North Carolina Newspapers

. r.
Artd while hi Harp mrMN ma-
Twm fAvethe laloat Minetrel aung."
V TBS lTS JOVaTBaaT lawasnct, 1.
Came, grot! May1!
.. Conn, with thf rob ol (ower.
Come ana1 brint forth onto the rye of day,
v From their iinpfU-Miing and myat'rimi night.
The IxitU of many hUM, th children of the
5 Com, womlroua Mn!
T"f, et the bidding of tliy magic wand,
Quirt faint the cavern ol the breathing ImJ,
In ell their green ami gluriou array,
They apring, sprung the Periaii maide to
The flashing fooUlep in Caahmctiau nil.
Coi;, vocal May!
Come, wild thy train, that hijh
. eom froth branch pour out ihrir melody.
On caroling thy praiK, the lite-long day,
flit pervbed on aome Una glen, on oidio calling".
'Vtii murmuring wood tnuri.-al water' fall
... NaV
Come, ftinny May!
Cma, with ihy teucliie? btn,
What tint th laxy mix melt on the alreem.
Or acka til mountain top to tnrrl ihv ray,
fere yet the dew-drop on llhitio . 11 t"t dower
Hath loat it Ujhjor jliril bciicalU it potter.
Com,huly M!
Wheal aunk behind lh folleu I vreatrrn hill,
Tltaaun hath ceaeed to play on leaf and nil,
And twilight's footatep haaten hiederav;
Come, wito thy auainga, and my heart hill b
Like pure tomjdr conarctale to litre.
Come, beauliful Ma) !
Like j.'Utb and luvelinea
Lit he t ITua- 6h,l:oiha Tii tliv fulfdreaa,
Thai drapery of dark winter raat )-,
To the brtht eye and the glad brarl appear,
(ajuceu wf lua ttyrtng and mirtreaa of the yi!
. Vet, lorly Ma!
Teach bar wbuac rye aliall real upon thta rhyme
T apunt the gilded mockeriee of I line.
Taw baartlaaa pomp that borkona to Itrlray,
And keep a thou wilt find that hi art each year,
1 ur aa ttiy dawn, and aa thy einact clear,
And let me ton, tweet May!
4 i.ot toy fond vntary era,,
A iad thy beauties alt 'ha vanity
Of thia world a pomp; than leach tost though
In hie ahurt winter, but beauty' frame.
In fairer woild the aoul altall epread hie away,
Another ajwnig ahall blouui, eternal and the
UKL1U lOi.
We phy the yoUnjj iimii who ha no
religion in hi heart no high aiil ir
resutable yeanunj after a better ami
hotter eaiateiice who is contented
with the aenmliiv atul rrosne.s ol
earth .wnme spirit never. reVuiia at
the darkness of ita prison . house, nor
nulls l Urn thuught wl' it hnal eman
eipaMWH. e pity mm, t-tr he atr .t Ja
BoVideTtCTirtbt"tTn--nu ina
litfeUttoit of that iiitellectuat nrei og.
alive, wnich renders hint tue delegated
lord of tho visible creation. He can
rank no higlier than anini tl naluu
the spiritual could never stoop so low.
To seek lot beastly etcileinents--to
minister, with a bountiful hand, to de
praved and strange appetites- uie the
atlnbatea of the animal atotier To lim
it our hopes and aspirations to thfs life.
and world, is liko reinuining forever
in the place of our birth, without ever
lifting the veil of the visible luu iiou
which bent over our infancy.
There ia religion is every thing a
Tound us; a calm and holy religion in
tlie unbreathing things of nature, w hich
man would do weH to imitate. Jt is
a meek and blessed influence, stealing
in as it were, upon the heart. It comes
quietly and without excitement. It
hisnoterrurtior-gloonri"tn-ta ap- does not -rouse up the
passions; it is untrammelled by the
creeds and. unshadowed by the super
atitiona ol men. It is from the hand
of the Author, and glowing from the
immediate presence vl the great Spirit,
which pervades and quickens it. It
ia -written on the arched sky. It looks
out from everr star. It is on the sail
inrcloodsand in the invisible wind. It
is asaojlg the hills ami valleys of the
earth- where the snruixeas mountain
top pierces the thin atmosphere of e-
lcrnal wintet or where the miohtv for-
)Ujuctua4awforeth. strtniff-w'twrt,
WKA it dark waves of green folmze.
It isspiead out like a legible language
Don in oroaa lace oi tne unsieeptng
ocean. It i J poetry of nature It
it thrs which lifts the spirit within us.
nhtil it is tall enough to overlook the
shadow of our place of probation
-which breaks, link after link, the
chains which bind us to materiality,
aiul bpena to our imagination a world
of spiritual beauty and hoi inesa.
How 10 Vovtrii ChUJrin.-t were
more than amused with a conversation
between two plain farmer vl respect
bilit r the other day, who happened to
meet ia our offices which was in sub;
tance at follows:
"How do you govern your children
ao well, neighbor , ? The
ther sJar when I waa there, they all
et round ona dish not a murmur wa
heard from first t last- Nw my cliil
drew must each have a separate dish.
ad thej tjuatral all the time they eat,
-aa mub scratch little lata use war-
raiav nu Skj are constantly watch
. Jrdand kept la Tear.?. ,
WijH rtplied tht other, lad
. 9 TifSsjtt cm tbtt tx. ' We btgia,
OreTfraa I ( n(U w..k
" ' - -;- - ' ;' ' -1
their Jesting! or passions. I am par-j
Inr of 'my commands and reproofij
but always Uksrapecial care that I am .
atrictly tibej-d bj every ia lror big
geat To least. And although 1 baa
ax'.dora been drivea to the neceantty of
a kin; the rod f correction, the j fear it
more than children that jet it
day or two pettishly administered, aa
is. I have thought too anach the practice
of aotn parent. M j patience ia often
tried with rude and frolicsome adven
ture, presuming rather too much on
Tny-forbeanuctf tmtetibwate diaobe
diance is a tliiti$f, totally unknown in
mj family. My children hate no
preoUe -concr p.) iiiu f hat the conse
quence uf ilisobetlience Would bet but
never think of risking it. My wife me very mutli lo in thia matter.
