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gurraity. the bill wat greeted in "the
iron'est and. warmest tern of praise
and approvatrr Mr. Crittenden declar
rd that " he would rather W the author
' T this bill, if it should be inatarcd into
a law," than nf say ether measure which
had Wen adopted tine he hid a seat
io th Senate." On tbe test vote there
appeared in favor of the bill. Teat 38,
. Njs 6. f Mrts, Memrt. Allen, Benton,
llrotrn.Calhuun. Nile, Norvel.;
The bill failed far the present the
lloete of Representative! but failed,
a far a we know, only brcao in The
Aiiyrae of bwioiaeaa in that Hovie it wst
iterer reached. J t waa one of the many
'important billt which were sacrificed
'fttUe, loterminaf'wn to adjourn at a
, partuttlar period, leaving no time to act
jqtrtn half f The business on the table
oAhe two ' Houses. A'f. Int.
veo, m ; i
' From the N. Y. Courier and Enquirer.
Tbe afety or th irogDox
...,-' - ; ftfoictss. ..rr. . '
When (he nrapowtWHi vf MrvGor
dim, of Virjinia, wataobwitted to Con-
Krs fr the introduction of the Strong
l System, in the coHe-etwn and die
buracrnent of the revenue, Mr. Cslhoon
drscriocd it a let convenient, let e
conomicat. and less safe than a Stat
Jljnk arenev. . Mr. Viodborv was of
the une opinion and demonstrated by
figure, that, during forty year' ripe
rience of the g;iverumett the Tresso
ry bad loat less money by all its knob,
agencies together than bf the tlefel. a
tine, of a stogie individual. This i a
true, we presume, at the present day.
it waa when written by Mr. Vmn4
bury. Hie Bank! to be tare, which
were employed by the treacary, in a
period of unexampled pressure and eef
fer'.nj, up a led specie pivoua'S'bet
the entire bank debt to the treaiary bat
either been liquidated or reared, la
this a sufficient reason for dittirding
bank agency in government negniia
tion? As well might wc dispense with
a Treasury department, because the
Treasury suspended the moment it
learned Iron the newspapers the dias
trr that had befallen the Bank. Not
only Mr. Woodbury and Mr. Calhoun,
but Mr. Wright himself hat borne let
timony to the general convenience and
safety of banking Institutions, anil made
a special averment, at of a fact within
hi own knowledge, not mere If that the
banks of this State are not, never were,
aad never could b political or partisan
institutions, but that the safety fund
system is the most perfect fiscal system
in existence. ,
Banking institutions," says Mr.
Senator rVestoa, in hie recent admira
ble letter to the Richland Committee, ;
" by nniversatrconsent. arc, (he cheap
est, safest, and most convenient agen
cies for the custody and transferor the
public money. Every man who .has
inoncy-drallngi practically establishes
this by his own conduct in 'retard to hisfby the witnraaea, and defied by the
own aBaira. le cnect this oweci
Js tine of the purposes of their crea
tion i and they re, therefore, , or
fanized to accomplish them by the most
skilful adaptation of meant. Large re
sources give them a more extended cre
dit than in general belongs to individu
als, and at once makes them more effi
cient 8 gents in the transaction of ex
changes, and more responsible for the
fulfilment ol their engagement. M
Out it it not necessary te appeal to
the speculations of our own party, or
even to the admission of the lories, to
prove that the proposed sub -Treasury
is a less safe depository of the public
money than a welUrernUtetlbank agen
cy. W have the evidence of figure!
we have proof enough front the official
documents of . the administration, and
from acknowledged facts that have not
yet been officially communicated to the
Eeeple. Whateort of a Sub-Treasurer
as Robert T. Lyttle, of Cincinnati,
proved? He it a public defaulter to the
tune of from 830.O0O to 840,000.--When
ha the administration lost this
tarn by giving credit ton Bank? In the
very whirl and fever of speculation
in the great catastrophe of suspension
ill what instance has the Treasury lost
so large a sum by the failure of a Bank?
What wrll the administration preaset
say or the defalcation of one Toriheif
receivers" in Mississippi, by which
the Treasury lost 9 1 90.000? Ilow will
titer justify the continuance of this der
faalter in office, on the plea that he was
gorged with pi and rjand that the ap
pointment of successor would only
lead to new frauds and peculations?
