North Carolina Newspapers

&9 MT ;lIEli!lM14J4S
NO- 33
v .
SnsaeafrTin, tb. dollar per 11100111011
If in a.lvanee.
-" rrrt re'iiiiii5 "VltafW Wi1Yli'
rwqaireil to pay Ike white amount of lti yer"
tuMM-tplm. in advance,
i- --RirKi-Or' ADVRIttlSIXn. .
Firvery soiitre (not eieeeilin; 16 tinea VM
1 . lyno) arst iaaertbm, one dollar each sob
t sentient insertion, twcntv.uc cents. .
CCy The advertisements of Clerks and 5firiff-f.
wit b altar;! i per cent. bigben and a ne.
Inctian of 33 pee will be nHe from be
regular prieet Ine aifv ertiser by the year. T
Letiera to the EJilor mutt be post-paid.
Jlgrienliurf, Imici-iu ;, A'ciewe, ami Mr
x thanical -V, the tmntru't uuf, and
nmmn't vrntlh
Kotwithstaii.i.i.t tbe iciiv variety of news.
rtanera anil pertollt, nnhliihed thrbvctiotit the
country, and the diversity of .nhjeel. thernsuj
mbraeeil, H la nSvliiOt to every rtiiM.a ma rc
Heating m.n'l, tint Ibe epndtlctnrs of those nW.
t rrful, and j rightly eualed, thoe aalittary vehi
tales of infnrmiuinn. have hern loo fnerlly aeiu
" Hd by party mnllii fi7l ihat poitJJ MI
. , fr re hcM a r.d 4ieb an alarming client, at
W threat! llie ttisvj'iitinn ( ,our n Mr
linni; while sibj, cts rth'iiif lo Atri' tlltnre. Lit
erature, 5ewreu, ami (lie .Mccliiiiiuml a r "
...l.if-.ti iiniuediiel connect ril wnb our be"
Interests, arnl which" wotrid eventually place nt
in an independent sitiulrin,' have measurably re
niained unnoticed.
Actuated, therefore hy these views, the ttlli
eriler intend publishing in Jame.tuwn, N. C.
a periodical uniler, and comporting with the
ab.'tve title; in the eieeutinn of which, he designs
in the fir t place, to use all laudable exertions in
procuring and disseminating practical informa
tion, etsenlial to the interests, and calculated to
fuerrase the dignity of the farmer.
Seenndlr. Kducation, and lite literary institu
tion of the country, will find in his columns a
warm and Irlendly' support.
Thirdly.- Seiente, and the Mechanical Arts,
will also be suhircts of discussion, aq! invariably
reit' a liberal share of attentiun.
Fourthly. Due attentiun will be paid lo snb
jerts calcalated to promote the cause of virtue
and reli-ion.
" Kiflfilyr A'Viict fiotre 11t aTsolie Taken of
parsing events, of an important and interesting
naiuiv, both foreign and domettir; excluding all
j.oliticsl contests, and subjects calculated to cre
ate party animosity.
In short, no pains .ill be spared, to render
the Advocate avaluable and interesting visiter in
etcry lamilv, and to every virtuous aud intelli
gent slats nf the otnmtiiiily.
In order therefore, llie more rffeetually to
prosi-eiite our purpose, we resiectlully solicit
llie frieuilly aid of every intelligent farmer, Me
siiiuicr litejary anil scieni ilia gentlemen, aha
Tuay have talent and inclination, to communicate
in us eueti discoveries and praeli-al hints, on
Vihjectt within iMir provinee, as ma enrich our
eOlilitiiW, and by a reciHrueal inlerehango of
thoughts, beaoine a valuable source id mlurma
Hon. Comtniinieaiions also on suhteala -eithee
Urligious or Moral, will he ll.aoklully received.
The Advocate will lie published in monthly
numbers, consisting of thirl-!!! OtlnTQ parrs,
(two sheets) neatly printed, on gnodimper, fold
d and stitched, aud prumpllv mailed to subscri
bers; making in a Jrar, a neat volume of SM pa
ges, and rurntdied with title page and index, at
(I .C5 per year, m ailvanca.
Any by Inrwardiag flO. free from
cWgr, will be euliiliMl In t' n copies.
In c.nsau--nee of the ibfRculties and losses.
invaria'il, il nilin thr crdlrclion of small sums
al a ditixn.rr, no onler Tor the paper will He at
tended la, until tte subsrriplion price is forward
r t, or the paineut K-siind by some known re
spiMoi'de pvrvm.
All lrllera.enmmnnleaiiona. tea In the publish'
er, must come'Tr. from postage, or they can
not' be alicmleil lo.
As wa iuirnd commeneing the ntiblieation
some time in the mouth of August next, all per-
sum bidding swwseriptMnt are requested lo Ion
ward ITieflt as earfv-as- tmssihle.