If at any lime she thinks me too severe
in my reprimands; she takes occasion
in private to correct my harshness with
;t-utle inii motlfttt insinuations that
never fail to produce the desired effect
tin me: at the time she eems to sanc
tion my course by a silent approval;
ami I do tlie same by her. The con
arqiienc'B ijs, that the clnldiin never
seek proteriion in the fjvnrofone pa
rent trom the diapitffflre of ihe otlu-r.
Kjmily government is a thing; that I
have observed as ininuteU as I could,
and tried to study it well; and alicr all
we find oor plans in many rcspt cts de
fective, which is a source of care and
uneasiness to us both; but we have rais
ed! a large lumilv, atul many f them
have lift us: anil we i.fim thii.k we
hyve muih cause- to be thankful that
our snliciluilo to govern our family a
rioht has not been aliugelher unavail-
ing." .Sum, hern
vi:itv fiit a p:
The atihwrittcr flnltract-t llitr prcachl rppoilu
ntly ol iiitiMitiing lit, etiiontfii ami lite pMic
I etr rally, llial ti e" bi jt ' rttunted from Nt-w
Ymk, aiid it aoar rerciaittg itl opening one -of
tkr thrntrX Mock nt tomla CTr brougM to thia
inarktl. lie puichatl hi (iotHlr allogrlhrr
iilt atli, which ili enable bun lo aril uouau
nity low. Oaiee; In lite aery great demand lor
miniry in Near Votk, vtie nlt that article Km
MMi itr iiaaiagea orer ihoae mho have not,
cn when iht-y ate prrlectly aolarn't.
1 i,e lullowtiig forma a pail of bit Slock:
? Ztnrral Jlitorlmmi of
Calico's A Kf tsslin, ltrowii 1,1 n
eu, lointlrat, llonlery and
Haiti; alo, mi esrellenl
aelectloi of SlloiJs,
btih lor I Jiliei a,H lienilemen all ol wbirli i
tlfrrttl al vary reduced pricea
I he tubKrilteranliciia a rail, ami (iletlget him
arlf lh,t for cbeaMiraa and aariely of ait le, hit
tneh cannot be eraaaed by a lt ,nae' in I lie
':). W. C. T17CKKK.
May , lUt. l 4ar
SIT I'll III It 1 1 A itn W W W 'oellinf Huutc it large and aomnodiout, willi
U i'l iTa U IS r J .W 'aT.o ,, .11 Beeelan nul-houaea. a line
Fayetlrillr Street, Italeigh, North Caroliaa.
rite Siiltaci ibei hae juai reriH, anil arc
now oiw,.i,,r al ihfir Miurf, a Ibraiinlul o,l-
t-l of IJ.MHlt nt ih ir li,iM(n.) ol CloiUt.
ntei l auU aratttiK nt rrr y i.I(iih
iiatnt , in latl, etet I ihmg llutl can be ttnintt in
mj -atmitar ambliaitr in the Htirtra
oliiah ra rtHilullj nquitl nurtrirndaand
Ihe puhlie lo call anil eaamtur Itelma purt-haantg
claewlicrf , at we are ileiei minril lo ti-ll on
auctt terntl aa aannnt ftttt In auil the iHrehaf r.
Italrlgh, Mat 7 IS.tS 30 Cw
I 8. tlnlert Irom a dltlanee will meet with
prompt aiimiion. L kU.
The Spring Itace will oominence over ihe
t loid Courte on Wrtliiexlay Ihe IClh day nl
May netl, intltad of the l,t Vtednetdav in
June owing lo the Itaee al Lynchburg com
tnencing lite lame Wet kt alto Ihe Warrrnlon
Hter being pottpotied to Ihe X3id of May.
Ciinarqueiilly Iht aip.itnlmenl will bring the
Oxford Itacet ihe werk prrvioot lo lli arrre
Ion Haae The firal d y terik. t lor 3
year old colli and filliet mile hi ttt, jSOen
tntnee; lo clnvc Ihe flrtl dav nIMar no.r one
Hbarnbt-r. Sl dat ,twrptke, colli and filltea.
3 year old mile heali, KIUO efcliaB.e, halt
forfeit iu both one tuhacritavr) lo eloanlhe trtt
May S I day, two mile beall fitr a.itae ol
I) entrance. 'h day mile Itealt, bet.
.1 in S, $IIMi cnlianae Tbit Itace la made
up by aubtertplNta.
. Ve rtoecl there will be from four to ire en
trie m bnlh iha twreiialaket tlit re Tt milch
auuel anticipated. It a eaueat actwal ataitta-a j
OilortfTAptil 39, 1838. Mw
By Ctaarleo Boswrll A Co.
On Tuetday.lhe tf'i-id mil., nilhoul reaervc,
al IU o'clock, we will capote, al I'ublm Attclion,
the entire tlock of gmttla, til Die Vi)i tlcaerip
lion, eoniaineil in Hie two Siotet luritierly e
euptL'tl by It. W. Keaiuy, on Sytanmre Street.
