North Carolina Newspapers

    "'"Trf te tl Senatorial election we ..n;cioa,v ,We believe Mr. Calhoun te be a
" ' "ir . .... ... . it. u.Hrl.ll re. I
.. i I. . . T 1 1 III Bav, nri vuu'
eciveu an inv..---
Hit opponent,
. ,. i....- k.,Ttle to av
riluL of SS vote, over hi vote
ycaraaro. endjiit, any enio
.pi dTi?r be regular campaign July,
nonnnenl Gen. Al..on. after a artinna;
ears, has effected an
cre.e of 101, WO'WW. -R
villi bow much truth we cannot say. that a
rtion of theee new free-holder. were cres
r,a with..p:il view to the election, and
hat a part oflhem, at trMt. cannot be found
on he return, of the aeeow. At any rate
I LL ar.oearr.ot a little extraordinary, when
we cenaider the heat of the contett two year,
that ftiere ahoi.ld now be an wcre.e of
1J6 freehold vote."
It i. now known Ih.t tb. Whig, will haw a
mijority on joint ballot of at least 14 in thi. ho
Jy. Thi. great anJ supiciou revolution in
....Mir. -.nlimenUto whatevci causes stlribuis-
ble. will call forth one loud acclaim of approbe-
tion from the Republican Whig, of the country;
ind concentre ih. hope, of the Bute in a Le
gislature convened under auepicee o noble and
k..nfial. But while there ie caue, however,
, exultation, there is Uo cause for undiaeeiu.
hlL-d jenret. Some of our .bleat men Jure been
defeated, and by mean, too which a party more
more anaerupulou. in oluer reepecie,
n aw- s . a l .
d the preaent sonun.nt one, wouio
eane at thi. moment aa wvwr am "
avacv aoe and yet the Standard would eeek an
....... . I If
.ith iha " me jruiuntrr Ana u
each epithet, hare been neaped by thi. print op-
yHr r'l"OTP;wtjmaj noinepromingm
Jority of $0 la tha LegiiUtarw quite suffl-
cient to elect a wuuj
Stela Righumen,f North Carolina eipact!
Aa Sub-Treasurers, they aiay lor toe momen.
be flatlereds bol that done with, they will pe
kicked out of doors, and left free to go 8oulb-
if the like. We know that some ub-
Treaeory Nullifler have been nattered' by tub
psrty-r-snd we know farther, th.tthey bete flat
tery lrom euch eoorce aa ihey do viper's
breath. If they pport to ouo-1 reaaury, iney
ill do as front the impolee of hmg-chenehed
principle., and without uniting theimeivee with
.i.u lf.iled democratic party. Ae to eome
other upon whoaMhe Standard count, we e.n
tell bim that be haa miecalculated bia boat. Mr.
Rafnrr, of Hertford, ie called upon to eapport
the 8ub-Trra.ury Now we happen to know,
from the eery bert authority, that Mr. Bayner
lib nor .upport thi mea.ura. He opposed
it before the people of Hertford, preeented and
advocated the principles of a National Dank.
nd had the gratification of teeing it approbated
wherever it wa. properly understood. And we
believe th people of Mr. Rayner' dUtrict will
upport him in thi course. He i already po
ken of ar a candidate for Congress in oppoaition
to Mr. Sawyer, the Sab-Treaaury member, and
we ar induced to believe he will be elected.
Sfr. Rayner i. a yonng gentleman of promi.
and Ulenl, having diatinguihd himeelfin the
Convention and in the Legl.lature of lh 8tte.
Nrither jean the Standard count npo" Mr
Gilliam, of Granville. That gejitleroan may be
oopowd to a National Bank( but we believe he
will eopoe the 8oh- rrea.ury, and render the
whig, an able and undivided .upport. 1 be tact
a, the Standard must be content with ila avowed
frien la. To obtain a 8ub-Treaury msjority i.
impo-sible, whatever may be anUci paled from
the Union of parties. The whig know their
object. They know that Gov. Branch wa ran,
not with the hope of being elected, but with tne
intention of dividing Ibe Whig party, and Iran.
ty in thi. county to defeat Mr. Galea, eon.Utute kr-wg lhf Buta'Righta and Sub-Treasury men
the triumphant evidence of Di vigilance anu . yM purtB -.nk,. But they have failed,
bility. I and are now whi.tlirfg to keep up eourage-
But what will be effected by the next lgi- eonntinf . j, m,n and that when the fact
LtUre! Will Mewr. Brown and Btrange o uiitnt, from their seeking an alliance with a
in.tructed! Or will they choose the " better I f. bf oittory denounced, that
ui...h.A to UM. In Orange. Judge M.aecsi
it WxDowi, E. have beea defeated! and
lr. OiaAii.v, th. only whig member elect, wa
.VP.ed by aom. with alt the violence of party
iirH. though he generally commanded the eon
fidrnee and -upport of all partiea. From u. there
11 no n.ltery nor pr.iae oi iuo iu
men demanded. To announce their namea i. to
rTie.t regard for their bighmoraT worllTand.TeW
talenta to announce their defesl w to ap
i.rixe theiV fellow-eilixen of a tran.ient ou to
,h. public counJ'U which will be exwiMtvely
lelt il regretted. Bat are ihey conquered?
