North Carolina Newspapers

    "" . ...adJL a bill .introduced by Mr.
t" - ..a -,n't;nrit. The o!4 He-
until sUenced by the teeent
. r .. ui: :..,IVoi Inn. the party"
eon.i..eHoput po" the. whip -Hie
mie f their grwernmeivt, "-enemie
Sic. Ic. because they pre-
ted tliii tiiii'B in Its proper f.gtii before Hie
Thank to the virtue and intelli-
of the people, the "eipenmrni n.
. . .. :.... -r. oflVrlnut'i-
e j anl Hie "kim" - -
HS'ff"- Chariot .. The Legislature of
uili Carolina assembled, under ibe call of llic
(iovornoi. on Monday. lh 2lh ult. to take
ftif .ubjei-t into eonsideratiou. The of
(lev. Butler ia corOiieieiilively to Aeeeca?
0B-tr which Ilia Legislature w convoked.
iu coijormity W Eia recommendation, an aef
bM jusHid to raise tw millioaa of doll, on
giate Bonds,' payable in 20 and 30-years, to lw
dr.oiieJ in the Hank of the Slate, and loaned
jutloaticb applicant aa will rebuild that por
uon uf the city destroyed by fire, undor ceilain
ffuliiii'i'; the city to guarantee the Slate a
lasl !l lose to arise from thaloanTbe Lf
iUturC sot only ive dayi.
h-mdved and five million tn three
(jBrt.'.'.' Let not the 'C-adw be atariled at
this. It i" only the amount eipended by our
ttintmical, democratic administration in three
jew!!! Comment i unnecessary. It furnishe
. e right kev to unlock the" Biyalerjr ofan empty
treaory. 'I'll pcoplo muat aunly feel under iiiiiiia to an adininif Iration whose on
jy virtue h been to relieve them of the burden
oStu overflowing treasury, and aaddle them
nitti interest on an indirect loan of len million
,f djIUr!! If Ibe monarchical principle, "a
public debt Ul Blessing," be Iruo, our country,
under iu present rulora, ia in a fair way to be
JjuMy Ue.t. See Mr. Clay'a remark in ano
ther column.
r? Doth divisions of tlio delegate of the
Prrnhyieiian Church, each claiming to be the
Central Aaaembly," continue in aeaeion at
Philadelphia the Old School carrying out the
messurcs of the last Aaaembly, and the New
School rescinding the same.
G KKAT clay meeting.
The meeting of the fiiexda of Mr. Clay, in
Aew York, on the evening of the 29th ult. the
nil of which was aignrd by 7,000 peraona
is Urge and enthusiastic beyond example,
Culian C. Verplanck waa appointed Preaidenl,
uUted hy one hundred Vice Preeidenta, and
eleven Pecrclariea. Mr. Verplanck and other
fcDtlcaien addreaacd the meet in;. luesolutuma
ippruviug of the Kational Conventioa, a re.
commended by the whig member of Coogreaa,
Mprciiiiig a determination to abide by iu da.
fUum, hut aignifying their preference for Mr.
Xkf, werelsnanlmriuafy adopted, and toe inawi.
il adjourned ia the Cueat piriL The Ceai
rmtivea were preaent at the meeting in con
thltrilile atrcngtb. Some of the moat prorai
iml meB of that parly were active at the meet.
hi. the speaker waa Peter R. I,iv.
iajiton, and old veteran of a politician, of
l!irncore and eleven year of age.
John Wilaon, late speaker of the Houae of
RrpreKiitativea of Arkanaaa, haa been tried for
rutting oft' the head of a member In the Houae,
ind acijmtieJ.'
Svutk Carbnu.Th Legislature ef thia
uta, at ita recent extra aeaaion, paaaed the fob
int Maolttliona:
I. Remlveil, That in the opinion of thia Le-
Mature, the reeoluttno adopted at the laat
kwoii, recommending tha eeparatioo- of -the
"j'trnnieiit Irom the lianka, and the eventual
olleeliiiii and diaburaeinent of the public money
tftht United Sutea, iu the cur
rency, have received the approbatiou of the peo-
Htitiifd, That in (b opinion of thia Le
tiilitura, the policy indicated by those reaolu
tmnt, i eaaeutial to the beat interest ofhe
cU!tritiJ that any public aervaul who refu
out promote the fame, puraue a course inju
nutitto the welf are and proaiierily of the Bute.
"ftved, That the preaiding ollic.ra of
' egutature be requeatcd to tranamit copie
f tbee reaoluliona to (he Kenator uud Repre
"otau.ea of U,i, Suto iu the Couereaa of the
bailed hute."
The Chinese Bdi ia ii.iorinar materiallr the
"'"U in Virsinu .) in VVrrn in
Mi .
JliU Stile.
Co(r.Cliaii;ra in the Cabinet are
! l0Uli n.i- VI. v.- n w.
Wi-leJ Chier Juatiee of New 11 au.pebire: At-
7 General Dutlrr Caw Profeor iu the
"""ty.of New Yorki and Mr. Dickeraon ia
Mrted l0 fBiBn. 'j be question, who i to
!, ,hrir P' ! i the engroaaing topic at
"Kum. Son,, u Mr. Kendall will ma
J"ta til Tm,.m T ... ... ...