We nil remember the hurricane that
waa raised by the tortes. when it was
acertajned tliat Dr. Wat kins had been
found to be a defaulter in the sum of a
tew thousand dellara. . On tis defalca
tion- solitary and alone" they lived
and thrived for a twelve-month. : The
oppeoitioo T nothing else. - The
unfortunate victim was visited with the
heavier! penalties of the law, and Waa
cast into a oungeon lo'roL" sucn was
the humane decree of President lack'
son. Here is Mr. la., n ainrle Jackoon
SSccr, a defaulter in a sum fuur or five
tisnceaa larre end' hundred other
defaalters equalfy culpable do we bear
nny tnmg lite, doih ana oars, aoq
cJete confinement? Have not these
men been shielded from tbe law? And
why shielded? On account of the ten
der mercies ot the cabal in power
" There irtJuTsrre mode of accounting
for the course of the government in this
"matter. AJt kigk injowttjtm btm
mceuwiu Bf MtCQfirpkcu in A6 Trnf
tations. Ih -will be iimnYare,M
taya tbe JJoiw3ntJ-ew'? wni cv ox
iaise YsftpS' A! fabltcemil
outranked br the Eieenure. W man
r ' - .
of intelligence" can doubt that such is
.1 r . . .' i:.s ..T St. !
tne, .I4CI. w r anno a - T.
erwineat defaulters. Ukeii from a public
document communicated to Congress
br Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the
Treasury, under date of January 17th,
1S38: .
AsMeet dao. 7
6,869 Si
1.617 97
6.(41 71
Pater Wilaon. BtatMOitl.
8mH FlnJIey, Chilirtb,
Nathaniel Rtrtng. Viocaonaa.
Chu. M. Tijlor, JaUaraaarilla,
A P. Hay". .
Irat T. Canby, Crawfordilla.
Ahom sfCarty. da
Banj. Htaphanaoo, EdwanlaTille,
Bnj. F. Kdoarda. da
W. IMD.Ein(, VawUlia.
Oao. P. Hlrolbar, Ku Lauia,
flam'L Haaimaod, da
Taub Ijaailaa, Jackioo,
John Hay. da
Wm. D. McKay. Leiiniloa,
Willi M. Gravn, Plaiyra.
Benj, 8. Ckambm. Little Kel,
W. UrtmU (laaloma
Luke Leeaoarr, da
OaviJ L. TadJ, da
nj. tUft. do
Matltaaial Cat. New Orlnm,
Maare Cenaon, da
89,013 31
M38 92
6.460 l
7.421 47
16.754 tt
S7.05I 64
IJ74 44
t 386 16
.B77 M
T.lll It
S.I4A 37
t7,J3 47
6.893. IS
1.131 98
Hfiii 83
4.163 56
1,376 84
A.JW. McDanirt. Waibiagion, Mia. 8. It 47
H aoaao AUberry. AaaiMta,
" 8.369 98
S.613 00
34,611 97
648 61
6.061 40
36.714 61
344 33
11,708 73
.896 73
109.178 08
38.713 49
tnjli 47
11.116 30
33.168 18
6.074 61
54.686 66
3.444 34
38.156 67
43.498 64
Maataal OaMlb, M. Stthu' Ala
(Wp Caaony, do
J aha II. 0nw, da
Jawaa C. Dtraaateaa. t hoela",
Ijaaraa B. CnUcfcan. da
(U. 9). Uat,a. 34 Cm; da
ti. . H,aaa, 8J urn, H. Paad,
8aH W. IiriM. da
ta da Uumt,4
W&rf P HtMm, CatewlMM.
Jafca ankw, Hootio,
L PyA Trait, al J. Braaaa, da
tkm Tf tar, Caibaha,
Wat. TevW. da
trnafcO BtieWai,da
M Hrfaw. Waaeta,
Aodaw T
aWtwrd K. Call. TaBal
1. . ik. U. . Aii'y.JLfnuicky,
706 74
4.746 34
A. Jom, V. W, M. Mj
i. w. Btapaaaaaay'Mayaa,
74.839 70
113,463 94
3.631 81
U, IlawhiM. H4raa,Ark.
J naiik TnrtU, Waaluta, .
