North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. 2EXXS. - ilO Li
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rTTb advertWmenu of Clerk tod Sheriff.
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' that lie thuiltt hereafter receive nil tabicrip
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,t (M that Ihe iberiion pr know a
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a. k dtuhi he reeeolly been mide oti
llu Pr-ielor, for tipeinelncrred iaettWW-l
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tkMt tubwriben he re Mill in rrr, will
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rrireillly owe i whiehthoogli tmilt whei
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if ie! tuv xnonnt of eontiderehle i port Mite.
Ii, bet, -if e tialfM emounl IK ium eould be
obuinetl, tl.e I'ropiielor would hemubled lodt
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TheVitk of trnmitti( tuMerlptioni by ml,
ill be 0Mlied by he Proprietor. But erery
lul.wriber thai Irnumktiiig myratn, krefiiieM
1 l.ilila takinr iiNiuiu eviilelwe of the- beta
mil dU ot m)liiiK, J to return nwmoraluji of
llie BVniber and partieuldr marki of Ihe pole tent.
Te ihe Jail in Uichuioml Bouniy,Tf. C. e)n thr
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8. H. bKUUKUUir, J.Hor.
, ' Sept. 4, IMi . , ' 'f ,
, Cartlicuwarct Clilna and .Glass.
ThnuH Jtumw, mffrier, "
. ' , 3 NASSAU 3THrKTrNV YORri,
. Umt an hmid complete aaaot tment of liowa
abd dawnible ertialea hi the aboae line, wkiek
dl be wit) to the eountry trade, upoa the moej
famrahle terwil. I lia atteaiion of purehater it
.ftiiiratluliy WMrtw,-wtirtttinie' orx iairawle
. tf ive eniM tJiitiaeiion m cxwry jr
Krw York. Jaly HI,
IKK. - :'-a i w. .
Tke ftitliiwinf alluaioha by Beon tpiUtt, to one
. tftliiMe eKtraorJinary eeiiaatione on whoae ex
iMeaee Plato grounded llie beaolifol taataay,
that tit knowledge it only reuu-'iubrance it el-
eaenlingly elegwU -' ,'. J
( comioctiea with the phenomena of mera
try, may I be here pcrouiuJil to tala hotice of
of errt-ln inyltrf or marvel whioh baa
ecaaionally prraeiilej N itaelf lo , Bie, and ia
emielier of tke eiieteooe- ef which I iiaeo tbe
eiperiene of ethera, in atltluion to my ewp.
,1 mean that ttrange impreaaioe, which will
' (Kxawinally oome willi unexpecleii ' aun Jeny
Hwon the mind -thai (he aceno now paaaing;,
ini in vr uich we there, i one-wokh,( in tbe
r ple, and in the very word, wiih the
tiHt reone, and with Uta .tame feelinga
wa hid aceuralelv rebeareed W. know not
lhea,jbMc(1j, ft kiwr,mbjBtei
; teaaationa, end laone wbtcQ. wiUocetir Wbure
in what U going forwarj, there i no thin 5 ' tv
nitrkable or of particular interact- involved.
While wo apeak, our former word are ring
ing in .our ear, and the eenleocee which
e form era the failit echoee of eonveraaV
tin had in olden time. . Out coneeiour
riioughte, 'too, At lh-y -riae, ar-em to whiaper
each' other that ihi it not their firat ap
jwanea In thi place.' In. abort, all that ta
tJw before ua eeemt the mpprition of k ilia
lvM loo j departed ih epeetrel eeurfe
tion pf acenra and Uanmcliona iong gone by,
Or we may be eaid, by the , momentary gleajo
ft flash of rarniniaeehee, fo' be fevlewioz,-
in a myateriOa mirror, the dark reflection of
m past, and liwne over. -in minute and
ehadowy detail, aduplirttO of tlie. iocidont of
ww pre-eiitttDUlate."
The above ia a eery ' leu(iful- and- teou rate
detcriplioa ot a phenomenon which every one,'
Tkot mind if not entirely (natter of fact, ha
"pnteueed at me fime or' other. There
indeed, who will aot recogniae in tbe
"ertptioB fcdingt whieb they, fierhapa, t,ri
JMippotwd, were jMJcuIUf te theinaelv, aoJ wiU
Mtatouahed to nod, tfiak, what lby tupped
Jwntal idiovyncraey.T .clfaraeterwtie of the
w mind.' We hae eeen K Meted -that
Bwn fintilb Wiethe firat: "to peurtray thi
Peenoeoenon, Thi ie not eo. Wiieir biM k
wy, we were Martled to find f decrif,got of
wttat we bad often Alii in the then rerciit novel
uy Manneririg. BroWn. aliu Bertram,
- wnen aundmg before theca.lMif fill.ngewan
. .7: 7u,r Ji Oaj been Moieti-wbeo a mere
Why 1 it tba awn. ecWawakerr
"ht which belong t it wore to dream of
wiy nd ahadowy reeoUortionf eucb a my nll
imiu Mooaahl would h,a? aacrihea to a
f proviou en.tence! 1. Jt thf eitione,
"oaraWap that float eonfueedty InwriMnb
2;.Md.w roealled bT Uiepieraae'af- .