KO And we hurl theira and the people'a .tern
UifiHOCs Pi llii (oeiS of The pudo democratic
party! Mr. Mooaa.of H.lifat, and Mr. Gaw.
of Wake, have Uo been defeated. We regret
thi. Mr. Moore U a gentleman of euperior en
dowment.; and Hie vila meana uaed by tb par-
Surn bmii, ia ahto an nk'-ul-Treury man; i cr wttlfiil with tliia. - 1U witlvtl id
Tho oppoaition of Mr; Canon, of Rutherford, to I obtain furtlier proofs, o as to place llie
n U.S. Bank, i. a very different thing from being I Uct beyond duubt. He w lulled (iidis-
sithera fos iireivaait or a.ub-treaau.y eian;cover in America ome material evi-
uiasrTTfrnr th Whirs have made
a nod firht,thourh. yan. .ir w-- , . ,'.... dence of the e.Utura ..f f..r...e 1.
....W, -The BL Loum Bulletin, wniRtl nna n' irm. i . - - .
"" ", . u. v I - , i. . .. . . . tiona between Ihe New Witch! ml r.a
art. "O'lrvot n o s1'"; .- - sriora euga w snow mat nr. v is i V. . . .
.;r.nnrUM election, and the next w wiiii ..,, a..-...U! rone, ne accortlingiT continueU Ins
effectually use them itno ana;p-
.k.. t.... k..t litnle to boast of. Another
rej - . . , . - ... ,. , .-. . m r
StrtiefarTIKI tner are luiinw i iiuu wti ww reivr ins TrutT w iu. .wvw
" w. f.. jnunjer, and hail the aatisrartinn to
Atinntt n tUm riva. f. n n ... n n
It-aatteeofiefvt.towitMtbmi Ooeernor in that county. Thw- e.ndid.te Le StMe rf MMche jj-
rable ahifts to which tho dminietralion party reseivea 1919 votes and the van Puren ,ioi tniirty writtf in gc in.livian, or
a.iiatosaWUv-ilv Ba, Wf Rlume chtracteo. and aetting f.irth
meat of defeat Beaten, upon the very ques-1 y anoiner 11am 01 evwenc apon m namet oi Irfiantlic anil Norwegian
uoniwMcSUeythret 7rf V)a h,d Wle.l a camp
. . . .. -., f,iM mum: 1 the Sly-Trtuur caiuiiiitite, waa nesuHOled in tne . CuhiryrrXTnliiHunaletytlVe
uil uwv in nnr mniux . 1 . , ' .
ho that, srhil they am pros- euch, asewed ism s. .uch in hie letter ot conraincl nn Uatf, nut the ttructure or
"tKmavetill maintain abroaj the acceptanc, and ie ao eoo.idered by the public the character clearly lie moiistratee in
J a. .nd thua furniab pree. in all section, of th. Union. Gov. Dud- FnUom'a pinion,nihat they muat have
tort, they are new seeking
with lbs sain
trate at homo,
f .Mnd.ner. and thua furniab pro.
themes, with a for Jurtlfying to the toy ha reeved thrt of th oppoeiuon.
world that ehamefuldrwegard of public opinion and in 67 count.- haa received a majority of
and the sipreesed will of their nituent-, more than 17.000 vote.! Such are Ibe facus
which they are prepared to require from tne " -7 " " - " -
Repreaenlative of thia But in th. council of o tbUr own principle and doctrine, th men
the General Government. W refer to the Usl who now repreent the Sute of North Carolina,
'Standard for an Migration of these remark., in the U 3. Senate, md.t, at the next .eu.on
and will Uke th. Ubrty of setting our neigh- f Congrsva, .r agian.t th Sub-Trtutury
bor right upon om of th material pointe of . erwy tkape, er rt.ign thtir seat..'
hi .talemenu rust. ' - - nef u now r,piaiT Biing nUm
uiatant, Ku,.i u ,hil fouotr wUicn. under ,h. Ulas ol
opposition to what they ar. pleated to terra ar-
been euzraven aa early aa the 9h cen
ury. He nbnerves. that Chriatnpher
Cofumbu having visited Iceland in
4TT, a pcrtmt at which ihe vnyareaof
tne icelanilfr, in America muat have
I been well known built hy oral tradi
tion ami written books, it wa nn' im
probable that this treat navigator le
I rived in that island the nr't notion of
the existence of the transatlantic con
tinent, which he subsequently discov-
4art of valnr," and resign their aeat.t Will they fcnow tones to be in a more bopele.
" sUuffle off tin" Senatorial "coil!" Ay! thertl J.1jDOrity ever they were. Tb tide of a
the rub! To go Into retirement " to tleefi revolution l .weeping over the
perchance to dream" but net of future ekve- g ealch-Wirfd. and conjuration, of
. . . l 1 r i
lion to give up the tune anu we iu
fice, and all Ihcwe myriad little favor which
Senator, are heir, to! Ahl Gentlemen, Bhak
apeare knew full well who should live after him!
