North Carolina Newspapers

    . . ,r . ttMnti I Una htart, anu is maue w m m. la ut water or . smiiu. ina "Uinv ruffian. " who r lies I
.7 IT" .a. I tb iMlp T mm&u. where kf y th. d Ihe Monte of Ohio with hi. worth.
a - iJtahulMH" " 1 -urauKorainNiiviuia niMaBni
Hiw- nlsre
. . . . -1 1.1,'hIim I Mia sunken wreck. and auntest treasurea." r
i.or . I He le supplied wUh air for lb porpoee of re,
r BlMMuaa and O'Connel, in I . i-., (UriKL t-k. -.t -m. r.
mMtgi$i OUCOMjt Mjiiwin"!" i aw niDiiKi wince, witvw un sicca ine watco
Ti.- ,k- Liter machine lb lv I be i encloeed. lata thi. lulu fresh air to for.,
irn""., i t Mii ldftomUmtUm by lh .fc.lpf Wlowa
Reiion I with valve, and after being breathed, ttew-
.1 J Plnr. Jut. I .!... .k ik im l- l. ,L. I
u. .....lion hM bMB Ud to tn P' part of lb fiiurt. A man Dan mora about in
fT I,, un 8ieit'. w f" T" I it aoJer water with almoat f nuch foeiCty a
Tl iuL jalifared by ov at a pub- ha . , a d . .
iJin. ia BirmSncbam. i.wbcb yotf a motl M j0,eflnitt period. Tb om and deu'ga
u ha. ad th. fo"-" Un"?'0 of thi. armor, it wit rwdily ba pereai. i. U
rTuT mr aflf: "I beUi' tbrir ery Amb. rl(k.r mMuorM from tha -.tty dVp;" and.
u , alavabiMitor, ' "7 rarily, old ocmb wilt now ba to (ira np
dara for pofp? of. V150- - Many a gem of pure my era."
" IZibll that Amarica wouia aano aera a y,,, ka, bean hid for afrM upon a(n in hrr
''PtiraJficBbluod,iM''nUd,,,c itk, unfathomed eae,f for iu virion
ha already ban aaflieimily trtad, Th
wreck of Iba BrUtol haa bena vinitd hj men in
f JT-ood of what you aaidon wai occ.ion, j,,, Brmort ,4 om thouaudi of dollar in
r" r 57!. J.lrMi to yon thia comma- mmi fmrn it. Anuar ih artilM rl
T (am. 8ir, ry reapactfuUy, your ob t eowed wert thirty tona of rail road iron, and
no tona or cart ataok i n armor may not on
ly bo nord in rtcovering f-ora tha ocean lout
treaaurea, but it will bo of incalculable advan
tage in the pearl fishery, anl in tb aurveya, ett
aininaiiohi and improvemaata In the channel
of rivera, harbor, &e- The company, we are
glad to turn, are going ahead bravely. They
would do well to aend an eipedition to the coast
of North Carolina. Mil Hoe of dollara lie bu
ried in the cavern of the ocraa which waebe
our ahoraa -JUle.
1" A. 8TEVENS0N.
16 fall-Mail- Auf. 10.
x i m naaiuuifn - j
f " k.r. wlecled U not a correct report
frV. i-.-.J ih.i occ
f'rV. .--;J ih.i occaaion.
9 w j.. . -,.i..rr lo"my mind.
HMit could not be correct, and
ited another report alnce, a well
,i, Ia eonauence of your letter of yeater
Bihwui that the Bare
Tb wf
It7" We learn that the late itorra did on-
siderable injury on the coMt and in the Inte
rior. The loss of proper in Petersburg ii
estimated at $15,000. The shipping along
the coast was mucb injured, tho not so great
ly as Was at first expected. Bridges hare
been swept off, mill-daias racked and We
learn that the corn on tha low grounds has
been considerably washed up, and aonie of
it entirely destroyed. ' The embankment of
a portion of the Petersbirg and Richmond
Kail Koaa was washed away; and owing to
this circumstance, the mails between here
and the north hare, for A reek past, been ve
ry irregular. t
fr.rtreoort of your .peach hubeen ITaroW.Tl.e Hilloroueh Recorder'
1 . .. ..... .u i. ik. n. I m inform states that, on Monday last, a murder was
Libit I deem it due. to myelf that Ihe cor- committed ata grog-shop ta Oranje, by Mar
Lmderrce which haa taken place should aiao f o Armstrong. He bad len drinking free.
T... . I iv and nil heincriwfuaml ainmliminr h Jnah.
ua Berry, the owner of the Shop, he became
enraged, seixed Berry and threw him over the
railing of the piasxa, which broke his neck
and back. Armstrong immediately made bis
scape. - .
2 . ..amiK
mmIImUob. I repeat, that ihe
Im- iiulii'- ' - -
,t i not correct .
Tr .l. k.n i.. ba air. vour very ob dt ser-
hill urn m
M P.rtlandtax. Jug. 11, 1838.
have the honor to acknowledge ih re-
l-rfyour note of laet evening, in anwr to
11 from myself of the preeeding dav.
IPmsming that yoa intended your reply as a
mw(J of the oneriMV eipreeeiona contained
ail pert of yoor reported epeech wbwh had
JnuM to mraell, and V woicn inriuniwa
L ealledL I am eetiefied With the anawer you
ft publnhed
Te D.
very reepecUully, your obedient
O'Connell, Eq.ic
The New Orleao Banks, with the eaitane
the Moaater, will reiume on tha let ol Jnu-
fry next;
JIaiamm Bankt. After all the cry of the
to Bum party againrt lbs Banks, says tbe
. Y E. Star, it appeara that in Alabama,
Wthey-bava had full swing for years and
aav sone en the big seat figure in an sitrava.
