North Carolina Newspapers

"Vll B STA R
M A Ilk tl
CJ L of subserlptiona to the
. i i nni in mrrx-atw of SUMCnpimn. -
-cUlly who til remai
-' firm- .aecyJ'"
L . -j. .l:. -.ill Mctm
frtrf one wno rr
i address - -
i Iwieeowrt without further delay.
"1. rrrmn, at dlfttnce mriy very safely
JlnVrniently "" the .mount due by
LsherilT of their respective counties, who
tt be coming to thi. City .hortty to make
.k-ir annual return.
TH08. J.
...(...m nancr iti the Stsf
l.EMA Y. I
rill confer a
bforby jirifK the above one or two mer.
BERTIE 3 Member.
Coleram, 7lh July, 1838.
t. tlie Editor of the Star. -Dear
Sin Our election Uover.aml has re
judia for of the Whig Dr. Mebane
.jbsentfrom the county about 10 or 12
,bi during the canvas, smj some of his
fait In to console themelve Uy altribnt-
Rtherr defeat veTfiuTcTt-ioaJsiaireei bHt hit
were active and industrious during
, stale time, and I do'nt think hit auc
competitor received the vote of a eol-
Yn Bat" nn ,n t,,e 0"ntr 1 hope
kre trreA the State, and that it will be
rtetepfnnirK of better timet. Branch re.
ni larger TO,e ,n thia-county than I ex-
But ruch ia the tyatem of organ! aa .trill with " the party" that it only
uirrtthe word of command, and they ral
V it the polli.
Below I give you he ttatement ofthe poll., Wm. v. . Cherry. W. S56, A W
HebincV B . For the commons ja.
IUyntr. V v 481, I-ewit Bond, W. 451,
JohnF. L'. " V,t,e ol1 memoerj
(m S Pr Jen 136. Mr Hayner wa run by
Hit W1 Bt. Ooad being the only Whig can
didte. nwny of our friendt voted for Rayner,
prefering him to the othert. For Gov. Dud
lty5j Branch S25. John Freeman, for
iheriff, received 723. The whole number
polled rn 898.
CARTERET, 1 Member.
Elijah S. Bell, Whig, in the Common a
Whig sain.
CHATHAM 4 Member.
Senile, Wm, Albright, W Common, J.
S.Guthre, Clegg, Waddell.all whig.
Whig gain 1. Poll: Senate, Albright 541,
lan 392. Common, Clegg, 812, Guthrie
fll,!fll 900, Cotton, V. B. 800, Fou
itt, V. B. 675, Jno. J. Al.ton, V. B. .161.
fhftiff, Harmon 985, Lightfoot 578. For Gov
mor, Dudlrv 1026, Branch 250.
COLCMBUS 1 Member.
Gtta a majority for Dudley. In the 8onate,
jnrtw. V. B. beat Hall W. B8. BMm end
Innrvick yet to be heard from. Thi elec
toa will be very cloa.. 8mitb W. elected to
tx Commons, over Powell, V. B. No change.
- DAVIDSON 3 Member
Arnate.Dr. Wm. R. Holt- Common, Dr,
!. LBeall and Charle Brammell. All whig.
Xarbang. Poll: Senate, Holt 662, Jno. W.
ThooMt 4S2. For Governor, Dudley 1412,
Bnoch 70. fheriiT, Col. John M. Smith.
GREENE 1 Member.
Commoni, Jamea William, Whig a Whig
pin Poll: William 308, C, Harper V. B,
l!0. For Governor, Dudley 369, Branch 61
' Id tbii Scjiatorial Diitrict. the vote stood jl
Mow: In Greene, J. Harper, W. 187," A.
Vr'ootta, V. B, 66; in Lenoir, Harper 65,
Wooteo 15, majority for Harper Gl another
JONES 1 Member.
"WiiKan Hugina, Whig, is elected in lb
Commons. No change. '
(a this Dutrict, Maj. Enoch Foy, Whig i e
f! Senator. No change.
8nate, W. Moody, Whig, Commons, Ju
lias Amis and Herod Faiaon. Mr. Faion is a
Whig; Mr. Ami is opposed to the Admini.
mutm, bat tupporu the 8ub-Tressury. We
cuei him with the Whig a in oar Table.