But, say Tel party, the Sub-Treaiuri will be
the leet the Nullifiera will vote with ua there,
and we hll thu. have a majority. Te AVtt
.' Why, in th name ef con.iat.ney, when
were these eicommunicated and villified NulU
fier united to y.ur brotherhood, and invited to
participate ia yvur political communionl In
vited? no, not invited CLAIMED aa y.ur
allies in a contett again.t their own principles,
the Hirhf f the Statet! But what induce.
went have you eilered them! What raminea
. cebces of by-gone limes have been revived, thua
to bind you to kindly together) To know thia,
muat here con.ult your ' Standard' oracle,
wb-h juet now aapirea to quite a aeduloua col
tivatiukof thi. new acquaintanceship!
Before 'ie wa. inepired with the hope of aom
aid from ihh party, he held the following Ian.
What doe f matter to the people whether
Judge While U anullifier or not, if he ie their
candidate; the inatrumeiit of their party, by
which they hope to vsuit into power, and if they
cannot, than to destroy the best Conetitution
the world ever aaw. These remarks ar not in
a spirit of party."
Leave to her (South Carolina) statesmen,
the CALHOU.NS, the Hamilton., and th Me'.
Uuffie'a, the control of our devtiny, and no sol
itary mourning will mark the terrific era; no
Ihe Van B reti party fall powerles on it wave
a did Canute', voic upon th ocean angry
bosom. Ths PEOPLE ar vindicating thsir
rights, and bow dare a eeliiih party seek an el-
lianes with them! Such an alliance eaa never
Uke place, Th whig party aland alone, "now
and forever, on and inseparable!'' All who ad
vocate a pure and equitable government, free
dom of opinion and freedom of suffrage, aa eon-
tradutinguisbsd from corruption, extravagance,
and executive proscription, no matter by what
name called, or by whoever led on, ar UM-
TPn nJ hava hsan ao sine th iron tiro, of
th revolution. Shoulder to shoulder they stood
up together against lbs oppression of England.
The career of our proud Republic ba purified
their principles, and gloriouly exemplified the
capacity of man for self-government. Shall ei
ther the machination, of eur enemiea or transient
division of opinion now diaunit us! Forbid
it Heaven! Forbid it our country!
We have now received complete return ef
the late election for members ot the Leg-ma.
ture. Though the latest return vary somewhat
from sur calculation si last wee, me nrengin
of nartiea. on ioint ballot, will be the aame.
Contrary to all expectation, Mr. Gaither, the
Whig candidate lor me senate in uurae era
Yancr. haa been defeated by 37 Vote, in
counties which have elected whig common
eta. To oB-set thi result, the Whig have
elected their candidate for tb Common in
Yancr, Which county we had conceded to our
opponents, tn the Buncomoe oenaionai aia-
party) h aay, " they may reel enured that
North Carolina U neither for JTeurg Ctoy ner
Jfaiiinal Bank.1" Now, although we admit
neither of ihee proposition, yel we admit they
"may be true, and still have no bearing opon tb
qaestion before Ihe people. Tb edmtiiietm
tion, ae the first grand movement in their march
lo perpetuated power, hav aooght to force up
on the people an experiment, the practical effect
of which, in the handa of the party, must be, in
iTew"f earaTTb dfprtvsrth people of
cipation whatever in th regulation of their own
affairs, and lo invert ihetr poblie aervanu witn
a power which will enable them .ucceaarully lo
reaiet th only eonrtituttonal authonty ny wtucn
ihey can be reached th voic of the people
ex pre I through 'lfiOT6T"boi'i4eavhTe'-as;'
their only choice, a lame submission lo tn let
ters thsy have forged for themselves, or a return
lo first principle, and a total re-organixalion of
their political system. Thia measure, emana
ting from the PrttiJent and sanctioned by the
Senate, (a body, which before it bad undergone
worse than JroV urrt,n waa denounced
aa aristocratic and over-bearing, and acting an
der th direct influence of bribe and promises,)
haa been thrice condemned by the direct repre
sentative of Ih people; a large majority of
whom were the avowed supporter of th ad
ministration al Ih tim of its Brat propoaition;
and yet H i sought to thrut it upon u wheth
er jrtwill or not; and while the question Is yet
before th people, waiting their final decision,
w ar ln.uH.nil told partixan leader
in thHouof RepresonuUv, that that do
ciaion is a matter of no moment! that tb Sob.
Treasury is now in full operation, and muat vu
tuatly continuo,inulth adminwtration e
fit to abandon it !
With tbes facta ataring'o. in the face, and
while the Repreeenlativ of 16 Bute (com.
The cront in Ulin iis look well.
istorrary and monepolies, ars mslignsnlly Ui- The winti-r wheat wa muslly killed,
king at the foundation, of political and eoci.l or- but the epiina; wheat now morh intro
der. Theirrong hold, are In th nortiwm ri- duced, haa ilon excelienlly well.
tie, among the low class of foreigners and na- j The conspiracy at Havana it appear
lives, who know just .a much about Bank, and was a Carnal anair. Ihe priest are
Corporation, aa an untutored African doe of I nowei iul I he re,
Ihe highest and roost abstruse principles oil wq yfJj 0j Sincerity. That duty
mathtmalicke. ei dies men nave icauera, ami i whicll ancertitins Whether a tnan IS
their united influence i by no meana contempt-I willing to be" ilesoieil by his own
bTe.TeTnTwrary4n ite-eaiaUmceJ.hlJ?ityl party i is a much mure proper teat ul
will prove to be, yet ihe blighiing effect, which j In religiouTToTTrrarteTwHt tws-hiitlljf
it may produce, demand that it should becrush- 'orwaru 111 expntie iiiinseii 10 ine re
ed. Such men may be every where known by
their unqualified denunciatione of Corporation
JHdjy.tSmaJ(iM nd by
their loud outcries for equal right, and all that.
