North Carolina Newspapers

    HOW TO nuii A 80X
I. Lot him hive bis own wsy.
S: -i II liim n ..f r
3. Suffer him to tove where be pteasee oa
he Sabbath.
4. Give him full access to his wicked com-
L'artoaclv. Present vun! '
L. She would denibtlcsalook to you for
fi. ('ill him to no arouot for bit evenings.
6. J-'jrniih him with no elated employ menu
Purane either of these ways and you will ex
I icnre most marvellous deliverance or will
to .mourn over a debased and ruined child!
i )i .i.anda hare realized the-aad result, and
'ia .ion. mourning lo the grave. ;
" "''TT-TJVCV 17ioLffixli'"Tte
! . r. Siin.rontiiiiiiuw Urn account of. the
r i "l-.n, struck ofl'a small edition printed
-ii Ports have sung of the "golden
'.!..' i in the lino at the head of this para
it. ; !i, but we believe thi is the first time it
v was seen palpably on earth.
. Iwemblaife f I'ttcrana. A band of -iO per
m partook of a dinner oh the laxt 4th July
" Providence. H. I.; the youngest of whom
''ii 63, and the oldest 91 j ears of ajo.
Classification of Money. Michigan money
i thus clawed: first quality, lied I) :,rr; se--
1 'jualitv, Wild Cat; third quality, Y'ata
. unt. Of the brat quality, it is said it takes
;.ve jjretesto Tniilre a busbof.
Dinting t'strwirtliiviry In "Sketches ol
P-.tris," by an American gentleman, publish--
: 't long since by Carey & Han, wiud
' -lowing graphic description of ttic rjcr-
f ii t -.irn ofMnil'lle hs-der; a celebrated da
f f r .t tli5 I'aris Opera!
"VlCWl,! courtesy to t!i.? middle n:ul then
in n 1.1,-auiue two varus in ru Tius is
nr, 1 i 'fl i n irv .-it.n. Sim U'illliw.n am riT
'vip over the whole area of tho stae,
'i'i;j on it only Ke.rasionally, trying her
s as it were, bmvokiiirr the dance trim
and will present herself to the spertj
' in all the variety of huma.i shapes and
"araniTa. while, you will see her
, y "lwinklintr lei t" suspended in the air,
i tw irl i air hrpiolf round, until her 1'iep
i 'lion will leein on the same side of her;
: (and tbisi; tha very epic strain of the;
l.rijrin.tjte, and therel'TC the last,) she will
""iTiia.r TiriV:If tlio riybt gradually up f tho
Vel id" th.t eye, (the lvriir,n. .will liolil its
reath,) and then olie will give, herself a ro
tiry movement, cmitim'ting it ;i ere ire ndu till
'he beroiiu-s invisible. You can no mere
e iunt her lejrs than the spoke of a rail v;Hr- I
'ii . in i i.i i;ht f icaiucui s .ii,ssa"'0. J his
is Fanny Ussier."
I he .New ork Star gives the followin
L And then what a heavv banian ouM
C. Carrjl
L. Your butcher and baker, would haa
V. narje!
L. Your proapocU, of conraa, would not
C Advance!
I.. And you'd hare to
C. 'Bout face!
- I..' And never have anv
C. Rat f
C Atfntinf
I.. A man of your yeara ia not able to bear
C. I-oad!
h. You are not in -our
C. Prime!
L. Your wife mav
C. 'Hour!
L. Leave you', but ihe will aoon
C. Return!
L. And then you'd have to! bear all on
C. Shoulder!
I. Would you be
(V Ready!
Ii. I ihinkyou would' have aomc other
V. Aim!
I. And you'd ill row your epintlea into the
C Fire! f Firet the m,,l-t
.1 Round Bill. Tom presonto I hu bill
to his neighbor Joe for services rendered.
'1'helattor looked it over.aud expressed much
surprise at the amount. "Win- .
, slrikes me that you have made out 8 pretty
round bill hero, ch?" "I am sensible it is a
rounit one, qnoth lorn ."and 1 have come
tor the purpose cf getting it x.jiiarcd."
.innih'e "Friend Franklin," said Elijah
Tale, a celebrated Quaker Lawyer of Phil
adelphia, one day, "tbee knows, almost
-riptiO!i of tho performances of three N'.i.
live Arabs, who lately arrived in that City in
the Steamer Royal William.
The three Native Arabs at the Park ap
pear again to nilit. The performances are
tru'; wonderful not we do not mean in the
usual parlance of pulls but certainly r.olh
in.r of the like of them has been seen this
suic of the water. The two nun are tall,
and of remarkable erect form, and straiHa
and slender in their limbs. Ab trim
thrm, hut every inch is fibre ami flesh that
tnlisfor thfly areof the skinny Uedouinsof
the Desert, whose constitutions are dried up
!y the aun, by hard riding of their steeds,
an J the abstemious life they lead, into a spe!
ies of mummy, made up of tensely-struno-cords
and supple hinges.
Their drsg is the loose flowing doublet
nnd half panu of din Mussclmam so suita
b!e to this ftensnn nnrl lii. ..a :
II . 7 , aim WHICH -I
really refreshing- for us, who arc swaddled
i.i uut gm ciouies ana woolens, even to
look at. Their heads are shaved close, ex
cept that tho darkest of the two men a
hanillinmA limn.. .... I..ll. .
