North Carolina Newspapers

    were pistols tt ten paces. The firit Art . tningtun, taking to be reimburse! in
was inriTeriual and Col. Anhrf propos- certain
-ad, is order to wake qaick work of it
that ixmh parties nouij nave me pnvi
eitx-nditures incurred in, erec-
! ting a fortification and other work of
defence during the last war. Referred.
- lege l advancing at the nest are, with-j Ji til pretexted. 15 Air. Lane, a
"'iii what distance and time tliej pleased; bill to extend, the time for paying in
- Povall agreed. , Cue word was given and j entry money t by Mr, II. C. Jones, to
" the Utter fired without leaving hi place ; establish' a toll bridge over the South
bitting CoL, Archer' hat, and pacing ! Yafcin river, near llatlr Mills, in Da
throubthe comb with which hi hair ' vie county and a bill to establish the
y - . i- . riio.-a - . i ma ' a. : 1 1 -
u fattened. Arcner auvanceo unm ;.snsiury Acauemyi bj wrwuit, a
hit pistol tuMched hi antagonist' breast
exclaiming "Sir your life is in my hand
make acknowledgement or 111 blow
you through in an instant. H 'I'll make
no acknowledgements" answered the
undannted Povall, and exposing his
bare breast to the instrument of death,
taunted Col. Archer -to fire, in terms
that indicated his unyielding firmness
of soul. I will not kill so brac a man.'
was the reply of the Utter as he fired in
the air. Col. Povall apologized, now
that the means of intitnination were re
moved theV both shed tears, ahook
hands and proved the sincerity of the
reconciliation by continuing ever after
the best friends.
Tueidujf, AV. XI.
The proposition from the Houe, on
the subject of limited Copartnerships,
was read and ordered to lie upon the
Mr. Redding presented the memori
al of Christopher Vickey. Referred
to the Committee on Claim.
The proposition front the other House,
oo the subj'Ct of the appointment of a
committee on that part of the Gover
nor's Message relating to the Banks.
wis read, and on motion of Mr. Ed
wards,' not concurred in.
Mr. McDiarmid, presented a bill
i..t.t'.. u i . v :. i
Bridges. Read first time and referred
to the Judiciary Committee. .
un motion ol Mr: lletd, a message
was sent to the Senste, propositi: to
raise a joint committee on military af
fart. A vot was had, a previously a
greed on, for Solicitor of the second
Judicicial Circuit, which r-ulted in
the choice of William 11. Washington,
wiinoui opposition.
0.1 motion of Mr. Morehead,
Ordered, that a message be sent to
the House of Commons, proposing that
a joint select commiuee of three, on
the part of each House, be raised,
whose duty it shall be to make a suita
ble response to the communication
from the citizens of Wilmington, ami
the Directors of the Wilmington and
Raleigh Road, but respectfully declin
ing their invitation.
On motion of Mr. Hill,
nemva, nai in liommitte on nnsnce
be instructed' to inquire into the etpedienry of
(4 amending th Rno Laws, to re due
ihe imaunt of Ra.auua, derived from Land and
Poll i's. to lb eoiouat received from mim
our, prior to lb enactment of ihe AtMMOMnt
Uf of 130.
Joint Committee on Public Buildings.
S'tMtt. Diddle, Whitaker, Sprui't,
Aibright, and Toy of Onslow.
Caw Mem. Band, Hymen, Carton,
Wilcol, Killian.
Spier Wbitaker, one -of the ' tnrm-
; bers elect from the county of Halifax,
appeared, was qualified ana took his
Mr.' floke presented a petition from
citizens ol Lincoln,prajrifl the erec
tion of a new county, out-of parts of
CirHOln and Kutherlortl. and Mr. W.
J. T. M'Neill a petition on the same
subject, from citizens of Rutherford,
On motion of Mr. Hill, so mucko?
the Governor's Message a relates Ut
, the payment of the Ath instalment of the
State's subscription to the stovk of the
. Wilmington and Kaleigh Kail lload.
was referred to the committee un in
ternal improvements.
