North Carolina Newspapers

.1 - tji.f thr"rviee. 1 "whilst wandering through yof Wlf country
lit " "r ' r
.. ..f London. frnm Chroo. xxxivj
" '' I" ' ... . .. ...:.i. rf.l.rlMirf
,h,,dmin;.tere.llhetmlh. to . of
' ; i, after hid.. the
1 Unls.nseCratcdller M,je.y. Then fol
r,.l the prcvntanoh of the pr. end
TTery of the ...67 the Wstlmre ..f the
i ik ,i..i-verv of the.een- arm giove., ..... y -
'Archbishop '.he'' ." t,,e er",wn "
.. ..... . ' I ....1 .he neers end peer-
,; , .! the the.rcr.wM. 1 be
ctt. ct majrnificr-..t in ihe. extreme.
rere.nonV """y , ,.
Y.i. ...,.i,em. "The Q.ieen .hall re
:, , ,f hkh, the Archbishop prceMed Her
": .j.-tV Willi the II..V Bible, a"d hen
;, -cel ih- benediction: and the cl.o.r sai.jr
. !!,.... fullowcl the cercmoi y
r ...,l,;,...-,IJii,.n. ihe ArchbiJiop and
..',. and ".her peer. up M. r M je
iv throne, when the ,.ew Au. horn
A,. I be .-f the Coronation
Wended, theti .cen .ct do., from the
........... the nlur. made her S.CO..U uu.ui.u..
i ........I t.. I.c-r ci.Mir
" t.- Achbiho; then read the prayer for
1'e whole es e of Clirisl's Church mditant
i . . aril., ac . ami t ie chorus, ll'.neiu
: i,i i,... il... Lord reiir... tli," hav
Ir-.r'be !(,' ijerty proceeded to lln-, :.cxnmpanii-d by the great oncers of
-Trt..le, ttlicn the ;cbliliiop reau uie mra.
t ruin III-' liole cur...i.alKi dfice bei.ijr
lin'-. p iformeil. ti..- (i.ieen pioeeednt. crow
i i:i r KJ anl's C!m:el. where he de
i.t.irl il. rerti-e id. il.e duve to the Arch
. 1. .!.;., who hud it oil the ahr there. Us
;re thru .lci d 1be c.rb ic ihe Q .eenN
f l a d.aiul the riroc-.miuil rcturiieU in the
nni? sl.ite Miid order.
tlir M i'.t if ftchf d the Pa'iice a1 . quarter
l.i ix o'clock, n I its he defended from the
tiir.iae, the cheers which taluted li r in the
mwi.' tf fe repented will, incre.sed l.earti
,e mid renewe.l viror Slie appeared a
tri'lv in her bearing. iioVwilhstiKi(K the ta
tijfuc of the dv. a when' he tt otit n. the
in-iMiiii,'.aid rico;nifd by her (raceful c
Uo h-dn.ei.t. the cheel nd gratuLtioni ul -:l'j-;cH.
The Coronation of the younjr Queen Vic
rniii tout plce on the diy .ppoiuted, (the
Sftth lt r) il U-.tbe utniost conceivable majf;
aificei ce, g'irgtioun piseantry, and fuyal e
thintinm. Kr the information of our fair
reader, we will jmtt ...enlio.i a few particular the ouit; Queen'. drea, depoitraei.t,
in the first nlace. then he i a very pretty
yo.ii.(r lady and !.e had the (rood tatte to
nuke her tirnt aniiearauce in the choir of the
ubtiev n. which the w.n to be crowu-
rd Out-eu of more than a hundred md ion of
.rni.lL.. in a verv neat and n'unnle di et... Her
,;oi. was of the purest alm. covered wUll iH
irtiKfiar.-iit ilreM ot lute oionue .ace, .ou
' ... ..... . i. li
circle of iliMinomu gnucnniK rr '
i, a (treat pily that the hWeet effect of this
ii. a.denl) ailiie wa apoiled by o huge and
j,c.iUroii. a lii.i of veUjl and pold which.
ji tvcr, an a fi'.ee'n, lie wa compelled to
and whicli was bume by eijjl.t young
ladies, ila .j;liter of perr. The Udiea who
jicii'wru.e.T ll.. humiliating nervice. and whn
Mr called "maids of honor," were dressed all
alike in white sn'iti. ami wore hU white
io.-n their ha r, so that this group of Tovc;
tv woaienniu: lu.c btii ad-i.htfuJapecU
On aicendii'tr the chbir of (he cathedral, on
the irt.-i l.'adi.ii; to what is called the iha
ire, ',ie wa -lied to pause nearly a mill
ire, and 'bus the immense audience had an
odot'IiiiUv "f Cazii'ir on tlie vounn creulre
iiit. ml a . tule. veiling ohlfcCle. The papers
tleerhe her a i ghlly aHeeted with ihe g'-an
tlenrof ill- scene aroiind her and the acchv
...iktioi s l.icl. irrertrd her, but she i .aid to
hive then wal .ed with Rrace and avif posaea
..on to tl.e s.-t at which she was to receive
tl.e hom lire" of the nubililv ad titled clergy.