All editors favorable to ourdetignC and those
who may leel disposed lo exchange with us, will
do us a lav or bv giving our iH-oapreliis an inser
tion. J NO. SHtUW OOI).
Jamestown, V. C. June, t3S. 2
To Dry Goods Mtrchuntn yythrough
out iht United Saiet.
C la A It K Ac IS IT N T,
Form. It J. at O. Clark kt Hum, Importers
aud Jobbers, No 99, William Ktreet, New
York, have constantly en baud a Ircsh and exten
sive astoViment of
ruKEiartf domestic
'wbaji iliry offer at very low prices. Particular
t altenlinn paid lo
Prints Slieetlns. Flanacls
TirliinKxt, Ac Ooaieslic
Oootlit Keaerallyi
lloiblerr, Itlitnkrl.i;J lollisj, Cw-
fciaiereft, Sattl lit'ts, cr" ; -
Those who visit New York 10 make purchases
are respeeHolly invited 10 a-dt and examineilar
ihemtelves, opposite lha Mertt.ants' flxtnang
Reading Uoora.
New York. JnneS. tU t6 Sm
Book avaia! More Book!!
Vnblisheri and Uookaellers, have often re
minded the good eilisrnt of Kaet Carolina
1 he very extensive stock of DiX)K3 kept on
band, and being added lo bv weekly arrivals;
but ihey seem in have fnigolten III fact. I os
tler lo refresh their memories, riiey deeaa it e
kestary occasionally to la hrfore Ihein a cata
logue of a very small pouion of recent arrivals.
Head llie lollowiog then call at No. I. cheap
aide, and avail yourselves of the opportunity ol
ti chasing a a"loble library:
I. de of Anhur tee, l L. D by Richard Hen
ry lee, I vide. The Life of Yhooiar Jefferson,
with parts of hisenrrrspondenee, by Geo. Tuck
er, S vols. Works ol Joseph Addison in 3 vol.
Travels in F-urepr, by Wilurr Frk, II. I). I vo.
The works ol Charles 1-atuH, with Ilia life and
letters, by K. N. Falford, 8 vols Webster'
Rpeechrs, -2 volt: W il l's Lite of Patrick lien
IT, I vo. Steam'a Works, I vo. Lit ol Sir
Walter Seolt. by J. G. Lo, Whsrl, 8 vols. A.
' lan'a Life of Scoit, 1 vo. Scott's History of Scot
land, I vol. Kollin's Ancient HiMoty. Plu
tarch's Lives 4 vols. Stewan'a works .in 7 vols.
JlistAiT of the Political System of Kurope and
lis Cofonira, from lb disaovery of America lo
I he mdependenee ol the American Continent,
from Ibe Ueraaan of A. II. Ileeron, t eola.
Martin's History of North Crolioa, . Hiatory
4 Ibe Horse. I vo. Mcintosh's Itevotution in
Knrland In t8S. 1 vov Wranall'a Memoir. I
it. tiibbon'a History ol Rome, 4 vo. F.mbaa
a to lha Eastern Courts of Cochin China, Sunn
and Muteat. m the U. S. Sloop of War Peaooek,
. Lv Ktt.auiid Hidani ls. I vo. Memoir of Commo-
rfM Karwer. 1 vo. Uliham's Mental Phileo-
t.kv. o.' Baoo.'a wwks, 10 o. IWnett's nf kisewa tint. S to. I July Ulessmg
ton" works aomplet in one vo. T acker's Light
mt MMa 4 on. Comnlel wajrks ol Vollair f
Til -ai. Pmia's works, 10 vol. Swift's work.
11 vols, lirttials Kasajiat, i vols.
. Alt of aJhich ai kw sold a. lis most acorn.
aClai..g teema. XHUNER k UL'GUKS.
July 1. 1S3. ,
Nvatlr ants expeditiousla esecaied at
titrt OSct.
Sisn ( h Golden Mortar.
tiavinc SMsrchnaed the entire slock of Metws
T. $. Urckwith fcc Co. have commenced the
A POT IIKCARYbutincsaat the stand formei ly
occupied by tham nn Kayrltevtlla Street, second
door north id W. Sc A. Sliih. where ibey have
jusl received a further supply uf
Drns. Mfdicliies, Glas, Oil,
Faints 1J StntTs aud Per
fninery, tOKther with a
ffcaeral asoriincnt of
K A VC ' A R tl L E S.
, .,r i- - ., .
which Iheywiir tlispov l on Ibe most reason-
ble 'terms. ",
Itlerrharils and other tan be Ibrnislieil Willi
jiatcnt (nil other medicines on a reasonable
trrmt as ihey ran be gnt south of the Poimiiim.