-V iniciii, eve ate oui
J reliance can La nl.l ir. . i
'"Jtturea. -
1 J1a.-rw, are-mdebted to the Hon. Wm.
r',nnify tor a "copy of die report of the
I -ee on the Militia, made in the Houae of
HTiitat,,, on the 1 lib uK accompanied
Wl "".wb,"W a uniform militia through-
r timed Staiee. It propoae. important
- the eiialinlsw, the principal of
1 lM following: Itlimiu the afioa of
" "quired to perform mi itary duty be
'nd 40, instead or 18 and 45 aa at
Snd propoaee a elaaaificalion ol the
'"t the arii :):.:. . . "' -
Vf w oe compoaea ot a
i ' " 1 numfaaq the remainder
7 "U'tie. It u cUimed that
FH, the covernment mill h... .1.
' eertaia portion of militia te lake the
0f.rea, in a atat of diaCinUUeonal
"lHare; ab that il will k. .
"VKHM eg aiMt lb. in-- ...-.
vv-,w,7 acura. milttia to
wlole body, ky fte SUteW
TZ. put the bin io hi. pock- ence, tb. United Stalest furniah tent d t. .rjtorm oT tyranny The S
L .pI retired to the Hermitage. Mr. an camp equipape, ami w pay the privates at th mrn"!'!l Hoar eublimot He soar aloft on
' - i i.:. innofrd him in ine I rata or ona dollar and
to wbom tile vbol control ia given, and to be
""I' " w penoa M aix eoneeccUvedaya
fifty cent per day
each day a pent in drill and encampment. The
active militia will amount to aboot 250.000
. J.'jIiSi'Lf
and reiwly to take the field at a moment'a warn.
ing. The bill ask au appropriation of two mill
ion. ,
The Millelgville Journal of the 29th ultimo
says, t!,a Governor ef Uebrgia has been infoim
ed that ten. Wcott baa received order not to
enf irce the treaty. Thia order, w presume,
miwi he her. reeeived subsequent to tbCdate
of the General's proclamjlmn to the Indian,
of ltd h My. informing lliem that he had been
ent, with a laiga army, to enforce the treaty,
and Jhnl before another full moon "shall have
ixej away, every Cherokee, man, woman nl
rluld, must be in laoimn to join their brethren
in the far west." This lieaty, it ia knowu, i
retiotfd cn lite ground thut it waa fraudulently
made. It ii alled lhf only 79 out ofan as
aeml'ly of more than 300, gave fbeir assent to
tha treaty; aud.lhat limy, were called together
1y tlie officer ef the Government in the aliaence
of their principal rhief and othor head ineu.
Iflbis b trite, it would certainly lie unjust and
cruel to coerce lb nation into rompliauce, or
to remove Uiein et the point of the bayonet.
We are Indebted to the Hon . VV'ad Jy Tbomp
for a copy of bis speech on the bfil for the issue
of Treasury notes, which we shall endeavor to
The Iljnk; of the Metropolis, Waihinglon
City, was entered on the night of the iiilh
ult. by some unknown villains, through the
kk . -lijflit on the topj and after forcing their
way through ho In, and ban, and doors, sx
crcded in opening the book-fei and getting
a case, containing a large ijiiantity of very valr
liable plate and jewelry, which had been de
posited there for safe-keeping. Dot the main
safe could not be entered. A reward of 300
ilolUra is offered by the Dank for their appre
hension. SCICAI
The dwelling house of Mr. Co.altrain, with
all its contcnUi, waa recently burnt down in
Guilford. The fire was communicated lo aome
coiubusliblo matter by a cat.
Mr. Phillip Jacobs, of Rowan, committed
tuicide, by cutting his throat with a razor, on
the Utth ult-, in a fit of dciangement occasion
ed by ardent spirits.
Tbe Legislature of Connecticut, by a vote
of 165 In 33, have refused to strike out the
word white," in the enumeration of tbo quali
fication of voter.
7Tl way fe jirretmt ,lfo. It waa rumored
in Boston last week that at the dedication of a
eertaia charcb in that city, which was suppo
ej to have some reference to abolitionism, there
would be a riot. Tbe Mater, en hearing the
i . i. ! fete Morhraiirtroir eatlinjfctut a
balls lion of Infantry, wiib a round of ball
eartt idge. This was auflkiant. . Tbe Iijfantiy
SOJSMSI SHU, WSM wm nw mvw.
iae H'.titW a A TU New
Jersey Adivettiser says that "the word Traitor
ia white) be publte sentiment upon 8enalor
WaU'a iorebad."
A match race ha leen made between Heth'a
b h Daitie Peyton (recent purchased at $8,000)
and Mr. McCargo's b h Doane for 10,000
side. The race to come oft at Camden next
fall meeting.
03" A writer in lb vvliijr nominates
Hon. Wm. C. Preston, of ft.rth Carolina, at a
candidate for the next Vice Presidency.
A writer in the Richmond Enquirer
recommend to the Southern Slates, ' tbe e.s-
tshlishntent of s Bsnking Institution to be
called the"8uthern Bank of America."
. Foe. th 'Sraa.
Mr. KntToa If the correspondent dT the
Standard, styling himself "Ra 'er A," had con
fined hi charge strictly to the ttvlh, in bis
attack -upon one of the Whig Candidates fur
the Legislature, hi ortiiwn ulmen mtgtrHiave
passed unnoticed. The ravings of sinking
politicians, rcsoiting to every trick to sustain
their fortunes, are scarce aoiih atten'iont but
when "iTdiidif becomes their weapons wbeu an
attack is made upon -sptC'ed citizen and
an attempt made to place him in a false posi
tion belore the pubhc: and when tin attack
is trumpeted forth in a public journal, impo
singly inscribed to the Democratic Voter ol
Wake county," justice demands that the trick
should be exposed-
The writer tell the 'Democratic Ilepuhli
can of Wake" that in voting for Mr. Gftles
they "are voting to put down the blessing of
a Hepub icon form nf Government, thereby
depriving their children oftheir libertie, and
going in direct opposition to the principle of
Washington, Jefferson, Madiaou, Monroe and
Jackson." Mr. Editor, we unhesitatingly
pronounce theie charge uutruei we defy the
writer to adtlfice a tingle sentence in all Mr.