I he iok embrace aliiioM every, article lo be
found in Ilia mntt attentive Ktiahlrahntcnt,
aanl perttapi oS'ert grealer iuducriaenli lu pur
cltaaei a, lltau aat ever preaealcd bcloio hi in it
i contitlt of S well aelecled atturlment of
French, Knglith and India China; Plain, Moul
ded and Cut t,tai Frtnletl, Japan, I'ernan,
Dipt, Painted and C C Earthenware, Slnne
Ware, Looking Glaaaea, Briiauia Tea and Col
fee Pot, k. -
A eaul.igue of ihe good will be eilnliiied on
the day ol Sale, ami the Slock (including ihe
ftxlurci) Ki t! oft'ered entire m an aW but it
not aold in lhat nay, the good, will be mid in
o to rail purchaser, wiihoul Ihe lean rewrve.
Ae there h) bet one aimtlar Euablithment in Paw
tcrtbtn g. It alfnrd any pel ton ditMtid to ett
gmgw in the buimett, n rare opportunity. I he
team will be liberal, and Mr. K W. II will
impart la the porehaaer all poudile informa
(ton retpealing ibe hattneta
(X Hulk ibe lloaac will k t ;erd for Kent
on the day al ale.
C. ttOSWEIX k CO,. Aaci
Petertburf, May 1. 3f
To all any Croatitortw '
Meeara. Wnt Kehcrtaon, Wi, MiKkia ahiTtMU-'f aecond, a old ari.aralelu
oat -a wanww, m. nai r,it)tar, r.ilwarw
M. Is J. C. tireewweT, John ilecknitb. Turner
k lleghea, II. a. Gattber, Attorn), and all my
other aradiinrai .
. Ptcaae Uk aethna that, en ma l(b day of
May neal, at the Court Honar hi the Ctty nf
Kahvajrh. brraeea thai hoam of It e'elnek and
P. M., I ahall appear fcctore llearj Potter and
P. P. Bar bene. Federal Jodges lor ike Diairiet
mf Ktarth Carelinn, intake the beawit ot the tawa,
nanivo and ptnijowdl W tbe relief of lacoraeal
Atall so, 14, S7 l
? fA Givtrnor of No. CaroVuuu
- k- mu a iLj, Ual aeaM a
a the (acatetaJ Aaveaably at thai ttate, eartttir
aai aa aat nreaarrfttof ihe aaade af mrrr)t
aaai erfling t UmI of thia Slatc.laMty MapMr
edby trewiy ah the Cherokee laa ,- a i
eaaoe the doty of tne farneorioa) the 7tf
teen e4 the JMfap Sd TieW, Booh of aaid r
ey, to ike Seaenl wlaae so preaanhee y
' . a ia i . aT ikai tMaaa
mKi art, te nM nt rnn
aa4 place of aale, aa4 abcrca. the Sattt Map
t Vield Bookt baa ben rcUtrwcC aaeeor-
t V-J-mrd H. Dndler ' GoVerooV of
North Carolina, obaUience lc aaia act of
cirmg notiea that the tale of aaft Uml will
comnieoce at the Town of Franklin, m tne
coaniy of Macon, on the drat Monday ia Splem
ber mat, an4 continue frees day to day lor
three week ana) M lonrw, by and nniler the
amierinierdanoe snd direction, of 8. F. I'aller
oa and Cherlea U Hinton, qra.( Commit
aiober appointed for lltat parpoac, efreealtlc
lo lite prottakw ot the taid aat. 1
a4'r' IN icdiraony whereof, I, Edward
t mi. 7 I. IHiilley, Goternor, c h
I ' eauacd lb Great Seat ot the Slate
in ha hereunto affiidl. and tlrncd the tarue,
iliit ih day of Way, in iba year of our Lord,
80 17
Star and Standard, Rutherford Gaxelle,
Olumbia Teleaenne, Southern (Ga,l Recoidrr,
Ltnclibure Viraiuain, and Knoieite Kt(t'ter
II rat.h iitaert the above, weekly, until day
ol tale.
State of Worth Carolina,
If'atme Vountu.
fCourt of Equity, Spring Teim, 1838,
I'eiition for tule ami ikvivm f rtoft mule
Nectlhai'n Won el I anil tella lill wile, Arnold
(iorden and Jonathan fike.
The haira of Fieilerick Bum, (teeeated
ll appeal inr to the talitlaeiioa ol ihe Court,
that Fharnah Burn, Kleiihrn WorrellJ'haroab
Scoll, El Scoll. Jettr FulcunToiieph Faleum
rretlrriek Kulgunt, Sarah A mold, Celia Arnold,
ratarjr krc. Mry Unrlut, Itebeeea raiker,
i4 I'ruina Horn, ilrlrmlanlt in ihe abnre nam
ed cauae, are nil nilubiiant of hn) Slate; Hi
l here I ore ordered by ihe Cooit that puhlicauon
be niaile f' r ix tuceettiTC week, in ihe Slar
and North Carolina tiaartie printen and pub-
litheil in the CUT al Italeieh, lor the taiu tie,
tendanl In be and appear at Ihe next term of
i hi. I t ia.a held for the count ol .Wayne,
al Ihe Court Home in Wajnctborounh, on the
ortt Momlav alicr Ihe luurlh Monday to rplem
bar neat) ihrn and ihrrelo plead, anawer or de
mar, or tail! (trillion will lie laken pro toplciH)
and hranl e parte at to litem, Snd decree made
ii net t, Jantet Gritwold, Clerk and Matter
ol nur taid Cnutt of KqiiMy lor Wayne County,
aloflice in aaid county, Ihe firti Monday after Ihe
lounh Monday m March,
Wajnetbnro' Aril7 18.1a. ' SO 6w
Valuable City Property,
Pnrmanl tn a decree of ihe Supreme Court
ol NihiIi Hai tiliiia. I thai! eauute 10 nublie tale
al Ihe iiremurt, on Krnlar. lite 15th day of Jone
next, that aery t'ctiiable retidene hi ihe Ciiy ot
llaleieli, tlluaicn on Hit corner Ol ntliaboiO' anil
McDowell hireelt, lornterly oceapied by Mitt E,
t.,lflw Ma ttnuriltnir Houac.r A
I 1 hr lot eoulaint ilirre-lotirih, of an acrei Ihe
garden, and, though tulttcienily i-eiireil lor a
private family, it vety eniiveniene lo Ihe btni
net part of Ihe City . To reideate t.f ihe low.
er eiutnlty, tUstifiutol iccurlng a heahhy and
plraMitt inuaiioav the imtaant alfonli a very fa
vorable npiHirtiinily. Frraon witliine to exam
ine lite premiere hvfnre the tuay. ot Ula, nan
t,i, by applya''-v1eaibtaribcr,-v' Mr. 1 ho.
l.nitta; i-naarattm will oe given ua un nni
day ol January neat.