Waa. II. Allen. 8t Aaiarfine. Pla. 1,997 60
Oardoa D. Boyd, flaotboa, Mwa. 60.198 13
K. H. 8iariiof. ChaecbaaM, Mia. 1 1,763 63
Here i but partial list of default
ing ub-Treaorer and the sub-Trea-tuty
will always ahow similar delin-
Juenciea. The men appointed under
te system will alwaya be selected from
party rontiderations, because the offices
are fit for them, and not because they
are fit for the offices. The conse
quence is inevitable under any govern
ment and under aucb a profligate ad
ministration as now curses the country,
we can look for nothing but the moat
serious and alarming results. Hund
reds of thousands will be annually loat.
and there will be no prosecutions, no le
gal investigations, no Congressional in
quiry. Anil why? Jlecause the Tautt
will be as it has beenwith the govern
ment. When the opposition call for
investigation, they will be met with in
sult from the Secretaries, will be bullied
culprits. This was the caae with the
investigation committees in 1836, 37,
and will continue to be the case as long
as' Blair, Benton, Kendall, Woodbury,
and men of that description remain in
With their powerful banking institu
tion, with boundless credits, and an
exchange in her favor against all with
whom ahe trade, the Noth cares
nothing for a National Bank. Her
means of concentrating capital in her
own hands, are greater now than they
would be with such -an - institution.
This fact, we beleive, can be bus
tained by irrefrarible evidence! and we
I brgtnto think with the speculative gee-.
iieman . wnom vur ncicnoora ui tne
Whig alluded to a Tew days since, that
the day ia not far distant when the
South will pray Tor a National Bank as
the surest deliverance from their vasta-
ase to N-thern capital and commercial
power. TicA. Com.
x FremTh United Stales Gaxette
Lord Durham haa resigned his situa
tion as Governor-General of the Csna-
das, in consequence of the action of the
British Parliament relative to his pro
ceedings. In noticing the remarks of
Lord Brougham a few weeks since, wc
took eccasion to express the opinion
that Lord Durham would not consent to
hold power in the Provinces, while the
. . i . .i
imperial raruameni wa making mus
free with bis exercise of that power.
We regret the resignation of Lord
Durham I because, during his official life
in Canada, he haa been trdulously at
tentive to the feelings and rights uf the
People of the United States, courteous
tu visiters, properly introduced, and sp-
psrently anxious te preserve Ihe friend
ly relations between Great Britain and
our country, which it was evidently the
ileaign ot many on both scon ol the line
to interrupt. The censure cast upon
Lord Durham was chiefly for banishing
certain offenders to placet beyond hit
control) and thus exercising a power not
appertioent to hit high office. Thia we
think was wrong towards Great Britain)
but at it was an exercise of clemency to
a .a' a a-
warns aniens ei ine sjniieu cuates,
brought about bf the solicitation of our
citizens, tee en Ihit aide the line ought
to do justice te the snotives by which
his Lordship was actuated) we may
have abhorred the action of the misgui
ded men who created and kept alive (he
difTicalties, but we cannot but admire
the magnanimity of the ruler, whobav
ing at hand the most ample means to
punish hia tnimies, and bemrincited
by the outcry f a part pros to use
these means, prtftn rather to save life
than te sksUey, aril SAireEct riinatll by
a form of punishment that tavet the dig
nity jn bit once, wiuiowi maoaipwanus
of bo man life.
Irfird Broueham. broken and ditcom.
fited a he it, has" had the satisfaction
te prostrate a noble enemy t -the per-
son of tho Governor General of the A
meriean provinces. Durham, an A
riitocrat bv birth, but by early imbibed
principle, a devoted friend of English
Reform, and supporter of the people's
cause, haa the tortone aiier ma en
trance on the political staje, to dra
down on his head the vials of Lord
B.'s wrath. Whether this was a penal
visitation ( pretended by B.) for Dur
ham's violent real in behalf of the peo
plea zeal proclaimed destructive to
their cause or whether the blasted
statesman saw in his victim, a future
giant, whose success would be a source
of bitterness to hit own soured spirit,
cannot, perhaps be fairly known. Cer
tain it u, however, that no man waa
ever pursued by a more unrelenting
severity than that manifested by
Brougham. I he genius of the ardent
Karl was yet ascendant, step alter step
lie steadily mounted, while the patch'
work limb ol nobility, his rival, as.
surely, and perhaps more swiftly, deH
scended from his high stand, to a level
of obscurity, and doubtful morality.
1 he appointment to the government ol
American colonies accompanied with
higher power than, perhaps, any offi
cer from Kngland will ever possess
sgain, waa the lat and r"hest testim
onial to the worth of Durham.
