North Carolina Newspapers

"J-l, ikr novla wbea were ttc-i ctJ. "-J
m ,i. ll)!. : Ascra'd cw. med
on r, tr k pr niau uf ibe capital, bate
vrJr apj.Ua forllw Mita-rip
Im 1 he rcw,o i Ua iM-rrr b-e cm "-
i mir'l la tke bva'd f internal imrvrwrm
hi to the etooabre. It o..y be fmtaat, 'how
aver. pre..-, m the n. the co
Taiwe ioHl the tb-eripio t the " -
' a i.k.,t. .. ...xr a c.."al-
craW ulwriolKw wx awile.ta tba other ptr- I
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luiwtlr ihe ciliaert the rmde of the
p FraTanJYad Kokand . "
terrairtl in it acciimphahov- it strained etery
nerve to brio abmi! drwrable a tonm
la, and though - aticrsdotty. att'l !
merit ofthe iwuleaare exit im-air!; ad .
the inlrrrat of ibe Slave aU part-H ini
iJ"iU ntrn arcttoii le4l imprro-ia!y in
ii.blc inicrifir aftth market a
i'lllo tut oo
At my paitmt'ar rcjiet. Myr M:e.i
t'e cWferviriii'er m bo a ir.e) f4l H.e iwitr af
lW Cape Kraraul Vaaaio lloa-!. .'
ite itbai(rblofhi report. liieli pn.ted
im4 nn'y llie prarticabili'y of rnn-trtieii'ia; the
rrta.1 bill at a roat a bicli rm lie r. mum ra
ted i tlie proprietor. I woul-J. tbetef.ire,
tecMiinieniJ a reneaalof Hie cUartrr, emjiow.
tbe Uoanl of it.l.nial improrenieii'a lo
qlicnte, on tlx- naii of tlie Si at r. for lliree
r.filit or . if neeean. tbri-e lo-nb of
ibe atM k, ari to ennr the acromilnbn.e"l
oftbeaork. Nv, an important rl I coo'.(U4
er it. that I bail J fora!l tbe atork. if ne-1
ceaary, but for Ibe iara-ioil mceaoiTtr oi
awcliiifr itli tlie frta'e intereijti'H l ju-iIiCi-mh
cinrM to anprrintrn.1 tb iletaiU ami
anl attend to tbe et. eotion of the orl.
Hie ei'CiilKm bcli tacrrtainljr-oit.bin Ibe
mean i4 the prtbabl ilbout llie
iirtvc-aiy o bonMa in. Sliontd (lie bnk to
ah eb I hare rrferta 1; be pot in apeT.tioi.and
make to llii rol the nberip:,on of half
a ml ion of dollar; ad alioo'il fie fourth in
lalment oftlie aHTploa teiemie in January
4weit. which ia probable, aa tbe law ilir-rtinR
Ibe H.atribulMMi baa not ben repealed, -
rwiiitieic to H77.9I9 13 Hb Ibe pmre-.d
nt Ibe aalea of ibe CUerokea tanda aajr f 350 .
000, beina; appmpr ateil to thia pitrpoae, wild
v.tial indiridual anhacnp'ion may be Obtained,
Ike ftantla woubj b pravideiL
It apeara to roc a a matter of right anil jna
t'tee to wire tlie proceed of the Cherokee
land aale:to opening communication to that
ration ofthe Slate wbence they lure been
1-HeerL '
llieee are other wtwkif no leaa itnpor, in ohieh I ad almot aal
tbeaa'TatKwof Hie Stale rewoirra that ahe
shoubj prtMBptlf ernl i(rronly eng,gn
On owr weat. an trTnrt U making br
aamth Carolina Ueeoaaoor ta'e by a ra'd
war to fvcore to Charletton ibe produce of j
' . .
that fertile regions m nntt inc rauHowui
of Iter atxrtb-weatcrn bank, wiih a branch
within our llmita, not only inaure the nirci-M
ofthe firat etrterprixe, but. by aupercedm the
aireniat-on of or Banks deatroM our correa
cy avl eonlrol our credit ayatem. T he Ian
Mageaetefaieiidt of thia 12 million bafik Vi
III it will beta tbe aoutb-wrMcrn State.
In rninaney aafl eKclianfr. what the Hank
ofthe aL'aacd ttatea waa ibe fnion "
Hhmtll VnrTh Carolina ieceed in cawywfj
mtt brieaaa o tbe CMrrency ann m to a
waMiih-Weeirriie-fMifedrracv (or leagiir.) our
fer eannat be hmmdrd by mere p con
iary biaa. WeatouU be itrieen lo Irade a llli
Charleatm anil t cheiialiof arclinnal ferl- i
iajra, until our attachment to the I'nion
il aelf would became iinpaired. We cannot
are lo maatera woh irqual fwleliiy and a -
taa-Laaenl: aliould t-0 coontrrji irea
Ve (l vfdoit o r part, I ahouM fear that
ahe would aneceed bolh in directing our Irade
ami aupereediiig our currency.
Tbe Bank I be propoaed would remove
the lotier apprrbenawwii and lo eemedy lie
Ummrt, I would reepecHiill propoae lb- con
otraietion of a Hail linod from the head oft dr
ate en tba Cape freer ltier,eommeneina; in
B.ew county, remiing wet and flanking
ftoutb Carwbna M wewr a poaaible, pataing
thrwoeh Uokeaon. IliChmood, Anaon, Meek- linenln ami into Uotberfoedi. and if
cx pretence j.it4ea it, iartheratill into Ten
ariaH ami to tbe ah.irei ofthe Htytmippi.
TI)U Koad wtltd inleree(it the jKOtlure made
n the north of ita Vine draw nn inconaideralde
oantity from the eontiguou,ililrictaf Smith
Carolina, and delirer it u a market of our own
on the Cap Fear. The lrarl on thia road, I
he no doubt, would be roualderahle. ITi'in
on tha Leuiaville Cincinnati &. Cbarleaton roa.l.
bouQil nartb, would unqoeatiiwiahljr take thia
mite, aaotdinf Ihrrohy StKl mile of travel and
a era eyage. - .
