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tutored eldest son of Emperor Hirohito, was proclaimed
heir apparent to the Japanese throne today in ancient
rites that revived imperial pageantry after seven years of
apologetic austerity.
SEOUL, Korea <IP> Gen. James A. Van Fleet, bad
gered for months by reports he would relinquish command
of the U. S. Eighth Army for another assignment, said to
day his future is up to the Army chief of staff. Gen. J.
Lawton Coliins.
UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. IP Soviet Foreign Mini
ster Andrei Vishinsky renews the Korean debate in the l ! -
nited Nations today with a speech that may tin the Krem
lin's hand on the prisoner repatriation deadlock.
LONDON (IP» The Daily Mirror suggested today
Dwight D. Eisenhower name Adlai E. Stevenson his am
bassador to London. “Britons have come to admire Steven
son iust from reading about him.' the Mirror said. “You
might say he even sneaks our language and shares our
sense of humor.”
PARIS tIPi -r- Postponment of the scheduled Dec. 15
meeting of the North Atlantic Council which is to plan
West Europe's defenses for 1953-54 appeared probable to
NEW YORK .IP! Sen.-elect John F. Kennedy D-Mass
believes deflation poses a major economic threat in the
next four years. He said on the NBC television program
“Meet the Press” yesterday that a business recession
would be possible by the end of 1954.
LONDON IP' Marshal Tito, eader of Communist
Yugoslavia, has accepted Prime Minister Winston Church
ill’s invitation to visit this country for conferences which
may become historic, it was made known today.
CAPETOWN. South Africa IP I Port Elizabeth was
paralyzed today by striking native workers protesting ra
cial segregation following a weekend of native riots in
which at least 22 persons were killed and 108 injured. i
WASHINGTON (IP I Catholic. Protestant and Jewish i
leaders joined today in urging their followers to cooperate I
with other religious groups in working for the brother-)
hood of man.
PARIS 'IP' Last-minute objections by Aly Kahn's
lawyer postponed indefinitely today the signing of a sep
• aration agreement in the on-again, off-again marriage of
Rita Hayworth and the Moslem prince.
WASHINGTON IP' The Democrats narrowed the
Republican majority in the House in the next Congress
to 11 today, with the victory of a Democratic congression
al candidate in Florida.
LONDON 'IP) Britain has ordered the evacuation 1
this month of its garrison at Bermuda, established there]
250 years ago. Informed sources said it was an economy I
move. ' j
Three Men
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ployee, had been called to the in
tersection of Highways 301 and 50
in Benson to repair the tire on the ;
Nu-Car Carrier, operated by Nails,
He parked the pick-up service truck
right behind the carrier on the j
proper side of the road.
Barbour. Nails and Rippv. a.
soldier who apparently had hitch
hiked a ride on the carrier, were
busy repairing the tire when Me- 1
Lamb came along.
Officers said McLamb left his'
side of the highway, ran across the
highway, hit the rear of the trailer,
then struck the three men and
then struck the pick-up truck,
knocking it on its side.
The officers said McLamb had
little or no comment about the.
accident and did not attempt to
give any explanation or excuse for
his actions.
The soldier is stationed in New
Mex’co and is home on leave with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Son Mc-
Lamb. who reside near Benson.
His father received considerable
publicity sometime ago when he
was arrested for drunken driving
with about SB.OOO in cash on his
Officers said the car was.damaged
about SSOO. the carrier about STS
and the pick-up about 5250.
Barbour has held a position at
Lee's Truck Terminal for sometime
and is well known and very popu
lar here.
Dr. Randolph Doffermyre. the
attending physician, described the
condition of all thre<“ of the in
jured men as “very critical."
World Mourns
(Gontitioed l>nm Pave One*
are buried the day after death. Prc
micr David annour. ■-
ed the funeral was postnoned tr
permit mourners to arrive from
distant places. The chief rabbi gran
ted special permission for the de
The body lay in state on a black
draped catafalque beneath a high \
blue and white cancey .n the once
before the home where he has lived
for the past 25 years. Mourners
filed slowly past to pay their last
respects to the man regarded bv
many as the new Mcses who cnce
again led his people to the Prom
ised Land.