ORANGK 5 Members
Ttths Editarof the Star.
dear Sir: The long agony it over. The
Foeot have carried the county, with the
"ption of Mr. Graham. The vote is as
" Graham
John! on
1 1489
a CteSf1 IfMB VAN Will (IM,V, ftf
A j r ,
members. Oramrhu fnn. Tt, nrm.
- vrcun oi ine standard and iu mi
a gone abroad, and tha nlinawnr
fuwl...- .. O-
- trion,m of the county have, for a too-
wunered beneath it touch. Men and
however inmpficant, will have their
ew influence and the people of the
TVM ,,,e Su,e m,y no to whom
tot Waterloo defeat are due. B-t,
-, B.gtt-toujea and patriotic are sot dit
courage..!. We are stricken down, but not
conquered. The flag of the country is still
flyingthe vetl fire of revolutionary free,
domyet burnt brightly upon our -country
altar.- ' Palsied be the arm that would dart
extinguish hi ' Our cause la 'he cauae ofthe.
country i it advocatee are .the advocate of
the country, and the hour of peril ha prov.
en, and will again prove, their czclutire and
ditintereited devotion te it Interests. But
whatever may be the difficulties and (loom
of Jbe. present, theJVVhiga.of Orange., yet,
fearlrta and tinsublued, conjure their fallow
citizen Mill to pretent an undivided front a
gainst partisan fury and executive opprrnion.
And here, to the pretence of the honored
living, and betide the gravea of the illuttriout
dead, with a long line of brilliant triumph
achieved elsewhere, in their rear and before
them, VICTORY playing from every atar of
our national emblem, hand locked and heart
mingled in patriotic communion around their
eouniry' altar,' they pledge- to their fellow
citizen and to each other their "i'ive, their
furtiinr, and their tacred honor," that their
descendant shall participate In the bleatingt
of an undimmed and unturrendered freedom!
SURRY 4 Member.
"I hasten to give you tha result of oar elee.
tions. The Whigs have gained a glorlou
victory. Metback Franklin, Senate, majority
over VV. P. Dobson. 90. Common. Poreor. ,
Bogden and Ogleiby by bandaoma majoritie.'
Whig gain 4.
WARREN 3 Member.
Senate, Weldon N. Edward. Common
William Eaton, Jun., 500, Samael A. WU"
liama-479. Gen. John Hawkin 356, Thoa. II,
Chrintmaa 112 Eaton At Williams Vana, e
lected no change. 8heriT, Joaeph 3. Jone
997, Thomaa T. Judkiaa-256, Matthem M.
Drake 163, John E. Watken 117. For Gov.
ernor Branch 6S1, Dudley 106.
WAKE 4 Member.
Senate, Samuel Whitaker. Commonn, N.
G. Band, D. MaMeyr Mangum. All V.
B. Whig Iota, one. Poll: Senate, Whita
ker 54, Dr. Hick 412. Common, Rand
1158, Maaaey 1145, Mangum 1081, Galea
907, IIarria791, M'Cullera 411, Hmton 540.
ForSheriit, Burt 1058, Roger 699, Ashton
177. For Governor, Dudley 937, Branch
Notwithatanding the fotil play that wat
uted againat- Mr. Gale, he would no doubt
have been elected had there not been four
Whig' candidate! for the Common. The
people of Wake county have been grottly
deceived and imposed upon by the vile ttUe-.
hood, eipecially against Mr. Gale, that have
been invented and circulated among them by
designing politician!) but wa truat the day ia
not far diatant, when their eye will be o
pened to the imposition which have been
practised upon themi and when they will
deal out even handed justice to those who
have so wilfully and wickedly abused their
We learn from the Rrgiater the 'following
additional reaulta,
In Randolph, all Whig no change.
In Guilford' all Whig Whig gain, 1.
In Cumberland, all Vans, as heretofore.
In Robeaon,twe Vana no change.
In Brun ick, one Vliig no change.
In Bladen, a Vu Kuren Commoner a
Whig loss. - .
In Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus, Whig
Senator lost-
In the Robeaon and Richmond Senatorial
District, Gen. Dockery Whig ia re-elected.
In Richmond county, two Whigs- no
In Moore and Montgomery, a Whig Sena
tor no change.. t
In Montgomery, two Whig Commoners.
no change.
In Moore, McNeill, V. B. by ne vote no
re"Mar '
CaimdVa. Whig V. B. If. gain W.lou.
