North Carolina Newspapers

i ,f ui adeerarly io tUc
. oiuoe. Concurred in. .
...n of Mr, Carson, a mei.
v trot te the ComusonS propoe
in u raise a Joint select committee to
to irtnuire into the failures of sheriffs
who have not dulv made rem rot of
vote far Governor.
, On rautHM "pf Mr. Shepard, the
eomroitee the Judiciary were tn
Itrected t inquire into the eipediency
of Wawnding the law en the subject so
as to aethortse a slieriB to maae a
deed for properly sold by a predeces
sor, when the predecessor neglected
that dotji and so to amend the li in
rtlatioo to the sale of the real estate
of deceased persons. . that ' when the
personal property ia not sufficient to
disfbaree the debts, a sufficiency of
the real estate for that purpose may be
sold without such at accumulation of
cost as bow (lists.
On motion of Mr. Holder, the committee-on
Finance were instructed to
inquire into the eipediency of tlutrili
aiiog among the several counties,, the
wnespendd balance' of surplus fflrw on
hand, and slto the 4th instalment,
should it be received, in sid of the
county funds, or to be loaned out bv
them, and the interest nly to consti
tute a portion of such funds.
Mr. Moore, from the cotntniittee on
Propositions and Orievancet, reported
a bill to amend the inspection laws;
which passed its first reading. Mr.
Moure also presented a a bill to com
pel the j-tilor of Stokes county to live
in that iiil. and fur -other nurnoses.
j , r r
Bead Hi first time and passed.
The bill to incorporate the Ling
ton Manufacturing Company was ta
ken up. Mr. Edwards moved an a
mendinent, making the persons com
posing the company, on its dissolution
individually liable for its debts to the
eitent of their respective share. Mr.
Shepard moved to amend the amend,
ment. by striking out all except the
enacting clause, and inserting a pro
vision, constituting the '''sectors at the
time of the dissolution of the corpora
tion, trustees to kettle its concerns,
pay th debts, sad da id e the surplus
which was negatived. The question
then recurring m the amendment of
Mr. was decided ia the
affirmative, and the bill ordered to lie
n the table.
The bill to establish the county of
M'i) well was reiected.55 lo JU
A bill was presented to authorise the
receipt at the Treasury, of South Ca
rolina and Virginia notes. '
Wtilnttday, Dee, 12.
The Speaker announced the following
committeett Messrs. Cherry and Hen-
Kare added to the committee on the
irrency and Bunks as Depositories.
aleeere, Davidson anu Kerr lorm the
committee te wait on the Governor,
and ascertain at what time it will suit
his conveience to take the oaths of of
, lice. Messrs. Shepard ..Ed wards. More
head, Kiumand Myers, on the Louis
iana Resolutions.
Mr. Jones, from , the committee on
Finance to whom was referred the res
olution relative to distributing among
the several countica of the State the
unexpended balance of the surplus now
on hand, reported adversely thereto.
Concurred 4d. '-
The bill to compel owners of bridg
es to construct draws, wst read the
second time, amended and pasted.
Mr. Cooper presented a resolution
to adjourn en the 2ud instant, which
was ordered to lie on the table.
Mr. Exum presented a hill allowing
compensation to the wardens of the
poore in the county of Wayne) which
waa read and referred.
The bill to establish a county by
the name AfSUnty, was -rejected 24
to 23. -
On motion of Mr. Cherry,
KeeJxed, tint the emmrartte on Public
Printing be Ufatrocled to inquire whether any,
nd if any whit mod can be adopted for expe
diting the printing for the Legislators.
- Mr. Dockery presented a resolution
ia favor of Matthew Waddell.Rrfered.
The proposition of the Senate to
raise a foiai aoinmittee to inquire in
to the failures of Sheriff in making
paltirn. nf ajiktava (aw lnvernnr waa
concurred in, and Messrs. I. P. Cald
well. O. Thpmss and Whitaker, wete
appointed committee.
Mr, Ried presented a bill to incor
porate the Photnix Wool Manufactur
ing Compaq, of Fayeltevillev Re
Mr. Otwlord submitted a resolu
tion instructing the committee an Fi
, naace?te inquire into the eipediency
of enacting a law imposing a tac on ev
ery hundred dollars leaned at interest,
equal to the fas en so much real estate;
which 'waa rejected.
The bill to establish a coaaty by the
name of Cleveland, passed its third
reading 36 to 5.V
Osv motion of Mr. Gilliam, the cow
mittee en the Judiciary were instruct
ed to inquire into the eipediency, of
increasing Hht compensation ef Clerks
for snaking out transcripts of record.