But the gift was his political des
truction. Involved in the the govern
ment of such a chaoa as Canada, and
being rather fearleaa of. responsibility,,
he chose to exert ungrsnted power
over the State prisoners. The tidings
of his usurpstion reached England the
Parliament took fire Brougham led
the attack with an Apostle's fervor,
pleading for tbe liberties of England
the Ministers dared not, could not
breaat the tempest in Durham's behall
hia ordinance was condemned by the
Lords, disavowed by Ministers, and a
bill passed, defining his powers.
The receipt of this intelligence com
pletely overwhelmed the Earl, and he
has declared in the presence of the
delegates appointed to confer with him
on Tne ' subiect ot a Federal Union of
the provinces, his intention te resign
Ins commission, on receiving official
intelligence of the condemnation of his
conduct. - " : - font, Jtme$.
Servie Jnturreclion."-yt learn from
the Franklin (Tennessee Review of
Friday week, that a contemplated insur
rection of the negroes in Marshall coun
ty. Mississippi, waa detected and defea
ted a few days ago. The Review
Sioiee the annexed account or it from
e Pontotoc Intelligencer' of tbe 41H
The instigator of the movement we
learn was a white man, as is usual in
all occurrences of this kind, and the
plot was disclosed through the fidelity
of a slave The negro in question could
not endure the idea of his mistress fall
ing in a general masacre, and divulged
the plot to a person of respectability,
by whose advice the negro appointed a
night on which to meet the fiend
who directed the plot for the purpose
of hearing his plans in full and receiving
On the night appointed, several per
sons having accreted themselves close
at hand for Ihe purpose of over hearing
the conversation, tne negro met Ihe
conspirator, aniLaajoonaj he had open
ed his plsns sufficiently to furnish con
clusive evidence of his guilt against him
self, the persons concealed rushed upo'.
him and secured him. After his gv ill
was rendered certain, the indignatisa
of the whole community around was so
greatly excited that It was with much
difficulty the friends of the lawa could
save the culprit Irom the vengeance of
Judge Lynch. But we are rejoiced to
say that in North Mississippi a resrd
for the laws and the constitution pre-
. 1 w , t"
vaneu over tne iyncn coae, in a cane
better calculated than any which can
possibly be conceived or, lo arouse the
passions and impel the citizm to ad
minister justice with his own hand.
The Circuit Court ol Marshall coun
ty commenced ita fall session en yes
terday, and doubtless (he fiend who
could plot to hellish a conspiracy
against the very existence of society,
wti; immediately receive that justice
which its enormity demsnds and the
l.. ...r.l
Lm! Slid in llcktburg. The
Natchez Free Trader of the 23th inst.,
describes the bernnningof an avalanche
or sinkfng of the earth on the margin of
. ,- . a . l , . . 1 . .
me taiHiinjat v icasour, wntcn inreti
ens serious damage to the front street ol
that city. Deep rents in the earth,
narralM to the river, were found to
Uavj been made as high up aa Vaoh
inston street, nearly spposite to the
aide of the late Pincksrd Hotel, com
mencins near the bottom of Main
atreet, and running southwardly a far
at the railway.
Ine large warehouse owned . by
Messrs. Coif r & WsMes, at the up
per part of the levee, near th bottom
of Main st., began to give war, and in
the course oi a aay or two, became
iuin, allowing time for the occupants
to remove goods, 4'C This house was
once owned by Judge Lane, and rent
ed lor $12,000 peranum, at the present
time, it rented for about . 8,000, to
several occupants, whose business and
roods most ef necessity be much in
iered by sueh a speedy removal. Rev
era other boaoet art awerying from
their perpendicular. The beauldal
new house, commenced py wci'"
nearly oppeeite ihe late Pinclard
House, has been badly cracked by the
sinking of tbe foundation.
The Hew tirlesns uuiieiin u
that the first movement of the flourish
ing city of Vicksburg, should be to pro
cure 8 practical geologist to ascertain
the true state of the case, both the dan
ger threatened as well at tbe injury
already do be.
Weleara from Chaal L. Hintoo, Esq.
one of the commissioner under whose o
perintendeneo and direction tho sale of those
lands took place last month, that the land
told remarkably well, having averaged at
I .mi four times the State price. The am out
of tale waa about $370,000; one-eighth of
which was paid down, and the balance well
ecared by bonds, which will constitute s
handsome unappropriated fond, subject to
the future disposition of the Legislature.
