North Carolina Newspapers

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Vf Jl lb ulJ lWeh et It. Coert House at
(Im following
Tract of Land
or ea aaweh thereof as will satisfy the Una dwe
a" adverti'in-. ate. vn we; .
aer' '
70 braver creek. Ilearytsvlds
S7i dts John .'obnitoo
I in da - P P Smith
It Clin OWk l"b ma, Lhvtley
IMUeepKivrr JolinMchiio
) da de jjuhn rouihee
. 4VJ Palters'n rerk do j
SO Purgatory erk j V Wffinmr'
60Uiikiiou UVra Toinlinson I
0 llocky over Jo Sanders :
H ) t!ukivin ' riiomt UjwJjt ,
CUr -ek Unknown j
IH3 UnkiHn 'Je Ju!inCn ,
TMe B'r erk H m K'tUn'l t
J1 errk Thnrnxi Oowdy
1 Sh..idm creik A Unit
1 j" GiITt e cck Unknown
5i!,rln4'i er'k Zftl Harclmnl
1 Slinking crrtk lchm"l Juhnian
S IR Lwk ererk 1 lmrt linnii-r
S1 ilo UVm B'ljln
8 H Unknown. Widow 'Womly
IWI Virl'i irrrk i(i iUrrntri
Jordan T Burnt
Kichard Juhutou
II Shaddock
VI ilcl Mfh"0
lolin Kiukliee
lo S'allingi
Kit it? ol . Etant
l in ol
Two half wtr lolt in llic town of Hj wood,
Jotuuton, lutd l 50; in.l- u 1 J.
Riiiy-6rc loll in the town nl llai wood, nnljteil
Ami nl ..l.i.l iru 1 dou'jle )fii
May II. HV1
frirf . $11
MEW & BKAl'TlFl I. .OOI,
ton juxej cLr.ivn.ii a rs'A 1 . w.
Hceent arrWalt from the C.ty ol New Vin t,,
It .re nlawrd in poiat-aupn of it" undertrwd,
A iew and beautiful asortuit'iit
, of ii hi in i-r jiool,
lrai(ntil pricilly lor tlw moiiiba ol June,
Jwly am) Aoa"; which, -"bwing lo tbe ruki
tKMn iu ilia moiy market, wcrr brougtii rr
enarkably aliwip. and will eo,,qncii(ly be di
poaed wfhrre, ai pricea to orrrnpond.
Ci,iJ,nirn and l.liea. detn- " ol npplvin;
hnrlri with Nrwj U.cli an.l I ail) t.oodi,
will do well to onll and raimiiii; ihe aitorlinenl,
wniiMiug in yart, a lullowi:
Fine JJroa.l Cloths, anJ Cassimeres,
of fVtTV sttatte nil colour,
Super French Borobaxinei,
Crape Camlilets and Cassimerea,
Plain, I'lai.l anil Stripeil Dfillin",,
Kilk, Satill and Mersaille Vesting-,
- Splendid Silk- ami .iatins,
Stin Luxnri and CliaUies,
French Muslim an l Calicoes,
Printed l.iwnt and (iinolianw,
French worked Cullari
A Rrcat variety f beautiful Belts
and Dress Handkerchiefs,
Thread Lacea and Kdgings,
Linens, Lawnaantl Thread Camb'k,
Swiss, Jacknnct and Mull Muslins,
B'wk, Brocaded & Checked Muslins,
Stockings, half Hose and Gloves,
Hats antl Shoes.
fCT Also on hand, a gnod stock of
rendr made Clothing, to wit:
Linen Cos's and Pantaloons,
-Cloaks and Over-Coats,
Frock and Dress Broad Cloth Coats,
Pantaloons of every description,
Vest and Drawers,
Shirts and Collars
Stocks and Bosoms, ic. &c.
llalfgh, May 30. t838.
23 6w
Ww and aoiiaWe Ooed.
W haf juat reowived from Ihe North a Hrgje
apply of
Whwh e liwite oair Uuatoaaert lo ewll end ei
nLn Our Stock eonaka in part at followa:
Broad Cloths nd Cassimeres, of a
very superior quality,
Muslins, Catnbrick. Laces, &c. of
every description,
Lawns, Linens, Towelling, Sheeting
-and Shirting,
Domestic Goods of every kind and
qtialitv, i ' '
Hardware and Cutlery, a fine assort
ment, ' ,
Plain, Pressed and superior Cut Glass,
Gentlemen's ftne Summer Hats, all
Beaver, weighing only ik ounces, .
AuH supply ofCiverpool China in!
s large or small setts.
White Gilt arTd Celtic China of. the
first quality, "
Shoes of .every description.
Our StoA heina; parehaard prinaipallf thit
eaton, enable! iia to esy, that e can aell at low
any of oar neighbor, end perhapi ler.
1 . f, PHOWN k SNOW.
Rateih, My I9M -
The 9lth ol Jnnw ixing the inniTeraary Ol S.
John The Baptitl ( d the Sabbaih day ) the mm
dert fCoUmbet LwIr. No. 10S, hate agreed
in celebrate tbe 83rd, Saturday, aoaornm g v, ike
AnwUwt ewifiwawl arwtemrtyi alto to y thw
enrnet ato ol thai Hall- It it therefore ear.
Mly reqactled that the wembert fa, or the oe
eaaion h a puietil ettendaaee. 1 he Ke.
