—y '-v 1 ~:y THE WEATHER* i | . VOLUME I. *£WOBmk ' ; fgk I |Hi|| P^i j| 3 f* : . . •' \. . ‘ ' Smiling Country Mayor Wows Audience With Jokes, Records By JIM HENDERSON Record Staff Writer The radio hardly has time to warm up at 6:45 in the morning before the grits-and-gravy accents of “The Smiling Country Mayor” begins spilling through the * loudspeaker. » Jtew people with ears and radios need to tie told mat “The Mayor” and Carl E. Lamm of Station WCKB are one and the same per sonality. Modest Carl himself believes •that he is known to some 500.000 of the Tar Seel State's four mil lion potential radio audience. Not one to make hollow boasts, the chief executive of the rural air waves hesitantly admits that he has reclved 50,000 cards and letters -Citing the past year, outpulling •fc- evat the popular disc Jockeys' in the State’s larger cities. APPEALS TO AUDIENCE What makes the slight, blond young Country Mayor so popular is a combination of folksy humor, good delivery, a sincere approach and a flowing jugful] of jokes. In his soberer moments, Carl will admit that he has at least 100,000 quips, double entendres, conundrums, bon mots, bits of re- Es£ memory* 0 joke *’ engraved He will demonstrate at a sec ond’s notice-- his ability to bring < *^rm t^wSietnMf farmer,” yucks the mayor. T raise nothing but my hat.” Then he laughs and adds cautiously, T got a million of 'em.” t : ?* «*■ 7W; 7c V* - ‘ |, . Vfc 1 *' f-c 4. * 1 \ •™AtBE» r !S g S g 4 to ? r , esa yesterday the 3 s ™ states? .< A* _ * * WV * BUTCA [ * HUH ’ we particularly regret th&t ads scheduled for The j . ~~ n . , . , , 1 * cie uuuneu. I3UUI oi | s tlon of Bob Hope, Bob Burns and ” Will Rogers. I deal in homespun a philisophy and humor.” ■ He is at a slight disadvantage, though, since he cant play a s bazooka or whirl a lariat. And ho 0 doesn’t have Bing Crosby’s horses - to throw jokes at. t Speaking from WCKB’s stations e in Benson and Eknithfield, Carl - i is kept right busy from early mor ning until mid-afternoon. His first s stint is from 6:45 to 7:80 a. m. at f the Benson studio. 1 MAYOR ON 8 PROGRAMS Providing the background for Carls Benson caper are the “Smile- I A-While Boys,” James and Hay ' den, who dub in an obligato of , folk music while the Country I I Mayor chatters away at his audience. 11 Leaving Benson, the dynamo of : the Dunn-Benson-Smlthfleld Net , work tears over to the last-named ■ city, where he stages "Down I Smithfield Way” at the local studio of WCKB. His final whirl . at the microphone comes from the : Benson studio between 1:06 and 3 p.m. !■ COVERS BROAD FIELD Carl’s range of material covers 1 a ' broad field—everybody who l wants to listen to his program. H 6 gears his programs for the young, the old, the happy and the discontented. And it’s all off the t cuff. He shuns adscript, preferring Continued on page six jmmmr v Sj| 1 ▼ | d [I Pip. ■. rH W\ IM I1 p. I r&- » I J/Kk r w ———— Cat Perishes In Grass Fire Two-fires in the past week have accounted for one casujty, accor ding to Howard M. Lee, secretary treasurer of the Dunn Volunteer Fire Department. The victim was a cat which per ished in a grass fire Friday after noon, said Lee. ' The fire, set by children who ware playing in a field in the 1000 block between S. Magnolia and 8. Washington avenues, also consum ed a dog house. The dog is believed to have escaped. Three houses on the block were threatened by the flames before firemen arrived to snuff out the blase. Another call was sent in shortly after noon Monday from the Cut Rate Grocery state on E. Broad St. The fire was extinguished before the fire trucks left the station, Lee reported. Girl Is Hurt On Highway One person was slightly injured iSonday mornqg in a hit-and-run accident oh Highway 301 south of Dunn, Highway Patrolman J. B. Whitaker reported. « Patricia Weeks, 13, pasenger in accident occurred near AID* DUNN, N. C., THURSDAY, fifICEMBER 7, 1950 Farmers Will Hold Vote On December 14 CAMERON ANNOUNCES PLANS FOR VOTING BY HARNETT FARMERS • The county PMA committee to day announced the places, dates and time of nominating meetings and elections of township Produc tion and Marketing Administration committees and delegates to the county convention. Nominating meetings will be held from 9 to 9:15 on the morning of election day, Dec. 14. In all cases, nominating meetings and elections will be held at the same location, the election to follow the nomina ting meeting. The county PMA convention, to be attended by the elected delegate or alternate from each community, will be held at the agricultural building in Lillington, on the day following the election. Any farmer who has an interest in a farm as owner, tcnnant or sharecropper is eligible to vote for township PMA committeemen in the township where he has this interest, if he is participating in any of the programs administered in the county by the