Kat iptneion ot bank eapttal, way are me
rfall the8tatee to kick hard agatBst re-
luatption . The lata Convention of Bank die
U4 wilhoat Cting any day, after rrjecUng
U prepoeition of two of the Mobile Bank to
tmun January let. Alabama is a thorough
an ra Suree) Bute, undor the control of the
raTrN7 Bank.
John B. Henderson haa been tried and eon
tneut at Waehinston. for tbe forgery of Traara-
4 ana U was eenUnee4 to pay a One
. i . j. . i .
(ittv Mtara, and ta ten years coannemeni in we
fewamary at sard IsPor.
The following remarks from the
Richmond Whig on the subject of a
National Bank, and 'particularly the
suggestions thrown out in the conclud
ing paragraph, are wqrthj of rerj te
Lriotii attention: ' 1
It ta obviously the ilicr of (he Ail
ministration to create the impression
ia the country that a National Bank it
the great and absorbing question which
irto divide parties. In this, thej have
a two fold object. The know there
ia a diversity of opinion in the Whig
party on the subject of ft. Bank, anil
they can succeed in making tha Bank
a teat question, they Will create- dis
tension and contusion in the ranka of
those whose anitr alone it wanting to
RtTPF.ttlOtt COURT. leict them from nlaca anil navurr..
n-Coort h W i.Tombw They teek, too, to merge all other
TTkr dii week, hit konr Jttdjre 8iDaau pre- I .....,:,.,'-., . -
lUinr, Tklmwiwbforthe(rthAweelSoe ,ur n
iertmi, hcea arranally amalt, there naviag been I otlier and not lett Weighty Contiilera
bet one ervil, aad one enminal eaee of any import-1 If K ran m.b lba BnV .n;
ooxueii. i .r.LJ i- i-
Utl-ef8l-ulralurJkTerfMr.AiaTo-. Pe' . PP . "
with a braUl and Moniooa aaMuilt apoo a I CXClUSlOa Ot everything tlte, Oieif
aed idiotia wbke girt, durteea or foarteea mischievous and calamitout mitrute
tatLrt -ill be keptoat of mwf and thej maj
ithe bet by eeoaeel, retaraed a verdict of guilty, continue to perpetrate ttheir abomina
MrteiUoa oath panel mo BoiewMew- tlong w,tD ,mpunity. aHej well re
Gr..lV.TpoTS: rt member that Via t.mUumbug ha.
artof the verdict. rave notice that be ehoald move I ttood good atead at many a
trying and critical emergency, and
theilded their many wont trout usur
pations and corraptiona from popular
reprobation, and tared themselves
from punishment. . Of eourte ihej will
not relinquish it while postibilitj it
mav retain any virtue.
rags dunng hit encampment on the
short of Lake liter have trans
ferred the aeat of their operations to
Daviea, Caldwell and Raj counliet,
Missouri, where they" matter 1500 to
2000 armed men in open rebellion to
the State authorities. The people of
those counties, exasperated by the a-
trociout conduct or these marauders,
hare removed their faroiliet and organ-
k. :.k - -i-. ..
u.r wtiuK iri wiin ueiermination
to attack the disturb ra and drive them
out at tho point of the bayonet. In
addition to this, the Governor of Mis
souri haa ordered oat 3000 mounted
men to be in rradine tt to meet any
contingency. The border inhabitantt
are menaced also with Canadian inter
ference ae ftMMttid&bte as haa existed on
the confines nf Maine. A large rein
forcement of Mormon wat hourly ex
pected from the British province.'.
Jlttaiilt on 1kt -Vffrt. Thomas H.
Benton, the Van Buren Senator ot
Missouri, ia announced in the Balti
more Chronicle on the authority of the
Navy iirpartment at the author of the
billingsgate attck on tho Navy which
appeared in the Glnbei newspaper.
Ihittloea not mrmi the matter. Put
the saddle on the right horse. U i the
official net of the Government. The
government have sustained this pen
sioned sheet in all itt virulence and
malignity towarda the people, and m tt
of itt articlet have, ben and are writ
ten by olBcera in high authority. They
shall not make a tcanegnat of it, but
shall share with it all the Infamy they
All 7?g! Connecticut, the old
hallowed ground of the Revolution.
and the land of steady habits, to . far
from being panic struck by the tuc
cest of the Nova Scotia party in
Maine, ha shown heretelf true te tteel
to tho princ'.p'et of democracy.
me annual lowfl-electiont -were
held the lit of this month in a greater
part of the towns, and in every town
from which we have returns, the Whig
have triumphed. They have not only
he'd their own but show a considerable
gain M. F. Slot.
support of the Van Buren parly, by the
hop of office or other prospect of gain,
why, i that case," by tome wonderful
hocus pocut process all hit former
aint are washed away, and he comet
out a pare genuine Democrat, died in
the wool! Such it the beautiful eewrn
fency of the Standard" of Democratic
perfection.'! 'Wa. Unorder, ,
In ihi county, on the "2?th tilt. bv. John
Iigon, Raq- Ur John Handulpb Dunn to Miae
Mary Ann Moring.
tn Rowan eounty, Mr. Jolia I.yeriv, to
Mrs. Cowan, widow of the late Mr. John
In Montgomery county, Mr. Simon Cog
gin, to Mis Eliza Crawford.
