North Carolina Newspapers

    :2 oam
VOL: 2212
NO- 31
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kfl mmm kata( (U aij4 irr -tat, ara . taa- Tby sUatU-raJ bark by atoriug i. drifen
Uaa. av swum( Mr , to wwm as) to TaiU a a braeo. liglu to Utm '
H-haaara mm mmmmmmmt aia mm aa to A rwJing alar, by menxw .'i,,n.
aarairi Ift to b Va. k; k aa. Km ' aUann IbougUu to HetTan.
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At I ! J mi(i mt. my BKHhar!
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Ami aataa it wtib air burumf urm,
Tfca aW.t,tg besn't Bfwt iirariutw rain,
fa. itmX aad it. a alu! thaoght
My cap at aulbtaa s'afiaughl;
.N. Swic. to cbver, wbea aorraw' oowar
AaMilaJ at in bar itarkaat knurr
X Bp ta antiU, wUan bpa waa hriirhl:
NaajatoitaJ mm with iu ftVjU
to lift ay U,auehia aUa,
fc Joe srimrio li wrra forced 10 atart;
e! aa mollier'a oet
Yt that bae known, in lib'.
. l'ur from ahova;
aa me a ienpiuou aea.
"f ",r'J'"', An Irishman,
. !T tonnemara, seclnir on
Uui Arm i't .(.. . f I . . . . 0
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f viiirp .n uilfj leni, went in
td asked the pawnbroker to lond him a aovB.
clr;'f,,rmo,,ej witl,ou,,
'T , 1" "J?? cf vaatly diap.
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yoa laana by wr op Mods
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-4 a aa..4, twatr pM.ple the mutt kind
: " " hmmmm- I' Wasted al afrtMMat im tU world.
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44 k'f tke sack
f ait iae aata
rt. at m.i I aa(sdM-
mm s. smW, saetWegHt
s.Wt Hr mt tW a-fh, -ss
y , Ue4. a4 that I was wl-
.' J ml ,w taslMws wtta
Vt-mUl7. d av,ay aaW of
i AatMMsaal kJ nmd a tittle
. vvwwwsww.T mi jewmdtmp, i ft iHwvgftl t if f cerve now mere amusement could excite recoimncfiued onlj external oUnerv
I u iK,si,e Uw ajtaegh load at them, as could the fore-
w ww,m ittiriss per-
cald ataad, ia a tU- .The superiority of genius displayed in
t if to eat h sedde and vM-!fftfttit? was to me equally incom
,' lk4t .w preheneible-not that I pretend to ie
I aa a4 Urn Wfare
was asade. that Wre. aad in
J of the easpire. there prevail
Vet coetiaaal light
sriaale wind e variable
' Inm all awiete of the tin-
aeaty-fiMir Wars. Nothing
I'y Im atawe accommodating
Maale is la the votaries of
Ike weatWr is very frt
k aa te interrept butineu,
a.tcat pmltU dtfiionf bat it is
eeve tsa Wt er taw cold, loo wet or
I ttm 4ty for fatkiinaU
I j observed that day and night
cTvw;Marea places, that is, while
it was tffiv kitk kit tk. ,.r ii..
iCmicerninr the societv that dr..) in
( ' SMace. their rsilnnu ami nbni..,.
III tUfriftl nan lli'in x.ll ..r
prtalar atice. Of these, one was,
tkattta the admission af miu.,. i..
lksM..l.. . 41.' . i
circles of fashion, no respect was had
birth, education, or moral qualities.
Praided I win could move in a cer
tain style, or could support pretensions
io a certain quantum of money. Wheth
er g.tie byyer ira;j or by foul) he
alway received a hearty welcome
At the metrnmilia of Ilia n intra I im.
rruii Hut .. r .
hub waa a ironuvr, and
very remote post, and as distance tli
romishrd the influence of the court,
things were conducted somewhat loose
ly, and every man of wealth, and eve-
r7 one who appeared to be a man or
SSVaaaallK m - . I . .
cordiality. As a proof of this, me
thought I saw at a ball, given the ve
7 n.ght of my entrance, several noto
rious .Ani-rr. and blackleg, dancing
with the daughters of the first gentle
men of the place. Moreover, I saw
in my dream, that this
productive of fi7 mortification and
cha-nn. inasmuch as the .ml... i.
dearly love assemblies and parties of
p.c.u.c. aou who uocit in great num
ber, to such place; not unfretiuently
lose their partners, through tl..
