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""Charlotte's Fastest Growing Community Weekly
VOL. 3 NO. 3
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA-28208-Thursday. July 29. 1976
"Head bv 44.5υυ CliarlotUan.»
August 1
Named North
Carolina Day
ter, Fla.—August 1st will be
North Carolina Day at 3rd
Century America, the nation'·
Bicentennial Exposition ou Sç
ience and Technology at the
Kennedy Space Center in Flo
rida. North Carolina Day i&
one of a series of days sche
duled during the exposition to
honor present and former re
sidents of each of the 50 states.
Third Century America con
tains hundreds of displays and
exhibits which vividly demon
strate the achievements of
this nation's scientists and
preview the role of technology
in our future.
Exhibits from 16 federal
government agencies, 10 ma
jor industrial firms and nume
rous colleges and universities
are housed in IS attractive
geodesic domes next to the
huge Vehicle Assembly Build
ing where moon rockets were
once assembled and checked
out for the journey to the lunar
Third Century America is
open to the public 7 days a
week throughout the summer.
Visitors will find something
special happening just about
every day. Concerts by the Air
{jarçp. Army and Navy and
many high school bands along
with aerial demonstrations by
the famous Air Force Thun
derbirds and Navy Blue An
gels and parachuting demon
strations featuring the Army's
Golden Knights Jump Team
all make the exposition fun
and exciting as well as educa
Exhibit# are designed ~to~
inform and entertain all age
Students To Get
TB Skin Tests
Students entering Charlotte
Mecklenburg Schools for the
first time this year will again
receive tuberculosis skin tests
administered by public health
nurses from the Mecklenburg
County Health Department.
The testing of school child
ren for tuberculosis on a regu
lar basis was discontinued in
1971. Recently, however, there
have been increases in the
number of tuberculosis cases
reported in North Carolina,
causing death department of
ficials to begin the testing
program again.
Health department officials
say the skin tests will be given
in elementary schools where
(there are new first graders
and kindergarten students du
ring the first two weeks of
At the same time, school
employees in those schools
will also be tested. This is a
change from last year when
school employees had to go to
the Health Department for
skin tests. Employees at
schools where there are not
first-time students will be test
ed during the latter part of the
first school month.
Health department officials
ask that school employees who
have previously had positive
skin tests get chest X-rays
since once a person has had a
positive test future tests will
be positive.
Your temper it one of the few
things that IMPROVES the
longer you keep it,
...Perky vivacious
Miss Angela Swann
Is Beauty Of Week
By Abigail L. Flanders.
Post Staff Writer
Perky vivacious Angela
Swann, the beautiful sixteen
year old epitome of the old
fashioned "girl next door", is
our beauty of the week.
Ms. Swann, a native of
Sanford, North Carolina who
spends a great deal of her time
visiting her grandmother who
lives in Charlotte, enjoys the
domestic world of womanhood
and pursues it with regularity.
"I believe that the woman's
place is in the home. One day.
I hope to be married and
raising a family. I intend to
spend my time at home, mak
ing things comfortable for my
family," Ms. Swann said. "I
don't believe in women's lib at
all. I think that the female sex
is the weaker sex and that
they're a lot of things that men
can do that we can not."
Last year, Angela was elect
ed president of the Junior
class. She'll be entering her
senior year at Greenwood
High School as the president of
the Future Homemakers of
America. She readily admits
that she is quite skilled in both
Howard Lee
Birthday Here
By Hoyle H. Martin Sr.
Post Executive Editor
Howard Lee, a Democratic
candidate for Lt Governor ivas
given a gala birthday party as
part of his one-day visit to
Charlotte Wednesday
Lee, 42, is a government and
civic leader with an outstand
ing record. He was elected
three times as mayor of Cha
pel Hill and served until re
cently as director of human
development at Duke Univer
Following an early morning
handshaking greeting of citi
zens on the Square, and a
breakfast meeting with about
80 supporters at the Sheraton
Center, Lee was guest of honor
at the birthday celebration
attended by 250 people at
Marshall Park. The event was
highlighted by a group of
nursery school children sing
ing "happy birthday to Mr
The remainder of Lee's day
in Charlotte included a second
handshaking tour of uptown
Charlotte, a tour of some
area businesses, the greeting
of Congressman Andrew
Young at Douglas Airport and
a buffet dinner with Mr.
Young as the keynote speaker.
Congressman Young, the
most Influencial black on De
mocratic presidential candi
date Jimmy Carter's staff,
said his visit to Charlotte was
to lend support to Howard
Lee's campaign
In his campaign throughout
See Lee on page 4
sewing and the culinary arts...
However, there is a lot more to.
Angela than just the soft,
spungy domestic side. "1 en
joy playing on our school
basketball and volleyball
teams Right now I'm just an
average player, but I hope to
improve my game this coming
year." Angela said.
She is also involved in other
activities that provide still
another side of Angela Swann
She is an ardent church work
er at Love Grove A.M.E. Zion
Church in Sanford. Proof of
her loyalty to her church is her
work in the youth choir, as a
junior Sunday School teacher,
and also as an usher. "My
church work allows me to do
some of the things that I really
enjoy doing and it really in
spires my faith," the young
christian said. Born under the
sign of Libra, Angela prac
tices the balanced judgement
and even temper that is typi
cal of her sign.