On motion of Mr. Hoke, the commit
: fee on the judiciary were instructed to
inquire into the expediency of estab
lishing a branch of the Supreme Court
in the western part of the State j aiui
report by bill or otherwise.
On the motions of Messrs, Boydeo and
Hill, so much of the Governor's Mes
sage as relates to Education and to the
hindrances wluchj prevent the whole
ome exercise ol the nigh prerogative
of the executive in cases of criminal
, prosecution asd conviction, was refer
red to the appropriate committees,
, On motion of M r. Bryau.
Btitlvtd, -That lb committee oa tha Judi-
. fjary k inatrueiod to inouira in. th eipedi-
; eqry at ao aoMnxitnf ina Duiaru law a la ren
der whit woman who aball briof fourth a
child by a nrn sieve, an Mcoaspateol ihn
gainst white person, and I autyacS lb alar
. . - . 'I . ' -
si txrywrai poowamaoi, wuu atesv, a npail j
. nuoiTUHiaiHi
. Oil notion of Mr. J. T. Miller, "A
Reitbmt, That BMaaaf b ot tW tha
8ola, ptopatiog 14? rai a joiot aaWt coin
mitla to coaaiat of thra a to par ol tha 8co
at, and six oo kba-panaf thi Hoeaa, far lb
porpoa f aiamiaiog; the Wilmington and H
laigh Rail Jload, aad that said committee b
hMUuettd to eeport upoa th cooditioo and
prog raa tharaof.
On motion of Mr." Boydrn.
RntlvtJ, That tha eommilta thaJudi-
eivy h ioatroctaa) to inquir , into the ipdi
o7 f so amandiiig lb law in ragartl to lb
cooaayanea af the rl aaUla of Came cOaart
raatding kayaod Iba limit of thia Stat. U
foodar b aamo chaapar and mar expaditiou.
Ofl motion f Mr. Boyden.
Xeilvtd,Th iha eooimiito oa th Judi
ciary ba Toatroetad to laqaira into lb aipadi.
onry of provMliog by tao lor lb (Btrmrslhn of
infant children in cos of dtmrea. ; .
- an oin to coiancipate lorn ladley
was indefinitely postponed.
M'. J. T. Miller presented the me
Biorial of the eommissionera of Wil-
bill to extend the lime Tor" registering
grants, inene convevaacea, powers of
attorney, bill of sale and deeds of
gift snd a bill to alter, amend, and
improve tiie public road from Ruther
fordton to Afthville, over the Blue
Ridgf, by the Hickory Nut Gap j by
Mr. Troflinger, a bill, founded on pe
tition, to establish the county of Jeffer
son out of a part of Orange; and by
Mr. Pemberton, a bill founded on pe
tition, to erect a county by the nxme
of Stanly out of a portion of the' limits
of Montgomery. The bills were sev
erally read the first lime.
to tha frdaral population of ch, af, ia tha
tarma uflb eooipact, accardinf to ibii !
pcctia proportion of tba foaral cbarya aJ
Jiettivtd, That Ihoaa Sutaa is wboaa faor
Congraa ba not mada appropriatiiioa af Iba po
.TpuT sent to the Senate, proposing
lVednt$Jay, Nov. 28.
On motion of Mr. Arrington, the Ju
diciary committee were instructed to
iuquire into the expediency of amend
ing the law relative to lunatics and idi
ot and on motion of Mr. McDiarmid,
the committee on military affairs were
instructed to enquire into the propriety
of so amending the law as to exempt all
persons from perforiniuz military duty
until they shall have attained the age of
iwcmj -une jcom, except in.caes ot in
vasion or insurrection.
Mr. Dockery presented a bill to in
corporate liglit infantry company in
the city of Rateighsanil Mr. McDiarmid
a bill to amend the lOih section of an
act in the Revised Statutes, entitled an
act concerning the General Assembly;
which were read the first time and re
ferred. "
Mr. Whitaker presented the memo
rial of the Raleigh and Gaston Rail
Road Company, r questing that their
capital stock be increased to g 1,500.
000, and also asking the aid nf the state
in completing the work. Mr. Moore,
the memorial of the Roanoke Naviga
tion Company. Mr. Taylor, the mo
mortal of Joel Strong, relative to the
dividing line between Virginia and N.
