North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XXIX.
NO. 53.
"V - , .TERMS. :
8uimrTiT, three dullara per .noum on
half in advsnee. 1. - -
0frnn residing UhjuilhStsle--will he
reiirc. to py th wiole .mount ol lb jeer's
subseriolina in advance, t
far every n lure (not esseediwr IS lines this
fits type) first insertion, one dollar each sub
srqnent insertion, twenty-five sen Is
fry The advertisements of Clerk end Sheriff!
ih .e cnrrrn per eeni. nigttrn inn a ne
JifSnue per eeart. will be m wle from b
regular price Inr advertiser by the ynr.
Letters la the Editor matt be post-paid.
(T? READ THIS. 3 n
T II 41 It lK'S
1t i tii rna.e speedy .ml permanent
are without regai d to diet or exposnrei end in
Ike mo nbitinste (titi, when all other reme
dies hoe tailed, ll.ey hav. effected cum m the
short ijuce ot two .weeks, and, ia ease, more
alight, it generally lakes from three dats lo one
i- i ' i i i . .
, wre. ncj nrr nsv. orea Know a in the
. yo-t obstinate ease to occupy more ihao two
weeks to aned a permanent cure.
I hry possess rreat advantages over all other
. remedies of the kind. at thejr do not a Bret the
breath, or cause any skkness at. the siomach
whsletert en tHe" 'contrary, they may ha taken
eitlinvt the knowletlge of the mod intimate
trwac". They arc mild and pleasant to take, yet
jr-..r..i in their tifn, -
i neie inns are put up in square Uoxea, with
full direction aeeonipanring each Uo at 3 uer
u rc-.n I..-.-., . .1 t i .- '
C. O. It. TIIOItPE, -
For tale, whnletle ami retail at I lie l ime Store
of W. M. .VJSO.Y & CO who are principle
gratsof the State ol North Carolina.
Nov S. 1838 49 eowtl
erty or all who had taken-up arm., for the pay.
mem or toe debts, and u u indemnity (or
damage don by them.
3d. That the Mormon should all leave the
otata and be protected out byjhe militia, but
to remain under protection, until further
order trom the Commander-in-chief.
h. Te (five up air arms of every description
Fur the purpose of arranging every
thing m a proper and legal war. Gen
eral Lucas left Col. Williams, aidde
tampa to th Commander-in-Chief, Col.
uurcn anu aiaj. A. Keei, of Raj Co.,
w Hutu iu ura wing, writing, &c, with
a company of men, to execute all or
tlerconitent with the fttipulationi.
Judije Camemn. of Clay County,
William Ctfirina, of Jackson, George
oxtwarti, oi nay, John Carroll and
y..V..ft,lM, f Far Weat. iWhc re
. . , -.
eppmnu-u oy uenerai L.uc, and Col
Hinklo ihe commander o( the VI or
Ir. riceUea from ,he
-i k "V-"'"- a-" e read rresiurnt transmit! ng an oflicial re
vw vtvim iMiiT- ljei nnni nc trirr. i :uit nma . v ,
led by the magnificence of the doTm;;;; L. "i.7f"
or'a acheme of Internal' Imhriiv.
Jt is only io because we hae heretofore
done ao little. In nunv othor Sif
of ihe Union, Dossessinir ip rmnn!..t;,.
and resources, there would be nntl.Iiia-, uui on me contrary every
s iiiapTiiiig, in so comprehensive
scheme. FayeUeville. Observer.
isting taws with a view to secure the
accountaUilitir of all officer
i .i . v "
hwitii sue UuMimts:-
a a
ered an outlaw) to provide 'that wtivr'el
the owner shall nnil it necessary to use
unlaw'ul weapons in-arresting au rna
way, and shall shoot, or injuie Hi it, -wit
lu 1 1 not be deemed a criminal otlviicee
and of compellini( Jiilors to advrrtis
alt runaways committed to jail in the
State Gazette. ,
Agreeably to previous arrangement.
mons, te attend to the adjusting all
kia tins, Ci
Istlt ond Interring from 7xat.
oy ine vuoa steam ncket at New Or
leans from Galveston', Texaa papers are
received Jo the 10th iust. Titer are
chiellr filled with the proceedings of
Have jnit received a (moral assortment el
Fine anil r'aney Toilet and SUA VINfi SOlS
win, nair. anu onoe urustiet.