Mr. Pattttn introduced a bill to em
power the County Courts f Buncombe
to draw Jurors for each w-ek of the
Superior Court of said county. Re
Mr. Rand introduced a bill to emsn
cipateTom, the property of Chee.
Devrer. Read first time.
- Received from the Governor, by his
nrivatc 8ecrttsry, a communication
' transmitting letter from the Becrtta-
ry at warfHm the subject oi ceaiog u
the United States the Jurisdiction ot the
. . ..... ..J-:..-i&
scite 6-i which the arsenal is now being
erected ia Fayetleville. Relerred.
I he engrossed bill to araeuu an act.
passed in 1821. incorporate the
Roanoke Inlet Corjfpanv and the en-
grossettsbill to authorise tne uouniy
Court ofPerquimons to purchase the
bridge across Perquimont river, passed
their third reading, and were ordered
to be enrolled.
'v 'fhurtday, Dtt. IS.
On motion of Mr. Soruill. a rvsotff;
lion wss adopted, -instructing the com.
mittee on the Judiciary to inquire into
the eipedienry of making it ItUny to
steal mulberry trees, or their branches
growing in orchards.
On niotion of Mr. Morehead, the
committeun Agriculture were instruct
ed to inquire into the expediency of
encouraging the culture of silk in this
State, by suitable 'premiums-
Mr. Mnrehead presented a resolution
directing the Public Treasurer, to pay
to the trustees of the f resbyterun
church 8l00ftr repairing the. steeple
of said church the Legislature hav
ing had the use of the bell fur four Sua
sions. Read the first time and passed.
Mr. M'Diartnid presented a reso
lution, which was adopted, instructing
the committee on Claims to inquire
into the eipediency of .providing for
the payment of pension certificates in
the year the Legislature may not be iu
Mr. Reinhardt presented a resolution
authorising the Governor to procure a
house for the use of the Legislature,
provided there should be a call ses
sion; which paat its first reading.
Mr. Moore presented a bill to alter
the times of holding the Superior
Courts for the counties of Stokes and
Guilford; which past its fi st reading.
I hetil to amend an act concerning
Juarantine, and to prevent the iutro
iiction of contagious diseases; and the
bill to exempt the aeed and infirm
from being compelled to serve in fire
companies, and upon guards, passed
their third reading, ami were ordered
to be engrossed.
The engrossed bill for the better reg
ulation of the of Greenville;
.and the engrotei bill to incorporate
Junto Academy, pasted their third
reading, and were ordered to be en
rolled. " .
The resolution to adjourn on the
22nd instant was taken up. snd amend
ed by substituting 31st instant instead
of 22nd, and postponed until Thursday
Mr. Docker? presented the petition
nf many citizens of Robeson, praying
that free persons nf color be placed un
der such restrictions in buying and set
ling spiritous tiqnors, as to prevent the
t raffle. Referred. :
Mr. J. P. Caldwell, from the com
mittee on propositions and grievances,
reported unfavorably on the petitions
ol citizens of Perquimons, relative to
hauling seines; and of Poinpey Jones.
Concurred in. -1
Mr. Matthews presented the petition
of militia officers of 8toket; and M r. C.
Erwin, the petition of Thomas Dou
gUs. Referred.
Mr. Briitain presented a bill con
cerning deeds of trust. Referred.
On motion of Mr. Crawford, the
committee on the Judiciary were in
structed to inquire into the expediency
of enacting a law making provoking or
insulting language justifiable cause of
Mr. Mills introduced a bill to incor
porate the Jlutherfordton male and fe
male Academies Mr.. Patton '-4-bill
supplements! to the act establishing the
county of Henderson; and Mr. Gs-Kr
win a bill concerning land pedlars;
which were read the first time and
passed, and the last mentHned subse
quently rejected.
Friday, Dtc. 14.
Mr. Shepard, from the committee on
Internal Improvements, to v. Ik. in was
referred the memorial of the company,
reported a bill for the relief of the
Ilaleigh and Gaston Uail Road Compa
ny, froviiltt foe increasing the cap
ital stock 3500.000. ami extending the
credit of the State to the company -to
enable it to raUe that amount. 1 The
ulTPurdeied to lie upon, the table andi
be printed.
Mr. Rabun presented a bill to s
mend an net of 1855, to amend an act
of 1820, for repairing and improving
the road from Old Fort, &c to As'i
ville. &c. Mr. Moore a bill to author
ise the forming a hre engine company,
and appointing, commissioners in the
town of Bethania. These bills passed
ih-ir first reailings, and were referred.
