North Carolina Newspapers

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Tiion as jr. ix,nv,
Be?? jr rc.ii,"ihr , ff ar b m
- .lf M advaasts.
ffersoa resting vithMlt te Stst ill In
raqatvsMl la oaf ts aaseunt ol tea year's
Mwrnilio is advance.
tor every square (am exceeding ISIiaes tkia
it type) trst laiertkm, m dollar; rack Mta-tw-a(
insertion, I went; -five cent.
fp I'd, a.lrriiwnicnli of Ulerks and Sheriff!
ill be Wrrrd Si per aenl. higheri and a de
ditalHMi f J3J per sent Will be nmlf Ironi h
rXilr price lur sdvsrtiaers bf the year.
Letter la ihe Editor mint Ve pesi-psid.
il m .. . .1. ...A J
tf a. snlTHSV.
' Hoar Jo the wster down it Lodors?
- Hera il cwm sparkling,
'And there H looks darkling!
Here aatoktii J and frutliinjf,
1u tumult and wrathiug.
It hastens slung eonAictin,; strong; -Now
striking and raging,
Aa if a far waging.
It caverns' and roc ks tiong.
. Rising and le-iping,
" And sharking and rocking.
An J Martin? and parting, t
- Ab1 atureadiag and (treading,
AnJ whining and hitting.
And dripping and skipping,
And whitening ami briirhlning.
And quivering nd shivering
And billing sud rphlluig.
And sliiuiug and 11111114, .
And rattling and battling.
And sticking and uuaking.
And pouring to I roaring.
And waving and raving.
Arid tiMii and rriiij.
And fliiig ami growing,
.- 1 running and stunning,
Ani hfVryrng and !mrrying,
A:i.t glit eriiig and fliurrlnj.
And gathi-ring aiai Ifaihrring,
And diitning and imnliig,
And fiiamiog and ruainiug,
AnJ dropping and hopping.
Ami working Ind jerking.
And gujftling tnd struggling.
And heaving snd clcatng.
And thundering and floundering;
AnJ falling and bawling and sprawling,
And driving and ruing and striving,
And sprinkling and twinkling and wrinkling,
And sounding and bounding snd rounding, j
A nJ bubbling and troubling, and doubbling,
AnJ dividing and gliding ami sliding,
AnJ grasaMing and fumbling and tumbling
And clattering and Uttering and abatleriiigi '
AnJ learning, aoJ streaming and steaming and
And rathing A Hubing& bruihrngand gushing
AnJ dapping Ac rapping A dapping & slappVj
And curling Jr. whirling St purling tnd twirling
And retreating b meeting tc healing dt shert'g
And delaying dt straying dt playing & spray g
Advancing, Jc prancing dt glancing and lsncg
fteeoiling. turmoiling and toiling and boiling,
And thumping and Dumping and bumping snd
And daebinaj it BasLini
And so never ending, til
Hounds nod motions lorev
Ata a once n su o rr, wu . , (
And this is tha wsr th water comes down it
. 11 . J .
J. odors.
Prom the New Jlsrapsaira Courier.
Tie Jctfrt Lullaby. One of the speak
ers, on the evening of the lata Bslliinora
election, refrrreJ to a beautilul custom of the
Hwiss who live upon the lowering Als.
When the laat gliiUning ryof Uie sun's gold
en beams are fingering upon the highost peaks,
sre so beautifully reflpclo l by the glaciers, the
peasant below, upon, the side nt the un,trp
out of his cotuge and sings, Good night!" to
his neighbor, who ssys, "Good liigUl!"' to the
ueit; and when the highest peak is closing its
gil ling, tha cheerful -OooJ nigbl!'' hs re
aoundeJ to the owet cottage upon the other
aide. AnJ ao the American yeomartry have
bade KJood night!" to licofoeo rulers; tlie song
began in Maine New Hampshire heard it
Rhode Islaud, Connecticut, nd New York
echoed it Baltimore has now given her res
ponse and it was hoped to hear it re-echoed
from Virginia and that a long, hearty (Jood
., jwirhtn.fron MiasissippJwmuld sing the lul!i
by of lueofocoism for aver.
k ' The echo hs resounded front Virginia and
Miaeiesipi in vaice of sevenfold thauder.