Caroline, These memorial were read,
the two first referred, and the latter
laid on the table.
The proportion of the Commons, to
to raise a joint select committee for the
purpose of visiting and examins the
Wilmington and Raleigh Rail Road.
4-c. wat rejected J3 to 11.
A vote was had. as was nreviounlv
agreed on, for Solicitor of the 4th Ju-
dicial Circuit) which resulted in the e
lection of John F. Poindexler, without
On motion of Mr. Tat lor, a
message was sent to the House of Com
mons, proposing to refer to the appro
priate committees so much ol the Gov
ernor's Message as relates to the sev
eral subjects of the currency and de
positee of the General Government;
the public arms and a compilation of
military tactics; reports from the insti
tutions of the State, in which the State
has a pecuniary interest to the Execu
tive; internal Improvements; a topo
graphical, geological and mineralogi
cal examination and survey; common
schools; a report of cases of convic
tiorvin criminal prosecu'ivns; and lim
ited copartnerships..
On motion of Mr. Moore, so much
of the Governor's Message as relates
to the several subjects of an agricul
tural survey, a uniform set of weiirhts:
Land to securing to every fjuaily" a cer
tain pur no ii vi ianu in proportion to
their number, was referred to appro
priate committees.
On motion of Mr. Baker, Mr. Jones
was added, to the coinmittsje on Chero
kee lands.
fiiUi preienttdhj Mr. Crawford,
to incorporate the Yadkin Manufactur
ing Company: by Mr. Gwyti, to cir
cumscribe the corporate limits of the
town of MUtoat be Mt. Keenerlo
make valid certain surveys of the I)e
futj surveyor t Haywood county; by
Ir. Tetrjr, to authorize Robt. Walker.
aw ttfil " - .... '
oi winte county, to build a Mill on
Roaring River, rhese bill were sev.
rally read the Erat time and passed,
no ine two UiTt reierred to appropri
ate Committees.
' Mr. Farrow presented the Report of
uiMniiHnicr appointed to superin
tend the draining of Mattamukeet
Lake, which was read, and ordered to
be sent to the Senate, with a nropos
tton mat it te pnuUd for the use of
the Assembly.
On motion .or Mr. Winston, the
Committee on the Jmluiarv waa ilia
charged from the further consideration
of the Resolution directing them to in
quire into the expediency of giving a
cS.ianTe cootrociion to the 8th sec
lion or the Constitution, relating to
the qualification of Titers for tb; House
of Co'nmons. " " ''
Tl message from the Senate, frans
iiiif ivrpun oi me tomitision-
era appointed to superintend the re
building of the State Capitol, and nro.
posing that it be printed and referred
to the Joint Committee on Puhlir
Build nrs, was received and concur.
red in, after an ioeifectual motion to
amend. t
Mr. Hill submittnd the following
f, thai each of lb United 8uiea. be.
ing a party to th national rompaei, . pownm
n intaraat in th public land proportioned Ut
bills of sate and deeds of gift; nd the
Resolution for nrinting theComptrvller S
Uenort. were each read the third time.
tassed, and ordered to-be engrossed.
On motion of Mr. Waddell, a mes
tilled to aueh appropriationa a wiM eorreapaod,
in joat proportion, with tboa beratofar aud
in bebair otothar Htatoa,
Henlvtd, Thai Our Senator and Repraeen
tative in tba Congraaa of iba United outaa ba
requested to urge lb claim of tba Bute of
North Carolioa to bar portion of tba public
land; and that tba earae, wbaa obtained, ba ap
plied to lha atablihriMat and aupportof com
mon acbool and tba promotion and diffuuon
of edacatioB Ibroughoot tba State.
These Resolutions were ordered to
lie on the table, and be printed.
The proposition from the Senate to
raise a Joint Select Committee on Mil
itary Affairs was concurred in, and
Messrs. Brittain, Trollinger, PeuVn,
Whitaker and J. T. Miller appointed
to composelhe committee on the part
of the House. .
The bill from the Senate to alter the
time of holding the County Courts of
Wilkes, was read three times and or
dered to be enrolled.