. ,,, fuiiow, who plays the
clown, and is constantly shouting out in his
fell Pitt Jk Hitlita .1 t 1 .
maim nas lett a lull of his
long straight black hair, which hangs dow n
"o ia tninois." 1 he other man is taller,
ana wnue nearly as a I .uropean. The feat
ures are small, delicsiln unit f,nr, i
I he little boy is a chubby mulatto look
irtr fellow, with bushy hair, and is the one
uho doubles himself in away that isfright
: to think of. Occasionally, we -believe,
.. inm rous aooui iiKe a Hoop.
The performances of all arc astonishing
. j io oimuuiiiy uuzing around the
In k. 1 .. I ' . . I ,
B ; "vviy music oi me orchestra,
every few moments turning somersets, vault
ing over the heads of armed men, pickino
up and firing off muskets while making som-
. .intivttTij OTrjaTrcinff and trotting as
human pyramids, the boy at, tho summit.
sieauuy Daianctn- niiuseir on the head of
the second, and the latter on the shoulders
of the third. They draw crowds to the Park,
o.iu biiuuiu recommena tnem not to al
low the little boy to go through such painful
contortions so often, as the other performan
ces are quite wonderful enough,
Tlrell-lurned. The New York Gazette has
tne following specimen of the ready polite
ness of Frenchmen, on board the Hercules
d inns the recent fete, whilo tho ship lay at
Newport which is worth recording.
On? of the American guests gave as a toast
"The three days of July," referring, of
. ' e-revoiuuon winch placed Lou
ls Phillippe qd. the throne. An officer of the
snin immediately gave "Jnd ihe thurth'"
A happier instance of impromptu politeness
never occurred.
I ' V v. miw W r, CI 1 1 111 JO V
verv tliino-: can t(w i.H J.,.r t
j m' Jr am ki
preserve my small beer in the back vardl
my neighbors areofUn tapping it of nights."
"Put a barret of Old M niici r-,i li v ihn ni L
of it, replied the Docor; let them get but a
I iuto lift L fj: . i
.-.j Hi tm tin- .HdUP fa. Hnil I II mirwnr i
- V .... aa (U(; 1 1 It V
never will trouble thy small beer any more'
' ... t .
.,' '""' ' ""'lrnum. An untortunate
Hibernian, no freouenter nf l-.r
" ' 'i t. ii.i . .1 iKinfiif. ill rrncirnnAn...
.. .7 - ... KwiMiuiiiy, ru-
tnmattnir.iii hibliM ivnii Win ,i,- c .
. ..t,.i u, espitu a lernpin pluming h-
"Och hone!" be exelaime,! c,.l..,t
"--l oiinilll y
"that ever I alin..t.l ... :.. .
....... ..,,.., u iU jiuierica to .see
o Minu-oox walk.
"Whist!" said his wife, "don't be after
mining iun oi iiio birds."
Tit E 9i icnnroin.
The MICROCOSM is printed, wly. a
the City of Raleigh, oo a half sheet of raedmm,
new type, and fins white paper. Although
small, it contain, a " world" of matter. It is
levoted to the flowers ef LiUratura, original
and selected; to notices of important improve
nenta in any of the b ranch aa of Science, Com
merce and Agriculture; to general News; and
to the particular honor and interest of North
Catolioa. it eMsfcewv ptff ty pSliiica. ind ill the
muddy. streams of angry contro.eriy upon ev
ery subject One great object of the publication
ts to convey initruetlbn to the young, in an un
exceptionable, chaate, and agreeable manner;
to ncite in them a thirst for knowledge and
"OMiiug; io inculcate upon their
minds correct principle, ,nd incite them to the
practice of virtue and morality; Another ta,
to furnish as much am laing matter, interentinK
newa, and valuable information, to readers of
every clasa and air mm i.i- i i
- - yummwij ve uoor,
oil the cheapest term. And we may venture
. ".uioui uojecung 'vnelf, (to ote the
fashionable editorial
to the imputation of egotism, that it will not be
.uunu warning in iomethirn both to please the
ucMB me laney ol ail.
It is intended, provided sufficient encourage
ment lie aiven. In nl.rn. ,1,. :.i . i
w - ....... 6 .no ymyM nimuui ri
tennij the terms, which will mak it decidedly
man an. omer Dubllihrd in thai Snt.tK
ril amintM
J specimen ol "the work accomDsnlea lbiaJ MetWenfcurr ee. Ya. Jiiir7l83S. SO m
M pet-tun, so tfrnt all wlio receive iti II have H- a " not disnowd of h be 25lh of Ue-
"1 am an American C'ttcn."
)Ve lerivc the following gratiryin
ftfta Tp..... . e . an account oi a late visit to
the Museum of die College of Sui
Seuns, in Dublin, by a correspondent
of the Worcester (Mass.) Spy:
'Tu obtain admission to this Mu
seum, an introductory note from one
of (he members of the S
erally require.!. I was unaware of the
fact previously to rminn- on. I
fluently was unprovided. But, upon
siating that 1 was an American, I was
immediately admitted. This is not
tne nrst instance in which mv bein- a
fortigner, and American, has'obtaiiK-d
for me privileges which otherwise
would have been refused. In former
days, the declaration '7 am a Roman
citizen' was and regis 0f protection to
those who could say ir with truth.
Now, the similar one, I am Ameuicn
cit ze.v not.only ensures protection
... v... luumry, uui opens to our coun
trymen places, which.
s w iiiniau-
ces, ire closed, even to Englishmen.
It gained admission for me into the
House of Commons, on a day when
the crowd was so n.i .i
0- ,
ni a nils for seats so numerous, that the
oiieuner nau retnseit nrrn iL :..