The eouiilry doaa elie Capa Fear to Rocktng-
haro, in Ktrbmood cauiuy. oo the l'dr, aoina
85 or 00 hum, pteaewta ba beat far ililie. for a
Itail Koad of any in tbe Hale, Ita aorta. ia
level, and etvound in timber of lite fWal quality)
there i hot one atrcaai to croaa. Lumber attver,
and tha4W os magnitude, in the route.
7'kia good would be of immenae imparlance
I WnuMngtiu, en the Cape Fear, ahead en
of the brat market in the world for lumber and
for furitUhing rargoee of naval etorea, adapted
la the Weal India market. The return cargnet
' nf -Weal India produce, redundant for
the preaent domaad, would furniab tuppliee to
L . tbe interior on Ilia beat terio.
' The Capa Fear Riaee t navigahUi for any
aixe crafi lo the point indicated aa th-a tatiuf
point of the Rail Koad; and below Wilmington,
aa far aa tha eulleta to the ocean, ha been and
ia now greatly improving urvlee tbe oprraiiona
of the Coiled Blalee. lu depth, bread lb, and
atraigbtneee have all leen increaerd, and it now
afford full 13 fet of water ou it wnrt ahnal,
which ia progreaaively deepening. The .ew
Inlet bar, il ia confidently believed, from
oeervitlont upon it, ia rabble of being readily
and permanently improved; and, aa thi come
within thr acknowledged province of the federal
government, il 1 hoped alia will lke and
cftectual meaaurea for the aeeompliahmrni ol ao
important a woik IP a "lata that baa aaked and
received ao little al 4ior hand.
Improvement an the eaterrt aeetion of ilia
Stala alao itematida our roiideratkn, in an a
rjaal, if not iujierior alrgire The whole Albe
Marle eouulrt, embracing aoniaiO eouniiea, ha
a danger oil and to adequate eutjet, arid t Una
vaoaoo La been driven to trade with Virginia.
l.o ik ao of ker rail and other road, and of
one of tba laoat ineonvenienlly located canal
pnaailiU 'i"b aanall veoael which navigate th
water oooraee of thia aectien of country, are com
pelled to aerk an outlet at Ocraenck, aome 100
to 300 oiile aoutb. when their deatination gen
realty la warth. Cot Kearney. United HtateV
itariar, who bee recently bad charge of a aur
ey of that eounu-v, report that Ocracok lo
- e ia eleahig. and etpreearaa belief that 'ere
: . leng t will cl owe entirely. In which event ve.
- sola will be eojopeUeo to eeek an outlet atill fur
thee aoaWb Ihenajh the aoand at Beaufort. 1 baa
anf owauae will throw ear trad a atill
oTeoaarextetil iota the markets of Virginia
Utm wa awtHaMi lo iomi
Tbie aectioa ia compaaatl of land of the high-
eat Botoral fertility, hut it ia aa level, that to ran
a of it it lor cortivation. k requuea the moat ei
oonoive ditching and eaualing. Thia defect ia
' caoatry where land ao wueh aboaada and cap
kal ia ae Uoiited, baa keeaj tbecaoae of ile
(Le, . .
lb ruvifatioo end
f tU title u
a iprrJ4J rw,
of th
I that ArAM
but ixMit Ihnr. and there aa m itotn
that these Una wtil Wean U.e ganle P of
m.i. ..4 a of a wikterBca of wiacth-
1 1 .a I.nd ad a ftrt.l aouire of pe!.lrrc and
J .-. ' Tg,
agaWUI lb It of tM Aioem.'.. r-v..
' - by W" h oU- " "
t,m I l. a' r narrow atrip of l-eacii, which
dindr ihe tvnbasl from (V v-r.4voI e "
wt bttle eWvathM atw high water mark. Il
ht of en lieen aartevnl 'T dwmrom.eM
.gineerauod lor the aca!lity of owning it,
Ueg to rcicr- lo tvir r.pori". o .-.. ,
... ..i ,. I . n uf en Mfi'tw. anu
n often a!!uiltl n the u't Ot niproe- j
nB, .ror. tUe ! jn piarurauiMTj ;
lb eutt f Ii i iliifU-ult l eilaiM h it
ba tvx brforr lata umUrtiken. "1'be rra.n
mat perbaiia 1 tour. 1 m a misniinJe,
-,wi , . , lm,,If,.i that it !i u!.l
I and wuuld be ei-erolr i !.. 1'if :rnil finra
! ment. ar romin; .i,i:"l within the rlaaa of
vorka tw-I.Mif mi I i ii. Il i now t nHuI
t.i o l le lufigi-r JilavrJ, a:.d ii.ul I aceoat
pluhed by ai:iu fiv
.NiJel ir. a l mme r.'ii'.Jj ailuaiej (
;i outlet, if Cf .!. S-ii.i-I w rlarf.I.'fhin wae
the .New IiiH i-n the 1'jpe Ker. wh h waao
aned witiiin th' rrrn!l-4-iion ( prrn now
Iniiie. and !. !rrj.!y ! I t-et wa'.ir and grail
uaNy iinfiriMiii).
'J'be MVin iiU' and tri'muriei prohtMy di
rlurgr ffvetuueii l!irpiairii of wjlrr wl.i h i!ie
Caie I'ear ilnra. and it roorae iadirrcllv fr the
orean, unlil it apjinKichra anme 'hundred ol
yiol. olii'ri it linn nfl" at riuRl ane'r. and
M-kf an onlld 100 mil. diatant at Orraroeke.
The Cape Fear jmr.ued a aiiiiilar direction and'
nearrr the ocean lo ab n,l I be same ilitanr. a
anuilar lx-ae!i fnlir4eniinr;-thiii lurnrd ulf !
ibruKlv. and l nii .l an outlet (the l.n 'i Inr in
ten mih-w. jn.l al tlie Hi'n nlTa almm wathrd ier
t!e b.-arh and rut out t'le New Jnl.1 The
f 'r.ialon Kuun.l-inl' r-' the waier and i!nw
it away belore lewhui N3hejd ( I.wing
that aouod. it appra'ra t in, woulJ re the
water on A akhi a.l in nrh Uidy arid power
and wirti tome lialtt i-.t.tani-e br rultiiij I ha
atrip of beaeh lo gir it ra;e in the firat in
atanee, a would ma If tbe outlet.