Received from His Excellency, Gov.
Dudley, a communication transmitting
the Report of Win. H. Haywood, Jr.
hsq.. Commissioner to settle trie Milt
tary claims of this State on the Gener
al Government; which was read and
sent to the Senate with a proposition
to refer the subject to a Joint Select
Thunilau, Nov. 29,
Mr. Morehead, from the committee
on the Judiciary, to whom was referred
the bill to amend an act concerning the
public roads, &c. reported the bill with
an amendment, proposing fo strike out
all but the enacting clause, and insert
in lieu thereof provisions making it the
official duty of county attornies to pros
ecute all suits brought by the overseers
of roads for fines; and authorising the
couits, wnen any such suit shall not
be prosecuted with effect, to determine
on. what grounds it wasbrsught, and to
direct whether the plaint It or county
shall pay the costs; which was read.
and, on motion of Mr. Wilson, ordered
to be laid on the table and be printed.
The' engrossed bill from the Com
mons, fixing the time for perfecting the
.'.I . a aa
tines to land neretoiore entered and
paid for, was read the first time and
- On motion of Mr." Morehead, it was
referred to to the members representing
the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Judicial Circuits
to inquire into the expediency of alter
ing the time of holding the Superior
Courts of said Circuits.
On motion of Mr. Taylor,
Beflvtd, That tha Judiciary committee ba
inatrucled to Inquire into tha aipadienev' of a-
tnenmng ina aiming lawa, ao a 4 iiooa.w wit.
naa a realulng In a itinerant county from that to
lb court of which they may ba aum monad, a
compensation for each day'a travel to and from
court in addition to that already allowed, and
(bat Ibay report by bill or otherwise.
A vote waa had for Solicitor of the
fifth Judicial Circuit, which resulted in
the election of Alexander Troy.
On motion of Mr Cooper, the memo
rial of Joel Strong, on the subject of the
dividing line between the States of N.
Carolina and Virginia, was ordered to
be sent to the Commons, with a propo
sition io reier it to a joint select com
mittee to consist of the members repre
SMiting the counties adjacent io the
Virginia line '
Mr. Rand presented the memorial of
the president and directors of the Hal
eiirh and Gaston R. R. Company, ask
ing the aid of the State in Completing
tneir noau wiurn was read and reierr
ed o the Committee on . Internal Im
( Mr. K. J. Erwin presented a Resolu
tion proposing to the Senate to raise a
Joint Select Committee of both House-
to enquire into the expedience of erect
ing a Penitentiary in this. State which
was read and adopted
Mr. Carson presented a bill, founded
on the petition of many citizens of Burke
and Rutherlord, to lay off and establish
a nejwjuotybyahejme of MtDoweHrj
Kelerred to reom mittee composed of'
the delegates trom Burke 5t Rutherford
On motion of. Mr. Rouards. the Li
brary Committee were instructed ro en
quire into the expediency of re publish
ing Lawson' History of N. Carolina,
Mr. isje presented a resolution,
which was referred to the Committee
on Finance, authorising the Public
Treasurer to receive the notes of spe-
...v-p.j ciuirr 111.0. varotina
or V irginia, for all entries of lands.
On motion ofMc W. A. Blount, a
m-ssage was sent to the Senate nropos
ing to raise a Joint Select Committee on
so much of the Governor's M eaaarra aa
relates to the secuiine to the ritiien
of this state homesteads or freeholds.
Mr. Keid introduced a bill to incor
porate the Cape Fear and Western
Steam Boat Company, which was read
the lirst time and passed.
Mr. Massey introduced a Reaolutiun.
wmcn waa passed, proposm? to the
Senate to raise a Joint Select Commit-
tee of both Houses, for the purpose of
inquiring into ine cost ot the Public
Printing, and whether the law matin
provision for that purpose does nut need
Messrs. Hollaud, Mill. Massev. II.