Patrick Oowd, aw eminently diitinguiihel broth
er, hat ioetewted to dellwer a publie addreet ap
plicable te the cwremoniet of Ihe day.
Brethrea at a diatanea are rrtieeifuUy ihited
to attead lnd aheerfuIlT participate with ut in the
alchratlon. jMRS N. CROSBY,
Secretary if Ctlvmhtit Lithe.
The Editor of lh Fayetteeille Obierver, Car
olina Patriot, and H'llibr,'S, R"0- "
aewted lo taaert Ihe abote ootil the S3rd ol Jooe,
and forward their aecoooU 10 the Seoretary at
PiWabdroOfh,N. C.
PKtibor.', May fT, 1S3J. 3 3
m. tknohasi-nw. aearKinitnn. on San
day the th of May, one BAY HORSE and one
BAY MARE, the fcerae aboat 6 few! high,
between Ire and acre, yeara old I keoere the
laorae hat a vhite anot hit back. The mar
haa bo white about ber that I reeolleet. but hai a
deal as the haul partol her thigh. A reatonabla
oeapeaeatioa will be (ire to ny pcrtoa that
aaar wke a; the earn,
' - ! WILL. tOVTCK-
. , Kia-NM. Uty t4, v ,9 3 ,
y. job-printing; '
jeatly and expeditiously sieutetl at
. . . ja 'fief
Ptsborevsh , ea liou7 & M (hr ftf Jul
an Town Lots, ' '
tbcreoa lor the year 136, together vith the eot
aupptswed tu
liwsg -to
II) '1 or
6 li
' li
i 40
4 U
Heirt of KM Mall
1 do
i do
jMcKrncie ft Co.
.HririiH M'Lean
fWallrr'a hfirt
Heir at J Minirr
.Warden' heirt
MsSlrydrt tieirt
0S do
Iwit't hrirt
Duncan Mnrehiton
J T Burnt
K ic b ai'tT 3 oKn ton
H Sbaildock
J.lobn Fuo ire
In Sullin(i
250 Singlr
75' do
ill hucbaitan
Kvan'i riale
i I lull Jaj llfin ol llulljsi
litttil by A.
L'lley, luppoatd iu belong to Win.
ul nunbers unknown;
ralueil at $25 rath;
JOIIV IIAUMAN', Sh'ff of Chatham Ttunlv.
I Oltli Italcjtfh A t.amloii Kail ?
1 Itoail Co., .''lay 15, I :, S
Ry Order of Hie Hoard nl Dnrclois, I lliall
offer at I'ublic Sle, lor ca,li, ai tin; Court Ihmie
inllie tiiy of ln!t'if;li on I he 2 1 MoioUy olMuly
nrm, all ihe Mmrri ot Mmk in ihis t,oniimiynu
Allien I lie liiifalinenM now due sh;lll not lo; paid,
bulure Ibe first dv fil'.liilv ntxl.
t.r.O. W. MOUIIKCAI, r7.
Italeigh, May 2.1 , I S.iS '22 it
li mi i: it rois s all.
Till- Sub,nibfr Imi iifiw nn haiol, at Im M il!i,
(lale lllakt'i) I " nub i Kail of KiiIi-ir!!, Iii i
tret nl clioK-e
tawed out ol I
l.uinber, nl eiery drciii'iou,
K 1.' Hi I me, lite prtul'ar en
crneiice rn wincn is inn well Known lo need any
iufl Person! ill sii ing lo porch ik w ill ph ase
mki applicaiion to Mi . H dliam 1'eck, Ualcigli,
nr to Henry Hoiio.i.m ilie Mill,
Tin: price at ihe Mills will be f 1 per hundred;
Inn, il a. large ifiini it be bought, even Ion than
I lint will be tuken.
Wake.ou,.AX.'t). 4U..IS.M 8-2 (I
COAC1ILM, li AltOl f: II LS
The Subscriber hut on hand an atsorlmenl of
the abore Carriagei. Some very richly finithed,
which witt, he ihinkt, bear a comparison with
any manufactured elsewhcie. The wink it war
ranted to be faithfully eiecuted, and will be told
on at favorable terms at an be afforded. Tbute
withing to supply thrmaeltea, will please call
and judge for themselves.
i hos. conns.
Raleigh, May 31, 1838 2 tl
rtate of iorlli Carolina,
Wayne County.
Court of Equity, Spring Tetnt, 1858.
I'eUUon for mle and titvition erf real tetate.
Mcedham Wortell and Celia bu wife, Arnold
Borden and Jonathan I'ike,
. .'. Jigatntt ......
The heir nf Frederick Bum, deceased.
It anaearme ta the tatiilaation of the Court,
that Fharoah llvirn, Stephen Worrell, I'haroeh
Scott, Ely Scott, Jesse r'ulgum. Joseph Fulgum,
Kreileriek Folgum, Sarah Arnold, Celia Arnold,
Pataey Wiggi, Miry Corbit, Rebecca Parker,
and Penina Horn,, delendantt in the above nam
ed cause, are not inhabitants of tins State) it it
therefore ordered by the Court that pebliiaiion
be made frr fix soccesiive weeka, m the Star
and North Carolina Gazette printed and pub
lished in Ihe City of Raleigh, tor the said de
fendant! to be and appear at tbe next term of
thit Court, to he held ior the county nf Wayne,
at the Court House in Waynesiiorough, on Ihe
first Monday afterllie fourth .Monday in Srpiem
ber next; then and there 10 plead, answer ur de
mur, or aaid petition will be taken pro eonlesio
anil heard ex parte a to them, and decree made
Witness Jamrs Griiwold, Clerk and Master
ol our said Cnuit of Equity for Wayne Couiitri
at office m uid county, the first Monday after the
fourth Monday In March, ixax.