Long lines of soldiers formed an
honor guard along all reads lead
ing to the residence. Sm ris'
mourners’ trains ran to Rehovoth
from Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel
Although Weizmann was best
known as a statesman. President
Truman said in 1946 his scientific
discoveries “were of great help in
winning both the First and Sec
ond World Wars."
In 1915, he perfected a process
for large scale production of ace-|
j tone through grain fermentation I
and British Prime Minister. David!
Lloyd George said ire “abSoikjely I
‘saved the. British Army at a crit
-1 ical moment.”
During World War II he went to
‘ the U. S. to assist in finding prac
tical synthetic rubber processes, i
Murray Paid
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1 Murray's death, was considered!
ins logical successor as head oi j
1 the 69'j.G00-meniber USW.
Murray was born in Lanarkshire j
New Glasgow. Scotland, May 25.:
1886. He went to work in the mines I
with his father at 10 arid joined I
the union.
The Murrays immigrated to the
United States six years later. He
studied mathematics through a
correspondence course and through
the years watched developments. in I
the mining industry.
Murray was only 18 when he was
elected to his first union office, j
He became president of a miners j
. local which .'had' staged .sympathy,
strike after he was. tired for fight-.
ine with a weightmaster.
Six years later Murray became
a member of the UMVV's Interna
tional Executive Board, a position
that eventually took hint to the
side of John L. Lewis.
When Lewis bated the Ameri
can Federation : of Labor in . 1935
to form the nvecieus of the CIO.
Murray joined him. Murray be
came vice president of the new
lab:..- organization.
The rivalry be
gan in 1940 over politics, Levis
endorsed the late. Wendell L. Will
kie for president while Murray'
chose to support President Roose
When Lewis* resigned frum the
CIO as a protest against Roose
velt's reelection, Murray succeed
ed him.
(Continued from "up »uett
the MissisSipp River by Sigma Del
ita Chi. professional journalistic
The defeated Democratic presi
dential candidate said the tablet
marker not only the "birth and
death of an editor who had to
proclaim 7 the truth at all costs, but.
(also was “a stone to mark the
gave of a heresy.”
“Man may burn his brother at
the stake, but he cannot reduce
truth to ashes: he may murder his
fellow man with a shot in they
back, but he does not murder jus-'
! tice; he may even slay armies of
rmen, but as -,t is written, ’truth
J beareth off the victory’.”
! Stevenson’s remarks were non
political. but the crowd cheered
him strongly and one partisan hois
ted a sign which read: “America
still needs Stevenson.”
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bevton: 25 cents lower at 17.25.
Tarboro. Hamilton. Kinston. Beu
: laville. Kenly and Fayetteville: 50
I cents lower at 17.25.
Woodland. Rich Square. Warsaw
; Burg-tw. Dunn. Clark,ion. Mount
i Olive. Wilson. New Bern. Golds
boro. Washii - ton. Windsor. Scot
' land Neck. Wilmington. Jackson -
! vide and HarrelLsvilie: 50 cents
i lower at 17.00 .
i Smithfield: 50 cents lower Jt
j 17.25 t o 17.50.
1 RALEIGH IP Cent al North
j Carolina live poultry: Fryers or
; broilers steady, supplies generally
j adequate: heavy hens steady, sup
i plies plentiful. Prices at farm up
jto 10 a.m, todav: Fryers or broil-,
jer's 2 L-3 lbs, 30: heavy hens 22
I 25. mostly 24-25.
Eggs steady, supplies about ad 1 '
I quote, demand good. Pri "a v
I producers and handlers FOB lord’
; grading station: A iarj? C 2. A
I large 49. B large 50.
Cotton Off
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| an. Last year yields averau.ui
,271.9 pounds an acre. Ten-year ave
rage yields were 267.6 pounds.
