North Carolina Newspapers

ls Ml
i lit
tnk to
'l.nd Ctnclnniti Rail Road, near Columbia
lath Carolina, when the great chain be-
'lLllie north nJ Routhi wi" beco'nr,,
to Augusia, and thence lo Kev
s Hv w
r. nna unacamunWd
with the migratory
.din ofoat people, It ruay.appear !"
Snicnger between th two eCtion,; by the
,.ou ioeii now travelled cannot full far
lort $ three hundred thousand annually Yet
fcmU.t broom 'iprlHelpir'ttioroBtt
of a large portion of this travel. ;
;i'hi -"irwlte't WP?!il!?.l,,i.,!e; "nd
'whrii it i recollected that it pasc through the
principal ettie of every Atlantic Slate, and will
i (w be the route of lite great daily mail, we sen
reason to douM that the stock bf any por
' ,.f it will pioc to the holders a safe and
wfl ,1,1c iuvobtment. We need not ,J, that
.' pmni.lf r the extension of this work to the
.jtli Si-' West, as of vilsl inijiortanre lo ihc
tiliicna of the State, and particularly, our
friend i" the western pari of it. The proposed
Iga'iira of the road from l!ji place is through
piunlv of jUUa'.!...n; whenr it is designed
u fxleiiJ it branch ((rowgi Oil Stute,
panllti, and ' ''' effect HMuctitnviih
fa chm le'ton uitti Cincinnati Huad, within
llit hfttert '-'" SKe. iW learn lhal
' tto tVihiifngt!! Company, intend contrucling
lliralidi ifom Wayin-boroug!i to this place,
vliich will .h west accesa lo one of the best
West India markets in the Southern country;
tml also I '.i ft clioiiu Of market hi Virginia and.
Hiulh Carolina. If these Imjirorcnieiit can bo
t-!ixedi they- or destined to work a complete
'(iiilutton in 'he condition and pry;n'ets of bur
j,,pl.'i ttiii) t!i:it they ran h, ia certain, if those
j-lw ire most deeply interested will put their
iiuililers to the wheel. From the dioskhm
(winced t tlie last aesiiuji, we nave no Uoubt
tut the riiaw will be prompt in extending her
liili li. we-aaftHHirrfe upon the west to, take
mailer in hand; to be ready at lite noxt sn
iirovto premt her elainiV&r.d w hi live ther
I fitwaidi:! an object so obviously tendins to
tut public good. ,
We l.iarn from the Comptroller, V.u. F.
C'iius, Ei. that Hardy liryant, Eij. Clerk
of Jones County Court, has made his Annual
ronton jlic revenue of hi county, under tlie
nw essmcnt law, paused st the last session
rf tlie Cietieral Aiffii.'ji ftom which report it
tjprr there ha liceu a general increase In the
taluniion of taiable properiji, (when contrast
h1 Willi the last yean' report.) more especially
Id Unt of teal es!a:o and town projwrty: which
iucrease is upwards of J 100,000 in lavor of
ncnow law. Jones county is small in terri
tory, but its finds are rich and valuable,
. u3 are requested by ike Comptroller to
tey 19 (he L'lerks of th stverjl counties of the
Wile, Uial he would b grutiCed to receive their
t?irUal a e.!y a day pr licalU. as liter
Vrnaee manr; tnijuiii aJdrcs-ed loliiia p-
lb tii!ijH-t of the rcTenuc under the uew
s which he will not be able to answer until
,diir report are received.
JO RK I (i X. Ul ver iiooTiJaiea "lo die "ffilt
Jhi! &n rewivod at New Vork. An etideut
ftjr.)vem4iit had taken pla. e in trade, and pri
reief collnn had advaucid e J to 1-8 4,et lb.
(itarral demand good
The Legislature of Connecticut hasinstruct
ril ilie two Seimtors in Congress from that Slate
mi to vote for the Sub-Treatiury Uil), in such
i wny that lliei can Ee no dodging the lustruc
tiuiit, . -
rwio.wHto cOtWExriox. .
A V'his f lonveiilion was recently held In
"Otiio. wnii:h itfas numerously" tutendwl, itd al
liliieh tin finest spirit prevailed. Ifesoluiiona
silnttiii fefontinetidtnjr 4Heiitl Hamson-
! the Presidency, subject to tlie (ieotsion of a
tiiKial Convention,, between ihe. claims of
imiselt'lMr. Clav and Mr.' Webster. There
'Vine H'e4erri Cartl nmrt. -Jo. W. IIxp
, tuji, Esq. Sa retired from the cdUorlaTTIppnrt-
4hmeiil has passed into the hands of Doclor
lisjMix AcsTrs and CHAnuls Fi FisHSH,
Km under whose auspice the paper will he
lrmf,cr conducted, without aiiychange of
n iciple. " ' ,. :
Syrit 'aTmenti.--We Joarn eays the Balti
more American lha al a meeting of the olhcers
"flhe Uauksuf Ballitnore, held on Monday, it
J li rmiued to ask the Banks in (he eastern,
ut!nTn and Western 'Slate., to- meet in cou-r-.uiiin
eiiluT in Baitimote or Philadelphia, in
Oiteoursn of the ensuing mouth, for tire pur
paw of fixing1 on an early day for a general rei
Wmp'.iori of spi t io payments. , ,
The Wh'ir OnHveniinn of Maryland have
"iimstel Jjihn N. Steele for the office of Gov
War of that Stale.
Term, The resolution lo withdraw th
rrp wili iri for the, animation of Texas, has
wsn rejected by the Senate of that KrpuhU;
r i niajiinty of'one. The country qmainne
P"aerous. 'J'he Pmiident haa vioeTth act
Olivine and Jim ttiis issue of promiasory notes.