JAM ria tiKIWtL,U, U. M.
Waynesboro' April 47. 1 S3S. tfO w
Valuable (Jily Properly,
Porsnanl to a decree of the Supreme Court
of North Carolina, I ihsll expose lo publie sale
at the premise, on rriday, the lSlti day ol Jnne
next, that very deairable reaideoce In the City of
Raleigh, situated on Ihe eorner of fldlsborn and
McDowell Streets, formerly occupied by Mil E.
Geddy, as-a Boarding Houae. I
1'he lot contains three-fourth of an acre; Ihe '
Uwelhng House is large ana eommonmui, with
12 moms; all neccitsry out-honses, and a fine
garden, anil, though sufficiently retired for a
private family, I vary convenient to the busi
ness part of the City. To resident of the low
er enuntiy, desirout of securing a keatihy and
pleasant situation, Ihe present affords a very fa
vorable opportunity. Person wishing to exifm
ine the premises before the day of Sale, tsaa do
so, by applying to the Subscriber, or Mr. 'I hot.
Loiing. Poisesi i T will be given on the first
day ot January next. v
TERMS, which will be liberal, made known
00 day ol sale. ...
t;. W. MOltnf.CAl, Ctmmhumer.
Raleig1, April 27, 1SJ8 I J 7w
SUM3I Kit ii GODS.
Fayetteville Street, Ualrigh, Norih Carolina.
The Subscriber have just received, and are
now opeoing at their Store, a brautilul assort
ment nf oods in their line, consisting of Cloths,
Caasimer aod vesrfngs of every colour and
quality, in fact, every thing that can be found in
any similar establishment in the Country
which we reapeSlfully request our Iriends and
the public to eaiU and examine before purchaiing
elsewhere, aa we are determine) lo sell on
such terms a cannot fail tn suit the purchaser.
Raleigh, May 7, 1.838. 30 6w
P. S. Order Iram a distance will, merj with
prompt attention. . . L k 0.
7 Dlt. W. AV. MA It II A LL'r
Ointment for the BUatd Tiles.
Tbis invataable remedy hat been several
year before the publiei ft virtue aod .efficacy
darn been w til tested, and. In nnmerou imian-
I. ik. MAtl awiavaled Inlmw.rf wtom -41.
la not a aoliiary oaae ha k been, known ta tH !
m effertmg a cere. Many very respectable peri
SOWS Bavvw VVT"v wriawi; " ' - siuvwcyi. amnnajf I
whom si tne ttev. svm. a. sasis. m i . e.
Chareh.aad Editor of the Coaferenee Journal,
who. from hia owb experience, awmfldently re
commend it to the pubis a ear, joiii.
,.a. aan imcuaT MSist." ,
It Bev We had ihe Store ef R. TCCKtH J
Agent. Kaleurn, .v-- f
The Raleigh and Gaaton Rail Road Company
k tha nleaaare la announce to the oablia that
the Bridee OTrr the Koanoke and tweWe eailee
.. for
of their Knad being finiahed and in daily see
h irwnmArtatieit of Beraona aad orodnee, t
now lorm. imee the eonplelloa of the Rati Road
between Richmond and Peterabarg, a aowtinu
oaa line ot railway eonirounieation from Littleton
lo the Norih. lo the courae of a lew weeke, a-
bout 30 milet more of their Hail Road will be
ready, when a Locomotive will daily leae Chalk
Leiel fllenderion Oepot for the North, inatead
of Littleton at at pceat-nt.
1 hit it the Great mail route, and the different
Rail Road Companies now run their dad, mail
lj,nefiom Littleton to New York in 3' hour
miming lime, or including all ttoppagra in lett
ihan 43 liuurt, without the Ion ol a tingle niglil'i
Traveller! from Grcrniborongh Salisbury
and ilie Writ are .informed that, by taking tint
route, ibry will reach Washington City 4 hour
ahead nt any other line, avoiding ai the roe
lime about iki milet of Staging aod the lots ol
two iiighl't tleep.
Tint it the pleataatrat and mo,t expeditioui
route to i lie Virginia Spring. A nrat rate line
nf (Jnnclira it kepi up Iroin Littleton through to
Raleigh, where the main Weilera line inter
aecti it anil where it unitea with the great Smilb-
I ern mail line, to rayettevilte, Columbia, An
! gU'-ta and Chrlt-ron.
I a J' I be Raleigh Uer;iic-r, SalKhiiry Watch
: mao, ttreruiliorough I'atriot, Fayettevitle Oh-
l wrvfl
Knoiville lii-gnter, t heraw t.azetie;-
Colomljia Trleicnpe, Auguita Courii-r, and
M illi-dge, i!le .Iruinul will niiert once l ink
until 1st ot .ugi,i, and forward their account l
to the nlficr, olthe lUleigh Iti gitler.
Railegh Ma; li, IS IS
2-2 II
.It Eitfirlil, llujfa r County, .Y. C.
Having tak. nfrom Mra. I. W. SOUTIIALL
that Itcaiiidnt new building, aituated It the wvat
end d ilie village, and conligHous to her grove,
is now lilting it up lor the reception ol traveller.