The affair pais, d off with great spirit and
l.n'tTi uiy, an 1 w; altogelher, the most spleif
il .J coiniiatii... rrci.iite.1 in HngfisU hljtory.
Tli. cbivah v of all K.urope seems to have
l -en eal'ed tor'.h on this occasion, and the For
rigtixtn:issie vid with each other in dis
playing tl.e n..M jM.rtuuj ai'phcrnajia that
n luoi.ey C'.'il-I procure.
l.uibiijajLiid. indeed all Kngtaiid, w a. en
tire'.' alxorbv-d with the fesl'n itiea which the
oz.a'1'"' Call, d fordi, and the papers are so
(, i.TtiiTctn. fi'led with descriptions, that we
mi II d ic .reclv any "thci kind of utws, ei-
. ... K jr du liCslt.; ot tWcijn.
. j bury or Wilbury,) .ndtbrg I aaw i tomh
the r.'ne and beralJ hrariiiga of ray hnoa. ,
ft or let it besppnpil that tb rtatA ofdoms
tie sympathy .Ion i strnek; (He m. ptrejoa
freight nraftad over the Atlantic id the lireat
Western, was . neay formed of lh eboi-
eest proil.ieii.ina of American hortiruhnre. and
destined fur the Imuran of EnrUnd oni . ir.l.ate.
bnt an ofTering, a pleile from the rhivalrv of a
might; nation to the gem and the glory ol tlieir
father land."
The Bouquet ent hi our frienJ Thorburn
to the Queen. - W. I'.E.fStar.
born ancestors, rMdinjr oiv my
estate at tbia place, ana owning (two mile,
from here) the pTamalibn W which I was
born. It i. true tlvat I hare plantation in
Florida, on which i occasionally reside in the
winter and spring, surrounded by Meral of
m thiMren, and man friends, endeared to
hne-by the tenderest recollection.. It i. also
true that my name has been announced in the paper a. a candidate for the Con
ventinn to form a State Constitution,- under
the following circumstance. I was applied
to bv many of the citizens of Leon county to. j
.wtist them in forming their State constitution. Di4Hiigr out upision of those extraorJinary pa
This I objected to on the ground that I did I pe, niore allj. etpressed than we could haB
V m"n mienere w.m me po u. . , . ... . . .
n.ut happiness without one. It u infiuitaly
preferable to any Sub.Traurj(sjiteia lliat can
be driiaed. Dut wa would be as lolh as the Ed
itor of the Chronicle, or any other man, to concentrate-Ma
it , or ray at its feet those right, of
the State and of the Republic which ha appear
so solicitous - to yield to the grap of the Sub
Treasury heresy.
A. to the Proclamation and the Foree Bill,
we point the Editor to his own columns, as fur.
trnl their ots?
Vilihv look to the purlieus of ihe
palace at VaTiintOu for ucli guardi
ans? Will thry tamely submit to the dg
sradatioii of receiving the nomination
itciujHcau Wliiz Ticket
F.U-ctiun, Autjuit 9, 183S.
Koa tui Stab.
Si a In answer to the norm-rout enquirie
made respeMiujj the kin 1 of money that will
be receiied in paym-nt for tf.e. Cherokee
LamU. to Ia ohl under authority of the 1.--gisture
on the Ut Mon lay of Septembtr
utvtrl Franklin. Maco.i county, be pleased
t'J make known that the following will be re
ceived, viz: Note of the Hanks of this State:
Co'd and Silver: Treanury Notes: United
States nank Noles. the Notes of Cheraw and
Char!eitoii, S. C: tliow; i.f Augusta and fa
vannah, lia.: tl.e. Notes of tl.e Ita ilc ol Vir
ginia, and t-'arm:!'. Uauk f Virginia
July 25, 1838.
Floridi- Thev remarked that I at all events
had a deep interest in the future growth, and
prosperity ol the trritoryrand that site was
entitled lo such aid as I' could conveniently
give-her-dnTing' -my -anjotrrn smortg them.
