bird who glitters
'he national emblem-upon PRINCIPLE,
lUiS, a government for the benefit A
fUn the public meruit. If they will do
t(nd North Carolina should be prood to
t in so noble a work) then nay we. in the
"ga of an eloquent writer, "confidently
r, that the Eagle opon our banner, who has
frsd ser ao many fields of victory, and
9 faia h.a hvn i. . i. .
hav been lit up around bint, beaminr with
ild lustre of Kreeds, wiU never ehold
"fkapallo the broad blase of srlorv in
f h ha loau, but bear them enwmnl forever.
7er4araiag typa and emUen f ' that Un.
ion, avaMctwnasia bat ottrarlree cu put arun
derr' .v--
vVi earnestly request if oar friends to
keep ns advised of the kUta ojublic aeotiment
in each county. " . ..
Wa have received No, of the Texaa Tele
graph to the 18th. AnriL,,rgraaa meCoo the
9th of that month. In the Senate, the Vice
President, lion. H. B. Lamar, took the chair,
and delivered an eloquent and impressive .ad
dress,. in which he represented tba country to
be in the enjoyment of "undisturbed repose,
and in the progress of the moat rapid improve-
our Bowers, reace, plenty, and prosperrtyi
pervade the land. Our citizens, industrious St
orderly yielding a ready obedience to the
laws are quietly pursuing iheir various avo-
cations, greatly to their individual advantage,
and equally conducive to the general welfare
and national glory." The lion. S. II. Eve-
ritt wae chosen President pro tern. William
Fairfax, Secretary, and E. II. Wiufield, Aa-
siatant Secretary. In the House of Represen
tatives, Hon. Sot. Kowe, waa chosen Speaker,
and Benj. S. Sturges Clerk, James D. Owen,
Assistant (ilerk. In consequence of indisposi
tion President Houston did not deliver bis an
nual mesaaga until too 14lh. He then appear
ed in person and delivered it iu the form of ao
ad Jreaa to both Houses. He spoke on various
topics, and dwtt--loo-Uma-upoo lha 'sub
ject of the annexation, and recommended the
adaption of as iuJptHmt fine impolicy.''
Tba Telegraph a)-s hie addraaa was MceivW
with general approbation. This scrms lo cor
roborato the report of the passage of the tasoio-
lion introduced in the Senate on the. 17th, pro
posing to withdraw, unconditionally, the peti
tion for an annexation to the United Statea. A
rumor from Nacogdoches statea that a Mr.
Sparks and three other young men engaged in
surveying near the water of the Trimly, bad
been killed by lha Indiana.
The amount of import received at Galveston
during the last three months is over (250,000;
duties at Houston, f!Sl,eW. '
The Houston volunteers who went out in
December have returned. Not one of them has
been sick, sad they alt apeak with enthusiasm
of the beautiful country they passed through.
Mr. Wall, one of the New Jersey Senators,
and a - leader of the misnamed modern Demo
crat , ha; the candor and independence to con
fees that he has no pretensions to democracy,
and ao would much the larger portion of the
administration leaders, if they possessed half
the honesty of Mr. Wall, and less of the cun
ning of Mr. VanJBuren. In his speech pn the
ouo-reaaury mil, Mr. Wall said: "line, sir,
in the presence of the American people, I avow
that I waa a Federalist, and acted with that
party zealously and actively, so long a their
flag waved in New Jersey." Entertaining such
a strong attachment to hi old Federal faith
why, if the whig party foil heir to Federal
eiplea, dii am Wsttjrjtn Itt ' Why did h go
to tba Van Buren ranks, if their principles
wvtv not smh tongelflai wrds tus own!
The 8chr. Sarah Ann, from New Orleana,
with a cargo of rtryrm1s,-arrtve1 nfT piri:
of Tampico nn the 22nd ult. whither ahe was
bound, waa boarded by boat from a French
man of war of the blockading squadron, and in
formed that ahe could proceed no further under
penalty of being sunk, nor be allowed to have '
any communication with the shore. The
schooner wa compelled to return to New Or-!
Bustamente, the President of Mexico, has
Issued a manifesto, in .which he announces to
the nation the blockade of their porta by the
French, call upon the people to unite in- the
defence of their right and the national honor,
exhorts them lo treat French resident with
kindness and respect, expresses the hope that
the difficulty may yet be peaceably aettled, but
declares he will submit to no degrading terms;
"and if," says be, the blessings of peace hayc
to be sacrificed in order not In submit to igno
miny and infamy, let us all unite -in the same
spirit oHWifwuerf;" full of confidrmc In (he
justice of our cause, we declared to the world
to sacrifice our -existence, if it wero necessary.