Too many promise! have been made Hi thia line
of hiisines!, in which Ihe publie have been de
ceived. I shill only aay, call and judge for
yourselves. Mrs. Southall and d.ughter pro
Wrse pe-rsmnd-atteotkm to ladies.---
A put, 1838. 17 II w
A initinn i Teacher, hy a young man who
is qualified to teach the Latin, Greek, French
and English Language. He has considerable
experience in teaching, and can produce tatie
lactory testimonial a la knowledge and moral
Application to be made by let'er lo A. B. I).
Oxford, N. C. Cianville comity.
May 18, , 1 88a. 29 5wp
The Exefcisn of llii institution will cloe for
the firs: Seition by a I'ublic Examination, to be
helilen Thunday and Friday, Ihe I4th and 15th
ol June. Parents and friend are invited to at
tend. The second Seaaion will commence on
Monday, lha SSth o) June The Subscriber's
bouse will ttill be Open tor Boarder, an Stu
dents, at the usual price ol 7 dollar a month for
board (Student furnishing; their own lights,)
Tuition, $7'50, $10 and $19 JO the Session,
according lo the stuilir pursued. Henulonis
situated (ix mite North West nf Louiibur;,
one mile from the Stage road. The Subscriber
would present (lie following advantage of the
institution, to wit: ii healthy and retired situa
tion, a neighborhood ol moral and wdMrmsta
people, aud good water. i . ,-
. iwiy y. mcfcs.
' Herodon, Fiankin eo May 21 22 eo3t
OCT II. W. MILLER haa remov
ed his ofliee lo that of the SOenor Court Clerk,
in Ihe Court House, where he may be lound,
exeept when necessarily absent
Raleigh, No 1, 1837 4l
The great popularity end established demand
for this valuable niedieinr, render tha tootin
uation uf a lengthy sdterliaemenf nneces:,ry.
Nomeroui testimonials of tbeir Value (lately re
ceived V from gentlemen of the highest respecta
bility, in addition to those accompanying each
box, may be teen -on application to any of Ihe
agent. The pill are pot up in superior style),
-injin. koxe eoirtaining 40. pil..i!l full direc
tions. Price SO cents per box. , To agent or
pill-chasers thr termi or commission and d (count
are liberal. All commmiicationi will be prompt
ly atteudvd to, br-
THOMAS L. JUMP, Gen'l Agent.
ORicr, Morgan St. Raleigh, lit door west
of Ihe Pretbj tei ian Church
Slffn of the Cioldcn Iflortar.
WM. Iff. ItXASOU & CO-t
Having purchased the entire stock of Messrs,
T. S. Ilrckwith H Co. have eommenced Ihe
APOTHECARY busioet at the Mind formerly
occupied by thenr-on Fayetteville Street, second
door north ol W. ic A. Slit h, where ib have
just received a further aapply of
Draffs, Medicines, Glass, Oil,
Paints, Dye Mull, and Per- -
fmnry, totr-tli-r with n
general assort inentof ..
which lliey will diipow of on tbe'mott reatooay.
hie term. - f- " v. -s.
Merabants and other can be faraiihed with
p.tent, and ether, med'tcHiea ;pn a reasonable
terms as they eaa be got aouth of the Potomac.
Persons would dp well to call and examine lor
themselves. Physician at a distance? who may
ftvorwu 'with Iheir orders, wi havanlhen
nmmntlv attended to Ha naiwa I,- . -.
id ele4ing Chemical and Pharmaceutical nrtJ
imraiinns, ai they are rtetermioed that ha medi.
I eine but such a are genuine, ahall he mid be
he. - One of the Firm having been iron rhi on
is m bottne. to whieh h till .. n. aL.
. .... . . L. t L L . . . .
, auewion, therebe avoidr. T) - fct.I
miatsjl ihst too often eweor ihroorh iw,mn.1
jevvcy - resrelcnle, hey hope, by ttriet atten-
Im In jiiimu ,m --i - . I ... . : , ,
.. i w auara us inc puDiaa
' r ,
February, ISIS. r if -
Haa eatahliaked bimtelfia Raleigh, aad wM
afford Medical aid tothoea who may feet dirpo
aed to patroaixe hint. Hi office i in the rear of
the Auuthecmrv 8tnrrof Meter a. Vt" Mi
ob k Co. where he anay be area when not
ei:."H; abaeot. Atteadaoee ob the poor gratia.
. Jaooary 90, 1S3S.' 7 " .
Tno Tree of Legal KssowledK.
From the member of the Law Faculty of Yale
OHIrge. '
n... c... I . ctamioedToar workealled
the Trea of Legal Knawledge, pretentmg to the
eyi an anal; ti.olthe Common and Statute La- of
Itnghmd, nn a ehartfor map, and t a eoiiliaWy
I j .t 1 .. ki.i.iw wwtul in ihe Mu-
rwaoniiDcou iuc mum - h
dent at law. The plan it judieiou, and the ex
ecution happy, eondeniing, much matter in a
email eomuaea. and well fitted to arreat attennon,
and aid the memory to retain Ihe logical dm
tiont aod many of the details of legal eeK-nee.
Heipeetfully your ob't "". r
Yale College, New Haren, May I'A 1838
I entirely eoneor in the aboe recommendation
( Ur llorhnnrk. MltK. 1 S.18.
' Prol. ol Lw, Yale College.