Thu j)j mthrisd th re-issue of notes now
s they came In. and "gav the-Preri-nt
power Ui issue ?3a0,000 ot new noies, to
af which he ia opposed. A Major Tinsley;
; bt at Bexar. sho, a Mr Navarro wilh a'
f to. nj received, froro hi expiring antugo
"t a mortal wound wilh a Bowie knife.
i n .
IJtrtant ami tlmt't ftfisrion. Judge
"'Kialy, one of th Justice of the Supreme
Crtofih United 8lteajha recently (Jecid
J. ia two .e in Jjjobile, tffat a corporation
. tunot make eeotrael beyohd th limits of the
in whisih , it 'exists., "Frotrt thi decision'
Ppealebave bean talun tolh sSu prerae Court
f'l United State,, The !ofisiou from the
tmpt'tion which, it hold out, i well
adulated lo maW some aihonet. Since it
f Btde, aevcrai refusals to pay debt roth
4?d Suuw" Batdt ta been made ia New
; rbe citiz-na of New Vprlc hcing deeply rv?
I- ! iills rahin'.l.Bamskmf wnJoblsineil
. 7 -; .
7 . JLO.NGRE3S. ( !.
This tsJy appear lo U doing lut.hliM. Ut.
.White, from th coiomitteon Indian affair,
made report in the Wenate. on th 6th. in oo-
rpositian to the reeommendation of the Prenai-
itent and Secret ary-of War, to" itlowTH
further delay in removing ihe ?nerAee Indians,
fortWapprwpriWiim fo ia emr)ia?Io3'W-'
leaving the management of the remorml, a fac
as praeticabte.ta the Indians themselves. Jsid
on. table.nnd iaJi.rd.4o. l rwinUid. . Mr.
Morn luiJ oil the table a resolulion.ta adjourn
2nd July, to meet on the Snd Monday in Not
vember next. "1'he Indian Hostility Appropria
tion Bill, which constwaed so much time in de-'
bate, finally passed J)oih Hatrsea.' ':....
- ijfcrt VWWf . A htti bar passed both
Houses for dividing the Wiaconsin Territory,
and creiitirig oul of it a new Territorial Gorem-
incut, to he called tliw Territory of Iowa. '
. A'iu ,,'J Wu sury Cireniur.iU. Webster
Bulm. i; tc J a reairlulion calling for a oopy of the
new 'l'rc:inry Circular, in regard to rtceivipg
!ank,4ules, which was adopted.
Air. H".. remarked "as to some of the condi
tion: or limitations, stated by the Secretary, it
i line llwit they are imposed bv existing
statute1), ami rut he regnrditd; such as that the
bills of no bauk should he received, which bank,
since June, 1 !? :iC , has issued, or paid out, bills
le lis in live dollars. As all (lie bunks in some
of the StuU's, and nearly all in others,' are in
IIiIh pi-cdif:irn"nt it is pecessury, undouhlilfy,
that mime aW ofjegtalatiori should be passed in
order to make the. recent rrsolutionof any prac
tied! ftfect in those Slates. There nre other
parti uS the new- circulur, however, efwTiich I
do not see tlie necessity, even as the case now
stands. Ilia pripcr, Jioivevtr1, jIm jfco piper
shonlil be-officially before us, as undoubtedly
some further lei;i.l;ui;)rr will be neees.iarV; and
I shall my self proiiose noma measuroou Ihc sub
ject at an early day." . '
ACrv;;.!.Tli joint resolution- for surveys 1
on the Lakes and in the a:ers of A'orth-Caro,
Inid, ha passed lite House of Reprmntativt. '
.Vu4-7'.f asm'!i. .Mr. ' :amhrrlen has given J
notice that lie tvi'lwion call up tlie sub-treasury
lull . The Richiaond Enquirer expresses some
ajipreheiisions of its final passage; but the cor
respondent 01 the A t'ourier and Enquirer
conildeitlly ajiserts there is majority against it;
and lhat if every man will stand at his post, and
-iU-x.LuriyT-,4.mtt XM wlma.thtt JiiiqtilrtrJ
Cioiiglu the public voice had ceneigncJ it, into
Hie sleep ot ileatli.
Jttjioule liMiika and .Uln Mr. Wright hs toi.g 1 1 uit on the nul.j.'tl til' Mr. V'.'tli
jiut i e nil nt in n ; from which u spumis llial the
msj witvf ill.-omniiiii.'e conjidn- it nniifiriil
inhe SeciteUiy id ilnj IVeainry boib In Use a
ileposhiirio, soil lo ncfive ills; lintel of bank!
Ibst bsil mi i rlv (iis,fnded specie ijmeiilii, but
to i!o neillu r in repaid lo luch banks a, at-any
linn; sniev, July 4, 1830, had ijiucd any noiei of
h denomination Itm itiusi fite (llilisii In 10
inucli of the i cpni i ilie Ininoi ily. of the commit
tee coiitiir. The mnjorlivofihecnmeiiilee were
lurtUvi' i the opinion, in U icli the miiioriiy did.
not cuiicur, ihsl miv new legislation on ilie ub
jmt would b-'iuxi'e!ienl, at least till the latent
he Sub-tceatiuy bill aliouli' be finally devideil:
as any tuvh k( isltilinn ss (Imt projioscd would in
lerfei e wilh ihe provitioni ol mat measure; and
would, alto, be acting against Ihe already ex
pressed will cf the Senate, in passiitg the Suit
Ueiuu y bill. 1'hemniion to print van lnllowed
by a most Hiiimulrd ami esint it dt bme, iu the
course of which Mr. Wdiii ''gave notice tint,
in eniittquenR ol hit dilfering from the majority
of the rummiiU'e, be would s k leave In inlrn
dure a bill In provide Imlher lor the enlliistinn
oT the rer"nue,embiilyni(jjhiie" sof what tmbt
to he ili mi) on ibis subject. The report vn laid'
00 Hie table, snd oif errd In be primed.-
The National Intellignncer sayi: We per.