Good nitht to "the parfT' gnoi night!
To Tom, Dick and Hafry adiru!
To Teas TJenton, Die Johnson. I wriu,
AnJ jrry surasm'd Hubbard, loo.
Your gnrne k all p nrr dispute
To the iieroiitsge Andrew has fled
And Martin will soon follow suit, .
As pUngd "in bis footsieps" to tread.
-Good night" to (he party! good night!
Mimuippi has "gone by the b.srd"
Her Walktr and Tnttrr Hke flight,
As euro uifia's spoken tha IforJ.
Hit "Prentice hsn" she ha just tried anew,
And turn'd either wirk most complfltc;
She has sent back her good men and true.
Who were s"iy froaaCoogressional scat
Th song was br-gun in thn Maine
,0r her Part the Ae bugle" waa
Tha Whigs of New Hsmsliiro re-echoed the
strain v '
And will soon claim the aong as their own.
Over Hitli and tsi'," IU glad music wUI
Till its notes rend in triumph tht air
And tha "dead martk in Saul' it low notes
wilt reveal.
In the fan of dismay and despair.
"Old Vjrgin'a near tiros" in the Tsse,
Under guide of bar Wise men and I roe
die semper tyrannta," dor motto, ha place,
AnJ ita light aha wilt ever pursue, '
The key-note hs Baltimore struck,
1 Uf victory full and eiilire
. la the lough of despond'
Xsc Fee i
As deep in the maJ as the mire-.
RhwU Island her Dntte diachsrg'd.
Has jnin'd tha lood thorua of Joj; $ .
CeHnecti.'-ut too. from her bonjuge enlarfM,
Unite in (ha honor'd mptiy.
New Yrk swells the triumphal sound. .
Ai4 viU tb death-dirgo o( tha clan
K Marep for them will hereafter t4
r- ouml .
Into rear will U turn' J a3 their fan.
o. p. q.
iWlltl 1
rV Jb
1 " '
- T
Proea the Georsia Mrassngnr. f
, I PROM ISK TO PAY. w - .
Here w -ik'tn present ear honest
ul3 Tiiend Uuclt fcgm, l'romitiog t
rayt.oiiFat m ditipidated, crv
worn and begai j 'ttHiilitiuB 11 DBt
few year irtcr we til remember kim
aa i.Uinp, mdjj, bo3d, well dretaetl
gentleman, atliw coald look everjbodj
in (he rve, that be met HtDovaeeuit
very like poor taaiv, whose crat ha I
dune a three "fart aery ice botW winter
and tammet likt a maa oferiuaded
with debt, it pery alep eipecting to
meet tuiae on wh hat a iaa i hit
mouth; and feadj t dodge- maod a
eorner, er into wine aarruw a41ej to
au d audi heart-rending eacoaotert.
We all remember - that - bat a few
rear since he had all lii pocketi
crowded with ood aperte' paving;
bank notvt and gtdd ana til vet more
than he knew what totlo with and by
the advice tf aunie hia wiie eounel
lrs, he came to the concUsiun to die-
tribute it out . to hit large famil yf
cuiitfre ; a kini (,i lezaey ta advance.
"aUi.'W i neighbor and friends
a IV "SkeJwtd, tlitiueht a very ex
traflrtiw. is ami util
Ueard-nf thins in the
family annals of the unniverse Every,
nee eiclaimrd, he is to rich!! and we
all in de'jt! he must be a most care
ful, prudent man, and rcnnnmical
uianafr uf his huus-hold concerns.
-Jtihn Bull wiped his spectacles and
looked at him in reat dc li"lit, ani fell
proud of such a child till he accidenteM
ly touched of his own empty pocket
ana then he lei c much like a man with
premonitory symptoms of tholic and
wihel he waa the son instead ot the
father liiJjoy was so prosperous!
Capt. .Frogmore also looked on the
matter as a frreat wonder) but rather
uneasily as be owed Uncle'Sam a debt
lor depredation that some unruly mem
bers of his family had committed about
his ft ah pond, a few years before. And
Uncle Sam had looked impudent at him
ami shook his fist in his face, and told
him to pay un immediately in cold and
silver -TTr he would upset his oyster-
boats and thrash him into the baigain.