Edveaosab- -& S
- 0
I t
' 4
1 -
W arven,
Countia. 1838. 1836.
Dudteg. Branch. DuJey. SfiaiiM
75 1191
483 511
308 m
Washington 322
Johnston 732
403 ,
192 389
864 891
499 830
1J7 1132
401 507
,257 669
000 000
Cumberland 657
Orange 1480
Robeaon 450
Halifax , 137m.
Craven . " 519 . 309
Narthawpton 000 000
Gcearst 350 61
Moor. ' 555 281 545 905
Guilford - 1342 . .13 J 1 S5 -."475
Chatham 1026 1 250 932 626
Randolph 1150 70 - 1009 112
Carteret 428 48 28m.
Stoke 1030 800 828 802
Jones ,' 21 3 - 39 j 22jt 2Q
CoTeDU I90"l37 210 185
Bertl 403 225 336 489
Surry ' HtJtO 266 68T 1035
Daridion 1412 70 1218 68
- , " 17752 9002 14078 13363
We have received the first number ofthe
" Farmer' Advocate and Miscellaneous Re
porter,9 -published at Jamestown, Guilford
county ,.N -C. by Mr. John Sherwood. It is
published semi-monthly, in octavo form, each
number to contain 16 pages, stitched and co
vered, at f 1 25 per annum, in advance. It
will n doubt be a uaeful publication to farm,
era. lor whose benefit it is specially intended
and we hope the Editor will be liberally en
couraged in hi laudable undertaking.
The Armj and Navj Chronicle
mertions as a rumor, that the Ship of
the Line Ohio is to befitted out for the
Mediterranean ttation, under the com
mand uf Commodore Hall,
The Riclirr.utid Enquirer contains a
erjr significant paragraph. It con
cede! that "it is among the possible e
ventl of futuritjr, that ihe election of
President msbe-sentfo the next Con
The first of the three bonds of the
U. S. Bank to the Government, for two
millions each, due in 1839, has been
purchased br the Bank itself, at par.
The third due in 1841, has also been
bargained for.
It is stated that the United States
Bank has engaged to make a loan of
Qve millions of dollars to the Govern
ment of Texas for 20 vears, with an un
derstanding that the notes oi that bank
shall be current in Texas, and that
they are to make consignments of cot
ton to the credit ofthe bank in Liver
pool. The Banks of Charleston and the
Commercial Bank of Columbia have'
determined to resume specie payments
on the 1st of September.
At a barbae ue givn near Columbia,
S. C. on the 4th intt, ah affray occur
red in which a citizen named Addison
was killed.
A Western paper says that "the
T I. ,: , . ., ...
latftsuii pu icy IS looking up' Ijllte a
man we suppose whj is lying flat of his
The editor of the New York Ameri
can, speaking of the Webster dinner.
says "The phenomenon of the day
was S. 8. Prentiss of Mississipi. lie
is a wonderful man, with ideas as clear
as the beautiful Ohio. He has the migh
ty Mississipi of language, to bear them
onward, in a never-failing stream, to
the hearts of his hearers."
Resumption tn Kentucky.' The
Maysville, Ky. Eagle remarking upon
the doings of the late Bank Convention
at Philadelphia, fixing upon the 13th
inst. as the day of resumption, says:
"Tb Banks of Kentucky are prepared
to follow the example of those in the
North and East. " Speedily, therefore,
the government thtnplasleri, counter-
the only irredeemable
paper in the
TFhal next? A Homopathean Doc
tor announces that his practise is a sure
care for Hydrophobia the millioneth
part of a grain! We should like to
know how they would treat a sudden
violent ease of Croup; would it be by
an infinitismal fraction of a drop of
Coxe's Hive syrup?
We regret to hear that Mr. Wise of
Virginia is in ill health. On his arri
val' at Petersburg, on his way to
White Sulphur Springs, he was invited
to a public dinner but declined. Benj.
Watkins Leigh, Esq. who has been
suffering from dropsy, has undergone
an operation, which with a short resi
dence at the White Sulphur, has, we
are gratified to hear, quite restored him
to his health and profession.