When and how have their rights been abridged!
Not by th Banks, for their .lock ie mostly made
op by the money of widows and orphans; and
the currency which they furniab the country is I Jet your children eat freely of the
the very life of that commerce and those y.- tomatoe, cooked or raw. It is an ad mi
tern, ef private and public improvement which
extend to them employment and eustensnce.
A lo the cry of Aristoeraay' and 44 exclusive
privilege,'' we believeit to be tb ebullition of
pruach of enemies.
The u lobe ays, "It is animating
to if tlirDtftworrnts 'ttf-the'-lanfir
arouiiig themselves for the impend
ing conHicT."1 V'ery true, but the fiht
will not be on your aide.
the eehvirUM ikt La vai prepared lo meet hit
od end citron v. He bad much ay a day
r two previoiie 10 hit ileaih Ou ihe eight pic
vhiua, he was lalKii g sxsily in nle lime I
waa prewnl, Ingetlirr villi my pxriiMfr M the
practice of ih law, and agr eeably In hi re
attest, noted down a good oral ol his colter
li.m saasemiKs; mUrrw ha thiMild be hnrivil. wl
siM'Uld preach bit tuneiul, and .hal I lirmltt wy
i joa ia my nmmuokaiHMi, lit" diapniitii'S
ttt' itid be amIc or hit "--'i, nri, .at
mrmwWSTWZTiUt! IuiIowh.s; it a liter- '
al apyj
'I leave m beat ami tot love ta tr y dear and
affrviiouate Kaiher. nrd voe Ihe more at By
a eras itiraLcr. and I h'D to meet yoa in
Heaves. I arknowledis my eratelul jhank I
nm fee the lesson of chriaiiaa nielv wbkh yoa .
iMlled mis m ia sny you'd. I leave wi) beat
and fntl love lo any dtae fjrepmoiher and her
iiiiurvi, anu 10 my neatly sviovru ormiiers. -My
very kindest rrgaid and laviing affrsiion lo
ar sr HHrr Martha A. and roy fond and
gi atetul eneem lo my dear .nil loving aieter Ana
r. nricaeii, and lo sit Ids brothers anu sisters 01
any dear daeeaaed sum her. ikeir hiiabmnill and
Vivet, an'l ie their ahililrea and shildren'a shiU
uiea I key have nir last ami aaoal aRVellpna)e
ne. with litis mv rivine miMio. ChilAtn 4e
bril tl f yttnr (mrtnlt." I aomnroMtl yea all
lo Uvtl, I i.rlieve I hat iry dt-alh was oeeaaiontd
by . ehan- f elima'e ami a snlntary Ida ne
aettary ut divaharge of Iha duties of my avoea- .
lion. I inrKlve all my enemies, (W any 1 n.iej
nil uutt I drpnii In t.ssv iih all mankind, and
In full oa-aitwi ot the ehriuiati H-ligiim.
James, a I belttre .laled, had much lo say,
M et.tirrly in hi tsntea, ennvrrsed .freely en
Ih tuhj. et (if tleath, and, hi lad, aaled Ihe part
of a pltiitianiihor llirou-hnat. 'The toang men
of lii aetuaintane beninMied hit loa very muck,
sod (real rrs,-t wit thovn to his memory after
hit death I oulil ansae were allowed me is
ear more on thia auli(m;t, but I evn sonMrained to
some to a alote, h"nnr that ether .of ynar aa
quainiance wilt wr'rtr ti tiill more m detail."
It 11 tntntiaaiitie lor in vutrroi litis commo
n'sKtiiin to do any thing lik justice lo the merit,
ol lite dem-aard. 1'n an intellect of ihe very
higheit nrdrr, waa added a warm anil stfeelinnale
hearli which, Ingrlher with grevd urbattiiy and
frankitrtt of fnaiiner, (tec aim a strong and fort
ius; Imlil no lite aRVetiiini and frelitif ol all e
inlinia'ely knew tinn nil ntath nas ivit a atana
in mcletv yhieli will tint be eatdy fil'ed, and i
a alrilting aMiiional tetllmnny In favor of Ihe
eterllrnry of ihe eliriilhtn reli;ton auil t toufit
inalinn f ihe piiitta teniimenl, that,
JrHia ean make a nf
'FtrrlTrrrfmrnv- ttiltuwi ere.
hilal nn hit brravl I lean nty hi-afT
'And brcalhe my lit out sweslly there."
V Itegltterantl Uiblleal Recorder will iileaae
"tar'iTtnkltn efurs.Tdaye,X-L
MtuaiaOM Howjtna, infant son of Mr. Oso. W.
Bridget, ajed S ymra and 4 monlh.
rable preventive and curative of the
summer complaint.