The Captain paid up with a bad grace,
and putnbletl to himself, that tliii
Uncle Sam waa a terrible fellow and
tlvat he -would never get into his
cloicbei again. All this looks might
ly well said Unci Sain, and I am a
made, mjui fur the balance of my days.
But verv soon a tlmite came over
Via. nftVns in rm.l.l PTnrllv
i., J, 1 . , 1 ,t ,1 . 1 I
liliU'wanmR 11 ill Ins rlnlilriin Imrlil tiln
liberally unl sot in debt too much to
his neighbors particularly to t'ie John
Bull family liif their credit was Very
good 'most every where, seeing the old
gentleman was so prosperous! But a
great many said that it was more owing
to liia having unwisely made a testy
old lady, cbief overseer of all his plan
tations. She had grown up astonish
ingly in hisiificctiona principally owing
to her having perfortni-d some opera
lions in blood-letting a few years ago,
about New Orleans, and was very much
given to experiments; and had so cap
tivated the people about Ids Boston
Plantation, that they made her Doctor.
This new title so pleased her fancy,
that she wt.nted to doctor every body
She soon declared Uncle Sam unsound
irr body and mind that he had been
making mistakes all his life, and the
would 'take the responsibility" of set
ting him right that she would retrench
and reform hi family expenditures
that hii clerks should work all day at
half priee that the would kick out all
his faithful old stewards and overseers
and put men there that would live on
two-prnce worth of water-gruel an:l
Hominy per day tiht would leave
them without time or propensity to
ste;il. Site declared that his stomach
was fnul and that there waa a "mon
ster" in it that was devouring him
and set about killing the monster,"
cleansing his stomach, and tinkering
up his constitution.- Instead of a few
mild doses of Peters' Pills and Seidlitz
Powders, she overwhelmed him- with
i " 'i and .Steam, blisters and cata-
pmsniaf and reduced his system
blood-letting. She placed all his sold
and ti vcr out to keep among all sorts
of scamps, vagabonds and pickpockets,
and declared it to be a wonderful ex
periment. During this time mane difficulties
grew up in hi family once she turr.
ed all crtnks out of doors, because
they looked saspitiously at one offfcie
female scullions, and at other times be
cause I hey could not think just as he
did. The Mack Hawks caught his
chickens, and the Bears broke into hU
Florida Sugar plantation and run off his
workmen, and have baffled his hunters
ever since; .and put him to a great deal
of eipenseftr ammunition and scare'
crows - and his best old hunters have
returned in disgust and despair.
They also broke into his Creek
Plantation and killed his stock and eat
his toft corn. But ha showed hia
soldiership and hia wit thie time, for
he sent such Sly hunters there that
they could not' find a place to hide
themselves, except those who walked
over t his Florida plantation. But
every thing he did cost . a power of
money, and before his neighbors sus
pected it his cash was all out, and he
waa found borrowing a sevenpenca to
buy tobacco and a new pipe. They
nACnroiC x"x c. iedijesday, june 27, ic3o.
ay that hie ar oreraeert nate paid
tbemselvejr.most liberally, and put his
mooer U their-pockets and 4 their
friends pocketi, and loaned it oat for
electioneering, and titling monatersj
and the old lady's friends who held his;
money have laughed at him when he
asked for it-end turned him off with
ahin-plantiera where she had deposited
gold and at! ver,' and sometimes with
nothing at nil j so that when he wanted
a little money ta carry on his affairs he
had to go witboot, or borrow it. The
last we saw of the old gentleman, he'I want to'see my;
friend Col. Benton 1 want to ask him
if a torrent at gold is flowing op the
Mississippi? want to ask the old
lady if thU treat country is prosper
onsitftd happj? s ' v
The'old lady ha now retired from
practice, and left in fcrrtv place a chub
by pets much, ftf; tb' pearance and
distensions of an early Dotch Cabbage,
whom ahe nursed op for the" purpose.
lie sued to follow her as a kin'd1 of
comnahiofi .to her shadow, a! waft tread-
toa efy.rr M' fotnltttisTfltf stlTrfence ondrr which it labors tnav be ti-
persist in it, except tltai ne sometimes
gts kicked out of them by some nn
toyal representatives of the people.
