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    * WEATHER <■
Generally fair; <juite cool this
afternoon and tonight, becoming
somewhat wanner Tuesday.
PRESIDENT The Her. Lethe Tucker, left,
hMter of the First Presbyterian Church if Dunn,
ie shown here extending congratulations to Ken
Garner of Fayetteville after the Utter’s InsUl-
Presbytery Group Meets Herb
.. <£vbtlff ft
The death of Clark Griffith,
one of the great figures In baseball
history, brought back fond memor
ies and also a touch of sadness to
Herbert B. Taylor and members of
his famous Kneepants League of
On two occasions, the president
of the Washington Senators had
played host to the little Dunn knee
panters and seemed to take an un
usual amount of interest In them.
Taylor, who founded Dunn's lea
gue and whose office wall is lined
with piotures of Griffith and his
boys, observed today that, “Clark
Griffith was a grand old man. one
of the best. He was a big man—
one of the immortals of baseball
fame—but he wasn’t too big to be
nice to a bunch of little kneepant
ball players."
It was when the Dunn Knee
panters visited Washington, in 1948
that Griffith made one of his rare
public appearances to welcome the
Dunn ball players.
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Flyer Named Cloud
Wins Air Contest
Jeff Cloud of Rockingham sounds
like an airman and is one as he
proved at the air contests at Dunn-
Erwln airport yesterday afternoon.
He cut the ribbon (a roll of toilet
paper dropped at 2000 feet) ten
times before it had descended to
•the 1000-foot level, copping the
radio that went to first-place win
Cloud was flying a souped-up 85
horsepower cub.
The landing contest, conducted
in a 35-knot wind that made land
ings very difficult, was won by
JOhn Coffey of Raleigh. He won a
Butova chronometer.
Coffey put hie Cessna 170 feur-
TELEPHONES 3117-3118
Ution as president of Young Adults of the Fay
etteville Presbytery here Sunday. Young people
from churches throughout the Presbytery attend
ed the sesslona (Daily Record Photo.))
Young Adults represen t-
of the 100 churches
in the Fayetteville Presby
tery, meeting in annual ses
gfi. Sunday afternoon at
* First Presbyterian
urchjn discusse<|
religious and moral prob
lems facing young people
today, talked over plans tor
the year’s work and install
ed new officers for the year.
The Covenant Class of the krai
rhnrrh. headed hv President Bi'l
CTiinninnharn. served as host to
♦he Preshnterv.nide meeting lrhio’i
hewan xHth ve- g.<*n and
continued through ♦he si inner- hO'l’ -
Mr atr/1 Mrs Wen Oarner of
W-rretterdUe were installed m nexv
of the owantraflnTl. sue.
ceeritnir Mr and Mrs. w M. fBW>
nw,an of Dunn, who served for two
hrt*vr honored
Tn annreclqtlon of their services.
Mr and Mrs. Brv<xn were nnesefited
a heantifnl stiver dish bv the or
cnmsation. The organize tion en
loved ♦to verv successful vears
under the leadership of the popu
lar TVinn connle.
Other now officers Installed were:
Mr and Mrs. Farris Blake of Pino,
hnrst vice nresfdentsf Mr, and M r S.
W-nnk McNelH of Aberdeen. .secret
nrles. The new historians Will
ard and Trma Smith of Fayetteville,
were riot nresent Sundav but, will
b» Installed at B later meeting.
Several prominent leaders of the
Presbvterv were on the the pro
cram and also took nart in discii.y
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passenger aircraft within three feet
of the mark placed on field for
pilot* to shoot at.
About 55 ships flew In from North
Carolina, Virginia, and South Caro
lina according to Keith Finch of
the local flying club. Jt was the
first contest of its kind to be held
here. - •
Judges in the air show were Earl
Jones of Cromartie Hardware In
Dunn, a D-17 pilot during the war
and holder of the Distinguished
Flying Cross and other ribbons;
Bob Elder, CAA inspector from Ra
leigh; and Bob Godwin, flight in
structor from Stallings Air Force
(Ossttaaad 0> Van Tw»)
Wxt J 5 frillj ttsttb
Couples Swap
Mates, Say
They're Happy
happy young couples who traded
mate* said from their adjoining
apartments today that they made
the switch mainly "for the chil
“There are times when a divorce
Is preferable to an unhappy mar
riage." explained 25-year-old Len
nart Petterson. ‘‘And I don’t see
that the fact that Tom and I have
married each other’s wives is any
thing startling.”