Galea' writings, a single ote in hi Legisla
tive Career, or a single act m the whole
course of hi life Calculated to pin down a
Republican form of Government; Or to de
prive posterity ol their iitierueas t c chxl
lenge him to bring forward any proof that Mr
Gales opposed tbe administration of any of
the live Kx-l resident named save only the
administration of Andrew Jackson What are
tbe facts' If the writer will look into the back
number ol the ' Italeigh Register" (he seems
to have access to a file of that paper) be will
find that no men were more firm in support
of Madison and Monroe, than were the edi
tor of that paper, that no man mor- strenu
ously opposed the doctrines and the measures
of the Federalists than did the Senior Kditor
of the Register, and that no man was more
unyielding in his support of Republican prin
ciple. That the Junior Kd.tor sustained him
in these sentiments and still concur wuh
.him, no erne can gainsay. Why, then, this
nonsensical parade about 'Republican princi
ple and the 'blessing ot liberty." Why
thi high ha uled attempt to deceive the pub.
lie- with the charge tiiat Mr. Gale co-operated
w ith the Federalist ' The facts (how the
utter fallacy f the writer' tatementi and I
hi reckless course exposes him to the view of
the public.
A fixed figure for the hand of srsm
To poi t it slow, unmoving finger at."
Mr. Galea must be denounced aa a Federal
ist aa an enemy of our liberties, and of a Re
publican form of government, because he haa
the independence to boldly expose the abu
se or a corrupt anmininretion, an administra
tion lira haa brought, by its recklccrre
more misery -and distress, greater parslysi
upon trade and commerce, and a greater de-
rangemcnt of tbe currency .than til tbe. pre
ceding administrations combined Truly this
ta irniiod aJeraiin ith a veageaace!
o wnier connnoea: 77m PttI'VTbVvC
wocxl pile! 'Uemoc ratio Republicana!'' "F
qua! Right!' "Tyranny over the mind or
man!" Did it ever occur to thisaanient aerib.
tbe bumibaUng altitude ot partisan
1i'eTpl'bTlcans,) are daily proscribing for opin
io.n a aake ? that they eject from office dozen
at a time forepinion'a aake? Do not the criee
tf the wiwtTT-viva ctirtona hotivs officer . J
jectetl from afflce is a itmi bit, because
they would not hiizaa for every meaanre of
the administration, right or wrong, arouse in
hie bosom that "eternal hostility to every form
of tyrunny over the mind of maa" which he
boast of at being ao atrikingly characteriatic
rr hi party' Oh no! "They were Federal
Bank Whiffii what right had they to any
participation m the poil of olHce.' It i
no tymnny over the mind of man' to turn
them out upon the world to seek a living for
themselves and their families! Let one of
thia proscribed and injured party solicit an ao
pointmrut at the hands of the people.and thi
pretended foe of tyranny Hand prepared to
denounce him aa a "Federalist" seeking to
deprive their children of their libertie! Ver
ily greater than Solomon i here!
. a voter:
From the Richmond Whig.
Gentlemen Certain observation of the
Washington Chronicle of May ltth. impose
upon jns Ui disagreeable necessity of appear
ing in a newspaper under my proper signature,
or failing to do so, of beiiiiTfejanled as approv
ing the political coorae of that print, and disap
proving thst of the Whig. Iain unwilling to
submit in silence lo either of these constructions,
and foel bound especially, both from a scnao-of
duly to myaelf and to you, to declare that I do
not condemn hut fully approve, your indicated
preference nf Mr. Clay for the Presidency, un
der the particular circumttnncet tj the run
fry. What I mean by these -particular circum
stances is, that it is now obvious Mr. Clay can
bo elected ind that no other member of the op
position can; and that although I should in the
abstract prefer Whig Preaidantbf tlie alricietttni?'in ChrdnTcle wIlsclls regarded as his
Slate Riffht school, yet knowing the imnossihil
ity of electing such a one, I prefer a Whig, and
especially a Whig of consummate abilities,
glowing patiiotism. and known candor, liberal
ity and magnanimity, to any member of the par
ty which originated and sustained the system of
Rewards and Punishments, the Proclamation,
the Force Bill, the Removal of the Depositee,
the Proteat, tha Expunge, the Specie Circular,
and the Pet Bank System, to say nothing nf its
party tactic, which, at almost every point of
tbe Union, and every hour in the day, have
brought it in conflict with the freedom and pu
rity of elections, promoted Jacobinism and A
grarianism, and proscribed the wh ilesome re
straint of fundamental law when thry happen
ed to (land in the way of party object.