In Davie county, Mr. William Deailmanto
Mine Sarah Caton.
In Davidtan eounty. Capt. Absalom Smith,
t Mia Hachel Gordon.
tn RandotplT county, Mr. Anthony Cham
neea la Mis ATi(rl Leo. Alto, Mr. John Ad
am to Mi laabelln Carney, daughter of Col
Iaae I-ane. Aho, Mr. Uranmn Davidaon lo
tlial Rachel Sherwood. In liowan county.
Mr. Jordan Wine to Mia Rlitabeth Uutner,
Alf, -Mr. Jamce K. Andrews to Mia Mary S.
Uradaliaw. . 4
In Davidaon eounty, Mr. Stephen U. Mii'er.
tn Miaa Polly Skeen; Alao, Mr. Alexander
Sexton to Mia Beliiwla t;onV'yi Abra, Mr.
Clr e Davi tn Miae P.liaabeih Smilbi Alo,
Mr. William Luther to Miaa Nancy Uufiint
Also, Mr. John Thompson to Mi R.tcbel hi
leyi Also. Mf Clrmeot f anitr to Miaa Eliia.
betn wewby, ustigmer or Mr. mz Newbv.
in Beaort coonty, Mr. William S. Walker
Miaa Kmcline Mitchell.
In Moore county, Mr. Randall McDonald to
Miaa Mary McKennie
In ArNon emmtj , Mr. Anania Ruliinann, of
Mecklenburg county,' to Hut Rmnteline Si
tori aew trial We have aot beard the dWmiwi
Ui kenor npon the point raised ander the i
The ee of Praaklia ve. Clark waa iatereebaar.
iltatratiag tlie law with regard to the right of
' .i . - i -i ...
itoKdM reeover daaMu of 'Mr. Clark for injn
ric reeeived bv tfte nlaintiaT Crew fall from her
al .11 k 1 "If I
miKjrra , nan ncea eanw oy w wunu or m.r retain tnV Virtue- I
IEirfminnvingorMr.UlarK,wnowala lit .. . . L . v
winMWTA.HtMih.nFr.mihiMii, I $ tlunK the earns or the y. n.
videnloodbi bonor to repudiate the idea of our T party M 1hUT TeCttlDS tbit WOrOtnd
?WwWeh,om !wtok2o uttered humbug, ia tctn throgh by the
traeoVu!e.amaditarafl country, and will be defeated by the
Mitta rro BfrtlRrnee for bira tone found oa gre it and enlightened Oppotltion,
'jLi'H'" tlii.eoo every 'man had tbe wha wUh for rjtidl reform. There
inwiniTBi in any nan oi met roaa ae pieaarni i .,, , ,. . ...
ttd when iraiii in tha m... .r.,k mi,i hi will, be no division in tlie Whie ranks
wapeiied tt rdioquiih tbe half of it to one travel- on the Bank queatipn, while the Gotht
H ia a CMtraiy direction, and who bad turned l.-L P.,,.U,.I and whiln ir renter
w apon me otlier atae. Tbe lory returaed a
ttvdiet for tbe deleadaatr-MieBocoax.
'lathi caic, the Judge ranteda new triaL
Thu U no boas, bat a real, new and import
Invention. In a brief notice of it, a abort
.t. we aacribad k W tbe injonuiiy of the
nral Yankro muoo;" but we were mia
to its origin; and we thank oar ee
friend of th Newborn Spectator for
""Wtiaj tbe error. They atate that "the in
",ioa ia jrT Engliih origin, and tha person
broojht it into notice in New York i
J;l. VVm.Talor. a nauve pt Newborn."
P. T. now reaide in the city of New York,
"J"!. ha formed a company, called tha
"sk-Marina Armor Company." which haa
lalt4aWireaak.l Iu ak. t ..I.Imu J Aa
. " , f 'I ary Wl eWJgiui,nsnj wo miw
York, with a capital of fJOO.000.
. v-,fDUD prodoeed many Barn of re
,nd nterpriie.who have been driven, by
want of pubiie epirit at home, a eeek their
muyt in dietant land, where Utey have re.
"y du neoarasement, and ark. a lo ami-
ana oaeinlne. Hew kn will our
J I ley tbia aoeeaaity apon net
Hew long will aha wear tbe poppy ap
Z How long will aha yield her en-
f "a deadeninf mfloeneel Our love for
""eeuve Bute wUl aacuee thi digraealon..
te ee her ap and doiac we want tn
?T wriiory Improved, her recourse devel
7 aieane koabaoaed, nee indnetrion eil
rewarded, and ber talealed sons pro
jj Indebted loth poEleceasof s
a lLi. oPy for a neat pamphlet copy
y. 5 ,ehrtev. la which are subjoined MveraJ
""""J ootieea of tha apparatna; from which
P . the t.llowmf intorealing particolarm:
"?mI bnaaan body and limba, but of
Zrr.TTtr 'wb, composed of webbing,
ww gum eUatie. atreurbed aver Iron
A iad lanurn. with
kb-a frewt, eervee be
thaah-sMatoe wsvkana fet m
are in 4he Capitol, and while greater
and more momentous questione re
quire their united and strenuous ac
tion. ' Besides,caute are in " opera
tion, which may render a proposition
fur the ettabliahmenl ot a Hank in
expedient in the opinion of all. The
peculiar situation, of the banks in Penn
sylvania, and (he Free Banking ayttetn
iu New York, may array every man
in both of these great Commonwealth
'which have a controlins voice in this
matter tgsintt National Bank.