I E It MS. w h'ich wiTT be liberal, matle known
on day nt alc.
Ii. W. MOHDECAI, Cmmitiner.
Ilaleigh, April HT, 1838 18 Tw
states of North Carolina,
County of Frankin.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
March Term, 1838.
Yarbrough St Fotter "
i, hn Jarae Jone and
Villtam Willie June J
Pel it ion for Partition
of Loi
ll aptteartng to the taiiifaatinn of Ihe Court
Ikal lit drfendatiia in thin eae reanle beynad ihe
Iimii of lint Stale, id" lhat Ihe ordinary procet
nl Ihe law cannot reach Iheini h i ordered by
the Court lhat tubfiealion be made in Ihe Kaleigh
Star, lor ait luecemve werka, lhat enlrit the
aanl defentlanl appear al ihe neal term of Ihe
taid Conn, to he held at the Court llout m
Louittiwra;, on ihe (eaontl Monilay nl June net,
then ami the re lo antaet or dento r In the laid
t'rtilmn the tame will be laken pro aonlctto and
parlilioo made nccordingly.
Alieat S. M.V I'l'ERSON. C. C. C.
Louitburg, April 41, 1838 19 6w
State of NoFtii Carolina,
County JFmklia, r
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
Mart-h Term, 18S8.
Adolphu Kctd
Jeite I'eraon
'elition lor dower ol
Julin Littleton Iteed
Ktizabrlh Ann Slaik
and buian M. lieed
ll aptearing to ihe aatiifaetion of the Coart
Ihe deiendaiilt John Lillletnn Iteed, Klixibelh
Ann Stark and Sutan M. Keed, retiile in lh
Sine of Virginia, and lhat the proeeta of Ihi
t;urt cannot reach Ikemi il il nnlered lhat pub
lication be matle in the Kaleigh alar, lor tix
tneeeitive week, lhat anleu the taid defendant!
appear at the next term nf ihe laid Conn lo be
Ittld at lite Com t 1 1 out In Loniabatrgr -ao the
traniid Monilay Jn June neat, aban and there lo
aniwrr or demur to lb laid Pcthinn, a will bo
taken pro oouieaao and dower ordered accord Altert S. PATTERSON, C. fi C.
Lntiithuig, April t, 18.18 ' 19 6w
The ubcrraeri, hiving comractcd with the
Coinmltiioiirrt of Ihe Slate lor the publication
of the Revived Statute! of North Carolina, baye
Ihe pleaiure ot announcing ibe completion of
aid work.
Ileing apirttinled by the Coventor agent on
Ihe part ol the Slate lor lit tale, they now Offej
in the good aithten of North Carolina a woik
which, aa regard quality 0I paper and caeca
iMtn, ii not equalled by any law nook eeer pub.
liihrd m ihi etnintry. d'htt been prouounccd
hy every one who kai examined it, (and amnngat
Ihoae ate numbered atn; tM .jdeat and moat
exieatire book pulditheri ia llie foiled Slatei)
lu lie Ihe ne pin ollia" of tytOgraphy.
I'uhlithrd in 1 vnlamet the tat coalaintng
71 page lh d S58 Price poly nine dollar
per copy or live dollara for a vnluwe. and
hmr for the aewootl, if mid aenamtcla. All nr.
dett Inr the above work, dirreted vo vltem al the
No, lb Caroltna Hook Store, will meet cab
prompt at lent too.
Raleigh, H. P January 4, t3T. 3 Sm
tta eatabliahed hhntelfia Kaleigh, and will
afford Metliml aitl tn Iknae who naa fed ditpo
ard to patronise hint. Hit nmae i In the rear of
Iha Apothecary Store of Meier. Ha. M. Me.
Wlkl where ate auv ho to) whem wot ae.
A. .W, lnJ 1
" awae wwwr rraita.
Jacaaary SV, noe. - T tf
MOKOEC Al k M.EI M M O.N l.aae ju
catd crarnM Dteeareal lo otit-T '
tricaxt and aaistoaaera,
A Spleadld Atortment or
to which they would respectfully direct """:
lion of dealer A Ineir goooa ataaw
in with an eyo-aingfe to lb preaeol pretr ol
the time, principally eaah, haawf been te-
lecled apoa in aaox anraotaftH-a. -
of Iba Firm, they feel ao bcailalion to Bwrm
the pablia that I hey can ditpoaa of tltem at raiet
torn in, rat rrrly initab lower lhaa bereloiwi'or
anparatiaefy mwah lower inaw acn.u..
-wl . i ., i .1-,.., ...... .nt.Ln in
dU trcner.1
. " . ' i
atnttt. ( "... m.. nn teaiinr.
A haadaomo aortaent ol l.eullemea t Sirra
roer Good
Splendid Good lor the Ladie. auitabic for llie ,
approaching aeatnn.
noc M eaery octcripitoa.
Hall of all Windt.
Queenaware. Hardware, Groecriet, fce.
All of which Ihey offer al reduced pi wet, and
invite the attention of ihe pnbli.