We are authorize.l to announce
Robert C. Ililliard, Esq. of Nali a
an envion spirit, loosed upon the billows of it candidate to represent the sixt'i Con
rtlwtmiaAsariMwetsJnllM , j , ,1,. Whin, with iha
.true u.n of a smgl., not even the wee- w( h, deeeid inUie result,
tern faBapber will -Ion. be darkened, but h w.. emaiii w defe.tsd by aix vote..
eeuom -1 nnd ner nn.. jnaunon. amidst H.ywood county, however, r.Z&Jfe. Ihi. Loco-
1 r 1 foco gain, by sending a Iru w big in tne wm-
Oh! how wicked, tbue to call on th Cartha-1 mona. The sUt of parties, then, ie still un-
geni.n (hades, to mourn over the abnne of our changed, giving the Whigs a rnsjority ofl 4
.. I in th Senate, and 10 in the Houee. Thia ea-
ourieu uoeruea: nui near nun .gain: of ReU(. renglh p,rt Jef w,
"There wa a tiro when Mr. Calhoun waa I have lo be perfectly accurals, and boldly ebal
auspscted, and when the patriot of our cauntry I enge proof lo Ihe contrary.
iimimi uta criminal sihuiuuh. uut wu tsos 18
paat; h ia now known; and is as much entiled
lo the political confidence of Ihe A men can tee,
)le, a Judas Iscariot waa to that of th faithful
eleven and no more
The following relume are all that remainded
to be beard from last week:
8enate, C. Melchor, Whig: Commons, D.
Boger, Van. 467. Wm. Harria.-Wbig, 481.
Commons, W. Heme and T. Pemberton,
In thi Senatorial Dieted, Dr. J. Montgome
ry, Whig. M elected.
In this county, J T Bedford (WhigJ (se
lected one of the Commoners, instead of Mr
Keener, Whig, ever J L Smith. Van
" In th whole array of human absurdities,
there cannot bo found ons more fantaatie and
fiwlish than Nullification; and uo man has ever
adopuil it, in the full exercise of bis judgment.
wno possessed brains worth bestowing on an
idiot. It is adopted by those who seek a disso
lution of the Union, because they know the pen
sile will not listen to the voice of revolution, and
(bereCane under Ihe hypocritical pie of Sute
Rights" aroma! rate a doctrine, which, whenev.
r it is adopted wii! a. essentislty-dUeolv th
Union, as if Mr. Calhonn wens now enTnvin
aha fruition of hie hone, under the title of John another unexpected tain.
th First, kins nf th. rrolin nr If an h.J I MACON.
nr duke and M.l. n,mmn of f' 1 A Van Qoiren Commoner elected,
I Hodge Rahun, Van, iaeleeted 8enalor, by C
W believe that Mr. Calhoun ia reallv in- TOM" " Uudgr, Whig.
aane, on the subject of Nullification and the to. I Jtegitttr,
fMca connected therewith: and euch must be the
plea of the historien, or be will go down, to pos-1 ALABAMA Crabb, Whttf. ha been e
lerity a a man of xerra'je fame." I lected to Congreta from Law ler' district, by
. . . ...... . 1 907 majority over Elbe, T. B a Whir gaii
v e new ssk, new can in Bundarti editor ana of 3 n votes, aince the farmer election. TU
tn party hav th downright impudence Is I V.nites will, however, preserve their majority
!.; th. h. . h-.iti. Amn--A ..I in the Legialatur.
. ... .... , , . , , Tv - : KENTUCKTVah Bnrenism in thi Sute
their political alUes and fnendsl Do they flat. -MMp. Th vote againat Ihe Convetv
ter that th great Stat Right party tinn which Mr. Clay has been falsely charred
have forgotten' the threatening lone of th pree- ""h ati'mpti" to ret up aa an offering to iha
lamadonthe atsrvi and hlandw Cm. tltffc. WV
angry asaaulu and illiberal iauendoee mad and
Ibrowa npaa their fbrmr glory and their list
ing insulation and Kbertieel These evsnts are
too deeply Identified with th history f the
ILLINOIS. In this Stat th Van Buren
party have elected their candidate for Gov
erner, Edwards, and probably their candidate
for Congress, Dmigtaae. The result for th
lristalure remain, doubtful.
INDIANA. Th Whir, hava again, tr,
' vntry a be soon fergeUen. . Haw then can I ymphed in this State. .They will bay a ny.
own madneaa, fearfully disorganizing, and tend
ing to the overthrow of tb Republic. Here we
Conner hav an aristocracy, nor can exclusive
privilegea be granted. The Conetitution pro
hibits Ihe creation of nobles; and to cry out ar
istocracy againat an individual because he hap
pened to inherit wealth, or becauae be acquired
it by hi own industry and talents, is lb very
essence of envy and injustice. What would.