Tonttlier with.a- general assortment of Fanaj
unifies. .
Nov 20, . 4 ,f
hv ian ro it sale.
The Stibwriher hainnw on hand, at his Millt.
(late IllakeS) IT miles Hast of Haleiah, 100,000
pet ni enmee iinioer, ni every ileicriilion,
sawen nni tons; ueu ritic, Hie peculiar ex
sellenee of which ia inn well knnwn la need ant
pair Prnons desirm to tmixhate will please
vawe aiipucainm in nr. viMim reck, Ka1eii;h,
er Henry Hnrlmt, at Ihe Mills.
The prire at the Mills will be $t per hundred;
kef. If a large nuantily be bought, even lessthae
ma, win WfWBci j -
. , L " ETCR f OSTKR.
Wake en., May 21, 18.18 . 82 if
DRirrss JiEiici.t:sn ;
Sign of tlio Ciolilcu JTioriar.
Htviiie purchased the entire stock of Messrs
T. S, flei'kwith bt Co. "have eominrncetl Ihe
APOTIIKCAKY business at the stand furmerl)
enupicdliy them on r'ayrtteville Street, aceoutl
xw anrtlToTVT Sc A. Slith, where lliey have
jet .received, a Imi iher supuly of "
Drunn, Medicines, tilnftg. Oil,
JPniuts, Dye SlntTs autl Per
fuinery, together with a
general assortment of -
whieh they will dispow ol on Ihe most reasona
ble term s. - t
Merclumta and others esn be furnished with
latent and other medicines on .as reasonable
rrtssas thry can be ant south of the FotAmae,
Hcrsims would do well to call and examine lor
Ihentaelvvs. ,1'hy tieians al a distance, who msy
(lore, wiib their orders, will have tliero
fromptly aticmltd to No pains will be spared
' selecting Chemicals and Pharmaceutical pre
bsrslio'ns, as lliey are determined hat no medi
mes but silch stare genuine, shall be sold by
them. One of Ihe firm having been brought op
Is the business, to which he will give his undi
tnted attention, thereby avoiding those fatal
mistakes th.l inn often occur through incempe
cy ur cart denies,, they hnie, by strict alten
bmiuesa, to merit a shsre of Ihe public
februaiy, iSSC . 10 tt '
e rfrst three days0, of the Cong?ss.
he Vr . sltlent elrct. Gen. J .Amur lia.l
wi (lid raw it from his chair as-Vice Ira.
Klrnt or tlte Senate, and Stephen H
Everett been chosen to that post Dro,
tent. Mr. John II. Hansford was chosen
speaker or the House. The Rev. Mr.
Frazier was elected Chaplain to the
Senate; and the Rev. John MiCuIlough
of New Jersey, to the House.
Gen. Houston, in. consequence ol re-
ceiling a communication by commit
tees from the two houses that thev were
organised and. ready to recieve anv
written message from him was mucn
offended at this deviation from the usan-r
ot a speech in person from the Presi
dent, and replied in a brief message
"saluting the honorable Congress" and
staling that if he had not been restrict
ted in the mode, he should have pre
sentetTsoiine important information ami
suggestions Ion the alTkiis of the coun
try, as it was, he declined any further,
eommufriration vrith- Cgi-e thaw
enclose the reports of the heads of the
departments. " . "
the attention of both Houses, and a
resolution was olTrred in that of the Re n-
iiiciimuics nidi me rresiueni tie re
fju'ejLeil jto communicate, as Speedily as
possible, with the Minister of Texas,
at the Court of the United Stales in re
lation thereto that the Government of
the United SlaJes may- be oiliciallr op
prized of the actual warfare Of the
Kickapoos, Coshattecs, Cadtloes, Semi-
notes and Choctaws against this Renub-
lic. 'Referred to the committee on
military affairs, --- - '
1 here are about 400 men in the woods
gone , against the tribes, and Conress
appropriated 840.000 for the support of
an expedition or 250 men. uen. Rusk
is busy in the , neighbot hood of Fort
Houston, Lastern l exss, in , watrhinir
the hostile forces. These latter are
chteflr collected on the head waters of;
the Trinity the chief. villagei
near the. three lorks. one
seven hundred, and composed of the
. From lbs New York Courier of Dec. .