Tom Poulsen is Petterson’6 old
friend who married Petterson’s for
mer (wife, Inger. Lennart’s present
spouse, Vera, used to be married
(Continued On Fag* Six)
tured here in a happier mood shortly altar their
wedding are Dick Haymes and Rita Hayworth.
Tho but wedding hie fourth and her third
Lausche Boom
Is Really A
Slap At Adlai
There is more than meets
the eye in the boomlet to
make Gov. Frank John Laus
che of Ohio the 1956 Demo
cratic nominee for president.
It is developing like a vote of
no confidence in Adlai E.
Stevenson, Gov. Averell Har
riman of New Yotk and Sen.
Estes Kefauver of Tennes
Lausche will be 60 years old
next month. He is a son of Immi
grant parents, a lawyer, five times
elected governor of his stats.
Lausche is a Catholic. He also is
a somewhat unpredictable politi
Only this week in New York,
Lausche referred to President Ei
senhower in terms scarcely to De
expected from a leading figure in
the Democratic Party. Speaking
before New York's Ohio Society,
Lausche said Mr. Eisenhower had
brought "unity and confidence” to
the nation. That raises a fair ques
If Mr. Eisenhower brought unity
and confidence to the nation,
whom does Lausche hold respon
sible for the previous shortage
thereof? Lausche didn't answer
that pne.
Statements In Character
Su ft statement* are in charac
ter TO* Lausche. They might, and
probably do, mean that If Mr. El
senhower were a candidate, Lau
sche would not care to take him
on. But there is serious doubt that
the President will run again.
Friends of Stevenson suggest that
Lausche’s political independence
would prevent his nomination.
The Lausche boomlet is South
ern-bred. Sen. Richard B. Russell
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Rita To Divorce
Hubby Dick Haymes
CHICAGO (IP) Croor/er Dick Haymes, fourth hus
band of movie actress Rita Hayworth, said here that Rita
has instructed her attorneys to file suit for divorce.
Miss Hayworth now is in Paris
with her two daughters, Yasmin,
bom of her third marriage with
Moslem PrinceAly Kahn, and Re
becca Wells, 10, daughter of her
second marriage, to actor Orson
has hit the skids and Rita la suing for divorce.
In Paris, the lovely actress tamed ae ridiculous
reports that ahe was divorcing Dick to rawed Aly
APPLE DUNKER Cutest apple dunker at
the Halloween Carnival at the Armory was 12-
year-old Patsy Allen (flanked here, clockwise, by
1$ B. Goodman, 14, Harry Phipps, 12, Larry Wat
son, 12 and Wayne Turnage, 12. Patsy is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, 912 West
_ LL
Federal Men Get 30 Stills
Federal ATU agents, in a
three-day series of raids con
ducted in Harnett and John
ston Counties, captured hnd
dartxoyed 30 whiskey stills
at 20 different locations™
Most of the whiskey outfits were
located in Johnston County.
ATU Agent C. S. Coats of Smith
field, who directed the three days
and nights of raiding, said they
captured a total of 415 gallons of
whiskey, approximately 12,900 gal
lons of beer and destroyed the dis
tillery equipment.
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Haymes said he was informed by
Bartley Crum, attorney for Rita,
that she has instructed her Nevada
attorney*, Woodburn and Farum,
to sue for divorce.
Haymes said when informed of the
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Carr Circle. Merchants and householders could
hope, at least, that the carnival took some of the
steam out of local youngsters so that tonight’s
Halloween activities won’t create tomorrow's hang
overs for window-washers.
Sultan Taking 25
Beauties To France
BEAUVALLON, France (IP) Exiled ex - Sultan Mo
hammed Ben Youssef arrives here today with 25 beau
ties from his harem for what probably will be a brief
stay before he returns to the Moroccan throne.
Artisans in this Riviera resort
are working overtime to prepare
the 120-room pink plaster Hotel du
Goife for the onee-royal visitor and
his retinue. The local socrer team
has been drafted to help out, and
it regular weekly game today had
to be cancelled. ,
The French government is frying
Mohammed from the Indian Ocean
island of Madagacar, with two
wives, tw’o ‘‘semi-wives” and 21
concubines, to his new home in ex
ile here.
Meanwhile, in the narrow, crook
ed streets of Morocco's native
quarter, crowds celebrating the
Moslem “Christmas”—birthday of
the prophet. Mohammed—waved
pictures of the ex-Sultan In taken
of their hopes tor his early return.
Most of Arab Morocco wants Mo
hammed back and fast week Ber
ber Pasha Tha mi El Glaoui, who
master-minded his dismissal two
years ago, announced he now fa
vors Ben Youssef’s “prompt re
turn” to the throne.