'Die engrossed .'bill tm incormrate
tle trustees of Davidson College, was
amended, read the third time and past
ed. and tent to the Commons for con
currence. The bill to incorporate the Greens"
bora' Feuule College the bill to a
mend an act concerning idiots (una
tictf the bill te incorporate the, Lex
ington Manufacturing Company i and
the bill to compel owners of budges tu
contrurt nrawa, svere severally read
I tie mini lime, " urn incntitinetl a
mended, snl ordered to be engrossed.
PiSlt prtienled.Bj Mr. Crawford,
a bill to amend an act to establish the
Clemmonsville Academy; by Mr. W.
A. Blount, a bill to repeal tb ""I tee
tion of an act of 163:2, for the tC,H
the militia of Beau
Mr. Wilson, a bill to
fort county by
amend an act -concerning mint ana
millers; also, a Bill to prevent the haul
ing olivines, r obstructing the pas.
sage Of fish on certain days in Perqui
inous river Mr. R. Jones, a bill to pre
vent the" spreading of contageout dis
eases! and bv Mr. Crawford a bill to
attach a portion ol Bladen to Cumber- j
land county, inese oius pseu iu..
first reading,
Mr. J. T. Miller intrdduced the me -
morial of the President and Directors
of the
Hi I min "ton
Road Companv, in relation to the pay
ment of the State's last instalment, &c
Me. Lane presented a petition from
sundry ollicers snd privates of the 56th
Regiment. Referred.
On motion ot Mr. Crawford, the
committee on the Judiciary were in
structed to inquire into the expediency
of increasing the tax on pedlars.
Mr. Wilson introduced a resolution
to send a message to the Senate, pro-
Moing to adjourn sine die on the Slat
intt. ; winch was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Nye, the House
resolved to hold evening settiont from
and after Mnridav next.
Iltwltitiitui tondtmnittg the eourte ot
on' StiHttort. Mr. uiiliamlrioved that
the' resolutions, submitted bv Mr.
Rayner on the 4th rust be now taken
up. Mr. Orr moved that they lie on
the table until the 25lh inst.j which
was negatived yess 54, nays 58.. Mr.
U. W, Caldwell moved that they be
postponed until the 24th inst. This
motion was also negatived yeat 55,
najs 60. The House thereupon pro
ceeded to the consideration of the said
resolutions, in committee of the whole,
Mr.-Hill in the chair; when Mr. Ray
ner look the floor, and, in an able and
eloquent speech, advocated the resolu
tions; but before he had concluded his
remarks, gave way to a motion to ad-'
journ. -
Saturday Dec, 15
The engrossed bill to extend the time
for paying in entry money; and the en
grossed bill to appoint commissioners
fop the toWn of Hertford, were read the
third time, patted, and ordered to be
enrolled. l"
The bill to alter the time of holding
the Superior Courts for Stokes and
builford, pasted itt third resding, and
wat ordered to be engrossed.
Mr. Franklin introduced a resolu
tion in favor of Hiram Iliggint and
Solomon Perry, vbich wat read and
Mr. Davidson, from the committee
appointed to wait on the Governor, and
ascertain at what time tt would suit hut
convenience to take the oaths of office,
reported, that he would appear before
the two Houses, lor that purpose on
Saturday, the 29h Instant-
The engrossed resolutions in favor of
Thomas Winkler and others, Benjamin
HawkiiM, and respecting entries of jands
paid for snd not granted in Wilkes, were
adopted, and Ordered to be enrolled.
. Mr. Winston from the committee oo tho
Judiciary, to whom were referred the bill
respecting the maintenance ofbastard chil
dren, the resolution directing them to inquire
into the. propriety of making insulting lan
guage justification for assault- and battery;
so much of the Governor's message ss re
lates to Executive right of pardon; and the
resolution respecting trespasses snd aggres
sion by citizens of other States and Indians
made reports adverse to. any legislative ac
tion on the several subjects refdUd; .hich
were concurred in. , !;;
Mr. Hill, from the committee on Internal
Improvements, in whom wss referred the pe
tition for a rail road from Fsyettoville to
Madison, with banking privileges, reported
unfavorably thereon. Concurred in.
Bills preunttd. By Mr. Blalock, a bill ap
pointing commissioners to lay oft" a public
road from- Burnsville, in Yancy County, to
the Tennessee. line; by Mr. Uriitntn, a bill
to incorporate the Buncombe Warm $prinr
Company. B
The bill to incorporate the Cape Fear and
western steam boat company, was taken up;
& theeestrorrreciirriiiSon the amendment ta
make the property of individual stockholders
liable for all debts, was decided in the neg-
ativnyeaa 51, nays 57. I he bill was thepi
nmenura on moiion oi 4ir. Held; and Mr.