C. Jones and Puryear were appointed
to compose said Committee on the Dart
of this House
The bill for the better regulation
of the town of Greenville: the bill to
t rait a imnt Select Uolninitiee Ol
both Houses on so much of theGovern
er's Messsge as relates to the request
made by the State of Louisiana, to hold
a Southern Convention to adopt means
against the machinations of Northern
Fanatics, -j 1 . ' " ' . -
On motion of Mr. Robards, a mes
sage was sent to the Senate, proposing
to refer so much of the Governor' Mes
sage as relates to the Vermont Aboli
tion Resolutions, to a Joint Select Com
mittee. On motion ef Mr. Gilliam, the com
mittee on the Judiciary ware instructed
to enquire into the expediency of a
mending the existing laws, so as to ex
empt gro wine crops from executinn.
Mr. McWiMiams introduced a bill
to emancipate Henrj, a slave, which,
was indefinitely posponed.
Also, a bill to emancipate Napoleon,
a slave, which was rejected.
Also, a bill concerning certain Fish
eries in this State, which was read the
first time and passed.
Friday,' Aov. 30.
Mr. Dockery, Irom the committee
on Claims, reported adversely to peti
tions of Christopher Vickry, of Ran
dolph, and Robert Brown of Lincoln.
Concurred in.
Mr. Whitaker presented a resolu
tion in favor of Wm. Ashler, which
was read and referred.
The engrossed bill from the Com
mons, to incorporate Junto Academy,
was read the first time and referred.
The Speaker announced to the Se
nate the appointment of the following
committees, on the part of the Senate:
Messrs. Reid and Montgomery on en
rolled Bills; Messrs. Morehead, Spru
ill. Bunting, Arrington and Speed, on
the Governor's Message, transmit ting
a communication from Win. II. Hay
wood, Jr. i Messrs. Wilson, Dockery,
Harper, Hill and Cooper, on Military
Affairs; Messrs. Edwards, Carson,
Kerr, Bidd'e and Ribelin, on so much
of the Governor's Message as relates to
weights and measures; and Messrs.
Moody, Holt, Reinhardt, Montgomery
and Reid, on Agriculture.
fiillt presented. By Mr. Cooler, a
bill to alter the mode of electing con
stables in this State, sofar as relates to
the county of Martin. Venn's the
power in the County Court, j 15y Mr.
Allbright, a bill to authorise the issu
ing of treasury notes. I Authorises
the issuing of $200,000 in notes of from
5 to 75 cents, to answer the demand
for change. By Mr. Davidson, a bill
concerning the County Court of Ire
leu. These bills were read, the first
laid on the table, the second referre
to the committee on Finance, and th
last passed three times and ordered-to
be engrossed.
A. G. Proctor, the member elect
forthe county of Pasquotank, ap
peared, was qualified and took his seat
Proceedings relating Io Abolition.
On motion, the vote of yesterday, by
which the Senate was requested to co
operate in raising a committee on so
much of thGWrnor's Message as re
lates to theVernfont resolutions, was
re-considered. Iheonmna resolution.
introducetl by Mr. Robards, being now
before the House, Mr. Patton movid
that it lie on the table, which was r4.
jected yeas r, nays 10J. On motion
ol Mr. Amis, the resolution waa then in
definitely postponed yeas 92, nays 2-L'
Subsequently, Mr. Crawford moved
the following, resolution':
Jtetalved, That hi Excellency, Got. Dud
ley, oe requested to forward to hi Excellency
lb Governor of Vermont. communlcaiion n...
on th subject of the resolution transmitted to
him upon th subject of abolition, and toexpres
ins wuignauon anu annorrence oi this delibera
tive body, in a most decided manner.
m w n w.n: .
, . . . uiianis tnpveu 10 a-
mend by substituting; the followinrr
That the iotarference of the Legfilatur of
, ermoni who in suDject of slavery, aa eommu-
nicaieu to us in our uovemor'a Messsge, is a
gross assault on Southern rights, and deeervea
a contemptuous and indignant rebuksfrom this
Pending the motion. Mr. Eaton mov
ed that the resolution be postponed in
definitely, which was carried yeas
79, nsys 34. '
Messrs. E. P. Miller. W altar C,.r
ford and Jarman were appointed the
committee on enrolled bills on the part
of the House. " - K-
The proposition from the
Thurstlay the 13th of December h- ...
apart for the appointment of Justices of
me reace, was concurred in.