PMA. At the nominating meetings, no fewer than ten, nor more than 15, candidates for the three-man com mittee may be nominated. A referendum on marketing quot as for peanuts is also slated for Thursday. However, the referendum is of little importance in Harnett County, since only one grower has a quota. Following is a list of places where nominating meetings and elections will be held: Anderson’s Creek, Hill's Oarage; Averasboro No. 1, Charles Lee’s store on highway 301; Averasboro No. 2, town hall, Dunn; Barbecue, Mac Cameron’s store; Black River, town hall, Angler; Buckhom, Smith Harrington's store. IN HOSPITAL Bulletins Washington, Dec. 7—(UP) : —The Defense Department said today that 32,442 American casualties, including 5,616 dead, have been officially reported through last Fri day. Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 7—(UP)—Counsel for a pretty the government on the fence today—an imaginary one the govrenment on the fence today—an imaginary one astride the Fentress-Morgan county line in East Tennessee Columbus, 0., Dec. 7—(UP)—A dark-eyed Southern school teacher has identified John Dolezal, Jr., of Cleve land, as the man who raped her at a gas station in Curri tuck county, N. C., last October 22. Washington, Dec. 7—(UP)—Civil Defense Adminis trator Millard F. Caldwell gave a cold shoulder today to a suggestion that his agency join the Army, Navy and Air Force as a part of the Defense Department. Hollywood, Dec. 7—(UP) —Actress Elizabeth Tayloi went home to mother after a “Big Fight” with her hand some bridegroom, and her studio admitted today she may not go back. Talladega, Ala., Dec. 7—(UP)—Officers said today that three teenagers have confessed a string of seven burg laries here Friday night when they learned that the entire police force was at a football game. .v ■ - ■ Three Bands To Parade Here Rope Case Is Heard m Recorder's Court J[. Two Fort Bragg soldiers were bound over to the fthiuary term of Harnett Superior court Thursday after a 17-year-old Erwin girl testified in Dunn Re order’s Court that one of the paratroopers had raped fter. 1 Probable cause was found by Judge H. Paul Strick land against Sgt. Harold D. Roy of the 82nd. Airborne • division, charged with rape, and Pfc. James D. Slate, •leged accessory before and after the fact of rape. (Illege Group Offers Musical A? chorus of 85 voices will be pre sent in a Christmas oratorio at Campbell College in Buies Creek on the afternoon of December 17. Plaßj for the musical event were anrsunced today. DAvid Bmith, who heads the mu|c department at the college, will<-direct the group. The hour for ifhe oratorio has been set for 4 o’clock Soloists to appear include Anna Applewhite, soprano: Ethel Laugh- By, soprano: Jane Slate, : Edward Hill, tenor: and louchard, baritone, irry E. Cooper, head of s department at Meredith i Raleigh, will be organist presentation. MEN MEET The Rev. Joseph Lansinger, pas tor of the Presbyterian Church of Smjthfield, was the guest speaker whip members of The Men of the Ghwch of the Presbyterian Church melp Tuesday night. »v. R. R. Gammon, pastor of thei church, introduced the speaker. Jolii Wilbourne presided at the business session. Miss Georgia Howard of Farm-. vilA is spending this week with Mri afl“iare. > MißrT*Cßeo(t:- - * Mrs. Mary Lloyd Pope said that Sergeant Roy assaulted her twice oil the night of Nov. 29-30—once in a stretch of woods near Dunn and again in a parking lot on the Fort 1 Bragg reservation. Met At Roadhouse She told the court that she met Sergeant Roy at a roadhouse near Erwin while taking an evening out with her boy friend, a Sergeant Buie. After dancing a number of times with Sergeant Roy, whom she had not seen before last Wed nesday night, she consented to ride with him and Private Slate in Slate’s automobile, Mrs. Pope added. Sergeant Roy took the wheel, she continued, and instead of going to another roadhouse as expected, drove some five miles out on the Benson highway, then turned off into the woods. The sergeant then tried to kiss her, she said, at which juncture Ahe slapped him. When she re fused to get into the back seat, Mrs. Pope told the court, Sergeant Roy and Private Slate put her there. Sergeant Roy afterwards refused to allow Slate to have relations ■ with her, Mrs. Pope stated. The first attack happened about ! U pm., according to Mrs. Pope’s testimony. The two soldiers drove . her to Fort Bragg, where Roy t purportedly, had illicit relations with her again about 4:80 am. Drava To Doan The alleged rapist drove her to Dunn, where she was supposed to be staying with her sister, about 6 pm. Mrs. Pope testified that she was married a little less than two ’ years ago, but separated from her husband after two months of marriage. • Evidence submitted by Prosecut , ing Attorney Everrette L. Doffer rnyre Included a pair of brown slacks said to have been worn by