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By Bob Johnson
ONE ACT PLAYS....The Charlotte-Mecklen
burg Youth Council Community Players spon
sored two one-act plays recently in the Rowe
Recital Hall on the campus of the University of
North Carolina at Charlotte.
The plays: (Sand
Dune Hillbillies), a hila
rious comedy filled with
bits of wisdom, casted
Sherry Foust, Laura
Swartz, Buddy Barks
dale, Jackie Cunning
ham, Dale Swanger,
Steve Douglas, Roger
Barksdale, Bill Billups
and Pam Phifer. (A Day
1 of Absence) This suc
cessful off Broadway __
Production, a clever ant enormously amusing
satire was described by the author as “a reverse
minstrel show.”
Here the black cast featuring Willie McCul
lough, Larry Thompson, Rose Frazier, Lennal
Williams, Delores Benjamin, Madeline Simpson,
Maria Johnson, Tangie Clifton, Arnold Haynes,
Harold F. Dew, Nathaniel Rorie, Tyrone Cham
bers, Willie J. Stratford, Jr. and Norma Jean
Davis, made up in white face, recount the
uproarious and tragic emergencies which occur
when a southern town is faced with the sudden
and inexplicable disappearance of all of its Black
The evening didn’t end when the play did. The
Afro-American Cultural and Service Center
sponsored a reception for the community players
and guests in the lobby of the Rowe building,
where people got a chance to browse and look at
the visual arts display of lithographic, paintings,
prints, photography, and textile designs on loan
from the Stu-Art Gallery, Ltd. and talk with
some of the artists.
Among the guests at this cultural affair were
Jake Suggs, Rudolph Carter, Patrice Johnson,
Andrea Johnson, Michael Porter, Matt Free
man, Mr. and Mrs'T Bob Curry, Mr. and Mrs.
Brian Parris, Vicki Torrey, Sylvia McGriff, Pat
Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. Lavelle Roberts and
Tamara Walker.
was honored recently at a birthday party given
by his favorite woman “Dee.” The intimately
cozy set was held at 3325 Sargeant Drive. The
guests for this event included George and Tina
Yeldell, Issie Perry, Phyllis Coleman, Cindy
Robinson, Sam and Margaret Clarke, Don High
smith, who just recently signed a contract to
play football with the Washington Redskins,
Jerri Wilson and Bob Acre.
The menu that eventful night consisted of
tender T-bone steaks, baked potatoes and salad
topped with “Dees’ ” special home-made sauce,
along with a wide variety of other goodies to
snack on.
CONCERT FUN....Last Friday night Char
lotte’s Coliseum was filled to the brim with fans
of the Brass Construction, Commodores, and the
fabulous O’Jays. Brass Construction and The
Commodores set the mood for the the 14,000 or so
people, and the O’Jays magnified this mood to a
real eargasmic pitch, with such great tunes of
theirs like “Money” “Stairway To Heaven”,'
“Living For the Weekend,” and “Let Me Make
Love To You.”
Some of the many people attending this super
rock show were: Carolyn Gaither, Tina Rober
son, Julius and Robbie Cousar, Annie Mae
Harris, Steve Hayes, Hattie Ardrey, Jimmy
Veeter, Janet Wilson, Slack Johnson, and all of
the other WGIV personalities, Linda Richardson,
Deanna Abraham, Joe Ruffell, Diane Young,
Bobby Jordan, Polly Manning, Anthony Drafton,
Catherine Vance, Desiree Abraham, Betty and
Eugene Slade, Reginald Hall, Connie Jamison,
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCrae, Edsel Flowers,
Gwen Tweedy, Carolyn Jones, “Bobo” and
Willie Mae Slade, Diane Taylor, Mary Jordan,
“Snookie” and Corley Hall, James Watson,
Melvin Simms, Rufus Davidson, Harriett Ware,
Carla Thompson, Shelia Wall, Christine Good
man, Daisy Cummings, and Bobby Helms.
March 18, the time was 7 p.m. until, the place,
1521 Newcastle St., the occasion was a birthday
party for Addison Yongue given by his wife,
A very merry evening was had by Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Boyd,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Costner, Rose Jones, Johnsie
Yongue, Mildred Williams, Mrs. Battle, Monroe
McGriff, Mr, and Mrs. Walter Hosley, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Poe, Henrietta Williams, Mr. and
Mrs. Matthew Shute, Robert Yongue, Charlie
and Vaugh Yongue, Bernice Henry, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Swift, and Addison’s daughter and
granddaughter Dee and Pam.