AH of which I could but acknowledge, and
upon the strength of it, the Editor of the
Watchman firt unnounced my name. All
who are in the habit of associating with me,
know I proudly boast that North Carolina is
and ever will be my Aome, that I am too old
to bear transplanting even to a Ticbee-aotl.
Hut sir, what i. a Teiritory? A plantation be
longing to the States. Her organization and
laws entirely under the supervision and con
trol cf the Genera! Government and of
course entitle J in her infant struggles to eve
ry aid from the parent Stales. I thank you
for the just views which prompted jouto
make the enquiry and properly appreciate
Willi much respect,
I am v.iurs etc.
The late exposure of the crooked course
of the StanJarJ, which appeared in this p.per,
is taken in hijli dudgeon by our good-tempered
brother, the Editor; and after a foitnighl' de
liberation, he has eome lo the conclusion that
the "beit method of parrying h foree is to charge
u. with a violntion of the rules of the Conven
tion, Dd our cor.epondent with being a sort
of game not worth the chase," ic Now, to
thia we enter a regain Demurer, on the ground
that our neighbor is not tha proper judje. We
did not expect he would receive h chastise
ment of Junius without flinching, especially his
J oimadveriont on the ill treatment 'ho Com-
uii.siooera for rebuilding the Capitol, and Wes
ton R. Gales, Esq. had received from lliis great
stickler for Conventional rules II is a lore
thing to did a man content with iha punish
nienl which his own folly or, impfudenie ha.
brought lipou him. It is a tiitc, but true say
ing, that
No rogue e'er felt the halter draw,
W itb good opinion of the law."
But we can assure the public that whatever
come from the pen of either tho real or re
ported" author of Junius is entitled to bs much
weight a any thing from the Editor of the
Standard hiinelf; and probably a little more, as
they aie both of talents, unquestiona
ble veracity, and 'unwarped' iu their judgments
by . party rage."
We have on file a communication from
P.hilo-Junius," which we may publish tJ re
mind our neighbor that the rules of the Editorial
Convention were not designed lo license any
Editor to give vent to his propensity to vulgar
abuse in any shape; that they were not intend
ed for the exclusive benefit of the fraternity,
but for the equal protection of the character of
all the members of the community; .ml that no
Editor can, therefore, with impunity attack olh-
I'il'T VOIJS V V. Alfred Moye, Senate; J.
L. Furcmai andJ. U. Garhmn, Commons all
whigs. Whig gain 2. State of the poll: Gov- j
ernor Duiley C37, Branch 275, W. V. Ed- j
wards 2, W. JI. Haywood 1. Senate Alfred j
m...,. oii tr n;..L 210. !
A. Forbe, n il a candidal, 24. Commons
J. L. Foreman 633, John C.GorhaiA Oil, M.
Moye A91,Johii Spiers 587. Sheriff', Benja
m I. M. Selby 987.
EDGECOMB. I.. D. Wilson, Senate;
Robert Bryan and Wm. S. Baker, Commons;
all Vans, at heretofore. Poll: For Governor
! Duiley 165, Branch 507. Senate, Wilson 361.
Commons, Bryau 611. Baker 593, George 313.
Sheriff, Mr. Pettway 811.
.j. 'rhe Editor pf tlve. WashinBton. Chron
cle, ha. taken it into his head to lecture oursclf,
alongside the good people af North Carolina, en
the subject of our approaching elections. This
he does with his usual pointediiess and ability;
and were he furnished with arguments, it i un
certain what monstrum horrendum of these de
generate times he niight conjure up into the
resenca of the people of North Carolina.
Il f not very wondrous that the Chronicle
should 'm.rvet' at our course; but it is passing
strange that he thouiJ k our opinion of mea
sures on which we have iu long agreed with
him, and for the advancement of which, tide
by id wilh him, ontil recently, we have been
contending; he ever with the greater zeal as
wiih the greater ability. But we hesitate not
to express our opinions and principle with a
frankness corresponding wilh that in which thry
ha lx" asked; anJ nre cheerfully Ih.r il will)
the people of North Carolina, with the great
lepulilicon party to determine whether our Star
shall wane, or whether tt ahull still continue
in the ascendant.
Our opiuiori i asked of Gov. Dudley. This
no have repeatedly given; but the Chronicle
shall have it again, strengthened by eipeiicnce.