S .ttt" iny "pee corrwpoail to the
ptitntoijia they preecnted Jo Uirlmaginationt'
"nw"endo we find ooraelvea taaociety which
we have never before metv and yet bel impreca
wiwith a mjMerioQt and ill Jfifcd eooacioa'
, feat neuher theeeno, "thapeakera. no
M attbjecl are enUrely .aewj my. (rel ?a if ere
d aoUclp,u Ali the awkiaraatibn
Mch hat not yet taken place! -.
. "uTra tiierr aa a te'raunooa
moH muvalron, pW j- Shlu
rl!j!" that wtoat of Cheat were, am
v reanitly indirtt d .there aa a twimoaaeold-v
tun uKMwmDamt
Mia T?rliicmaM-ii.".--i.- i-s
' A Klffbt wvlth Hi ricaeltw . j
j. ( VawaVaf tauet -n N
yi wnuld bare f Mrtn- worl J -t rcU
tbe action. I had nsfieDttv It wm
a deed done with mj ejet open. - Tli
begjtur who ttealt to iv hit wife and
children from ta.riDg, h tit ypV
thyf the jtiJjfe who condt-mniiiim-v-and
the homicide, whon crime U com
mitted in a Ut U passion, may. fiild
coniwlaiiou in. repentance, and in the
cgiiaciuosneaa of tlie Jnfirmitjr of hn
man, natai-e. Men wn from ijndrance,
from teinptatiufla from want ttf espe
riejice I hud perpetrated tlita tie liber
ate! j.willi mT eveiopento the con
wjuence. I knew the oalare of what
I was doinj. Ilicre wno ailequatf
le ra pi a llu 11 fHT it. I cuuld only
plain it oriMie' grouodt of innate de
pravitry A vvho prufeaied a scorn of
wron who. was accoafomed to set f
tjaminahon and . self-discipline who
knew wiiot icuilt vms who Ml. while
Mid il, that I was laying up a store of
repriuaiice 1 nan ricitieu, anu 1 re-
gardj-'d avself with contempt and hor
rtM - ' - :- '-: '
Nothing cauld le mure pleasing than
the scene 10 which this incident; took
place. 1( was at a hall, amid music.
tlanciog, and pretty women. AH lite
t-iruiuuiH in uapptness seeraeu to lie a
roun,L IJiapjpj? No. Remorse
filled mr boaaui. I Telt tliat I had "re
corded in the book of fats a tfttd hut to J
be erased from which was to "spring
ahaisi aml.tunerin. I full like. Jhe
ghost of buried DvH.srk" '
J " "CunfjiieJ to fat in "fires.
Till ihe foul crimae, done in my days of na-
Are burnt tad pureed sway." . k
Niiht came. . K'whtl At this mys
terious period, the guilty hav furrtate
t uieir punianuteHL. 111 summer I
should hare gon out and walked till
morning. Hut it was a .cheerless No
vember night I went to bed. Irr'a
little whiles aort of oblivion -descendr
ed upon me, faintly lighted with int.
ages of the gay ..scene . w here. I had
spent ths evening. aod; where I had
unfortunately laid . Ihis sin upon my
soul. My imagination retained 4 . dim
sense 01 music anu nancing. and care
less voices, and flashing light, till their
repeated impressions pameU met and
over the whole, mysteriously and dark
ly, like a cloud, or an spending danger,
lay ihe tleniM5 conviction and shame
of that act a sense of remorse anrtre
heniion, guilt, and follr. from which I
strove to recoil and creep away, and
hide myself in sleep, or even desth.