Mrs. Pope on the night of the al leged attack, and photos showing scratch marks on Roy’s cheek and neck. TO ATTEND SHOW Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Doffermyre, and Dr. and Mrs. G. L. Hooper will attend the Horace Heldt’ show at the State College in Raleigh Thurs day evening. RECEIVES TRAINING Pvt. Lawrence H. Parrish HI, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Par rish, Jr. of Benson, is receiving training as an air force technician at the US air force Technical school at Warren Air Force Base, , near Cheyenne in Wyoming. He ] is expected to arrive here next week for a twelve day. leave to be , spent with his parents. mHHRBHbU:'■ ■: ■ > BILLY PEARSALL Parade Chairman Church Plans Unique Yule Tableaus Here Citizens of Dunn will enjoy a treat of great beauty and religious significance on the nights of Dec. 26-24th when the Sunday School of the First Baptist Chur ch presents three live tableaus. Arrangements were announced today by Evelyn Straoghan, ed ucational director of the church. Christmas carols will be am plified and the Christmas story will be read every half hour. At 8 o’clock each evening the choir will be on the steps of the church to lead those assembled in Christmas cards. The tableau scene will be of the wise men, the shephards, and the nativity scene. The hours Mr the presentation will he from 7 to » o’clock each night. The Plays Slated At Campbell Two plays will be presented at the Campbell college auditorium Friday and Saturday nights of this week by the Barter Theatre Play ers of Abingdon, Va. On 'Friday night the players will offer the well known stage and screen play, “The Show Off,” by George Kelly, and on Saturday night the celebrated "Comedy of Errors” by William Shakespeare will be presented. Both of these productions are under the auspices of the Cape Fear Music Festival with Joe M. McGullers as chair man. The “Show Off’ will feature the era of the flappers and costumes for that period will appear. Hey wood Brown, the eminent critic, pronounced this “the best comedy written by an American.” The Barter Theatre Players are a traveling but non-profit group who will appear in moire than 500 communities this year. They have been acclaimed by many critics as an outstanding group of perform ers. TO SPEND WEEKEND i Misses Lucille and Leta Aycock of WllmirTtor. will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Aycock'this weekend. - Campbell College Makes An Appeal To Harnett Citizens BY EARL WESTBROOK | —g—— -~~~ It is an accepted statement that ! 1 the standard of living follows the * Tills is CIRCULATION TODAY: I 12,000 PAPERS Number 2 *» | Santa Claus | Will Greet All Children HUGE CROWD EXPECTEE FOR CHRISTMAS | OPENING CELEBRATION A total of 23 firms have entered floats in the Christmas parade which will be held here Saturday morning, and others are expected to enter before the day of the parade, according to Joe McCuUfen, secreary of the Dunn Chamber of Commerce. The parade is scheduled to be£Us jK| at 11 a. m., with three bands tak ing part. Bands from Dunn High School, Benhaven High School and the Harnett County Training school are slated to march with the float*. As an added attraction, following the procession of gaily decorated floats, the' final float will carry Santa Claus himself. Santa will also make a personal appearance at the Drive-In theatre on Christ mas Eve night. Route of the parade will be as follows: from North King Ave., on Broad St. to Magnolia, then to Cumberland, ana west on Cumfeefa land to the cotton yard, when it will disband. PEARSALL IS CHAIRMAN Billy Pearsall, parade chairman, said the merchants have developed a number of novel ideas in trim ming their floats for the parade. The Chamber of Commerce invites visitors to come to Dunn for the parade, and a large attendance is expected. Through this morning, the fol lowing firms have announced their intentions to participate in the parade: Parker Seed and Feed Co., Godwin’s Dairy; Wellons Mercan tile, Inc., the Cradle Shop; Town of Dunn; Strickland Motor Co. Dunn Jaycees; Tom’s Toasted Mfilwortfc^liw 8 !* ware Co.; Upchurch’s, National Guard; American Legion; Lee- Moo re Oil Co. W. and W. Chevolet Co.; McLamb Farm Machinery Co.; Drive-In Theatre and Tucker Furniture Co. (jointly); Norris Glass Co.; Nelson Lee; Dunn-Erwln Skating Rink, get them ready to turn on Satur day evening. . County Seat To Be Lighted For Holidays Harnett’s County Seat again will glow this December with Christ mas lights in the business sec ■ tlon. M Members of LUHngton’t Cham ber of Commerce, meeting at a special session Wednesday night, voted to hoist immediately the ored bulbs. Mock on Front Street and down Main from the courthouse to the | wifi include two MB Mortis more of decorated streets than were total around $3(4. Around 8156 ———*

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