eeive, through a psrn graph in' the Klihmond
Enquiei that a Van Buren correepimddut of
mat paper has suggested tho possible necessity
of starting some other party candidate for the
Presidency ,Tn lieu of Mr. Van Buren himself
Inr the partyi-tneraphyBiriarts, the wltttion of
. . . ; . .. , .V
which will determine whether tho party jiban
dons Mr. Van Buren because he is not strong
enough lo sustain hi principles, or because his
jirinciplcs are not strong erjough lo sustain him,
The suggestion of such an alternative, however,
is a significant one.'and reminds u ofa shrewd
saying of our late esteemed and sincerely la
mented frienl Dvid Cf-wkctt, (who uttered
more original common-sense remarks then al
most any other roan we ever knew,) that the
People of Tennessee had quit General Jackson
because lie had sensed to he aJacksou jnart..
' Internal Improvement Ctuvtnlion.-r-The
proposition "oTtjtlH a Stato liilernal Improve-
f tn?nr CToTnwtwin''at-6 ree n shww'-w iha.Atli..ut
July has receiveU tde approbation of. several of
our editorial brethren in ditlerent sections of
the ?toto. ' Bu there RftfJaTleMttn.
ed 'generally which we expetfted from the edito
rial corps who are set tip as public: monitor,
and should always he foremost in spreading in
formation and forwarding measures calculated
to prornold the public gooil. " Wetlcsire to see
the whole StatH represented in Jhe Conventioni
as it is designed to promote her agricultural and
commercial interests'. Let there be uo divisiou
airiong ua in accomplishing this inostimporiant
and desirable otiject nn pulling tint way, and
that way .liy thit interrst and that interestbut
"'liifig pull, a strong pull, & t pull.iLL iiiomi
We thought, as it was e xpected every
section of tlie ktato would be represented, the
Capita) would !e the mot-wHb!e for the
meeting of the Convention; but as we are much
more concerned as to vilittltei', than Wiere it
ihail meet, we rhee fully yield to the wishes of
our worthy friend of Ihe.Payetteville Observr
who insists upon hohliug it jn Greciisburough
The papers in Georgia, on both sides, are very
sever on the Heoreljiry of War for his course
on the Cherokee question. They talk of resist
ing (he decision of the United States Govern
ment, if it be not made in accordance ,,with th
wishe of the people of Georgia.
The trial of J. V'Sugl tan fair the murder of
Mr. PlcanlJ last winter, in one of the hotels
in'RicbmoniLhas weeripied f ir more llisn week
past jhe wttenttoo of the Court wbtch is sitting
in that city. Great dilPicuIly was found in m.
panhelliug a Jury who fcarj not formed aomc
opinion oh the case.' , Upward of one hundred
person, beside' fb origial. venire', had been
called, imd only five Jurors had been obtained,
after more1 flian a week' session, when a motion
wa mad by 4b Counsel of th kecused, for
changttof venire. ' Thi motion era argued on
Saturday! and on Monday' the Court gar it
opinion, (ranted th motion and, directed the
trial to tk place w Chesterfield County, th
On iXts. Th crrpinlntof th CKar'iet t
to Mercury write from Washington that
hew organization, of the eahinet will take place.
I thus distribute the office. " '
itfr:JrcaaiiT6f P Secretarr of State
' A'entla't, Peeretiry f th Treaanrt
?'Wmmt?Xt"' Minister 1 to '
James,) secretary of War, ,
4 . Mr Pomiett) Secretary of lb Navy. " "
J r.luroa.ol Va. Attorney General.
, Mr ftrtgtht to ba sent on a foreign mission.
rVorei. During th four years of,Mij((I
irai' Presidency, the expense of the Gsncral
:Mm6iimoanIeAM.( jftitliaiMi o'f.
dollars, or twelve million a yeat. This was
considered too mBcb, and accordingly his suc
cessors undertook U reduce it, and to their pro-
. mis to do so were they, mainly indebted for
their election. In- three year of Gen Jackson's
adsainistmuon the expenses of the Government
amounted to on hundred snd five million of
dollari, or thirty-five millions 'a year nearly
threo tunes a much as the expense under Mr.
Adams' administration! This is reform.
Halt. Chittu
.Wininipjii. The full vote in all th coun
ties in this State, show (he fullowing aggregates:
For Prentiss, 15,722 Word, 12,077; Claiborne,
1 1,770; Davis. 11,345. Prentiss's 'majjoriiy
over Claiborne 916; over Davis 138C; Word's
majority over Claiborne, 301', over Davi 731.
Whig gain in nine counties, 4,567.
The MiltcdgPf ille Recorder of the 6th inai,
slates tkflt, by the successful operation of Gen.
Scott, "without Ihe shedding of a single drop of
blood, there remain not a single Indian in
Georgia, except those wh are in the keeping
of tho army, and ready for instant removal to
their home in the West.
- Pcveral attempts, since .be great conflagra
tion in Charleston, have been made to fire the
city again, by some vile incendiary, and one or
(wo buildings have been consumed "Surely
- Dil'b'ng miur ilii'ilirl rnuliJa.'""""''"'"1 y
demons in human shape.