The Secretary of the Treasury has
given official notice that the money be
queathed by the late James Smithson,
Esq. of London, for founding an insti
tute in the city of Washington, amount
ing to about a half million of dol
lars, will it is expected, be received du-
rintr the present month. The act of
Congress passed July T, 1838 directs
the Secretary to invest the same in
'stocks of States, bearing an interest at
a rate of not less than five per cent per
annum," and he announces that he is
now prepared to receive proposals from
persons who have stocks of this de
scription for sale.- ' - ' ' " ''
Aa invitation was given to Mr. Calhoun to
partake of a barbaca giea at Columbia, 8, C.
on tha Seta July, at a "wicome horns to Sena
tor Preston," by the citizens of that diatrieU
ftATSffdecnoea on the ground 'that be and'
Mr. Preston had differed so widely, on a ques
tion (the aub-treesaryj of auch magnitude and
importance, lie could not accept an invitation
to partake in a festivity intended to honor the
course of hia colleague, without condemning
and dishonoring hTi ownT" Iq hie letter to the
committee, we observe that among other rea
son which ha assign for advocating the Sub-
treasury scheme, he states that adeslre to
unit tha South wat not the least The onion
ofthe South is ceruinlr very desirable ob
ject; but Mr. Calhoun, however correct and
honest hi intentions, ha certainly missed the
maik widely in tha'Wahaby which It is to be ac
complished. Instead of uniting, it is dividing
and distracting the 8oulh more than any other
question; and if division had been his object,
herould not, therefore, have employed a more
uccful instrument with which to cfTet hia
purpose. It will not evtn unite 8. Carolina;
and we believe it separates it advocates in that
8tate from the great body of the Slate Right
party in Georgia, North Carolina and Virgin
ia. The organ of the State Rrieht partv in
Virginia, the Richmond Whig, is one of tho
ablvat and moat zealous opponents of the sub
trestory in the Union; the leading Stale Righla
papers in Georgia have taken
against that dangerous "experiment;' and only
on Slate .Right paper in this State, the Wes
, , I
tern Carolinian, goes with Mr. Calhoun on.
the subject. These facts, together with the tri
umph of the Whigs in Maryland ind the
Old Dominion, and the probability of llirir
success here and in Georgia, show conclusive
ly that the South nrver can be united in Ihe
support of the sub-treasury; fcut that they are
much more likely to become united against a
scheme so fraught with mischief, to tbemselrr
and lo the whole Union a scheme which ia
so obviously the germ of a centralizing influ
ence, which must ultimately consolidate all
power in tb Federal Government; and finally
concentrate it in the hands of the Executive.
and make him a despot both in name and in
We ahall publish Mr. Calhoun' letter and
some acount ofthe barbecue, which was a splen
did affair. There were 600 person present.
and one half sub-treasury men but all adinir-
srs of the unrivalled orator and alatesman, Mr.
Preston, whose speech waa a scorching dis
section ofthe sub-tressury party. Tostts for
this despotic project, however, were given by
person present.
We regret that we have been unable
to look over the pages of the August
number of the .Messenger, which has
been several days upon our table. We
observe, howeverthat it is spoken of
in high terms of commendation. The
National Intelligencer notices it in the
fuUowing complimentary manner:
"It contains many interesting arti
cles. Among them mv be-waeniioned.
as of sterling merit and interest, "He
marks on a late review of Bacon,"
'Biographical sketch of Captain Sam
uel Cooper, of Georgetown, D. C."
"Benefits of the Reformation on ihe
Happiness of Man,", "Biographical
Sketches f Living American Ports
aritf Novelists," &c. Not-the least
meritorious feature in the.Messenger is
the great punctuality of its appearance
at its stated time.'? ,
7aco Foco Laming. The Philadel
phia Gazette acknowledges the receipt
of a rapid loco tico communication,
headed Fax fur the Ptcpit," the or-
thography of which it says, is'equalleil
only by that of an advertisement once
tausntxtketeM on I ung mounting."
We never pretended that we
been "authorized" to say that Judge
Strange intended to resign, but that
he did so intend, and that lie will do
so, unless the "party" be more liberal
than we have ever known them to be,
we have not the slightest doubt.