II the courts pursued by the Whig
editort tliow "an impertinent estimation
of (he intelligence of (he people,' we
are at a lost to characterize the course
of the Stindard. The late elections
thow that a targe majority of the pco
pie of the United States are Whigs;
and vet the Standard tayt. a perfect
.dentity between modern Whigism
and ancient Federalism" haa been
proved 'lor the hundredth time; and
Federalism he aeemt to consider aa out
another name for slaves and traitors.
If he thuf characterises the doingt of
Ihe mmonlff of the people, how can he
call himself a Republican? Did he
not once tubtcrib to the motto, "Tie
People can do no rong?" And now
it teems they are all u rong, nnlest
thev off hats and huzza for Martin
Van Buren and hie tub-tretsury! "
Hill. Recorder.
Clear the eourte for lit Sub-Treat-uru.We
entreat our South Carolina
frienda lo read the following, and to
ponder and reflect upon it. Here it
government thin platter isaued for three
dollar 1 and four ceiut. Where is the
sub-treasury project to lead us? Into
a labyrinth of shin plasters and rags
the golil and silver will disappear, and
we shall fall back on the old continental
money. Look to it in-time and ditpe
these illutiont: JV. x. Star.
Receive re Office.
Galena, Illinois, July 30, 1 838
R3.04. 1 -
j nie win be received vt an, toe Ottva DaUern
and loor cenla, in payment for Land, it bein
the interest due en certain Treasury note paid
by Henry 8. Beebe, thu day.
1 JOHN DEMENT, Receiver.
Tlie Mad Stone no Cure. A. lamen
table death by Hydrophobia hat occured
ft Peteraburgh, Va. in the person of
Pleasant Butterworlh, a youth aged 19,
Me was bitten 6 or f weeks before bv i
dojrin tlie. family. The famous Mad
Stone of legendary efficacy in the au
nerstitions of the negroes, was used but
availed not.
We aak the particular attention ami
reflection of our readers, to tne commu
nication ti2ned,4Wirntrtcfoii." It tug
pests a scheme in bnance, which has
been a zood deal spoken of in this com
munity of late, and wnicu may leau to
imnorlant results. 'That the State
needs more Banking Capital,- it an un
Questioned proposition among tnercan
.. . . : t - - i l.
tile men, ami mat it may oe mane uu
serviedtTtothe furtherance -of great
public improvements, perhaps quite
as obvious. It it a matter ot great tn
terett to the whole State, and deserves
deliberate resrard. Wih Adv.
Mr. Editor: 8ir Tbe following propoeiuon
i Mbmitted to the poblie lor eonuderation:
that tho next Leciilalure be memorialized to
trant Banking privileges ta the Wilmington
and Saleielt Railroad Company, with tha eondi
don that they the eaid Company bU ubcrib
for and take one tbouaaad anare in to r ay-
etleville and Western Railroad. Bboeld thi
nropoaition be fkvonrably reeeived, a plan will
be ore posed for carrying k into effect. If, on
the contrary, objecliona should be raised. '
will endeavour to meet tnem. -
On tlie 30th ultimo, Joan D.. infant eon of lleury
W. Miller. Eea. of thi City.
Also, on Monday Jat, Samuel Francis, in-
fant son of Mr. John Whitaker of thia City,
ged one year and one. month.
Alto, ob rrulay last, Byrne, infant son of
James Hereon, Esq.
in liupua county, on the S2d ult. William
Roberta, a soldier of the revolution.
In Rockingham county, no Ihe 10th Snat..
Nathaniel Fields, ared about 40 years.
Alio, on the 23d ntt. in the 5rth-year of
iter age, nrs. Mary' U. Watt, consort of Col
Jamea Watt, after an affliction of 13 or IS
year. . ;. '
In WHminrlon, in her 17th year, Mrs. Mary
Dothwell, of dropay in the ebcat. Also, of
an affection of the spine, after a aicknes of
some weeks, Matthew Jaspeyre, ajr d 34.
Aim, on the S4tn, Mary Wbitmarsh, wire or
vi m. viuier -
At Hillsborough, Sophia C. daughter of Mr,
George D. Hooper, of Lafayette, Alabama.
In Davulaon county, Peter Younta, aged 00
year. .
In the vicinity of Lexington, Jess McCra-
ry aged 18 years.
In Greenville, Pitt eoun"-. n the VVtti or
September, Mr. Seth W. Stoddard, a native of
New Rnglaad.
in rut couuty, on the 2Ui Sept. Mr. Jane
JA hi residence in Duplin eounty. after a
short iilne, on the 26th ult. CoU Edward A.
n. Hdlr eldest son of flea. W. L Hill.
77i Uormont in open war. -These
fanatici have assumed the character o
a banditti of ruffians and desperadoes
armed to (he teeth under the mask of
religion, and led on hr that infamous
tmpoatet of Chytdcm Bble-ttitMy, Jot
Schuyler's OAce, 930 Brand way.