Whitaker moved further to ametid it, so as
to make individual corporator liable t
dnu'tdt! the amount of their stock. Pending
this questinn, the bill was, on motion, post
poned until Tuesday. L .
The limine thpn resolved itself into a
eommittee of the whole. Mr. Hill , in the
Chair,on Mr. Rayner' resolution; when Mr.
Rayner concluded his remaiks; and the com
mittee roue, reported progress, and ubtained
leave to sit again. -
Mmdny, Dtt. 17.
Mr. Shepard, from the committee on Inter
nal Improvements, reported Resolution di
recting the Public Treasurer to to pay to the
Roanoke Navigation Company 91000, on ac
count of deferred payment of atock; which
wn read the first tunc and passed.
Mi. Moody, from the committee no Agri
culture, reported (rin&tvie expsndieney of
encouraging the culture of silk by premiums,
Concurred in.
Mr, Allison presented aresolition, which
was adapted, instructing the Judiciary eom
mittee' to iiiqnira into the expediency of au
thorising the sominoning of 43 instead of 36
On motion ot Mr. Wilson, the Judiciary
committee were instructed to inquire into the
expediency of declaring by law. how vacan
cies shall be filled occasioned bv the reoiffna-
mm ui i. -, .-iii-riu, oic anu also ol pass
ing law ratifying the Revised Statutes as
published by the eommimioner.
On motion of Mr, Myers, th same com
mittee were Uistmcted to inouire into the ex
pediency of requiring greater publicity to be
given to conveyances iu trust for aecurio?
BilU prftidtd.-. By Mr. Wilaon.e bill to
J amend Ui lawia relation to the sale of lands
orgaoiiation of
of deceased debtors; by Mr. Morehead, a bill (
to prereot Wiiftg oo eUcUpna; by Mr. Exura,
bill making compensation to the wardens
of the poor? snd by Mr. Dockeijt, a bill to a
mend an act to esublteh a literary and tnanu
.i i.k. in.titntinn in Mr ske.. ' Thi'se bills
were read thelfirrt time and referred.
On motion of Mr. Fox, Ui commute on
the Judiciary were instructed to inquire into
the expediency of so amending the law rela-
trticleit quanuiy, &c. to beaccurau;ly
to tradtnz wiro bibc, . .v.,-..-
On motion of Mr. Carson, the Judiciary
; eommittee were instructed U inquire into the
expediency of legislating further relative to
the supply uf record of courts destroyed by
fire or otherwise.
The proposition of the Commons to sdjourn
n tha 3lt instant, was laid on the table.
The engrossed bills to emancipate Caroline
tPuJr sills hnr children: to incorporate the
Pl-unt Grove Academy; and to
incorporate the town of Morjranton, were
each read the third time, passed, sndoidered
to be enrolled.
TWrLSi'rr presented a bill to lay off
sjid establish a couptyhy the name of
Cherokee. Mr. G. W. Caldwell, a
bili to lay j4-and establish.. county
by the name of Union. Read first
time. .
Mr. Winston, from the Judiciary
Committee, reported unfavorably on
the bill authorising thePublicTreasurer
to receive South Carolina and Virginia
reonev. Mr. V. also reporteu au
verseJr to the bill empowering the
County Courts of Buncombe t draw
Juror for each week of the Superior
Court of said county. Ordered to lie
unon the table. -
The engrossed bill to incorporate the
trusted of Davidson College was or
deredtobe enrolled.
Mr. Gilliam prctented a memorial
from the President and Directors of
the Bank of Cape Fear, praying an a
roendinent. of their charter. Referred
to the select joint committee on Banks,
Mr. Hoke presented' a memorial
from the President of the South-west
ern Rail Road Bank, praying modi
fication of the charter. Jlead and laid
on the table,
The engrossed bill to compel own
ers of Bridge to construct Draws was
read the second time and - rejected.
Mr. Hill, from the joint committee
on the subject, reported that the uov
ernor would ..appear before , the two
Houses on Saturday, the 29th inst. and
take the Oath of Office as Governor.
. The House resolved itself into
committee ot the whole,. Mr. 1 1 ill in
the Chair, on the political Resolutions
introduced by Air. turner. Mr. whit
aker, of Halifax, took the floor and
spoke for about an hour in opposition to
the' Retolutions. Wlum-heconcliided,
on motion of Mr.Hfetter, thsj Com
rote, roported progress and ob
leave to t again. ,
At meeting of the Delegates 4o the
Internal Improvement Convention, held
in the Methodist Church, in the City
of Raleigh, on Monday, the 10th Dec.