XJ Warroa R. Oaii, Eaq. will delivay the
Annual Addreae befor th PhiWmatbeuaa and
Kuwliin Societies of the Wake Foreet Inati
tula, al the cloee of th aeaaioo, on the 59ih No
vember next.
Tk American PhrenthficalturHal.We
hare received the fint number of a very neat
and interealing periodical, bearing thia tide,
from the preae of Mr. Waldie, Philadelphia. It
will be iaaued monthly, at 42 per annum. Sea
pro, pectus in another part of thia paper.
Ctmmtn Stkttli. We have received the
" Common School Almtuack." pobliahed in N.
York by " The American Common School So
ciety under the direction of ita able Secretary,
Profereo J, btilli Tailob. It i a pamph
let of 84 pagea, IS mo. richly filled with educa
tion ataiiatica, maxima, anecdotea, Ac. intended
to proroota the establishment, and improve the
thtracter of common achoola throughout th
country. Tbeee objeeta are worthy the moat
trenuooa and indefatipble afforta of the patriot
and philanthropist. Upon tbeir advancement
depend, In a great degree, the continuance of
our national prosperity and happiness, freedom
and independence. Thia little pamphlet is well
calculated to arouse th public mind to Ihe im
portance of the subject, and wa wish a copy wrr
placed in the hands of at least every citizen in
North Carolina. It shows where internal im
provement aaaht to commence, and points to
the true mean of accomplishing it.
Small Px. Four cases of this disease are
reported in the list Warrenton paper. The first
waa a negro worosBorulha lot 0 Mr. Ceo. M.
A Ilea, to whom it is supposed it was communi
cated by a stage passenger; the 2nd and 3rd ra
sas are her children; and tbe 4th, another negro
woraaa on th same let. Means bar been a.
saVsaJntnam sw sVavvaUav ls sapTeuxni
A Bon them writer confidently alleges that
Mr. Calhoun will be a candidate for the Preai
dency in 1840. H thinks Tennessee and the
whole Sooth will sustain him; and that the elec
boo wilt go lo the House, where his friends will
hold out to th last.
anittyrtiarua Tbe election of Inspectors
and Asssasara look place in Pennsylvania last
week. Both parties clsim tbe victory. This Is
nly a preliminary contest. Th great and decis
ive blow will be struck io a few days. We await
tbe result in confident expectation of Whig
03 The Editor of the Register has so com
pletely answered Mr. " Potato Custard" that
we see no room for a single word more. Back
up that cart of potatoes, friend " Custard"!
Tbe President of the UuiTiSd Stales and
the Secretary of War have returned to Wash
ington City.
Ckertbei ZmitrntUn, .Th Nash. Whig
states that there is n doubt that th contract
with Roea for Ihe removal of th Indiana will be
carried into complete operation, notwithstanding
the clamor that waa raised against it Two
parties of about 1 Mo each have already started
under thia contract.
Mr. Clay iS Jk'OT an JMitiiuitt.
Wa commend the fbltowing noble sentiment
ta lb Waahington Chronicle and to tkoee Van
Boron ' editors wbe unjustly and recklesslv
charge abolition principles upon Mr. Clay. 8ucb
a ekorf. from aucb a source, ia worth juat about
as much notice as the. Lion bestowed upon the
Asa; and to silence the brayings of these long
eared gentlemen, we give the Lion's awn lan
guage. It was delivered last Jure, in reply
t Mr. Calhoun:
" They have charged tne with being an abo
litionist I an abolitionist,' I, an abolitionist!!
I, sir, who repressnt slave-holders; and who am
as ready as any man on thia floor or elsewhere,
when a caae occurs Of real danger lo that or any
other right secured by tho Constitution, to de
fend it to the almost. Sir, I go for the Union,
the W I OLE Union, as wa received k from our
fathers; I go for no sectional interest, or parties
no Southern party, an Western, ao Northern,
no Eastern party, null desire to se tbe Gov.
ern merit administered in spirit of broad, ex
pensive, equal justieei on vch principles alone
can it be preserved, or is h worth preservine.
Sir, my destiny haa been east among a elavo-
bolding people, and whenever a conflict ahall
noma ia defence of our rights to our staves,
(which God sverr!) here or elsewhere, SHALL
ATOR! (Mr. Calhouo.J
Now, whe will doubt the Salalraeal of Ibis
eoteam pledge, should, an oecasioo demand it!