And, in those vague moments, waver
ing between the real and the ureal
grotesque beings, whose shapes . were.
drawn in lined of light upon the black
air. darted around, and made faces- at
me, and held a srirt of devilish ' revel
over my torments as 1 lay powerless on
my back. - Such visitations might come
to a dead man in his coffin. And a pow
er seemed whispering." 'This jt Is to
commit a' sin!" I did not think Hit,'
said If f. could not help it.' - And, tar
a moment, this seemed a triumph to
me, and 1 shouted the fact sturdily id
the faces of the fiends arid I called. the J
gtHMi angels to help me, a poor, rmsnsi
edmortHl, set upon in this fashion by
a parcel of infernal devilsButa vnice,
after a-sae-niiAweredr--asif wilh "a
snent mot, lou knttc what you Hltd!
you gratified your wish you agreed
ta pay tee price yoo scorned cpnse-
r)uences-y o have no eicuse-toe are
bougnjand sold you are oars:' And
I answitred, f tt true!4 and strove to
hide myself. I. would hate crawled
into any cave and alt the- while the
dancing-weHt-ofri-ahd 'the music pfay
ed one continual tune-and gy crowd,
moving and bowing around. and ' beau
titul female laces, witlr radiant -"smiles
and careless words, carnt and ' went n
thniirgs and masses, .With"- .floating
ch:nige and a mocking contrast. Then
I fill, abruptly1 oflfa precinice started
-a"hd awoken f '.'.' ' - '
I I '.groaned ' alound, . The charriber
as lighted by - the faint beams of n
night lamp, casting grotesque an,d giant
shadows upon rhe walls, and ceilings,
lliere wa something unearthly about
them. 'I had not thought' that chairs
afid tables lliose iolnely aod Yami tiir
mjecis couiti joint strange ana ;m -
pressive. 1 here was a bar If in JW ae:
...I U. j; - - J, "
uiiiik aiiiv's c, ruuiii-T-a. auimvi
semi-cirtle, broken by arj .anglc.: of the
ooriwce- appeawP iie a sezincnt'.-of
Saturn' beU hnd. a rtsired v profile,
hat frowneS .like 'the; spectre of some
rTsoi. hdd-fth -a : threatening arm.
and impresiet) me with Vsolenirr sense.
f thejnonsttous and the '"breTternato-
a- ' w i ' w
And oon," amid these huje 'shad
ows and that death'y ileiice, (broken
omj oy ijdbiu iranr soine-, warping
nahnel. ' or.. Derhans, a wall settlins
more heay4y into its fouV.dation, secret
tokens of.titne . qnleard by lint sleep
ing: millions arovndj. the fatal act
"winch bad marked my. pMb'eveDioe,
.appeared before me like a ghostv whh
a itnflnr power. .All Ihe darkest as
pects of life presented themselves, as 1
turned on mj pilww and. strove Jo
sjeep; , ".-Alt thst t'Jiaever tb-ne
wrong, or "unking or doubtful, aaa -round
mr ba 4tkei comnaaV -of des
ils. each event cohyer4el into a fiend. I
1 ." '.in 'ft 1 .l.M.' ' III 1
ana ax ins neau 01 ibis agreeawe evcc
the deed oC yesterday, a, saocLing, then, is te throw eat some reflections,
heartiest demon, and then cas Hie which tay aid those, who snay be dis
dancing and that aid Una again. r d to snake tliis review. 1
JkUisngtls - thit aUl ..
varied by a gleam of comfort. Sow.
thing which resolved itself at last IMS)
K soothlag and most gentle spirit, sees,
ed te steal in ntfbarvt among'thia
let ef cluttering devils, and wbttperi ;s
edinmy ejrt
'Patience, mortal, a4 receive this
hour as a leseva. Ye shall net sink
beoeatb your burden, but yoa aat
bear it yet a little longer. . ben tlie
cock, crows your persecutors k til dts-
perse, lake care yo tie net put lKeaents are, that trara is a ffdert
yourself in their power again, 'lTe tive system ef tio vera went, to which
earth is inhabited by twe races man, the Slates, and not tlie individual eit
a traveller on his wsy te heaven,! but iens. are partiesi that tbe C""' in
sure Deaeiby the ether race, the dev.