The report said Census Bureau
figures shew 10.785 725 bales of.cot
ton ginned, from the 1952 crop prior
to Nov. 1. Tiris compared with
10.023.029 bales ginned at the same
time last year and 6.465.430 for
The department’s new estimates
of 1952 cotton production, in bales,
for North Carolina is 550.000.
Included in the total production
figure is an estimated 80
crop cf long-staple American-Egyp
tian cotton.
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Bennett told the court that he
swerved to the right when he saw
the Herring car pull alongside but
was unable to avoid the crash. His
left front fender was torn off by
Herring’s rear bumper, he said.
Bennett said Herring kept on
going and that he had to cut him
off in order to force him to stop.
Then, he said .he sent" Tor -police.
The defendant, he said, had been
drinking, and a companion in the
car was under the influence.
Judge Strickland gave Herring
60 days, suspended 12 months on
payment of SSO and Costs, plus
$153,31 for the damage to Ben
nett’s car.
Louis Dalton Raynor made the \
mistake of swinging his car. with
brakes squealing, abound an inter
section in front of the patrol car
operated by Highway Patrolman
Paul Albergine. He stopped when
Albergine flashed his lights and he !
recognized the'patrol car. » .
/'lbergine testified that the de
fendant had the odor of liquor
on his breath and that he was un
certain on his feet. Raynor, the
officer said, admitted that he had
been drinking, but a girl companion
had hot. The defendant insisted'
that' he had only had one drink.
Prayer for judgment was continued
f until November 24.
Wilbert McDougal. Negro, arrested
by Negro Policeman John Brock
ington on charges of drunken
driving, drew 90 days, suspended
j 12 months on payment of SIOO and
! vests, with the recommendation that
I his license berevoked.
j Ellis,Richard Coats, charged with
! passing a school bus while it was
: stopp'd and had its stop sign dis
-1 played, was fined S 5 and costs with
prayer for judgment continued six
i Tlie remaining cases on the doc
’ ket: prosecuted by Solicitor : J.
I Shephard Bryan, involved public
j drunkenness and the offenders were
! given suspended sentences and fines.
Looking For An Honest Man
Who Wants A Guaranteed
Income For Ten Years
Wanted .in associate in a profitable spare time, -es
tablished business which guarantees a substantial in
To qua ,fy you must be able to stand a rigid character
and credit investigation, anil to make a 53500 to §19,009
secured investment.
A safe estimate of earnings on your investment, and by
devoting a few hours ncr month, is an average minimum
of 25% per year over a ten year period, plus recovery ot
the initial capital investment over the same period of
time. However, the returns of earnings can be greatly in
creased by devoting more time to your franchise in this .
non-competitive business protected by pending patent
rights. i
In reply please state address and phone number." Write •
4224 % Daily Record, Dunn. N. C.
THK HMi c *•
Disciples Meeting
Will Open Tuesday
Dr. George F. Cuthrell. pastor of
the Hood Memorial Christian
Church here, will serve on two
committees at the 108th session of
the North Carolina Disciples of
Theme of the meeting, to be held
at Hillver Memorial Church in
Raleigh will be ”0111' Christian Wit
ness in a Confused World.”
Dr. Cuthrell is on the nominating
committee of the convention and
the committee on ministry. He
plans to attend the entire session
which starts Tuesday and runs
through next Thursday.
The convention will open at 1:00
p. hi. Tuesday with a luncheon at
which Dr. Perry Case of Atlantic
Christian. 'College will preside. Rev.
Norman F. Matthews, president of
Dunn Schools Plan
For Education Week
This is American Education
Week, and'the Dunn schools join
with schools throughout the na
tion in reporting to their owners—
the people of the United States
on one of their most important
investments. This year's theme is
“Children m Today's World”.
"Open House to Parents and
Friends" will be the outstanding
feature of the week's observance
in Dunn, and all interested persons
are cordially invited to visit the
schools, and observe the work being
carried on. At the Grammar School
separate days will be designated for
visits to each individual grade, and
parents will receive special invita
tions from their own children.