And If io IN FRONT of Mr. Calheen, in the
defence of slavery, what more caa the 8outb df
aire of Mr. Clay!
VoeoVriaa. The X. Y, Courier and En
quirer s worked on a ateam press, in van tad by
Dr. Napier, ef Loadoa, at th rate ef six thous
and an boor. The proa i eapabls of working
save thseisal an bone. It requires the atlew
oassto of era perse a , and ia the faeloit printing
fewsaia tbe woild.
.Vrj,ijhl The election Joe Governor and j
members of the LrcisUUire took plate la J
Maryland oa Wednesday la. Ia Ihe CWy of
Baliimore. the Whigs covered themselves
an over with glory." In P't of an atrociou
attempt at riot by Ihe Vanitea, with the view
of preventing- tlie free and lawful eiere'ise of
tbe elective franchise, the .VTbijp carried
their whole tfeket. The majority for Steele,
the Whig Candidate for Governor, over Gra
.on, v. 1- was 117 the majority of tbe whig
candidates fi- ihe Legislature 163.
The whole number of vote polled in the
city wa IZ.-fOO, which im anin i,v i
the registered .voter. Thi deficiency msy
have been occasioned, ia pari, by the eices
aire riots, "d the lawle obstructions inter
posed ia some of the wenis te the approach
of ihe Whig voter. Al one of the polls,
the mob took possession, and kept it until
twelve o'clock in the day, and it waa not un
til theheiifT ar.d high constable, baeked"1iy
a large force, arrive J and cleared a way for
the citirens. that a Whig rote waa permitted
to be given. The Administration party, it is
said, polled nearly a many votes a they had
previously registered assuming that they dis
played their full atrength Iq opposition to
the registry Iswi so that the deficient 1,050
may be set down aa nearly all Whigs-
The Baltimore Chronicle well remarks: "To
call aurh an election free ia a mockery of the
term. Instead of being a struggle for the ascen
dancy of principle and opinion, it waa a contest
in which brnte force and violence sought to
hear awsy. It waa in all its aspects and fee
turea, with few exceptions, lbs roost disgrace
ful scene which baa ever occurred in the City
of Baltimore."
To csp the climax of outrage and brutality
perpetrated by the self-nsmed democrats on tlisl
occasion, at midnight they attacked the office of
the Chronicle, lo wreak their vengeance on the
laws of ihe country and upon a worthy citizen,
by tearing down the establishment of this vigi
lant sentinel of public liberty and true repuUi
can principle; but the timely intervention of
the military defeated their diabolical designs.
It ia probable, in consequence of these and
aimilar outrageous proceedings, calculated ta
drive all peaceable citizens from, the polls, that
the Van Buren candidate for Governor ia elect-
ad by a small majority. Th result, aa far
ascertained, ia Steele 81,671, Graaon 82,677.
Only three eountiea to hear from, which are ex
peeled to give Whig majorities. The Chroni
cle states, however, that it ia certain the whigs
have elected a majority of both branches of the
Legislature, aod thua secured the choice of a
Whig Senator to Congress. The Senate con
eiste of 81 memlere, and the House of 79. If,
as is expected, Worcester, ibe oaly county to
be heard from, shall relura the Whig Senator
and Delegates, the next Legislature will be di
vided politically as follow!
frlirs .ccst
Bata, 3 t
House of Delegates, 40 38
And two from Kent doubtful.
Ephraim H. Feeler, Esq. elected by the Ten
n eases Legislature to succeed Mr. Grundy in
the U. 8. Senate, haa been appointed by the
Governor of that 8tatc to fill the unexpired part
of Mr. G's. term.
- Mr. Speaker Polk is the administration can
didate for th office of Governor of Tennessee. .
Mr. i'rtntitt, of Mississippi, arrived in New
Orleans on the 10th ult, and waa immediately
tendered tlie honor of a public dinner", bye com
mittee appointed for the purpose, which busiiiess
compelled him lo decline. But a large number
of tbe citizens, in company with the committee,
called upon him; and in reply to a compliment
ary address from Judge Jackson, ons of ihe com
mittee, he addressed the company for aWut two
houra. His speech, it is said was equal in pow
er and brilliancy to similar efforts that have won
for him the first rank among American orators.