The Cuslom-JIouse avainAfar fit.
r-t..- . .. o . :
uwcanont.. linmediately after the de-
pat tore oi me steamer Liverpool yes
let day mnrninz. it was rumored that
Wit. M. Paiot, Esq, the Uuited States
uisinct Attorney lor the Southern Dis
trict of New urk,.had taken passage
in iter, anu mat ne was largely a dejaul
ter tu the Government. Of bis depar
ture there can be no doubt: and it is e-
qually evident, from his letter to the
President of the United Slates, which
we give below, that he is a defaulter.
but relies upon his fees of office to cov
er the amount of his defalcation. In
this we have no confidence. Cormo
lion has been the order of the day; and
we veruy Dcneve that it the records at
Washington are not destroyed before an
investigation can be had 'by a Whis
Committee of Congress, it will appear
that the defalcations under the Ad
ministrations of Andkkw Jackson and
Marti Vak Bur en exceed twkntv
Air. Lambrclrntr immrdiafplr rnaa lllr Senile reiuiirail hi tli l,ll .,r .1,' .
p. - -ar " - i -1 - ..... ..nii iit
and moved that so much of the mes- Huuse of Representatives,: where in the
presolice ot both houses, the votes for
Gjvernor were counted.
Mr. Criwfuid, from the Committee
on Education, reported the bill tutiuor
On molMinOlc Qtlliam. a ',,..
was sent lotheSftiale .n.poMng to rai'
a Joint Select Cnnuiiittre to watt on his
r.xceiienry E. IS. Dutller, apd info
lum ol his election as On
'..mtl Important from the Mor
nun Wat-Treaty Concluded. By
'he St. Louis Hulleiin of "the ITth in
nt, we have accounts from the Far
e,t up to the 8th. Gen.. Clark hail
"veil (here with 1300 mcnUo guanl
"eMtirmon pt isuners confined in that
"w,n, and ha( sent a despatch to Gen.
ncas, in Jackoti- county to return
Vh Ihe propliet. and Hiram his
her; also the ring leader RigHon,
"'?'"f Robinson and ijunt. . Many
. M Hie M.irmona have fscaped from
Idwell county. The rest will riot
prwbahly be driven out this winter. A
"oct.rAvi.rd, of .the sect, has niade
jome iinportanLJItclosures. t . -
Among many cither things, they had
Moeuted themselves into three diff
erWt societies, called Dankes. Gid
'"tes and lheDesirovirtru
mP"s;-d.of about 15ft men altogether.
n.eo,rct br the bands was to carry
n s regular and syslemalic course of
bery and mur.ler, and Swear out
'" against all dissenters from' the
r i an'1 "H,er und,:'r M Pretnn-1
ot debts and claim's against thein,
W proceeds of which were fo be plac
M i a general fund for the use and
--"vut oi tile church.
. The rumor orhe engagement of Oct.
J.ln 30 Mormons were-killed,
confirmed. -The following js the
""cjuded with the Mormons
y general Lucas:
, Ihe 1.1 ... ...
Vt.- ,i - "rc Ine Plations
"fen the parties:
auks an appropriaUoB of Ihe nroo.
remnants of the tribes of Caddoes, Wa
cos, Reachies, Towcanies, ironies,
Cherokeet, and a few Seminole. To
the westward of this village, is another
settlement containing about three hun-
ureti warriors, tnese savage reiugees
have been for some months concentra
ting , t h eir whole, force jat these two
points; from which, as a common ccntxeJ
all their plans of mischief are directed
. JV V. Evn. Star.
To the President of the United Slates.
U. S. Dittriet Atltnuf' OJlcf, .
AVw rer, Vet. 6, 1838.
Sir: In the course of ray public and Dersonal
relation with Samuel Stvarlwout, Esq. former
Collector of this District, I have had no occasion
o question either his intention or ability IO ab
solve himself from all obligations lo Government
or Individual. ' ; -"
The Solicitor of the Treasurv ha oflieiallv
rsquerled me to superintend and controll the
pr.reeedings sgainsl him and hi sureties, for (be
collection, by ttislre warrant against hi person,
end the goods and chattels, lands and tenements.
of both principal and sureties.