. . ' .nc Ul IV
llAICA In mn-iH ..k l I . .
-o" wm nun requested it-
the day udoii which tho r.i;.i.:..
of the Queen's message was before t1e
the House. In several nth-, in.i. .
, - - niiiiaiiLra
nave I been more than usually thank-
fill flint f .,...1.1 .W J
...oi i tuum say -i am an Amehi
C Aft PITI7ru
, .. . win jtiniPS
prospectus, so tfrnTaiTwIio receive ilil have
... ..,u,,,i, ,., judging ot its merits. Ex
amine it n you hko it, send ua your names
a. wm,., nnu --uown wun vour uusL '
C 'f Though Vprv irnnn. K.i'nrt ...lH I
J - j ,'"."a. uuij iiiiio
years of age, tho publisher haa learned to act
Jf" "peniy, ni alter mucti Importunity has
been indulged in bis inclination to print a pa
per. The proceeds will be exclusively his own;
and as he hopes to learn the practice ofecono-
mv, aa Weil as indllalrv in -r
his Undertaking h. ritidm. : i c. .
which will assist bim in hia favorite pursuit of
.i...vienge. ue conhilenlly looks to tfto pens
ofliterarv oren'lempn nt,.l I., tin. in ik. ... . -
. " ... " ' uiaiD, .u
aid him in his labors, and to the patronage of
...o iM.orsi gnu ine appreDalion of the public for
aa 1 as ICWBTU,
Tkbws-I 80 per anmim.
fjj Postmasters and others, who receive thia
iMunuci-iui., sre respectfully requested to lend
iheir aid in procuring subscribers. They may,
it they choose, retain and circulate this among
.ucir irienil. anil h I.i,.. T
. " J H 111 1 1
ters to the Publiahir nn li.i.;.i... .r . t.
who procure sunsenrx-rs. mn.i h n..
. , rm.
This valaablsj property lbs subaeribaT as a(
fm tor ask, aad will sell oa good icraaa, af ap.
pliaatiew be aaade fcy the Slih of Best Oeeeea.
ber. This Spriog m skusled ie a healthy and
fertile aeetioa ot eoaotry, ia the eoanty of Meek
leaburg, Va., svveo mdea Irons Clark sville, a
flourishing village oa the Roanoke Klver, 17
mUes from Boydton, at which placa Kandolph
Mseos College ia located, ana) 95 milel Irom
Oxford, N. C. The asedieinst properties ot this
water arc Epson Sails, Uoo, lpltivyitr aad
1 he many cores eneeted by thia water warrant
me in savins- that It ia sol Interior In nlu.
ral water in tha State, lti efleeta are pro in nt
and certain ia cutaneous diseases, diseases ot
the It am sen. bowels, kidnevs. blxtnW. mrm
eyes, aad aterine diseases, aad a prompt rsslor.
w vi hi:.. ... inu strvngin iv vnnvaieseeais Irons
fmrnmrn II... A-Am t ! . . L r .
...... ,,i,ui,ii,vi KHiiauwai, DV lur
aished of its efficacy ia tbe above aad maoy otb-
n. h ,n.HWi,Hniiiiiuii llieni U1BH
of eminent phyeiciani both in North Carolina tc
There la attached to Ibis Spring 130 aarei or
1 .1 . . . ii r . .
ami. parl o, wnicn is qrsi raie uotlom Isnrt,
extremely well sorted for meadows. The build
ings are nearly new, most of which have been
built within the last three er four years, and for
comfort are not anrpsssed by buildings at any
waleriag place in Virginia. One hundred and
6 fly people can be eomlortsbly accommodated at
this plsce. A line of stages continue to run from
Belfield to Danville, by this Spring, aad siiiters
loming by Stage will meet with oouvvsnce Irom
cither of those tilaees.
" " ve "J straw swill ui
eember next, thit Spring will b for rent the en-
Mliflf TMr Ar Immp. I .it..,. ...1,1 it.
suhwriberat While House, Meeklt-nburr coun-
7, , ..r .... wr. r.owsro Sieeil, IJxtord, I. mil.
ville county, N. C. will
tion. in
. . ' J ..caitcinT Wis
of the Institution on the 1st. Monday in Oct.
lion a number nl iMri tar All 1. 1 l. t. a .
mi;n n. pahkpd e -
v mm U MtmU
I now offer tnr tU ti..0ki. a t i j i .
- - - -ail ui unii in
(lie Count V nllnnif kr.A.. l. .
i i. . ' . w mm me ' uoiiier,-- si(unei on Hie north ii.leof Veute River
, V " v - "l iiiiici ran or md
won. eontaininir nnf Kna.sisin.1 i. i
eleven cref; about one Iboutaml ol whioh ire ill
Hncleaivrl anil nneai.l M. L ti i .
-..,.v, w,. un, mcKorr anu
Uogwoml growth, indieaiin; a fertility pf toil not
extendi for in n,:i. A it,. li- j .
- - - ine i-uumq roan, ano
Ihe lame distance on the river, where I here ia a
1. wclwv BC"n, Done i anu in;. Ace.
J ht (Print must I. a L I
IfmPnA I nn a f II I er. . '.
vr.. i m j, iT-aiiiiinii r.ssfl. ni I Jnma
A lo. lot Sn 7rt in nl L' . .
I, . . ,v .... niiiHvn,
III! lifr, ln...l. . .1
. . , . u i M i cc oiooiieu nor-
. ...e niuM isinionaDie aiocK in Ihe United
buiea, They msy be seen at Usk Forest, the
ciiucuce oi my lntlier, in the County ot Nash.