We advocated hit claims for Governor in oppo
akion to Gov. Spaight, then the incumbent, and
the Van Bureii parly', candidate; a party
which no man has more bitterly denounced than
the Editor of the Chronicle. We have not been
disappointed. Gov. Dut'ley is an able and an
excellent Chief Magistrate. No man ever oc
cupied the. Executive elixir of this. Slate more
completely divested of partisan or sections!
era, and tak covert from The just con Jemna- j ft.e;Ilg Evcn th opposition in this State have
lion of the public under the rules of the Con. COI,ceoKd to him the possession of patriotism
vention. land ability, and deprecated a distraction of
" Slate Affair" which any opposition to his re
election would inevitably produce. And now,
ed the man, (as ho has subsequently opposed
hi pledged imitator) who had the boldness to
endorse these papers.
Will the EJitor now permit us to ak "him a
few questions! We have frankly answered hi.
interrogatories; and it's a iau rule that won't
work both ways.
What think you now of " The Vturper'"?
Of his ' C urunati'in Scene? What think you
yaw of the man, who, on the occasion of
inauguration, you " saw approaching the taping
crowd, scaled by the aide of his paternal majes
ty, drawn by four stately tired, in a spfemlid
vehiile maile of the fr.iguieul of the Constitu
tion,' (it;ui(icant far if) surrounded -W armed
bands in glittering trappi:is, an 1 mnisliulUd by
the clanging sounds of instrument playing e
celebrated royal Scott's air ' Wlia'll be King
but Charlie"! What think yu.j sow of " the
Uuii.ed hands falling into line, ftirmiin; a gorge
ous ariay, and proceeding to hail'J'HK I-M'K-PZ1!
in his princely hulls"! I an " armed
force" miv atationed at "the palace dour, wilh
fixe l bayonets to keep oiflhe 'filthy mechanic,'
or ytunelf, when you may l,ee! ciiiiout to
pry into the secrets of the royal houcho!d".:
Do you now hear 44 The Usurper," Mr. Van
Burrn gently saying to the AbolitiriniaU " Go
on! I have no constitutional objection to your
plan gain over the alavehufding States as you
think you can; and my aid shall not be want
ing to crown your wi.dica with siicces."! What
think you Mow of the Globe, which, about ibn
period of the inauguration, styled Mr. Calhoun
" John Cutaline Cullioun"' What think you
sow of ' the Royalist;."! From the lights be
fore us, we should iiot be surprised to soe you
nominated as successor to the Globe "To what
base uses may we come, Horatio!"
aij to the Government of the Unite J
SialeV. The act, it aaitl, waa f oiiw
mitted with much deliberation. Mr.jO.
waa a nature ol Kentucky
HriM C. J. delivered the opinion
Court, in the cast? of McRae v.
c,V adii.inifttratora, from Mont
tmeryrafiirming the JOtigment tienwr"
AUo, in State v. Smith, from Rocking
ham, affirming the judgment below.
Dani&u J. delivered the Opinion- of -
the Court, in the case of Phipi. r. Oar
land, from Yancy, ordering a new trial.
Also, in Smithci'inon tt ul. v. Smith tt
ul. from Moore, ordering a new trial.
allirming the jytigmtnt below. Also,
in State v. Morrison, from Cumber
land, reversing (lie judgment below.
Also, iu the case of the Legateeu v. die.
personal Uqireseutalivex of Mthew,
from l'aquotunk, affirming the judg
ment below.
Ga-tos, J. delivered the 0;iition
of the Court, in the case of Slate v.
Ui.Miisi.n et ul. Irom Lincoln, ordering
a new trial. Also, in Governor to use
.f Whit.', almr. v. Miller ct at. from
Randolph, ivvpring the judgment be
low. A I fin. in Duo r.c dim. Miller et
ul. r. Twittv, from Uutliei lord, aflirm
iipj; 'the judgment below. AUo, iu
State v. Jolly, from Martin, direrting
avi'fi.rc de novo.
of their State officeri from such a
source . - '- -
Did they semi their represenlatives
to Washington to supplicate the throne
for a Governor?
ExjKnsta of the Government. The
Clerk of the House f Represenlatives
hat published a report detailing the
various appropriation uiaile TiyCiin
irress at tlie late and the extra session.
The abrogate is S38.413.064 87'. ! !