And the first to do so is your President."
Other accounts state that Government was
about to bold a conference with the French
Minister on board the principal blockading ves
sel, which it waa hoped woold result In a satis
factory adjustment of the controversy.
If you wish to see something new and beau
tiful, carious and useful, jnst stfp into the
Book Store of Messrs. Turner and Hughes, and
you will, even alter reading the following
graphic description, which we copy from the
last RxoiSTxa, have your highest expectations
more than gratified. We sincerely hope and
believe the ingenious author and the enterpris
ing publishers will find an ample reward for
their labors in the, approbation and patronage of
lbs public 1 " ; '"' ' ;
The Tree ef Legal Knewleilge.
W do pot know b n wc have aces any
thing'. toTTtiMi e have uktrn a greater fjnet,
than to "Tba Tree el Legal Knowlede. " a mn.i
sarioas, and interesting publication, lor alikh
the pnblia era indi btuti to Our ealeqit ixing
Townsmen, Messrs. Tuhkk hi lluoacs. IVr
hspi, our plessurs liss bei ticiichleiird bv s
knowledgs ol Hi fact, ibat ibe whole aft'sir is a
North-Carolina "noimo'- being ia its iasoption,
draign and fn-nish, the iiroriueiHni of Nanli-(Jar-
olina hesirvand lo ansa all. ilerlicatrd to one of
lha most eminent Jamie ia this or an other
enoolry, the Hoa. Wiluaw tisaroa-. tu(
hrar the reader exdsim," What is this Tree
of Legal Lnow ledge? We will emleavor brief,
ly to satitly his aariosiiy though tba mnst elsfao-
rate deseriiiioa aouin tall lo souvey a eleur per
ception of lb sesuty and value ol the thing.
It is a large Atlas, containing five colored
Maps, which msy be separated and filtrst to
gether onaaaveso, sols lontske one Urge Msp,
inuatiatHig in tOmmsjn Law or Kogisnit or,
they may ha arranged, ao aa la snaka a verv io
taresliag set of Pistares for aa nltiet sr Paalour.
This taw ia typified aeder lha eerablanee of a
Tree, the btaacaws whereof, as they spread ont
ia majtitadinoa. ramifiealiooa. represent ibe
firiswipa aubdiviaioa of lbe riglil of parsons.
IborsKbie sjf tbusgs, rirle wraa and puUia
wroags, aeaonlHig to a akssilieatroa e lilsck
mum, sipoa whose Comwaiaria ia UtaTrM
foaadail. - .
tta trreM bjest is ft ia press tb aaiiid
the sneihodieai 4ivitjiota astal wtadrvtsioaa of tba
Commentaries, sad ia dessjiMO, rssstpally, a
ao Aasistsat to Stadcats ia iff atariy oi the U.
And the Author has Bwet admirably aeeompliah
ed his purpose. It is aa admitted axiom, that
Ilia saind mora readily gratfts, and ssore vnully
retaws inpr4toia. eooirauotcateit, through lha
seas of pereepiian, thaa iB-any other way . A ad
thia clothing of the fixed prinaiplee ' itt the ah
atrasa Seiraea of Law, ia the garh of material
ahircta, will, wa have ao doubt, prove as usetul
iiiTixIni; the various division and sub-divisions oi
it firmly oa the mmd, as does I lie pentil ol the
Artist, in pout-tray mg the striking events of 'be
psst, or lli Atlas, in eommuniealing the kaoat-
eORc of eoantries rlrscribjI of the. traveller.
nublieatioa is trfcbiv
jpoaen ol in near i ore, where n tlrit apprsr-
en,- some ol the moat eminent public men there
hat ing birne testimony to do value. To the
most superfieisl observer, it run at he obvious,
that the Tree of Irgal knowledge' "ill not on
ly grvaily abridge tlie labors ol ibe Studeni,but
prove Hscfaltn the aettled practitioner alto, in
consolidating hialesroint;, and lorming an in
structive and oraarcMtntsl aspendags lo his Of
fice. The rata of letters, Ian, who Is desirous
of beeoming a)Usurted with that system of
laws, ol ohKhourt istmnetnallr aomnnaed. and
which is hiablr aeaettsrr to cverv leiittsior
sad acholar, will be materially bcoefitled by ita
As the nrensratioa of material a lor the work
baa born verv exneaaive la ibe iabraherm. and
the aise uf the eiluioa will be regulated eaiire-
ly by the number of Subscribers, wa advia all
wha desire la be furaiahed with a eopy of lha
Work la snake kammediMa aiinlieatioa. They
will not reiat baring aoatiibutbd tbelr pst-
jt keen irtsri. The followitig squib, "with j
tba reply to it, we fiod ia tiaa New fork Whig: 1
Tba lima, we trust, is not far distsnt whan
wa shall have to ineeriba over the Webb-whig
liar lie lbs body of W. W. ' .