We hadour first intimation r.f this
intention from friend in Washington
City, some months ago, which was
confirmed bv the secret Circular from
Raleigh, urging the democrats in the
3tate to energy, as "there would be a
senator to be elected br the Legisla
ture ducing Ihe approaching session.;'
We do not wish to go farther into the
alleged causes that imperatively, de
mand ! the Senator's resignation, but
until he shall have either formally de
nied the existence of such intention,
now and heretofore, or again taken his
seat in the Senate, we shall continue to
believe that he mutt and tcill re-
. . . .. '..
tine thing is certain, that according
to his own doctrine, he ought to resign,
as he does hot represent the wishes of
a majority of his constituents.
Newbern Spectator.
Uiglily Interesting, if 'Drue. The
Siecle of Paris says that one of the ob
jects of Marshal Soult's mission to En-
gianu,waa iv ouiam permission iu re
move the remains of Napoleon to
France! and in this, it is said, he has
succeeded, with the aid of the Duke of
Wellington. It is stated further, that
the Prince de Joinvi le is to proceed to
St. Helena, ia command of a frigate,
having on board a soldier from every
regiment in France, and that the' re
mains of Uie Emperor are to be deposit
ed under the column in the place Yen
dome, with solemn . religious ceremo
nies, at which, the Duke of Wellington
will b invited to be present. It has
long been the aim of the admirer of Na
poleon (and all Frenchmen are ehlranc
ed by his glory,) to get hia remains
from St, Helena, ami to deposit them
rn TnietTOe TentloineTTn the-nearToT
Parts. Probably Louis Phillipe would
strengthen his dynasty more by that
movement than by any other he could
make. .The Steele, however, is not a
Journal to be depended upon. ' It sees
gowtmimy thi ftg'tf'Ttf advance ofthe
mail" and often mistakes fancies for
tacts. .- ,
From the New York Tines; August t.
Awful contiTgraiiori end lost of life,
At A o'clock this morning a fire broke
out in Ihe rar ol 31r Vtest street,
which spread witli alarminz laputiiv.
and destroyed about 45 houses, being
the1 entire block, Perry, Hammond,
West ami Washington streets. These
h ue were occupied for the most part
by poor people, and we understand that
upwards uf 80 lamilirs have been thus
deprived of their home.
One of the fire man discovered the
remains ol a liumtn being in a sethn"
posture, the head some distance Torn
the trunk, and the w'luU so dreadfully
ournt mm uisugureti tijjft recognition
was impossible. It w's fnund in the
rear of the house in Hammond street.
and is supposed to be the body ufa man
t tr t a
1 t mr i . a
i namoi a. i naiiiri ... ..
i ne vnroner
was called to view the '
o:ny, an tniiiesi nrhi, and a verdict
returned accordingly to the above facts.
The Legislature of .North Carotins
f. .... .
has ordi'ied that the lands in .that
State lately occupied bv the Cherokees,
shall be sold on the first Monday of
September next, at Franklin, Macon
I he Editor of the Genria Constitu
tionalist, intending to reply to Mr.
Bund's speech, has written three or
four long articles by way of prelimina
ry flourish, without arriving at all at the
merits ofthe subject. He promises to
get t' the gist ol the matter lly and
by. Ve beg linn, to remember the esse
of Hie Duchman, who being about to
jump over a wide ditch, and wishing
to take a fair start, went back three
miles and ran the who'e distance with
such tremendous speed, that, when he
arrived at the ditch he had to ait down
on the edge of it and rest himself with
out being able to jump at all.
Lou. Jour.
; We learn Verbally, thaJt the cars on
the Ualeigh and Gaston jlaillloadran
over a negro man in the neighborhood
of Mrs. Little's
on numlsy evening
him to death.
War. Rep. -
last, and crushed
A meeting of the "original friends of
Judge White" was recently hdd in
Shelbyvillt. Bed foul county, Tennes
see, wifli the view of obtaining an ex
ptsiion of opinion hostile to M r, C ay'.
Achaiiman was appointed, two Van
Buren Orators addressed the meeting,
and resolutions were presented. Uen.
Barringer. late a tnemuer ol Congress
from North Carolina, opposed the res
olutions, and expnsed the true charac
ter and object of the originators oi the
The Nashville Whig says:
"Loud huzzas rang through Ihe
house as this vrtfrnn in the Whi cause
proceeded in his remarks, and ere he
had become warmed with the subject,
(he people gathered around JiifltjuiiJi
the ''most enthusiastic interest.