ils;- Therril but one method of escap-
mg these teoilemcn, who now crowd
yeur chamber so hilariously It U by j concentration of the powers of the. sys
foHowinE tlie wsys uf richt and wis-' tern in the General Uovornment, must
donw Tbey have, comparativelv no
power over those charmed paths, butting acknowledged to be the principles nrsiti revenue, fy its'own : respon
it is. the condition of , your eiistencewf the party, the question, between usvvr5 officers, appoihtelv for the per
that when jei err.' yon are eipoed Inland Vur friends who have separated ;pue, is beyond .'ihe p4osibility of a
their mischuvous malice. Indeed earh: from us on the present ocrain, is.'doubt." r . dllTvren't is the union
error creates its own tormentor. Each,
man. acenrdinc to his deeds, is honor-:
ed with l retjnue ot these disagreeable; Hanks, conforms most strictly 1o them? binks. Kitlier it full ot constitutional
companions, who acquire more power. Let us eiamine, faking, the prin- objections, arid ni'ifhcr can ilbe main
the more theygsia. lliey retire from; ciples in the order in which they( tiined on tjie piinclpt of ktricV con
around yon during 'the day to watch! stsnd.' ilroctin. On that pinncriile; where
the effect 01 new teniptatwos, as an
angler keeps himself concealed te catch
the fish even, when booked, gives him
ihe line in order to jlanre the barb yet
uerner into nis victim, , in crowus, in
moments ef passion, and times of
pleasure, , they leave their prize, ap
parently free but ia solitude, illness,
snd during the night, they assumertheir
dominion; and wo to him who becomes
entirely their slave,. .As for you, you
have committed . an action lor, which
you must bear the .penalty, ..Yield
with patience and be wiser to-raor-row.f..
Vr -. ...,; . ... 7
'lTie face of my instructress was
hear me as she spoke', and she kissed
my forehead. ; Then came the dancing
and the old tune, and thw crowds and
the demons, and in the pressure I was
nearly o fToca ted.- . Struggliog, at
tempting in vain to. calf out, I was at
the point of dissolution, when, in fright
ful convulsions, I ones moie awoke.
At (tut instant ho cock, in the neish
boring barn-yard gave a sudden, loud,
and- exultant crow, and I distinctly
beard., the slapping of tlie fellow's
wmira,. -It was . followed by the cheer
ful cry of a milkman: .A taint silvery
Hrrht felt unnn tha wall tlirourrh the o.
penings in the shutters and curtains. Government, and destroy ' the federa-j tion is toneerned,' tlie measure we sup
rhe". night-lamp bun red lower and yet live character or our political system, port is decidedly more tomfurmabU to
mere dim Saturn's belt was .icarce- than all other measures "put1 together State Rights, than tliat.whicli is stf p
Ir visible opposite the pitcher-handle, . and if it should become the established ported by the friends .who have sepa
The huge bar hsd lostits slurpoutline, policy, it would in' the end inevitfbly rate'd frbinhriV"" ' r :
Jtmt relarnednongh to identify U with
tlie poker.jsnd the. frowning giant JiaJ
dissolved into the outline of an old
fobe dechambrt, carelessly flang over
the back of a chair. v Blessad thtiman
snapes an, aiier u -uneaniuy images
ef night.: ,1 turned .over with a sense
f saJfety, of beipesmnnsmy fellowcrea-i
tares, and op the earth again, ol having
expiated my crime, etd of Jiirrgttovr -
life before me to tr anew , the path of
virtu and wisdom, and so I tell'jnto
teres, and op the earth again,lofhavipg
. .rt.t flaH . . .. t.
,rr .. i
Jwr' tliis
ed mt wife wbeo: I read
lunir tb maif aawt aha. c6minit.
ting murden Whst !is' It y6u haye
, r Calhwnn's Letter'. .
' Dean Sir. -I hsve -received fyooc
note m- Chairman Mtf " Committee ot
-Arjfa1ige.ments; inviting me to a Barjia-
cueuinnerioiegiveB dj i"4vepu Ban
State Righfs-citixeils oC Richland, dis -
iin,i,m.i4iir-i a vc)prauuii wi viuvcrn--
Wnt and Ibnks.'on. the 8lh in.' 1 ffer'a
I' - ""
deep sense of grati tuife" or the Potior
-...'i..i '...'.-.if .1 r :..."
uicuiivu,. uw uio Bcasuu vi alio jror,
the-great distance r' snd "bthef causes
net necessary torstate, prevedt Jne from
avvemtujr iho tiivuauuo. . - y ' .
essay. " w , !j with the GoVernuicht, butheri-:sep-;tnosHlirectty sabyerslve'tjf ttehuMJctn
.' The reader wilt know it, saiid 1 j arated, the less.'i; V " " 'pikciplby:destryrn!;thst ualify
" 'Not at alU said she. '1 assure you --'The ratonaJ"or thUVre so-:, obvious, between ciftien 4nd citiy.en,'anitfpor
I liave not the slightest Wea, of it, jandliaVe Jbeen. so folly, explained ohsit and ptwAuit' which 1iei"at the
'- Let them guess then!' said.f.. ; ot!ier oecaVions, that they need- nt be "bottorn'oflr Republican Governmehls.