The old gentleman's affairs have im
proved very little since, and we still
a . . -. . ... 1
.find him with Ins hat in his hand, in
his old coat, with a dejected counte
nance, soUctinjv Irom the people "tem
porary expedients."
Here is the last that has come be
fore us:
"A communication of the Acting Quartermaster, showing the pressing want of the
appropriation for th suppression of ludisn
Jlomc f fie fir e tentative!, May 19, 1838.
AkTsaN astis (iii'it'i Orrica.
IVatlungtttn, Jtpril 25, 1838.
81 a: I should not discbarge my dnty if I did
not sgain represent tu you the extreme embsr
rasament to which tire public service is exposed
for want of funds to meet Ilia expenditures
growing out of our military operations.
I have not been able lo make a single remit
tance of sny consequence, for tha suppression
of Indian hostilities, for the lint ten werki,
lliounh tlis expenditures through this Depart
ment, have heretofore averaged full three thou
sand dollars a month. As they are for the
most pari, of such u character that ihey cannot
be postponed without stopping the service alto
gether, I was compelled lo resort ta drsfta aa a
temporary expedient, and these era now lying
over here to a targe amount, awaiting tha action
of Conjrcss on tb estimates submitted several
months sgo.
In sddition to tha cslt resulting from the
"trsti.ins in Florida, tlie army of seven thou
sand men just ordered to assemble in the Chero
I kee country, calls for extensive preparations;
and although I am daiK iivinij instruction lo
lhcaaai4giata orucrrs, involving hsvy cxtien-
dSe J-yVf' ssaans uf ataliiaf any re-
miltsriCTTT meet there.
I have the honor to be sir, very respectfully,
yeur obedient servant,
' Acting Quartermiulrr General.
The Honorable the HirsiTisr or Wis,
The l forl Khul of a Scrape. The
following is copied from the New York
Star of Saturday after-noon:
-'.? Tall Man Caught in a TaW
Scrape. A personage of rather tall di
mentions, with a alihr" stmrp in the
shoulders, and of a toilhi ir. which
was characterized by a som-what for
eign phisiognotiiy approaching to the
John Hull oi der while lotui"'uii; orTthe
sunny side of Broadway one lay last
week, becitme so excited by the hot
rays of Phoebus, andghe beauty of the
Venuses that were perambulating the
pavk, and especially by one damsel,
that he put on h:s locomotive tacks and
set inrwani in mu cnase ot the 'lair
ladye.' 'Milord Anglais',, was soon
discerned by the keen-eyed daughter
of America, who did not know that our
great promenade was 'forbidden ground',
to mode? Masses, who have been in the
constant habit from lime immemorial
of sauntering there in perfect non
chalance ami unescorted. Not dream
ing (hat the influx of foreign scum into
our cities makes that great avenue al
most as common as the Horse Market
of Paris, the Sheep Pegs of London, oi
the Circassian Bazaar of Constantino
ple. She did not' consider that lor-
: eigners, ignorant of our unsophisticated
American habits, could not imagine
that an unattended lady might be re-
spectable, for they had taken Paris as
their meridian. "To them is left to
I . I .. . r 4 1. . 1. . . I
learn a icasun ui American spuun; mat
can correct imported insolence. The
lady being unremittingly pursued for a
long distance, at length became fa
tigued, and fled to one of those moving
asylums for the wretched, called
Omnibuses. AIT, bowever, to no pur
pose. In pops my gf.ntlemax also;
after a short lapse out jumps the lady
and follows close her pursuer dogs
her through divers streets, snd finally
she flies in despair to her husband's
counting room. The animal mad with
fanaticism, rushes in. The husband
now appears in the drama, and though
a short man, was full of spirit and well
knit in his frame, and ready to do the
thing needful. He accordingly ' vert
leisurely fastens to the door, and tells
the intruder to prepare for punishment.
Fisticuffs are resorted to; the tall man
was levelled to the floor. A good cow
hide is now provided, snd with the men
in the establishment to asist, the offend
ing person received on his back a tre
mendous castigation, such ss will last
him to the 'atest hour of his life. On
bis knees ke prayed for forgiveness,
offered bribes &c, all to no purpose.