The message from the Senate, sta
ting to the boundary line between this
State and Virginia, wasjiot concurred
ccrning the Bastardy lawj the commit
tee weretiiscnargeu.
. The eojmitie4were also discharg
ed from: the llesolutioninstruclmg
them to inquire into the expediency ol
authorising the County Court to de
cree a sale tu land held by tenants in
Mr. Winston, from the same com
mittee, reported a. bill to amend the
39th section of the Revised Statutes,
entitled An Act concerning the Courts
of Justice, Practice, Pleas and Process
which was read the first time and
Mr. Wilson introduced ti bill to in
corporate Pleasant Grove Academy, in
the county of Perquimons, which was
read the first tune and passed.
The bill to incorporate the Cape
Fear and Western Steam Boat Com
pany, was reported with sundry av
tnendments, which were concurred in,
and the bill was then ordered to lie on
the table. J
The bill to incorporate the Yadkin
Manufacturing Company, was report
ed, amended and ordered to be laid
on the table. . J
Saturday," December 1.
Mr. Morehead," from the committee
on the Judiciary, reported the bill to
amend the 16th section of an act in the
Revised Statutes concerning the Gen
eral Assembly of the State, without a
menilment, recommending its rejection.
The bill was then read the second time;
and, after an ineffectual effort to a
mend by Mr. M'Diarmid, rejected.
On motion of Mr. Williams of Beau
fort, " ' "
ReialveH, That the committee on Education
snd the Literary Fund be instructed to inquire
into the expediency of establishing free achoola
in each and every county in th State, and re
port by bill or oilier wise.
The proposition of the House of
Commons, to refer so much or the Go
vernors messsge as relates to the se
curing to the citizens of this State
homesteads or freeholds, to a Joint Se
lect committee, was, on motion of Mr.
Edwards, ordered to lie. on the table.
The proposition of the Commons, to
raise a Joint select Committee, to in
quire into the expediency of building a
femtentiary, was concurred in
The proposition of the Commons to
refer so much of the Governor's Mes
snge as relates to the request made by
" - . a j- a .art
Louisiana to nmu a southern con r en
tton to adopt measures against the
machinations of Northern fanatics, was,
oh motion of Mr. Edwards, laid on the
Mr. Jones presented the petition of
Elizabeth itently, ol Wilkes. Re
The engrossed bills from the Com
mons, to extend, the time of registering
grants mesne conveyances. &e.. and
for the better regulation of the town of
Greenville, were read the first time,
ami, on motion ot Mr. Jones, the first
amended, and passed.
I The resolution from the other House,
to print me comptroller's Report, was
Mr. Dockery presented the petition
oi a number ol citizens of Robeson
V..UHIJ, iiajiiig an appropriation tor
the purpose of removing obstructions
in Lumber river. Referred.
On motion of Mr. Spruill, a message
waa acnr- iu . me senate proposing to I
raise a. Joint Select Committee in make j
Amendment 'thiM
-wr. Kd wards presented th ,?
resolution,. which, W
were ordrrod 1.. I " Sa
... .. c iaiu OD tk.
and printed; - t .
Jttttlvtd by the Genenl a
Carolina, That H ia exnert;rT1,7'
tba first and aecond tefiiuns of "",
ele of the amendments to the tL-
annually ine memoers of th Z 1
the Houae of Common.
' e W. That . .eke, eomnuU(, . I
members be appointed to re, .7rS
ably to tba provision of the Contiil t
d, m u; .jnn.H
' I". H! T ,
Jttmtved, That committee be aiL
to wait upon hi excellency ti,,
reqm sting him to lay before this
I m Pari tt flaw mk rmi;.si
j j , . .v.i.voiriii tlfC haJ. I
of th IttAt Itrittlutiir sirul tall A
On motion of Mr. Rrinhanli
l.tll .. I .1.- .!.L '"".
uiu iw uiiiuiiH ine toin settioa
act in the Revised Statutes r.u.
a . a 1 . wiivp
ing the General Assembly, wnm
sidered, read the second time ..
ed, on motion of Mr, Cherrry, J
passed, i . t l
The two "Houses went inlo in ti.'