They-will think 'you have- been rW. repealed Jure. It has neveiCr indeed, ;lt tfleltly'srve crtat and decisive sul-
to bring on yourseil sucn . lerri-.sary result pi -tue connection, is. to easv Kged in them. : llnS.rMr one would
torments?" ; ; ! ' ?; 'the' wholes influence .of tlift ba'hklrig.duubt,,same "hdvanfageslwere coii-
",I drank three tftpi if ilrong teal system, mth Its irresistiblw weighfr op ;feYretf bn an.individtiat.. Sappbse- for
said'Vwith a blush.- 1 ' ; . : tinf side that aims to enisrge die:. powUnstance,,t1iat the jBoveVnment ihoeld
.Antl" itfcer.veayou" ptrftctl'y rigbli'. ers of the General Government fb-,selecf any indivjduat, anis cohtrtct -to
aaiit me wifi. Itlrh a I11.1V 'of indirrna- ilraw within Us Vorte every 'l)iect of '''ir!v'-tTtiii fho flMaiver'varlvanlflo- 'fif
Af mucn as nas oeen.saKi on v mis uovernroeni.- ias twice paireu.
f;ret measoce 4of de!ivernte"and already and the 'causes; which '-Vender-ibertr,"itis
hot yet half exhausted jt incompetent, are dally IncrenVink.'lQ
and I propose, in compliance with your
request to. present a. few bsstv views
on i a. single point, that has not "hitherto
received a' due attUntion.' ia the sab-
. ye must alt ; leelln deep .regret,
that-eo majiy of our old Irtemis, w hose
ataenment to liepuuiican, state nights thrm. that such an institution MJind
principles cknnot be questioned,, have. has ever been, opposed to. "tbe State
separated:rrom us on this great -ques-' Rights and. Republican xreed, -are bars
ttoo. In this earlytaj-e, before it has 'the hich authority of the Virfirinia-"re-
become too lateio retrace a false step,
it bcome,s both them, and us,
fdl Ir. ...! 41... k..-in. iiflk.
V J w P ' w w i i tg vi pj miiu yaiigci ius vllUCIII-T- "'
tions, we respectiv,ejyccppy, in refer" jDut itjs. sad-by:same tpr our' friends
enCe "to tbe,great apd cherished prip.' who lnwe separatetl, .thaV thwIodepen
ciples of thejikrty. which .we both "dent and Corjdtitotional Treaiury mutt
proTe4 to 'belong? What, propose. faiUnd tbVt its failnrs would leaite the
.....lTe first atea is ta fit tit lead-
f peinriple of the pkrty, and We,
f - t iaaateit, there can be divmity
r-piaio. We have a livin jslandard
le prmeipfes wf war part?, ir which
h bear the name sf ltepblican
anu Slate Rights men, are agreed,
hewetef the difer in art her ires-
pects. Irelertolh Virtinia report.
and the. Virpoia and tha Kentucky
lVeJatiows r 0S." ' The great -ami
.leading print pies assorted in - those
uow esxnt te be strictly construed.
and, as far as practicable, literally ad-
tiered to and that conaoliilaitoo. or the
Beeaiily lead to deapoiisiM. Tbete
which of the two, the separation or the;
union, of th Government aod the
v men, turn, 01 tna two, ia two moat win tne rigni oe lounu to tnni icr a
favorable to the federative character National Bank? Or if that difficulty
of ear system? j did not exist,' where tu constitute it, us
We maywell leave this pmttjn . je.jthienf4Wgfatthf) e'r,chagenv
Jecrdedty our old opponents, the k'etl-' and the credit of the ' coiitmunity?
era) or isational party, which under ail
changes of names, have been so trie to
their principal and poticT. Which
are they in favor of, the separation or
me umonr . ane answer is. easy, uh ohhb are . S'aio. inaiuuuons, createn
no other qoestion, or any other their authoi-ity," and for their;" -per
slon, have they ever been more united,
From their leaders, down;' throughout 1
the entire rank and tile, there is nodi-;
vision tn their rankS) all being bitterly
hostile to the separalion, and devoted- equally outurue U tn regulate or con
ly attached to the anion of Government trot any other of the domestic lustitd
and banksr and well mar they be so. (ion of the States, inctudirt-r that
Of all measures,' the union wf Gov-
ernmenf and banks hair the most pow-
erlul tendency to consolidation, : end Is
of course, the most hostile to the feiler-
arive character of our system rand nev-
er am tne great originiai leaaer i tin
reuerai or rvaiionai party,-", svicxanucr
t It has done mart to eonsotidtta -the
draw allithe-powers f HlwysHm
i ,nl rle of the genitral Governtf
: menu Without going ftitfy into tlie fea -
jsonsof Uiisopinion, Isliall present two
iew thatarein any tipinien eopclnsive.