TUn howetrr. i a matter fr the aritnrw of
engineering. That the wmk ia prarliraM all
have afieeil that it ouehl lo lie arcoinpllahej
none Kill deny who wdl n-fieri ilium ita im
inenae importance lo lha btate, both a to cbi
rarter and profit.
Confren in : 183? yielded the piwer lo lha
State to impoar a tal on all vraeh oliirh might
paaa through an QttUfet to he intdr at ,arhrad.
Tha undertaking i evidently one ithich be
long to the (irueral Government, where the
I lower ia lodged to regulate mmmerre in lha
Mule, and becauaa ii would he a aourra of ree
tnue to her
f . il.
It would lie of innre conaeqitenc lo Ira.le, in
dustry, nd rooimerrial enlerpriae. to ay noth
ing of it (reairr t-li-jiir. than tne llrliwtre
Brrakwali-r. and nuny other work w!nc!i hae
been promjxly uuiUrlakcn Lr the (ionc.'l
From the ClirTil to Orracoke, a dialanc
of frnin 2lU to 3otl mile, there i not an Inlet
or fur rrl, diirrn on lit cna'. by
Trea of wralliri .under urh rircunHlancea a
dull aailrr rami. II 1 krpi ..IT. and tlie conae
ijornre iliat I lie c al i lin.'.l with wrrrka and
covered, Willi tlie K'tc of our ramrii .lioul.l
DrraroLc t-l .' ii!iciMi d hy Col. Kearney,
lb inacreaaililr r.iaal ia lucre .lied iiine thirty or
tiny mile, and vtiih il our maritime danger
ami lowr
The public printatn Virginia have nlredy
,dife-Uil the attention of her attpiniMt to the
fi-aaihility cl ilrawiuo the trade of our Stite,
even as f.iras tin- llcrnci c rmintry, to thrir; to M iiino i . . 1 1 At liiipin(r tliu t ar-,w lulst tlie 1 1 in ok nr.- vtt iniircriuif with
life- Shull H'i- Kiihiiiit t'i thia! Dniiiied hy
South ('.imlitia on the our hand ami by ir
ifi ma on the other, ran" we exist with honor
or prolilt Shall we not r.itlu-r play back
upon them their own tramct The Hail Koad
frow ibe head cf tide water, tin tin; Cap
rear, flankiiiir South t aroliua, may, remedy
our hnniiliatinir p in the one iimlance,
and the i ii'iiiiij; an Inlet at la"shead id
Ibe r.thrr. ;' ":'
Some I '100 vrr now croav the Oeracofee
bar wnnnallv; and produce of the value' of
one iiiillinn of dollar pnsar through there.
nl,hesidi nnmciive U.iiitilir in other. di
rectinna, to tlie Vi;;inia niiiriirt. Not otilf
II this trade, cinliracinj; ton whole of that
in the Albemarle country, but a tarn amount
from arveral cotiiitica of Vitginia lyino; on
the triliutariva nf onr wakr coursca, would
aeeV an outlet throttuli ur tUiU by Ute" o-
petitng ol INapalirail, and go to l)iil'a up a
market in ita artirhhorhood, diual, if not au
pertor, to any in Virginia. ' 1 ' '
A aurvoy and ratiinate of a ship channel
from the Nciiae to llemifort would afford the
necessary Information both of llie prartirahil
iiy auileoat of a work to relieve tits iiaviin
tioa atiiVlrafle of lint MH-tion of country. The
outlet stajahead wimltl have aonie hencfi
rial influeneo here, with the tifce . 1 tlio ftotuid,
and a more dirwt communication by a rail
road to' the town location on the Alhcinarle.
The aelpction brtween the rail rond and
ship channel, would lc di'eidi'd hv the inf.r-
matim to be required by the atirvey and cU-
mnUi. " j I
It in very evident that the trade ofthe Cape
Fear cannot be corned lo the Albcninrle, and
ie trctsa. Two pointa will thereforo lie
come neceasyjy, a which to locate our home
market, and to three all our road and other
improvement of navigation thnuld be n.aile
to liKik anil concentrate. t
If road ahoulJ he loratd. running fioiri
the porta and innilirls fd" Virginia and South
Carolina, lliroiifrh the interror of our Snte,-
it is very clear that tiTl fhp prmhice and trade ,
above auch a line of road, would he carried j
to those markers, dividing our State horizon- j
tally, the upper from the lower part, and vir
tually Iransh-rriug Uie upper portion to our
sialvr State. Thry, g.-fnijig the scbsl.inee,
we rdtaiiunghe semhlanec of a St He. Hut,
if the figure he reversed. the apex nf the angle
resting on onr own ports ami in irke.ts, run
ning its legs into our rich interior north and
wevl. the effect woiildlbe lo concentrate ran
wealth and res uuees uilhiu our own limits.
licl Wilmington be one point, with roads
running lothe noitli, ihedins-tion ofthe il
tningtuu and Itali ih Kail Koad, and to the
west, Iho direction of the roads heretofore re
commended, and sin? mul crentuallv, at
least, receive the produce and trade of those
auction, and conimensuraU'ly increase in
iae and iniportauce.
. Let a market town, at the head ofthe AHkv
Baarleyif we succeed in opening Nagshcad, or
at Ncwtiern, if a ship channel can be made
to Beaufort, be the other point, and similar
roads resting upon it, will five to the trade
of tho country through which they pass, a
imilar direction. And the intersection of
the northern rowd from Wilmington, with
the western road from the point on the Albe
maile or Newbern, would lay open an inler
eotara between all parts of the State, llie
transportation of troops ia the time f wai. do
at JuVo'ty
lird. .lh rl r faclMT. would W.ol .- , Tb, rewh Wl .. b, eo!najU,ac.-
r!UWle iaporuooo. The nau.'o ; " A -eon;3-f,i(k h,i been
oftUi n.aniooureintwTcial poiiiuaudjno purpo:I11mnit-K;Kk,
Uitie ta th rtloe of aacJt W. i , n20 t00j in Ri Road Si 4500.QOO,
Tbf eooanwtioflf a tnrnptkf KKiJ from he io,ulment of th !!