' Inssmuch as I doubt both that the claim a.
gainst biro (Swartwout) bas been truly stated,
end thut the summary. process to obtain it has
bren constitutiunslly issued by the Solicitor of
the Treasury, I beg leave to decline any official
conneaion with it. ... Under thews drcasisuues,.
I Cannot consent to become tlis iuaUumant !
their destruction. My office of District Attorney
of the United Stales, is tberelbre hereby surren
dered to you. with the bop that you will epedi
ly direct an aecosHit to be eUled between the
Treasury Department and mvself. in order I hat
l may be absolved Irom any personal liability in
ine premise. , -
The amount of cost due to me for the unfin
ished business of theiffice I hold, will far ex
ceed that which I have recently received from
debtors ol-trie Uovernment, and will, upon a fi
nal adjustment, entirely acquit me of any indebt
edness to it. : . s : . ,
- J have the honor to be, with great respect, -.
Your", obedient servant,
Dittriet Atttrruf fur th Stutierit DUtrict
tfJVcwYQrk. .,:-;-.
sage as relates to the dedication of Mr.
Swartwout be referred to a select com
mittee of nine; and so much r its. re
lates to a modification, of the Revenue
Laws to the Commitfeonn W,,. .,..1
means, i he sobiect
umil Tuesday.
I he subject of One. W'icnn,i.
fpetod ... .
motion of Mr.-Mrrcer, referred to the
Committee on elections.
The Huuite look up for considera
tion the Resolution heretofore offered
oj air. iJromgoole, of Virginia, chanff.
mg the Rule of the House so ss to di
rect that all elections in the House bi
Representatives shall hereafter be made
vtva voce. 4
Mr. Montgomery moved the nrevi.
out question, which was sustained and
ne resolution was adopted
Nayt 85. . r .
Just as the vote wa id u, a t
sins protested against the adoption of
' "' violation ot the Xon
lion ot the U. States, which
the members of the Hum. t
b.dlot in the election of a President
the U. States.
Subsequent! r. a resol Ulinn waa ..C
fered to ameud the resolution just a
dopted, to as to render it iii'c.tiint;..n:
porale the Trui(teeaof Dayitlson Colhge.
Tjie bill then pued its second and
iiird. readings, and was ordered tube
Mr. Beall introduced a bill lo reiru-
l.l II... II (..... :. .i . . "
". T" .isuairra ill Ille O, III Krglmeiit
of N.. Carolina Militia, whicli was read
the first time and parsed. .
The bill to allow C. B. M nrria fur.
tner time lor the collection of
passed its third reatling
Sir. wiuukr iniioduced a petilion
from sundry citizen of th I w counties,
praying that a nu t of Nah b attarh,i
to Etlecomb. which w v.-.l
Teas 126,! ferret! to the Mctnbt rs from the cuun.
.Mr. M.intlay presented a claim of
v to. iiaroinstiii, ir provision and
lenainment lurmshed a C
vote by
at .- " FriJoI)ee. 7.
Mr. More Dresenled tl.- fnil,.;
reoIutin, which was read and adopted:
Whereas it hath hn 1.11..1. 1..1.1 l r
. . . . . 1...U uj 011a OI . .
in Judges of the Superior Courts of Law and urovc Academy
Equity in this Slate, in relation to the crime of and
roWierjstha itiiwr mm be ernrnilteirbnlhe
pubhe highway before the charge can be au.
Mined under the existing laww
.u T"l',fr' 'find. That the Committee on
th instructed to inquire into the
expediency or amending the la is-in relation lo
Wis matter? and thai the, nwt by m of olh.
erwtse, .
.Mr. Spruill presented tho foUowinir
resolotwn, was read and Idopt-
utniiahtf .r
iiininorseiiien who were after
Uobbers i lid Tories in 1779, which was
read and reter, ed to the Co umittee on
The engrossed bill curfcerning the
Court of PI as and Quarter Sei(ms 0f
Iredell county passed its second and
third reading, and wa ordered to be
The following bills passed thcirthird
readings and were ordered to be en
grosed :
The hill , to enend tTie time for par
ing ill Entry money; . , .
The bill tO .llCO'llOrafw Pl.aa.n,
u I erquunons counij ;
The bill to
Couk & children.
emancipate Ciroiine
Saturday, December 8. '
Mr. Myers, the Senator elect for
the county-of Anson, appeared and
look his seat. .