August 2, mi. 33,
Kegistcr and Standard.
Earthenware, China and Glass.
Aamos . Barm, Imfimrlrr,
.15 VASH4lrsTrii,-i?T ...
. ...... . , r. vy iukk,
ttas on asiid uimnLu . . - .
. . . . 7 i. ' . """"kw oi chowe
. k aM I m hTe lln.
f Kl ntrr P0 the most
, ,. . "innion oi porebaaera is
reipeetrully sulieiled, with the hope of bring able
S -- -- - ...m rarTcrj pariwaiar.
ew York. July g, lJ3g- ' M Jw
Plsboro Academy, W. C.
The Trustees of tbii Institution take treat
pleasure in annoanrin, , ,ha lriondt of.
uon ihrouRhoiit the State, that they have enrsred
hevalusble serves of Mr. J. M. Lovejo, to
ske charge of lb,. Academy. The Trustee.
.. r i I- "rr"",,ering testimoni.l. (both
si r irinli his nnal fir.i;n.. .. . L . . .
k.k:.. i . " iecner ana nil
5ri':. w jit nt
.iek.ine.s o, lb. .17:1
eompelled lo abandon a very nonriibiog M.
mmibenng abno, bo. whiuhfin ,dai:
Dooks ajsTiiln! Iflore Books!!
Publishers anil Itnnlia.N. L -r.
, ,i.w i.i, en I c-
minneil Inn onnti mi i i .... .. r k . u i I-
. ......... ui i, in iii VfjaUvaa.
of Ihe rerv tiivniiff. umfr w Ri mil-c l .
j . ... uixvjno Rent llfl
hanil, and being added lo b. weekly arri.alij
but they seem lo have forgotten the fact. In or.
der to refresh their
ee.sary occanonally to lay before Ihem a eala-
. t uui nun oi rrceni arnvait.
Keatl IhC fOllnwini I hears XTH fl .1
. . aft ""-is vii m aw. i. curHr
Mle, tid avail vouraelvea of the onportuniiy ol
nniiti.ln a. -r.T- r:i.i:. r
Life of Arthur Lee, L L D by liiehsrd Hen,
ry lee, S vols. The Life of Tliom.r Jcfrer.oii,
with parts of hiseorrrsponilcnce, by Geo. Tuck
er, . vol.. Works ol Joseph Adilison in 3 vol.
I r..l. in F . . ll'lii , . . . .
....... ... uj inner ri, u. u. 1 to.
1 he works of Charles Lamb, with hia life and
letters, by K. N. Falford, S vols. Webiler'i
apeecnes, S! vols: WirtVLiteof Petri, tile
ry, I to. Steam's Works, 1 to. Life of Sir
aner seoit. by J. U. Lnckhsrt, S vols. Al
ten's Life of Seoit, I vo. Seott'i Historv of Scot
land, 2 vols. Knllm's Ancient History. Plq.
.en s uves vols Stewart's works in T sols.
rilBtarr nf ih Pnltit..! IB... -r ... .
-- . - v....... u;.ui u. r.unme anil
il. Colonies, from the discovery of America lo
Inn i.iln...n.l i ... . .
.... ui iiio American c ontinent.
frnn tha .r a 1 1 . i . 1
- - ....i, , f. ii. neeron, x vols.
Martin's Hislnrv nt MnMk r. i: u:..
j . -..... .'-.u.iiin. iiisiDrr
ol the Horse. I n. M.l.iin.1.. u. '
E . , , ' - . a..uiu.MJII 111 in .1150, i vo. Wrsnsll's Memoirs, I
vo. Gibbon's History of Rome, 4 vo. Kmb.s
av to ine Iv.. t.m r?A... "f i . i : . . i-
and Museat, in the U. S. Sloop of War Peacock.
nT F.rlmtinn link..,. , . r r.
-j ..,.,, ,.t , ,u. aiemuir oi iomreo
oore Harnev. I vn. Lfnk.n. i-.i u.:i
I . ..H. . RIIUW
phy, 8 to. Baeon'a works, 10 vo. Bsmetf,
H itlorv nf kil n vH lima r. I .n. Ill :
, - " .... . 7
ton's works complete in one vo. Tucker's Lieiit
nf KT.I.iu . t . , , . S .
" oropieie work, ol V oltair ?
70 vols. Pone's wnrk. B-ir... 1..
.i. .. '.'I". "w..,
tdi. iman r.snvist. s ni..
All Of Which mill k. anM ... . .
. . " ... mam aeenm.
icfidi. a I'KKtll a; HUliHKS
Julyl, 1838. "j
Dftrlars Ilnrrall'. Manli-lna.
These pills supply the place of ealonael aad
are a eertaia aura lor all diseases af the liver,
tbe di Iterant varieties of fever, all ehreais aftVe
lieas, sad every ether malady requiring a eettiao
tie or brisk operatioa aad tbe aid of alterative
UlOa-,stinn. T haw - ' .... ..J . L.
. .5 1. ' " ' -u . " ....-g.n
to tbe bowels, restore the appetite by imparting
tone to the stomaeh and by Iheir timely use se
rious all ark an. . I 1'L.. . - a
i" . .v ..... ,i . miii, ii
dinner pill and are invaloablt ia di'aeaaea peca-
-- cm i tire n.
I he aboVsi nnMiaiirta.u a:.. l.