From the Hon. Daniel Wibsl'r.
Dun Sib: I have had time r' ly to look very
hastily at your legal work. It ingeniout, and
the design a good one, aud, so tar as I could ob
serve, the heads of the science run out intu their
proper divisions and subdivisions. Much more
weight, however, than isdueloiny opinion, is to
be attached to those of Mr. Hitchcock and Chief
Jutlice liaggett, ejihry are regular aod disun
guisiird teacher of the law. ,
Wilb all good wishes lor tbe tueceis of your
undertaking, 1 ant', with regard", yours, .
To tiix Attbob.
From II. F, Butler, Esq., A'tomey General
ot the Cnited Slates, and Prolesauiiid'.LawlJi
ni ihe University of New Yoi k.
I have esamined with some erne the Tree of
Legal Knowledge, (an allrgorica'l representatioo
ol the Lew and Conitrtntioii of Fngland as de
lineated in the Commentaries ol Hlaokvtone,) re
el ntly published by the Mesirs. Turner and
Hughe. Thi perlormance exhibit with great
ingenuity and accuracy the method, divitiuiii,
and leading principles of the English U, and
is well calculated to impress them on the mind
of Ihe student. I think too that Ihe insti ucli-d
lawyers wtlt find it a pleasant and utelul meant
ol rcfretliinj; hia reonllections of I work, which
moil ever fitild a high in hi! esteem, ami
with the analysis ol which he eaonot be too
familiar. ' U. F. IW 1'LEIt.
New Yorki Mtsy 11, ttSS, , .
From the Hon. li. Strange.
... Jlay. 1833,
Dni Sin: I hive teetl and examined With
much pleasure, your Tree ol Common Law. I
had heard much of it before I saw it, and what is
not very osual on such occasions, my expectations
had fallen far shoit ol the reality.
The ingenuity of the design is not surpassed
by its happy execution, and, as a North Carali
l.ian, I am proud of this beautiful effort f genius.
No admirer ol the Common Law (and who it
there having any kaowledge of it who doe not
admire itj can fail to avail himself ot the oppor
tunity you have furnished, ol contemplating il in
thi new and engaging form. '
Alone ol the prolesiion, I sincerely thank you
lor having Ihui beautified our ancient aud vener
able Itruuore, and am, very reipecllully,
. . "v.. . . Your ob't serv1,, , . ... ..
To ni AVTHoa.
From the Hon. II. Clay. .
Sin: I have been able only to give a slight ex
amination to the copy of the Tree ol Legal
Knowledge, with the opportunity of insiweimg
whieh you have favored mnr It eVn add little to
the high and satisfactory testimonials to it merit
which you have already received, for me to aay
that diaptaya iw lt.iif twbor,' and
that 1 thiuk it will be ot snalaraal anaiatanee lo the
diligent studeut. Wishing you great socceti,
Your ob't erv t,
The above rcaommendations from some of the
most distinguished Jurist ia Ihe United States,
have been (elected by the tuhteiiber from tbe
many Vn their poiseiiion,.ii sufficient to establish
the meritsof the "Tree of Legal Knowledge."
Order for tbi work, directed lo the' North
Carolina Book Store, Raleigh, or H. O. Turner,
ISO Broadway,- New Voik, will meet prompt
Price Map form eight Alia tlx dollars.
Raleigh, June 6. 1838 24 If
That so far a 1 am concerned, that the Co
partnership between Nathan Willey and myself
i dissolved; and that no eonli act hereatter made
by (aid Willey will be acknowledged by myself.
" Ian 6, 1838 - - 24 3t
A tiealleiuan of sober, moral habits, lo teach
Ihe various branches of an English Edneation,
to enmmenee about the first ol July next, in a
very healthy situation. For further particulars
apply to Ihe Post Matter, Cox' Store, Sampson
county, N. C.
June 5, 183S . 24 3w
Senate. Weaton R,Glc and John W. Har
ris, Commons.
Fan Jiuren Ticket. Samuel WhitakeV,
Senate. Nalbaniet G. Itand common."
Candidate! for Sheriffalty Mesara. P. R.
.liurt,' li. Asluort and Allen Uojjern, Jr.
, We are authorized to announce Maj E. P.
Miller, Edward J. Erwin, and William II. Car
eon, Esq. at candidate to represent the county
of Burke, in the Home of Commons iu our
next legislature. Rutherfarilton Gar.
We are authorized toannopuce Col. Burgees
8. Gaither, aa a candidate lo represent thesis,
frict cotnpoeed of the counties of Uurke and
Yancy, in the Senate of our next LegUdattue.
W are rejtieleJ to announce the Hon.
Wm. B. Shpard a a candidate to represent
the Senatorial district composed of the counti
of Pae,BoUnk and Teiquimons, in the next
Leoialalu re. Ph uix;
We are aulhorized-to announce "Albert G.
Proctor' aa a candidate to represent the County
of Pasquotank in the Commons al the next
Legislature. Ibid. - , ' ;
We are requested, to announce Geij. -J. N
McPherson aa a candidate to represent the
SenilorUl Distrii-t composed of the counties of
Camden and Cbrrftuck. Jbid. - - .
GroWte. John C. Ttylor, in the Senate,
and R. B. Gillintrj, JI, L. Robanla, and Henry
W. Jones, in Ihe Com room All Whig.
Eilijah Hester, V B for" commons
Carteret and Jenei.In this Senatorial Dis
trict Enoch Foy i the Whig randid.ate.