The Carolina Watchman, speaking of Ihe
suggestion lo continue the Raleigh and Gaston
Rail Koad from thi .city, through th West rn
part, of the State, ays:
"We aasure the parties concerned that very
littleMwould torn all the energies ef the west lo
this improvement. If they were once convinced
that Ihe next effort, ftet reaching Raleigh,
would lie to turn towards us, Ihe spirit would
rise like a thermomdftr in boiling water. . W i
therefore commend thi subject to all whom it
concerns. ' ; . t "
We say," let all thi b done. Then lot a
rosjd be constructed from Raleigh to Beiiufort,
and the' contemplated branch of the Wilming
ton Road he extended to this placet and old
Rip will then bo wina iwut. , ,
Amupg I tie liberal individual donatiafl tothe
sulTcn'rsof Charleston, a list of which aprwar
in the Charleston pipers, we observe that Judge
CiMcaotr, of thia City, has given $ 100, and
some oilier gentleman, whu has withheld hi
name. $500 r ,
The New York, annual conference of the
Methodist EpUcopwl Church, which closed its
session in New ; lbs 30iV May-
nended two ef their members for taking part in
an alioliiloaciinycutiou at Utica; passed resulu
tious reprobating the,4: Son' Watchman'' "tt
account of its schismaticaj and; aholilion charae.
ter; forbid Uieir members attending anti-slavery
conventions; and recommended the American
Colonisation Society to tbe"patrooage of thi
church.- -,.-. ' ' r ;' ...
Pour pei aona , who hate been bribe employ ol
ibe Metsis Cliilda as Isbiirert oir the lialt iKh
and (tsatnn Hail Itnad,. were cpininiitril tfi .lad
in Oxford.. Granville en., on 'I hnriday last,
ehurjrsd kh alt iiptiog to lsk il Me-of thie
einphiyrri. Their ,inniel are Abbot!, MaGi!!,
Csid,aud I'earnoii. ; , . j
1 AV CwtUSa Jaurn f , an adiHiiiletlon pa
tier pi'iuieii at r'yeHvi!l,' bsi paswd ml the'
hand nf P Gslisnar.a, V.t . hf wlimn tit
JiiuTBit" Wftf lieiealter- li -londtttleH, w-itltout
.change ol piiWue. ' . i" -''A '
; 1'hiiffletittyetweeA M4Sn v BH d fl'u
Bey. it it ssid, h ended. V"' "
TbTiTrRrTTUarnoiis has l)en. sMKl
Bishop ol the Protestant Kpitdnal Criureh, for
llfeOiorenaol Marytaml, via Ike Ut. Kev. Bib
op 'Stow deeeaseiti"'" w sBi:-..-,.
- The" new School General Atimohly or the
PietliMcciah Chweh, rveently in asinn si I'lirl
adi.phia,doiid the. altle and Idle of 'lhe'
Orib()itiMt (Vmstiltllionaf General Aerit'ly
i'by then H-oeedefl to eleel 6 trusieai ol Ihe
Theoloit'ieal Seminary, and remnved t -of th
Board, who. however, ilaiming tlie right to aiin
tintie in" s, refnsed to admit lliffn. nrmbers.;
I Ir is aai.l llial lljlna lliil Will el 01 vafi)tt
t will be ittned, by which the ft hols tegs) qiietimny.
1 Tt. I. ..... .1 .1 , L tl. ,.l llil.
win or ueviunn, ruiiccrsiii( hit ms,im ' .v--
apeetive parties (oihe nuiuo, property he. of flie.
lieneral AneniUly. , . ,
' . . CANDIDATES. - - '
' Mwre Malcolm KIibt, .whiff, and J A D
McNViMv,V B are candidate for me -conimons.
J J'fi'ioir Senate. John Burnett, whig, -and
John Williams, V B.Oommons, Robert Jones,
Moses Chamber and Isham Edward all ad
miliiatnitinn men, but in favor of A United
State llank. . : . ". .
; Peakiiig of these camlidates, the Rt'iiiter
remntksi "What must be the change 10, lb
public sentiment, ail this contested poult, tank
eeiio Bank, when the eendidates in on of th
alrengetl Van Buren holds, hi this or any other'
Stalej. Cud llieinselvff cjimpelletl to aow a-pref-
erence foe that imtiiution, .uncompromising
opposition" to which constitute an easentiaJ ar
ticle in the creed of their great idol,", '. .
. If ale.-t-'mtig 'Picket --Dt. Thomas Hicks,
Senate' Weston R. Gale am) John W. Mar
ri, Common.. . -.
'Prirt Jiur-en 7Vcre. Samoel Whitaker,
Senate. Nathaniel G. Rand common.
1 Caiuliilatrf far, Sheriffalty Meira. P '. D.
'Burt, K. AwfitonancV Allen -Rosere, Jr -.W
ar authorized to announce Maj E. P,
Miller, Edavd J. Erwiu.aod William H.Car
son. E(j, "a .candidate to' represent the county
ofEfurk, ir) th f oue of Commons in our
next Lsgisiature-uMeTerifterijtVii.: V- .
We are authorised tosnnognc pol. Burgess
3, Gaither, a a candidate to represent lhe dis
trict composed of tlteeeuntie of Uurke ud
Vancy, in the Senate of our next Legislature
, ''. v -Jbid. '
We ar requested to announce ihe lion.
Wm. B. Shepard a a caudidate to represent
the Senatorial district composed of the eounti
of, Pasquotank and Perquimonsv in th next
Leglshilurn. Phmnix. -
We are authorized to announce Albert' u
of Pqaetattk in th Commons at
Legislature aid. ; - . ' - .
W -eri requested1 to announce" On. J. N.
MePbemn a a ciindidai to refteufnl' th
Benrt Dia termBed4l' iheeonBtie of
J vcndcn ana uumiuck. Hid,
"s&W?fVJonn C. Tailor, in the Senate,
and B. V. Gilliam, II. L. Kobarda, and Henry
W. Jone. in th :ommons All Whig.
..JEilijaiaiett,.V-ll. for rmrnri
Cartertt nnd Jgaet. In this Senatorial Di
Uicl Enh Poy ia th Whig eandidttc,
?rtVfti-Jonathan Reding, T. Lane, A
Dr. Wm. B. Ijine, Senate; Zelwilee Rush, Je.
a Walker and JJen Hawkins, Commons All
Whig but tro-Messr1 i f. La and" WawHtni.