Woo aever saors will trouble y oa, troubL yon."
--AVW JtVa.
There is no aaed of being poetical ia writina
tba epitaph of tba Tory parly. The inscription
"Hera it uas" aaay be found every where.
' A specimen of a new currency is mentioned
in tba Philsdtdpbit Gazette, illustrative of the
results of the ''bumble efforts to restore the
constitutions! currency," of a eertsin distin
guished (tnsneier. On one side it contains an
aa in lull gallop, with tbis inscription '
few in the faetttept f ass illnttriout ipreilecitr
nr.'" On the Other aide i a tortois.i moving
slowly along with a sort of iron cheat on ita
hack, branded "Sub-Treasury." Below the
tortoise ia inscribed, 1837, Fiscal Agent, and
aronnd the margin "Executive Experiment."
A new novel called "Mexico vertm Texa,"
by a Texian, has been published in Philadel
phia. The Pennsylvanian notice the workui
favorable terms.
Charletton and Cincinnati Hail lioatl. 6
per cent, of the capital stock of Ibis road hav
ing been paid in. Ihs fi over nor of Tennessee
hss subscribed $650,000 nn behalf of the State
Pott Office Spicie Circular Revoked. The
bills of the city banks are now received at the
New York Post Office.
Thomas Bradford, Esq. successor to Doctor
Franklin, and the oldest Printer and Editor in
the Union, died on MoDda at Philadelphia, in
the ninety-lourtb year of bia age,
A gang of counterfeiters, rleven in number,
were seized at Mobile April 29th, while they
were comfortably enjoying a game of billiards.
They have been infesting the 8auth for some
time, passing off counterfeit money on the City
Bank of New Orleana, Tcxaa acrip. United
its Bank- btllsr Ac;r"sr"sreatTranriirDf
Maikr. 1 he Slate of Maine la determined
lo test ibe question of the boundary. They are
cammencing a state road on the Aroostook riv
er, within the disputed territory, and Mr. C. 8.
Davies ha been saint by tiie Guvenim iuiH
onncrHo Wasliington, to orge the General
Uoveninient lo nave the line aorveyed at laid
down in the treaty sf 1783. .
The Oxford Racet will commence on Mon
day the 28th ir."t. instead of the 1 6th, as here
tofore advertised.
George Pcarca, the Chief Engineer ol (lie
Gieat Western, d ed at V'aw York of a scald
received while letting off the stesm. He waa a
gentleman of great eminence in bis profession,
snd csme over ss s volunteer.
About two millions of coin were tsken from
Wsll street a few day ago for Biddle'a Bank.
This augura well. '
Mr. llanea has resumed the publication of
the American Conitellalion at Petersburg.
The Fredericksburg, Vs. Arena says, il noth
ing adverse haptens, the crop of whcht in that"
Stale will be a finer one than hat been known
for many years.
Mr. Parria, V. B. baa been elected to Con
gress from Maine, tc Mr. Carter deceased, by
a small majority, wing gain in ins uisirici,
which is the strong hold of Vanistn in Ibe
Stsle, sine (September last, 500.
Col. Wstkins. of the Virginia Legislature,
prkmdtit-the-MseHei- '
tjni.ii. 8cr. The Journal of Commerce
says that the packet ship Wellington from Lou
don, just arrived, ha no specie aboard, "and it
is well, for we have already more of il than we
have use for, snd from other sources it it con
stancy arriving." Gotham then ia overflow
ing. Charletton. Wa are grstificd to learn that
the late calamity will not arrest the spirit of
enterprise, nor curtail the business of lira city.
The citizerfk bear their losses like men, and ars
determined to set about repairing them with en
ergy. They have resolved that no more wood
en buildings shall he erected. In the mean
time the stream nf benevolence is beginning lo
pour in upon the snflersr. The city authori
ties of Savannah have sent $8,000; Augusta
$2000. and the citizens $4000; of Col imbia
$3,000, and the citizens $6,500. Large sums
have been asnt from wealthy persons in the
country. The Governor of t. Carolina haa de
lor mined lo convene the Legislature Id meet
on the 23th insb lo devise some measures of
The Match Race over the Washington City
('nurse, between Decatur and Fanny Wyatt,
for twenty thousand dollars, four miis.beata,
waa won by Decatur. " .