" terrain encci pi tne unionwnetn-
er it be a league, nl State Wankv " '
Bank of the United States, is to throw
.thntire weight of the baking system
Hamilton, display- profounder sagaci jment or to receive tne -notes ot tne
ty or greater bolJneta,lhan in consum- local banks, or any other medium, er
mating this unholy alliance, bn- his cept the legal currenci in" its" tlues?
own responsibility, n direct" -defiance But.'enouglj Iins been ,sa1t(' jo ' bew,;
otlaw; by bis treasury order of -89. beyond all cotroversy." that as far. as
tne entire weight 01 the baking system sary to
fjby1 -tarihe rhost lpo,werfut- interest ia'-who jpn
the "coinmnnify, en" the siild of high Rights
duries and faxes, festr&vagant ' vxpeniniglit ii
I aitVHrenel ' a4 jf I nflrat at If SSt IS BUwaLeV eSajid dtltaT
attres, artil larfre.iurplusest and -that,
oecsuM! tH
the profits f the Banks,-whenh united"
beenilentett. or ranh-overltl ' ' Aasuiri..
tn, then, the' fatt to bo soy 'the peces -
ixpcnditare.fil lv"; ftyef fl' potiej
4et-caicuiated1o. increase its re.ventte
..anu uisuursetnents, anu Keen up an n
favor of consxjidation.'and against .the
States.'? ' " ' "?
''.-The nextetfect is 'not fess clears that
iiwui most certainty ui tne eon,ieau ni
the esUbJinhrnept of a grea'fajmnal
fiaiia, iu tuiniui me oaic natiivuiuna.
This, the National," or .Wh?s parryr aa
hey fre now tailed themselves cleV-
i- 1 ...l..'... ,'it. kl' .
iv aec, anu nova tne caii'U'ur .10. et-
knowledge. They .know, fuM well.that
the. State Bank system must fail, Jiow-
twtr iniHiiueu, as Jiscai aire ill 01 ine
forcer audit is now.supported by Te
National '4 pfcrty expressly nn the
groun.d of its incompetency,' and ht
its failure vvitMedJ to the establishment'
its failure witl-Jed J to. tbe establishment
of a National Baok-- measure so Ta
B I - A. - al '1 . .1 ..
vorabie to their .principles ; and- policy
and therefore eo ardently .desired, cyjbetv
port itself,. a lar-re portion of which ". isJ
deliber-'intended to,prove its nnconatitutiohaU
II. J J.-.. - i ' . ' I
ih( rrauit, aim mat ii la-wit luat c auvwcaia io acparaiion 01 mej" liovetn
coua they oppose it. It is asulflcientment sndllanks,' cannot' bo charged
answer to tins, to state, that such Is not
tbe opinion tif the.Jwo trests parties,"
who support or oppose that measure.
The former is known to be 'as hostile
to a National Hankr as the tatter ts ar-
dently in favor of U, and It-mat rith
confidence be kstei ted that the tear of
the one for the measure, and the ardour
of the otlwr aint it, would speedily
abate, if Vithrr thought it would rait anil
lead to 'tlr result suppoicil.' ' ; '
1 nr neu inquiry is, vnien .01. ine
twii enh forms the 'moar closely to the
principle of strict -construction, and a
riaid dliefeoce as possible to the . let-
irr wtinv runsiimtionr tvn
there can be no doubt. ' No one ever
has, or. cart pretend to raise a cftirstitu
tiotial objection, to Ithe. separation . of
Uovernmyrit. and . lUnks. Ihat the
former luiiharlfjlvL to collect its dues
lin the legatahitconetitutiiinal' curren-jfart
cr of the counter, and keen and dis-
whether we regird it with a National
Bank, or an orahUfed'leainie of State
liat power i
liat power has the constitution neie-
gated to the Government over either
and how can such, power be .Inferred,
but by tho boldest construction? The
jculiar wants, ard there, is no. constrc
tion ot the consfittition, mat would en
able the General Government to rego
late or controul t'uein. that would' not
in which vre of die Sou th liave so 'deep
and interest.' I niiltf greatly extend
these questions, , and - ask what right
has the Government tn give the Banks
the public money in the treasury, to
oe loaneu om or .oseu as tney may
tuina proper, 1111 wanteu inr uisoarse:'
strict construction, must itiv the same
tjeis - ee; Va.l lo consolidation, and that
in turn, tojhe overthrowof- our free
Henublican .1ustittltionv'' and ihe
tauitbinneiit oi . despotic ; power, is
so "fully esublised in - the . telebrateft
Virginia resort as to re"nder it- ne'ees-
sary to sa,iirrff tri . addressing "tWe;
roress loaeion to tneoid ntates
itepubrican party ' of 98. J
iirtfeed grekfli eft.larg,t '"this
W.mS K.hA a. I Jl. M . - t; m. A la.f .