IVi tout would do wi ll to call and examine lor
tliemsi-lvi-s. ItiVMcisnt at a distance, who inay
?vor us aiili Ih ear orders, will have tht-m
jiromptly alu-ndrd lo No pains will be spared
111 sefectiiig Chemicals anil I'hartnacrutical pre
pntiont, at tl.e) are ilrirriniaril that no medi
einrt but such at are grnuinif, shall be sidil by
them. One of the Firm having hern brought up
to the business, lo which he will give bit umli-
vnled attention, thereby avonliug Ihosc latul
mistakes llit too often occur ihrnogh incompe
tency or carelettlett, ihry hoie, by strict alien-
lion to business, to merit a share of the public ,
FebruaryvJ,M8. 10 if !
State of North Cnroliua,
IVenktin County.
Court of Equity Spring Term, 1838
Of Mississippi; Ann Merrill fc William Mere
rut. infants. 01 (he euuily of Todd and stale
ZZXZSZ. oi'Lcoum or'Fri,:.:
lin aforesaid defti.ilaiits.
It piearinR 10 the tallttaetinn nf the Court,
that Join; 11 oorn and bis wife Nancy tiiay
il.ii Court: it it inert-fore ordered hy ibe Court,
that pntiHcatmtt he finite for sit successive e fcs
in the Sisr, published and piiaied in ibe city ol, that ike uid ilelemlanls appear al our ;
neat Superior Court ol Fruity 10 be held for ibe
.mint, (.1 . (I.v I.mi ... I .....
isborj, on th second Mouday all- r tbe founh
Monday iu Scpletnbrr neat, and :hrn and Ihii
to plead, ansa er or demur to suiil hill; other
wise tbe same will be -taken as entih.-tieil by
litem, beard ex part at to tbcm, and a decree
made eceorUntJy.
Witness, Saiu I .Tolmton, Clerk and Master of
oar said Court ol't'nuitr, al office the 2d Mon
day after lb 4lh Momlav in March, A. I). 1B68.
S7th June, 1838 88 6t
Price adv. f 8 50
Tit impnssibility of carrjing on tb Witch-
man as h might to be eondu.le.1 while ahsenl on
for M year of labor, have determined roe lo
ell the e.tablitlimrnl at lh rnil or llie present
year. The subscription list is about 00, and
on the increase, and ihr job limiting .nil adver.
tiling good for si least five hundred dollars a
j - . . ndiiKiiHi. ,., in.c.a mm-. an..,.., w i.-k
nan nave inr paper on ine mnsi iiDerai lerms. t
would not willingly It-t it wo into any other scr-
tic. An early application i. renur.trd.
II. C. JONKS, Ed. be Proprietor
July, 1838. SS
77ie celebrated English lace Joise
(fired by lite Karl of Kgremom) by Whale
bone, dam Themis by "Sorterer, f"purchatrd of
the Karl of r.gremont lor lb King of 1'ivssia)
her dam Manna by (anhaniia, lluniming
.;.. in f n-i.k.:. ..j ,..:...
ritft.iH'nr M.iutaMj. ...i a ii....t i.-tij 1
tatcker, CamilU by Trenlbam. Cnquelie by ihe'
Um.orib, Harbi sister lo ttctrulu. bv Ibe tiidol.
L fthalebmie. the .Ire of Flexible, j. I. I
pnuv Asavran.
1 he urn 01 Complaint oi John unnn, ol me i.voted to the ftowera of Literature, t us kneech ol Ooncan's is to Ue pUt)- iuc spreau reputat
- Sih.M ft the Statesman of a speech delivered hy Mr. Bond 10 ouu-aieasurv ptun-
lhanicl Ilium ami Mary Cooper, ol the county , , , , rfCl . . . . .... . ' . ,- - -" , - uerers.
ol FrauUm and Slate of North Carolina, ' ment in anjr of ih. brnchea of Science, Com-! ofhce, for general Circulation in this I heir note IS a distinctive o.iet trtC, . fl nrnvk
against m.rce and Agriculture; to general New.; nd Statei 0 sickenine,' 'vrnfli scale,' 'shackling.' great cttort ot ur. Uuncfcn
John Broom od bis w.fe N.ner. of ,,e S,.te-of J? the particular honor and interMt. of North T, character trf the forthcom. The main object of attack, in .his in- ',",' ,S. SUP" "t'wasliing of th.
Tenne.-e, Gray Dunn, of the .onniy ol C.rohn. Ii eschews prty pohuc, and all th ! 1 1! i ,i PInftr,i troductorv "HOWL " it certain an- Globe- with a most hideous "hotvC' k'
Limestooe .ml s.aie of .Alabama, Thom.. muddy stream, of angry upon ev-i 'g speech, is explained and rendered troiluctory r t! r ' cain,t the National Intelligencer, the
Dunn, of Wr.kiey .ml Stat. r,f erv .abject One great object of the publication 1 apparent by the fact, that on tts appear- propria! lonrmaile by confers, for con- U ' '"'V r;ncer l"e
-".. s iviuiv- -ou.itT ami -t-t , m cuncY iiisiruciion io me Tounf. in mn nn i mice ine
1 num. 1 nrnixi uunn, rnii r iriuwcii. auu rtrT rlistai ami mrm mm rin nnMihiv Hnn . r
Mcrrnt William AUrriu -a4 Hani, W 7 t " , . ' I V-,0,y 08 "one, b , ft of jaw to nsWt.r for
n ' J 1. 1 on the cheapest term.. And w. may venture I . A. c ... ,.