4iM influences of the gsmins tables,
which I am told, are usually spread in
j"s . jnu every one knows
that on such accasions -it is not com
lortsblc for woman to be alone."
And here I discovered the of
the very sudden chance of treatment
experienced by me when I fir. .,
ed thii i place of fashion: It waa be
cause I happened, in taking
mall change of which I had use. to
pull out a large roll of Ben Hatcher',
note., tit was at once aupposed that I
aa verrUich.snd the tUnn'... t.
stantafTinsly metamorphosed into a
iV V "mrk. which I made with
'urpnse, was, that the people,
xirequently boasting of their
.'vcruw any wirt tashioaa-
I fa pais. Ami mt
I r td tW at hated
a stare a'eaaat every day Zee
mss1 tm da. MLsvsJ
, . tv4 jt w. I wa. a-
ms4 4 1 c!l do
fvrt.- j rct4 a ticket
hI a lJjr
e ., I h4t
4r,-'i)i! I p -
kwt jr awr! f
J'" "'I.m !!! w -
rr" ptrtl f
4 t nl WLi slta.'l we
fr t' nti a he
Jfe -' "Mf dear! Kw
' . . " . ;
t iw I Mrtt .re so
sMtWMas 4 tlrt k lrauer
m i4wt t ofw wt mtl make!
e'e Itrlay Right."
- ft a atwday, Mid . tW Was-
nU-"mit$m tm get tlttfi .
awwsp -I l .mtjff ff. V
t flii W;f ft Am
rattwaf rlffwal ftieud.hin. and
tvt-nf Mitt.iLU ...u
A ' rwa.i iticBUoiup, a itu
ni.m.isjM f the it in-
aiace.y. were as comoo as!
alMkrvWa." Bst m sooner were !
t& sW frW g..oe. than they !
rv imJ, ar gty, eriiall.or vulgar,
M a word all I Use t.eiher. A'rr-
fct4 iMce4 0 jMcin that peopU
rH kar R9 at all. But
wwts,f Keartlr tliry may Ur. 1 aaw
m Mj drvan that fhev all were, or!
truv I
m tU Ut m ft fii-rl iU rontin m imlicated; mS notwithMandin all Yeat I saw tliat if any would e mora 1
- w-w- ' w w wwrnveuwuf m iiiis ina tta in imcicu. t w&i cuiihiraiiieu iiiau uutc i wccik lu liic uiulc ui iu
that I ctmtil k n..r il..!,iii1 .l-.nit,il in ,il .b.r.?!
v n, v
putat of rheif jukes, but this might
Wcaese I was not of the Ion
t be
fcecaese I was not of the (on oi.
Tkewitia vs,i,g frif nd.l.ip withene
breath, and with a curl f the lip and
t.. f tk, ,e,d, Myinr insipid ere.
s tare! with tl neat, was beyond my
cowiprehensiM-iinr could I perceive
(ky the asost f.vvred child of dull-
taevt, saight not w.'th as complete ef-
fear v renai !! ot r.mLL .!
most trretenders to fashionable wit
we la things of this kindt veil must
say that in my dream, I thought that
the whole of fashionable life from end
to end, was on continued and
mous yuz.