Quite an economical um, is it not,
" democrats?" Mr. Adams expended
but twelve millions per annum; but he
was no proficient in Government sci
ence, lie knew nothing, neither by
theory nor bv practice l the glorious
and full tide of successful experiments
which should roll over the country; and
must needs give place to greater states
men anil abler financiers. Mr. A ill. ins,
ltey n-.aiiitaii.'iil. ita. either coirupt
and voal, or at licM ait igmirant blun
derer. '1 'htle magic touch upon the
rovi rtimrtit vt hee! would iLHuse activ
it v. in business and etfualitv in sen
timent throughout the coun'ry. JellVr
snnian ni'tuciiiles weteto be I tie order
of (he day; the murdered ghost of Fed- Urorg'm. The Slate Right party of
cralistiv. w-as-to stand adust; and the Georgia have nominated the following
I ticket lor i.iingiess: m. I . Daw-
We ate authorized to say, thai Jud;re
j Strange has io idea of resigning his
seat in tlie enaie; and has authorized
no one to make the assertion, that he
intended to resign. Fin. Jour.
JT.-.j.Vi f.-cUn Jor .imtricanM.K great
meeting of ihe citizens of Bmtol, the Mayor in
ihe chair, w.4 held June 7th, to ejj.iea their
acko j lidfciswt.'oL A'1 iliuea ahowa
by Xew Voik and her citizens, and Govern
inc!.i towards the Great Western. The utmoat
enthusiasm previii'id, and the following elo
quent pasxagu, full of noble Are and feeling, may
lurnish to our readcra some idea of the close
Kflniation into which, by the potent arm of
team, we are now being drawn with our father
land. So should it he. The extract we annex
is from a speech of Robert Bright, Esq.:
"And bow could t invite discussion waera
.verv oiiiid is strung to deep and unusual leel
ing. it would be little filling to introduce any
tliacoidanl topic into a meeting winch seems lo
lie assembled under more hsllowed and more
spirit stirring influences than ordinary. That a
vast hemisphere, hitherto separated from us by
a long and perilous navigation, at which com
merce lilu.tJ and curiosity started tack,
Uould b brought to our very shore, presses on
tl.e mind as one of those mighty change, in the
relations of tlie human race, in which man is bul
the feeble instrument, whilst he i. himself urged
inward I bis higher and ulterior destinies.
Aud with what association to n. is this change
surrounded! Who are thev whom il brings to
r threshold, but the children'a children of
those whom conscience drove from the shores
and altars of our common country! remnle
not seperalcd, distinct but not alienated. When
your wondrous ship appeared "poo their waters,
tihe seemed to bear them an invocation from
ihe tombs of their ancestor, and those who
were distant and those who were near, the .gad
and the young, those who were most wrapt in
the active pursuit, of life, ud those who reted
ia caimnM ainulat the ayoipatliiee a3 ID. al-
lections of the land of their birth, all, all .rose
from their hearths, clasp. J to their heart, their
brothers, and girded Iheoteeivaa to the pilgrim
age. (Ctieer.) I saw much of those whom the
Ureat Western Wougni to us uie.r anon
visit to our neiebborhood. To then it seemed
to eome like a dream, peopled with vision, of
the past. They were animated wnn but one
leeling, a feeling that they were visiting th
long bst bat not forgotten land. "I go to Meot-
lind, aaiJ one, "there I ahall see the tartan of
Mv cla..." "Me mother, said a second' was
(Tj- It will be seen by the following letter
ftn.n (lov. Udisch to the Editor of the. Eay .
cUeville Jotirnal, tlrnt the Govirnor. not 1uay,l we need .carcely eoyt it is iiot the Indiscretioii
consider, himself still a citizen of North Car
olina, bul declares it lo be his purpose lo eontin-
hff.". reirardinc himself loo old to hear
explains, in reference to his hem; a candidate
for Ihe Convention in I lorida. Considering the
manner in which his n.ine i. announced iu the
Florida papers, the fact that he has removed
the greater, part of hi. estate to that Teriilory,
of Gor Dranch, nor the arrogance of tho Van
Uuren party, nor even th. little wrath of it.
worthy coadjutor, the Washington Chronicle,
emphatically identified with ita citizens, and so
well entitled to their approbation and confidence.
We .re next asked what we think of Mr.
Clay. This we ran tell the editor in a few words.
We believe Hemy Clay to be a man of unquss-
resides there " occasionally." aud spends more ' lionable patiiotism and trnsccndant .bilities;
of hi. time out of than in the State of North
Carolina, we cannot aeo how the Governor can
charge those with falsehood, who iu view of
all these fact., were led to the conclusion that
he waa more a citizen of Florida than of thia
State. We are glad, however, to learn from
himself tb.t we shall not lose his cilizeoship al
together. But we are sure he will not con
demn us for dill dilTeiing with him iu opinion
a. to one point. We think thai the spirit of
our Constitution and lawa require, a more on
divided citizenship and interest in our State, on
the part of those who aspire to her Chief Ma
gistracy, than the Governor acknowledge, him
self at present to possess.