tion for Counsellors, of State,
loiiowing gentlemen were in
tion, viz. Messrs. John A. Aniln
ot Hertford; Allen Uoodwyn, f c.
ham; James P. Leak, "of RirkJ
Johnson Busbce, of Wake; ThoiW
uenee, ot rerson; ur. illic p.
of Franklin; and Isaac T. A,
Butke; James .Watt, of Rocking,
n linn: .rh ..
ycuigc mininanii, oi tawell( A
Rogers, Sr. ff Wake; Arc'd H. Du
of Franklin; Chas. E. Johnnm,
Chowan; and Tlios. H. Hall. afL!
oombe. The fit st seven aamed
men were elected.
Currency -Bank. . Mr. Skp,
preaeuteu ine following ' RMillliw
which, on his motion, were onl
to lie on the table and be printrd.t
Whereas, the exchanges of the cam
rhi country are much deranged, and U ,
penuble, for the general prosperity, tU t)
.mm vi iiuiigs . siiuum os specdiiy aimkj
anu me industry or in country pitted
that steady and permanent fooling, that beii
ter its exertions mav not be nerwdicall, A
aljieJ in any way by th artio ef lb TML
Gosernpent; and whfrea;lhrisrt coufitiia-J
pinions among the people of 'lb lHf ilarai!
Carolina upon the aul ject of s aatiostl bia
snu upon tlie policy ol an IndependuM.treiian
under the exclusive eontrol ff lbs Ftdtrtl i
tjtivei Therefore, ' I i
Henlved by lb General Assembly af 2M
Carolina, That it would emiiKeUr camluna
Uia prosperity of lb people af th U. Sis,
and lend much, for the future, t wiltw
the businesa ot the coontrv from tiuaa ash
ling alliancea with national polities ahkbsr
oeen found injurious to both, that lb Caits
of the United Slalea should charter ibrcs (
raw nistinct and inilepemlent bans. Is m
cated, with their- branch, in. the ibrs n
sections of the Union, North, goal and Wot
.lad le it further meveal Thai but
pinion of this Asaenibly. th noiled capiuii a
these banks abould not exceed fiftr uUis
dollars, to be distributed hi such parMu,
the diltorent seciions of th Union, m at t
gress might seem just and proper, v
Mr-. Riddia nrcsi-nleil 'acrolllliM
necessary arrangements, 5 4c. for jnstructine the committee os the U
enmpanng the votes given at the late die arr to reDort a bill ameniliiti ft
law respectinzthc velcctioa of Conitr
Dies, which, on motion of Mr. Miw
Committee, consistin
trds -HoK Paine otVcald
Me. .n. . A''u
vaneu on r...
.tin. .1.. l.TTI
" Wll io l.T -..
a coanty by name of H. .
Messrs. Brittain & .,,. 08,
and Mr. Faison oDDoain.
f . ... . r
The mesage from the
posing to refer to
Senate, nro-
the Committee on
much of the "Governor's
relates to the current.
Finance so
Message ss
was not concurred in
The melsages from the Senate, nro.
posing thafso much of the Governor'
Messaze as relates to the Pui.iu i
ik.(:;.be Pef"T' to the committee on
Military Affairs; and that so much
thereof as relates to Reports from the
imnunons ot the state in which it
as a pecuniary interest, be rekrr.,1
the Finance Committee, were concur
red in.
Mr. Winston, from the (nmmill..
n the judiciary, asked that the corn-
election for Governor,
Senate's Committee on PuUlr Print.
ing Messrs Davidson, Fox, Albright,
nun ooarp. .
Oii Priuaate Hills Messrs Holt K
urn, Redding Rabun and Melchor.
air. J. ri Caldwell, from th. Com.
miuec ol Propositions and Grievances,
reported a bill to emancipate Emme
Mne,.wite oi Henry I. Patterson of
iwieisit. Read first turn.
.Ilerod taison. a membir !. r.nm
T f- " svx,a,
non iampton County; appeared and
tooic tits seat.
l It I : j!-
mr. none moved l rrrnm , or.i ..n
... v "
ot me vote taken yesterday, when by
certain Resolutions on the subject of
Akntillnw :.l.f! ?. , . .