1838, on motion of Col. Robert Mac
namara the Hon. Romulus M. Saun
ders was unaminnusty elected Presi
dent, and Gen. James Cook, nl the
county of Davie, and John Winslow,
of the county of Cumberland, were ap
pointed Secretaries. "
The following Delegates appeared
and took their seats a members ol the
From the County nf
.! John A McRa, Jame M Waddell,
Calvin Myera.
7. tth y r E !mund Jones, Jame M
JlHrt-tvAlexander F Gaston, W W Avery,
J J Erwin,
Bladen- Richard Gillespie, Iisae Wright,
Haync Richaidaon.
BuHctmbe Thomas L Clingman, Phillip
Britlnin, M Patton. -
Bruiuwick W R Hall, J J- Hill, John
II Hill.
Btauftrt Willi A Blaont, Joabua Tsyloa,
David C Frrcraan, John J Hawk. Henry J.
Toole, J McWilham J O K William, William
A Blount."
BertitVt XV Che?.7, George 8 Holly,
James Allen.
Ciiiarrnr Dr M M Orr, Joseph O Farr, A
J Khankle.
Cartertt James W Iryan, Bridge Arun
del. James Rumlry.
Cuiwtll N J Palmer, L A Gwinn, Jame
Kerr, Levi Walker.
Chatham l Faueett, Junstlian HaraUon,
William Albright, M QoAVaddell, J 8 Uuilirte,
laac Clrt;.
Crnvrn Col 8 8 Riddle, 8 Hjtnan, W
Wadaworih, T P Burgwin.
Cumierlaml L D Henry, E I. Winlow, E
1 Hale, John Huke, C P Mallett, E W Willk
ing, John Winlow, J W Sandf.ird, Jonathan
Evans. Dr. John McKay, Dr T N Cameron.
Col A Murcbiaon.
Jtrtvi Jin J W Thomas, Joseph 8purzin
William Harris
Davie Gen James Cook.
Car K K 8pred, Whilmel Stallinga.""
Granville Dr. John R Herudon, Dr J T
Gilliam, James ConpoafH G Pittard, Samuel S
Downey, J'T Downey.
(inilftrd Dr John A Foulke. Andrew
I.indny, Eli 8miih, Jsmea Brannork, M Mc
Lean, J H Limlray,' Abram Clapp.
lrrtfirj Kenneth R.ynrr, Jamea Crimea.
Hyte Riley Murray, H W Uibba. Tilman
yA,n Aably Sandera. John Atkinaon,
Jame T Irf-arh, Joih O WaUon.
tie William Huirs.iua.
Zmir-Un (J Waabington. tlenry F
Bond, Jama B WbillieU, Jam.-a W Ooxe.
.Wontffmei yVr John H Monlgomery,
Tboma Pemhertoo, William Harris, Edward
McCalluro. ; -': ' .
-Vir William Murchison. ; "
.Vfw u,wrr L H Marateller. Jeremiah
Llppiii, W H Haywood, jr. A J Da. Roaaet
Tboa II Wrieht A A Brown, C Hill.
Omttf Hugh MeXjoeen, James Norwood.
Vr.ii JoUn Barrwl, Bjamin 8umner.
HamMph Jmm Walker, Jonathan Worth,
BenjSwaim, J E Loach, Geo Hooer, J M A
Drake, JesM Harper, Jonathan Reddine. Zelwi
de Ruah, W B Lane.
Hrman Col Robert Macnamara, Dr Plea-
ajt Henderson, J-M hiv.
parte C K Wheeler, Dr, B Austin, .
Care. ...
Jltckingham-Cot P Scales.
JlmhtrtrdW EMilU,J -H Bedford, W
J T Mdter. - - -.
Tjrrrlll O Ppruill.
N ale William Boylan, W R Gale; Geo
E BaJger, Alfred Jooea, K M Baunders, Willi
fYhitalier, John W Harris, James B Hliepar.l,
Thorn Luring. Tboma J Ueinay, John H
Bryan, C F M tiarnet, Johnson Uusbc, Allen
Roger, nicbard Smith.
Uaihtngtvit lid U Goylhec; John D
Bennet, Jehu B Chtoo, Taylnf H Walker,
rf'uyne Willi Hall, Jame Griswold, Dr. 8
A Andrews, A BTmlen. John W Baer, Joseph
8well Jones, Geo 1) Driscole.