wnnt hereanfl iliow. " that' -ovn t wn-
the Ooyerhmaritlind the Banks,- ft tte
vHnlari-. lii tltnaa nwfitnil in tianln'nl
.'over sdt other pursuits, aqtf '. those : en-
having"his notes (eceitfed In ' h dues
of the jGdverdnienr,, aiii 'to, JtlVetSm
tho Use of the public money..- from - the
tirhe lt was'coilectetl, tilt it ; Wat ,'tfis
burseilnstliefe'a man so dull "ns- -not
ibS see ; the 'hn'mr nse ' ailvanturreS - it
would' confer on. him, 'compared .to" the
rfst ot the community tliat it woumI
give Jiitrf, ttf Vast - extent. 4 control
pyer; Jho- excr)an2e3,, tlip ' Creditand
commerce pi the country, "and -throup
thejtu -nverall -"bthe pursuits?. Is," H
.not alswcleaf," that kjinilir adVintaije
conferred' on abyjcrmibinatioii of itnHi
vi'duaU, woijldjtend.' to incrrase .the
power, by adding tlusir irtilividiiaJ - Vtt'
fluencea tliat bestowed .by.1tye4 'Goy.
ernment? ritj Is it Wtequalry'cleai,
.t .i .1. . r . .. r - t ' .. ..
ini.. mn comerring oi sucn power on
chartered companies of larse ca'pitai.
and. possessed of impbrtantrchs'rtered
.rights AvilbaU the means of ;prom"pt
onion, and concert f action, 'would"
be, but to render it still More - formlda-l
Ufllt ahd cjcstl-uctive
c4-rrr erroalBy
between them and the rest ft the -com
munity and,,ofxonrse, destructive ' ofi
the yert basis of oor free Aepublican
institutions? But all this is so clear,
as to fiuire no illustration, and to' su
percede the necessity, of dwelling long
er' on it. --v-r!?r
a 'a a 1 . ' a 1 a " . - - ..
as concisely aa 1 Jiave presented my
reflection, I have said enough, I Crust,
to establ isvh .be yond al k'con troversy .that
if there has been any departure from
Olsv priaciples of the ;prtf ve, '.wlto
witn 11. , uur irienus wno nave aena ...
. 'at w a. T -aT" 1 S a
ted from n, may think, that the meas w
are we support ts inexpedient, incon-, ;
vnieot, weak, or impracticable but I
do think, that 04 a review,' tliey . mast r.
concede to us,: strict adhereace. at.-r
loastv to the old land-marks of the par-- j
ty. This is a strong position to occu- ;
pyv Wheei we refiact how jnuch .de-
pends no matntaing the Fwderal charac
ter of vur system, how much on a rigid
a jlrtrence to the Constitution, and a n
sutcessful resistance to consolidation, 4
ami all attempts to destroy .Uat - Re
Dublicsn equality. Which ia the oride of
this pointlour iimtitudoos, we may well bear4
many such objections to our i measure,
even if well ; founded .or what are ,
these, in comparison to ; tho maiote-.
nunce of great fundamental principles?
be urged against free . tnstUutiona,
toe anm tnu 01 ouieciiona niigntftsi
avnerany, cuinpareo to ueapum:, which-,.
lor convenience, promptitude, and aim
plicityr1ar exceed the fornrers,.;i. M l
In conclusion, permit me to oner the
following aenliment: , ' - : y f
J Iit-vtnmt emis In winy respects ,
similar to ttat of '98, but vastly,' more , .
iinortantf as to the question -itumedi-ately
involved and the wagiiitude of
the ronequences tq follow . ;.
With great respect, t am,'&CK&:.
'-- - . J- C CALUOUN.
Col. ft. II. Gdonwtn Chu'tn, 4c- x'
Frowrtha Paratteville Obervr,?.Si.
. .We. take, pleasure in irreteriUng our
reailrrs willi the proceedings of a Town
Meeting, Jieul ,tn this place yesterday
aftei noun, relative to the Inefnallm.
pruvement Convention invited to be
held at the City of ttnleigh, on the ?4
Monday in December next.. W tiust
every County in the State may be ftp
rvtviiiru, . n? nccasiua is a momen
tous one. , Every jnan,-' whether he b
rich) or pour,. is deeply interested, and.
should. aid in. Jhe work,, which has for
its object' tlie salvation of the SaU."