Iljiri.-h ia CKifrf- Hill to weU.ha J ri iao h ta p;d; rf ib ur,,lo. fiol,
Wn spoken of hldilf dwuaWe. On a ; ' f .rl;ln .mn urii,. 1.61 4 It in
r.Hiff'i and brokra a roil if. I am trK-liih-J l
, ----- I rHa-aiiu nw uu t r ---
j believe tlutiUeywt wnuW le more crumen- I Nj,i?ion Comranv, J25,(0 in liin
' urate mith'it ntilitV, thjn tUait of ami Ll.v,.,i,i.i',; nakinc lb imn of
r.wJ. And if a rail road Sj-rulj not bt - j
I atrur'.ed frtwn UaVijjh iit. rHin tlip n-
i raint wi and lUUtgh Hwl Hl. hi 'i i :
hibly iuifKjrtant. I should reoommend a
ct,(1,1K t. u. turnpike on t:iax rouu; ul -
tiiDU'lr lo"bfeHiU;iuHl m, tlie AlWiuarie or
y'f,, iUc. Krh-cb-d poiu
fjt a
ja thr eaU
ll inic niari-U orronftnmntion would itat-
urallv snritig u alc.ii? the Sine of improve-
inent ami" home market fir cj ponatin and
importation on tbe seaboard. The v.diuliii'
result of thi utate of lhin?, will be thr i 4
l.ihliihmtiit of coii.mon Mfli.nds. I y tli in-erc4n-if
the populatioit And wt-ilth of tin.'
Stit- tlie hrinoiiij ti'tt t!n r tin? citiii'ii-' U
n in.-te ditii.-ts f:it. an inti'roure of tr.i !
anj ffiead-dip the removal . f sectii.'ial ai.d ji-alouii'aad the anuinp1i"fl
of thai t lcvaicd position ain'i:ir onr i-u r
States to which every' honorable incmtivt
iuincU n.
The currcaey r.f t'.u- Sttti ii i itim it -Ty
Conitcj-t.-d w ith the u!)jei"t of domestic ; n i r
ki'U. Th: es.'0tial reiiiUit our curan
ct are, lhal it be adr tuate to the ftrlilnpi
of cortufi'Kliti.- intn a circulating medium,
and lltatil be mi iivj,
A almost t!u whole of the aijri -uitiiral
products of this State are sold in the market
of other Stales it follows that t!ie money
paid for lhee, consist prim i;all v.of"t!i.' c ur
rency jof the St-iti s i:t which n.ijcs are in.i le
such currency i put in circulation even in
this State, to the exclusion nf our own Hut
when nierchs idtse II in t ireign
market foreonaumplioii here.a-id pa r! f r in
the currency oi riiis StaL it is hrotight back
for redemptiori in siiccie. Thus, bv this op
eration, the circulation of the currency au
thorised by this Stale, is reMrk-U d between
llie smallest limits if, indeed, it can be
proierly said to have any rimilatioi at all.
Home niarkr-t in whtch our people could
biitli buy and aell,-ould penult the ctrcula, j
ting me hum of the iSlale lo pursue its appro- j
prlate funrtion. without embarrasiiuenU i
I l.i mi r nn f.iroion una rv tn ilrucr.r nairaiosL.
the a.u.miit mi j; lit be safely Increased to tbe
exteut required by the various wants of the
eommunity it would be kept in active em
ployment, ami boabsorbfd in domestic com
-i .' - 9-i 7 T- "7
merce. itliool home markets, lis amount
mulii-er-ss3rily be fluctuating and uncertain, 1
because depending on causi'S beyond the con
trol of the agent authorised hy this State to
supply il.
I know that to accomplish these works,
and to carry into effect the system of general
i'liprovpiiieitt I have projioswd, necessarily
involves the expenditure of a large amount,
and 1 kuowltoj that our people are too poor
aim too sparsely spread over a targe lertitory
to enable us to command the means at once
from our private resources. Wo have but
one alternative, and that has no buifbcar ter
ror to a mind of enlarged and patriotic, views,
I mean the employment of the State's credit
in foreii'ii markets. In Hngland money is I
abundant, and may be. ltorrowe4 on State
stocks on excellent terms. Bay Irom 3 1-3 to
5 per cent interest. This is a most fortunate
conjuncture, and may pevcr hippra tn us a
oain. Wars destroy sueh opportunities and
are of sifdi.iwjuent oecurrciu'e in Kurnpc,
that they may soon break out and rob us for
ever ol'tiie golilcn moment's which seem beck
ottnig us onward to prosperity and improve
ment. The credit of tho State is all that is
asked or that is required. It will involve no
taxation, for il tho works sIhjuIJ be as valu
able as I believe they will be, the profits a
risino from them will not only pay the inter
ott of tliu debt, hut the principal also.
9 I have already shown how much the pres
ent generation has done for posterity in tho
privation of two" wars, and in the discharge
of tha immense public debt created hy them
in the construction of forts, the building
of vessels, au.) other mailers of consumption,
draining and cxhauatiiig the meaus of the
ei listens and making the -country poorer. It
is now time that we looked to the permanent
improvement of our beloved Suite; here the
ease is quite reversed. Money borrowed and
judiciously applied for this purpose twice
blesses the people: in the disbursements first,
and in the value of the improvements afte r
wards. ' V'; '-': -'
(Jenllemen, we have no" choice in this
matter. . i Qur course must now be onward,
orwe must sink into insiguilieanceand ruin.
Our sister Stales nre up and doing, thoy are
.milling us at two efnur t xlicines, drawing
Irom us the lilc-blood of our exisU-nc; and
unless we at V act rfliciently.we lu-coine the
huuilde tiihiilary, a tnero Province of our
neighbor. Huergy an entcrpriM' alone can
rescue our trade, redeem our cinmuereial deg
radation, and place u in that elevated and
apropnate position which it becomes us tooe
cuiiv in tin- sisterhood nf Itepiihlics.