EnriEL.). July 22d. 1833.
Diaa Sia: On my return home last night
I found among my other lettera one from yon
dated the 18th instant, containing the follow,
ingf interrogatory. "Are you or are ynu not
a ctizrn of North Carolina, and do you con
sider i his State yOur homer" This I will lose
no time in answering! and in the1 language of
the Editor of the Star, will sav that if any
thing cot.Id have surprised me, in this day of
degeneracy aud mendacilv, it woulj nave
been the bold and unqualified assertion of a
falsehood by gentlemen in whose veracity I
had been-wont to repose confidence. What
their motive, are; ia but too apparent, they
are tired of hearing myself and others called
the firm friend, of the good old faith of 1798-
99. It i. a .landing reproach to their degen
. eracv ami recreant principle, and they
would adopt the athenian mode, and tracUe
me. They .hall be disappointed! I have
never done any thing to disfranchise or expa
triate myself. I am a native born North Car.
ohniao, descended from a'-lon, I rtt of .entire
a man equal to any crisis, purer than tho panv
pcred cur. that snarl at him, and much more
iruat-worlhy than the present incumbent of the
Kxecutivc chair.
Next in the Editor', atring of questions
come, the Tariff. He well know, that this
vexed question has been long since consigned
to the 'tomb of ihe Capulcts,' With the Editor,
we opposed this unjust system Two of our
most gifted statesmen performed the burial Mr
vice a proxie. of the two great contracting sec
tions. Every patriot and friend of the whole Un
ion joined in chaunting its death-dirge. And
why seek now to tear oen the wounds inflict
ed by a system which once convulsed the coun
try? C.n euch a purpoae be patriotic? " No
we beg pardon" we recollect the Van Buren
paity very recently attempted to diaturb the re
mains of ibis dead monster. Dot it possessed
not the Phcenis-fire; nor could the talism.nie
charm of gold which was to be wreathed about
its resuscitated form, quicken it into life. Had
it then sprang up, the Mil beneath it, like that
which surroonded the tree of Milton's hell,
would have been scorched ad crimsoned with
the (ires and blood of civil conflict; nor would
the " Pandemonium" at Washington have been
alow in pouring forth it. serpent legioqi to revel
in th. fruita of the accursed charm; even tho'
they had turned to ' aiAes' and stuck in their
foal throat so deaperat. is their thirst for gold!
Next comes National Bank. Guarded by
wise reatric lions, we are in fever of each an in
stitution. The country can heps for Jio perms-
Q The Standard says, that all the
administration members of Congress
from this State will vote for Governor
Branch. How and when did lie learn
this? Have these said dictating "dem
ocratic" members been here since the
adjournment of t'nngr3do "give this
information? Or have they conidered
their opinion about the matter of such
great importance, that they have writ
ten, one Mid all, to their organ, that he
might duly announce it to the people
with all the dictatorial pomp and so
lemnity of a royal edict that their sup
posed loyal aMbJects, the fnvwnn wf
North Carolina should Lain their
gracious will," and govern themselves
accoidin"lr? Or. is it not much more
prubabltf that this ready information of
the Standard was obtained bffoie the
nomination of Gov. Branch? Does it
not give us some clue to the o'ject of
the secret circular which has b en is
sued from head quarters to the leaders
of the party in this State? And does
it not afford guOicient evidence to sub
stantiate the charge, that this little squad
of democratic" representatives, in
conjunction with the sachems of the
Regency at Washington, iu their se
cret caucus during the last session,
"did then and there, with malice a
forethought," devise,.. concoct and set
on foot the rJKUll.pc(jeiaf.4'u.uiuug
Gav.. Branch, for the purpose of divi
ding and distracting the whigs, embar
rassing the elections for the Legisla
nfu7andnriiTisTer i i rig the n uti'i fieri To
the ranks of Van Buren? These, we
believe were the origin and design of
this wicked scheme. Is not this opin
ion confirmed by the fact that their Or
gan has suddenly ceased to abuse the
nullifies? It is not forgotten that he
has all along until recently expressed
so much honor at the doctrine of nul
lification, that he could hardly indite
an article of a dozen Uucs without al
luding to it in the severest terms of
reprobation, and bedaubing its advo
extravagance of former administrations
was lo stand rebuked in the presence
of this immaculate and economical par
ty. The people trusted tnem; anil what
have tlie y gained by it. They have
sained nothing. What have thev lost?