A meeting of the Naval Officer, at Pensacola
was held on the 8ih ult at which resolutions
were adopted pronouncing Ihe scurrilous arti
cles which recently appeared in the Globe lend
ing to affect the character and dignity of the
Navy, utterly false and without foundation; and
tendering iheir grateful acknowledgments to the
patriotic presses by which those article have
been entirely refuted.
Lord Durham haa resigned the government of
tne lanadaa, and ia going homo. An Tnion of
tne two rrovlnce baa been wenpoasd; and itj
win doubtless take place. It will bo aimilar to
tbe old American .Confederation.
dy Fanny Wright is preaching loco-focoiem
and agrarianiam in fine style to ihe New York
ers. She ia aaid to ehloT the honor of snin
ting the Sub-Treasury, and ahe exhorted elo
quently all good democrats " to go it."
(XT' On Ihe Sflth Sept. Flour was worth nine
dollars twelve A a half cents in New York; stock
limited, and the demand great.
P. 9. Later date state that Flour bat de
clined. Sales on the 3rd inst. at 63 75 on
the 4th at S8 50.
Grenf .Slate Ctnvtnthn the ffhtr Ttnnr
Men Ohi:K Convention of lb young men
of Ohio waa held at Mount Vernon, on th 20th
ult. Between 6,000 and 8,600 young men were
present They wer addressed eloquently by
the veteran Harrison, also by Gov. Vane, and
Generals Ewing aod Kurphy. Tbe Coaventioa
voted ananiasoosiy that tbe'obvioos designs of
executive aearpauoa tad lb flooding theeoun-
try. with seventy millions of Treasury aad other
Bank paper, was th destruction of onr republi
can inaUtntiona and th conversion efour form
of government into a monarchy. One hundred
original Jackson men sent a their adhesion to
the whig party.
The" Cowat De Sarvilbore (ioaepb Boaa
parte.) artivorl iq the packet sbtp .sapbia
! at NW York. .- ; ,.'r : . " : ; "
TbaA'rw Vosk Co er-SDoadaiit mfAi v..- '
r w- 1 1 :... .
at Intelligencer, under dale of the X6lh Beptea.
ber, remarks: .- .'
The dranaof'J. B. Randolph. actinv T-L.
rarer of. lb United Slate,' apoo (he Mosutar
ara now io circulation. The Ameiir,,
Hshea ooe this evening to the amount of Su
008. payable al sight. Thua, while the goveraC
men! kiett the Monster In politic, It tie, kha
io secret. Bnk and Biddte" does to fool loot,
wilh; bat lb Government is no fooL Oat eel. v
lector of alt the revenue of thia great eoniawt
elsl e -HMium tskee bank bills, bank checks, A
- J TTTTJ fi,. y ,
makaa hie immense depoaite in Bank " .
hank flrfl. .Mr. l.tP rluliM .nil
To bear this self-styled democracy bj,
,t. - II I t. .1 u . " " .
'- I.BI-. Kiirvu VJ mvn, M uava ueesj iKOOghl
upon tbe country by the Banks, one could bat
reasonably auppoae that all roonecuon ttrttru,
tliern had been dissolved long ago. (tuck a sap,
position would seem due lo their professions end, L
to a pregter sense of eonaiatency oa tbeir part.
n. . . . - . .. .
uui wnat ia nera proveu agaioai tnemi Tkag
their Treasurer ia circulating drafts an "Bid.
dle'e Monster,'' and thai one of their Collector.
is receiving all kinds of bank-notes in psyejeot
of the public dues! What shameless inconsial.
The United States Bank baa estabtiahed
branch in New York, under the Fret Banking-.
uwol mat state, me JNew York Vorr spaa. .
dent of the Nationsl Intelligencer says:
"The day tbe Bark commenced husinsstlu
counter 'were tli ranged with customers, R.
the way, if all the Statee imitate the SKsmpUof
New York, ia her free banking law, lbs Mas .
star can put one of Ilia huge pewe in every Stale
of the Union, and then we ahall have no eeea. '
sion for a Congrets-born monster. We laelsaN '
fully bad almut our libertiei here, now Mr. Bid.1
dla haa again got among us. If weean beHrve
the Globe, we are gone, gone, gone! As be ia
digeing a monstrously deep Hitch in Wall street
to put a new bank over, (so he says,) there any
be rail for mora alarm, inasmuch aa it looks
big enough I bury all our liberties in! '
Martin Van Buren the friend ftke Stutkf ': '
Impossible. Oue fact furnishes stronger evil
dene than thousand professions. Then let it
be remembered that thia earn Martin Van Be.
ren, while a member of the Legislature of New
York, intniduced the following resolutions:
" Tbe CHtitvtino( the United Stale clear.