Cast your eves on the surrounding States,
and you can hut contemplate the results of
tV-ir rueroy w ith delight and admiration.
Their canal, their rail w i vs. their hciorirs,
and high state of' improvement.
rival the best and most carlv s'tllrd rounlriesM
of the world; whilst their mora! and iplt.llec
ttial advancement has been stimulated by,
and kept pace w ith, theii physical improve
we nre unmoved by facts so striking
if illt:irntion !i practical and o decisive,
fails to convince, and to i. wince immediate
and cmeicnt action, argument is ia vain
the cause ts lesi the State is doomed and
the hopes of our Patriots' son blasU-l
A topographical, geological and minerohv
nieal rxami .lion and survey ofthe Suite, is
considered ighlr desirable. The minerals
and ores are helicvtd (i be incalculably val-
Mahle. and tt4tmesfoiio and marble which
mioht thus be haaTTto light, would bene-
' . . . , r
fit the tar.ning interest -beyond the cost of
I I I . c "
. 7." i i r, n .t.
The Literary Board employed C. D. Bhaw
E Engineer, to uperintiid the d arning of
the awauip land. Survty have been made of
a large tract in Hyde c.iuntx; two canila locat
ed lo I'ungo and Allijator like, and small por
tion of them put under contract. Di.Tieuhy
Ua been experienced in obtaining hid for con
tracts, or more progress would have b. en made
on tbe work. The law confined tha Uoard to
contract only. If the employment of batoU
had been wubin their wwer, very probably
mor would haa been done. In aeaaon, a re
port more in detail will be aubinilled by the
Board on Hit very important au'.orct
nard on lid verv imporunl auhKCt.
Th. imporUnt'.bjt of Common Rchool.
.. ini,i.tiow.B,d., h.t U,ey might di.,
of Iks Stale; and they ha, given il moat ant
itou esiiieratipo. A variety of law and y
, . . ,..! cmsini tock Cane
4. g3J jtjl i j keJe the inome irinn? from
mxnn UnJ, 1Cen Ui relai!er of apfr.lou
i: UOM ,j u aoctionecrt, inJ the awamp
i;.... ....I ia auctioneer, and the iwirap
iin,U .! granted to individual, before j
wj vield an income oi ;
-1 -in-xiil .. IIS(IOIU) wr innom. a'ul woolJ i
-,m ia wjrriot a coiniuencemenl
' r
! . . I -l : ll.l.. . ...I rdn i. rs.i .If
iinenwinriii -'-,
j art.ica lU.lrTJ 1 an lll 1 l iicr... i ' - -
Inch lo ilraa aTtrte iuf.irmilioii. uol o.-il oti m
Ho.; ImiI m:.iii all otlwr mi'.j I a .1 v 11 - ' -
lam ho 1 T, to iltin.luT. could not lw pi-"c l.'.O
f,. ,n ,.xl.-.,,.. -.-.. and a a ! " ' .' "
I Ia.- t!r 14 ll!lir-v llrnrUliT I'l ti'n
tii. rlu.. Hn-ful iiel.vwU
til oot and ivi'.-l i the olde
a i.u'ilo .- oi oin-
st a'Mi o'-t nUi le'i
-.-.i.- . ,T t I ..i.Tii. foil il HOI'lr.ia t i r.t ..lit-iK-c
i! ii i-.!il . We 'iotl'il ali4t, -tirtV- fir- i.lac-,
; 4w i an 1 1 mnc'li t'.i eil. T j m U hi
1 i stilt -l llfiu-lfa citl4(T th.- cMiJi o(
i j Siki1 in -.i.m-r. .. leal 40-.ili.i foi tin- i-dn -.Cem
! of t4-ai-h.-rsr an ait-anp. iwi il aiilitin- t'nn. r.'m
j l obirh ich onll4 'iOiliI be i itni-t. il O f of
' rl44rij4-. a 4U44l ?(r- to . ib-vjie t!n-'e l -
liool maJ.-rs a Uie Slat.- a t -i-m nt v.-,rs.
The eniilmmi ul of a j-riil:in-lit t'omnlisio a Tin
n K-riiiteiii llii braneb ol the v im-e. ill ftro'ia
lilt l4-iw-cei-an . lb- ma Ih-ciiiiiIomiI lor tin- ic
y'.t in all Im- inl Jnu u'ihi ii thi Mite
ami i-U-ali re, iicc ai7 M piMeecdinj -lb klll
ami 4-rTi-et. t
I'Ik- I :..4tit4iti !a given t I'ic Kx inlv - tie
hih in-r.-.:.ti4.- s.eci4iip cl'-i-.iw ; lii.-h il
i hi ilnt in .In iK-cooling to the ln'st of Ida jii I?-
niet4t To n-.nlT tSii ilo;v tlie more raluible to tin'
r.iiuiiiu sliaol.t f- ulae.-d in l
full ami areiirti- nitoriiialion ol tin- ol iie
liimiJi.n it.ahirli i not now th. es-: sueh infirin
tiou ilroii?tit io lii notice hv p. I it ion anil rviire
wntjlimi .lmu, by onrtial ot - pn ju I'm 4-.I hands,
awl I lui: rtwn to beticv.- trivue:itly destitute
of truth. To is-tiia.. lite eoasiit.Tation of such, biw-ev-r,
on ttial jrroniid and snff.-r a hu.uau creatmv
to rxoiate hit crime with hi Ii1, alsrn a osi-
oilit of iuiiuea-iiee exited, wnnbl Ik- ie jo4 to tlie
-rein ft with which be lias been TntiiialiHt, awt
' painful to loin. To renu-dv thi uncertainty, a
I repoet of all 'the State prcrntion by tlie pee
I ai.lin- iiuttrate ot all eav of comK-lion under
' flw 4,rtLr. 'K...L:. Bhimlil be made'tl tht; F.t-
relive imratsliately on llie adjmlnuucnt of Court,
it before die execution, ofthe acnlence, from a-bieb
aoure valuable iiifoemation eould U- ih iivisl,
"owo uic sia-w uctcmi ...t,.