"The 'waTiirappTau'lvTtTrwTiTch the
remarks of Gen. II. was received stung
the Loco Focos to madness. The Chair
man abruptly abandoned hia post, the
ting upon-
their lul lowers lo-et)ejjiMloIabout
fifteen persons left the meeting, leaving
ueiiinu incm ny lar the larger portion.
The people insisted that Gen. B.
should proceed, which lie did with the
most triumphant success. At the close
of his speech, he demanded whether
they would "stick to the Whig cause
ami uenry tjiav." - Every voice res
ponded av! ay! The noes were then
called for, hut not a tongue responded.
Mr. Clay's strength anil popularity far
exceeiira ins most sanguine cxpecta
tions of his friends.
The Wabash (Ind.) canal now in
progress, is to reach from Manhattan,
at the mouth of the Maume river to
Teire Haute, on the Wabash. 510
inilesf thence, by a cross-cut 24 miles.
to Central canal, and down the south
ern section of that 110 miles to Evans-
ville, on the Ohio river, it) Ihe south
western part of Indiana, making a to
tal distance of 444 miles. The sum
mit level, about 200 feet above Lake
Eriev is at Fort Wayne. One hun
dred and ten miles of this canal, west
of Fort Wayne, are ready for naviga
tion. One hundred and six miles east
ward from Fort Wayne to Manhattan,
its termination, are under contract.
partly made, and to be completed by
October 1, 1839.
C7 Did it nevet strike our readers,
that the Globe newspaper never fails to
discover some fault tn every dismissed
member of the Cabinet, just as soon us
he gets his Mva!kin. papers," althongh
it may previously have vindicated him
against every aspersion, and sworn dai
ly to the immseulateness of his virtue
as well as to the infallibility ot his wis
dom? Secretary Dickerson has scarce
ly been superseded in the Navy De-(
partment by Mr. Paulding, when the j
Globe admits that "the discipline and
ckaracter of the Navy are at a ver
low ebb;" and accounts for itbysav-
iug uiai ca oecrrtary uicKersnn "wat
too indulgent in granting leaves of ab-
jejlCfLjyjlnniiLiliia diacrir
permitting officers to accept or reject a
winvn ne nia ordered them
--and in various other ways neglecting
or declining to enforce those rigid role
of discipline so indisnentible t th.
! Jirinciplt pfe.very. aervWlTbat '
an tfiia ia true, we have no doubt-,fof
the yhigs have been bringing forward
these charges for years past, but they
were treated as "Whig: lies , ind Mr.
Dickerson, instead , of being promptly
superseded, was retained in the De
partment, to the . manifest ruin of the
Navy, and the injury of the country.
Is Gen. Jackson's old doctrine of the
Unity of the Executive, and conse
quent, responsiblity of the President
for the acts of his Secretary, sliU rec
ngni.ed at Washington? "
- , Lync, ilrg.
The, New York papers an
nounce the death of Judge Andrew 1).
W. Rruyn. one of the (Loco Foco;
members of Congress from that State.
An election will, we presume, beheld
to fill his plare this Fall. At the elec
tion last year in that State, the vote in
his District was very close Whis;
ri6l, Van 7108 a small - Whig ma.
jnniy, witicti we none
which we hobe has been subse-
ouentlv increased. Ib.
More than JlonmH De not ion. T lie"
Springfield Mass.) Gazette says that
Judge Mor(on'gtve the following an
swer to the commiUee wha waited upon
him to inform him of hi last nomina
tion by the Loco Foco party for the of
fice ol Governor: 'Gentlemen, raid
lie, I think I am pretty well used up,
hut if you think there w any thing left
of me, you are welcome to the use of
it." .
MEKI.ENBURG 4 Member ,
fente, 8. Fox V BS9, VV AAndrev, W
4S4. Common.. O VV. Caldwell 1SU7. J
Hutchison 1043, C Erwin 1072, all kVU
no change, W 8 Normrnt 90, J Osborn
809 For Sheriff, T N Alexander 1013, J I
Smith 785 For Governor, Dudley 781,
Branch 979
STOKES 4 members rm change
Senate, Matthew It Moore, W 641, George
F Wilaon V B 480 Commons, Jamea W Co
vington. V 1 034, Caleb It Matthews, W 1037,
iamea Stafford. V I) 1033, Samuel BoUjoak,
W 933. D F Folgrr, V B 068, Jit Z Brown,
V B 064 For (Sheriff; 8 8tone. VV 950.
el Crewa, V B 1083 For Governor, Dudley
0C4, Sranrh 763.