Even aaawa iwvna Cbitbb Sratss! ;
A. H. SCHUTLEK baa lba pleaearaot new
Ufmr helere ihe noblm the MUST MRIL
L1ANT SCHEMA ever ffered in lb United
State. By giriaglbi M-ly notiee, edvenlnrer
U every part ot the Untied Hlaie and the Cana
de will have ample lime, and I would earnestly
resewisaead to all la (end their order a early
a nossihlr. a there wilt bo a most irosaeoUaus
rash foe tickets.
la the list of other scheme whisb I have tSe
phnsnre or the early lavfeg beloro (he pwblMS
will be tnnaH wtaa most hnltiant Cs.aals, well
aonhy nf aural toil, la all these letlrriee diere
will he a great demand Imp tickets, therefore I
vnald Brain ny ta all arnd soar order early. "
Ta .d risk ol mail and to save nnstage, I
will, whew wrelerr-d, cn4 a Cert ifi sate of the
Ticket nrdrreil. enaranlved bv the Manaeera,
Meara.J s lirecwy t( Co. whea the t rle i
le the amnnnt of l ea Dollars or more.
I wmriil tibsrrve that no other Veader in Ihe
Uaitl 8taes has the tMlvanUre ol tbe Mana-
gees riaraniM nn CcrtiBaatcs, aad that I charge
a murh less eommission on rackagr titan any
oihrr V enrier.
All ur.'er most he addressed to
By authority of C'o'rfrB.
Ror internal liurrovi-ment iu tl.t Uili Kl of Co-
tumhie. . ..
CLASS A. for 1S3S-
To be pnsitively drawn in Ihe City of Alexandria,
OsSsTTBoaV. Nov. IT, l3eV
D. S. Gregory A Co, IrXanntTert.
75 .Mai6r iMtrr IS drawn Mullet:
MsmmoM SratRii
I aoor.l.V paid nntil the eontraets are totnpliee
wan ia all reaBweta. ARtr nenaung ten per
eeatere, rayment wdl ba mada by Ihe Unaeo
nietes vitlua thirty Cay alltt two oM Beet asm .
I Pork shall have been taapreisvl and received, and '
ants loe the same approve by the UoranMBoaata
t the ersneetivw Navy Ysd aloreaaid, accord-
tat ictac tcrwisot the eomraeta.
The hart e th Keel to be exclnded Iran lba
barrel are pactienlarly designalen ta the eerav
ing ta ha attached to tha. aeninteta. - Persona .
IniereatetL wh have wot heretofore seen the e
grariega, see obtala Ibeas on applwatlna at this
office. . ' 4 w
iCT Ta be published Iwte a weak In the ffac -
lional Intellirenecr. Ulnbe, Arsay and Navy
Chronicle, Kaateen Argn. New Hampahir Uc
sette, Ilostnn Advorate, Hertl'nrd Thwea, RermW'
wan rlrmltl, Mew York Times, rewanlvaaaw.
llarntauig Itrporterct state Joamai, nallNwam -HerMiblircn,
Norfolk Herald, KaMgh Star, Lao.
isville Adtertieer, Ciaciaaali Kepublicaa and
I nil una Ilea ttwTante, . '-"--'.!,
i'OH tLl.F
The Flaatattoa beloneinr I Eleanor
t. It oss and the estate f Marearat S.
Spi uill, m bow ofTered for ai. It ia cell known
bv Ihe name of tha
Sclicnek PlatMatlon. '
Lvinr nn Tar Hner, our aad a hell mile abnvo
arberonih, ailtatame the Isnri of Meier. R.
I). Marntir, J. H. Uotd. aad L. U. TVHsoa .
Th tract rontain
Or vhich 4 lo ouO acres are cleared, and wait
aitaptvd tn tha groaih rf cotton, eorn, kc. -'
I here are on the firvmisrs.
A Brood Dwelling: Ilocae. -
Aad all necessary nut hnutes, etni lte fernt la
ia t huh state of caliivatioa. . A ranher dcscrlp.
tma is tin nt?U nnnvccsarfj f otcestioa will ba
(ivrn tn Hie purahatgr oo in Prat of JaiiSary
neil. Terms made easy and eeeocnssoostinr
Persons wishins- to pvrcliase will nleace call on
eitliervl tbe aubaaribera
Srpt.Xr lS.1S 4S 4w
list or LK riuii,
10000 on
l S0 0OO 90.0t
1 X00O tttKOo
t lO.tSJO I0WK1
1 SOOtl 1000
1 7.SOD T 500
1 (000 tooo
1 5 000 000
1 4O00 40W)
I 3 no 3 T40
t S.S00 SIX) ,
10 Prise of (2,000! SO Prise of f I 000!
6U 100 4S.II00
- " - -: -B - 0,SM
19C Jta at, soo
lC w 5,no
IS ISO r' l,9l
11C 100 I8.6O0
186 SO 10,080
I ifi RO 7,SfiO
t54 SO 19,600
3 ISO 40 13A,t3Q
83,438 80 48.ri0
ItemsiiiHic m the I'oHUIneeal lUleieh, sent,
JOIN, I S.1S. larsot esllii( lor letter a ill plesea
say the) are advertised. ' . .. -
A .flfred Lef 4
Mill Mary A Abbott Uemarka Lewie
Miles liseeier
Capt. A J Lawrence
Ingeline Lanbcrl
Mis Mary A Lavlth
Mis Julia Lone
Jsmct Lowe
.faderson, or Rachrl
Julia A Leash
Cap! Jehu Lowry '
John Laae
87 814 prisM. . . .aeaonatiag ta $1 00,400
1 asket I) -bhare ia proportion.
A CertlScale gosrsaleed hy the Manaaprrs. D. mtu9 Butcher
. Grerory k Co. l-r 91 Whole Ticket, in Ihi "t'oea outciier
. .......... linn i) ii u : i l. - . r ,.irn I "
,vt A -1 I V 1 1 n suncab cm ec cvwi ice- pxuu
'Share ta proportion. . , .