I - I""' """Ui asi va uvw isi vniavii vj
the profession and others of tbe hiehrst respec-
l.l.iK. .. . ... ..... r
.it oaiiy proois oi meir su
perior intrimie virtues. These eoniHUralion.,
tberefore, give Ihem a claim to the confidence k
patronage of the publie and phvsieian. generally.
The respectable eertiSealea' of Ihe Mloeing
a-"-""" leuimonnis in tneir lavor
I'b.I.I...! I. V I , (!
- --(uui.ii. euuuir, ... V. IW.
To all whom it may concern. This is to cer
lifv ,l. I I . . i . i ,
- . - w.v,,ew,i ine roosi saiuiarv ri
feeta produced by A. h J. Harrell's Aati-Oya-peptic
Slippery Elm Pills, especially in dpspep-
sia. anil tl.nt aiiikn... : . j .
- -""".i i. i ii or unea.inr.s ami no
not he.itate to recommend them to the public aa
a uneoinrooniy nieasam and uselal medicine,
lo testiihnnv of thai confidence, gentlemen, 1
wuhyoo to forward me a thousand forthwith.
I - T. J ' .
J fie Kateiti mnA r' r . n ...
have the " L"
of their Road b!n. c:.i...i . j it. r- ri Vr
aow lorm. lines il...nnni..; r .V .. .' '
X. Williams, Justioe of the
From Horatio
,M Kliiabeth City, V. C. HSS.
. , . "lie nasi
year made Irequent f yollr Anii-Dyspeitia
Slippery Mm Pills, and find Ihem a most valua-
hi, III t'litn in (I... n . I . ... .. . .
g. J f' me ni'.ii nenencial
.... ,nj ijnein, wnenever l have lid occa- ,u u.v ...riu.
Fraaa-the Rev. Jsmes A. Riddiek, Itineraat El
VJ oi vie .vieinonist lywseoii.l Lhurch. i i. ....
In tn.lif.ina. In Ik. -i n . . .
Harrnll's Ani.ll.,M. L. gi:.. ,,
. . -.(. iiifci , r.uii r un, i
teel Tree to lay, thai I have used Ihem in several .ilt. .. : .1 . I . . n,.
........,, cnn.niei auic oeneni. I her ope
rale nleasanilr wiihnnt ,k. ...'
anil in mv own ease, thee lu Km. .nii.v.i..
eessfuT in rernn.inir ii,. .r .i . .
I regwrd these pill, an excellent medicine, and
fthfilllll ha Iraana m I I . a
H m ins noiiae oi ever lamilr.
From Mr. Charlet !lariell, a retpcctable Mer
uentlemrn Thin ia lo eenifv ih.t I Ka.i;...-
VOUr A ntl.lf lllinnar 1M.aA Ll : 1 1 . l i
' , s vuiaiiu r mi in ue i rnon
and renuine mfAinnm m.A .. .1 .
" ... " .ewa ma, hkv vuniain ail
,wr which mey are recommended.
I nave used ihem in my family in several eases.
Bnrl th.. k... I er . - 1
....7 - iTTcu cnecruai me.erv ntitanee.
soura, etc, CHAS. U A it U ELL.
From a respectable citizen ol Paiquotank eo.
lttntlemen Tki. i. iA ....:r. ... i-
Of VOUr Ami. II nn. T . ikii. , '
... u r .. A- T " ins. in a recent
attar of liver affection connected with derange
ment ol the lung. Iheir Use was attended with
Uie most salutary tesulia. They operated
Ir vet Wllh neeillisp miM.... I..-: i ' .
'. , , . i..., rviiucmr irTer ami
clearing the stomsch and bowels of Iheir morbi.l
metiers. I think Ihem a superior medicine and
recommend them without hesitation to public no
tice and patronage.
From Mr. Chsrlei tlriaht. Iirmr r Paann rat aktnL-
.n.,.,. xT ....
Mr. Nelson Phiiiina.
TAKE NnTlPH-i .t.ii .
sth d,vof .,n;-"7".:":,,."?."e.on",,.v ,he
ia Ihn all. i . ,ne '""t House
j. .... rainipi.ana on Thurs.
.l2-..-i"H?."."'.": .". a
eertaia autt.. ?' rau m evidence in a
Term Ttai ZL7 T 'ranville, September
proper. Thi. 2i,i yu
fi.TOa"KaV".V't: "S-
u""ii t. PHILLIPS.
.. 31 t Sth aept
03WOTICE43) :
TO ALI..WV r-n
Willi. t WHS,
daWfe"! L' .." William Area.
....-.., .DU . my other creditors :
I lesaA t.V. ..: .l-. . ..
ia Seni-mkl. . V; 08 "etond Monday !
I Sail whom il ma. tl:. - .
. . ""iii . in. i. to cor.
tily that I have taken Doctors A. h J. Harrell's
Anti-Bilious Tomato Pills with grwt beotfii.
have been sIbysv. .nlii.-i in k il
k Ti 'i. " Jiwwreiie ami
have found but hole relief by the remedies I
hae resorted io By Ihe use of your pills. h6.
ever. I have,.J , l ? 1 ow"
.. l l . . "ucii auvaniaee. and I
' ney merit universal confidence
P :. w., . .. CHAS. RRIG'IT.