The ooniiBOBicotion uf Ibe lion. It. l Utrnn-
iter, a Jadge nt tha Superior Court ol I .aw ml
j Kjuy, berewilh mbmittad, marked K , pre
! vent another defect in the law, to which I brg
j leave la call ynar attention.
soon afier ibe close ol the laal aeiuon, in oiie-
dieace lo an act lor that purpote, t.eneral S K.
Patterson aeommiioned tn redeem $.100,000,
tbe Stock ol the Slate ittue.l in ISjS, which du
ly he peKormed agreeable to law, and Ike bond
have betn haniled lo the I'ublie T rvaam-er. tin
nbterving thai Congrei bad appropriated I liirly
Ihouaonii dollar to pay the claim of this Stale
for military einendiiui-e during tlie li war,
eommiivioneil Wm. II llarwood, Jr. r.ui In
make hi lettlement. I em happy to Inform tou,
thai be nieaeeded in doing o, and received the
amount appropriated. In riiMharga of the elaiini.
I ba money hai been pant la the fulilic i reaiu-'
rcr. Hi Keport will be made al an early dav
in obeihem-e to an act of Ibe hut cjioii, di
recting llie ppointmcnt ot a iureyor commit
ionei: to liiierintend the aiirvrying and el ling
the rearnlly acipiired land from the Cherokee
Indian, ibe appointment have been made, and
the riiMie incidental thereto, pertormed.
Tba Itefmrt of tha UofoaaiaaioMra ot aala will
be aomnimiicated at an rai l) period.
Commjiaionert were alo appniutcd tn auper
inlcnd lh trintci ibin and prioiing the lievited
Statute, which duly bat been pel formed, copie
delivrred alterable 10 hw, anil the retraining
number dacVd in the hand of Messr. Turnei
k llugbei, of llii place, lor tale tar tlie Sis'.
A act of weight under an act of Congreiv ksi
been received Irom the Secretary ot the 'Treat
ury a a atandard by which to regulate ihnie in
ii i a onr State, which will require legnlalive
action. The importance of co-0KM-alive unifurm
iiy in ll mutter relative to commerce, traile,
and inlerenarie of the diD'ereat member of i lie
Cnion, i Inn obviausly ivi;ciMi7 lo need lurllier
comment at my band, than list been bestowed
oii llie currency and exchange.
A compilaiion ol military lactic, ha been re
ceived Irom the Major (Jenernl in chief. Inr the
purpnie ol rendei-iog llie excicite ol the Militia
uniform, which will require your attention.
Six pi-eei nf field artillery complete, and five j
niinilri-a anil ninety-aerra inuvKei. tne qunia ol
lS.i7 inctutive, to which the State ia cniiiled
from t.he United State, have been receive. I and
ortlereil tn be alored hi V ilmingtnn until diipo
aihon aliouM be made ol lliein by aome action
on your part.
The 1'ioti nf 1833, of muakett, th ordnanee
department ha reqoeileil to be informed il the
Stale wai drliron nf converting, in pari, or the
whole, into any other apeciel of arm. Tbe rora
.ruunieation ll herewith ubmitted, mai keil K.
Tbe Kieeuiive i unable to ailviae on thii ub-
jeac, except thr number ol arm artlcren to b
4!ii ributed by the laat teiaion- lie ha recieveil
no return ol arm or men. The law give the tieneral the option nf making hi retumi
lo the tieneral Aarmbly or the Commander-in-chief,
and I believe il ha been the euiiom to make
the return ol the militia, arm, accoun t menu and
magaiinea, diretly to your body, which will pni
t ou in pnatettion of all llie necratai-y information
to unable yeu vlwpoae o(.tlie tiihject, -
Three itittalment ol -the turphi revenue wa
recieveil from Ibe United Stale duriwg Ibe lat
rear bv the public treasurer, amounting lo $1 -4.U.7S7
39 cent, which hat been ditpnted ol a
gieeahly to Ihe appropriation ol the lost aeition,
namely V),tvfH in ibe redemption ol the Sta c
tiork f.HJO.lHH) subaeribed in lha at nek ot lha
Hank of Cape Fear (-iUO.000 carried In the ceeil
iil ol the Ulerary Fnnd, apilicable to ibe di-ain-ing
nf lha awarop landa $li,l,eTwpTe4-! in It.
public Ircaiury, and Ihe balance, fJ.i J J9
rem i, carricil to the credit bl llie Hoard ot Inter
nal Improvement a, for ccrlaia purnoae agreeably
to ibe riaoluivoo.
. The general state of finance will be tubmitteal
In yob bf Ihe officer in charge ol thai departmcnl
I will laka Ibe occation to tuggest wkiHher re
44v Irom all Ihe mritution nf the State, ia
which ihe Siale ha a nceuniary iulereai, ahnuht
not he made to lb Kiecutn-e, (iretiou lo Ihe
meeting ol the tieneral Aitrmlily, In enable bua
to lake a general view of thrir tiluaiiona, ami
gite to the tieneral Alterably coudemed tutc
inent nf Ihe am
Creat reliance ha been placed on limited ca-
n. r I ri -r(l . in t . K" i. . . mr-1 , . . .. .1
' ble-am unt of capital. iilmut hanng gitco ihe
; V reflection ., ,. connection, anuld
I "'J"7- ' ,lr"n "J "
t (uhmiliril lo t our coiiantriation.
, , , '
t Al Ibe reqnevt of tbe Sialea mentioned I bare
'he honor uf aohmiiniig emtvnnnieaiiana from 1
em ,0,wrb.rt, Flum trnoM on .,1lli, J
.lately. New llimpthire rclalive to the anr-!
: plu; Coniweticut and Arkantaa ca the I'ublw i
I jn l; Contt-.l.ot oa r.arrutit-e Paironan
t;eorgia relative to ihe akilueliun cf a alate bv I
a meat ol Maine; Kcnlacky os Ike emyneyi !
IMiuiani relative lo a Soihvn, Convrniio lo I
adopt meaaure againrt the maehinaliana af j
Xorthern fanatic; Alabama, ot,jo anil Rh...! !