L-'. f sa-. tha JSih of Ilea. aeat. th tnb-
aeriber, a Eseoutoe of Uaasani Hie tow, dca'd,
will sell al pwhlin auction, at the letn resilience
of the dca'd, 10 enilee aanih at Raleigh, all hU
arop af eotloa, eorn, fodder, aad ema Farming
nteadls, (vis. a aaperior new waggon, earls,
jplooghs, Maehias'uh inglx. cotton giaircUier,
wheat faa, he. Alan all Ihe rtock " oTIiorscs,
moles, entile and bog, household and ikshen
On l'uedy, lb I lib, will commence Ihe salt
of 50 likely negroes, eoaiiring of mrn, women,
boy, r,rl ad ahildren. Also, Ihe traal el land
on thwh the daeeaeed lived, an Nease Hirer,
contsiuing about 8,000 acres, mot than two
thirds ol which haa nevee been aleared, the
quality inferior 10 but lew, N any tracts ia the
eounty of the as roe aixe. The iraprovenMnl
eoaaitl of a comfortable dwelling noase, with
eight room, com honse,. (table, cotton gin,
negro house, and all other necessary nut build-'
ing., ia good repair.
l ba land will be divided with a view el suit
ing jMtisUjseiri, , . "
Tbe peritbable property will ba sold on a
crclit of sia moatbsi Ihe land on a eredit of one,
two, and three years, with iatcrcst from the day
of est. -
botid'and approved "rty will he reqnired
for Ihe purcheca money, oclore the title of Ihe
property is elieaged,
C. L. HINTOJ, Eseeulor.
Wbrwiy-, OcFfr4S3S. -41141
Democratic Continleney. Tlie Stand
ard and other Van Buren papers, have
lon been laboring to persuade ,r,r
readers mat an me om reueranaiB
and Hartford Convention men are at
tached to the Whig party and this they
have done exoectin thereby to cast
odium upon the name of Whigs. The
other week we fare a list- of old Feder-,
alists, and-, Hartford contention men,
including one or . two .Tories who are
now leaders In the Van Buren Demo
cratic ranksi and the Standard, in reply,
not only acknowledges the truth of
what waa said but adds, in rather a
boastful tone, If tho feilejjLjes
intend tQrecord the names of oawlicT
desert from the ranka of federal whig
gerjr fa very beautiful and classical
term, this, to those of the Democratic
Republicans, for several years to come,
they will find their columns pretty
much crowded." '
So, then, according to the logic ofthe
veracious ami, consistent StindarrfVif
an old Federalist", attaches himself
to the , Whigs, he is a . Blue-liht, and
a disgrace to the ptrty j bnt thia same
old Federalist or even one of ihenrimo
movers itUhe Hartford convention, if
I haiutppens (o be broagHt ottf to ht
- Th Copattnrrship heretoforo existing ander
the arm or rivti it h unr.r.n i ititsdsy
tti,snled by mutnsl consent. 1 he firm is now
TV, who are atone bound to dissharge all claims
asaiost the eld firm.
Wake eoonty. Sept. 3, 1S3S 48 Iw
The Copartnerahip heretofore ed sting ander
Ih Srm ef T witty, Creea nt this day di
aelved by mutual eonaval, and Ihe firm is now
John B., I'boma T. Twitty k Co.. who are s
i tune bemad to discharge all elaintangainat the old
" NU Hti T. GRRES.
WkeonaeH.3, 1S3S 48 Sw
C 103 prize of f 1,00011 21
Virrinia VYbeclioC Lottery, Clss for 1S.5S
. To be draws at Aleaandria, No. 3, 1S3S.
ti oombers, ti drawn ballnt. ,
DattusBT 8rat! .
830.000 ! 88,000! 84.000! -83,000!
82.500! l,Uir. 1UU prizes Ol I.IWII j.TOMUawick
tioiis! io or 300 tioiis: so or 300
. dolls., Sic. &c, tcr r
TlckeU owly TEN dollanw
A Certified of a I'aeksge of S Whole will
ho Seat roe I18J Snare h proportion.
Mrs Martha Abbott
Mis Nancy Alien
James Ail-ms
Jsuiet Austin
Mitt Ann E In.ggl
Jirtin U. II
Kliu ur Ji I11 Hate
Iter Hutu Hailry
Itulieil C II. I. lea
A root lUtl
l.cwii llarkcr 1 boma Miller 9
,Mi Martha A Duller Jonathan Miller
Thomas llcver :tbet Maner
J stats Hihtge lie. Monlsgan
Miss i.elw UrOWB nllll Mihw .
Jolia Uunalow Ih J ef MM
Juuet Hullatew Henry Mnrgsu S
itiih'd 8ft rd II Bar- David Mclhwiel fl
Ion, or Wro II Bur-J U McKiaaet
.'iarattu Mnor
Wshvelt Mctie ' 1
Thsdeus Maynard
Mark McCeutry ",-t-Mias
Martha MitcheH
Jnote McUweigaa . , .
:, 'J.
Jame D Kewse'tW -..
Hiebard Newrata
Walter Otey
Aaron Outlaw -
tun. ir
SUatord flu'ton
Samuel It row a '
John Hi awn
Lock T Co I a .
Mr Sarah Card
" Barab Crokar
Rttsael Chapruan
KeV IV III la in l.lntl
I'homa Crtsmaa
1'homa PChrivimaa t Imvhl Outlaw
ficB James Cook. U - P
Cul ot lba 3C h rrgimeat Mrs Suaan r'arisft
, td.militia . Jdm I'arrMh
JirorsChadwick' U'rirtamsou Page
Drory l"arkih"
Mill Martha A Csnnna Mr Nancy atnn
- Kart Co-aniaunxtat' Orrtca.