. saie as tae liig Store of
Wm. M. Bi ason & Co. kLh'J'" R
i?..iVh Leo1mo" rt'i'y e..e Chalk
RslloaVron?' r0,e' ""1,b ""
i- a . . i"" "ww run in ttr flail v mail
line from Utile,, , New Vo,k m
'?i ''m'' 'i-S. .loppage. i, ,
.leer. ' 0,,, ,l" '0,, ' niu,'
Travellers ti-nm l t ..
snd ih. iv... """""rongri, natisbonr
.1 ' .? ",forn"d " h) ("king tbii
route, Ikey , reaeh Wa.hinrton Citv ia 7U
hours Irnra r;.n.k. i. T l .. . '
of two aigbfa aleVp. " " ,Me,"U
This is the nl. ....... .j . : ....
, , - inn., raneoiiioas
rom. t ,he , s; A fir(( JjBc
ol Losehe. is kept up from Littleton ihrnneh to
Ksleish. h. Ik. .: P
ects it snd where it enitrs with Ihe great South,
ernmad liae lo Fayetteville, Columbw. Au.
guita and Charlesloa. M
li r The lialriuk n.--.... o.ii.i ... . .
- - - , fniouiirr Match.
man, Greeniboroogh Pirtrlot, FajrUevlfte t)h.
ser,er Konavill. Register, ;hrra. I;.,.".
.I'luiiiuia leiescoiie. Atiirn.ia i
Millrrlverille Journsl will i.u.i
until l.t ol AuftU.t. and forward Iheir ac.oum.
to the office, oflhe Raleigh Kt gi.ter
Railegh Mav 18, 1838 (W llw
Slju of (he Golden Mortar.
wivr. m. zvij&soir & co-
Hsvinl mirchssed the entire alnrk nf .....
T. S. lieckwith tc Co. have commenced Ihe
APnTiiri-AUV k...i . .i i r
' - . uu .....a. a, .lan.i inrmenv
occupied by them on r'avcltevillc Street, second
door north nl W. V- Sink . k . .i
....... .. ... ... .un, ,i,c iis.e;
juit received a further .upply f
Druffs, Medicines. Oinss. oil.
Paints, ye SitntTs and Pcr
fii tiiery, together with u
general assortment of
bWeiC.erm7 ' 'he n"t re-
Mercbanta and oihera . k. r..;.. .
paten, and other
term. a. ihe, e,n be go, south ofth, IWn.c
Persons would Ho .Ii i ..n .... u""e.
,hem,e.,es. Physician, a, a" . ' "r
fsvor a. with tlii- .,i .' " "m7
promptly .itenrte,, 0 N) '',- - -
pU bT.'"! tai' l'l-..trPre.
psrat.QB., ,,,eT ,r,ermiwe,, ,l0 m'e(lj
i- n 'Uch r'. rni". 'h"" be sold hv
;.ed auenuon, thereby .ri,ii,, ,hot fcl
mutakCJ that too often occur .brnl. inetmpe;
tenay or esreleisless, tbey Uo,,e, b, tiriet
tioa, lu kii.iitesa, t merit a share of the nublio
patronage. 1
Febraan-, 18SS. , J0 tf
evidenee of the high estimation in whi. h thisl , September neat, it beln.
tlemsn was held ss aia, of Pless and On...:.
TrwTfPstfiuit., ,. l0 , 6rM mm..m' fejsioai lor Franklin Counlv. between .h-VJL
V.. Via
-iarjwT .
Labor to make a WVcA.Mr. Dent, in a
lecture deltvcred before the London Royal
Insututo made . al,18ion to the formation
f iatch' aA ' tto wateh consirts
of992 peicM; andthst 43 trades, and proba
bhr 215 persons, are employed in makinr, one
of these httla m.hinn. 'r'k. :
; . no xiuil OI VMItcn
the balance spring is formed, is valued at
something less that) s forthiner; this produces
an ounce of steel worth 4jd, which is
drawn into 20 yards of steel wire, and
represents in tho market 131. 3s.j but still
another nrocean of hirdening thia originally
Ctrthing a worth of iron renders it workable
into 7.6S0 balance springs, which will real
Iseat tho common price of 3s. 6d. each, 9461.
s. the effect of labor ajon. Thus it may be
Men that tha mora lakn. 4ua.,i
- - i" uuvn one
ftrthing s worth of iron, gives it the value of
OArtl Km a. a .rn .1 .it , .
. . v,, uui i lira, waicn IS 70,080
tiraei its original walue.
A aeene ia given in the Baltimore Transerint
from the Vaudeville of "Tne Pioneera of Ho
eheMe," which, when well acted, roust be ex
reedingly amusing. The piers was written
lor Miss Biinyia by J. II. Hewitt, Esq. In this
cna which we ropv below. Cornol f...
eoch amtf.e himself with going through the
manual exem'arv- while aeated at her
wa.'i-Ubla, sbstractaJJ? UMUons bim ronceri.
iog S.wtrimoay.'
a, ''' f" iB leva wilh yea) I
CefeVt-X filial wenOJ joM
The subicriber .
i , ....
merwh.T. rf uLT,"7.,r!l, T"ta"- the
lies Hi. i I., k . ""joining Unun-
moat hber. ,.L. " u,r !" nd on tl..
Sign cf the Hig llont.
Petenb.rg. Va. ''"niore Street.
State orrvortt, Carolina
ii axe f :siM.,a-
O . . I r.'"
oupeiw vmirt ol Term,
Ana Neighbors rt William Nelghbors-Peii.
1 14 1 ft frtt I ,,mmm..
It InfVMPMIV In ikak ....I' a. .
- -.ii .a.ina; been asade ml
tb. Loort door, for tbe jjj, 'Z?.
i-. aj.j..- unics ine md Wil.