While in th band -box citadel, me
thought I farther remar' ;d that the
commander of the fort; fwho ' by the
way wa. a woman was continually
surrounded by her proper officers, such
a. milliners, 'mantua-makert, men's
mercer, and tailors, with their instru
ments of trade, as insignia of office;
and that frequently messengers, were
dispatched to court for orders and in
structions: upon whose return there
wa always vast agitation in the ramp, j
All the officers at once were busr in!
giving orders; and suddenly, ss if by
magic, a transformation was made iu
the appearance of every man, woman
and child in the fort. On one day,
for instance, you might see all the la
dies with long waists, short necks, and
high head dresses, and the gentlemen
with coats and indispensables hanging
about them like bags. On the next, the
ladit a irese
die. ail neck.and their hair crisped, and
curled a la btode At Africa, while" the
trentlemen Vould aDnear as though bv 1
some mechanical power they had been j
pressed into their tight clothing .and
what was very remarkable, every
change was the most elegant in the
Fashion. I thought, was arbitrary. '
and inexorable ii the exercise of now-
er, and sometimes extremely cruel in .
her measures. I remember particual-
ly, that I saw iu my dream, a machine
called a lady's indispensable. What
took this to be when I first hrird th
name, I will not say; but I will con-
fes. that, when I first saw the thin"-. I
mistook it fso simple was I) for an in-'
trumentof toiture, to subdue into
complete submission any who might'
be di.po.ed to rebel tgainst the edict,
of the court. A dsecription of the
chine i. unnecessary. The use of it
is to compress (he body into the smal-1
lest possible dimension, of elegance, I
and delicacy. The higher power. '
had no sooner enacted that every le-1
male votary of fashion, should reckon 1
this na indispensable, than the whole I
tnbe of fashionable ladies were teen,
screwed up, as I have read of poor
heretic, in the dungeon, of the inquisi
tion to compel them to believe that a
brown loaf wa. a shoulder of mutton.'
And here I wa. amazed beyond meas
ure, at the absolute and extensive
power of fashion; inasmuch at her fe
male votaries were brougt to believe
and roost solemnly to declare, that,
when the bone, of the thorax were to
compressed ss to prevent the play - of
the lungs', and endanger suffocation,
then alone a lady wa. perfectly at
ease, mat wnen ine Doay wa. com
pressed until it felt like a hickory
post, it then alone was .osceptiblc of
elegant motiuni; thtt then when the
iirc applied wbs tach. to prvtlace
livid ipota, and brwe. on the ur-
ucte. thece ju a pw9d ttit when
a laJr tainted through the tightness of
hr icrewt aha w the perfectly
The araueementi of the people where
I a, appeard as rr.irktle as .anv
thin in reUtion to them. At the bid
i5f fashiuu, thfj wtiltl rush toelh-
1 er intu a ia
inaml pglnng,
; the pow'rrs of In
pemlnl and the
lw - d!,!
vat crwwiU, elbow
ami sweating until
ucoraotiun were sus-
prnilnl and the soaerie was. as I
, wa!. ju.le, utterly iutolerable. T hey
; wuul.l il.eii separate, and 4iu a
wt.ile ruih to-ether 2an, am
rn in A nil nor.
harder tluii ever. I u
aititeai d to me a temoorarr
it the people called "it dtlighijul-
Aain, they would ofhy inieet about
! tune o'clock at night, and dance until
ous or two o'clock in the morning, anil
; then Ira ig (iom througl rain, mud,
j sad dark ue.s. oft down wlth latigue,
and eshausted for want of hlf ep, and
In a s'tort time, however, this would
' site iiljce to I lie iniiiKinviil .f klmf
i King, anil tnrowmg Uowti
l Hltig. and throwins down uf
,ri, ,..!.....! n,t. i .i .. i . .
W4S pretended, this was pursued night merry, and came back no more be-
arterniiht, until the dawn of day, held also, that power of fashion was
purely for the sake f passing a way busy ill this place, as well as in oti-
time. I could .not, however, avoid ers; that however she to..k especial care
suspecting that more was in This thin that none of her votaries should be.
than met the ear." I could not Deirishteous over much: and that as she
- ......... . .
tn believe that in this purautt, there
wai at much love ofdiihoneat gain, at
of pleasure.