Tharpe, adm msti mor nf V m llunn, ileecnsed, , , ,ithnt eo M tKai t" Outrage, for which 110 jury Could
seven ol the defendants to this bill, reside beyond ' "','r, ,tn.out "bJf"nf lf. (to Una the Bn' , :n,l.:- IV.a trirt Ihnt
.... c 1 . fashionable editorial hlurat.tinri!ar nronounl ! le eilipannelled in IIUS UlStriCt tnat
Whisker. Wnlul, and Web. by Waxv-daml' , v j . ,u ,
Peimp. by Trumlcr, Prunella by lliiilifl er. VTl" t Z ft""", u .
Pmmitc by Sp. Speclalor's dsm by Parlor. K",:h' Mr- S,nUe, M"",n"' " Pfe
In Flexible is Inns united Ibe best blood ol ' Ur r.L n j . rv- .
Matchrm, Herod ai.d Eclips. j J VnR&i H-
FLKXrBLR won nine rices when three rears , , ..Z MORBECAl, Pre.1.
aid (inclnding a nip of 4 miles) and has beaten J'"Tg' "3' iw
lmgwairt. Dr. Paiistits, Araehra, General Mi-I M '
na, aignorina, Wbiilingion, Otwerlry, Luzbo. , , . , , . ,
rough. Mutame, k. Fltxible stoml in 'om tht 0h, bU,e
liH' oTsTTT;' ('Ktoss ) DR. DUNCAN.
II is full 15 hands 3 inches h all with ereal . .1 -.-
mnsruiir n-r....i i... . " " 1 :" 1 his Dersonase represents the Cin-
nualled by few. iu it one oi ib- hrU ol
hiI''T' """eJ"i' tl two b st Ara-jhas
Sians, withnntaniinfathinnablcerost. Ilissneed
bottom, and temper i. en. loy l.o'a iT b.;
d.y. lie i. now at his st.,,1,,. The season .dl
?ir.o!!V i'. d"r of F; w""r. rearlier.
it required. Foy u,e p,riicu ars of bis ruiinin
nnrt ii.. r t,;. -..I.. i . . V !"a
w ..... , n.s e ..ui i m r.nKi,rt, . hnd bill.(
.... . n.n MiKii ix iiheral.
v:. ... H. CARTBH.
al .
n. c
sT HIBW, ISfainTIII O. ?
January 19, 18SS,
S If
Ranawsy from, the snbseriher,
" ihes'll 'anuiirv, II.1S, a negro
anan n.mcti JLFIiEn.HorttmTXj
Ihe property ot Charles A. Hill,
deeeaaeil. It na ,onl,, jn ,ne
neighborltnod where the Mid Hill
formerly lived. The abov re
ward of Twenty-five dollars will
be given lo any person whs will deliver the (aid
bnv Alfred to me at ray rrsidi-nee, six miles west
of lnuithnrg, or enanac km m LauiaiMirg Jail so
that I g-t hint afain.
(XT 1 would a drtertptio of the boy
boll hav not had him a toRtcient length ol lime
to observe or reeollest snv partiewtae anarli.
Franklin ., K. C Feb. I, SS$ (if
Tff on. Ponce HI. If iteJitern
ttespcltly wlorwit ike iitiras of Kaleiah
and ks vieiony. be will rtiani in Ociaker
est. ta oprm Shol sjaiar s4 namt tka to
Olntneat for the Bliad Piles.
Thia invaluable remedy hat Wee. aeveral
years before the mibrwi its virtu and efurac;
have been well tested, and, in aomeroua insiaa-
ees, m lha most aggravated forma of lh daaease.
In not a solitary cate-tiav-ft bees Ino. t. fail
in effeerinr a cure. Manv vertr retnecubla ner-
aons have Some testimony to its efficacy j among
whom is the Iter. Wm. A. Smith, ol ta. M. B.
Church, knd Editor of lha Cnaerence Jaarwal,
who, from his own experience, confidently re-
eomroenili il lo the pnblie as A sure, aobiia
blx, aid urnrissT oemkdi."
It mav be had at the Store of R. TUCKER,
Agent, Halrigh, N. C.
I The subscriber offers lo import Iron fen Rail
ways, delivered in any of the Allantie porta or in
New Orleans ok the most reasonable terms.
Philadelphia, June 1, 1838 25 oawSt oamSt
Bank of the Stale of X. CarolluaJ
: 18h 0 July, 1838.