Ihey hav the wealthy to do! Throw open their
lore houses to thsm, givs them a shsre in their
money and cattle, and place lb unlettered in
the highest seets of litsrsiure and Icarningl !-t
lbs do this, and thia mongrel party will eat up
prising two thirds of th Hou,) in which lee- nlwUnee tnt, (heir hearths, attar
tiona have tkn plae, ar instructed oy a ma- nocimHet ,d tit9n wy quiely wipe
Jority of ever 100,000 vote, to oppose thi ad. Boutlw Mi eurM them beaus ihey had
u meaeure. the party in thi 8tt hav made q tif
deeperate effort to eecor a majonty in me TbeM men f0 fof , tpteM eorneytnj
next Legialstur sufficient lo support war Sena wbT bu,, they deal in nothing else, and
tor in the course they hav taken on thi sub- htrjy ht They Wq0ot comprehend how nor
jact. Tms, then, has aeon w tru issos 1 . notM cf , Btnk eoiumt0lj erui,
Suft-TVeawry or no Suo-TVenrsry upon this I mron-houl lue nuy. td hence, when their
we hav met them, upon ifaie we hav defeated ery out .. down B,n,,i ,h,y
them ! It i. idl now for them lo abandon the jfnorioUy ,pp,ad. , nmt the Sub-Trtaeury
poeitioa lh.y hav Ukn, or lo eeek by mierep- idtnlijitd w Mt parlyf
reeenlations to avoid tb acknowledgmenroT ,
what Ibev cannot disprov. According to the Cot A. Joyner, of Halifax, ha been elect.
T I .J n -.-1 a f alio Di.etsmm.lli a. n If iiastlr a
Editor's own .hewing, th. Van Buren pari, " "Z "
. . .1 - , J 1- IT KX I -I
number in in ocnaie ad, sou m m
leaving to the whig 7 in th Senat and 85 in
Revival Butine: Tb Boston Advo-
th House, giving a majority en joint ballot of cat aya the Western merchants are giving
14. He then indulge in a pitiful a peal to the great activity to trad in that section of coon
Stat Right Part ia the Legislator to eban- m. 80 numerous have been their orders in
don their oppoaition to th adminiatraUon, and Lynn and other town Urgely engaged in enoe- d o f . i(J Qf hi young
aiaking, that tbey cannot be filled and fully com. 1 Bnd inwrearing family.- They !, lost sn nf-
grressional District, composeil of the
counties id Oranville, frinklin ar
nn, ami Nash in th twenty sixth Con
gress. Oxford Examiner, "
Gov. Wulf, Collet tor nf the port nf
Philadelphia, was thrown from his
arriaae near BedfordSprinison Tues
day last, bj which accident his arm
was broken.
The New Orleans Bulletin of the
13h innt. sajs that the long contin.
uaure of rainy weather is a pregnant
auhject of remark. Sraicely a day
passes without a Heavy snuwerot ram.
The NevOri'ri Tree American
states that that ritjr has beeri favored
with a newimportation nf musquitoes
'very larpe fellows, extremflf thirty.
and like a fashinable pirty altogether
too iiumfroua tn 1 b?J"g,'Peao'e." .
On the 9th, in this County, by IVm. Laws, Etq.
Mr. Ki.vcata Hsaai to Mrs. Miai D&aa.
In Williamalon. N. C. on Friday I7ih in!.
Dr. Will am HemleMon, fter a lingering and
painful illness of nearly five moolW, which he
bore with patii nee and fortitude. In Ihe grave
all hi foible are buried, and w say not loo
much when w snarrt that in him the commu
nity hve lost an attentive, eoncieliou and
akilfuL pliysician." generous, honorable and
worthy cilixen. He ba left s tendervvtf whtwe
soothing attention were never wanting during
hie long confinement) and even children to
mourn their irrepatalde loss, lie expresnru no
feara of death; hi only desire wa lhat he might
Untvcrnity of retniaylvanla.
Jtieoical cpartmcnt.
The course nf lectures will aoiamenae en
Vlnnri-iv Ihe Sih day of November, and b son- '
linurd under llie hilloving arrangement, until
the middle t March. ' ,
1'iaaliee and Thenry of Medicine, NaT.
in i:NatMls. M I).
i:hrnnatry. ItoarsT Hs. . D.
Burtery, WlLtllH titaaoa, M. D.
Anatmnv, Wains K. Hoaaaa, M.O
Initrliitr nf Medieme, Sa"X. Jicaaov, M. D.
Materia Medic and Pliarmney, (Jauaoa B.
Woon. M. U.
Okitelrics and Ihe Ditratas ol Womra and
Cliddrcn, itusa L. Iloooa, M- U. .. h
Clinicat letseesnn Mediabie and Surgery ar
delivered at lle I'hilailelphta Hospital, (Ulo
Wy, and at the 'IVeaerlvanie Hnephal.
I he amnaht 01 tn lee 01 mums is in samw
at hrrelnlfirri nn kiereats having been mail m
ennsi qnene m the suxnitnlalmiein me namser
at 'FrifetuaHft, end Ihe improrcreentr ia
Clintcai IBStruciam L
Venn tftht judical Fiirvttg.
Ang n, IUS Sfl U
giv their aasisUnc to prostrate th only barr
er which ih law ha interposed between the
nuTse ahd mewerdrw
! plied with under twe or three month. fectionate slid kind husband nd .der parent,
r" I .... r. muii ia iillitur dava
1 1 nian inai i.wi" " -
jairenayWdWra Tha-fctploring-Cal tnd fu of trouble. He comelh lorlh like a O.iw-
lender the government, by whatever nam it ortjo. ka aeluilly sailed, iusreddile si some of (, )d j. eu OOWBI Da fleatli also ss a shadow,
dtsb. W I. rS'W andcontinuethnof . fC..
meaareAy.' W repeat we have ao feara of the C9mm.uI1-ia-a.K-r, and P,o.k, Lieut. Com- In Kile, Alabama, en the Snl las.. James H.