Included in the fun was a tasty menu consis
ting of grilled hamburgers, potatoe chips, pea
nuts and other mouth watering morsels.
UNTIL....we speak on other happiness in our
community...ROCK EASY!!
-* lb rvOlTNge J
Four Black Girls To Compete In 1976 Planned Parenthood’s
“Miss Charlotte-Meeklenburg Pageant”
by Sidney Moore Jr.
Post Staff Writer
Four young black women
have qualified as contestants
in the 1976 Miss Charlotte
Mecklenburg Pageant which
will be held Friday, March 26,
at 8 p.m., at Queens College’s
Dana Auditorium.
They are Edith Asbury, O
uida Byrd, Rosalind Cook and
Elmira Houston.
Edith Elayne Asbury/, 19, a
contestant in the 1975 pageant,
is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Kato Asbury of 1312 Mor
etz Avenue.
A student at Central Pied
mont Community College
(CPCC), she is sponsored by
Cablevision of Charlotte. She
will perform an original
dramatic presentation as her
talent in the pageant.
Ouida Cammi Byrd, 18, en
tered the contest becase a
friend of hers was a contes
tant last year and she promis
ed herself she would be a
contestant this year. She was
not able to enter last year
because of her age She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Byrd of 2726 Grimes St.
Also a student at CPCC, she
will sing “1 Got Love,” a song
from the hit Broadway musi
cal “Purlie.”
She is being sponsored by
Mutual Savings and Loan
Elmira Houston, 20, heard
about the pageant on the radio
and decided to enter. She was
the winner of the 1975 Miss
Black Union County Pageant
last June. This pageant inclu
ded 12 contestants.
She is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William S. Houston
of Wingate.
She said in a recent inter
view that there are differen
ces between this contest and
the one she won last year. But,
she does not think these dif
ferences lesson her chances of
“I feel like 1 have a good
Miss Edith Asbury
chance if I give it my all,”
she said. She also noted that
the "competition is stiff."
This contestant is being
sponsored jointly by Mechan
ics and Farmers Bank and
Dudley Cosmetics Company.
Sponsors pay $150 to help the
Miss Ouida Byrd
Jaycees to cover the cost of
producing the pageant.
Contestant Rosalind Cook of
3122 Ross Avenue was not
available for the interview.
Each of these contestants
has tickets to the pageant.
Las Amigas’ Founder’s
Day Event Is Impressive
The Mecklenburg Chapter
of Las Arnigas, Incorporated
held an impressive Founder’s
Day observance recently at
the home of President The
dora Alexander Witherspoon
in Hidden Valley.
The president presided over
the Rededication Ceremony,
Dora Johnson (previous win
ner) presented a plaque to
Arcasia Brewer “Most Out
standing Member” for 1975-76
A financial contribution in
memory of the late Ann Me
Griff was presented to Mrs
Anita Stroud for the Summer
Camp which she sponsors for
black children every summer.
A covered dish dinner was
enjoyed by Las Arnigas mem
bers and their guests.
Members of the Mecklen
burg Chapter Las Arnigas,
Inc. are: Founder - Dora R
Barber-Scoria College Sets
Inauguration For McLean
continued from page 1
the Black ^rts Festival
Group of the North Carolina
School of The Arts, Winston
Salem, N.C., on Monday,
March 29, an organ recital by
Dr. Richard M. Peek on Tues
day, March 30, a musical thea
tre production, "Journey Into
Blackness,” by Voices, Inc., of
New York, on Wednesday,
March 31, and a concert by the
Johnson C. Smith University
Choir on Thursday, April 1. All
of these events will occur at 8
P.M. in the College Convoca
tion Center.
Members of the committee
planning the inaugural active
ties include Dr. Robert
Goetzman and Mr. L A. War
ner, co-chairmen, and Mr. R.
Wilbur Campbell, Mr. Spencer
Colbert; Mr. William Gibbs,
Dr. James E. Lyons, Mr. Eu
leas Milling, Mrs. Martha Por
cher, Miss Wilma Powell,
Miss Marvetta Scott. Mrs.
Amy Snipes, Miss Catrelis
Steele, Dr. Albert Turner, Mr.
Frank Williams, and Mr. H.A.