.Specie Paymentt.W understand, aaya
the Philadelphia Herald, tbat a meeting of the
Delegates from the different Bsnking Institu
tions of Ihoeily and county of Philadelphia wa
held on Weilnesdsy evening Inst, for the pur
pose of determining when it will be practicable
to resam lbs payment of specie. The subject,
we learn, wa referred to a committee, from
whom a report may be expected in a few daya.,
Bon Mot A wag in Boston says that the
Banke ought to be wound VP. aa they hae
been run down a long time. ;
The latest intelligence at Key Blseayne was
tbat Aleak Hgjo, tha Beminole chief who ne
gotiated witn Gen. Jesup, and surrendered lo
him, bsd been shot with all bia immediate fol
lowers by order nf 8am Jones, the chief of the
Mickssukies. This sssassinanion ia said vary
much to have exasperated I he 8aminoles, and
mans of them now beg our irawjps to allow them
to remain and assist ia exterminating th'eir lata
albas, Sam Jones and the Mickssukies.
Bswcxr. R,wmo, Eeg. .bs been, elected 1
President ofthsMercbanra Dank of Kewbern. I
Great Ctaf Meeting in PluladelpUtu .
Tba largest meeting that' baa assembled la
Philadelphia ainca tba great "banner sweating"
ia 1834, was beUI ia that placs on tba Tth; at
which resolutions rare-adopted warmly eulogi
zing ids iion. usury vlsy, and nominating
him for the Presidency. Many tbeuaanda wara
present. Hon. Jos. R. logeraolt prsuiiod. Mr,
Wey iad Ito feining ground rapidly iaongtHtifj;, to tntBanka for It. and thev
the honest farmers of the 'Key Stone State,
pill lnnnl-Tiji" f --"7'-'".--' -v.'-.-i--.ta:'l
I Epiicipal Cssrs-eartsa Tb at annual
Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church
will be bald ia Pituborough aa the let Wed
nesday ia Jon.
"A new Post daico. has beea established in
. - , 1
Paniei W. Kerr is Poatmsater,
James C. Cooper, Esq. has been appointed
Postmaster at Oxford, Granville rounly.
Jiateigh,Mag 16.
0 00 a 10 00
00 OtV m 00 -'J
00 75 a 00 do
Bacon, par cat,
Butler, lb.
Corn, per bushel,
Cotton, per lb.
Meal, badi.
Tallow, lb.
Bacon, per eut,
Cofiee, lb.
Cotton, per lb.
Corn per bushel;
Candlee, F. F. lb,
Flour, '.
' Sugar, brown, Tb.
00 07 a Ct jS
Htlla TS0
75 00 a 90 00
0(1 UJ
00 75 u 00
00 10 a 00 12
rayettevWt, Mc. t.
10 00 a ' I 00
00 12 i 00 13t
00 06 i 00 ohJ
00 60 a 00 b5
00 19
6 S3 n 7 r.o
00 35 a 1)0 40
00 07 n 00 1 1
retertburg; .lin S.
7 a .7 69
3 EJ
Corn, per barrel
Bacon, (Hog KounJ.)
Apple Brandv, Last crop,
ColUe, - '
8ugnr N. Orleana,
Bt. Croix,
Halt, Liverpool,
Iron, Vwceds, per ton.
Tobacco, lu;,
0J to I!'
65 n 70
10 a 1 2 i
7 to 81-2
10 a II
f2 "i0 a 3
$100 to 110
8J a 0 f)0
3 CO a 5 00
6 50 ii 9 50
inississirri sait.:
TJe following are the good htnrtfired
remarks of the "Free trader,' the
regular Democratic fVan lluieiij or
gan at Natchez., Mississippi:
"Th; Rlkctiov. The returns re
ceived since our last publication place
our defeat almost beyond the possibili
ty ol a doubt. So confident, indceil,
was Mr. PrcntUa of his 8ucrrs, that
he declared in Holly Spring, Marshall
county, nn the day titer the election.
that the. only thinj which prevented
him fiom setting; out imincdiittety for
Washington city was "the want of u
dean shirt. The vole of the river
counties at- this election exceeds that
of any previous one, whilst that of the
interior has been greatly reilu'cetf. It
is not our intention to hunt up rauses
to which we may attribute our San Ja
cinto defeat; a eix hours1 scrmnn woult
not console us for this dire calamity,"
&.c. .