Cat thwack! lash! crack! went the
cowhide, roard 4oud, lcmg;a"mHleep
Milord Anglais,' In rnshetT'the neigh
bore the injured husband explained.
Put itbrr then!1 cried the universal
voice, and 'spare not.' At last, drops
of blood start through the while pants
hun.anity interposes, a rut he poor
devil i sent a drift. lleha.$ we learn,
embarked for borne, and 'proposes to
writ down Americans 'the most wul
rarest of wulgar countries vot can be
found in the vide voi Id.' "
; i REPORT -
rOihe Committee on Commerce.
,Tiie committee to whom it w re
ferred by tlie Convention, to inquire
into and report, whether the merchants
of Virginia can import good from for
eign countries. 011 us good terms as the
merchants of any of our sjsd-r States;
and secondly, how the foreign lmle of
Vifjjiuia isaifecttd bv thewantofcapi-
tilLjtaw who Kwwrfr lssoiweiiKi
miflift - auliikiil f Ufr fiittiiwino- rnort : ,
.p. -i .....;...!
xnat uie tiiiieaiiowtu iue loiiiiiiiiii-i-.
for the consideration of a subject's
, ... , ,: ... .1,-
foreign commerce of thtate, has bee,, ,
perform its duty in a manner satisfac-
. . - ..... 1
ory to itell. 1 here was not time lor,
...;..:... ,.i.:..t. i..,t LI1.i. '
(aaifj iiiiiuiiatrs Wilis Iff tu Buvn
an investigation.. I he causes that
have operated unfavorably to S..u(Iktii
Commerce, a.Hl denied tott the relet-i
1 live importance which was to have been
Pvm.ri..,i fr... .,i . i
-rkwvs-ia n"i iiiv cutriun a- Mini j . i I I
bundant elemeits of foreign trade of!-barr "L V,e "1",ral1nJ ch?V
the South, could not be eiplored in a ', .m,!Je1of. that exchange, why
few hours of hu.-ried exultation I ' ,l ,hat al Sreitt P'7 .;."
The question especially ad.lressed to' Pe,,P'e rc!y P ol.hers forprodor ion
the committee, and wlikh it has been a t1.-y could procure better by them
under the necessity of confininir its at-' fe,ves? , ,r, nswer ,lui lu,,.,' fu'
tention, has respect to the s-apacitv of ! w'uld. the committee into an
Virginia to maintain a foreisli import "'vcstfgation, which they haveJiot time
trade. And if it shall appear not only t0 Pu,"uo- 't the most
that we can maintain Mich a tr.le, hut! prominent causes that may beasMtsed,
are pos-essed of advantages whit h rhe, "P"1!1 icqu. red by the import
w old enable us to enter into success-1 UiVr bemg grcaily more than the
ful ctmipetition for tit the intiniry, how caP,, l necessary fur the export trade J
we may recover that trade, is the onel'" he 'iistanred as not the lat in
immetllateJr acting th interests atfd,fl"tfnl' fhe "P"rt, . 'erc,,t
business of the Sat ! through the system of advances that
The question propounded id the re i universally prevails, has a large pro-
solution, namely, whether the mer-'
chants of Virginia can imnort from for-i
riirn rnnnfriea ..n orm. !, !
merchants of any of our sister States.1
tnavbe answered coofidetrtly in the
am'rmative. They can so import. The
O .... v ... .
markets of foreign countries, and thelT"
ajonee p;. which foreign trafllc-tAy
lortneil, are as lveelypenel to yh
capital and enterprise as to any othei
From no part of our country ran the
operation of purchasing
abroad, and of
rf..rmed. with
Drmginz home, De pe
more despatch or at cheaper rates.-
This beiug conceded, as from the obvi
ous nature of the proposition it urSNt
be, the questiou arises whether it is the
interest and policy of the State to fos
ter and encourage a direct foreign im
port tra'de.