On motion of Mr. Clingman, Major
William Gibbs McNeill, and his assist
ant engineer. Mr. J. It Dickerson,
were unaniinnuoly invited to take nVts
at members of the Convention.
On motion ol Mr. Cherry. Gen. Jar.
Owen, President ol the Wilmington $
Halifax Rail Ruad; and, on motion ol
Mr. Burrwin. Hon. W. B. Shepard;
and. on motion of Mr. J. Seawell Jones,
Dr. J. W. Hawkins, were invited to
take seats a members of the Conven
tion.---.- - ?i - - v'
On motion of Mr. Henry, a
tee. denominated the General Commit
tee. consisting of 13 Delegates, one
from each Congressional District, were
appointed by the Chair. The Presi
'dent appointeu me -loiiowmg ueiegaies
B u vt insiow, ur, J n nawaina, ur m m
Orr, Taylor H Walker, Gen' Edmund J one.
i homa I. Chngnwo. wol Koberl Macnamara,
Jeremiah Lh.pelt, Dr' J A Foulkem, Hon John
H Bryan. Hon W B Shepard, Georg Hollcy,
ne W bryan.
The following resolution was offered
by Mr. McRe, and adopted: , ,v '
pointed to prepare and report rule of order for
th government of thi Convention.
The following I)ele?atet comnose
o r
the Committee: v., .; -
John A McRaa, Muah McQueen,, Thoma L
Clingman, F C Hill, and Dr' Andrews.
Ot) motion ol Mr. Palmer, the pro
ceedings of a meeting ot the citiz'-nt of
Caswell and Person countiet in regard
to a liberal system of Internal Improve
ment, ami to the improvement ot the
Dan and Ranok"e rivers were "read;
and, on niotion of Mr. Clingman, re
ferred to the General Committee.
On motion of Mr. Jantet Shepard',
Mr. Herron. assistant engineer on the
Raleigh and Gaston Road and, on mo
tinn of Mr. Jo. Seawell Jones, Col
joyner, were invitea to take seats in
this Convention. , ( "
On mition,Jhe Convention adjourn
ed until I hw'cliKlTiMT-Tuesdsy; -
Tuttday, Dir.
ITie Convention met
The following Delegates appeared
ami took their seats. -Edwin
G Read and William Beard, of Per.
on; TWnaa H. Willi, and Kuaaal KingabuTy,
of Granville; John H. Haughlon, RoU Ktntlh,
and Benj Houxe, f Chaihani;' and Dr John
McKay, of Cumberland. .
Mr. Mcltae, from the committee of
five, to draft rules for the government
pi the Convention, made a report,
which was amended, on motion nf Mr.
Gaston, by adding thereto the follow
ing resolution, and adopted:
' BettlveJ, That each county represented in
thia Convention be entitled to aa many vote aa
they are entitled to members in li.e Houae nf
Commnns provided that each county ahall be
entitled in onvot.
The following resolution was offered
by Dr. Ilerndun, and. on his motion,
referred to the General Committee:
Wherra w Iteliav it to b nl ,ilal imuorl.
anc to the Stat of North. Carolina to Uke Jtoue
thVinl mnum la. (irfu u.J i..l.,. .ijiL.. -J
- -. .ikdhi.i. iw r.f-
tarpriae of her rilin ao aa la enable th'm to
attain that degrae of wealth snd prosperity at
home, inwareb of which they are m rom
petled to emigrate to the new Stau,., a:i where,
aa, we slncervly believe that nothing will ron
tribute more to aecura that edjert than judi
cious system of Internal Improvement: Tuere-fore-
ReiQhett tat. That we deem it eonijlent
with juatire an J food poli, that proper aid
should be estended fir.t I . ihoe woiknow In
progren, by giving- the credit of the Hiale to the
Rileigh 'and Gaon Rail Road Company f.r
5500,000, on t uch e. nditions snd under eurh re
atrictiona a Ihs Ifji-lalure may, in iheir wi
dom deem beat and by-raneina to the Ra
leigh A Wilmington Ril Uoa.l Company lb
ina'almrriia due by the State, it'i.,ut waiting
for Ihe payment of thoae.due by individual.
lletolvetl S. That we belii ve it be highly
ipedieui.and rexsctfiilly recomtnend
it loth General Aaaemlily, to take on the p.rl
of the Stat three fnurtlia ofllie atm k in llie
Rail Road from Fayetteville Wptl-und HvO-tiUiia
of the atock iii the Italeigh and Columbia Rail
Mr. n.nnrt nfTered the f.llowin.r
resolutio-is, which were referred to the
committee of thirteen'
Whereas, an important crii Iu, arrived in
Ihe affair, of tlu Stale, in which every enhgot
ened qi.izen should feci a deep and lively inter
eal; and lirea, in Ihe opinion of tliia -.iinen
tiooa&the hitherto aertional jealoui,., e,iatinK j,,
our Legislative council have prevented life c ..