Now is the time' for action. . Our fu-f'
ture, welvfure and prosperity depend,
upon the fxerUout to be made during :
the next . Winter If, this nppornitj
be disregarded, we Tear Uio,friefjids of
liberal and judicious system of improvev
ment-will bo so itiscouraied as toabari-'
don a,l( hope of ever. Succeeding. .Iet
those then, who lis ve. 4h interest of.
the Stale at heart,' stand no loneer a-1
lepf, Ku t come Jbrward in their jespec
' vmre, un am iu -rpuiiinc tne.
belli in motjon.," , Let , them .but do
Ihttr (utand. the work will go brve
j ou.. . rur uarscives, we :care Pot
where it : may be commenced,' se that.
its tendency be f tn build 'an numvir .
Slate. '"We want the rich products of
the W est , to . find an easy , and cheap!
mniln pf trantpurtation to the outlets in -the
Kast J We want to see the Moun-
tain and Sea-board bound tozether by'
UailUttds ; . V" ' 4 -
Ata tneeting ,nf the citizens ot fhs'
Town ifsyittevilleV. held 'Jnytysv"
fown Hall, : on .Tuesday September.
v'SlK: IS38. to take Into consideration;
Ulcts ;f;''B ciintemplated tptfr'sy
i nal J inprovenient Convention, . to b
lieltf inBaleigh,' fn. December' "nei
ii fiat. I'M . ft .nuifpirn K.aui urai arniiasii tw
tlisj-CUnir, antl Archy "J7!XZ 'Sin'Tli
ppwpl Wary.: ; x .
, thos. is, Jlybart introduced the fid. .
lowing Premblend Resolutions whiclT
were unanimously adopted '
- Vfiai, at a.Caaveatiow, held In thetowa
of Creeaehorotigh, oa Ihe 4th. of airly leal, it.
wa rcoMineodeJ.U th peorile of North Canv. .
IJma ip hoij a tt Convention at, Ui City of
jiaieiga. in tne -mqntn- ot vecamoet aatt: tv
eonlder and aJ"0,om effeetiva p(a for tn
proving Ihe eomJtlinrl of the State and develop.,
inc hr reeouvee. And where, the, ajdieai
of the Town af FavaUevilla tiava ever Aim. .
deep iBbiroat in work of Interna Jtanrove.
niMii,.and are olieiloo to tea them prosecuted,
'who energy and pirin 'fberofor -- ' " ' ,
, n fined. That tpprova the meetinr prwi
pod M bo held in' Raleigh, and will appoint,
delratestlieretiv f , j -yM .
JtewveJ, That it be reeommeDrfaa'te ear
follow eltisena of lliaeounty pf Cutuberlaiid'lo'
hold a meeting: tt tome early period, to appoint
.uaiegatee io. aaiu ionvemiqn,
JitHlvett, That ttbe feeommerided to'onv
fellow; Citizens of the NUU aencrallrHo hiiLk
LnwetlngMn-their. retperUve cuoiUa,rnf ia
-puHit usirgaw iw aeiu .venwatiutff v aieav ag.
in ury pi. KalngOrOa 4b 24 tulJ p D.
e'mlior nest.- ; , ; j, , . v, , ." '
nnlvdfuwtlr Tett'tbe" tThfirSMIel.
thit meeting- appoint l eomniitteo of flvelo enaV
lar frith our follow cillxen of ihe eoualyi to
.appoint k'meetitur for the rdroeae of aaU-rin.
rdegtte4a' tbe laid" Convention, and that they
w&kaf lh8.uperiorv'ouit,.. .." . , ' '
i lt folloWing genttemen were hautT
ed for the, Qomnnttee: '. : ;
. Thos,N;.Xameron;; Geo. ; JftNeij1),
Warren ' Wiuslow. Areli'd 1 Itrl.aan
Jr. and "ThpS, Iw'JIybart.'. - ...
Jlia N. CAMERQN, Ch.f
J Jfu. T..mitb, JSec'y..-)
2?i Crpni-VVVe ar -Had to (ear
that a more Abundant harvest awaits
the farmerMhan wis anticipitrd few:
weeks sincn. The Corn crone in", thw
mrvpaxt of Oran,- and ' nerjrr
thrpuch "the counties of BladenSatrrrr.
son and - Duplin, are) aid (o be vcrj
gnods Vg do not apprehend any ma-.
terial scarcity -of -Ctrn. -Th article) ,
bewi now a ytry -fair .prlcw to warktb.
.----.- v;-o.-v.
. --:-.:
-' .'. ...

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