, 1 er,r Elijah S. Bell i jha. Whig caa
didal fot the Common.
' Oranre.-. Phe following Van Buren ticket
for the Legislature has been nominated ia Or
ange, via: Gen. Joseph Allison fur the Senate;
Col. John Stockard, Col. Herbert Sims, Ool.
Benjamin Trollingcr, and, Dr. Juliu Bracken,
or Ihe House of Commons. Wilis Ticket,
which ha been heretofore published. Mr Wad
dell, senate; Messrs Wm A (5rabin, $ J King,
John Boon and Willie P Manguiu. commons.
C'Aieo 'l'hes G Hanghlon, for commons
Meck-lenimrirY li Ttekvt $ Pox, sen;
ate; J M Hutchison and G W Caldwell, i .
1 linking. ,
f.. n. i ' ... i i. v...
R Hn"ll, W.
JtruuncUk-r-Qtt P. J. Hill, W. com.
.Ve ifmiover C Henry, senate; J T Mil'
elr and J McAulan, com. all V B
Onthra Dr Dishon'eh, W. for Commons
Cumberttvul. -Jhn M Ian, Senate; John
Winslow, romuions. Not complete.
CnUimbiit. Augustus Smith, W . commons.
JleiiHforh nmf Hvitt.iivn. J. O'VVilliams.
W. is a candidate lo represent lliia Senatorial
I'mi-tfbr:. Dr. Samuel B. Marsh, and P.
P. Satterlhwai e. commons. '
Ciiiwe!!. Jainca Kerr, Senate; Lilib lnn A.
Gwin, Nathaniel J. Palmer, and evi Walker,
lutan Joi n Grady, jr. aiur H-fW'
ton, for Ihe Commons both Whigs.
Chatham. Wm. Albright, Senntr; Messrs.
Wmldcll, Clegg and Hraden, ('ommons nil
Whtg. Gen. Gotten, and Mr. Kecue, Com
mons. V. U; '
Wm. P. Dohson 1 V. B.) are candidates for Ihe
1. . ir ti , ,i.
Senate', an 1 N. Boydsn, Richard C. Puryear
Dr. M. Og'eevie, ( Whigs) James Calloway and
P. B. Roberta, V B for Ibe commons.
Pitt Gen. Alfred Moye. Whig, without op
position, for the Kenat. J. L. Foreman and
J. C Gorham, whig. anii.Mncon D. Move uud
I' Spier, V B for the common..
jion. Messrs. 'Williams, whig, and
HoujJcr, V U in Ihe senate. In the commons
Ransom Sunders and John Ellington, whit?, &
James Tomlinson and Kedar Whitley, V B.
Halifax Andrew Joyner, eenate; B. F.
Moore, and Thomas Oushy common whig.
iineow It. M. Edney, Whig; nd M. Bein
bardt, V B in the Penate.
Jichmontt U littfioii Senatorial Diilrict.
Gen. Alfred Dockery, whig '.""";.
Irtdell Gooiee T. Emmoraon, commons.
!(: at J JHe-sAdm Roemn,aiid Jea-,
se A ; Clement, commons. j r.
' . whig. , , . ..
TTlie following- official paper is copied from
the Globe or lucsdsyi . .
MsJna Gciaaai. Scott of the Vnitqd Stale
.Irmf tend t Cherokee petjle r--
maimntf in .Var-M Vm-tUna, Oiirffnt
... 1 ai2 ......"'"A','..."i i.
' - At'DISKSS'. '
mill! 'Hu! President otthe-Uliltetl
Statvw has lent the, with a powerftitr aflfh
to cause v u in to (Jc .Treaty. of
1835, to jam that'part of yoiiri .rop' who
re already eUi I slii d In priperfiy on tlie.
otlr kle of the Missiaipp(. Unhappily tliV
iwu-yejiw jsJiith. jwrtr. Ujijry!l:l:.U!2iJJ!it;
post), yor-hat e siilli'ied to pass away Willi
Out loilo.winj uud uilhniil' nskin wny pre.
piu jlioii to tulluw, and now, or by thi (irti.
thit etilf mit adnresa ahull rcseh your durum
lelllcinentl. Ihc rmiraliou must be com
menced in haste, hut; I hope, without disur.
der. ( have no power by praiitin; a-fliitlier
delay, to correct the error that yint hkve
oommittrih Ihe full moon of .VI uy iaalreaily
on the wane, and before another ahull have
pasted awny, every Cherokee, man, tinniun,
od ehl ri, in those State, must he in niotinii
to join tlx-ir bwthrrn in the far Wests-" ..'
.' My PrieinI jt 'Jhia is no siuhlen determina
tion oil the part ol the President, whom ynn
and! rnui obey, hy the tre.ity the emigra.
tibn was 10 have been rumptvled oil orbe
frtre ihe 2 2d of I In mnnthi and (Ire Pfisi
rtcnrha coiistairtty kept ymi. warnul, luri' R
tlie two years allowed, through; alt bis titii
f '" cwiMli'jy'Uilftftab
vj" wuiiui oc cuioieu. X ' , , .
lam come lo carry nut tun .clrtermirifttinrt.
My top fclrrsdy ncqopy many puMi'umsjn
the Coimtiy thai yon are to' aliaiulin, llimi
aamhiand thtmsauils are unpriiacliuijf, from
every quarter, lo render resistance and es
cape alike hpi lr. .- Alt ihos'e trunps, rejr
tilar and militia, are your "triendsr, Iteceive
them and co ihdu in llwrn as atttihV Ohry
Ihem when they tell yen lat fit-ait,remirl
ttmiifer inlhut-Couiitiy. ' Sohlier '-nfe - as
Htilid leaelert a brave, anil the rteaife ill" eve
ry one of 11s is to.exer.ute tmr pamlnl duty in
iriercy W ur commahth-tl by'' the Presi
dent to actlowurrU V'iu in that - s'piiit, ami
such is also lli wish of the wTfole .people 01'
Anienea. 1 --. f .. .,'
Cltieft, htarf-men and mmi-riore'. Will you.