" r-no'o.M.l.Jonathan Be. T. LanT
Dr. Wm.a Lane. 8qate;? ice Rush, Je.
se W,lk ,nj peoj. Uawkiiisv Common. All
wbigTmt twoMessrs. T. Lane antl Hawkine.
Corrg.-Elih 8. BeU U th Whig can
did al for tbe Uouimorm; , ; -
f 07.-;rh-' Wlowipg Vatt'lluren ticket
for JJ.-J.egi.latvjT) b been nominated in Or,
uV vi Jtn. Joseph AllUon tor the Senate;
I I I I, aw Walt I 1 l - a '
I n . , - "ciwi
oi(S v uaa n, ijffl. lltarhaavl K.. I ' -I
i .7 .! wlUnger, and TJr. JoU(
Or, Julitu H
0.t.n. onv w Commons. , Whin TirkeL
1 V " heen "erotofur puIihed, Mr Wad-
.1 Ball, ajlnaftaj. 14am. tV a t . . .
C r, u, n uraoam, A J "vine.
vwuana "Utter Magum.vwmon.
t C'Aewon TtiB O H.n. r'.T.
a-j.T. nrwinni
' - Reaaway frcm ftie suUeriWr,
on the 4th Jannarv. 1 138, a arere
man named iFri, formerly
epmyf VWee A.4iUUTO opened term, rHi!-ai
deeeaaed. He is ao doabt m the
nritl.boihnod where tbe sard IUI
fotraerly lived. The above re
ward n TwrBiv-Bve dollar will
L.JUIIMrHi J will deliTer the mid
a nitlea writ
boy Alliea lome ai raj 7
ol Louiburg, or confine hjm in Louitbarg Jail
Uhat I frthin, again , . . .
rr-r I woiiki gie w ""' - - ,
bull hare ol had him a tofficieul length ol time
lo obtene or recollect any particular meika.
' , -v--- ' - M. hLKILiv.
Frankiin te .JJC. T1!
ThTcelebrated English Iiaet one
(Bred bv the Fail of KgremonO by W haie
bone, dam Themis by Smcerer, fpoix hasrd o
ihe Earl of Egremont lor the King rusna)
her dam llanu by (inhnnBa, Huui'.img Bird
(liiter to:iliariiia, tlolibrie and sonng Camilla
the dam id Mandviue ami Allegrni) by XV nod
peiker, Camilla bv Ticniham, Coquette ny ihe
Comptpn Haib; siiter lo llegulu by lb" Godol
phin Arabuii. "...
' Whalebone, the tire of Flexible, is brother te
Whilken Wnliil, and Web, by Vay dam
Penelope by Trumseter, Prjinella bv llmlillyer.
Promise by Sn:i., Spectator' dam by Partner.
In Flexible it thus united the best blood ol
Matcliem, llerod and Eclipse.
FLEXIBLE wnn nine racci when threr yean
aid (including rHp of 4 miles) nd ha beaten
Longwaint, lr. Faustus, Araclif, General Mi.
na, Signorina, Whilttngtnn, Oiweiiry, Luzbo
roiigh, Mazame, iia, Flexible stood in Eng
land at eleven sovereigt. (equal to S5 dollars.)
lie is lull- 15 bauds 3 indies high, un great
niuteuUr .weis;und lor nice proportions i e I
.. 1.. .... ...i t.... .rl
quailed hy' lew. lie is one oi me k 'bp
Whalebone, descended from the tw h si Ara
bians, without an unfashionable cross. Hi speed,
bottom, anil temper is equal to any horse ol his
day. He is now at hi slaules. The season will
commence the litis day of February, or fin lier,
il required. For ihe-psilhvular nf his running
ond that nf his colls ni-.Englaud, si hand kills;
alto his terms, wliieli thull be lihi-ml.
Wilton, Granville en N. C ?
January -I0,. 1838,
S tf
7?iy the Governor of Ao. Carolina.
Vhcre-, y a tt. pasxe d St Jlrn at sessi .n
of the General AsseUibly ol this idate, entitled
"an an act prescribing the mode of surveying
nd sellinis the Laud ol'lhil Slate, lately acquir
ed by treaty with the Cherokee Indian," It is
made the duly of the Gnvernwr, upon the re
turn ol the Maps and Field Book of said sur
vey, to the Several place a preaeribed by
taid ant, lo iisue hi. Proclamation ot the time
and place ot late, and whereat, Ihu said Maps
and Field Book have been rttui tied aceeor
dimrlv Now I. Edward B. Dudley. Governor of
North Carolina, in obedience lo said act of As
sembly, do hereby isne thi my Proclamation,
giving notice that the sale of said Wad will
commence at the Town of Franklin, in the
county ot Maeon, on the first Monday in Splein
ber next, and continue Irom day tow day tor
three weeka aud off longer, by and under the
Itiperbsterdimee aud dirrcttoe, of S. P.-; Patter
son and Charles L. Hthton, Esqrs., Commis
sioners appointed for that purpose, agreeable
0 the provisions pi the said act.
r2 IM testimony whereof, I, Edward
sEiL. B. Htidlry, Governor, tie,, have
caused lha Great Seal of the State
to beiterewnto affixedj andr-signed therearaiv
tlns 7th day ol May, in the year ol our Lurd,
. -1 . , 20 I7
. Star and. Stamlnnl, Rutherford Gazette,
Columbia Telescope, Southern (G. ) Rreovder,
Lynchburg V irgiiiMH, and Knoxvile Register,
ill each insert the bote, weekly, until day
of ale. '
The completion ot this Kail Road (from Pe
tersburg to Manchester, opposite in Richmond)
makes the chain ol UaiL liimil I through the Slate
nl Virginia continuous, with Ihe exception nf on
ly S mile!; and addi important advantage to the
Inland Route fur Northcru aud Suuthera travel
line. .