Ig fivet It Cngrtt the right to require of lbs
new 8ttks, not comprised within the original
botindariea of the United States, ths prohibhioa
of slavery, as a condition of tbeir admission in
to the Union. Therefore. . ,
" Jietlved, That our Senators be instructed
in oppose the admission inlo tbe Union, of aay
Territory, not comprised aa aforesaid, wnhoal
making the prohibition of slavery lhrem,at
ditpentablc cniitih of admission.'
How ran any man, io the fare af an acts
deadly hostile to the interest or the South a,
this, have Ihe hardihood to come wot and eel
'Mr. Van Buren s " Nor tliern man. with ftoouV
ern principles"!
Cl. tTtbh and Prince John.-.The letters ef
Col. Webb, on the subject of hia arrest ia Esg-
IsDd, by John Vast Burra, will bo foeae ia to.
day'e paper. Hix caaeTuet towards Got WaVJL
a fellow-citizen, wiih bem is a foreign bnd,ss
not fsil to sink him in the estimation ef the
Lords and Noblee of England, on W Loss skirts,
he baa been banging with such eagerness sal
delight, and call down upon him the eoaUuf
snd indignation of every generous-hearted A
Jncpntittenty. Tbe Van Buren party, wher
ever they have possessed a control over BsrJu,
hare been Bsnk men; and yet they have asm
bitter and unsparing in their denuncialieo ef
Banka. Their course in Missouri aretes this.
There they have created a Bank, wbeta b
every aense of the word a MONOPOLY. If
oilier Bank can be created in th Stat by th
Lagialalure while Ibis exiatsv ; Tkw Bank ad
the State then ara feVikrd together oTrorwr
re ehneen by the Legiabrare, snd ths pmrql .
Van Buren directors are now striving for sts
in the body which haa- to decide whether they
shall retain their plaeea! Recollect, this is Bea
ton's own Slate. r.
Mexic and Texili. Informalhm hel bree
received al New Orleans, which warrant the -
belief that Mexico will soon acknowledg the
independence of Texas; and that (be India
di.Tieul ia on the frontier of Tsxes ers eatircrj
quelled. - . ' trfr
Ceorja,-The eUction for Member f
Congress snd of Ihe Legislature bare just lakes
place in Georgia. A slip from the oO flas
Macon Messenger furnishes return frost M
counties, which show a gain for th Stat
tieket f.w Cengrasa that warranla a strong
of its success. It ia also probsble th Wkig
will have a majority in th Legislstur,astker
clear gaia in these 86 cou lilies alon I fiftsea.
The Van Burru majnrity io the last Lsgtsbtar
wns 9 in th Senate, and 16 in the House. ;
The Great Western seijed from New York
on the 4th inst. with 140 passengers, bia"
.ii .1 i t i cl. mm eat.
nearly hs'f roil linn ia anecie." of bks'f
ii ana cnviil acc-nnrnmiaiv on, j
$150000 came from Philadelphia -Tbahifk
rat of exchange, leading to the eiportsti
of he precious metal of emirae. e00'1"
to attract great attention, and some aasictf
G-ne'ral Hamilton, of South Carolina,
ha just arrived from Enp;bin.L) bM P""1
ed a card in reration to the letter wki2
peered under his signature la th Bih"
Enq-iirer. The letter, be ay. was m
without tha kaoalnlH or tMWVaOT ,
Jdrleveason. and that h wm written
"saves, sjsvenu seaoo a " ww - -
a pecuhar excitement, wbicb he
tereapbuA. - ' - --
Xeraf Ihtrkam In the House of C"
naASSJSJL , tin tha
n. the bill IO n'
Lortl Durham'' onlinancea respecting
ntate pmoner, ur, iisninjrio.s M
iirat lawyers io Kngtaod- jechrrd lJ
" i.t : . .k. u:ii. Ma wa
Uficd that lite re hod been any viohtf
law by Lord Durban.; bat aawa s
that tbe cot prarswedby U -tf y
h'urbly espedierw and prop, r,LT
evrietrt legal. " 5
'. .' .. .. .

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