Mr. Baker nrrtentoil a rsuLiiin
aumonsing tha Secrrtar'
flris41tT1,-Ja.r..-!.: : . .. . --g Secrrtarr of 'State to
nd He Liter. Ku7-7Z'7!.r; r"!Mn '"u g""'t t Thos. AVindler. Shad.
- " -esu W inUUIff sfl.- 1 ...
S la J I tCT II . II list tt Ilia I aitat II...., I
CONGRESS assembled on MonsUy, the
3rd instant.-Nothing- of general interest wa
transacted on -the first day, except the elec
tion of cleric of the House of lirnrcseiitative.
to supply the place of Mr franklin, deceased
1 he -candidates were Ewd. Livineston. of
New York 1 II. St Clair Clarke, oi Ihe district
ol Columbia! Hugh A. Uarland, -of Virginia;
samuei bciiock, ot feniisylvaiua; Henry Uuch
Itr, ofl'ennsylvania; John Big-ler, of Uhio:
Iteuuen M. Whitnev.lJ Ci Arnold NaodaJn.
of, Delewsre; James II. Birch, of Missouri.
On the third trial, Mr. .Garland wa elected,
by the aid of the Conservatives from Virginia.
The vote stood, for Garland 106, Ciarke 104,
all others withdrawn. The North Carolina
FroWtbe Athen.(Tenn.)Courisr, Nov. 13.f'cHTOoo asonows, rortlarae.
v c.,.r,.v;. . iMraars. DeFerrTteTtchesvA II. . Sheppard.
di.vivu biicu At liAOl. ffnly.arl William. For Garland, Mcsra.
We undrrstanil that a parly of four jBjpnum, Connor, Hawkins, M.Kay, Montgom-
regulars were conducting twelve indi- iery Sswyer, C8heptxk
ansfrom "North Carolina, who about I On Tuesday ibe 4th. Mr. Ailam preteHteil,
t n laat ,n,.a.r.. ,tle .""rae f Lal)ttc..
......v .. .v........- copy ol the memoirs and writing-ol Hint 4-
led attack upon their guard killed lustrious man. to be deoosited in the l.brarv
and scalped two of the regu'a'rs, and of Congress) and a rcsulution of thanks tor
wounded a third dangerously, and then preent, which was adopted. Mr. Adams
made 'their escape. Gen. Scott ha ." withdraw from the filesthe res
, .1 1 . . 1 r. r .l olutions and papers presented session tin
turned Ihe regulars, not yet 4eft for the : ,netio!, of Tesae, but hi motion Wis
V est, upon these mountain Indians, nailed to ihe table ljfi to 61. n iit.w.e
supposetl tube several hundred in num-ioffered a serica of resolution which have
ber, and lias also railed for a Company Pr"doced some ensation, touching the re
nt vii lingers lor the same pi vipp A incicn
into theepWencyofeslahlisIdna-melWIai 1? Green,
system of public schools in thi State:1 , At ihe '0'' Buchanan, Henrr Jleuslev. Re
firat Coun 1 w '-.., i.!.t. . 1 . . , . r..A.i y
v.u.. aiucn msj nappen in earn v.itta.
and everw i. .l .... - 1 .
motion of Mr. Taylor,
W, That ihe Judiciary c
school aistrict. The Court, shall
or m
overnor. and
ascertain at what lime It will be agree
able fo him to appear before he two
Houses and take ihenecessarv Oaths of
Office.'- K
On moiioti of Mr. Blalork. the Com
ntittt e on the Jediriary were ioMrucled
to inquire into the expuliener of lut titer
legislating so as to pro id,-'for ihe tr
cut ity of the 'riglusand privltege of the
citizens of thi Slate against ueapa-st-a
and aggesions c. mnmtrtl tr the cit
izens of other States or by Indians
within this State. . "
Receivetl from his Excellency the
Governor a ineksaie recommending the
consolidation of the two Boards direc
ting thifcLiterary and Internal Improve
ment funds or ihe Ste, aid loinnu
nuaiingaNo the Reiort of the Piei
tlvnt a'id Dirrct-na ol the Internid Im
provement Uoard. 4ogeiher with suiidrr
documents i om.rcl d iherrwitfi viliirh
was transmitted to the Senate, with a
proposition that the nimsg of the
Governor ami the Report of the Board
be printed. Subs' quriitly.llir pi fft osiiiou
of the Senste to refi-r these uai.ets to
the Committee on Education aud the
Literary Fund wasromurred in.