There are established on it two daily trains,
one of which i in connexion whh the North and
South mail line; aud a tri-weekly train connect
ing with Ihe "Ha'ilax, W ilmington ami Charlea
ten Kail Road, Stage and Steam Hutu Im."
Passengers from the South by the daily "Me
tropolitan Mailjine'' vill arrive in Richmond an
tl- evening niter that oh whiili they leave Ra
leigh; and having the night for real, are yet ena
bled,, by exMiiug arrangement; to proceed to
Haltimore on the succeeding day, and thence to
Philadelphia Ihe e tiigbl . in lime fur the
morning Ifoat to New Yoik: lime, lea tiiau 3
dart hum Raleigh to New Yolk.. .
Tbe route through Petersburg and Richmond
will be found aim to he one of the beit rtmies
Irom rtie South torhe, Virginia Springs. 1 he
passenger can arrive in Charlottesville, having
only, 44jnileSjtag .travelling alter reachiiig il.r
Nail Koads Ut. Virginia, it) 3 day from Chai let
Ion, and 2 itays-frooi Raleigh.
All possible arrangemeot are made on this
Rail Road for the comhirtablc and Sale transpor
latum of passenger.
Office of the H lehioemd anil Peters -
burg Rail Roast Cumpauy , 1- 21 2 in
May (6,1838. J
. On Wednesday, the fit it day ol August iscxJ,
will be told on the jo-i-nun ,, on a sji-eilu id one
anil two year, tlse in Ihe Town id Warren
tun, la'e the residence ot Kemp Ptummer,
(lec'iL, with the Land adj ,imnj, containing a
bout one hundred Acre.
The tmprovvMneiils f oiiiisf rafa large and eon
venient Dwelling House and Olflre, a KucIh-ii,
8inoke-Huue, Dairy, he of ihe Very heat kind,
good Stable and excellent Garden. T he hi..
improved l-ots and cleared Ijml are under
fence, and yield iieadily 40 or 60 barrel of
L At the same time and place, upon Ihe -ne
icrnia, win ue tniQ a Tract ol ViOD HM),
containing ISO Acres, within Jialfs mile, ami
".Y""' "'" ' "tri-.T "
, , . . . , m. vt .
H, L, "PLU.MMKtt i Kemp Plunrmet.
Warrenttm, May 9, U38. , v. 8T.
-JNIVEt Jl T 1.. -
The poblie Anniversary Examination of the
f r l'r nl North Carolina.
w.llbebeldatChapeLlUir ou .Monday, 1 8th
day of June next, jinrl he continued from "day lo
day, until 1 hurjdny 28lh. which a- uA
H8? Commeoeemca,
1 he following Trnifera e'ninn.. trarii
-mittee cf Vl.itatioS:- 4 1 -V ' '
Hi.ileiie, io,.E. B. DrM.v,,pre,1
f ff: "on- 4 L. Uwai, prudent of Col.
j roiter
;' K.-5uober
m.-Z i.t t. p.
-fB. Skint,er
,, j-. w cid - v - n v;ti;ns?
;'H, jVaddeH,
By orJer. ,,011 AS HAXi-Y. -
o.t.: S'J Uord Trastee.
rkamAtr,'.Xv. II. Ihftle
' J' lV Bryan; If 1$, Clarke,"
J. R. Donnelly -j; Gifcn,- ,
rAV.A. Graham; A. J.rW,er,
II O C C o
Tbe Subscriber asfovaas the l.iH.M,
I f,
4 visiters, oa the first wav ml A
Am-m.m it asa. s-
regard. Ihe beslihrsdaelTat TaIT.!!LlUt w
Sprmgs aa they has, lare. lrT "
mean of rrMonng to h, LK P J
valuable member of soclrt iXid'j
proynuww oww wrrwso irrqwrwllv , 7"
tletuen and Phyucan.i of f,rm tl..
The Raleigh and Can, Rail BJ..
intra milesol lise Sprwas, aed rk. I . -T
daily by the fourth of Julv arii mill" Z
connaoalation el visitera, the
larlv ran a hack troa the lrm
N. C. June J. ja u, .
P. s,
There will be a Ila4t aJ f" ,
Springs m the 6ih and 7ih of j
1. . ' " -wi
live ol the passage nl ikr Trww, ea aWlrJl
miles of I be Italrigh and (,awoa Itad a" '
State of orih ( aroltnu,
firrfir f'w,,'y.
In F.quinty, .Mart It IVra,
Petition In aril !,:,
Samuel Powell and oihri,, I'Uwtf,
farter aad wile Klnubch, IWw
In i his case, N ip;aig lo liar il i-ajn
Ihe Coin t that l atr mt .!. U
Heirs al Ijiw of Fr I'owv.l, t
cnunty, are not mid, rv ol ihn.iiat, , n jj
hire urdervd thai mblKsiin be ..( -lt:ileigh
Star, that th.y b. hd aptw Mwa,!
judge of our aaid Cmtit, to be kM tar a, 7
wiiiiitv al lha, I 'rsMe II.uim m. St. m'a
- ' - " -'wwsr. aaaw
swer or ileintir, or p nlrvta!tiha
euirred agamw ihem, md ihe i.uw a,4
te, ami a tale id ld d trrrd. ..