Rf)WAN--4 member
For Governor.
For Dudley, SOOS .
Branch, Id
jf- , General Assembly, '
Senate Samnel Ribelin.
Csmmont Wm. D. Crawford, Hamilton C.
Jones, Jesse A. Clrment.
ISIsle ofthe Poll. '
Senate Rilielin 687; E. D. Austin 35
Commons Crswford. 1478t Jone 1I83
Clwrrt 0?U R. II. Kil ntrlck 734r 'Adam
Rnseman o35i liilta VV. rearaon' 33S -Au
Winn!! " .
For Slieriff.
John II. Ilardie rlrrtrd. ;
Sfat. menl Hardie Ml; John Jone. 871.
Tlidma Foster Is eleeled Sheriff el Davie
County hy a large msjarity nver B. Ijara -
iied, r - 0
At hi residenre, ,in Franklin eaanty, mn
Thursday last, Mr. John O, Rahote.!, ttr. fcr
merly of ihia city. Mr. R. earn lbi death
by an injury received by b. Inj throws fr. m hi
ulky 8 or 10 days ago, on hia wy from Louis.
burg home, lis was taken np out of the road,
where he wa found, in slate of insensibility,
and we understand continued (pceehlesa to the
last. r -
At hi residence in Jfaslv eoiinlyanllie -n'jjht
of the 25 h ultimo, in the 56th year of
his ape, Capt Franri Drake, leaving an aflee
(innate wife aM right children, lo lament
their Ins, and (cnly regretted by an exten
sive circle iif relative aiwl devoted friends. -
the Gist rarof hi (re, in whose death hia
nt'Tghhora and tha county generally have so.-
tainrd a g'eat loss. Alao, at hia residence lis
Alabama, Green VV. Drake, formerly of Naati
count, on the 3rd ol June, in the 31st year
of hi a iff. leaving an affectionate wife and
fbur yonnjr cWihhen to deplore their irrepar.
able loss. He moved from hi nstiv hum
(Nash County, N. C ) last fall, in search of
more fruitful anil, but he ha been taken
from hi friend in the ptime of life. The
onlv regret manifested in dying, wa parting
with hi rcctio"(e wife and children, which
dUp'ays an evidesce of great goixlnea of
heart. Beside liis own rWar fml y he In
left an extensive circle ot friends ana relatives '
to mourn hia departure. - . , (Csn.
rai.eigh ro.ujrrEjtsa.
The jentleruen who have enrolled their names "'
Tor the purpose ot iormins- a Volunirvr Corns in
the City, are n-tjuritrd tn meet m the Court
Itmis to-morrow eight, (Thursday ihs Itth,) at
anll IirIm, lor lbs pMrjww ot orvsniuima. .
Clnsen wb h not entered ihsir nsmes, ,
mcinber of the Company, are Invited to tua
and unite U so lauitslile an enterprise. ' '
VV. U. CAItHIXG rO.V.Ca'm.ofCow.
Will be olit for ea.h, belora tha Csurl Honsa
door in tire town of Hertford, on Mnndsr th
tOib day of September neat, (bwinf Ihe aseonit
Momlay) one ti aslof taad, or much thereof
a will 'i at (lie lanes lo thereon, lor Ik year
IS3S, and aoat of advertising, lying near th wa
ter of Lilll River, ai'iomiiit; K limit of Jsmet
I. Wbedhea, Edm'd C Mount and ethers, saw. -timing
su acres, liiterf andee lb nm oi Gear
tc Rossell, taxes snioimtiag to $18 SO, and snsa.
monly called the Tarkey UMge Met of Isad.
Aogost 1st, H3I M 4
Prioesdv. 8
The subscriber withes to employ a sltrk.who
it Ihoronrblv armisintsd with tha Dry Gotxis
basinets, and book-kepin.. To one of tnitsbl)
qoalifisatiotia, ana? ho aa on well reeom
msleu, goot w.grs Slid a permsncpt ihuatien
will be i-. A pestoaal applieati'oo. it Braa
ticsbl, leUeawoil. ; ,
Rsleigh. July 17, l't.1 : so ,t w
Neatly and expeditiously ciecufoJ at'
this Office-

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