The bit! to eman. ipaie - Emeline,
wife of Henrr I. Patterson, was read
the s;cond time and rejected,
Mokdoy, Dec. 10. .
Mr. Edwards, frori the Judiciary
Committee, to whom the subject was
referred, reported a bill to amend an
act concerning quarantine and to pre
vent the introduction aml communica
tion ol contagious diseases which pass
ed its first reading.
Mr. Clu rry, from the same commit
tee, reported a bill to amend an act con
cerning idiots ai'd lunatics,. (ot to
include all persons who are deaf and
dumb, and.jhereby incapable of mana
gins ineirjwvn property, which pahscd
-..7 fcniy in trie Stale, after the 1st day
ef January. 1840. ii . h .. 1 1 k. .1.. .i .. .
Couru to law r .1" ,. ."" m ",u . ' nl Ihe Judiciary committee b.
instructed to lirmg m e. bill to sunpres the
to vnt. for member, of -be uZ? aanie co,,,n,,t(Co were instructeQ lo i.
. JrilHwie. The votes shall be 1u,re.. .,,,fo" "-Jfxpediencr of a-
-sen 001 or no school." It .k. 11 1 ii.i 111 end ui"- ilin In'wJ .i..:... 1.
u lihlllTr f "' reiurn. of .aid .frctior. and toll bridges, soot to more effertu-
hoolih; Court h.ll ppi, fi,, discreet " po"lon u' " cumn.un.ty are
perwn. a, . school committee. The said com- P1114-''1 cross loll free, &c.
mitie .bllftaura school house, and sgres 1,,e engrossed bill to lay offamltes-
upon the Waires ol the teacher. Th. ..i.l tablish a cnmiv l. il... ...... ..r 11 ... -
th.'dU.He't" ?rn.i'" lB,"', "i P0" of ,lerso-n' P8S8e,J i,lt 'l reTdlng, autl
uidiirict, to one half the .mount of the, ,um was ordered to b eitr..lld -necessary
to p.. ihe teacher and th e..rt .k.o .. UX.reU tu Ue enrolled. -
ernry ,h .am. to the Public Trewure,. who' ... W'8? W ex
hall p.y ih other half out of any money. in emPl lhe "geund infirm torn being
..- a,r.aury oaiooging to the Literary Food. u'peeii io serve in hre companies,
...?Very I"t"'ct whe,e bv ,b""". the school antl upon guards, in anv ol the. iucor-
Mr. Moor hrasnniuii )i. e Mr' Morehead a bill to locorpnrate Ihe
Mr. Mnr- .1... 11 " I . 1 . . I'idille a bill to compel owner of
- ws a, tan svsf it sriti-iiir-is raw Bin i ti . 1 ..- t .
Nlr. Holt, Trom the commileeon pri
vate bills, reported (he bill for the bet
ter regulation of ihe town o Greenville,
with sundry amendment, which were
adopted, and the bill passed il second
reading. ..
Mr. Dockery, from the ccrontiUfe
on ttiilitary affatri. in wUmo. tli Swjett
was referred, rejooried a bill to ameud
Ihe. iwliilawsj'ir iliis Stale, w liitli
pn's'sed u first reading. Requires cap-
miii iu inusicr uicir cumpauies once in
inree inniitii.j . ,
Mr. Shepard's reofution relative lo
he establishment of three' banks, waf
taken up for consideration; when Mr.
S. advocated the irir asu-re, fn an able
speech of considerable - length; after
which, on hit motion, the trsulutioii
s-twdereoHolie on the lable-
which was adopted instructing ihe" bills were re
J.ttee on the Judic.ary to inquire i The enro
sojLsiiil O'Connel preparatory to an impeach
menf of MrrS. They ware. I,id on tlte table
On Wednesday, the 5ll, in the Senate Mr.
Utichanan, introduced a bill fur the reduction
and gradoation of the price of public lauds,
which was read and ordered to a . sccoi.d rea-
.lil.fl. I., it.. II .. al I.L ..
W.i i i ... ; !: I,. "'"S- m nuinc, tuc ucaui ui aa c acts,
e think, however, It Will be dlllxult Patterson and Uruyn, of N Y. was announced;
Lpart of this force has already marched
to the mountains, antl the remainder
will set tiff as soon 'as possible. -Gen.