From the New Orleans BuTfcTin, Msy 6.
mm"- . .1 . I I. . . a'-l
K.S I c a-Sl. ... .
v -w. rnnj .Mm,,,, to n meinorv ef the dead
tell igence tm mn oicated in th fat
in letter
itcTWlboltomtrMau jir 1 35(Jr
Missistippi hat nollp-xmdicuttd Iter
We have returns, from 25 counties,
which give llie following vote: Prentiss,
Whig.) 9,07$; Word, (Whig, J 9,086:
Claiborne, (LocofocoJ 8.002; Davis,
(LocofocoJ T.083. Twenty-one coun
ties remain to be heard from, which
will make the Whig majority for the
State at least 2,000! Our victory is
certain. The Locofocos have Riven
up in despair. Will not Louisiana
rouse herself to aid Iter sister s tatea in
Ibe great and glorious work of Govern
ment reform? Let there be tio tUvk
sions among the Whia, -and their
cause will prevail. Yours, in haste,
Editor of the Nalchrz Courier.
To the editor of tlieNew Orleans Bulletin.
'The interest which the University
has excited throughout the State will,
doubtless, renderevt-ry measure, hav
ing a tendency to clevale its character
and increase its usefulness, acceptable
to the community. 'I he Philanthro
pic and Dialectic Societies, anxious
to impart additional interest. to the
Commencement Exercises, and totre
ate a Literary festival worthy of the
Institution htid the State, haue enter
ed info arrangements to procure Home
member of tbir respective bodies, to
deliver art ;X'na Address to the
Jltumni, and the graduating Class off
the ioiiege, on ine evening ol :ne nay,
on which the main 1 Address ia pro
nounced before the two Societief .
The fraternal intercourse, whici.
this regujat'wn is Intended to produce
BpringtHj frim early and tberished
recollections, and renewed amid the
scenes which gave them birth must
render tWa-JJuversitT the centre of
increased, attraction, and create a
more lively nd active-interest in its
welfare. J--" . : . .'
We are gratified to Itmrn that, at
the request tI the Dislec Society,
ouresteemeu (6wnaman,Chartea Manly,
Esq. has consented to deliver the first
Address to tht Jlltimni, nniPthe grad
uatingIass,' at the- ensuing cum
inencetnent. t n ,
We also learn that extensive ar
rangements will be made for the 'ac
commodation f Visitors, and apart
ments provided for the Jllumnl by their
younger brethren.-- Jltguter. r
The N. Y. corresnondrnt of the
tNat. Int under tlateth Mat, aayt:
1 ifOur Bankg announced mcuijy
ihat the resume on the 10th inst.
T'uej mj out tf Jooi-a, they, have re
autned, and we nil talk magnificently
on the aubject, but tliere U a good deal
of brat about it: and thev are aa eroaa
at a north wetter if asked for conaidei a-
ble autna in apecie. , What apecie the
eountrv Ranks vet hera the v liuv. hot
pay Jw it -in checka B theftlS? for
btiiaineaa. theyrexlUtle or none. The
keen in their sheila comp'elelT. Thu
their resumption profit none bat them
elves." 77ie Miui$timi Bnki. Great eg
in AlTikiiytp
pi in relation to the uanki in that state
On the !20!h ultimo," a hieetin? of the
citizens of Vickabur Waa. held, rela
tive to the rourr ptimued by the linukt.
It is said that it was feared that ve-y
linrsh me.isarcs were about to be im-il
.t"aint the President tif i.h" Bfandi'it
IJjiik. I he merlin;, tut alter liavir.p ;
been trnnt!iei1, was broke nn ly the
ry of lire, which proved 'to b't n verv
sciimi one, as litany valuable Duiiil-
uc antl tnuc1. imtnertTwaa cunauined.
A letter received from New Orleans
bv theKxprett Mail, da'etl April 29th,
aava that "the llranrlf ttsaiasiiiu
H:itik has Ireeri raztd lo tht cronnd by
Mh; ami tiie aatne lute awatta the re-
mniiijlor of the Mi.iiipi lianka. New
ol (his arri veil (his inm niii";.
By arrivals at New York on the fib,
ne l-arn licit J.nrd lfurnain mission
(V the Can;id;i apprars to be one ol
h-istern magnificence. A company is
nrtninz in Liverpool to send . steam
.hips over here. Itt Paris, speculation
n the Joint Stock Companies is going
on at a great rale. I lie of Han
over has forbidden ull Hanoverians
from studying at Leipsic. The negro
apprenticeship in the West 'Indie
seems lo be in n fair way to be abolished
by Kngland- The-eotUn-ttarket tit Liv;
crpool was drtioping.
It is not piobauie lhat any morefpi-
cie will rotue lo this country Iroin the
Bank ofEngland, after the packets we
Hi e in
Ihporl fff ltic Ihlcffiixg Cvinmillff.