S'6-far as it wa the object of my friend, the
Editor of the Chronicle, to represent me a fa
voring what ia known as the Sub-Treasury sys
tem of finance he ia warranted in doing ao by
my real opinions; but ao far as lieimagiirea, that"
giving in my adhesion to tlie-present dynasty
has (a in his own case) been the consequence
or concurring with It on an Isolated point
of policy, he is wholly mistaken. Ihope Iballl
always be snfficientfy master of my mind lo
perceive when in opponent doe right, and can.
did enough to acknowledge it; but I trust e
liouuti In ms linnna to foal eonfidance, that I
can slop short when 1 baye done so, with6ut
permitting my feelings to draw me in to unsay
all that I had been saying for year before, and
saying conscientiously. As it is not wholly in
spposite to the occasion, Mr. Crafts will permit
lie to express the sincere grief and unstteclrd
astonishment, with which I hive seen him (of
all mankind!) become by a rapid transmutation
a quati olficial organ of the "corruplionista and
Royalists," so recently, (so very recently, that
the clastic quotation of hi preaent yoke fellow,
Mr. Ritchie, "ers these shoe be old," might al
most literally apply,) ao recently, thst the moon
herself has not changed more than half a dozen
limes, iucc lis stood at Ins post ahd daily bdrl
cd those epithets at the Ministry snd their fol
lowers I Can lie, a man of fin talent, almost
unrivalled constitutional acquirement, and an
extensive practical knowledge of men and
thing, really think or ssy, that the finance
question is of an importance, so vast and ab
sorbing, a that it ought to annihilate the mem
ory of the past, convert the "Corruplionista, "
"Koyaliats," and "Uaurpor, who favor Mr,
Cralle'e view up into patent 98 Republicans,
and convict the Whig who dissent from Mr,
Cralle those Whig who, with him, broiated
the storm of federal "usurpation" and aggress
ion far 8 years, inta Fedfahsterfi4end'of pow
er, and. a strong Government and "Monarch
ists" in disguise? After all, the finance ques
tion is unquestionably one of mere policy im
portant indeed, because coming home lo the
purs, and through the purse to the comfort
and convenionceTTiTI but as unquestionably
not involving fundamental principles; nor, be
derided as it msy. endangering any man (ex
cept ao far a a light purse may have that ef
fect) in hi guarantied right of conscience, lib
erty and tha pursuit of happiness sfler bis own
taste. It is but of secondary consequence in
any country, but especially in this, how a ques
tion of this kind is settled for the moment, 'the
injurious legislation oflhi year will be tupoteii
by reasoning and reflection or by it pernicious
consequences, and corrected the next.
let, urged liy a constitutional nhosrnrrary, It
is upon a question of this nature of sheer poll.
cy in ita essence, and of expediency that Mr.
l.rallo has elected to abandon the Whig party
Willi utltfcb be ha so long coruhalted again!
tbe author of the proclamation, the force bill,
and the threat to bans; Mr. Calhoun, aftainsl
Uurper,M "CorruplioniaU ''and "Royalists."
and to liecome an active upporhr of theirs, and
the mora effective, that hia good taste avoid
the ribaldry and slang of his new allies, while
he hiaeks bis ministerial devofton under the
pretence of exclusive affection for principle Jfe
nd I eombatled side by side against the Prec?
lamatiou and Force Bill, against Rewards and
Punishment, tha Removal of the Depositee and
the Expunge, but he ever, with the greater zeal
as with the greater abilil"! He has found him
self agreeinowaih the "Usurpers" and Cor
ruptionitts" upon a single point, the propriety
of divorcing' bank and state, and baa deemed
that coincidence of virtue ennuoh to atone for
the Proclamation and Force Bill and the auo-
ceeding abominations, and to make their
Jhors, aider, ad risen and abetter, most excel-
ent, model Jcllersonian Kepublmns! K.y,
this is not alb He is not conUnl with resdinor
... M... . . . " I
'ilr nd-Hoy.U
IMU OAfi? Itllft that Irriaa OsaesaiUIo.M tsalm
laU bach into the true Reoubliean Churrh.
but be ba read the universal whig -party, so
long aod arduously engaged j0 reiting the gi
gsntie etrides of Federal power stir of It! They
are, and according to him, can be, no longer re
publicana, notwithstanding the length and gaU
laotry of f heir reaiatanoe lo Federal usurpation
Ind tbtvfinchallengsble proof (bat that resist,
aoce haa been the resistance of Drineinl on I v.
l.because liopele for aliroe.and serfeacrificlng,
... j -d Huiinwn atHio azaciiy as
Mr. Cralle himself sees id Coanjend q lo ibst
JttrfSiffzert Parties M Mr. Crallaatia up
- be, aril ioyite Denton, Kendall and U'eoJ-
ruttTf intfl I Hi
aas bn a
permit Clay, Preston. lWh.TvUr. Talmadre.
to set a soot upon tbe vestibule of the temple. 1
bave, heart and soul, ever been attached te the
ltfcpublicaa party of it true princi
ples; net excepting Nullification, and I am, if
an individual do not assume in aaying so, mor
tified to see those who wcrebv nosition and tab
rnuj at jujie
ol toe awnon M measure far exceeding 111 a-
troeity, ae they themselves do or did admit, the
alien and sedition jaws of John Adams. I un
derstand that thtaavill be denied, and every oth
er purpose disclaimed but that of advancing I
prtnripl; the principles of '93. They may tell
tuai 10 novice., J?wil) not pa current with
men, of experience, ll -rt thi the ol end in
pursuit, it could lint be necessary or advisable.