Mason, National President,
Gerri W. Wiley; Local Presi
dent, Thedora A. Witherspoon,
Ethel Alexander, Veris Arm
strong, Barbara Atwater, Ar
casia Brewer, Lula Gaskin,
Mildred Grier, Bettye Hairs
ton. Paula Jeffries, Dora
Johnson, Sandra Murdock,
Helen Price, Sarah Staten,
Frances Tarpley, Evelyn Tur
ner, Carol Williams, Cather
ine Williams, and Johnsie
Staff Members To
Appear On WGIV
Two staff members of Plan
ned Parenthood of Greater
Charlotte will appear on WG
IV radio program this week
Denise Williams, commun
ity educator, and Jim Laney, a
vasectomy counselor, will ap
pear as guests of the Rev. Joe
Sherman from 9:45 to 11 p.m.,
Sunday, March 28. The pro
Sunday, March 28. The pro
Miss Elmira Houston
"I’m hoping,” said Miss As
bury, “that many people from
the black community will
show an interest in the pag
eant." The other contestants
expressed agreement with
this statement.
Each of these three contes
tants interviewed by the Post
said the treatment they are
receiving has made them en
joy being contestants. They all
are also cheerleaders at
Speakers Serve Community
Want to find out more about
todays most talked about soc
ial problem’’ Call Planned
Parenthood's Speakers
In order to better serve the
community. Planned Parent
hood coordinates a full-service
Speakers Bureau to provide
qualified, trained speakers
who are knowledgeable in a
variety of topics.
Professional groups, com
munity and civic clubs, scho
ols and religious organizations
are all invited to take advan
tage of an opportunity to ex
amine topics relevant to to
day’s society. The speakers
generate both thought and dis
cussion on such topics as "Pla
nned Parenthood: What is it.
What it does," "Growing Up,"
"How to Talk to Your Teen
agers," "Population Its im
pact on our Environment" and
many others.
Planned Parenthood speak
ers draw upon various resour
ces including the Planned Par
enthood library to enhance
their talks and discussions.
The library includes films and
filmstrips, books and period
ieals. visual aids, demonstra
tion models, and a wealth of
pamphlet literature. All of
these resources are available
to the general public free of
charge To arrange for a
speaker call Planned Parent
hood at 377-0841
Planned For
Easter Seals
Beauty Salons in two major
department stores have joined
together to help handicapped
children and adults in our
local community.
On Friday, March 26 and
Saturday, March 27, the Hair
Cutters will be having a Cut-A
Thon for Easter Seals at East
land Mall For a donation of
$8 50 you can get a haircut and
blow dry .. for S4.50 a haircut.
All proceeds from the Cut-A
Thon will be used to buy bra
ces, wheelchairs and other
orthopedic equipment. It will
also be used to sponsor handi
capped children and adults to
Easter Seal Camps in North
I Peeler’s Portrait Studio
■ X
For Easter Let Peeler Capture m
„ *
In Portraits
j Those Warm Memories
| ★ Portraits
★ Cap & Gown * Weddings
Photos to Naturai Co lor
8 —I Charlotte, N.C.
| jggjjH 392-2028 or 392-0945 PK
i i 1
Use our expert, accurate
One-Stop Tax Service
Nou are entitled to claim every legal de
duction Many deduction changes have been
made, especially in child care and interest
We guarantee accurate preparation of every
tax return. It we make an error, we will pay
the penalty and interest
We are a locally owned company that has
£ 0^ A A ^ >«'\ed this area for 25 years w ith an honest
UU and reliable income tax service
Open Daily 8:3uTo»P M -Saturday To5P M
I On Friday, April 2, Dr. Mable Parker McLean will be inaugurated as the
ninth President of Barber-Scotia College, Concrod, N.C.
I To commemorate this event and to express its gratitude to its many
friends, Barber-Scotia College is both honored and pleased to present a gift
to the community of a week of pre-inaugural activities.
6 P.M. - Vespers
i First United Presbyterian Church of Concord
127 Cabarrus Avenue, W.
8 P.M. - Black Arts Festival Group of the North Carolina
School of the Arts - Winston-Salem, N.C.
(drama, song, and dance)
The College Convocation Center
!8 P.M. - Organ Recital -
Dr. Richard M. Peek
Minister of Music, Covenant Presbyterian Church,
I Charlotte, N.C.
The Charlotte Convocation Center
18 P.M. - “Journey Into Blackness (musical theatre)
Voices, inc. - New York
The College Convocation Center
^ 8 P.M. - Concert - The Johnson C. Smith University Choir,
Charlotte, N.C.
^ _The College Convocation Center

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