At a meeting af the Hoard of Director this
cllv. v-"' I
Krtolveil, nmnirooutly. Thai tint Dank anH
ils will, on the first of August nex l,Tl
resume me p:ivroeni 01 ineir respective lubtlil
; gbettt
A copy froth the Journal,
C. UK WRY, Cashier.
Copartncrslilp IMnwolved.
K. J4 W. Pirtrnlgt- a Co. hate ibis day dis
solvod iheir eopariiiership by mitlual ennsenl.
All persons having claim) agsinttssid firm wil
present them to Kvans oc Nelle at Havwood, for
patirent. 1 All Ihose 'ii'lehted lo mil K. be W
iridge h Co. are requested to call and settle 1 of the Heads of Departments, to be
b said Evan, K"j,ETER FVArs all lies, is beyond the reaJi of our irtt
E. P. PATKIlx;V.. I agination to conjecture. It will also
July IC, 18.18.
31 3
Th MICROCOSM i printed, weekly, u
the City of Raleigh, on a half sheet of medium,
'iiy ui ivanriuii, uu uaii succi 01 medium.
-.i ' ai.u " l
, it contains a world" of matter. It is
.Iccntion.ble. cha.te. and atreeaU. m.nnert
...:,.; ,h.m . ,i;r.t l u
vW. .nd to
practice of virtue and morality. Another is,
to furnish a. much am leing matter, interealinif 1
oewa.and valuable information, lo render, of
to the imputation ot egotism, that It will not be j
found wantln? Irt sorrtetliing both to plea. the
taste and tickle the fanev of all
I, j intended, provided anOicienl ncoura5.
m,nl je , e,a ,b(J wi,hollt
. . " r i
f sfW n 1 ill lartXlt a,'riLli vasralJ malraa it daa"j4eultw
cheaper than any other published in th
ern country.
A apecitnen of the work arenmpaniea thia
proapertua, so that all who receive it will have
an opportunity of judging of it. merit.. Ex
amine it if you like it, aend u. your name.
at oxrr. and "down with your dust."
n Though very young, being only nine
veara of nze, tho publisher ha. learned to set
type eiprrtly, and after much importunity ha
been indulged in hi inclination to print a pa
per. The proceeds will be exclusively hi own;
and a he hope, to learn the practice of econo-
wp inJr, jrt th promotion of I evere BCCOUIlt. I
nndertakin,. h. fa to pUd . fudjhave a cheering an
i wh'ch ,rt nim ln hw l"t" porauit nf j dence in being able
. Knowienijn. n connuenuy iooks in me pens
of literary (ren'lemen and ladies in th Stale, to
aid him in his labor., and to th pitronag of
j th lilwral and th approbation of the public for
Term $1 60 per annum.
23" Postmaster, anil other., who rerriv this
! prnapertus, are respectfully requested to lend
,ne,r,'J 'Wrw-HrJttiis slander, vvill
IT they choose, ami circulate .hi. among ' t - , favor at lh ;r ,,anjS
lhe.r friend., and comtniinic.t. by letter. Le c;f ,Kn. w nn.A
era to th Publisher on, business, except from
those who procure .ubacribera, must b post
ThcTlSaf intlalmenl ol ten dollars per shar.
C," V'f, "f.t1 "" -f ,h" T' fi'a
'r"J' " fn-red b. o.
1 or before ibe firsl ilav of Angutt next.
"'" ""owatl and charged, a. here-
cinnati Conffressionsl District. He
rendered himself notorious through-
... . i . , I
! 0U 1 the cuunt7 a v,u,ont partisan.
a brawling politician, and, withal, an I
arrant boaster. He has held his seat I
... r .u . . r .u ' I
al 1'ie ernpnae nf the rent) latum of the I
. .. i
people wno piacetinim in it, aim oi me ;
State at large. The latest exploit of,
t A" . I t"
the ligh'ing Doctor" as he is styled J
in derision, is thus narrated in the Con
grcssional Reports:
'Mr. Duncan was understood to fa
vor the of the Senate. He
was going into a general reply to Mr.
Hond's speech upon retrenchment, de
livered some time ago. when
"Mr. Jenifer and Mr. Sibley called
him to order for irrelevancy.
"He resumed, and had made some
more progress in the same strain, when
"Mr. Reed called him to order for
"Mr. Duncan proceeded, insisted on
hip right to do so, and seemed deter
mined to da so.
"A motion was made that the gen
tleman be permitted to proceed. The
committee decided that he be not per
.... - . j . . i
muiea io proceed, ana
Mr. Duncan still insisted, at whlchJttL Nobody, it m presaand, iassfjAed
Wiere were loud tad prolonged crie of
order rrom all parts ot tiie 1 loose.
wYht Chairman. The gentleman
from Ohio will take his seat.
" wMrDancati resumed
Vt time after,")
Mr.ri;ncn rose, but, having been
refused permission to proceed, objec
tions were made to his ctiinu on. He
said he held a book in his hand, under
stood to be Mr. Bond's speech,; out of
which he wished to make a speech.