1 then, by reajstance, epmptl us to reaort : to.
armsf Gotlloibid! . (Vr will you, by 'flight,
aeekio hide yuurselvca liv mounluin, and
fueta, and thu oblige 01 to hunt you down;
ItemeiTibr that , jn pursuit, it may be'impdt
tible te avoid 'conflict: Jl'Uc blood of tlie
whit man, r the btuod oV l1ier?iJhT'i'"Htnuj
be spill, -and if spilt however accidentally,
it may bs impossible for the diacrret aj;d lm- aipnnj; ytur, sir umonjr us, lo prevent a
; n...nerl war and citmarre.. Tlvink ohlif. my
Cherokee brethren' 1 am an old uaiiiuiVi'hd
have been present at many a. scene of
slaughter, but spare me, 1 beseech y'eii,
the horror of witueetiiia; the Sestrucliun of
the Cherokee. , . -f .
Do not, 1 invite yon, "even wait for 1 ly?
clone apprhach'pf the troopa't but make stich
preparation for em'njrulion tt you can, and
hasten to tilt place,' to Roaa'l Landihg, or .to
Omiter tjnnlintr, whefa you all will be re-
ceived m kiiulueti by officer selected for
the purpose. . Too will find food foe a", and
clotlwng fof III destitute. l either of those
places, and thence at your ease, and in com
fort, be transported lo your new l6mes ac
cording tothe "term of the treaty
This ! ttle atldrets of a Warrior to warri
or.' -1 May hi fUtrealie be kindly teeived.
and may the? W! of both prOpeMlie,Amer
icaus and Chrnikees, and preserve them long
in peate and frientlahip with eaclithef!
' CoxaoKta Aoxscf, lay irjr183o, ,.'.,, r.
Th subscriber oflVra 10 import Iran for Rale
watt, delivered in any of Ihe Atlantic porn or in
Near Orleans ok th most reamnablc terms. '
WILL BE SUCH, UtTront of th Ctmrl.tlaws W hi Ik tow it ol1 IMymnyifc, Wt'88ih 5 "
day ol July at. so mui h of the follnwlMa Irsmti of Land anil Jl' own Lou a "ill be inmplrirf lB
pay ihe Sise, Coeniy, Puriih ,THry, itrulfa and TTiwutax doe thereon for Ihe) car 1134, la
Pei toni' Names,
-Iiitob Urtfotd -"
N. SplMill's heirs
J raw Evtrvli's heirs
lttnj,iun KiaHlry's heirs
" Josish Flower' estate
James Piys;tHsu
A tim1F,ffrHt --.5-7
'. I.. ii;' lisi'ili,m', helrl " "
:.,Heluaini4 Junes' eststv
'1 liuiusi Johnson's rsiato
ilry Jonei
J olio At iiiiitesd'a hrlra
Stark Ai'iiustenU'i hsit
John I). Ante
Ktchsi'lM.Ai prw '
V it sou Cwi pi w
Sili Mutisy I'. tleriil
Miirri) Moor
S-.mucI eaberiy
Jailtes Sesbcll' jr.
John Puck
l'J.kint I'owell
Atjisiia Pi iicliflt
Tliouisi Moiiilierlsnd
I ai r S (hii
- Steiht Nt Siixn
Mry Siniill
Kn'sh Turner
Above ; V .il
.Itiklifis tirte
I'lliiiiiml 1 nilley
.luiU Wilkuriou
Asia V hite
S 'loinon U. bile
Ktliiiund Anilreas
ltt'i,tcc Arisim
Dsvnl Aiiilirots
U ill. Itomii id Rejuilurt
Miiet llsirman lor son
James VtsirnijiniiH "
Una the Viiili d.iy of May,
-SJ ,il
. I
I Si 1,
. i
Oil ll
Jlaleijfh, June 13
Bacon, per ewt,
Butter, lb.
1 '..... Ii.lil
HI 00 a 11 00
110 00 a 00 20
00 70 u 00 t0
- uuU12ilJ0OJi
B 60 a 7 00
80 (Id a 1 00
00 JO a II
00 7d 11 00 80
00 10 00 124
FiiyettuviVe, June 6
10 00 a II 00
CO 145 00 13 J
. 00 Ott a TiO USi
CO 7J a 00 HO
1 - .
Meal, bush.
Tulluw, lb.
Dacon, per cwt,
Coll'ee, lb.
t ?oiton, per lb.
Corn per,.bushel;
Candle, F. P. lb,
Sugar, brown, lb.
(10 18
6 a 7 50
00 35 a 00 40
00 07 a 00 11
Pettr,bwg, May 29.
I a -4 76
Corn, per barrel
Dacon, (Hog Round,)
Apple Brandy', Last crop,
3 76
11 to 1 If
66 a 70
10 a I2j
7 In 81-2
. 10 a 11
3 50 a S
$100 to 110
; a 9 r0
3 75 a 5 75
5 50 a 13 00
.loo;. i;a'iu.
Sugars, N. Orleans,
Bt Cruix
Halt, Liverpool,
Iron, (tweeds, per ton.
Cotton, .
Tobacco, lii ,
EiuL Roc k. Wk co. June B.