Raleigh, April I. H38. " ow
M Enfield, JlaUux County, .V. C.
Havmg taken from Mrt. I'. V. SMUTIIAI.I.
that heatiliritl new building, ailuair.l al tlie
end ot Ihe Tillage, and aoniMnont lo her grntc.
i now hitnigit np lor Ihe recepiiun oi iravrnria.
Too manv nroinite hv bern made in ihi line
of bu tine it, in which llie public have bern ilr
ceired. I altall only y, call and jii'lge Inr
youreelve. Mr. Souihall and d. uKlitti t pro-
ruite pertonal atlenliou to latiic.
April, 1838. 17 11
Turner k Hughe have jutt opened al Ihe
North Carolina Hook Slnrc a aplcndid aitoti
menl ol Walking Caoct and Whipa.nt every de
tcrijuion, lo whatb they invite alien' ion) and are
confident that Ihote who need-ltrett -article can
not be olherwiac titan pleated. Ot the loriner
ihey have, Malacca, I'enang, Hickory, Steel,
Hamboin and Yellow and Ulaik, Htilkl llradi
Gold and Silver Mourned, -a til, and wiihoui
Sword. Among ihe lalle,- arj aulkry.titg,
Drevera, Crop and Swiuh hipt, hale bone
wrapped, leather, do. Ivory lianillt-, V ire plan,
gill pUin, gill roounled. Ivory mouiil. d ho. ate
Alto a choice collection of Cadiet riding Y Itipt.
Call at No. 1 Cbeaptide, and ciaraiae lor
Just rcc?ived at tho loitti Caro
liuu llook Store,
iYo. 1 FuyeUrvu'h Street, Raleigh.
Fickwick Pten, by Sam Wellrr and Allred
Cra.qudl w..l. Illatu-aliun., in one volume.-
1 .. . . ....
Leilai by Hoaxer, in tuperrojal octavo, aiih 15
Eugravmgton ileel. Cnnlettioniol an' r.lilerlj
Lady and Gentleman," by Ihe Couolett ol
Hletiinglnn. Wtod Leighlon, or a year in the
country, by Mary Hot lit. The; Clock-maker,
or laying! and tlniugt ol Samuel Sink of Mnk
ville. Vanderleur, or Animal Magoeliira.
Arethuta, by lapt Chamier. Thonghit, by A.
I. rumble, ot Gruniblelon Hall, Kiq Ketollec
lion of a Southern Matron, l lie Old Cnmodotv,
by Capt. Mat rj alt. Pretention, by Mm Sarah
stocking. Clinluo Hradihavr, or the Adveti
lurel ul a Law)cr. Vitili and Skrlehet by Mi l.
lameton. Characleritiie of Women, hy ihe
arae. The Duke of Manmoih, a Novel. The
Gootf Fellow, by Paul De Kock, Tne Skeicb
llook ul Fathion. Agnea l)e IMantfielil, b)
I', G. Graliau Miteclaaiet, bv Mtta Harriet
Marthieau. Feeling on Society, author of
Tremtline ate. Worth Million. T'alca from
Ihe (ierman, Irantlaied by Nat. tin en. Marrv
O'Headon or illutlraiioni of Irith I'ride. At.
motleu at large, by Dnlwer. The Cnquett, 3v
Herbert Wendell, a tale of ihe Revolution.
Crayon Skelche. Charolaa, bv K L. Hulwrr.
Hectute ot Nory7 by Mitt M. Porter. The
Down Eatttrt. Alto
A few acta of Sir Waller Baou'i, Nov-U,
-rrt, So,
vf votano. Ait a lew leu ol r,. u. Uul
ovel. A lew ten of Jimei' Novell, lor ether with a
Lu ge -eollecl ion ol light reading, lo lediouatu
itenlioo, sit of which Witt be told r very reiluc
ed price,
Raleigh, April 4, 1838
Ointuicut for the Blind Pilea.
The puhlie are attured that I have hail litis
remedy in lite for yean, during which ti ne
it hat, in nunierou caiei, been mbjteied to lh;
tett ol eaperimenl, and, in many imiancei, on the
root! aggravated form of Ihi diaeate, and al
wai t wtih perfect wcceii no intlancc of failure
havmg ever coate lo my knowledge.
I'he component parli of thia remedy are pure
ly vegetable warraaled 16 eoniaiu no mineral
tubttanae whatever. No particular eare at lo
expoture i neeewary. ll may be ed wiihoul
iiiierruplwtf ordinary purtuii. It eautei no
pain, but haa a loathing effect on the diteated
pari, and in a abort lime elfcei a perfect cure.
It it not generally known lhat the I'dei are
often Ihe cauae of that dreadful d reave Fistula.
In ntoM intlancc in which I have been called
to practice on ihi diteate, I have traced ii ongi
nally to the Pile; hence, Ihote lurfering Irom
I hem thonld loan no time in treking iht inoit
efticieat remedie. Plie $i 00 per Hot.
. -" kiciimand, Td
X. B. Nnmeron reference can be given.
The certificate of the liev William A Smith, ol
the Mclhodiet E. Church, alone ia tubmitted
with the remark, lhat like lettimoniala have been
obtained from ntimepoui other intelligent and re
peclahle individuallt among whom are Meisn.
J W Winfrcr, Thoinat Hart, Jainei C Cranrj
Archibald 1 homai, Corneltui Crew, Ezekie'l
Daw, Jame Catkw, A French.
Thia Ittoeerliry thai I have had a fairoppor
tonf to know both the nature and effecii ol Ur
Merihall'e remedy for ihe Ulind Pilei, kud
mine u a duty I owe to Ihote who tiitfer with
Ihi dialreating dieeaae lo tay. that it may he con
fidently relied on al a tale, agreeable and efficient
remedy for the form of diteaie for which the
proprietor recommend ii: It ha been citen
ivcty uted in the circle of niy cqitaintaitce, and
a caae of faliure ha not conic to my knowledge
-. . . .WII'"A.M A SMUh!' '
Etlitor oT the Virginia and North Carolina
Conference Journal.