I'liete is imt in the history of the part
that lias for so many years swayed the
destinies of this country, an instance
nf mora flagitious conduct than lhat til
the majority ol the Committee appoint
ed to investigate the lute duel. It is a
part ol'th-j tactics of the administration,
to seize upon every question that inity
be used to divert the public attention
from the enormity of their own ti)is
deeds. TlVeTTuefvaSTfgTiftte
most opportune godsend,' and no pains
have been upared in the use ol,t.
" The martyrdom of Cilley" in ttie Hern
ocratic Review is but a rhapsodized
paraphrase of Mr. Tourcy'a report
and neither of them has Jhe slibtfsJI
eorsm-il Tsib thaw fifla fif fllttfi III'
IS. ' " r r. ; .rr-- tr?
meinorv el the uesti tr
lu aXle1to TTa TeeVinas W
u iiiCteI t reuU y 44 tnoo.h to prontt
the anger ofthe most Stoical to see
such while livereil people as Joucrr
and his associates tnediiating the ex
pulsion from the house of the high
touted, magnanimous, fearless and
n iiiu ble Graves, and the censure nf
the impetuous "rind invincible, but al
ways chlvatric and honorable Wise.
V e are sure that the house will not
attempt it, but their refusnl to ratily
the outrageous designs of the cum mil
tee, will, we trust, bis manifestrd in
some more emphatic mode than by a
mere rejection of th report. Pm pu
ses such aa theirs, conceived in most
unscrupulous spirit of parly, rhmttd he
rebuked by the most derided exprest
sum of the detestation of ihe gm hnien
in Congress.-Hull. Chron.
At a late dinner given at New Yotk.
in honor of the arrival of the Meam
ships f roni EnohuuIiwiug-olM'r--i-n-t-a j
esling reniiinscences id the rapid Advance-
of improvement in tlffTnty.
Philip Hone, Kiq. Mated lluit he re
membered when the ancle of A dermari
IK'uson. and his partner set out, on the
same day; ihe one for Albany, tht jolli
er for Bristol, ling. They both arri
ved at their destinations on the same
day, which was the l.Gth after iheir de
parture. The trip to Albany now oc
cupies ten hours. So much for steam.
Fin tii bru. ,
Mr. Editor: J crorive in a bite nnmlicr sf
your r. lhat J UN J US AMi, Kj. has
hern solrcitrdio become a caniliilnlo lo retire
sent this rounty in the lower liramlt nf our
next Legislature. Jn addition, lo Mr. Amis,
permit me to suggest the name of ABSALOM1
B. WMITIf, Esq. Both of these gt-niiemeu are
well known lo tlie voters of Noiiliniiton, and
no doubt but that lliey ill be sustained by ev
ery true friend of Stain Rights, should they per.,
mil their names lo le run. ' Ever since the
daya nf the proclamation, ttiey have Klojd shoul
der, to shoulder, batlliiig manfully in favor nf
llio Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of 'U8,
and I'prxwing the ruinoua and astounding doe
triues of (ien. Jackson's administration. I bava
known Mr.fhiilh and Mr, Amis ever since lha
days of boyh" and they are proverbial as
weM for their t, ing as politics1 worth; " "
The next, Legislature, it i believed, will be
s very Important ones and It behoove the peo
ple lo elect men I bo beat able to represent tliem.
A rrgsrds Ihe qualifications of tliesa grnttr
nien, w are iett in no doubt, Mr, Haitth has
once represented this county, n, in a manner
too, highly creditable ta bimarlf, ss well as to
his constuuentsj sod Jrlc Amis, I am sore, will
gain Ibe same reputation, should he be elected.
fWe see that In eome parts of the State the
wrngs are bringing Out the fiim-t talented men
m their ranks; and wby Should old Northamp
ton, the very cradle of repuUlioauism, be back
twprd in selectine such turn wbo will aot fail
to represent her ably and faithfully in the coon-
ens o tba 3Ula Huck rnea IVonceiv to be
Mr. Smith sad Mr, Amu. The doctrine of
Stats Rights1 and strict cenatruetioa of the
constitution they Bava advocated Jbrjrearrwrh
anabaled seal and fidelity; snd It can with Iruut
la aiL dmsa d,H.l L"shava ";rowo itU iWr
growth, and atitnuSo J with tbair atreoala.''
Northampton, May 7, 1039 7
' , MAItKlXD.
Is this atty aa ! I.k by ri,e Hev. fl.
W. Frrem.ii, Me. V iHanu 8. Uoberla IS Mita
AngrliaUU Kmg.oi this bhwe. 'tuibiiaouiw
lv, oa lha anal by e hlrt- II B tlstrs. Mr
Vstwy King tar Miss Wima King, ta Ali.boV) ,
oa Ibe Iw Usiart, by lha Ksv hiepiwa r'nlis,
IV Kobert M ttowchclla t- Mita. isne Polk.