It could not rape niv notice, that
fashion itifrrinedillril with ,tr iliimr
Votaries. I saw in inr dream that e-
i wis 1 1 fa iu iv v e 1 1' I
ven clulilren were not free from her to hud more convenience in an easy
influence, and that there wei e parties dress than a tight one, more pleasure,
of school boys, and school girls, as in ' domestic home born enjoyments,
well as of. grown persons. JJut me than in tlie elbowing of a squeeze, or
thought, in the midst of these things, the bustle of a ball room; more amuse
nature would sometimes break out, ment in good books, than in cards;
and the violent propensity which more happiness in frequent and fer
schonl children have to tweet things, vent devotion, than in heartless and
would show itself in a way infinitely unmeaning weekly prayers; and, liav
vulgar and mortifying". But I not on- ing fortitude steadfastly to pursue his
ly saw the squeezes of children,- and owii happiness in his own wav, with"
pxrties where the oldest were too drew from (he circle, of fashion; he
young to put off the back string and was made a subject cf incxtinuihablo
bibb; but even among negroes and laughter, of perpetual, ami goading
mulattoes, I beheld a marvellous mim- ridicule, and not uiilYequently an ob
icry of fashionabU life. And I jet t of the biterest hatred. And I
verily thought that .ftwi, and Rich- was grieved to the heart to see many
ard, and Tom, PeggyVind Dolly, and ; under these influences, give up the.
Ursula, squeezed, and elbowed, and convictions of their own undemlan
puthed. at elegantly, and delightfully at ding, and fall again into the train of
the very prime ministers of lady fash- fashion.
ion herself. I While I was contemplating these
While I was observing all these things, and observing the thoughtless
things with that surprize which nov- ness of these mortals, me thought, sud
elty creates, 1 noticed ott -lhe brow of-deniy the-Heaeua tew- -datkT - the
the hill whereon the Citadel of Fash- solemn roar of a tempest was heard
mu is erected, a very large building, louder and louder every momcn; the
which I understood was the Towu ether glared with perpetual flashes.
Hall. Upon entering, 1 observed a and between the ditiinriin clouds
great company or men sitting as in
public council. Ani here, 1 heard
some very grave and leamedr'discoui's
es, as well a. very much idle talk.
While ever and anon, one who sat in a
hi"h chair, arose, and said, "Gentle-
men! You that are of such an opinion, votaries of thit fascinating power, had
say .lye And you that aie of a con- .only time to utter an unavailing cry
trary opinion, say iVo." ' And me of angu ish, and ware irera- no more!
thought, I observed that the idle talk while the few who- had iitterly -rW -of
vain and inexperienced men, had nouncc l her service and lived ronsia
much greater effect than the wise die- tently with their nw professions,
course, of the learn.ed.1 al.o took, loifkr, p w'th unetterahle joy. and
notice that many of those who were hailed i the the coming of Him, who ap
sent to the hall to deliberate about the p -ared in the cloud, ol Heaven. As I
imnortant concerns of the coinmunitr,
had very red eyes, and very sleepy
Countenances, as though concern
the interest committed to them had de-
prived them of needful repose.
.-.-Av'hile I waa muting ou these ihigti I
looked and taw a person, in one of the '
lesser rooms of lac great building, very
husily engaged in trimming and shape- J
ing pieces of manuscript, which were i
called bills, according to her own lik-
" I took notice, that it mat tend
not of what form these bill, wi re
when brought in; they were cither
shaped according to (he pleasure of the
power at work; or (f made of too
stubborn materials for this they were
wholly rejected. The name which
this person bore iu the Great Hatt.was
popularity but me thought, I .aw that
it was no other than the minister of
fashion, disguised for her purpose, in a
home spun republican garb, shaping
laws, and regulating public measures
with the tame arbitrary caprice, with
which she prescribed the cut of a coat,
or the dimension, of a lady', indispen-
sable. When this company ol public
counsellor, broke up, I observed whith
er the men would go; and me thought
tome entered into place, catted Lion.