.Vr. .emiiy In looking over th lUhigh
tftshdard a week oavJwo since, I Jiererived that
V. a TT.!! , ' VBB"aB" "'"
Mr, W. R. GALL"S,elididat in ttieiiousc
of Oommons of the next Legislature, for certatfl
remark made by hlin befm the Gland Jury ol
VVake couuiy eaurt, iu announcing himself as
a canJidiliP to represent the good people oT this
UaaauiijCs. '-.. j 'S;' " ' ''.-'. ..-'
, I was tn jhe'roiim myself, mT'i)l4 '.livl mim
ally thing escape his lips hut What I conceived
to be of a pure, patriot us nature. His remarks
were low; bql I ihouglit I hem sulhciant to con
vince uy rcasonuhle man of the folly iVhich' ia
pursued by tlie prcaeni adminiairaiion. And
tor an sayilig. he is called upon by 'A Hearer!',
or rallier dared by him joiubKh' his remark.
We dure sat, he, could not jinlilu-h them woxd
f r word, bi'ing unaware when the candidates
vrtD declariua. themwelvew, oiid having baen
cut-f ir by some of his friends ill a hurry but
will del-lure the whole truth, end nothing hut
Ihe truth; on the tiumfi," before tlie anxious,
enquiring pmt of ourconimuuity tliofarini rj .
beinrsr the election. 'j -
In-cnnchiaiAii. t ermit me to adilreisniVMiTf lo
."" JtaMgh," asoiur of l,is moat sincere friends.
If he. wishes to maiiit:iin hi chara'otrr, and hold
nit to tire good will of the citizen nf liiileiu.h,
as his siijnatlir of "RnVig'l" will be considered
.'...'' T : -
n specie ol foreery fmuimlleiij siprnt the good
ritizcns uflliat city. We vstuidcr ij he shnwrd
hia communication to Raleigh before sending: it
to friend LnriiiL'l If not, he certainly must be
considered a forger. 5-
tAnd to P.i earer," I ..must oav. tiirk thy
eirsi oh Hmu sort of Lrrieria ! and draw a little
nearer; fiw you may he deceived in quite a" acri
our manner by standing behind I lie crowd. - '
-.S pH(jrPECJ'U3 1
V . -V- ' . vol .. ' , "V-
4. 'THE MI CHOC OH in."
f jii'liTra i-riirinss . tiMsr. - .
',The MCROGOSM is printed, weekly, in
the City of IlaJoigh, 011 a half sheet ofmeilium,
new cpe, end .fine while paper.' Alibo'uah
w4ll. lt contains a world" of mailer. Jt i
.levoted to I tie flowtre.ef Literature, original
snd selected; lo notice of important improve
ments in any of tit branches of Science, Com
merce and Agriculture; to general News; and
to the particular honor and interests of North
Carolina. Il eschews party politics, and all the
muddy streams of angry contro.eny upon ev
ery uijeciOn great otiject of the publication
ia to ronvey instruction to an un
exceptionable, chaste, and agreeable manner;
to them. thi rat for- knowledge nnd
fondoeasfor reading; to inculctte upon their
minds correct principles, and ineit them Co th
practice of virtu and morality. Anofhrr it,
to furnish it much am ising matter, interesilkig
new'a, and valuable information, to reader of
every elass and age, -can possibly be if one,
on the cheapest term. And w may venture
108 aaert, without subjecting tnrietf, (to use the
fashionable editorial plural-tingu'.ar pronoun,)
to the imputation of egotism, that it will not be
found wanting in something hpih li pie the
taste nd tickl the tjincy pf tit " t
KJi Is intendoj; provided uflicient eneooragc
meat be given, to enlarge the paper without al
tering tfi lenmC which wilt make it decidedly"
cheaper than any other published In Hi eJeuth-
ern country
V - (S-"! '.. -,Sg.'
W bona adjoining ks."
AivssHili'i LIma'-m4oi. snil tMlitra . ".
IVmi.sef .MHIiill wii nrbtrl
llanty Kvi reit nd nihirt
Win L. Chtsstm ci ruhrri, t 1-9?
Inwu Iota nal knnwir J
I town tot So mil know
ttHleon Mtxan'lpr and other!
'SI .
. ?"toan lots no. its - . -
j.cili l.sirell hI Hitters '
1 tuwn Inl n-it knoWH
JoUh II ChestoN ami oihsra
In hrv. ii Hilt
- Not knnwn - . ' .
T a Ion not known,
3 town lull n. It, 101
lu tirevn Hill
t;rOi.e NkIhiIIs Unit 01 her
II inly At is snd uibert
I mwn 1 it n; not known
('.tester Alitor ami ollui'i
tinle hi lexaiidrr ami 01 her
Mai 1 in Spi'iiHI snd uihers
I town tot no 148
biiiioni J 11 ikt r and olhrra -
t in. Illicsd-, I, en s and nibtn ,
, Jsiuei A Ciivvaixi ami nibert
lliid llui'iten's lieira and otberl
Ptii'a I111 a and nlhi-rt
.Isiin'i Nesbeirv Htid nlhsrt
'l'hotnsa L Lung's baira ami other
SJ '
. & 1
w -
it 1
. SI '
' St .
1 Sf
, 4
- .
' V
.Noi xiinwa v ....
Ml I nriirew'a heirt and otherf 1 ,:
I lowa Inl no. 4S
tisMn(w-Hr1ii snil others
Mai CsswmVw ami oiherl
I las lot no. '23
I tounlni no, lu7. i.