As au united people they have lost, in
their i.istitutions are based. By a se
ries ol sectional measures, the tariff,
wasteful expenditure of money on par
ticular locations, the pmclamation, the
force bill, a division ot common inter
est and symp.iihy lias taken place, and
its consequence is Ihe estrangement of
one section of the Union from another.
Gen. Jackson came into power tlie a
vowed champion of Jeffersonian princi
ples. The proclamation ami the force
bill are c nduring mementos of tlie de
ception which he played off upon the
We hope tlie people will rebuke this
unprecedented extravagance. They
r tlttfir liberties will be put
in jeopardy; they will do it, if they de
sire a government diveatcTof splendid
forms and aristoi ra' preferences.
A great dinner has been given to Mr,
Webster at old Fanuil Hall.. Messrs.
Mentfee of Ky. and lVentiss of Miss,
were guests. (Joy, I'ven tt presided.
The President of the United States
son, B. W. Habersham, J. G. Alforii,
W. T. ColtpHtt, K. A. Niabett. Mark.
A. Cooper, Thomas Culler King, Ed
ward J. lilack, and l.olt Warren.
Jl'igconihi. By a recently laken
census of this territory it appears that
east of the Mississippi river the popu.
lation is 18, K9; an. I that west of th
Mrssissippi YCH',, otingHhe newly
formed territory of Iowa.) the popu!.'
tion is 22,350.
tcy the B..nk of Cape Fear re.
sinned Specie payments on the 26lli
inst. (J u ly) lie is'e r.
In Cumberland county, tin Wednesday the
till. nit.. Mi. Win Williams to Miss Sauh
Aim McKellar.
In New York, on the Uth tillimo, Mr.
Char es Slieltoii, ot Wilmington, lo Mis Car
oline M. Daughter ot' JyU.i Catileal, Kaq, of
that City.
In Franklin county, on the 13th nil., at tl.e
liousc- of Col. Jost-i,l. J. Ma.-klin, by (lie Rev.
Wm. Arendell. Win. l Williams, E.q. lo
Mi.a lla'inaii I'. Martin.
In Franklin county. Ann, infant daughter of
Or LeuiiK'd II. Seawcll, of City.
At lb ttsidciice of Mrs. Klizahetli McKae,
in Moi.tgoir.cry county, on tlie 7lh lilt , Mils
I ...aiy jiciuc, uangnur ol tinly Mcltae, dc
I cr-ord. late of sai.t county.
" Moore comity, ll.r 12lli ultimo. John
i Sliamhnrger, lq. in the "Otli year of Ins age.
i l.i Ci.lniiibiis' cimi.iy, on tlie SOlli ultimo
Mr. Iti.nuld McMdlvi.) in the Wth year of bis
In Wilmington, on Hie 21lh ult. Mr.. Sa
rah Tuullu i, in tlie eitl. year uf ajre.
( Com muut cute J.)
The writer ul urticio has bcerl in lha
lias left AVasliingUui for the Virginia j "d-iily ci'eciaiiorof acetng some conununic-
..' II. . -i i ! '" '''e public' journals announcing, thedeatli
springs. - He was accompanied as far ofUr. Joh IJ. Haker, who departed ita life?. fr
as Norfolk bV the Secretaries d Wariler a protracted illnesa, u Sunday the 23rd
and the Na vy. hot!, of u horn were ex j "!LL!,i1J.en" ia l'le .c"u'"y ot Galea,
f J !:nte JTiVorlTi Carolina; but in this expectation
pectedto return thence to W asl.mton. , he has been i!is:iiuilutetl. lie believes he ex-
cates with such epithets as "traitors,'1
disunionists," &c. Now, lie is as si
lent as the grave in relation to a doc
trine which once he was extremely
happy to denominate a " monstrous
And ran any one believe that Gov.
Branch would have Buffered himself to
have been et up by the Jf'ake Com
mittee alone? It is far from our inten
tion to ..charge Gov. Branch with a
knowledge of their designs. Their
leaders flatter him with their tongues,
while their hearts are full of malice and
deceit. But they have succeeded in
making him tlieir dupe; and he will
find, when it is too late, that he is their
Are the people of North Carolina
non eompot mentuf
Are they ia want of political guardi
an to select their candidates and con-
While at Norfolk, lie visited the Navv
Yard, and examined llic crews & ships
which are expected to sail ab lut the
lOthof this mouth on t lie Exploring Ex
pedition. The l'rcident's route from
NWolOByRtclinT6nU;''IVtl1sa Ownrt
House, accompiucd by his sons M.n. A.
and Smith Van Buren.