Scott hs determined on a summary.
course, with these stTlfglilintr refuttees,.
uon, winch
com mi
mm me propriety of erect mn- ,in nr
more lunatic asylums in this State.
I be resolution in favor of Jesse Moore
and others, was rejected.
7 he .following engrossed bills ptwsed
the third reading, and were ordered to
be enrolled: The bill to .establish a
toll bridge ,ver (nc gl)ll(, Vatlkin riv
er; the bill to circumscribe Ihe corno-
.... .aiii vaiiu certain surveys
made by the deputy surveyor of Hay
wood county.
.On motion of Mr. Buniinn-,
Htitlved. That the
to find them.
Tittilovernor; rJlTeitage..
umenf, so anxtouslr looked
importance '
Thit doc
for, onlr
came to hand yesterday mncning, Itav-
aml no other business of
tiansacted. -
On Thursday the 8th, in the Senate, but
little was .done except the appointing of
standing committers- In the House, Mr,
A'latns presented a bill to Dreveltt dilcHimr
in the' district of Colombia, which was refer-
ing, owing to it extreme length, only
been published at Raleigh on Monday, ted to a select committee to consist of nine
We hare inserted auch portion of it at" mtmber- A. also jntrodnced resolutions
the limited time would permit, in this cj"el,cd,ln of severe reprehension of
dav's naDef and intend trt Usue the fV-e-Sieve.nwn in hi contro.
iay s paper, an l intent! to issue the .,., witl, o'Connell, and callington the
romn tnli in tha at-n I VIi a law . - r ' a .
:v"'" T.I IW ;, rresiueni tor any commumcatloii he, may
in a Supptttnent. " , . have received from Mr. . oa the subject, vd
As to tlTf citaratler "of the Message, t0 '"form the House whether any call ha
the hastv glance which only we have jy.wm on Mr. s. to explain or
Ui time ,of,ve to it. satisfies us with 'SXZS&SfS'SS.
Ihe lialegth Register, that it is well en- ltuth Houses adjourned to Monday.
mien -o excite a greater . sensation in the Senate, on Monday Dec. 10,
iii.u any inner oi a similar character inetr was nothing done of eeneral in
wittiiii .oor recollcctiow." For origin- terest. In the House. the Speaker an
i, -isuiw, , anaiesmao-iiKrccomMien- Tiounced the Standing Committees of nas nevetaieen excelled, He-the Session: there is hut essential raria
qualled; whilst its jar aadaSatriotic tion in thenf from the last year.
tVSsBBBaaT ' a.
I '
"I - "ssal
riarv ha inalniMi..! ... : . :.
.j , ,4u,re ,nu) eipedien-
cy of so amending ihe revenue law as lo legalize
the sasessment msde by the a... ..,i..,-.i
t Ihe first Counly Court sflor the month of
r eoru.ry, ,838; and that ihey authorise Ihe
sheriusin those, where persons Bse
in Ibeir land in 1837 without any valuation be-
aiiuMwu inerstD, to collect Ihe taxes on th
same by the asseesmer.l made in JJ38; and thai
they repdrt by bill or ptaerwiae.iO
MrMheridge presenteihfne petition
Al maeaM.!. . t are '
... ,,v viiisvrns n uurrituck, nraytng
snact to prevent citizens of Virginia
from driving their stock into this State
for thi purpose of grazing, 3tc. Refer
red. . : , ,
tneiMH to authorise the Justices of
me uounir Court of Perquimons vto
purchase the bridge across Perquimont
as, .a. a. a. aa. aa. . I A I . S . - 1
iverr i;".ine resolution in Tavor or B.
B. Smith, were read the third time,
passed,, and ordered to be engrossed.
- On motion of Mr. M'Diarnrid, a res
olution, was adopted instrucling the jn
diciarr committee Id inquire into the
expediency oi o amending thejajr re
construct draws.
ad and referred.
rossetl hill from the S.wi .1.
,to lay oirnJ establish a county by (he
I n.M- ..f ........ l J
......v ... uiainj, ,ia icau toe lit It
time ami pissed.