Wednesday will be visiting day
at Mary Stewart with a special
party by the first grades. Dunn
High School, including elementary
grades m the high school building.
Will have its open house on Thurs
day. when parents are invited to
join their children for lunch in the
cafeteria, meet their teachers and
gather in the auditorium for a brief
program at 1:30.
Other local observances will in
clude window displays in the bus
iness district and a broadcast by
the Beta Club, high school scholas
tic organization, on Thursday morn
ing at nine o’clock aver station
WCKB, while the program on In
ternational Relations at the reg
; ular meeting of the Woman's Club
on Tuesday Will include pupil pre
sentations of topics studied in
schools at various grade levels.
American Education Week is ob
: seryed annually during the week
i of tArnlistic Day, pointing up the
t eternal values of education of youth
.for' democracy and a better world.
Leslie- 5. Farmer
Dies in Elm City
Funeral services for Leslie
Sharpe Farmer. 7.3. well known
Eim City merchant a,nd father of
Miss Nan Farmer of The Lillington
School faculty, were conducted
from the home Wednesday morn
ing. Burial followed in the Elm
Citv cemetery. ,
Rev. Ben Musser and Rev. R. B.
Bradshaw officiated at the ser
vice. Survivors include his wife,
Mrs. Nannie Lewis Farmer: one
son. L. S. Farmer, of Elm City;'
Survivors include his wife. Mrs.
Nannie Lefris- Farmer: one son,
L. S. Farmer. Jr. of Elm City:
and one daughter. Miss Nan Far
mer of Elm City, teacher in the
Lillington school.
Mrs. H. H. Hamilton. Mrs. W.
E. Moore. Mrs. Neil Kelly and Miss
Alice McKenzie?of Lillington at
tended the funeral.
the convention, will deliver the.
annual rrddress" and'"’Rev. W., A.
Welch will preach the sermon Tues
dav night.
Speakers will include Jack A.
Sutton. Jr., director of men’s work
of the United Christian Missionary
Society: Rev. Roy L. Thorne, dir
ector of. the church’s stewardship
program; Rev. A. Paul Daugherty,
southeast area N. B. A. represen
tative ; Rev. Emory Ross, executive
secretary of the Africian commit
tee; Rev. James W. Sosebee. pastor
of tlie First Christian Church of
Columbia. S. C.: and Rev. Cyrus
M. Yokum, professor of missions
ana assistant to the President of
the College of the Bible. Lexington,
It is sponsored jointly by the Am
erican Legion, the National Educa
tion Association. the National Con
gress of Parents and Teachers, and
the United States Office of Edu
cation. This week marks the thirty
second annual observance of Am
erican Education Week.
Dunn Boys
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S. Day, the academy’s publicity di
Billy is right halfback on offense
and Halfback on defense. He is
also Co-captain.
‘Red’’ plays at guard, both of
fense and defense.
Beth are in their second season
as regulars at Staunton and do
ing even better than last season
cn Staunton’s best team in ten
years or more.
Bozie is a reserve halfback who
sees considerable service both of
fensively and .defensively.
Not only are they fine athletes,
they’re good students and have
made excellent grades in every act
ivity at Staunton,
Staunton’s outstanding team this
yea:' has won five Victories and
suffered only one defeat.
They defeated:
Edwards Military Institute by a
score of 39 to 6; Emory and Henry
Junior Varsity 27 to 0: The McCal
lie School 32 to 0: Valley Forge
Military Academy 39 to 13: and
Greenbriar Military Academy 33 to
Their only defeat came (L the
hands of The Baylor School lby a
score of 14 to 7.
On Nov. 15. Staunton will play
Massauntten Military Academy at
Staunton and Fork Union Military
Academy at Fort Union. Va.. on
November 27th.
Several Injured
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ton Aven o and East Edgerton
St eet at the FCX corner.
The accident occurred when a
Buick operated by Miss Joyce Al
phin collided with a 1950 Ford op
erated bv Edward Register. 13. Son
of Mr. and Mrs, M. G, Register of
Dunn. Route 5.