- And it is crdi-red ceiilin,
.1 u w L-1. 1
Teat b. h. AVEMU.
Windw-r, May 28, I8.1S
Joe!t E. .11. Hoblsr, "ilauaigee.
The piopi i, ton reljiertiM'l, smwn
Lridn s and f.ea'lirsiea nl l!, nj
th it they have uniicl ih. h- extensor Mswasw
nd Kquratriaa Ciicst'"pwv, in, ika Waam
and m oU'ernig them lis ihe pwl.lir .' r vtt.W,
are delrrmiwd in give such a twins al rau.
lainmriils a eaiiuni lad in irref il r pslskMa
ol all closes !' lhesmVHrVF Tof-riis
lliev nave gZ: a snnw l ibe t-wst i.l,
SViewrai.i r.tpies.i 'aivwi l.ya,w.slw fHrsavaa
ers, which, together with Ihisr 6a --C- nau-l
using Aiiimaia, win annt a lira aaal tart aaax
te the Naiiirsiti't and lover uf 't,-. tw-as am
liyinnastie txrieisv 'I he Ihimu saatia
arc both art angt d UMlrr a lar-e ssh! re. wunt.
vdioB. I l.e MeMsni -.. ,.MWJr
niu.te.i tfigtiher at Halngb 1 v,wn t.s
nnd l-Vsi'as, liih, dais nf JM tt
NIGH I S only. Aiwi rTsrt n VI rt.
cliijilren and serrani hall h ate. ,
tO" t he .Hi mail wut te tjkit'utj rariX,
ret I o 4 '. ..
Admittam c lo Ihe oauasa," W O e-wi,
Cnmmodlou arsis will Im rrretrd t-mnwau-dal
visiters. Ladies ssxl cfaddnra alsnasaaaw
Ihe preference. I bis ipl. adsal vhthiisM a.
quireiine eervira ol vn and fcrn
plete il oprratmn. 1 be M
publie patronage, would rrh.lll, aua. a
there will be nobig mtrcslwervJJa lis santWaw
anee luaiean nnrnsi inerarraj raw aseti Saahwct
but the whole will be oadttetcd wuk aV
most order and deeemnv
. QTj .v iMiliei mdmAtM unaenmpamt4 tj 1
a Gentlwmun, - ... .
A list ol lha Anlnmla l-U..d a. lis Mrts, j
E h E P II A NT PI Z A It It 0.
" The Afiican Lion.
'1 he - ft ican Lionels.
lloyal Ieiio;itl Tiijer.
ItnTHl Rental Tigrese. :
Female Camel and her yoanj.
-Cn-a..- 'al'-j .1". arTW r i
" Heal Black African OSTRICH,
Tlie Quaggy, from the Cape uf fii.twl
PAr nl Spotted Hye na.
PYir nf Strrped Hyenas.
The African Pelican.;
Asiatic I.ftijmrtl.
Sntitli American ('umlor.
- Vulture, from Cry I on.
Jackall, Mnnkrys". &r.
For. p;trtirnlar of " )erfraiirrs fS
the lai jre bills posted up at the lluirli
and Sturm. . .
ThfrV will be an Ftlnbilion d.tlie
aCarc peri me it ), of Ibf
ri.E AltTSt .
I The rlrlieit. most cl.e...l and ex emit -altar.
(ion ot Paintmgl er nfftrrrd, rewrrti aiiat t1"-
ing inouirtaina, roi,Hgralk at, bailies '
buildings, shipwieiks, a.. i
These laniii"g have been trlrclrd wok l
eaie and aiirniinu by a very di'.ir Ai
list, and i. itlier pains nm ,i sseise b' !
tparrd in proeliring works nf the . rrlar
ltd and interesting chain trr "I hey a dl lr
hibited al Raleigh on 1 hisruUy il.e lih,
Fridy..tli 1 3its day of June. AiIiwmm Jl
eeat.., ' "
Kniniivrejto ttiis iplrndid exhibition lr-a ik
hitide of the MriiKge, ie. '
-The alios e can he Seen al Jnsisli llinrii"'sa
Mnnday tliellth;.,i Sinithfirld on T urn's) "'
l'ilhi al John 1i'lis 0 W edisriday lb
das bl J,pne, lor nne day only at each plaa'.
June 5, tX. 4 . . lite
. . : " ..'., .j
?""". --r'.S T II A
aWss -entered on the Stray Bock af Vt'alS
eounsy on the Sih day ol .May' hy Wns lias,
i - , . . - i A i -i-i.
'ao si.ea avoni is nuir -v. sr. pv ,tiea;a. - f.
year tsld, with black mane and tail; "!. t
Stray is lued at .my dollan, and takva
Ilirlha SIS h ilsIj
. Givea aader mVhm ihi .Wb day ol May,
T BIANKa fo r al! ,.b,ere. Cl j
'", "7 w, iej. ' - j; ia
' ' ! ,
, . - ;
av ",-'." - i "W
v . H
. fx
s .-S
I . .V
V-r A -i -
1. .' v - , I jl ' ar.
- "r

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