- fC? Th Bank -Oonventitm - at - ll.iladeljdi
delermined to rcsunie specie payments ou the
13 ih day of this month.
dj Our readers will, find in anotber column
an account of the (Jotonalion of Queen Victo
ria. Tho coronation stlry fill, nearly all of the
32 coluipn. of the double sheet of the London
Times. The London Hun ha. a splendid en
graving of the Queen, one side of the sheet be
ing printed in golden ink. Mr. Stevenson and
the American embassy figu-cd :n ihe process-
ien. Col. Webb was among the invited of
Westoiinster Abbey, John Van Duren, .on of
the President, it is stated, has dined wilh the
Queen, being cordially received by her Majes
ty. Marshal Soult and the TurkUh Minister
were the lions of the foreign embassies. The
New York correspondent of the National Intel
ligencer y
Encland, Scotland, and Ireland have been
in sent uaroivsrn of lovaltV toward, iheir vir
gin Queen. The fact is, even we republicans
bave so much cuivairv mat we nave no great
objection to Queens; but a. for King hands
off! Mr. Case even, a steady, staid gentleman
as he is, came over from Paris lo hear the shout
of "long live Vitlona!
(3 Miaa Landon ha. married O. McLean,
Esq. Governor of the Cape Coaat, Africa, a Md
place for a poetess. Dulwer and Herechell bave
been made Baronets .
We. learn from the Lexington, Ky
Intelligencer of the 17th ult. that Pe
ter W. Orayson. Esq. of Texa j, com
mitted suicide at Bean's Station, a few
days before, by shooting himself with a
pistol, through the head. Mr. ursyson
was on his war from Texas to Wash
ington City, having received and accep
ted from the Government of Texas, the
appoiotment of Minister plenipotcoti-
presses the opinion of all who had the measure
of being acquainted wilh Dr. Uaker, when he
ays, that fuw could have died n-hoe loss would
bo more regret tej by the conimuniiy in w hich
he lived, and by his numerous aud varied au
ijuniiitance, because lew could have attached
lUeuiselsaa, aoeiety hr ao many iiilafi c-a.tii.jf
aocia!.otis, and have placed theinselvc. in a
aiiu'.rion'-tu make their loss so. irrepauhle,.J)e
scv.ideJ from a family which hud long been one"
of the ino.t respectable in the Slate in which he
lived, and indoived by nature with an intellect
of no common order, he waa enabled bv earlv
the advantages of a lileral educati .u, to make
himself one of the movt accomplished gentle.
men wuom u nns ever oecn tlie lortune of the
writer to be acquainted with. The talent, ho
received from iialuie, and which had been im
proved by early education, he continued to iio- "
prove and en.bellisli, until the day of his death,
by tho gratification ol the doaire he always had
for acquiring knowledge and indulging I. is
fondiicte for classical and polite literature; so
bat whilst his fund of information was exten
ire and various, it waa also polished, and im
parted a charm to hi. society which those who
uave ever lell ita influence can never ibrgef.
Of hi. profession. I character the writer only
feels himself qualified to speak so far a. hi. onin.
ion is dei ived from the estimation in which the
aubject of this obituary was regarded by the
puonc, ami irom me auccsaa that attended Lie
practice. Estimate J with referonce to thia stan
dard, it may be confidently said, that he had
no superior iu this section of the countrv: lor
physician in Ihe writer, not verv limited ae.
quaiutaoce ever had a mure extensive country
piacuce, or cnji.veo more, il a. much, of (he
public confidence within the sphere of that prae
lice, than Dr. Baker. A. an evidence of tho
extent of this confidence, it may be observed.
as a tact 01 not Irequcnl occurrence, that af.
lliouRn ue woutu sometimes abandon hi. prac
tice for a considerable period of time, and other
physicians of merit would .uppiy the place he
had vacated, yet a. soon a.-he announced hie
purKse of resuming bis professional pursuits,
he almost instantaneously regained the confi- -deuce
and patronage of the public to the wni
extent that be bad previously possessed it Of
him in hi. domestic circla. il may be truly .aid,
and it ia enough to .ay, that be poeseesed all
ha virtue, and excellencies of ch.raclar which
could have been desired by those connected with
him in that circle; and in bis social relation, he
wm so kind, so amiaMe, and so gentle, that no
one ever partook of hi. kindness or hi. bo.pU
tality without being so persuaded of the sinceri
ty with which it wa. extended a. to wish asw
to partake of it .gain. May hi. ebiMai proper
ly appreciate hi. cbacacts by esrnr
late aie example. , - ' ? 4

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