Kkhmond, Va, Oat. 81, 1837 7 tf
IUJ7 ine auictetl will tlu well to
II and obtain this invaluable remedy
Id by R. TUCKER, A-ent. at his
fCJ- llie aUicted will do well
s-tore on rayetteville Street, Raleioh.
N. C. 0 '
KT Directions accompany each
htT,"eTn lately occnpied
hy xtl. Jam Nuitall, ihe tubtermer it aniho
riaed lo aell on moderate term. A ercd.t or
one and two year, may be had for a areater
part ol the ptirchat money.
Tbi. prortefty ia now in good repair wej
pautted, and t an eligible ittual ion lor a tavern
A well regulated boat ia Oxford ii certain to
meet n-heneunragemenL The Bneirithing Male
ol the ehrm, Mg eowrt ains held, the
race, and Oxhjrd bemg . put of re.ort nfm
ny m Ihe turamer moa.l,!, haghly ewommend
ihi. property in thoaa dHpoiwl lo keep a houte
of eateriamment.
Application, matle hrough Ike mail or other
wnve, will be alt coded to. Poaaeaaion mil be
bad at any lime, . '
rv..- r, -i' - " ROBARDS.
1. Il..iat., n.j i..l 1 ,.u j.. ,
"""H " eew. 10, 11 a il
r nnn,U
BLANKS for al avro.
I r3ve r
tor Salitbury and Morganton
The Siagee from Fayette- ..le, for Salitbory
are no7 hi operation - ; ury leare Fayelleeillo
on i We morning e! Mnanfay and Friday, at fie
o'clock, and'arnte at Saliabtiry on the eaeninp;
- .u. -. i. i.a utiirttinr. ihev leave
n. ---- -- -- .
, t.i,.ln ih'1 wwr' aMawwi TTOBttT
an- -t .' on me "eniuK. o
1-.... ... w-m w-. . , nine hnurt al l. it n f .
nrmi i,n, a. " - - " K M - " -
af tint a
al Allen' in Moore counlv. rareJSSU I Itcte
Singe conneel whh my line from SalilHtiry to
Mitrgattlon, 'I'ltit route ad'ordt great lacilrtk-t
lot merchant! in lite interior, lo vml Kavelleville
t,,f The purrtnae f their gmidi, rh.otge of
m-'iiya, purrkjte td Jhaftt, ka ate , atil it Ihe
chrxpeti, mti.l etrdt'nis and mint direct
rottlc betwern Ihe I o placet Al Kajelleville
Slatte line leave averv dy lorlliB North nntl
A. CtltMICIIAF.U Prt.trH.-lor,
J IIIJUWN, ( Motel) genl,
A. C. CURUY, 'Agent, Curilm,
T. II Atil' E. Agrnt, Sitltslmr),
T. M. YUUNU, Aierot, Statetvilte,
It C. I'EAItSON, Agent, lorganton.
.laninry '24, 1S.18 6 3m
From the tiibtcrilter, nt Majr. Thomat IIo
rioii't, on the lOih March latl, a Surrel Mare,
fire veara old Iliit Springt marked wtih a tlar in
the forehead, left hind loot vtliiie abote lli le
lock) ajuite ild (altltnnjth ploimhed lt um
intr) tliewi Ijtaid ol at Craa lord Kerney ' a
lew day after Roinj; i ft, 1.1 mile! well of Ixior
borg. Any iiilorinal ion will be thankriilly re
let veil, and any rratnoahle tllm aul lor Iter de
livery to me, 3 iitilet Souih id lnuiilnirg.
Franklin eo,, April ISoS. 1 4w
Fifty Dollars Krwai d,
For lite aiipn lienliou of man hv ihe nmr nf
V. lf f and 1 Wr.A I .IU .I..AKS
I lit uiiv siilna-mal um an 1 st tlt Iintt ttlnrla it ia
lor any inlnrmalion tn I get lite linrte, which it 11
believed lite mhI JOJi V SMITH look from
the lu'iiteither't liable on the iiithl ol the ol
April, at llie laid Smith ha not been trcn liiuc
Ihe tlav Ihe horte wat laken al itihl. Ilea tup
potetl 10 be about five feet 111 incliet high, well
limit, a little bow-lrgget", about twenty yrart old,
wore a blue oal and black hat, black hair, and
hat a healthy apHiniiice. He came li-uru lite
Northern Main In l ai hnrnneh, ..Erigreonibe en.
Nl. C. The horte it about five feel four inchei
high, a bright toirel, round bodied, a little in
clined In be bnney; pace tlow alien travelling,
and ia about tin yeitra old.
Hamilton, Martin County, N.C.
April 8, 18JS. "17 4"
The celebrated Englith Hare Uoite
(Rre.1 hy the Earl of Kgremont) by Wnf
botte, tiara I hernia Dy aorattrei , f uui chatt tl ot
the F-arl of Egreraoiit for ihe King of Pnmia.)
her lam Manaa by Gohanna, lluiiimin Ifi7i(
(tiller to Caltwrina, Cohkrio ami ynnnR f'a.tlla'
Ihe (lam of Mandaa and Alkgrtlii) hv VV o.U
Tteeker; CtrmiHa-yTrenttram, Conrrtttrbr-rhjr
Ciimptofl t.nbj tiller to Ktgulut by the G0U0I
pliin Aiahian.