10 throw. all tlie tlmodrr-holts t. Wliitjs, and
raw all the applause on the administration to
sympathise with thelatfer in all it vicissitude
and reverse, and murmur amlscompfain nt the
triuinphe of the VhigaThal Mr. Cralle thinks
principle involved I know; bus the idiosyncrasy
which discovered divine inspiration in the mys
ticism of SwecVubarg, Is capable when politi
cally excited, of accomplishing equal wonders
in resect to KendalT, Van Bur on and Wood
bury. It is well for Mr. Cralle' reputation,
that in Virginia at least, ho is widely known as
a man, not merely of impregnable honor, bill
devoid of nmbiiion and tumidity, 'and the moot
disinterested of inaillriiidr But I r thf personal
knowledge, which, among his acquaintance, ihs
world could not chango or shako; hi recent
eouese'ha laseuse exluordinary, rlsgraut. and
unparalleled. thai tlio sumo world eoul.l not
b,ve saved hi 111 Cram the Raudolphim tentence
'tcd against certain quondam friends of Mr,
Crawford Bought u-u sir, bought up." lie ia
not a man to bo bought or sold, anj hie Vouiso
therefore must be otherwise eip&iinied. That
explanation U toj w4l understood l.y his
friend to be repeated her.-. 1; is the fascin
ation with which the sliii'in and transcrti'lant
qualifies ofan eminent citizen lino . itis;ii il
many of his friends, and vvliich lias pui'cd iu
every case, destructive of their pulit'Cat influ
ence, and detrimental lo him who affords it.
Mr Calhoun for esample, i nniversiillv sup
posed to be truly Interpreted by tUe..Wab
firrsoiial organ. Were thi so, which it is not
Mr, altioiin would be jn political conl rater
(lily with the Prnclamationivls, and men who
were ready to march an army into South Car
olina and hang him for high treason, in 18 .52.
lie (if Mr. Cralle apeak hi arnlitnentsj
wmi'd regard them as the. true, orthodox,
Slate Right party, While they who resisted
the Proclamation nml Force Bill, would he
considered Federalists, Nationals, Biddlcite,
&c.: We exempt Mr. Calhoun from this mon
strous absurdity, and deplore that that great
man finds himself trammelled, disarmed and
placed in a false position nt every turn, by
the misjudging zeal ot his ro admiring friends
I have not the vanity to suppose my individ
ual opinions of consequence enough that I
should enter the newspaper about Ihertu hill
every Whig at least, will lie fur feel
ing restive under mv being infcrejpally rank
" , J9 '
vor the jfrcseut pow-
1 haytT no pai-trsan
againjl Mr. Van Hot
eu among uioso who lavor
era-...At the same time
feeling for MrX'lay, or
ren.' I merely think it hardly' possible that
Mr. Clay could blunder at frequently and fa
tally aa the incumbent and his ''.Ibistrinus
predecessor! and !vrily- believe that the
country would be incalculably benefitted by
the change. Aa for the Federalism and Re
publicanism that Mr. Cralle would revive and
refer every, thing 10, he had as well try lo re
vive theTaeliuns of tbe'threTphs; and v.Uinbe.
lines, or -reaiumatelhe corses of Alexander
Hamilton and Thomjs Jefferson. Mr. Crslle
aaid himself ,'monu' or two agone, that the
presWitdivUsujj tif parties was the tne one,
hsving its foundation in nature, excluding
geograpnicai view and or universal appiica-
iiuii.,t .ou p,i . rfuncrson iiiougui 100.. i.vt us
be contented with it for the present, and in
accusing the auecess of the Whigs, feel con
fidence that are iiMhe came tune arresting
the march of federal aggression and extrava
gance, and elevating those to power who
sianu unaer tlie most' solemn pledge to re
form the enormous uhusee know n 10 exist, lo
cirvi new uuivirti against leuerai aggression,
ami lo cncTiso and defend the rights or the
Stalest pledges which their hiirli characters
guarantee will be tuhlleu to Hie utmost, and
which, if . they be not. we mav ausnect cor
ruption to be too deeply seated to Admit of
cure. - tl J. . 1.
The Alexandria Gazette-ul Salur-
lay mentions an excitinz" hhiI dim-
(racelul scene whicli occurred iu the
U uu s e. of . K cpresen tatiw: tif - -the V-.
Statcit on llie inecetlins ilay, between
Mr. fumey and Mr. Hell, iiu-iiibers
from Tennessee, while oinianed in de
bate in)Cou)inittee of the whole, on tlie
Indian Appropriation bill. It appears
Mr. "'nine y had made a wanton, con
tinued pi rsonal attack on the course
of Mr. Bell, and tlie latter robe and
commenced a severe rejoinder, osser-
1 urnev was tlie mere
tool nf others iu makinz this attack.
Mr. T sitting immediately in front of
Mr. H. rose from his seat, and, looking
Mr. II. in the face, said "it i fttUr.!'"
whereunort Mr.' H. struck Mr. T- and
blors. passed between them , both.
TTiis necessaiiljr jnoduced much con
fusiinV. ThVjboinbatants were parted;
and the Speaker resuming the Chair,
at length bright the House to order;
1 : . ''1 j ...
auo, 11 n resoivea, oy a large ma
jority, that both the offending members
should apologize to the House for their
disorderly conduct, which was done
accordingly, but no apology was made
to caJi other. Mr. Bell then conclu-
ded his.seech. Jieguter.
In Yaneyville, Algernon b Vancy to Miss
Henrietta W Graves, daughter of Capt Wtu
Ia Rowsn county, Mr Joseph Reggans lo Mia
Lucy Reggin. Also Mr Jacob Cuughanour to
Mrs Caroline Monroe. In Dsvie county, Mr
Willisro Haden to Mr Henrietta McColloch.
I U...laJ...,nltf I Mr 1... 11.u Mi..
K.h c,nov U.ugblher W Canoy. Ksq
Al M, Bamuel-iMwrt to Mias Mary Hasket.
r o. u. wi. D:..i. ..:
Fr.n.y FreSiT. Aba,M, Caleb Hampton to
... A . a.
Mis Harsh Rilcble.