Pursuinz this inquiry, it i. in the
first place, to be remat ked that Virginia
has a large export tra Je, large when
compared with the aggregate export of
all the States. Her exports for three
year ending with December, 183r,
averaged 35,265,461. This, ol course,
gave her that amount of foreign rapi
tal, ready to be employed in whatso
ever mode that was profitable. Vet,
whilst she had it in her power, through
the medium of her exports, to obtain
,tiirtv ami at a oil.iro.l rnst !.
foreign productions d
emandrd by her
se of trade hither-
consumption, the course
to hasbcen to-b.ain those productions '
in northern .cities, thereby
them through a circuitous channel anil
at an enhanced cost. The average
import for the period just referred to,
has been less tltsn one seventh of her
exports; and assuming that the differ
ence between those two amounts has
been expended in procuring at the
north thuse foreign supplies, which her
exports would have enabled her to pro
cure directly from abroad, and assuming
further that the augmented cost of the
former operation is equal tu fifteen per
centum, and we detect an annual loss
.1 n.AA wtrt I .
of about R700.000 incurred by -the
State from her neglect if the" import
trade. Hut that sum is far below the
actual annual loss for fifteen per cent
um is an under estimate of the addi
tion to. the
the foreign
supplies coming through (he indirect
channel referred to, and the sum assum
ed to be inveited in those supplies, is
below the actual amount. The loss to
the consumer of foreign supplies, so
obtained, is equal at least to fifteen per
cent, upon the amount of his purchases.
Now if any thing be needed to rouse
the citizens of our State from the su
pineness which could overlook so enor
mous a tax upon its industry snd re
sources, or reconcile them to it, it
would seem to be the consideration
that it is with their own sterling money
the importation is made, which they
submit to receive at second hand at an
ruinous a sacrifice. Again the tonnaee
which is employed - in carrying on the
evnnrl -C .k-. Cj.- i Mr-
"ire h.?Xua tVthl mlw
f .11 th ! i- T J3
ol all the lureign suDDUes demanded
by our nhele consumption. Sat,
throat the neglect of the import trad?, ,-the trsnsacfion of wy important , fem
the important advantage, resulting;, poral business, of whicit but little
from the employinenrHhat tnTina;epTit befoi
have been lost to the State, and "appro- harmony and unity . of feeling- which
priated bt those who have had the a.- characterised all its deliberations, for
eacityjtnd enterprise to enlist it Jn
their service. The amount of which
loss is not to be estimated simply by
the sacrifice of the benefits which would
accrue to u, from the employment
therein of. domestic capital and labor.
but by the sacrifice in addition ot the
assooiated trades and" occupations that!
1 J il
always attend upon the succcsslat
tr.rseCutionofatiy one important branch
uf business..
Ftnallyrior your committee must be
content to suggest some of the prohvi-ttbe
nent, rather than attempt vto develop
the numerous reasons which oomtneml'tionr, ana atiuiuons to me nniiuuii
the import trade to the fetor and pa-iHt, ha bee.t .uuusually large this
tronnn-e of our State, an .iher. and not year. '. There are 5 Candidates for
the U-aii consideration why a vigorous
and persfiveritig effort !iuuld be ina'le
to serure it. i that it will have the ef-
r.,i ..( .... il Vi.i.i I'l-mn
ivvi 1 icvuici 1 1 1 v, uiw.v . w - -. - -ya
wsws naa txnssns h is iniiitjif-
viciSHiiniies wu-out an cn jiiv.
ivation id their nrosneritv.
v. ,r . . , .
T I ' P 'i .J .? ,1 ;
the I'auses of the disparity between the
i""(u"t and impart c,n-
nicrie, may iiiii "Uggrsi uh-hwucs
t lid :ii rer ireneiallv. Ihelormr tf
l general y. i no ...... v-
Imr l!ir!r.i (Ta lu li.iv.ft ftpptl in V II ! I II 'r
' "'r ' . , ,
all the tacilities wliicu ate netleil lur
, . , i r
making abroad; the to.n.age
w,"c,h C1'rne,l ',Ut "'T S,'a!)1''? bl'!,1!?1H,
"J ,0.,)e "P'o.V'-l m btrngm- .,. the
P'r.on tor wiikii ti is to ue ex
changed; - and the simple npeMtin ol
Por,mn ul ,l,e taP,ul employe.l in his
pMrchasea restored to
rOUgll the IHClllUtn Of
sterling bill
. ,T
wll,ch ,,e ' Pf.r.",,,t.r.1 ,0 ,r. ul"" 1
c:",,,Snee; I he like rapidity of pt
ch-eturn is n-.t enjoyed by t
lie is ciDOMfd to
if of jjjejtirtj a
k(4vt lima. 1 1 l
that the amount of
for the successful
Pcurn of the la ter description bt:(Je
c"n""erc KrM ? ,1,e ")!! f 1 1 surpme, at,
which will suffice lor the dinner. Ihisi.. ',
consideration, in a great degree, ac
counts for the comparative languishing
condition of the import trade, and tlx
reluctance of our niircl.ants to engage
in it. The capital uf few, compara
tively, is adequate to its burthen; and
the exigency resulting therefrom ha not
hitherto been met and provided for by
the granting of those banking facilities,
which a timely and earnest appeal to
ou Legislature would doubtless have
obtained. And this brings the com
mittee to the con ide rat ion ot tlie
second resolution.