Dens; and aome into Templet of Vir
tue, and some into Oyster Houses; at
each man liked best, io lie" directed
his course, and methought aome of them
laughed at the law. which- themtelvt.
had made, and at other, who were
fool, enough to keep them. And my
heart sunk within me,stid I .aid, what
wonder if the learng, and the power
and wealth of this community are go
ing to decay! -
As I went away pondering these
things io my heart, ! saw another large
building, into which numbers were en
tering, and I went with them. Here
I found a grave tnan atamlioa in hijli
place; amf tayrnf words nf wj aolema
import, bat I saw that while a few at
tended and seemed to- lay to heart the
things that were aaid, the majuritjr of
the people looked at each other, and at
all who came in or went otitj and then
yawned and looked at their watches,
and now and then hawked and spat,' aa
I had seen men du in the Town Hall,
when a wise man was speaking; and
in a word, did ever thing to show the
man in thehig'i desk that they wer
tired and wanted U. go home. I
moreover saw, that when the teacher
told them to be sober and temperate,
they looked as if ther were tliinkinr
of the dainty cheer, wfticb they had at
home; anl wiieir he tola them not to
love the world, nor ths things of the
world, they eeiurd to be meditating
n ways and means to make money;
ami finally, when he" warned them .
giiust worldljr pit me, U brought to
mind their engagements for the next
week's parties. I also beheld, that
although the good man iiwited them to
return and ruciMVi another leivm in
the afternoon, tliat minv of lliein wnt
... ....... i . i..:.. i. I ... i..
. . . .
struction, they were laugtied at as very
aillj people, for taking aj much unne-
ceaary trouble.
And here 1 will oierve,that all the
vutni-ipa nl' I'm'iiiiit tvru vurv
,n,i ri.i;tl
If anv one, male or female pretended
b1 v-1 a ivp mutual c s a ,vvhi a s w a v te
was avvlul and majestic loiin,
who in a tnutflouder than if seven
thunders liailAittered their voire.,"
procUimoil "r7i fathioa of this world
passelh away." Instantaneously, tho
whole citadel of faUion vanished, the
hail been for some time in the camn of
fashion. I felt very .great doubt how I
should be treated by Him who wa
coming.- This doubt creat e .uch
excessive distress as to drive aay
sleep "So I awoke, and behold it
and behold it was a dream." "But the
interpretation thereof is surcf"
Judge J who was along time on th. beneh
in New Hampshire, never could forego the
pleasure of inafcing Uia joke, no matter at
hid appointed a new clerk, who during the
term, bcine unacquainted with legal forms,
had applied himself diligently to the task of
committing ta memory the juror's oathawit
nesses oaths, recognizances &c. &c. The
last day of the term, thcu called sentence
day, all the convict, of that session, were
bron eh t to tan bar to hear the judgment ol
the Court. The new clerk p ocecded to re
peat their several sentences. The first one"
called was a hardened fulon, to whom the
clerk proceeded to ay, 4,Tue court having
taken into consideration your offence, do
award, that you receive thirty-nine lashes.
oil laid on, upon the naked back, that you.
be imprisoned ninety dav. in the eommoa
jail and pay the coats of prosecution-
and" Here the clerk, although he had re
peated, substantially, die entire sentence of
the Court, seemed . to hesitate as if he had
not finished satisfactorily to himself aa if.
for the sake of euphony, if for no other rea
aonr there should be aome gracious expres
sion appended to the drr morose - dictum of
justice as if, for humanity, sake, the judi
cial fuurUoitary, whose order he was prornul
girting, should hare addelTTothTerucl whip
ping and imprisonment aome such toft aai ,
mercifU expression aa, "Uod bless you, or
"much good may It do you." . Judpa L. saw
the erabarrasament of Ida new officer, and
reaching his head over the bench, instantly
said why dont you ask him ifhei. e
tent, Mr. Clerkl" This Seemed to the clerk
a fit and proper termination tithe .anteec?
then .ticking in his throat, aai !$:2 raocat-
..... I .

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