In Fsyetleville, Mr William Tsylor to Mis
Ekzahetk babcock, all of that place In Rock
ingham county, Dr Tho F M Coyle, of Lex
ington, Ky., to JWia IVsncy L CardwelL ' '
Oa Monday tbe 2 J lb inat, iaj the 4bih year f
oi net age, . wngand jratnTut Ulnes,
which she bo) with Christian. foriltude, Mr.
Etswbefb Wasbingiob, eMsortofUeik.JVicbar
o WaaWaxton, of Wayne ounr. Jd"tli
death of this estimable lady, her family and
friend have atifTi
id, W Irreparable last aai 1 1
in her neighborhood have I
f Li a a IT.. aV2 . 4
been deorived of a kind ahd attentive JNend.
Hr charities, springing from a native benevo
lenr, were unostenuliou and sincere, and her
highest eulogy ia thst she waa beat beloved
where (he was best known.. . . .
Sudenly, in Randolph,' Mr Allan Harrison,
middle aged marl, leaving a wife and numerou
ftwiiiy.1 initrititMxr w srKni mr ii3' vsvSt
bed at mght, by bis wife, without having pre
viously complained.
In CliaiMff Hill, oa the 1st Mav. Mrs. .mrln
Rullok, siiMvni of llullmk, Eiq ol.
(ramillv tm ili m W elrthearyol her age;
Sli,- has lei) Iwiiind her a husband Slid fourteen
hil lien 10 heniosa their .irreparable lss. How-
ever painful it oihv be tome lo rreorsJ the ilealb
of lb is. must cicellmi solium, I bae not shiiink
Irnoi the task, believing il to be a tribute due
lu the memory of one . hose life was cxaoiplsiy
aoil whose delti satli-aiifiud roriuatty nmMli
sli . Iboi ed umlrr a painlut slis -sse, I nt never
iliil slitf utter a niui'isiiriiig word, or on any oc
tss.oii bi ll ay a I elira; ol impatience Some
vrs.'S sinre she united lie.i sell Iu tbe Mrtlnwlisl
r,iiicoinl ( liii:vh, where her walk; tonvtris
tien, and naiu:all) aiuutile qnloiei ncre Kith
al lo ad-no Ihc prolMStion alis had ma.le Foi
some seeks pivviou lo her denih, she hecauis
lullv v invnieed lhal -il b of iriiCveijr musi be
1'elitiquiblit. l.N It was :tit-ll ttiat toe potter Ol te
I1-100 lie);n lo slime loilh Willi all ita rl.rrrtrp;
Hjllu- lici s. lib i-ili cl eonipotuie sue uaub
eil ihurndaal dreai ol her "esitWy lub'U aaele,'
'xl 1 II as ibe bone i( her dissolniiurt drew nr'ae,
b'-r licpe of bliss ami fsiih iu a risen Itttlciiuer
lifeoihin U-jivivsti ou rr, and itelier. A lew
!a s hcloi e lies ilealli, slitf called lo bee b iUid
a-livloved durfclncr, and eunimeuded Uue l.t'le
cliiljiuii lo In 1 , aie. ilrcl(rt'd 10 her the value
I ii'li(ioo. snd taliinleil her 10 live lusr lo the
a ioiu'. Sli iIm-u bdled tier jouugesl, etiibi seed
ami lul her she inusl nol nei; : el lo pray-when
lie was tone. Irr soon the ould 1 iu tleavrn.
She then eave ulteranee to her leeliiuri in ti le
to G01I; taol she Wklglail she WHS boro to llic;
told her Irienc!, nol 10 gi icic aflei her wheu she
was i!ial,'khtf Uii goii.g :o a btlK-r orld J lie
lroiti,lly riquesirtl tlie family I" join ith ier
in praver nd iiocini;. Mic finally einbinsri)
her liusband, ao.l mpietled him lo Vrs-p her
1 Uilui'en out ui uncoil ly rotspsnY, and cairy ihein
to hear ibe uordof V .oil. hbr also requcsierl
nun lo metl lier iu llrsrin YV-bsW ww-sletiily
lar,enl thijt,lispi-iislinii nf t'loviiieiire. il is la ui
a soir ee of intieli e (infoil and sr at ili 1 1 mi lo
kiiow. lluit rim d'md leiiiiindisnl-, in the bctiel Tli.iT
tier saviour would lklnr 10 liiiust lt. I
me ilie the si, tails nf lhiTrigli(eous, and lei my
lt end be like hers. (torn
rouurii JUI.V.
Tbe (.'it is ro s id Kaleiirh are iuvHed to assent
hie al lite Court liomr, al 4 o'elnek lo-mon ow
alieruoun. to:- the iiitruose ol tskinr toesturet
forthe cel-bialHu ol the .uu-rirv of A mencuii
Independent. VV O. li. UAIllll N ti 1 1 IX,
I ol. 11 f Heine
A iietilleiiun ol sober, moral liabiis, 10 leseh
the various blanches of an Kn"li.h Kduealiun
10 eomiueuue shout the first rl July ntxl, in n
very lirallhy lilusliun. For foi l her particulars
lii'y lo the Post Muster, Coa-'s Sioie, Saiii'Son
couui), N. 1-.
June S, IS3S gl3r
Tlic Tree of I.rjsal la now lot! ye
Prom the int mheri of die Law Faculty of Yale
. , i- College -' .
DaiaSiai 1 have vxanutivd youi aorkealled
the l ive ul Ih-iI Knewleilge, trcsniiug Iu tli
eyeananaltsiaollhe Common ami statute l-aw ul
Lnnland. on a churl or map, and I - eoi dwlly
r.eoianionil the same aa highly usetul In the am.
ilvnl al l. Tin plan is judicious, and lliaea
cm ion haiipv, cnmlensiiig ntueb mailer lo t
small eompsss, ami well fitted to arrest atleniion,
anil mil lbs memory la retain ine logical nivr
tioiitand many el ibe delails ol legal acieuee.