1 rltuxhter of Gea Thomae G piUk, all of that
Rlsca. Ua lha am, Mr Msiltw II Hisnrtn. of
:wan. lo Miss Clissbeth M WailUle, iUoKhifr
of Usvirl Wailrtle, Ktn nt Iredell. In Itowan,
Mr Ihivld Cos to Mits Mary Cos. la Ihwidtaa,
JUitlVmptitv,.Jti)a.lavJMssJte tad.
tjneoln, Mr Alexander Miller to "Miia Kliaa
Ksbinsoa." la Mooirosneryv Ahibania, air. Klat
arna Ms Arn to Miss Mary K lted.-triu -soamv,
t;l Lrvis S Mule to Mlts Klin,
asnliter at Ittnj FJiam, E. la Orange, rMx
drilre A Allium la Mis Hrbeeca Thompson,
la Msriin,-iAIliiis, Mr. George T honipton
to Mitt Helen II Howl, Iste of IJillshnmoxh.
Is fistrt, IW- lliebsnt Ittsnssy, of Psssjnolank, .
in Mrs Arirmrsia ti .Janet. , la (reatille, on
ihe Sill, Col Ktcliar P 1 sjlor la mita martha
i lUoibirr of
.,n nomas w iornsan. ai
i, nn Hie Pih, by the Rev Mr Pell, Mr Robert
A i-'ties to Miss Msry Ana Mayea. In Moore,
iiiFTVlarTrWalion, of Rowan, lamia Ann Ms.
Un.l. In liedi-lt, ror tai-'otge Knoalc to niiia
Suuo Graco. ' . -
lit Dorke. Mrs. Matilda llawVina, consort
nf Mr. Wm Ft. !Iakms.'ap a 34 lean. In
jrtsbuT)'.! UrA Mary Gay.agvtl JO years. In
i emusKT, Mis t.lixabetn Marcom. tlangti
trr of the Ute Alt vamler Fruhock of Sails- .
burv.' In Moore enmity, Mrs Mary- Lewis,
In' Itcanfort county. James H. KHisop, Ksq.
n Hie veax of bU are. -ta rertiuitnons.
Tir. Joint Jt- IVnont. ;
nicisitioivu & rETEKsni iio
a wn:l"
1 be coinletin nl iVis Hail llosd (from tr
terkliiirsSto Manclirtti r, i piosittf n KitbniQntl) .
RisV'S tbe rTfiilfV hlTfailTtosds Ibrough the Hiala
lit Viryinis rmitinumi, Willi lb exception et'nn
lv 0 iml.n and al Is impvttsut arlvsntsgc toslia
i'riUnil Uuuie for Nortlirru and Suu.llitia tiaiel
lii7. s-
'I bere are nt.iUliJ.rd on it two tlsily trains,
nnr of a bu b it in ennni'xina with the North and
Soulli mail liiict still a tri-klr traia snnnert
iiiK v illi tl'.e "llsiiUx, Wilmington and Charlt s
ton Ksil Uoxil, Kisge sad Siesro llnal line."
ranrnii ii li'mi H. i iitn bv Hi "silv "ttle-,li:.n iilsil line" HIrrivein Riebmontl nn
ibe iiriupit slirr li st on sbiob Ihrjr IVava Ra
lri;bi nil bathij tlie uIrIiI fur real, are )ef ee
l.lf.l, by rxiiiing arisiinrments, 10 iirocetfl to
ll iliinioie on ibe tbercetline; day, snd then to
rbilsael,l.ia Ibe ssoie night in lima for Ilia
morning Uoet lo New Yoih: lime, let than S
risrs trorn Itslc'igh lo New Vwk,
't he routs llirough IVtertbais; and RWhaoni
wDI be f..unil also to be ne of lb best
h orn ll.e Suuih to ibe Hlnl .Sprtnga. 1 be
nJr ran arrive in trbarlntlesville, bavwg
njiliililrs.Bige travj-llirig after reselling lie
Kail Itmwts i Virginis, ia 5 la) from Charles
ton, ami 9 ly from lUleigli. .