operation of the member thereof in woika of
Internal Improvement within the limit, of our
Slate; ami whereas, we believe that such a feel
mg i, only emulated to ret.v.l nr pro.iiM-ritv
and taruiah the honor of our State: i; a there
for Re.oM 1.1. That our LegiaUtive Imdie,
should rega uMj the mtcre.'i. of the St. a(
large lay aide forever Ihe feeling of entire ec.
tioiial intereat, a, tending to fru.trate in their
delilH-raiiona every arhema proposed for the mi.
vanccment, proaperity and enlightenment of the
people, j,
e,rerf 2, hnt muglhe ,
meieement in M,nm f., hnprovemrnf, thoi
works which wifl enure miwt to the benefit of
the Stale at large ahould be firal undertaken.
Roiolved 3d. - Convention do re-
mnieno, among other woika of Internal lui.
provement in which the Slate vhould uke a
sealoua tntereat, the opening of.Nsg.heaJ Iu
let, at the foot of Albemarle Wound.
Revived 4th. Tbattnihe opinion of thia
CenventionttreriTpening of aai.l Inlet, when
tnmytum he a great nourre of revenue to
an WhS ahould embark capUal in the entejrie,
we therefore reeommend it to the ronnideration
of the General Aaacmblv, aa.iTwork in which
th rund. ofth3ute nia,y Us jTraVaUy-iitvee't-
Resolved 5th. That ojr Legidaturs miU,ia
may consider ' w.
ouglit not to bs rrgtfue
concern, snd assist in iu compter
mi i i . : N,
iir. vruiniei, unerea th.
resolution, which, on his moth
referred to the committee of iS.iJ
Resolved. That tl General CJ:",,:
uir into th ipdinry of reeotnnw-Jf
ilia LeginlatoriB th pi.inf of an aclta''
truet Ra'd Road from soma' .. -
U-.l ..i !- I- . ,z r ..,w"tt
the Wilmiogton snd Raleigh Rail ZT k
SSVlSSSlal;. lei S;.I WAaaal l .
But; " 1
Mr. I.lppet offered the
resolution,, which, nn mot'mn of tt
llarwootl, was laid on the tl0t:
ReaolveJ. That a memorial be preaw!
presented to the Legislature adting rJJ
ag of a' law establishing limited ea-f-.'
tJ'ips. ' ' . -,...,n
Dr. Andrews oflered the fullovL
resolution, which wss referred te ik!
committee of thirteen:
Raaolve.l, That this convention rewnLi
the at'eolioii of the general eommiilestoRM
peiKenoy of tiWi.g-Rail IWfrn. fw.?
mfngtrm amt-R sleigh Rail Road t nUj.
Rtleigh over th rout surveyed by th
States Engineer in 1 834,' nd recommend
to the General Assembly for lb patroaaj!)
the Slat. ; .
Mr. Scales offered t-te followint it.
solutions, which were referred tu tU
committee of thirteen: -Whereas
the present conditio
Carolina imperimisly denvamli' t,L
scheme of internal improvetnent iilioy J1
dopteit that would tend to the reucral
' " ojaiv;- ana wiitm,
larfe portion of this State i repreatiKoi
this Convention: . 't'Dercfore ' '
n. to'vetl. That this Convention ree.,
to the conaideratinn of the legislature thee.
peuiency oi incorporating a ran h)H
Hemlrraon Depot, or such other point ea tU
Huleigh and Gaston 'Rail Road as lte;y ia W
wisdom may deem most eioedieut, ta Mr
point on the Charleston and Lmiiivill. j
Itoao in me sraiin-wratem pan Of bit Jt,u
Ketolved, That the committee be ktrw
to intpiire Mito the expediency of ntcrtiW u
saitl incorporatioii banking privilegea, .
Mr M'Queen offered the futlowiog
resniuiiun, won ii wn reicrrcu ts Ua
commitiec ot thirteen: ?
Resolved. That in providing faciiet y
the commercial relief of the people of jd'j
State, it i expedient to eenctnict a rail fcaj
leading Imin tlis extreme western cosat'.
by the way of r'ayeiteville, to Beautiitt. -
Mr .each offered the folio wit.g rtanliil'ioa,
which wss referred to the committee of Ike
teeij ' - .