So there you have the pic
ture of Angela Swann...young,
beautiful, talented, religious,
domestic, and at the same
time, ambitious.
Howard Lee
County Commission Candidate
N.C. Alliance Condemns
State Department Report
No Contest
Looms For
House Race
No contest exists for both
Democratic and Republican
candidates for North Carolina
State House of Representa
tives in the August 17, primary
Since there are eight House
seats, the eight Democratic
candidates will automatically
qualify as their party's nomi
nees. Seven Republicans
share the'Same situation.
The eight Democrats will
meet the seven Republicans In
the general election in Novem
Charles E. Crowder, 48, of
2800 Spring Valley Road has
no opposition for the primary
or general election. He is a
candidate for Register of
Deeds for Mecklenburg Coun
Democrats for the House
are: Louise Brennan, 52, of
2101 Dilworth Road; Ruth
Easterling, 65, of 811 Bromley
Road, Apartment 1; Gus Eco
nomes , 46, of 2400 Dalesford
Drive, Jo Grahar.i Foster, 6ti.
of 5600 Seacroft Road; Parks
Helms, 40, of 4901 Hadrian
Way; Joseph McMillan, 22, of
1335 Greyly η Drive; Ben Ti
son, 45, of 2119 Hopedale Ave
nue; and Fred White, 55, of
6810 Lakeland Drive.
Republican candidates are
Steve Bingman, 126, of 122
Stilwell Oaks; Marilyn Bis
sell, 48, of 2216 Providence
Road; Bob Harkey, 54, of 7116
Sherbourne Drive; E. Alan
Jaffre, 35, of 6325 Dale Ave
nue; David Jordan, 37, of 4900
Coronado Drive; Ray Mathis.
36, of 8045 Regent Park Lane;
and Roy Spoon, 51, 7028 Folger
City Gets Grant
For W astewater
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Utility Department has re
ceived grants from the State
Division of Environmental
Management totaling nearly
$2.5 million.The grants repre
sent 12 "a percent of the total
construction cost of projects
for which the City recently
received 75 percent federal
grant funds.
Receiving gift from Ms. Lula Martin
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
Members Honor Rev. Kerry
By James Peeler
I'ost Staff Writer
Members of Greater Mt.
Sinai Baptist Church held a
day-long celebration last Sun
day in honor of their pastor's
12th Anniversary as their spi
ritual leader and friend.
The "Twelveth Love Day"
celebration for pastor. Rev.
Norman E. Kerry, and his
family began with the regular
Sunday Morning Worship Ser
vice at 11 a.m. and was
followed by a sumptuous
church family dinner of baked
and fried chicken, baked ham.
roast beef, and all the trim
mings in the church's Fellow
ship Hall attended by approxi
mately 200 members.
The day's activities were
concluded with an evening
service beginning at 6 p.m.
which featured Baptist Lay
man Albert L Williams. Ma
naging Editor of The National
Baptist Voice of Chicago. Ill
as the guest speaker.
Music for the evening ser
vice was rendered by the
famed 55-member Voices of
Sinai Choir' under ihe direc
tion of Mrs. Norman Ε Kerry
Minisle of Music. Among the
stirring selections rendered
was-'Take Me Hack" which
featured soloist Linda McGill
Henry Brown chaired the
Anniversary Committee re
sponsible for the highly sue
cessful affair Fie was assisted
by Miller Jamerson. Co-chair
man ; Charles Foman. Byrd
Jamerson. yuennie Lockhart.
Coleman Stewart, Nora Mc
Dowell, Albert Meaders. J.Β
Woodley, Anne House. Jac
queline Brown, James Tyson,
Geneva Butler, Carrie Casey.
Lucielle Taylor, George Curr.
Slaggie Johnson. Eugene Ah
ney. Elizabeth Massey.-Susie
Norton, Caluverta Fatten,
Christian Still. Fannie Hatch
ford. Lula Martin and Jose
phine Foman.
Henry Brow n also was Mas
tor of Ceremonies for the
evening program which was
participated in by Deacons C
Stratford. W Young, and Β
Jamerson. who conducted Ih
Devotional Service Ann
House, who extended the We
come Message. Ms S Nortoi
and Ms M Woodiey. whopai
Tributes to Castor Kerr\ . an
l.ula Martm. president ol tf
Pastor s Aid Club, who pr·
sented a gift to Kev Kerry an
Ins family.
Persons paying tribute
Re\ Kerry noted that since I ·
has been pastor of Mt Siai
the church has relocated.
March 2. 197Γ., at 1243 Wi
Blvd. the> have purchaf I
two new vans to transp t
members to and trom chn η
activities bought new cl r
robes for the Senior C'h
paid SriO.iKio in cash for r
vat ion. renovated the pa
age., purchased and land
ed the parking lot ; "havi
represented in all Bapt
sociations local, state..
tional·. and. added 2..