'riioiiiai Clilinn sd mhert
Alirsir. Dm en noil andolbtri
Vnt kuns n "
Jsiiiea r in lougn anil o'lierl
1 town lot no not known
It. tt lVI. Sheriff ef Mnthmflnn Cmnhi.
prosperlus. so thut all who receive it wilt h
an opp irtunilr of judging nf its merit Ex
amine it if you like il, send u your nam
at oxer, ami "down with your dual."
fO,"'IJluB' vy yeung, being only nine
years nf age, the pubirTieTTii'I(1imi!tf'W-t
Vtpe expertly, and after much importunity ha
been indulged in his inclination lo print a pa
per. The proceeds will lie exclusively hi own
and as he hopes 10 lenrn the practice of econo
my, na well ai industry, in the prosecution of
his undertaking, be expects to provide a fund
which will assist him In hi faroiite pursuit of
knowledge. II confidently look lo the pen
I of literary gentlemen and ladies in th Stat, l)
aid him in hi labors, and lo the pstronag of
the liberal aud the approbation of lb public ftt
his reward. '
Tkans Jl 50 per annum. .
dj Postmaaters ami oilier, wno receive thi
prospeclus, are respectfully eijued to land
their aid in procuring subscriber. Thsy Diay,
if tbry chooae, retain and eirculat this among
flieir friends, arid communicate by letter. Il
tera to Ilia .Publisher on busiiie, except from
those who procure subscriliers,' mutt bepoiU
paid. ' - '
Thi i ihe title of a Juvenile paper, which -
ha just mide il appearance. In this citv, put
I ted r.rrrtii&re.iing FtTa iTri TcTour fnct.4
llisn, ef tlie Star," wtio, thounh but nine "
ysar of a'-e. ha a practical knowledge of th
art ef Printiug and is the. chief operative in -preparing
the mutter fof hi paper.' " lrls-ery
neatly pmifed, and deserve fiatronag a well
on eeouiiLf the rliasle style of ita articles
wiith usually nil Uoy"i p(irrj aaof the praise
wortliy motives Wlilch gave birth lo the under
tailing. 'We alinuld ttiiult' that in a family, '
whero there nre childieii a etipy or two wemJ
he worth ten times ihesnbsioiiptiuti price, in
encouraging lovti or rradipg. and tt imparts
ifig lhat kind cjfknowlirilga wbiih it only to be
o'udin 1 fiom the column of newspaper. vWn
rvfe'r ilie iMjiU-r to lhPropebtu in- thi paper, .
and hope thi "litil world" may long dourifh
10 tender to the world at larg, on each return
ing IVew Year, the coinplirneii'a of the arnen,
r"".'," .' . Jtahlfh Regleter. -
CC3 Eq"iHi fi.vvmile tieticet hav been s
Jaietmf 4J'ht Mdocctmt" l;y eAsr Jnlferi,' '
wAst'A ih b pubUeke 'd herenjter,, ;
A Kit I CD, ; ,
In IVter'shiirtr. Va.'nn the Gtti int. hr th
ev. niiDeini. BanTe'TJ lTrtetr Vv-ikclu
.. 'il. ..s. ..- sit' 's a .
,v,', lattit thi City,l,o Mia Agin;, tlaiigU--
1 ter uf Kdmniid Hiftiu,.P.'V- . ). . ,'.-
iit i' mi una, t,iru. ' niu urau t niiss
Brunch, daughter of tli Hmu John Branch.--
In Ei field, llalifiix cnunty, Mr.' J-oseph B,'
Lane lo Viaa Marthv Collin, 1 . :' .
"Also; Mr John WhitakeC vo
klr. EH.
jbrtli McLemore. . . ' ' - -.' t "
' In Dsidsiiii cfiiiitty Mrifoali Heplef in' -to
Mus Maitha Pinch,' daughtt-r cf Petti
Pinch, Eq of Randolph comity. ' " . -
f ri I.iuciilii t-oiiniy, Mr.. Llwson Dailey '. in.
liss Mibnln (iimdsoii, '(laughter of the fain
Aiirtef GooUaorl' ' , ' , , , ,
" '-. .1 D1DD. t. r .'.'.'.'l
In Msntjomerj' county, Tennv Wm CU
Kits, en. . wlw femoved from : Granvilln
I tac
i.'i,iii!i. m. -1- io.u. ui m. iismivucn
1.. ilt . rv.. -1.1 1 una . ..r. .1. .!. .
In A'ewbernMrsChilstlan Hancock, wif of
Mr James Hancock. In -DavhJwon -county. Mr
Jacob Hedrick, aged about 04 year.- In Ir-
dell, Mr L'hxabelh Utrd ' wife of Maj Rufu ,.
lded. In Rartilolph, 00 Saturday th lith ulr. -Mr
William Roluns art aged man, known all -,
oe the countr a the BI Maker.,. ' "-'i
"' In Rk-hmomr, on tlie 18th nd Mr Ntwberrr u. t-
Hn ihe 86th year of bis t,r, t, -
' '"I ! ! Jtssasaaaaaaaaxsasaaxaaa
trAitE; '.'r-i ;-'
JV. 78, nrugp Street, f formerly thi Arm
efT.S. lla,rr,wUCt.J . . j 't
Itpsl 'WSiwulfiills I 1.1 rLJ-
msretisM generally , i Vh gint and North Car.
j.lnis. that he la now rtwivfeg n mir new
ti (XJK OF GOODS, H .be above line. a.
iiresalv aWtanled lo Koulhera irsil. ' Kwr sla.
ii,iilori m rkh China, in teits; L'nt GUas.tws '
grt her ' wbh compleie a.tiHtnient of common ', ,
and Qtiernawai aud Hioa Hsi, constantly o
hand, and will be iitfertw im t, good .Vej inVa
(tier i he pHiur4 In the foiled Sialra. Ubem,
nil pwi w' wwiif HljHtrta ifstMie s
will he earelully packed by experienced hsnrlsi
1 . .if, ..11 1. .... .... 1
iBlrf etrilld - , , a,
l'h pauianare tyf 0, ftltmds, Bd lb ' '
mercandl coiuniminv e,er.einly In Yirgmiaaiid
" - " .iitsufo wnu latin. 4 "
pilirin lsyoii'i, i4r)wetleit.- - .
lar Old Slip, New Xmkt June O. .. W St r'

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