It is the opinion of your committee
at an increase of banking facilities.
7 lnal 11,8 ,mPa
the! ,,ow seck n
eral d Spirited 6U
so that the
important interest which
. ....
recominem oeeti.iTi - """"v ""
ppnrt, would tcadi-j
. "cco,n'
11 ,?n?-," neVli
modation of which',
. . .- n i r
BrininiiaiilAil laffsa.
e wa4' nt disanoointeJ. II
' -pi"i.-y -c ".'
i j mmui. inuusiry so ausuiciuus to pi ivaie
ami state wealth, comlort. ana mile-
pendence.-and accompanied also by " " n,e fc,,ul " eJ'e ,or red his
a judicious system of internal improve'- head, he ceased to see the figure by
ments, so that every section of our vx- "1,,'T's"'g h' hand he could hide
tended territb.y may be 'nrt,,f 11 "!d ' " V? ,ike ' '
and their rich resources devi lnped, ..b-tane. by the rays
would secure to our State an extent of wl fire which fell upon, and wera
foreign commerce that would be the r!,,'"c,eJ 7'in As the fire declhied
source of untold benefits to all cl.-.ssesi'1 Pec,m.Jr,!4TfcfPt,b.,v. "
or our people, and of powci andjps-'ent wl,, Wt. A similar appear
sideration to nur commonwealth. --sf1''' I PUc ? several other
Th. resolution of the committee as !,n.("' V1. perceptible,
amended in the convention, was as fol- ,.n'1'" ,,IU lf,sr rI"N the pa
jowg. , jticnt recoverel from the fever.
ne'totvetl. That . virrornu. and ner.ev.ring 1 "? ,hfl in,P- "
ejTo, build up and. iialnalaif "inu were alwaya pleasing, as the
and Increasing: foreign import trade that a P'e tr ' ""Ked t hltll With catinneea
committee of merchants tie appointed, to sit af- Rn'l -regard. I lc never supposed it
ter th adjournment of the convention, to pre- real but WSS U liable to account for it
par ss .IdreM to our fellow citien.. uufohhn, on any philnsophical piincile within
the importance of such a trade and lha reaJy i.:. i'L-.i1 ptHH.ipto wit.nin
capacity otVMrda to obtain ttratmgth. ,'.K"W'C,,S ...
aupport tho trad, will derive from an increase 1,1 ,,,rf u ,umn of , 85, A-'a health
of banking facilities under such restriction
was perfectly restored, and he hsd
nd mollifications aa th wisdom of tha Legi. been free Irom any waking vision nesr
latere may devUe. snd from . addition to th. It 18 months. Some circumslan
bank ng capital. U th addition authoriied by ces occurred which n,l.,.H
exi.unj shall be found, after a sufficient w,,,cn prJued - in liim
trial, ufh. ailequat. to u..ia ad .uprTl ,h. P1 aitl ,C,'r 0t; 0n' .rn
various interests of tha commonwealth; and ,n3 ,,e ''reamed of the- .figure, Wlklt ll
ataung the aid the trad will derive frein a ju- atood by hia side in an angry posture,
diciou system of intereal improsamaotai and and asked for a locket Which be Ml
a wl,or"b,M"Pyr.joudto uallywose. . He awoke,' and saw it at
-CtetselL S h,nd'
producwMdmerchandkwtetorH He rU,he'1 9Ut( 0d t B,tt!y
... ' , i r- . disappeard During the next lit
Apucopal ConeBuwi.-.The Cot-' weeka its visits were incessant, and
v-entionof the Protestant Episcopal the sensations which they- produced
Church m thi St.v'i' .ti. i r. :. i :ui . nr .