Ocr, 4th, 1S.1I.
SEALED OFFERS, endorsed OnVre for
rierf, or "Offer for I'ork," a Ih case may be,
will he. reeeived at litis office ant II 3 o'clock I'.
M. nf the I0.h November nest, foe furoishieg
and delivering, free ot all cost and hag ta the
United States, l.tKIO Barrel ot Navy Heef, and
1,000 barrel of Navy Pork, each berret tn e in
ula Olio pounds shi weight of Beel or I'orki
SOO barrel ot the Heereauat be delivered at Ih
Navy Yard, ' Cbarh-efown, Massaahnacttat 100
beiTvIs ot the Heel and tl.OUO barrels nt P.ak
must be delivered al the Navy Yard, New Yorki
all to be Crlivercd belwewa lb lith hi arch and
IhetSth May, I8S9. ' -
The Beet must ho packed from well-fattened
cattle, weighing aot lea thaa sis hundred pound,
nett weigh' t all (be lege anil leg round nt Ihe
hid quarters, end th elndt, neck, or atiekie
piece itiiat, and cheek ol ihe fnwr ejnarters,
must be wholly eteluoVd frnnt the bsrrtli and
the reniainder el the eareasa matt he cut in pie
ce nf not les than eight pounds each.
ThaFai-k mast be aornfed and flattened j
all the (ktillt, leet, wnd hind leg cut ire, must'
be deluded Irora tho barrel i aad lba remainder
of the hog must be owl in piece weighing aot
leas thaa if "pounds eaeh-,-tmt more -then three
sltmlder pireee, and otie jnwl and a half, or ihe
jowls of a hog and a ball, shall be allowed to a
The whole ousntily of iheisid Beef and Pork
must b slsnlitered between ihe trst day of No
vember seal and tho period of ileliveryf mini
be Ihoronghly (sited or Wrack with tho boat nud
ity alean, eneras Tuik' Island, Me of 3lay, or
St. Ubes Salt, and no wmert ao, atrer remain
ing a anfQcient time fur lbs tall lo penetrate the
meat In the moat thorough Meaner, it ia 10 be
packed with s suRleient owanttty ot Ihe same sjoal
Jeremiah Carter. . . rchnda I'nlie , , J
lr Amnry Cnttta ' Simon Poaw
Collector 4 the portS : Itewdereoa Perry
Watson Clement - Jaroc I'crry . ,
WootsoMsClentoo 'Ore wry I'ettiford
William Chase Hubert I'owell ' ""
l Jnha Powell. r
Ucy Daniel S Wm, W. Patterson
Hnbert M Danirf, r Rirtrr K I'nfk
ljit Uaniel, bis sou Hennot Pasmors - ;
J Devi.' Nancy Poley - -.
Jntia Davis Jame Pennington s
Hugh Itervine Hsmoi-I Packitigbam
Mrs Klisabeth Davll Dcvid Price . .
CaWio 11 OilUerd
Kphraim lhistin
r. - -
Jame Rd wards t
Uotbin Ktlward
Myron fcidaards
. '
Willie II Ferrrll
Atia Fluid
Zrckariah Poatd
Ulisilrsck Prasnr
Wealey Polons ' -
R Rlgtbeo ,
Edward Krtbt
WmlKscoe -Daniel
L KataeH .
Kobard at Mailer ,
HterrarC Hubert
Aaron Kobert
Jame II. Rufl
J H Horer
. Front Ihe Subseriberresidlng fat
; 4 Peraon eounty, N. Carolina, near
Cameron' Mill", on the 2ml day
vf Oct. mtt., a negco anao by the
name of SAM. bam is of a lighl
: blacky tolerable large, stunt budl
He ha a doable task on esc itae
ot bis mouth, si so a large lump oe
sear a the back, of hie neck, shout S3 or 4
tears old. had on when h left datk More J rani.
a sear en one at his leet occasioned by the cut of
aaaae." I a Ul give SO dollar n apprehemien
w th 8tate,and 100 dollar if wt U th State
sol get kins.
. K. H. CAttRlXHTON.
October 3, 1S3S 4 4w
(TT The Richmond , Enquirer i rKj'leited to
mi rmrh the above 4 ounce and forward account 10
Red Mountain, Orange, N. C.
E. II. C.
To lit Jail of rlenford eounty,
n negro ait, who salt fct name
JO, and tay be belong I Hca
iamin Bott. ot Sonth Ccreilna,
at t purchased by said Byi of
a Mr. Gilchrlas, who purahaacd
bias of John Skmnwr. Said ne
gro w about sis lcet,Vfcpr rk
eomDhxioa. aad aava he ie Sllv-Sv tear of awe.
The eeeer is requested to some forward, prwve
eUlb ..sleek with as ib law fftrccte. nsonnt at each pay m
RDWAKRD K. JCurrTl. I aeewrtry foe tha daw
St jsjm ' the i itis awnsri
VI itt Cynthia II Hardin Abrahaea Sanrl'me
sty of salt, andaveonneesof pare saltpetre, pul-LMiss tntisa Y llards Kebert Suimuer
. I - 'I U- ..m-A 1. .!.:.... . . I T I.4 A 11-11 - " f
Miss Itiilley Klewclline Dureil kiwer ' '
Jolia II Purln W - " Mi is Mery RoWn
James FKbi . L I esse liar
Jame Ferguson Iticbst d F Re , .