Hospitalized as the result cf the
accident was Corbett Wilkins. 18,
who was a passenger in the Regis
ter car. His condition is not be
lieved to be serious. His wife,aged
14. received minor injuries.
Young Register and a girl friend,
Miss Doris Hairr. 15. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hairr, also
Church Session
Opens Tuesday
The annual meeting of the general j
board of the Pentecostal Holiness ;
Church of the United States will;
convene Tuesday at the Falcon:
Pentecostal Church, it was an
nounced today by the Rev. Wood- j
row Thomas, pastor.
Mr. Thomas said the meeting will:
be attended by, ministers and dele
gates from all sections of America.
Committee meetings will be held
on Monday to lay the groundwork
for the general sessions. One of the
items of business will be the exam- j
ination o' new ministers.
On Tuesday night at 7 o’clock, the
visiting ministers and board mem
bers will be honored at a dinner to
be held at the Falcon Orphanage.
Among those who will attend the
meeting are Bishop J. A. Synan of
Memphis, Tenn., president, and I
Bishop T. A. Melton, also of Memp
his. The Rev. Oscar Moore of Okla
homa City. Oklahoma is secretary
to the board. <
This is the first time in many
years that this meeting has been
held in North Carolina. Memb/i
of the Falcon church will be host.
18 Die Violently
During Weekend 1
Twelve deaths on the highways j
led a list of at least 18 persons j
killed in accidents and violence in j
North Carolina over the weekend. |
a United Press survey showed to- i
day .
In addition to the highway fa
talities, two persons were killed in I
hunting accidents, a mill worker I
was shot to death, two were over
come by deadly carbon monoxide
gas in a closed car, and one was
burned to death.
Court Session
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Francis Hall and Policeman Garland
L. Stone, are charged with assault
with a deadly weapon with intent
to kill, on W. R. (Turk) Lewis dur-'
ing an arrest.
received minor injuries but were
not hospitalized.
Miss Alphin received injuries
about the head and arms and was
given first aid at the hospital.
The Buick was reported a com
plete loss and the Ford Was also
badiy damaged. Policeman Aaron
Johnson investigated.
isatsrCough Relief
When new drugs or old fail to help
your cough or chest cold don’t delay.
Creomulsion contains only safe, help
ful; proven ingredients and no nar
' colics to disturb nature’s process. It
goes into the bronchial system to aid
nature soothe and heal raw, tender,
inflamed bronchial membranes. Guar
anteed to please or your druggist re
funds money. Creomulsion has stood
the test of many millions of users.
relieves Coughs, Chest Colds, Acute Bronchitis j
Temporary Offices
. *
Carolina Power & Light Co.
216 Clinton Avenue
In The Hotel Cotton Dale Building
Man Kills Two, |
Burns His Home;
Ends Own Life
50-year-old man went berserk here
1 today, shot and killed his two
sisters-in-law, set fire to his house
and then committed suicide, police
said. He also critically wounded '
his wife.
Police identified the killer as
! Edward Porferio. His victims were
Mrs. Edith Mitchell, 30, and Mrs.
Marge Sirocco, 36. His estranged
1 wife is Lena, 34.
i Mr% M. D. Bissette of Wilson |
and daughter. Mrs. Ed Neilson and j
1 Debbie Neilson of Arlington. Va..
: I were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs j
| James Snipes. Mrs. Bissette is the
, mother of Mrs. Snipes.
Funeral Home
PHONE 3306
"If they gave Oscars for automobiles.
L the new DeSoto would win them all!"
See the New 1953 DE SOTO
"... and tell 'em Groucho sent you!"
Feeds —Seeds
R. H. GODWIN, Manager 4
Gifts & Greetings
for You through
from Your Friendly
Business Neighbors
and Civic and
Social Welfare Leadera
On the occasion of:
The Birth of a Baby
Sixteenth Birthdays
Engagement Announcement*
Change of residence
Arrivals of Newcomers toj
City 3991
Phone OZZI
(No mis or ohHfatlon)

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