Resolved, That the Convention reeAmma
to the LeRialature a central rail road. n.
jUC'Cmg at Beaufort, mnnine; wa lo Riltfi,
nci I iCHce a (fnou rurnpiae roau eantktuf
wrstwsnl, to intersect the Cincinnati tat
Charleaton sosd. .
Mr. Hurgwin otT. red the following reeV
t oo, rnluch a relerred to ' Ip
mittee of thirteen- v
Whereas this Convention deem that tkesV
cihtie sfl'onled for. the cheap and tafetraa
portaiioK of prsduee snd merchsndiw tos
one section of a country In another, arrtana;
the sorest ami most durable source a na
tion 'a prosperity! and as it is KMdverullr rat.
ceded ihit these f:K:ilitiesftreoilerediiisM
.!K.a -1 K ... ' ft .
c.n.ocm urirrre ny a tree Water Mnplios,
De it therefore reantverl, TJut tlu, (few
venlion do respeclfully recnmiSead k) tar
LegtsJaMire to appropriate $Jj0O0 farlhtpr.
per suti tnoroiigii survey of the htm 4
rem nvern. i ne lirey m eacn ( tfr
mence at iheir confliieree a..d termifniinr
Smithhcld on the Neuae, and Trentos aatla)
Trent t and that thii convention de
mend lit the said honorable bodr, t inpr.
priuie the auin ol'ISO.OUO from Ihefaaikaf
Ihe State, for th purpoae of carrying iatsd.
feci s .cil measures a the Ui'meettmp't A
tnsnrtey these rivers may adviae fteresiav
ing nil? obatruclioes in these mers, snd on.
erwi-e rendnrioa;' them navlguble fnr tnm
b..a'a of three and four feet draught of stir)
thrmiriimit the year, ' - t ?
Mr., Avery ollVred the follovriB'rM
olutiort, which was refeired tofliecosi
iniMce of thirteen: I
Kenolved, That the General CemmhteJ W
instructed to Inquire into th expediency sfta.
tructing a Kail Road from Raleigh I inUw
,l!i toisille and Cincinnsli Road st iksw
eligible point, -" . :
Mr. Murchison offered the loilowin;
resulutinn, which, on his motion, wn
referred to the C'tnmitfee of thirteen:
Resoled. Thit the Convention reeJaii
the revival of tha charter of lb R-iteigb sal
FayetievHIe Rait R.d Company, snd
cription on llie part of the Stat etJ4ul
the eapiialstm-k of Ihe aame. . ' J '
On motinrtth'e Convention sdjmirBM
until to-morrow ten o'clock.. .
thdnetitog, Ike, ttJ-J
invention met arcorain w
jutirnment. The following Delegates
app-nretl and took their seats: .
Patrick Ilnmiltnn of Grartvilht Ccorf W
'o'lier....TnrrT Ueclon, John A (J.-srs.
I) Kveiitt, of Wyiw, nd tl V-ii
Johnston. . ,
On motion of Mr. Clingn". '"J
enmtjiitt ee of thirteeif were ilista"?
from the further consideration. if l"
pi'orei'dings of a meeting of the ctlnVM
Uif .t'aswell ami Person counties, i''
laliot to the improvement of wtV
am) Itoanoke Rivers. -:
On motion of Mr, Palmer, the w'.'1'iling were referred tnlC!'
tec nl five, consisting of' Mr. r''
Dr. Uerndon, Col. Scolcs, Vt'
Qjeen, and Mr. Sumner.
Gen." Cook offered the f.dlnwint
duiioti which wis, on hi iiioti.
ferred to the committee nf thirlet"!
I I M.. . .1 -,M.ff ,
ltrnvrn. I nai in general " ,11,
qtiire Into the exie!ienrv of eootrunl
mington and Halifax Rail Road by Fsyet"7
to a point on the Ysdkin River abovlbs,,
of Abbot' Creeki.snd from thence, by tJ
ral l.rniu h. one through th counties , ;
coin and Rutherford to llie Cbarlwlnn .- II. ...I .n,l ihe other to Wuie
!( tli raid eommitte enquire into lb
; n.,i Road from
V;. ....t Vl'llninvloa Mid I'1
Kail Koad-t by or near the city f
rnnnerl with ilia ahotra-lneiltieaed R 1
at or near Kvan'i Ferrv. aa . De 9
Chatham Couuty. , ' , '
Mr. Sumner offered the Am8'
reciklnti..n vl.'.h referred t
committee of Thirteen.
- jr. " 4
'.'-r- $SV esa4 '

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