Whalebone, the lire of Flexible, it brother lo
Whisker, U nful, and Web. by. Way dam
Penelo by Trumteler, Prunella by tlmliflyer,
IVomiie hv Snap. iMieelHtor'i tlam bv Partner
In Flexible ii ihui united ihe betl blood of '
Mnlchem. Mernd and Kelin.t. t
FLEXIBLE wan nine tacct when litre, years ' ' 'k" "4t J 'hat SeitttaaJ
M (including a cup of 4 mild and haa, i wc" pleated with the imaller a win ar
lngwait t, l)r. Famtut, Araclna, Geneial Mi-
na. niennrina, Whillineion. (hvi-iiiv I.t.l,...
rough, Muzanic, Ke. Fltailtle ttood in Eng
land al eleven loverrigi. (eonat tn 5i dollar. )
He it full IS hand! 3 inchei his,, with great
muvcular powcn;and for nice proportion 11 e
nualled by few. He ii one ol the belt inn 'nf
V halebonf, deicended fntm the two b it Ara
bian, without n. iiiifathiotHible rrnti. Iiapeeil,
bottom, and temper ia eijnal to any hone ol Ittt
djy. He it now al h i ttaoh i. The leamn ill
commence Ihe I4lh day of Feltnun, nr mrlier,
il required. For llie paiiiculan of' hi running
ond thai ol hit eolit in Kitglaml, ,e hand billt
alto hi lei ii.i, which ahall he liberal '
' ..... ,. ... KmV- ' CAltTKH.
tllon, firanville en. N. C
Januaiy 19, I8J8, s lf
And eommitled, at a runawny
ilave, to the jil in Hockii.thim,
Kwhmond conaiv, N". C. a 1 to
boy, eallini- hitiiv. II CEOItliK
LOCKLIEU, and claiming in he
jifa-.B,, ,e . ,,ej u
...-...-,c rouni Hoe not
know what Stale, 'nor haa
.eartl of any town except rWt.mnutb and Nor
lolk He 11 a well buill hn, al ,-lc eiimplexiont
Hlioul 4 leel 7 or 8 incite h.-h, and inpooied to
be about 1 3 yean oJ,J.
The owner il requeued In e-me for. aril and
lake hint away, or h will he ri, ,, ,Ue
law tl.reen. Any inlormation , ,1B uov
il he 11 free, would be ihai,klullr received
t. . 8 U- SF.OllF.ltltY, Jailor. .....
Kockingbtq, K, C.,n&t, I83S -ZFTM
ft ice nrit to. f I .
7 If
Ranaway from the tubtcriber,
on the 4th January, 18.18, a negro,
roan named .t,FHKlh loftnerljr
Ihe property nf Charles A. Hill,
deceased. le i, no douWt in the
neighborhood where ihe laid Hill
formerly livt-d. The alxive re
ward of Tweiuy-five dollar will
be given to any person who will deliver the aaid
boy Alfred to iwewmv reHltne. lix unlet wett
of Louitburg, or eon&ue him in Louitburg Jail ao !
mat 1 ifei iimii again,
CCf I would give a description nf Ihe bov
bull have not had hint a aufficieul length ol lime
to observe or recollect any pailicular mai k.
WM. M. SLEIifiK.
Franklin ao., N. C. Feb. , 1S;5S 8 -if
Press and Type for Sale.
The Editor of ihe Danville lleportrr offer
lor Sale the Washington press, tpe and office
fixtures belonging lo the -Oanvilie Obterver'
office. The whole eilattlithmeni ia altnoat at
good aa new at we have twoie for it at tbi
office, we will sell it for a low price, and oa a
eredit of ait months.
Nn 17. 1837.
Uy Editors with whom are exchange, will
plraae publish Ihe abova ntHtce,' iiiiTthe lavor
wil be cheerfully reciproceted-
tT The aubacriber wottlrl take
two aptpreulieei 10 ihe' Tailoring huainethged
from 14 to Id year. Hoy a (rn the country
would b prelerrciL.
ALEX. C.MPBF..Ii-BaWig-h,
Janaarv a, Ua.. J it
utr the iGoltlea ml
war. m. maso c
Having pnrchaaed the entire jTc
T. 8. Heckaith tx Co. b.v.
APOTHKCAHY butiaeitat IheTiaCrn"
occupied by them on FayeitetiiU Sin
rfnn. l VV V A C.:.L fc
-. '- ' - - aniH, nacre ,l. t
iutl received a lurtlter tnnplw f -
Driiift, Jtlrdicine. r:i..
l'lttiiiH. Uje stuifs ana
Inaiory, toeihrr Mill?
Ifcm rm ustsortincnt f'
which Ihey
ditpow ol ob the mgaiJ
ble term.
Mercttant and other caa ha ti-lLj r
patent and 'other medicine on a, rH
. t . , . FIW
" " aonm Of IN, fJ
Fcrtout would do well to call ,ad J7t
I lie nur I vet. I'hytician ata ditiaacVTail'''
favor ut ilh their, order,, U .
nrn,.,nll atlan.l. ,1 In Mn .I
,. v -. . .-. w ,,oa win a,
in teleciing Chemical and rrniu4ijj
paralinnt, at lltey are deteratiotd matat
cine but tuch a ate genuhta, tbtll lajtlfj
them. One of I he Firm having beea W!! I
lo ihe butineft, to which be will givevtj
vided aili-niion, ihereb avoUting
mitiakct that Ion often occur lhr,, iZlj
trncy or earelet.leaa, I hey hope, by tn!T1
lion lo (ratine, to merit a (hart at it
February, 1888. V, X ,J
av i
1 he tepurariiy and eUattmbrtl 4a
for thil vatuahw! meilicine, rraderi r( a .