- "- ii.u wci , il
Ur',&n, W"Uj ' -d
e,Md on Mn7 morning or the pre-
amt . r.L :V
..... ..svk, ullc v, lne moai inter-
eating ever held in the State, not for
rrnT. Tnrrsr
the faithful preaching ol the uospei.
and for the unsurpassed hopitality of
the citizens of that town and vicin
ity. . "
Tlie attendance of Delegates, though
nearly as lull as usual, would have .
Iwn n-epnter but for thu heavr-rain
I . ..." 1, as . a
which occureU in tne eariy pari t tne
I A . x sL ... .
wejn, aiii wm, uiat nC
Clergymen, including the Bishop, and
tj 3 Lady Delegates present. There
are, in alU 24 Clergymen attached to
Dioecse. and it appears from , the
Parochial Reports that the Confirma-
t&lv .Orders.
The prujjiiect
4he Episcopal
Scljoukare now decidedly .encowag
."Vrv It is believed to have passed- its-.
rrtlt ot, . tirpresMuiie "u v r-
"tlie neat t rrm witn aucn . -
asioit to the number of its Stu
dents as wtU ciitible it to do more, than
merely sustain itself. This theering
prospect is the result of a proper Sppre
cia;i"ii of tlie cllicietrt services of -the
present Revet end Hector.
The following elections were
StuHiling Committer- The Ret. Mer.
Orren, Frt-emau ami Wiluy; and Msrs. J.
Del). Hooper ariJ Cliarle Manly.
Dtlrgatet to the lieneral Ctnventivnr
fhe Rev. Messrs. Freeman, Drane", Johnston
anJ Sineehsrr; ami Mt-ssrsJohn W. Wright,
U. I.. Window, Josisli Vullins, Jr , and Dr. A,
i. Dsltossi t, Jr. . '
.Miiiiomu y Committee Th Rev. Messrs.
Button and Freeman; end Mer. Charle T.
Haigh, Jtrfm U'. Wright and Edward L.
Tnatee tf Hie General Thethgical.Semh
Nfjry. The Kev. Messrs. Cireen, Freeman, and
Buxton; and Messrs. Puncan Cameron, and
Josijb Collins, Jr.
The next Convention will be held
at Wilmington, on the third Wednes
day oi May. 1839. Fut. LV$.
-rThe following -very distinct and in-"
tcresting narrative was read to the
London Fhrcno'ogical Society, aid
communicated for insertion in tha
Pin etiological Journal by its learned
autjior. a member of th English ban
"In December, 183$, A, was con
fined to his bed by inflammation on the
chest, and was supposed by his medi
cal attendant tu Agifc considerable -
danger. One jr bl to
' i
mediately i
young I aly
d perh.ipse a little alarmi
his necund, that was he suffering from
delirium. With this impression " he
put his head under the bed clothes,
and after trying in vain. to sleep, as a
test of lite soundness of his mind he
went through a lung and complicated
process ol metaphysical reasoning.
He then peeped out, and saw tlie figure,
in theme situation and position. Hs
had a fire, but would not allow a can-,
die or nurse in tlte- room. A stick Was'
kept by his ai.le, tn knock for the burse
when he required her attendance.
eiiii too weak trv move his boilv. ha
en.-'v' f? ""i1 h! W,t'1 the
i""ck' ,but 'a ."''J1 be,t,K Pt
. ' . . . - i . i w :
u,e '"'"J
ianrtP'iiM anil u'i nrxr viuit1aTs fliuf
'n aay ne inougnt oi little
a .I "1 jI a k a..a
witlitiut alarm, and with (,n.i ntpni.
t . I lvlin
took th m ,,IM as lLr. -ml ...
. ... "... . 7
.'-'." u..uus.
wris inf ai isuij im i iui', come Tearo
before he had attended the. dissection
ol a woman in a state of rapid decom-
:.-. .L ... L
pusiiioiij tnougn mucn oisgusiea at the
timey the subject had been long brgot-
Will. fcTf IWO
I?V??r,?-Tn2 waa

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