But if the Committee would permit
hint lo write it out, and call it hit
tpeeen in Committee of the whole, he
ibould detht. Load cries of agreed ! j
from nil quarters of the House ensued, !
acadlr. I)uncan sat lon. !
"Mr. Kond hoped that his colleague 1
would state in such written speecli
that it was not tleliverett. in. .the pre-;
sencc of the member to whom It was a
' !
TK- .fi-rw.r.U tvr'.tlpn !
out by the D.ictor, lias already appear-!
etl in lha tilobe. ami U to annear in
the Globular concern in this city. It '
is lliriiwrt nhrnail nt litis limp, as a full I
refutation of the great speech uf Mr.
Horn!. How it can succeed in this
unless it proves the Blue Bonk, the
Congressional Reports, ant! the Reports
agination to conjecture. It will aiso
Ka fl ilirTiilf tn'tlfsti tsf o nratail ma fur
the .learned Doctor to deinonc-ti ale, that
J51 1,490,459, the amount of money ex
pended by Mr. Adams in one year, is
not a cent less out of the People's pock
ets, than 859,164,745, the amount ex-
1 1 , m 1. v
pended by Martin van Buren in one
7er! But ,he8e th,nS a9 tl,ey 1
. treiiiieiiiniii v euimrs ui uiiii
- At-. I
l.l . ,-l,I.U ,1,. I.,!.,.
' I";""""-' -
"Our brt impale, on readm; the
part of the speech in which allllalun is
made to the erTltnl't of this paper, was
brinj the author and publisher of the
would not mulct lliein in exemplary
damages. Upon St'COIld thought, how-
ever, we have deemed that in wear and
tear of temper, and waste of time, it
would cost us more than it is worm to
ish-Hrrmty aboate Hr atltl would oesltlea
be likely to inflame party leelins; a
mong our fellow-citizens, in the midst
of whom it is our happiness to have a -ways
lived in harmony and quiet, and
our desire and hope su t live always.
"We relinquish, therefore, anything
' like a vindictive purpose towards llie
perpr-Jrat,ors of this injury, for which
we Have no uoubt their consciences
will in time hold them to a sufficiently
For, ourselves, we
d sustaining cunh-
so to live as to live
down the vilest calumnies."
We mention these things, to the end
that the People of Ohio -may under
stand the nature of the document to
be circulated among them. It canuot
be, that a budget of assertions which
.have rendered their author liable .la the
l J t7..,W V.IW .. . V. ..MB f ' ' " " ,
we have met the following caustic ar
ticle on the subject from the pen of Mr,
Hammond of th Cincinnati Gazette,
Mr. Hammond alludes to the Doctor's
display, of fire-arms. We have heard.
that at the close of the present session,
the champion of Locofocoism purchas
ed an immense raw-boned Rosinate,
equipped himself with an ordinary pair
of nocket pistols, besides a brace of
polished duelliug pistols, and flinging
his rifle on his shoulder, placed hi
"It '
'face towards sunset, with the declara
Ition, that he hail rendered himsell such
an impediment to Whigisin that it was
I necessary lie should guard against any
atteirrpts upon a life so valuable to his
Whether true or false, the
'ory gives the cliaracteristics of the
Saftirda- J..U r tho l..t .la of tl..
mJ. JUly 7, tllC last Hay Ol the
:. r Jr...J.. . ,
session oi to isress. escent sunnav.
when tn item ; one of the appropria.
,: k;i!a ,.,i ,n.;.i.I; 'n.
r,uncan the Representative of the first
Congres:onal District of Ohio, com
menced a speech, which he said was
intended at a reply to Mr. Bond. The
absurdity ot attempting this, at that
period of the session, was manifest to
every one. It was at palpably imprac
ticable as it was absurd. There was
such a general declaration against hear
ing him, that Doctor Duncan proposed
a compromise i he asked for leave to
publish a speech, and assert that it urns
delivmd,thotghin POINT OF FACT,
no'aicA delivery took place. The lib
erty thus to write and print himself a
falsifier, was conceded to. him by ac
clamation. The members from every
side of the House giving an Qprorinus
consent, Mr. Bond only asked Dr.
Duncan to note on the speech that Mr.
Bond himself had not heard it dattrer.
that J)r--buncan was in earnest.