union td a lengthy advetliaeincst aaaaaii,
Siin.rrO'U trliiuooilt of their val k(,
ceived) lrtn (entlemen of the liiWai reW
biliiy, in addttinn 10 Ihote aaeoetjatt
box.' may hn tern 011 applvcaliua t aa)
aenti. 1 he pill are pal ap ,a a aaaemr,
in tin boxe cnnlaintng D pill, cat M tnr
liom Price .'i0 ecnlt per box. Taapwi
pnnJiavera the term of eommiitlea taltm
are liberal
al All eotumunicaikaM odlWaaW i1
dtd lo, by . I ft
ly atleudt
fry Office, VI organ St. Raleigh, tat , ll
of the Preib) lei ian Church , ' t 1
i :.' it...' ,
TI K.EH & Ul'GUES, . I
1'ublii.IicrRt, Bookseller, 4t S&-'
"Keep general ataortmenl ol Booli.
varitiuidepaitmenti ef Literature,
Theology, alio Siaiionanr; ia alt hi nrt.
ol which Ihey will aell at wholviale armtat,
the moat liberal term. , They have a turn
collection of Ibe moat approved edhioaW at,
book. Among; them are Weylanit'i fdoi
Economy, of kntvw-n reputation, and -maaW
uted ai a teat book In all the- pvwn-hnit CV
Wavland'a Polatiewt Kaaanmv aUntnWa.a'"
nte of tthooUtn vert valuable Work. wtM
ElenrtiiU pf 31 orL Jfslcac. The alittta .,
iltu puhtia limott reipccifully eallril Mntt,
ry valuable work. Aim. VVatlaad'i KW
of Muial Science ahridgtd, n"ailaileills
au ol common Khool, ,Kmitt tik
he abridgment M admirably adapted
the dt Scichey bich ha lt. ilu CI
ruon lehord etlueation lite nuilv f bmhIiU
(i-it- ,r a we nav oeen af I
Ihe illtmrjitoni are apt and Mrikiag. Abnta
bieon Intelleetu.l Power. Why ntarkibi
not in every lamity ami tchooir
ngv.ncw rdit kin, enlarged, withlerty fJatrt,arf
aiTiitllonal noica 01 I Jr. Ilatler sad otatn .11
Clan llook nf Nat. Theology, or lh Trawr
ny ol Nature to the Heine, I'ei frciioa, wl tie
ernnient of God, hy H, Fergus, TIkI
Ladiei Clai Uook; a lelcelmn of bran 11
rrailine. ill nrtiec andaSerae. bv Ebrararrlbi'
A, M Pcler I'ai U aaajsomtnoo S.Wtal 111 4
embtlluhed wuli engravniti, a acaii
a grral variety of email valuable worti,hfnl
I'ai lev. atiiilainins; hittm lei. Iriwlv fiiinri
live!, Jic, ,.r Juvenile ecailetl Blake'v
ral I'hilntophy, new vililion, enlaiT(rdw
tint bonk in Aairnnomy, detiaaed lurlkte'
cnmindn, illinliatnl by llrcl JiltU"
f;;aIg . "I ttuuan. AutitptitMi aatl. AacaaI I
Iholngy, by Chaa. K. Uilloway, A. H 7
led by elegant engraving. Tbe AierrianEi
poiilor, or lulelleclual Uafiaer, ViieaeShrt
uie of school, by KufuiClnggelt. Tkrr"r
menu are good and Ihe definiltonl clear aaltw ,
ciie Say Political Economy. 'Breea'i'b
oiophv, abridged, for prion y arfiooli. 5m
ard's l'biloipitv of the Mind, Boj
Library, Harper' Family Library, ebrrt
it mor valuable reading lhanena foeailaa'i
oilier works for tlie eott. Claciic!
where there may be found nearly all ath"?',
ickl Irantlaliona. Chtiitiao Ijhraiy, M'"f?
werlh'i Novel complete. Mr. Opti
complete. Mr. Sherwood's oajplcw"
A lew loll tell of lh American Alow";
llAnmilnrv nt ITful Knn ledl!. ",'
volt, well hound) alo, some
for the year 1838. wiubd? j
. .' .igaatne, w
lilt know ledge t with tery large awl at''";
lection ol Hooka, eontiajing td M.
Hiitorical, Theological, snd misellanwiV'
els, voyages, ttoveli, H k"d.elTi
llook 1, Ipu tedioui lo menlion. Ulaak D"1 f
all kindt, alio Blank Dooki matte
thorteil notice, alto architectural TX
terVglllde. Old Hook reboitnn in ' ""Tj
All kinds ol Honks and Stationary ha 1
the North Cat olit.a Uook Store at rj
prttei. - ; - I
r -j
III be sold, on Saturday W '""i
May next, btlrtre tlalea Court lf"fT
Caleiville. the fiillowing Iractirf
much at will pav ihe amount oflexetih' j
year einiing laou, logetiiwt ,
veriiiiug, k. ,
Joint VV. Ilnntl, 57 acres. ,, ;f
Jimrs Haker, sen. SW acre. - ;
Tiason Y. P.urw, lliOaorea.
William Euro, 18 I-
Ihtniel Kieltli, 4t acre. t i
llurwell tirifnih, 987 acre.
Samuel Harrell, 97 acres.
Ervsn Hariell. ItaJ acre;
Thamsi Junes, SO acres.
John Jones, 7.S acrea.
Thpnvas J M tiler, acre.
Ilrrriinn Paiter. (ol Va ) 800 acre.
James Skittne. 'a Heirs,") acre. '
WHliatti Hnll.iek'aheira, y atre. T
.1.. t .1. fTi tt 1.. . .n.l ntherl .
William I'atkwrV heir. Ii tn,f i
tbe land ol El jalt Harrell and othrra f
V Kichard Parker' lieir. 2J acre.
lt land of Kbt ft Parker bod t"
Wa ) 'ai 11 1 at Hum , at to wn i n ii itj wUa..
.Jtv. at. Htuti'v-H-"-1
. April 16, t39.

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