.....iiimi wtre iiiuriiniieiy pnatponed;
ueiu? sercn in. air. it,ik.m,..
i . " . v - -
en amend said Resolutions, by strik
ing out the whole and, inserting in lieTi
inereot the lollowjpg: . T ,
"Reitlved. that unon llta amis .t t
Olirinn nrfi Uoaiasi . I a .
ucr tY circumstances, per
mit otiraelve to entertsin or :. ... i
a nyerTortto excite discussion by peraons Vi.
, D,,IC Wll D .instantly met
nth the most decided anrl
rrnrnh.lin.! . .iraii
Mr P.;n. i . ..
...ut iwuTeu in amend .Tha -
men'imenr oy substitnt no-.m ., ii,...
of, the following:
WRSS4. we. the
tnPMnl.t!... r . I
..t t ui me
vy. ... wrm uarolma. perceive with ad-
k. . . 'rrffr-'." the IKi,llre f
"c oia.s or i rrmnnl h... I.. . . .
. . vlJl.ll1llca
was ordered to lie on the table.
Mr. Jones, from the roramiltrf t
Finance, to whom so much of th. ft
ernor'i mesae as relates to the
rency and deposites, mad s ttpfi
asking that the committee be slia-charg
ed from the conVnleratioo ' of ll
subjects, and (hat they be referred hi
Joint select, committee . of he t h
raifed for that purpose. Concurred is.
Mr. Jones presented the pejith f
J. Gilreath. ' Read and referred.
The bill to alter the mode of
ing constables' in Martin county,
read the third time, passed, and rder
etl to be engrossed. "
Mr. Shcpard presented ft um ny
wend an acf, passed in 1821,
corporate a. company, entitled t
Roanoke Iulet Company, and for wf
purposcst anil Mr.. Baker, alTdl t"J
offand establish acounty by the
of . Read the first time, snd it
latter referred to a committee. to
sist of the members from tha corntKt
of Burke and Wilkes. .
"Mr. Ifokev froin the Select Comwh
tee. to whom vh referred the ms
rial of citizens of Lincoln and Bailie"
ford, reported a bill to establish a s
county by the name of Caldwell; ww1
passed its first reading.
Mr Tw.1 1 .n(..l (he OftH
lL0,,r!.n,I,u,UJrC, ftbe.b.;i1,i of Slave tion of citizen. Oram. DravingtW
to tlret,-87, cnurty be n(( ,11,,1. lie bill
.... . .a...a K,.,,, .,.u, re ue tiiacnargeu from the further
u..uG oi attorney i consideration of the Resolution con
.y..,r , ,1U1 without ,ho ..,alow
or a right, lointerfrre with our dome! ie in
s itution.: And whereas, we view .11 w,cl,
tempt. ,t mterferenee a. having . taevtias
bte tendenry. not only to lt,y rmony
..... ,rcnj. ,mofe; ,e Sttf.
shed-l ' "iVil Sr "d biowl-
fkeren-t tt it Retthed, that we Consider
it such communications a an open il, clara
tionorimili,,,0 ,H,r peace, happiness and
f."-! crny, DU lr,Te ,,em , ttl, pprobrium 1
and deiesUble contempt with which ihrvde-l
erve to be treated by the friends of p'rtcr, '
and good order. mnA u. ..i .-.. ..."
usai compact."
vision of tli n.L..;..r. k:.
called for. on mnti
SUDlect was committed In
A di
he whole
establish the county of JeftVrson
then taken aa. Mr. Hill moved form
indifinite poaioonemenf, but the pNjj
tion was negatived 64 to 44. Mr.,
ards moved to amend the bil by .str
in out Jefferson and inserting Ble'
ly. Negatived GO to 50. The bill
passed its second reading. '
Mr. Siler submitted a Resolsh
directing the Secretary of Stall i
issue grants for land sold at th JJJ
aaleof Cherokee Lands. Referrr"
the Committe on Cherokee Lands.
Receivtd from His Eicellency,
Governor, by his Private s'm"7',i,t
message transmitting the Report
Commissioners fur the sale f

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