All Mwibl are mails ea Ibis
R .11 Koait forth eorulJiiuble and sale Iraotpoi
i inn nf nasirneert.
titties nfllie ItH-hianndsiul feters '
bur Rail lloacl Cnrniwnv.. St Sua
r- my tflri3.
i . , , j'UK fijii.L.. . i r
"r ' ; """. -V-TT-ZiLll-
I t,'t.', U-lr'b"Ves'iilri.e tjI Kewin rinmmer,
lies '.I., wiib the land ki'jatniog, ssotsmmg
boul one minium Adfl. . . ,
1 be imrsrvMrrsriils eonstst nf a large and ton
tenknt I ctlii g llouse anrl Office, a KMrbea
biu'ikr-llmiir, I (ui, j, ha. nf I hs vertebral kisxl,
goml iiislilrs ami rxeellent fsritra. The u
imprinfrt l.uKSnrl cleared Ijind 'art. under
f. nrs, and 5uld usilily SO or GO barreli ef
Com.. , . - .'.-, .-, -f ..:-;,-.("-.
At Ibe same time and place, nana lha rmt
terms, will be sold a Trl ol WHr LAND,
eonuinirig 150 Arris, bslfs m is. sail
ens il 10 Asrrt, aiibio i ns mile of ismI Town.
ALFKr'.l) AI.STONft ? Kxr't of
If. I, rLUvlMKrl. 5 Kema I'lsmaef.
Wsrrn.ion, M.y J, IMS. 8t-il
The publie A n'tkerssry Exarainnlion of Ilia
Hlndetns nt the Unirrrifiy ot North fjsi-til ins,
ill be I, riant l.lil tlilt na Monday, - ISib'.
da) of June urxl, and he roaiaiued froaa i'sj ta
risr, until 1'liursdsy SSib, wbith last nwniionrrt
i'iiv is appointed lor the annual Coa,aienwmtat
oTibe tiiillrc. '
be f.illiigTrutret corrtpoa the Cos.
mlijM 1 1 Vhiinior.; . , .
JUs.tiWlbHMMfriovvK.-.- f)raiT,"i'rs,l
M.lt0.Ji,WWl?, PiiSlilcnl of Col
:. . . .......
, W, J. Alexander,
J. W. Ilrvan,
W. II. Battle,
II. 8. C.arke, .
J. Giles,
A. Joyner, ;
J. Morehead,, r,
Wm. Robards,
J. B. Skinner, .
ft. Williams.
J. R. Doliiiell.
W. A. Graham,
M. B. Manly,
II. Poller,
l' Shuber, , ,
J. Webb,
If. Waddelf, Jr
fllAS MAVCY,- '
tire'r. Hold Trustees;
lly trJer,
itideish. May 10. IS.IS. " : a 4
VMS, i " i .i - .. m
' vivimiii I ifiltirm
'Tbp-ekaniiiiRlinn ol the siuiU-nl ol this InilU
lutmn will lake plaee on TJiumtsy, the' Sttl nf
. Mny. IVrews, tjiisnlians and Friers sra
m.nt respt-stlully lutiied to aMeml. i Thnxt .
srrsinawill eoniraenre n Monday, the IQlh of
July, miller lbs direstion nf Ibe sams approved'
TrMehsra (Vh-f Kltnl and I -arty.) In lha' Msla
i!e;krio.eiit, ull lbs blanche of aa Krlis(Iu.
ration are laiigbl, with ihe Latin, tiruk sad '
Prrach Langusgee, and young aaen prepared for
adroissioa lo our eollrgr. - '"' &
--'la the rVmale drpsrtmenUlnadifilioa w th
branches usunlly Isnghl ia sshoois, ais added,.'
Diawing, Painiwg and Holany: Py the an-'
mchreuwut ol lb setsioa a Musis Tiasber
vtll be provided. The terrns-lor luiiina per
ststina ia the Male departmenl are foe ilia , -ft
Itt Cls, rrolirseing lb rudieacatt of as Ens
Hill Bdiirsiioo, t , ..HVW
M.CIass, Including firammar, Arlth'" ' '
, nisiKj, Woodbrnlges Uecgrapbv, - ?
hs. -. ,i,i. ' :f,')0r -td
Class, Philosophy , H beioria. Chsrs-
Islrv, Borveybig, It. - ' . .
Tba LsavgawsM, .--. - " -.
la the Fsn.sls depsrtrsenl, b erss ar laa
Sams with the exssptioa of tba- following sslra
fladies'-- ' " -
Fsintiaa laitSlI aad "Water Col. fc'i "
Botany, .
t Pi ',fii" JSJ-Xii -i '!": tl.OUf .. - .
. Unard aSy ootsisea SI lrw S ! J pit. jr.
rsiiib. .:- Lift:. r'
I Bv order of Ibe haw, ' . ..-jaw
, U , 's j vCIA, &Hlt.t, t.a0 VV
I ; T:'.( .tri fr? '.tfi J n. f,
BLulKZTJS for snl Uerc
a ,
-; T
- - - - '

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