Mauucl Ferguson ; , ' aV k r
U T 8arm
CtiisEtic A Rant Hubert N nd"ie
Mit Martha M Garrett t; Haander -
James tii ady - , TSaamlrrs V"-
Miss Marthn. Sormsa John W btswsrt ,
Wa T KeenrM Th Bemt
VrA Wrevi
llaviif L Urigg
.tlajor Uwynu
Mi Malinda Gratfy
II '
Aottia or Allan llood
Kdward U HsrdJ .
Joel Howler ' 1
llalchma at Youag ..
Jame Hex . . .,
A Vt liendersoa
Curltorrt teotr --r
thoda Xnikea -
8an.uel II 8i.iu.ll
Jultn Slisw ,,
N.ary smith tf
John Smith
Salomon P Kmirh ..
i ... i j , oneil ,;, -a
Keildio hauls
Miss Nancy timpano S
Mis. W ilium Augntin
lUtfnsv, . C. Seal. 86, Mi?
verhted. I he mtt uaed In tlnkiae must be care-
lolly ecparMed liom the pieces, and lba pieces
mntt be tl raised or blaeed oa inslined buai-ds.
and suffered la remein in that Male for so nee time
before Ihe pieces are nnt in ihe barrel.
1 tie tlarrel must be made at the best season
ed heart of white oak. Ires from sap wood, and
lie (taves matt be at least three-lonrtb of an
inch thick, and not more than fonr biehet widct
they mutt be fully ami substantially hooped sj.d
t.adad at Ih expenee d" Ihe rctnectira eontract-
ors; each barret tnoet be branded on it trrtfl,
Navy lleel,'' or "Navy Pork," aa tlie case may
be, with lb "contracts V aii.c'aael tle"yeai
when packed." '
Tbe Ueef and the Pork will bo Inspected by
the nispcciing oBoar at Ihe re Navy
Yards aforemid, and by com Score In spec tort
nf Salt provision,' who HI be (elected by Ib
respective commanding offieeni bnt their (bar
gee for sush inspection mast be paid by lb re a
paetive c not reel ors, who matt likewise have Ih
barrel pat to good shipping order, to Ihe talis
feet ion of ihe commandant of lb respective Na
vy tard aforesaid, after Ib mspcetiuos, sad 'at
their owe ex pease.
HMtder mast peeify their price separately
and dinincfty in separate offers for tbe Heef aad
for the Pork, and for each of the place nf delir
are, catering all eanwnees sad charge.
Letters frees some) Navy scent, eommaadsnt
of a Navy other person well known la
the Department, isms, naaampany I be offers of,
eaek peraon, and atate the Seller of th writer
that th per sun nSertng ie oatrect haa ibe abili
ty to perform his eotrtreet in a aaliatawtary asan
ner, and that hi caret ice are ata responsible foe
tho account of tbe eewtract, or the offer will
awl b eon tide red.
Bond in ewe-tblrd fbe Bmaaat at the reapee
tree eoatrscrs will be' renuiredt an ten per aen-
twea, h aaslHlon, will ee wtthhenr rrom me a-
ew ta ae BiaMt. aa eutnuersi
anat Mthfol smfwrmanas of
kick wan, on no as
Edward Hall
David Hnnt" . "
Mr Mat y llertintld
Miaa Klisa Harris
Mitt SariliTl Hinlnn
Lavtmia Harriaoa
Jolia Harrison
Mote It llsrrtsoaS ,
John K Harrison.
A M llieti .
hune Hobby
Andrew J HantHlon
Mr V moil red ee Wil
lis Hwmilton
Ihr John K llerado
Joel Howingron.
James Howard
CH W Henry
Robert E Harris
trviu Hamntend - '
..- .' :i:
John fcigran
Kobert M Irvine
Mrs Mary levy
Jniepb Turner '
MwMa Tat
Hon John I) Tnomer -w-isa
ntary Ttibagharxt
Dinah) Ttamer
ftottt l aompton i
(ewo Th'UHp'toa
bais r.lix F Tr b.r
alRiiii'i TPstrry j-
f; B I'hcenet
1 miaa U nits E A Tar) lor
Was II Terrell . ,
U .
mereditt Uilry i, i;
llrnrv Ctley .... . : '
f;aia Xlnderwood '
morgan R Vance k
v.-: - . W
art Kebreea .J WilU
iaene , ,.
Sara Keberea Wrlliama
Mr K J tVHIiam
Mil Louie R Jones linsford. Wanwl
LceU Jones t . Or Wm II WilliacM
Jame Roffln J one 'Josrpb L Wilson '
WHIht Jones aad JS C llud Woodward .
. HewtM . Kev Uafu WHey .
Capt AaMm Jen - Willian Whilom .
Rlhetty JefTcr . - , miaa Fanny W inn
MrJackaoa,aarofCw Waa Whitehead j
. Cardy . Zeehariah Wlmbertr
.r .'.a t 1 ' ..... ..... '
Ai'rcw m tow a t'liito white ,
JobfcT Johnston
William Ken :
Jame W Kirdy
Thomas King
efibert Kelly
. . L
Mrs TJannab Leal
mUa ntary W Whk-
mrs Nancy White -Dr
Josiah O Watson 9
N M W hmenton
John Walton
Bent Wemssk . '
v-i.. t ; i-
TU0. a acmTJ.'.Vr
tt. i. ,Mt. .,, s a

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