T e Senate proceeded to consider
the bill to incorporate the Lexington
Manufacturing Company which was
read the Second time, when Mr. Ried
asked to withdraw a former amend-
menr, and submtute in lieu therenf
owin2: Mhat the sTdckhold.
said comnanr shall be llal.U
j - ,
capacity, for all
'Ilie bill to 'ay, oflT and establish a
county by the name of Jefferson, vat
rejected, 25 to 21. ; . '
Mr. Guthrie, from the committee on
Private Uills, to whom the subject was
referred, reported a liill to suthorite'
Jesse T. Walton and Georere S. Wal-
ton to construct a mill dam across the.
Cataba river; which passed Us first
reading. .
Mr. Siler introduced a bill t Im
prove a part tf the State road leading
rrom tne town ot Fratlklm, in Macon
county, across the Naiilahaly and yal
ley river mountain to the new tovAi
ers in
in (heir individual
debts contracted bv uaid
which was decided in the
specting runaway alavet. that any male
slave who shall al.sent himself as a run-
yeasx. "J The ainen.iment
was advocated by Messra. Reid. Coop
er and. E.I wards, and opposed br
Messrs. Taylor, Shepard. Speed and
Holt. , The bill passed its tecond read-
i i o Use o fcom mnsf
Daniel McNeill, tlie member elect to
supply the racsncy occasioned by ihe
restgnafion of A , .McNeif ,)f
;ioore county, appeared, was qualified,
and took his teat.
Mr Wilton-- presenfed a bill to ap
poiut Commissioners for the Town of
Hertlord. .which passed its first resiling.
Ihe bill to establish a newcoumv by
the name i.fClerelantl passed its second
reading -Yeas;5r, Nays 56.
Mr. Patton intiotluccd a Resolution
in favor of Cbas. Lminton, which was
referred to the Committee on Cherokee
Lands. V. ;
Mr. BriMaM tiresenteit A netilinn
e . -T ------ -
irom a nnrtion of the oIHcers of a Com
PP"7 fLlj&l Infantry attached to the
,84vkntWTnnt of Mil i tin. nravinrr nn
Lt nf iiirikfnieatii.n n.laia...d a., a I
fway lor months, thalbe cojxa-cominittee on Military Auairt.
ante called Murphy. Read the first
time antl referred.
. O t motion WMr, Gulhrie,
Ifeanlvedj That ihe cwininillee oa Pieposilioet
and Oirianees be instructed to inquiie n.t Ilia
evpedienry of repealing so Oiuch ot iia
now au Uwi.e, llie l.trtiling n additional leiaws
l the S ioerhir Cotiit, in sny ol Ihe sounltrs
herein Jurj saivs hate bw-o abwllslicd Iu iho
Count) Com I. -
On mntion of Mr. R'id,-
l(es.dvi, TliRs ihsenroniilteeon Propositions
n Uncvanees be inatrueteil Irt hiquir. ina n,.
eiliency ol asUHing to lb. Coomy Cnurts
the trial by Jin, where 1U ssm. bas been abol
islied. .
Mr. Hill called up for consideration
the resolutions heretofore submitted br
him relatiuz to the disnosiiion of ti.1
public land of the General GovrTni
men?. Mr. Card well moved to amend 1
by striking out and inserting those sub
mitted him on the 5ih instant.1 After '
some discussion, on motion of Mr. '
Rarner, llie resolutions were ordered '
to lie on the table. , . :
I'he engrossed bill to alter the mod
nf e'ecling constables in Martin conn. '
ty, passed its third antHast readior,
and was ordered to be enrolled.
On. motion of Mr. Crawford,
llesolseil. Thai lb anmmittes on the J.nTeNs
ry be intlruslrd le Inqesre into rhe espedlesasr -of
s sraending ihe baalardy law . 14 denriva
Ihe mnther rtl the benellt nf lha ail... . '
rtyinsde, rad ef placing said land in th. band. '
ui im.icra nir inw oenrni m ma elillit,
The engrossed bill c nipellipg poll- '
keepers at elections for members of
Assembly to open lb pollt at : 10 and -keep
them opm until $ o'clock, wit
postpoiried Indefinitely. .
Tuttdap. JOes, II,
I he engrotted mil to authorise Rob
ert Walker, of Wilket, to build a mill ,
on Roaring river, wss irad the third .
finae, passed, and ordered to . be en
rolled. , . " " "i . -
Mr. Dockery. from the committee

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