' ... r-e 1. t!T!. m-h-h. ahin kelirt. Larat. Commaad- Crudu,.. son ol Ibe Ref. Jostsh l.. Ulu,i of
result of this aDDeal. or of more potent appeals, ataadaat Hndson. ship Keliel. Larul. Lominaail
- -- U, I J I Minv.
hich w. doubt not tb party wiU be prepared g: ' Fith Vua Midahii.m.n
to make whenever tb proper lira shall arrive. Knox, aad Sehr. Sea t, Faaaed Midshipman
Tb 8tato Righto party which hsv mainuined n ,
a long their isolated position, noaided and on. DISCOVERY OF AMERICA.
eupported,Maodwposiiiontoflectacoliton fhe following letter, dated Stuck
f!.;u. uanir. N. U hviajust entered the
8,-jrd year ef his r. He bd rmigraled tn Ih
South, like msny ether enterptiaing yoong m.
I seek hit fortune, and had I oeated at Ki-ie, al
rntersd into Cnparlnerihip in Ihe mere mttls bo
sinets with Messrs. Perry hi llnpkrna, with the
taireil nrottieet of wiesrss lint. aUt! he had
been there only about II mon'ht. when In. ca
reer wst tul tlwrt by lb hsnd of d alh He had
made an npea nndessKMi w n. """. ".
with lhalpsrty which baa heaped aboe and vi. L, jg,,, tnd publlg,ed by the
tupersnoa span than for th sat to. -ear., for j j D b $ brds Some vetrs .revkm. nd l.he,l hin,. II lo
tb mere purpose of carrying into lTect an ex- . .. ,. , i .M.ibotli.1 Eaiesopsl Chorsh. in which be re-
CSriouv-l-utl rcaprviiug n .";
nf America:
The imDortant ioestton of know-
ini whether or not any intercourse bad j
existed between America-aJidahelpld j
World, previous to the voyage or Lo-
. , 1 .1 m
1. tk.Has tif hit death, and in the great
ontolalioa ol hi aurvivmg frrende, gave ane
enivoul lesiimony of the geauinraes of hi
stmversiani parliilrly in Hi ltn seene.
A friead lo aiteaded hi dying bed, write! to
bit father ia Ibe following wordtl
'Ki. Art Aoiost m h, f S3.
My lesr Sh-. It brsome my painful duty
.. . . ..-.. Br. 1
umbos, has been solved in tne soirma- t0 snanetw 10 you me oeam i"'""
. referred to a Ih hs . nnuirif , of a .wunj. Swedish his- ' in, of U.. Srd kist.. .1 St mi-mie. pH
Catallne Calheun," traitor to tur;.n ,1 Folsom. This gentleman, J .slock, slier a -painful illness of dayi
-anwortbyiha eonfidence witn the sole view of elucidating the l
int. renatretl two veers suite iu a.c- ,k. ,iii. .Bn wa wits jme neany in
perimeot which vn laey believe to be of doubt
ful expediency. -
We refer Ihe member ef thi party, threat!
out the Bute, to th files of the Standard and to
some extract which we givaia another article,
where they may find aom valuable evidence I
i."r.i 1 l ...L. I I
oi sne nncmy i iss a
Tbey will fitid themeel
lower of
their country, and
OI tne people: iw rwgsra is we awnivvn 1 tMl
onaJIyappaalad toby ihe Standard, we caa fur-1 .nJ. where he found several manu- wholeiim until hih deih( nd it wa hi dying
nub bin. with a w. beli iuthemic .cripti of the tenth century, which JfSi V haaM
informstion. Wa learn apoe anqueetieaable staled that two navigators from that is- fcf . (h fael , SMaing yoa a l.k of
athority.fromaresudente.Northamptoaeoun. land, Bsoerti Hersoefson. and Letf ..JJj
,y, Erikwn. had discovered America in
opponents or th Sub-Treasuryt and of courM the beginning ot that century. I hose tak4- , tMtw '
... , .. . . manascrintS Con tan tUscriptln of hai beea m Alabame, we have been eo lerms ol
most be so considered, tb opinions of other, to manuscripts cuniam v , , w,o Wswlly toUraeay, nd a h ever bee
the eontrsry notwithing. Underwood, of the country round Cape Co. , or Mar- J . , h.
. Iha'a Vine vard. of NeW EllEland, tnil ' 1. U hambta a cane, tv a mvelf eld be.
Bainsua, also, wa andaretand, declare Simsau j . .rfJ,rarl v nf the L" -. ..rl 1 k-ii,. to tha aaon-enl 4 hi disso.
lay,r..f H.rf Zn KMW-er--.- rnott...