Doubllesi his proposal was regarded as
one of those bravadoes, by which he
had obtained notoriety) such as travel
ling with bifj-rifle-atHl pistols, and ps
ratling them fdr observation. Never
theless it appeari that the speech pro
posed by llr. Duncan, is forthcoming
in tl tlailr Globe of JulyjSth, and a
veritable document it is, -covering
twelve close printed columns of that
paper. . . "
Men sometimes lemi themselves to a
rather iainiible Servicr will) a con-
sciuusnes that exposure would render
tln iu contemptible, but in the hope that
mch expoure will ni-ver take place
Literary and political laurels are often
s"tight,'br beciming a mere channel
thiuaili which the thoughts of other
men, embodied in their own language,
are fient abroad tlirotiKh the prrss: but
this is seldom attemnted witli the con.
vicliiitilhnt tllU fUU. of tile conceited
''aw 'i'l jackas must be exemplified,
Dr. DuiiQan ' ha lilaicd himself in, this
posiiltMii, tnou-i nciiils,alemtnt Irom-that-presented from
rate occurrence. A very small of the speech i his own pro-
ductioii. the greater part has been pre-1
pared Tor him. To ni", it seems easy,
1 c 1,
in place mv fiiiccr unnn the paraj;rjp!is
r1, ' - ,' r .7... '
of his paternity. In farmer iiliraae,
they bear 1 1
. , 1
s "Uraail ami earmark,"
and the residue
I- .1.. .1. ....l
is distinctly staiiipitl
... , r . ... - w , the impress of the kitchen Cab
me ,m?vil,rC8n ,.sc 'a,.a.ct;,,'"J b
a H()L,' peculiarly h,s rtwn, and,.
it may be traced through the first seven:
I r 1 fr 1 , t it... i.t. ..Ii . . . t ,l.u ,lllr 1 1
''heae may be considered introductory.
I hey ntipoit that the speaker was goatl
"HOWL " bv the
ion amUirctilation
" ..,,. v. s. -.-
tritt of Columbia.
.. ....
1 have once seen a .hacKiinff waon
may, eu io put inrin ins
, . .. . r . ... l. i.T .
r 1 1 . 1
i i . . i i . - i. ,t.
"Mr. Kendall, under an appoint-
raent from the Secretary of the Treat'
ury. viaited the cities of Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York and Boston,
to negociate with the banks, and spent
some days in each city. He had ne
rp.mrilv i ta much comnanv at the
hi. loll u.'lira ha at, ami thi.a. tvhn
.. , -
have had octasion to take private par?
tors, and have private tables at the
public houses in those cities, where
they necessarily sc and treat civiliy
many gentlemen calling on them, know
that the actual expense including tra
velling, can scarcely average less than
tei dollars a tlay. Mr. Kendall paid
all these out of his own pocket, and re
ceived from the Treasurybarely e
nougli to make himself whole. . This
it the whole of this mighty s flair, 4' the
sum received, all told was 316,11."
An illustrative example of republi
simplicity and economy! Ten dollars
. ,i r.- -r i i
imj mr ciiHTtjaiiie, lor pat lorn auiii
tables and "gentlemen" visiters assod
ation, whilst plotting the great robbery,
in which originated all Ihe busint-ss
difficulties that from that tlay has dis
turbed the country!!
The calumnies upon Mr. Southard
are thus wound np:
"Great reform was notoriously ac
complished by Gen. Jackson's admin
istration, in expelling' from power the
direct, profligate and felonious plun
derers' of the Treasury. Yet it is said
there hat been rto reform, and the peo
ple are appealed to, to restore the old
onler of things Yes, to restore South
ard to the Navy Department," and per
chance Watkins jtrTjhe Fourth Aodi
tnr's office, and Clay, "the head man
of tbsj whole corrupt gang, not to tbe
orawnuyiwo no . a j.ick, u - rabiJ ,he fierce.t hmpt of t!
merara team.; so poor that .me ini-ht c , , nQ fetntcUofi
hang hi, hat on their hip bones. I Ins fn ft (.g,ue of ibe
establishincnt was driven by a nt-gro rwu tnJ ga milli t the latter pof.
half naked, lame of one leg and bd (ion f ti. conUin, Q ,
of one eye. h.s, s,r is a specimen ail( He,fon .re .ingled and mailed
of he use made of what is called th , tfn r w,)id mtCQr
bottom turnpike road." j lone CJtllJ prrtduce. Dr. Duncan is
This, gentle reader, is a specimen 'strong in ertinity. p-.psonal and politi
of Dr. Duncan's "HOWL,' mtroduc- calj but the libels, in this portiriri of ,
tory to the Kitchen Cabinet disquisi- the speech, are of a character that he
tion, which commences thus; -liui could not have uttered. They are f
the perch." And thia i Ui Wow". topics not litely to occupy his atten
in a different way. ti(,n with whith he could have no fa-
The first subject taken up is that of ,niliaritv, up;n which he could have m
the public lands. And under this head, personal feeling, no wrankling ven
the increased expenses are attributed aticc to wreak upon liatei individu4'''
to the increase of labor. For the rest, a.. yot he stand before the citizens
theft is a dead silence. Not a word thL. United States, in the character
about the Sub-Treasury operations a- f a nin capable of a most fiendish "
mong Surveyors aud Receivers, who personal vituperation of an individual
have Tobbed the Nation's cash, and leu f,.om whoirt ie rou!d never receiv
it the bag to hold. !ed a personal affront! Though, in Fici,
5rconrfi-?-Tli old story of the Ru-I, mere conduit pipe only, Ins position
fu.s Ki"g .mission to Englaud is revived)';, therefore the more opprobrious and
with the despatch voyage of Mr. IMca- lnhriiliat h.