Expert Says
Worry Healthy
happen to be that rare individual
■iblessed’’ with no worries, you’re
probably on the way to a mental
hospital, Dr. Judd Marmor, Bever
ly Hide psychiatrist said today.
Realistic wotry in the face of
danger or distress," he said, “is
the mark of a healthy mind. Con
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"Deliberate Lies," He Says
NEW YORK (IP) Arthur Godfrey charged today that
many of the reports printed about him during the last
two years have been “deliberate lies.”
Godfrey began a serialized auto
biography in the Saturday Evening
Post with an attack on his critics.
••I’m tired of reading those twist
ed tales about myself," he said.
“It’s about time I was telling my
own st ary.”
The Record Is First*
This Beauty
Fails To
Charm Cops
ROME A 20-year-old Finish
beauty queen whose charms have
been compared with the best, was
bounced out of Italy by the police
today as “undesirable.”
Deny Political Angle
They packed Merva Arvenen
aboard a plane for Londan within
a few hours of her arrival from
there by air, refusln even to per
mit her a quiet walk around
Ciampino Airport.
Reporters were unable to de
tect the •’undersirable" in Miss
Arvenen, all the less because im
migration authorities said there
was nothing "political!” about it.
They disclosed that curvy Merva.
Finnish entrant in the recent
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+ Record Roundup +
ing with A a long established Lil
lington custom there was an ex
change of pulpits among ministers
of the town on Sunday Oct. 30, a
fifth Sunday. The Rev. L. C. Pin
nix, Baptist minister, spoke at the
Methodist Church. The Rev. E. C.
Shoaf, Methodist preacher .talked
at the Presbyterian Church. Dr.
David A. Huffines, Jr., Presby
The publication of the first of
eight installment* of "Ibis Is My
Story” came after a week in which
four members of the cast of God
frey’s program were fired. The
■ firings brought to 30 the number
of members of his “family” who
NO. 235
For Crown
LONDON (IP) Princess
Margaret announced tonight
that she will not wed RAF
Captain Peter Townsend.
The announcement came from
Clarence House. In the unprece
dented personal statement, Mar
garet said:
"I would like It to be known that
I have decided not to marry Group
Captain Peter Townsend.
‘‘l have been aware that, subject
to my renouncing to my rights of
succession tt might have been pos
sible for me to contract a civil
marriage. But, mindful of the
church’s teachings that Christian
marriage is indissoluble and con
scious to my duty to the Common
wealth, I have resolved to put their
considerations before any others."
“I have reached this deci
sion entirely alone and. In doing so,
I have been strengthened by the
unfailing support and devotion of
Group Captain Townsend. I am
deeply grateful for the concern of
all these who have constantly pray
ed for my happiness.
Signed Margaret.”
Margaret's statement made It
clear that she loved Townsend but
it also made clear she gave him up
for church and crown.
This was the abdication of King
Edward VIII In reverse. Edward
give up his crown In 1986 tor the
love of American Divorcee Wady
But Margaret renounced the man
she loved for her royal duty as a
princess of the reigning house and
third in line of succession to tha
They said the royal family feels
the ‘ Impact” of meeting Townsend
two weeks .ago for the first time
* (Contibaed o n rage Sts)
Harold Gainey
Faces Court Suit
In Child's Death
Harold Hartwell Gainey Is the
subject of a $50,000 damage suit in
Superior Court at Lillington.
The suit, brought by Otis C.
Branson, alleges Gainey ran over
and killed Bobby Ray Brunson, a
Sampson County child, and that
Gainey was driving recklessly and
too fast.
Brunson, administrator for the
deceased child, aska $25,000 actual
damages and $25000 punitive dam
ages. Bobby Ray was killed May 0,
1955, while standing a dirt road on
which Gainey was driving.
Rev. and 1 Mrs. Joe Whltfcenton
; spent the weekend with their
daughter, Bobbie Jean, in Norfok.
terian, oocupied the pulpit at the
Baptist Church. All services were
at 11 a. m.
two automobiles which collided
Thursday around 1 p. m. at the
comer of Ivey and 10th streets in
Lillington escaped without in
juries. but damages to the cars
(Cantinned On Pag* Six)
have been dlsmisssd In the las!
two years. <
The fantastic tale* concocted
for the newspapers by the presg
agents of my former associate*
have probably at laaat confused
some of my listeners. I think, there
fore. that I owe this story to them.
‘Maybe ts I bad any brains 14
let it go the way It Is and Ignore
(CsaHani Ob fags Pvur)

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