"6"""' " c timai, sad leaflaet Irtentlt its nu taa
tori and their companions resided uur. ...i ,M ,b .o,,niry soaid afford. Dr. Hufu
intr three vears. Hsyaeod. formerly of Kalsigh, N. C. h
,ngAl?F4"m, thi. written JKaWlS
evidence, proceeded to Amertca ana . turfing i th eoaatryiabd, fa fact hare
visited himself the pUces therein men- .....d .11 ihe atintioa MTJJTZm
1 . -r- k-. mnfm nf that reeeive. His Iriend tod th yaaag gsaiiemea
tioned, to enff the ncCBracT of the r .n-Hvtmonly ss.
iceianaic aewripuon, ,mw, 1 (,dis u
That on Thursri) . tliv Ah weal menih (Sept.)
I shall ofT. r lor sale al.lbs hnua of Chsrletoi
ett fi miles belu hmiiliSc l-l nn rede ef
4 mix th , all the lamli fielongiiig 10 th beir
id John l-'.rnter, dttt'd vis. one irarrt, belonging
in Joseph J. Karmvr, nn stitch Chsrlet Slevea
nnw rt itl- s, iiMnimor, 9.1T serea, well Improved
)'h a gno'd dnillitig kntiMf, lisrn, vtitriisi and sit -mlier
out houses nrcewwy lor a tsras 1.i
pines is well raleulalvd lor . family reiideaee, remarkably liealtlir, liniwniely silas'ed,
eieeltenl sul.-r, and beautiful nsk grrtveysnl.
Another tiaci, licloritig I Henry a rareaer,
ijitinlng Ibe above, eoMammg 139 nerea.
Another trssl, SeltlriKing in V m. 0. Farmer,
lying anont 1 milel tuulb of lb fiiSl rcaliomrd
(Otitaitiine: 3 acres , ' ,
And two otliei irsels, belonging lo Catheria
Farmer, uue (Otitaiaing It acres, and the other
159 aerea. - :
All of Iheabnve land will be told oa ihe day -hnve
mentioned, if not prevxmely ftia)od el.
UHonestionabl lillet will be viven.
Smitl.neld, AE S. 1S3S " S4 its
Hsving determined lo removS from Worth
Carolina. I shall i'ffi-e. fov sale, o the day hnv
named. (27ih Sept ) my growing srop, ahwb ie
prtn'plly of core. ; ' - '
Also ou lbs urn day, sll my stack, tomltling
of hnrss. Unfit, tattle and (beep, Ingeilier with
p.y household furniture, ka. .V artdd of IS
mimthv will be give. -;
A it i my wish te close my butineti entirely
betoifl leasing, all eeranaa holding claims sgtinst
tne are renoestctl lo present them by lhat day for
Air? tt. tM , - JO
The Suttseribtr ctTers for tale hi Planialica
on Neat Kiver, lormerlv owned by Capl. J!
dn Uanial, ettliniiig 1S6V aores. There is oa
ihe Treat a good Uselltug House, all eeeetaary
nut-bouavs, a wall ol excellent water) ntl other
onveaienee. , About one-thii d -of the Treat la
cleared, (ofllswm to wt-i k t nr 13 bands I ad
vantage, end is well adapted W the tahivaiiou of
Corn, Cfttlon, k. J 1 :
1 will also tell ae 0 likely TJerre, coatlsf.
ing of men, women tnd bnya, as 1 intend remov
ing from the soui.ty. Tb whole will be dis
posed of PS MtomaiodktioB; lerma, al privat
sals. , -
Wake Co. Aagast 92, I8tl 6 aw
aa nti-Pub-Treeeory maa. Eay
ford, i tb avowed advocate of a National
Bank. A t th Stat Rights man of Rowan,
their opinion are too well known ta be que
Un4 by the Standard. , Gilliam, of GrsaviUa,
I a starting whiff, and we cannot believe that
ha will favor lb ub-lraury i but w will re
aaied th Kditor of lb Standard thai whoever
may be Ait cour, Heettr, of Orsn villa a Ta
perfectly correct. Ho wamot howtj-1 dnparMd
I their attealkta during hie illoe.- He
perfeetly retigaed to bis tela, sad with
WcRroeav for Sale.
The SubssnbersSeis lue sale ie likely Na-
saoxs, among vh m are Is. yoeng fellows a
rough Mechanic and W aeelrtaai ine ellier aa
ween at ite lllacksniilh's trail fer nearly Ihrea
tar si one Flnugh boy, with aa old woman, aw
excellent "k, aceustometl ad so, te Ih ear ef
hildrcn. The whole will b sold low, Apply
lo tb Subscriber, 16 utiles North nf llsleigh.
Atrucn uui.r.ita. ,
August 81. ISit 88 4
Cntllc Ac, for Sale. .
Th Subtsriber oH'sr tor tale, at low. a ah
kkm mm, :
TureeVukiof Oxen,
One new four hor$t IPaqon,
One new Carryall and Gear, 1 , -"
Jl tiulky, and a Jim Sulky Hone,
well broke. ' -V . v"
fc Utevtt. Milch Cowt, t)-t. tft.
II they ere aot aold before the 39ib of Septeva
bar next, they a ill then b offered for sal. lo iha
highest Mdilsr, al the residence el ihe Sahnart
ber, 18 mile NeHb ot lUlsijili, as s etcdil of
IS moolh.
; - ' - ALLtSf ROfiF.RS.
Augatiat.lMi f ' - aaw

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