UuspeelliillV iilirul servH,
oamukcj. imcm;icK
Vale Collese. S.w UsftVa. Mv 13. 13S
I entirely esucnr inllis bov rMoromenditijn
of Mr. llitvhuock. Alay it, IWJS.
l'rol. oi Law, Yale College.
From the lion Uaniel Webster.
' My. 183
Dk Sim: I have had lime only lu look very
hastily al )our legal work. Il ia ingenious, sad
the design a good cue, ami, at Ur as I cuutil iil
sei ve. ihs heads of llis ssieuee run oul into their
nritner ilituions and aiibdit i, ions. Mueh more
weight, hoaeier, than Is-ilue lo my opinion, is to
lie htiacheil lu lliose et Mr. MilelicoeK iinji ihiei
Justice MhRKrll, as diey are regular and Cittiu
L-uished leacliei a ol the Ivw.
With all aood wistita for the lueeess of your
uiulertakine, I am, witli rrrsrU, yrxirs,
To TUt ApTuoa.
From H. F. Ilutler, Kto., A'torney fJeneral
of lb United Smes, aud IVofcisoe ol Law ill
iu the Uoiveraily of Res lork.
I have examined with some tare (he Tree nf
Legal Kn)e1g, (aa allr(orical repreent.i( ion
it the liw and Conilitaliiin bi Knlnnd as de
lineated in the ConimeuUl iesormaeknoae.lre-
eeuiiv iiuhli.ltMt 4,v-4li- lessr,- H'tmilr- afiff
linlies. I In perlormance exniuii wnn (trial
ingenuity anil seeuiary (lie methoii, itimmni.
and leading; principles ol the I A, am
is well salauiaieil to impress llieia on the niinil
of ilia stiidt-nl. I think loo that Ihe initi rtoteil
lawvrr sill find il a pleasant and uselul mean
nl n trolling Ins reeollrcllon ol a work, wine
muat ever hold a hiirti place in Ins esteem, six
H Is lb analysia of which be rsnmit be I
familiar. 11. F. IIIH
New York, May II. 1S3.
.f From III lion, rt Strange.
Dun Sir: I have aren and exsuuiied with
mueh pleasure, your Tire id Common Law. I
had heard mueh ol it before I saw it, ami what i
not very usual on such ncoanons, my expectaiiont
hail Isllf ivlnr shotl ol Ihe rt-aiuy.
1 he invvnuiiy of Jh design la nnl enrpassed
hy us happy execution, snd, ss a North l.aralf-
. a . r.t. i : i. .'.. . .
.tan, i am prauu oi iiusuuauiiiu, eu moi eennis
No admirer ul (lie Common Law (snd who It
there liavuig any knowledge or it alio does not
admire it J can fail lo avail himself ol ibe
tunlitr win have furnished, ol cooleiuidaliiig H iu
this new snd engaging form.
Alone ul the profession, I sincerely thank you
lor having llius beoiitihen our ancient and vener
tile strUvlui e, and am, very rrKrcllullyt
Your oht aerVt,
From the Hon. II. Clay.
Sir: I bave been able only lo give a slight ei
animation to 'ha copy of ibe Tree ol I'gal
Knnwle'lge, with Ihe opportunity of inSeiiiig
which you bave favored ih li ssn add liltlu lo
llie high and satisfactory to is merit
winch you hate already reseivsd, lor nie lo suv
ibajUl ditnl.M s great isgenuity and labor, and
that I think il will be of material assistance lo the
diligeut student. Wishing you great tuoscas,
Your ob't aerv'l,
Te Tit Autror. .
Ibe above recommendation firm some of the
most distinguished! Jurist in lb United Stales,
have been selected by Ihe subscriber from the
msny in their poaession,s rtifffoafni lo establiah
ibe merits of the "Tree of Legal Knowledge."
Orders lor this work, nirectcd lo the furlli
Carotins Hook Store, Italeigh, or H. li. Turner,
ISO Uroad way. Hear York, will meet prompt
alleniio." ,
Priee--Map form elghl All si itollars.
. Rilnigl), J one C, 1831 , 84 tf
'I bat Striae a lnt consriNl.-l.t - tt. Co-'
partnership beiwsaa Nsifusa VVdlvv srHt raysetl
it d'ssolvedi aajl Ibal aosonlrsct hereafter maiv
hy-aald Waiev be ackowlelro 1 -ray self.
vi. h. wuuixN,
ao , 1UI gi at
The Subscriber snfovma ! ..Mb
friend. pial Iter EslablishsaaM si kboese Sprin
was earaesl tor lb receasvoa and
of visum-, ea the f rat dsy ol iewssst. Ktao
deem It almost anneeeMHsry lo ssy say Iblos; s
rerarda the bcslihtulnes ol la waier of ibe
Springs, as lby have bee so frequently lite .'
rnestis ef vvvIwmh -ur ttrstrlt PHny fat'itis Inrist T J
vaioaki fistmrwr M ansiny, ana ihair SMdssal
proM tie have beea ao te, quewi ly letted by
itemra and rhieiaof 6rs is, latest iu Use
snimtry. .-
I h KsWRh snrt liaatOB Halt KnafJ mm V11VT .
bileii miles olih Springs, ami lbs Cars ill pass .
daily by Hi fnuith ol July aestt and, for the ae 1
eonimoihuioii ol visiters, the Suscribee will regis
Urlr ran a hack I ruin the Depot at -I )' is)
the SpriiiT. ..."