Island for aod againat Ibeanneution of Tn; !
Ana ImM XI 4ia SI 44t.;.4ur.n: , . . i
Marylaad and Venwenl ao granting Ihe privi-
leg ot franking to tbe State nrrieer; and Iroa
.-. natacuaieni
.4.. 'II... TL. 11 It .
"" .7" " -''"'"giiic aonooci m
....,,. nnln. eipongmg
ee.ol.1 in ,h Sev. of tbe t . S. .11 f which
- -.
tU " T0"
In oonclaiiea. Gentlemea-nermat to. to .
youtf my ready eo-opcralion ia all matter, r
iit aomfort. improterarnt, aan hjpmeM cf Ibe
ciliMiol theSinte
I bate the kunor lo be, (irollrmea, -
kli the kgbeat aoaaiileraiivii,
Vuor u'ilirnt acrtant.
Executive Department ?
21'. i
To the Editor of the Stur.
Sir In a farmer . communication,
we allutled to the iupcrior coininer-
I l a l.aa. o.F IlitO IV .
flirt, and their importance tO thi Stole.
y ( put -pose now m miner una nu-
this Hub
urtrliriilarlv. anil trt lav lie.
JC1-' v I"- ' . , i ...
i..... ,. ,.,lr 4. i t inr n t in larla.
I'll C VHI 1 H V ti " " - - - -
which will speak lor themselves and
while they must dispel every doubt of
j ('ie i m m 'l lice of the l'ol t III Be
tl) s;,, e 0f rt Cai olllia,
. ,1 r il,-..!,
Tail to convince them ul Hie au
necessity there is t'tai mat mate hnouiu
iurn her attention to this port without
dclav, an I optvn to her citizens the
fitciliiic for commerce afforded by an
excellent harbor.
We before alluded to (lie partial
know ledge of this port (hat nUted lit
our State. Its obscurity need not be
-fo much wondered at, when we con
sider that the means of ubiainin eor-
rcct information on (he subject, except
by actual observation, have been -few.
For although as far.back a the rear
IT18, there was a deep hip channel
attached to thii port, and during the
of I Rev.latron pilot, who is now living,
J ronuucteil a snip urawinj; twenty two
leet of water over th t bar; yet in alt
nu'ical works, jeorrrapfiie3 and charts,
where anv description oFoursea coast
is attempted, nut in one instance has
justice been done to this port of our
sea board; but generally the1 whole
coast nf this State has bet n lepresen
ted as being tlifticult nf access and ilan
ger.ius, and even without a goiid harbor
enough forever to repel the mariner
from its waters. Ami so difficult has
it ever been to have the importance of
this port fairly represented, that even
in an Official Document, a favorable
Report of a civil Engineer of this stale,
made at a time and under circumstan
ces which required that alt the advan
tages of the place should be clearly
pointed out to the State, it is said that
the water on the Bar and in the Har
bor of Beaufort is of sufficient depth to
allow of vessels from 200 to 500 tons
burthen entering;'' which, f course,
was sayin?; that vessels ol no greater
burthen lhan 300 tons could safely en
ter thi port. This.-it is true, wa
giving North Carolina a pretty good
harbor. But we can assure your tra
dersand arc prepared to prove it if
required that at the very time that re
port was submitted, the water on the
bat-and in the harbor of Beaufort was
of sufficient depth to nilmit vessels of
one Ihouiand ton burl hen detnlu laden.
We know not whether that error has
ever been publicly noticed and cor
rected: if not, we can account for it on
ly from (hat indifference to her own
welfare sn rharactea istic ol tho Hip
Van Winkle Sta'e.
Irt an O.'licial llepirt of (ul. Jam?
Kearny, transmitted to Congress in
May last, and which was before noticed
in your paper, that g-'nilettnn, who is
familia: ly acquainted w ith the bat-rarTd
harbors on the ctwst--tf the United
States, after observing that Beaufoit
has on the bar of its inlet twenty three
f r .a-.-.
leetoi water at nigh ti its, sav: "it t
at least one ofthe best, am! oakin" the
depth of water at low titles feighteen
feet) the character of tbe bar and the
infelif of Ihe coatt near it. perhaps the
best Atlantic harbor a utih til the Chet
a:ieakc ll.iy." S nice that time, vou ?rg
aware, the Ship Napoleon, which could
be laden at no otlur port South of Nor
'folk, was laden at this port for Liver-'
pmil, and sailed safely over this bar
with 1907 bales of Cotton and 900 bar
rel of Turpentine nn board. oJIere,
thrn, both by the sutvey of a distin
guished engineer and by " a it act'uaf ex
periment, the fact is 'established be
yond a doubf, that Beaufort i not on
Fy an excellent port f ir commercial
operations, but is dcrith ly superior to
any port sontaS of Norfolk "o-i the Atlan
tic coast ofthe United Slates.
. According to Mr Jefferson's Notes
on ' Virginia," a common Jliod tide
afford 18fee-t xvater to No.-Iidk. It
that author is currect, Beaufort Ilar
purhas the greater dep.;h of watei
But independent nf this cirturastance
weare well aatisfied that a fair state
ment uf the commercial advantages of
the two ports. Norfolk and Beaufort,
will give a decided tvrelerence to ihe
Hut its proximity to the Ocean be
ing alntqst upon its verge gives the
port of. Beaufort an advantace in a
commercial point f i-w, rt" which
both New York and Norfolk ('the for
mer about SO, and the latter about SO
miles from the sea) ate ileslijule. Ex
periertce Ins proved that a hip. after
weighing anchor in this harbor, with a
favorable wind, may be safe mi the bo
sum of the Atlantic in thirtu t.umi et.
This is a circumstance of no small im
portance to merchants and mariners.
The bar at the entrance of New
York harbor, according tn the beat in
formation we can obtain, lias on i a
bout 24 to 26 feet .f water; fthi
ra.iv nut be iireciselr tnrrect. but is
i rf -
' umClently ao lot nur present purpose).
, Beaufort bar hat oii it, as we have seen.
, twentv three leet f frenuenl w JJ t ,.l
, . .- . . . ' , .