S, NrhbrP',,a,r M Term of Jll
fo-nb MooTLTTf sVeoern,:.d;jB,
-S bioT Ju"graeai or. ,ter.
II. B HAVES, C 8. C.
fXrnegUter" 7 '
jrn ; -- ..t. . ..uar,-mrr nnveioy
T.r.U'."' ' 6r methemJ
- -7V ' 1 nM ' f Itreet iroport
.nee; , , ,,d , p0i,. ptre eu) J
psrung knowledge ilh ,erJf , f Uj( T
eourse nf iminuinn ik. . .
. r. , . ' "'c "suoro- neasetny
Of lZZ' ?" l"'?- l0W."r n'1 h''"W b''
ol I.icaoon, inelu.hng Latin, Greek k Preach.
It ..'de.igned to miike this, aa it is believed
siieh ...'. r rrerntnry School fer
ocn as are ifcatirnn nf . .
Louisbura. to SH JlTEl 'a.1 Htel.
and nrovided lo, .hi k.ZB:"V?' l? de
Augu,tt,i3t; or.t.i.KK8.
ssrr H'.rrbVb.Ti. taitstp 3
.0 per moatb. Tui,ilr; "iSj? ? -Tr h'.
It is nnne . , ., Z?'J M dTe.rt"inS. 'ji-g near the w J
Hge. 1'i.t.boronh'orf..; " ""J F7" P. WLrZVT"" ,h '"""a of James
". . . - ncaun snn ... i v.. mount sk.i nik. .
ik.. . lainins? sn aaraa , .
Aorn.l i- m" -ii, oh'B, PC.
PricelidT. fi t
qaalifiaaiioBs, and who : Jm -n!ii '
mended, good w.res and nl. " ."
will b. LZT Z'- "if i1ioa
tiole. is dSit41,,w-"" 'f
R.le Inl-.T .... R- TUCKER.
n -, .., 1MI 3Q (
M.1WAWAY from lb. SubeeH
ber's blsntmiin. u n .1
. "".io. eoun.
tv. about tha ...hik r 1 "".
.- a-"" . monin,
W- H""lew,.ra.
mund Jolmaoa, dee'd, snd Ltd bv
Hie AilrlllnulH.1.. t 1 . '
ociclr. aa it is hh....i .uL . " ' I tainin. tin .. - "- "u oiucrs, 000
Ihoac of anv wn in clr'""' l R.sci,; 2 ".r-i G"
4- WADUE1.I.. S . t- monli sailed ih. T-.k. ",;;' "' ,,u
J-lyli. 1S.58. -,7
The Wil
.,,, t.., V"., " er, r.oenton lis-
""'..'I'nro 'Free I'l-elWaaxI Elisabelh Pii.
I'htenii. w ill nnhll.k .1.. .FTSt . V.n
. r auu.e mi isi Ttentem.
-. . .......n ,r payment.
the Governor of No. Carolina.
Where!, bv an at naa.-.i .
of. he General A..bly of thi, SUIe. en.Ul'.U
"an an ael nreseril. na .k. . "ra
and sell.,, the Und, hi. s...! ?'
d by treaty with . be Cherck Ta 'J.P
msile tha dine nf ll.a r:.. ' "
l..rnl.h.w'...:ja-T: """'be re.
vey.tolhe Se.ersl place. rt.ribd "l
an. , !.,. hi. Pr oclamatirmT he ,imt
and nlaee nf sale, and a,k. .u 'V:
andVield Bookibave bt-tn Vei.ii.Il '....?
u,nly. -"f-
Now I. F.ilararil It n...ll r
North Carolina. In nkl.:. ..Ver . f
aembly, do herebv i.u. ThlT.w Til.
giving aotiee that the we '.raid ld wdl
Mmrniia am lk T. . r . . W
Inn.,. 7m" . .l raaklin, ia ihe
... .riiilMfi .1
bditv. In ad.liiin. .. .k respeeta-
Preh,r. ,K. , 1 r
are liberal A ll .nl ."- "'oa ami il .count
h 7. tSL'i A" oroun,c.lion. wUI benr.m,,t-
I MMVIA. I ftr.n .
MOOS. Police M. JVitChleraa
Bespeoifullyiotorm. ,b. .hilZsof
aad Us viainilr. Ika, k. ;n , !",ig
p-sls to otaV.,;"
, "-"nutnuor In Uecember
Wri! d
county ot Macon, on the fir. MoJ. rS.l 1 Ynr.nfZ'Z til' bnt '
ber ,d enw,ioe ,n "'-- 7; .is to eight m.hes high',
Ihm rk.a..J t 7 . V tori wool ann well made for strent-ih. 11. '
. . ' . a and under Ika Ooulit lurkmr skn, ; .1 " . ""
u'wrinieroaaee and if....... -ru .. I . " - .uvmr wner k. ...
.- .... --------....., u, o. r . Haiiar. 1 raiseo. ,..,.-"-
son smi t-nsrira L. I nton. Esnr. e. ialiV. jT ate coont v
sioi.era .noim.d fn. ,kL ' I and purwhwed by me at the ,,1. of u
,0 the provisions ol th. id TL-rj!2,"w of
wberewf t r.,J boot twentv ..o'... T"" J"-u","",,'
- T " "-"""rB .. ilI. t. r "uoih nie wet cipkt
"ernor, ue have ?? .""" ol ordinary aiie. He ia nn
real Seal .r n.i 6.... doubt lurkina- a limn n 'ZT."'." no
, , .. Ulfllf , e - fla.tT COUIllVi 1 Will
f be hereunto affixed, ad siwien .. ,,e bove rewsrd of fin dollars Lr ik. Z
.b d., or May, i me", ' 0 fiTb:
fcUWARD B. DUDLEV. Ki. aL, f
80 7w I nf -id ,-' i"-'"""g eae or both
l provisions 01 in. said
4 IN tesiimoay w
t lE.i. I B. Uodley, Gc
eaused the Grea
e a c. 4 . . .