a"!,s- , . ! With the whitewashing r-f (lit Oloba
Jlnrdly -Amos Kendall comes intermixed a portion or iheprnbeed
review, and Amosoccupiesmuchapace. J irgi f Blair's Whitewashing Commit-
He is white-washed with great care, tee, from no rPport has been.
both as Fourth Auditor and Postmaster Jma,tc to the House. Tlu-se selection
General. And with, Amos, the wretch- ,,ow (hat the Committee are preparing
ed Dr. Watkins is dragged from his ob- their varnish with all industryj ami
Bcurity, and Senator Southard shame- !,,at erery facility is promptly furnUh
Tully vilified and calumniated. Hut in ted hy the department. Mr. Secret,
requital, we have one item of infonna- ry Woodbury answers without hesita
tion, worth something: it relates to the fn or reserve. J. K.Paulding, of
mission or Atnris Kendall, when nr- jt,e Navy, makes his debut, in thia
raiiKing to rob the U. S. Bank of ..the j wash-pot, apparently nothing lothj and -public
drpositcs. the Globe publishes the entire "howl"
State Department, but to the Presideu
cy dejure, as he was once President
de facto. And poor old Gen. Hatrison
having, with one v hite been used by
thenrmrrfit'-ttiTr'y "leel itronjr, is to Ba
laid on the shelf, and yield all honors
to Monsier Brag, the corrupted of thai
Here is a "howl" as rank in ferocity
is if it received tongue from Dr. Dun
can himself. But it is the bay of a bet
ter practiced hound, tinder whom, it
may be profitable for Dr. Duncan to
take lessons.
fourthly Certain doings iri the War
Department are takn up for Vindica
tion. The Paymaster General, and the
Surgeon General, and the Quarter
Master General, and the Commission
er General of Subsistence have each
directed a campirative examination of
Mr. nn,d's speech.
Tht Paytnsster shaws an increased
expenditure In his office, and so shows
every one of the Generals. Each finds
Some trilliriT variation in Mr Horn
;,, nicp. The wholo Ip.vp. tl, Bnh-
jcct in suc, , ta(e lht jr ouncan
thus essays to gloss it oVer.
. . , . ,
"Abuses do exist, always have ex-
-, , , , ... ,
itetl, and always will exist, in this and
, . . - . f ..
.1. ,c iiiiiiisu ai.11,11 u 1 an uitier iriiv -
1 ti n iiiijm.ssiuic 111,11 nil
..... , f 1 1 r .
i"i i,'iiini,ai icuriai lauriu can oe con-
vt,lthoUt J(,m abusM 0 ,
frailty.and depravity exist, and furm A
-()f fhe J J f
. -f - ,, '
Here is not a "howl," but a wh'int
apolnn-etical. 1 here Is no virtue lit
t,,e democracy, more tTrin in others, to
ress ibusesIl-A comfortable con- "
'V"6' nnrres WHO prOCUretl Allen
: the aODomtment. This is the vomit
f-h 4 concVction of ,rnom a4
with commendations and thanks!!
These cannot force it into reputation.
It must find the doom which a Senator
in Congres once pronounced upon th
Navy "leave to sink by i:s own von
dtron'yP This document, of which . Dr; Dun.'
can has beer! bedoled to beCoitiethe pu
tative father exposes him to odium ev
ery where. Its outrages sfriks persona
and things in wanton malignity Par
ties Districts, Cities. Groups, Individ,
ual emoluments tr aJj jn turn asiU
ed. A famishing spirit of vampyre
intensity pursue the high and low, the
living and the dead Samuel Southard
and Tobias AYatkihs, Henry Clay and
litifus King. Can a production of such
loathsome ingredients find favor with
the country? We shall see.
Nolhine could exceed, in noinf tf.1
.. - . .
accuracy oi delineation, the detcrip
n. n 1.1.11 ,.y Kir., a aninaugi, oi llie
Democracy' abouf which we have
heard so much' since Ja'cksonism and
Jacobinism became Synonimous terms.
This graphic picture was drawn by Mr.
T. at the close of his powerful Speech
in reply .to Messrs. Wright, Benton
and Strange, when it was proposed to
repeal the principal features of the de
posit e law. Let the reader hole dis
passionately the positions here taken,
and see if the are hot true to the fife.
flteAmW tPhlg.
Mr. President, fsaid Mr. Tallnadae)
the Senator from North Carolina Mr.
Strange ,J has this morning mourned o
ver the humiliated, the (alien, (be da.
linn .... St. 'V--.. I .
traded, tha disgraced condition of thai
Demoratb part, a.b Is pltdtMr

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