' t mple depth nf Wi
rims we see that the bar and ha
j f Beautort, for depth nf water.
I water.
t little inferior to New lurk. But
this CirCQmsUncC is Hut n(ct ial J for
crai auvaii,-- y -f.-14f" aii IHtrt ine ahipnin...
Int'i Nw York itd TTftufurt !w,t B
cient depth for alt comm rr'ul m
AmJ-hcreJetH be -u,!,2
UWj I.W ecfr r th bartf.
ica7 j urn cu'1 - rn" Iht hatha.
Utttufort dttptjfifadtn. I-et tJiU i?
written in flaming character . J"
walla of jour Capitol. P11i
The harbor, of Beaufort, w . V!
j ( win., ,c c iniu onu.L
a I . II A ? . T .1 a . ""'aa-
n place that It'retttrctl ( lie ia JlJ,
at lite game 1 1 llie, I 13 iuniCientl .
cioua to coniain an the ahipi,i, ,r:
any Southern commercial i,)w,
did or ever can, in the ordinary emr!
of trade, require to lie in pHatoo
"But the aaleljr of this harbor. -(
New Voik, or anj harbor upon j
Americart Coast, can offer "lurea
feet aafetr o vessel than tin. ; y
ring llie great storm of- 18U ettt
rode safe at anrhor in thr most txpotfg
part of iU main ship channel. J.j,
well knnwn that yessels Ifing in New
Voik and utlicr -Northern liarbort,lft
often, during the winter, seriottalyj,.
terrupted with ice. Boston harWi
fretuentlj clusrd op. Bcaiifort for.
bor is liable to no euch obstmcueo
and is equally acccssaWe at all msd,
of the year. It bar is a healing the,
ntf, so that with all moderate wimtt
vessel may beat over it,
'Mitt fr,.
ffuentlv sail over it by
with the ai.r of a beacon i reside ftt
could appn hit from sea, am J cnttr
the harbor v th safetj in tlie tlaikett
ni"ht. . . )
a circumstance peculiarly IV
voiable to this port, and highly . iatrnr
tant in a national point of view, itii,
fact that it is pot liable to a permi.
nent bloehnle. This is tlieojilecisiit
opinion ol men of nautical exprrienu.
By the trending ol the Ca-es a lay a
lormtd, in which during a heavy tooth,
erly gale, a squadion cuuld not find
sea room; and an entrance iotetlii
harbor would be effectually prevented
by Fort Macon. Thus, while alistiii
every other ( perhaps" every otherjtlrts
harbor on the coast might be closed t
by an enemy, this would remain ata(t
outlet to vessel. And, as titer it
now an inland navigation open froa
this harbor tn Boston, tha iucIculW
impoi tanec of this port cannot fail It
be realized in tima of war. Darin
the late war it was the principle toBik
ern depot of prizes.
Congress have already turned (heir
attention to it; it is to be embraces' ii
a survey authorized for the selec tins
uf a place for a Navy Yard. A im
propriation has already beeu trottl kt
the ileepning of Cora Sound, fpnart
ting thi harbor with Pamlico Seuml.
And here we must take oarasioa ts ek
serve, that this harbor is cow irceui
ble by water tu most of the Nurik
Eastern Counties of ihis Stats. ' M'bra
Core Bound shall be deepeno!. the fa
cilities for intercourse will ki iucrei
setl. From this circurasta ire U
sy to perceive, that if extensile co
mercial iperalions could once be con
raenced at this port, as th fariliiirt
for shipping must ever justify the MB'i
prices at this place for ttii pruductiuM
uf the state as are. given at Ntjr Yark
a prompt and regular market oulJ U
established, which would divrt lo lliii
port the greater part f perhaps til of
the trade of those counties, wliiih Mt
send their product iot Virginia by
tons. What an immense rsvtuuttui.l't
be easily saved to our-, Stale. rll
did a Virginia editor remark, that fur
that state to aid in waking Charlettss
a place nf direct export mil import
trade wou'd be raising a stirk i s
which to break her own bead; for she
would thereby lose the trsiW of A'tr
Carolina, to indispensibtt I Jlef tm
mercel w hy will nut our alate cousiJer
these th ngs?
But we hate not alluded to tneM
of Beaufort. Here we cannot syh
much. If there ia on th sea uoardnf
IheAnjericaR Continent, a place
tirely free from the ordinary rtosrs of
disease, it is thia. Two iiitellie"
Physicians of long residence in tl
place, consider it almost onparsllell'u.
for health. Bullet facts prk.fof
themselves: bith of those physician
sav that throughout the whole ,rnt
of their practice in thia country lr'rj
th past summer and present fa". "
onefalul eati of fever hat occurred1.
during, the saint time in the town w
Reaulort with a population of ,irj
hundred, no' on inhabitant hi
-Such Mr. Editor, are.mme of the !
vantages attached to the Port of
fort. Such are the claims it hs Bf
this state. We would here.r
a moment, and ask, what is it '
hrr power to do wilH such a r cf,'L
this? said the eminent Dr. C
while "contemplating the gloriou T
rillt Wltl4.ll 44 4.UIIIII.WII.4..' .'.
ii t as-oith l"J
me anu wesieru v.aroni . ji
.... ..; trlfH
harbor would open to tne sai.i ".'x
..n t-.t.l. that "r',
awfTii aiMrrai i triuai o.vw 'I r
P.n.Iina Voonlil have alwaVi """.
, sl
..I !,.. .....llii.n ... ilesorratt
,44 I44T4 V'"ll. I I4'44 ' " f
has deemed it. while such a harW"
Beaufoi t vvas upon her coast,
vet, strange to sav, though more i
half a century has rolled by since i
couniry first'burst the fetter fo"
commerce, and opened tba d"
free antl unobstructed enntmerew
tetcourse witli ihe world, ana
York and other stMes ofthe nf "
their provtl career P"'
ts upon everv aea. ortr vat
vats upon every e. "i'i- -rat
has acarceiy lor a momrn - u
eve to her tea board. VM'
atl the other AtLntic, -l'.h"B;
improvinT i ne r nnrouia 441 ,
-V S?

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