Wjinra o, N. C. June S, Pt3t 8 Ot
I. 4.1'hrrs will be a Hall and Party al Ida
Springs n Ihe 6ib ud Tih of July, aasameasoi s
live ot tho psssups el -the Train na the Irst Bliy
utiles of lb lUUigh and GaMo) Kail Head.
State of North Carolina, .
limit County.
In Equinty, March Terns I838w
Petiiion lo sell lamb
Ssniurl 1'osMI and other, Flantifft' i
' and
Csili r and wife Klixsbetb, Defeartante
In this cate, il appearing to Ihe sslittactiofi or
ihe t'ouit that Cailer and wits, on ol the
llcii e Mt lav of Franae Powell, late of this
county , are not residents ol bi Stslei il is there
foie ordend thai publicaiio) be made in Ilia
Kaleicrh Star, thai Kiev be snd appear tvefoee the
judge of mir si.l Coeit, to b held for Ucrlia
euuniy, M ine vnuri moms ra ivaiusor, on inw
3rd Momly of Si pteauber- nesl, snd plead, an
swer or demur", or. jmlgment pre eoiifeso will be
i u'ered rgamrrt Ihein, and lb saute heard ex far
le, and. a sale ol hind if creed. .
And il is erdeved accordingly.
I est U S. WKUB, C. It M.
Windsor, May 28, IS3S Utv
Joseph E. si. Hobir, IrlauaKOr.
" 'The pi opt ieto.i mpecllotlj sniiauna to lh.
Tiet aWl tTene'men ol Italeigh nd vieiniry,
thsl they have united ihtie esteniive Mensgerle
an I V'.ij n st run Circus Company, Ine this svasna,
stul in oilerii'g Ihi-m to the pulili for exhibilinn,
are ileii iiniinl lo give such a variety of enter
lainme ita as rannot fail lo meet the apnrobalinit
nl all l,.isci of ihe community. To tRVd ihia,
the h .ve e pif d some ol the moat talented and
er. tratd l.Ueitrmn and Uysnaaiiie peiforin
rrs, wluah, loitrthel: niib their tine snlleelioB of
tivb a; Anniitts, will i ffjid a rich and rare (rani
in ihe Nmumlitl lind lover of equestrian Mia
Cyn,na,tia Tb Aritirnli and Cifens i
are both tnanjti d ui.der a lai-gerand ipariout pa.
vihoa The Mtnsgctiaand Ciieas will be es.
hibiteil icKiber at Italeigh on Thursday, It'll,
ami Prh'ay, I Sib.', stay of June for TWO
MtillTS wily. An-iTT4crni.v m csT-,
ehildn n and servant halt price.
' The .lutma't xtitl (Sir tJrfui'itcJ lath daw
rein 1 I 4 .1. , i
Ailmiitsn e lo the ' enimah' etmt is eettfi
Commoilmu seals will be erected loarenmmo
dale visiters. Ladies aurf cbiliirrn always haw
the pi-efrrcuce 1 hi splmdid txbibiiwaj r
nuires the servires of SO mm aad bene to seirn
plele its opij-Hlioa 1 he Mausger, ha solisitifls;
publie pairouage, would reeitullr state thai
there will be iio.hing inlrodused in the ierfiarm
ance that ssn offend ibe ear of the most fasiidtouas,
but the whole will le eoodusicdaiib the au
most i1i-r snd lecoi um. - ... .-
OCT V jMiliet udm.tted UHactmpaned hp
a-Gentlemanr " .
A list ol tb Animals contained la the Mena.
The African Lion.' , '
'1 he African Lioness-
Uoyal Bengal Tier. '
It iyal Bi'iigaf Tigress..
L ?ti?CairM;l anil jier joung....
Real Black Afrjran OSTRICH.
The Quaggy, from the Cape of Good;
Pair of 8nolteil irrenns.
P'tir of Striped Hyenas,
ri.. ir.t.I n.i-' '
me niiniin rencau.-
Asiatic Leopard. .
South American Condor.
Vulture, from Ceylon v '
J ackal I, Monkeys &c. . .
For particulars of rrfhririBn. ...
the large bills hosted un it the IT..I..I
ai . - - --w w.a ay "
tntt Stores. .... t . -
There will be an Inhibition of the ,
Hare Specimens) r the
The richest, most elerant a ad calenaive Mir
lion of I'ainlingt ever offered, reprrsenling burn,
in; mountsins, eooflagralioa, bslll, tBi
buiMisg, iliipwreeka, at.' . . ;
I has fainlingtliBve been aelceled with great
r and attention hf a verv dislineuUh. a.. ,
tial, and neither pain nor eapeaee hsve been
spared in procuring work of the most eetebr.
trd and interesting character. They will be ex
hibited l Rsleigh on TUiuradsy tb I4ih, snr
Kriilsy ihe lJlh day of June Admiuioa Si ,
eenla, , ? .,
Knlrance lo thi tnlendid axhihiiU r-.. .i. .
inside of the Menagerie. ; ,
The above sn be seeoei Jotbih Hlnlisni' ev
Moadav Iba lllbi al omithReld
darj.. r. .... i - t . "
ranse. is,..
i .-. www m vffws I
June , 13; S,
Wat entered n the Stray Jloob af W.ia," 1k
oamy oalb 89h d.y ol M.y. bv VVm lV-. X
ho live, .bout IS uuUt N- of UnlLl , ZT
light BAY HOH,r four fetli art -"
"r ,0t ilb blsck wauft uiUSd. -
'tirvea UOdev ra1 band JOth dsr ol Lm
84 $

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