State oir North Carolina,
Aast County,
Court o Pleas and Quarirr Scions.
j Original att.ehmret le
R.1.1 s. r. , " I oa four rows at calves
Battle k Drake I 3 leather beds, houl.old
ln.k 1 ' vt fl?. 'Xcno iHrtiiinre, one
Jo.h L. Mose. NEOHO WOMAN named
I SUltliy, books, notes and
r. r . J outs.
Jt' Ar.
dered ,,a, 1!? , ?
Slar-W,,,,.'---'. -m?!"
State of Korili Caroliua,
Franklin Cnuni,
Court of Efiuifj-.SpringTer,n, w.
A maw..
TtJjJi:W' ? John bur-, of the
thaniel Dunn Mr' 01 Ttffk"V a
o. a5, 5."
ir. 1 ivit
John flroom and hia wile Na-ev, of .he Stale of
.nne.seej i.,sr IJunn ol tbe eo.iitj f
Umeilooc .,,,1 State K Alabama; Thomaa
'wnjuoL WUHay ,d tjtme f ,..n),tt---
1? '""h, or rlolmes county and stall
Mississippi, Ann Merrill tc William Mere
n't. inlsnis, oflhe inly of Todd and stale-
.1 nf T1'ri.H,",,;. W. rhmr'' "mini.tra
lorol Wm. Ounn, dee'd, nl the date ol Ten.
neasrejand Ann Dunn, oi the county of Frank
lin aforesaid defri danta. "
It aillHFSrina In i k. ... i.f . ... ..
k.. ".aciHin 01 inecnort.
that John Itroom and hi. .if. v ... '
Dune. Them.l.nn tfn.. c . .'
Merrkl. tvmu" v,'..J .T' "V.0"."'
t. , . . r,,, ami riariiv v.
1 llne. BlIrhlni.lMln. 14' 1. , J .
': . " , " "nn, ueeeaseil,
sevea nl Ihe delen.lania to ibis bill, reside beyond
. . : ",r .necestive wet ks
tbe Sisr published and p, i.,ed i. ,he edy .t
Kaleiffh. I list 1 h mi.t '
, o ' . '"""nn appTHr at our
county ol Franklin, at the coon house In U,ii-
'"?' "7 ,ccon" Monday sit. r the fourth
Monday , September ., and then and Tr
to plead, an.wer or demur to said bill, oiher!
Ihem, heard ex parte as to Ihem, and a deerea
oisde aeeor.linjjlT. - " occree
VVilneis. Sam'l Ink.... t a " .
one ..i.i r.- -. : . ter or
da. : ii' .V'"' 7?r : 21
j ...rin am vion.lM lh.A(rta' i
. -----1- "-",1,, -a, .
M . V, 'I IIUMBI.U.U.. n . .
OT.k ....w -""""'-I l. K.
' ",nr' ':S aw lnhaiet fit
L ''"'. .,
er Winn.1 sll. T?', u qwu-.
the conn r ur.,"eou"'yfNh. at
Monrlav in A-J" .r.".?""e' . h """I.
a reBleTv:;: i.. ,tn h.'" P
eeieM him, and VhV nro,,.. 7 La eB'er"
doomed to ih. w: r ProV"f levied on con
J,err ' V ,. " ' ... ro
of nur laid Coortii nrK. x - 1,,1.?un. Clnk
Monday of " N""''l. ul
Prie,dv.f$ 62J.U "LOCNT, C. C. C.
- - 1 o ni
fill, f W -mm- -
rear, before T the nnM ' bee l
ces. i. ih. mmm. ' i numeroui iuiian-
in efteeiin.. .1- M be hnowa to fail
oa. have born. ,e.,i". !'7 Pble per
Church ..d vai. Sb, of the M. E.
bo, Irom hi. awn .,r;,!e:fWVrM
-mmeadi U ,o the pXii".
The !m if w n ...i H.
rasn a. i, i.i in t. ? ". '; e'eh-
all it.. l . ursrrmineej me lo
sell tbe eatabli.hment at the end of Ihe fireaeH.
;ear he subscription i i, ,b(,u, 80o77-.rl
on the, ,n, the job prmti,,,
Te'TJen,.' V V' 'wwltT;
-ald not w tlmgly let it K jpto 0h
vice. An esrly a.iplieatiim i, renw.,
State of ivorth Carolina,!
ash CorNT; ,
r- , E "? Hrth. Term, 1838.
Cbwiiy Collins, "J ?
Dsvid CoUin. sd ''''''"Vonr' '
Henne, Collin.. J Alimony.
th.t ih;"."A."i,,?e ?n ' Co,,-,.,., , .bi.7,;,;;Vi.rber,,mvr
that notice lefts, .17.: ",
ant Ili f vn;.. """ ' " n-l,ad-
takin. dn: .V"" ' .-"" "" lo bi
bim of-
i? -"-"'"" aKxDr." ,
Jjg. J.NO. II. DRAKE. Jr. C. M.
. K.

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