Approximately 400 perso:
attended the evening servit (
which was concluded at H :<u
ρ m
L.C. Coleman To Work For Better Services
By HoyleH. Martin Sr.
Post Executive Editor
When Lewis C. Coleman was
elected to the presidency of
the Northwest Community Ac
tion Associatiôn (NWCAA)
last year, he said that if he
ever decided to run for public
office he'd seek a seat on the
Mecklenburg County Commis
sion. He is now campaigning
for a seat on that governing
Coleman, 56, and the owner
of Coleman's Westside Sun
dries. has been very active in
community and civic affairs
for many years,
"L.C." as the candidate is
popularly called, explained to
the POST this week that his
desire for public office relates
to the fact that "the county
controls so many things that
vitally affect the needs and
concern» of our people." he
mentioned, for example,
health care, housing, employ
ment and planning
"I am concerned." Coleman
continued, "that certain seg
ments of the community are
not adequately represented
and that the (County) Com
mission too often gives priori
ty to secondary concerns."
Coleman explained the latter
point by stating that the Com
mission, for example, approv
ed the spending of $400,000 to
help purchase the First Bap
tist Church on North Tryon
Street for a cultural arts cen
ter while health services (am
bulance) for the westside had
to await a bond issue ol
In a letter mailed to thou
sands of Charlotte Mecklen
burg voters. Coleman said in
part, "As your County Com
missioner, 1 would strive for
better services for our senior
citizens, better health care al
reasonable rates, better polic«
protection, a fair income for
our teachers, equal area re
presentation on appointed go
verning boards, more jobs
through business and indus
try, and keeping our citizens
informed on concerns of im
portance. I would welcome
your ideas and suggestions on
problems of concern
The candidate's letter con
tinues, "If I am elected as a
County Commissioner, you
can be assured that I will
maintain my honesty, integri
ty, and sincerity in trying to
bring about better service and
communication to all citizens
of Mecklenburg County."
Coleman told the POST that
other goals he would pursue as
a Commissioner are consoli
dation of city and county
governments, decentralized
county medical services in
cluding the location of a new
hospital near the L'NCC cam
pus and a health station in the
northwe^j part of Charlotte, a
better return on the money
spent for police protection and
better city and county ser
vices "for the forgotten people
of the westside '
Coleman's Involvement in
civic and community affairs
shows that "he is one who can
get things done «.aid one
campaign aide Included in
Coleman's achievements are
getting support from the city
<.\iodel Cities money and the
city schools .for a summer
t l9T2i recreation program for
over 500 youth in Northwest
Charlotte, receiving $144,000
for a summer 11973> hot lunch
program for 6.<κιο inner-city
youngsters involvi '40,000
meals, having a r hool
flashing light signa , . · «. η
Oaklaun Avenue ii . ,
the Oaklawn Schoc ' · i..
sidewalks and curhs ,
Pitts Drive, and. \
assistance of City Cou
Harvey (Jantt. getting
for lights on the tennis
at West Charlotte Senio
In part because of thes.
other accomplishments
his concern with com mi'
Lewis C Coleman
MVCAA president
nee<i> Governor Holshoi
has appointed Coleman to
health boards, the Ν C He.
Coordinating Council and
Health System» Agency he.
s£r\ice area III
Coleman is married to
former Sarah Moore and is
lather of three rh.ldren
Calk Kautskv
A "Covér
Ip Specialist""
The Norlh Carolina Alliance
Against Racist and Political
Repression, which helped
bring to public light the prison
death of inmate William Mc
Laughlin. has rejected the
state Department of Correc
tions' report on the mysterious
circumstances surrounding
his death Anne Mitchell
spokesperson for the Alliance,
called the report "inadequate
and a deliberate cover-up of
the issues ." She called Assis
tant Director of Prisons W 1.
Kautsky. who prepared the
report, a cover up special
ist "
"Any intensive investiga
tion' which asserts adequate
medical treatment and "no
negligence' in connection with
the death of a man ill fgr three
weeks and receiving no.medi
cal attention is worthless non
sense.'' said Ms. Mitchell
"But we are not surprised at
such conclusions by Mr Kaut
sk>, who rereivt'ri his currec
tions' training in the prisons
and stockades of South Viet
nam. We are used to coverups
by this thug In his present
position, he constitutes a real
and present danger to other
Ms Mitchell pointed to
Kautsky's ".callous treat
ment" ol the Kev. Benjamir
Chavis. civil rights leader
now in (. entrai Prison hospital
aiter more than two months of
a spiritual last Previously
Ke\ Cha\is was incarcerated
with tubercular and mentally
unstable inmates at the Mc
Cain Prison sanatorium, .and
Kautsky has threatened to
return the 28-year-old United
Church of Christ minister to
those conditions One of Kev
Chavis' co-defendants in th«
"Wilmington 10" case, Jerry
Jacobs, was imprisoned in a
cell near William McLaugh
lin's and reported his death to
the Alliance Kor his action.
Jacobs was given a 15-day
suspended sentenced in isola
Ms. Mitchell also called for
the immediate release of the
investigative report concern
ing McLaughlin's death for
public examination and an
extensive investigation of
health rare throughout the
North Carolina prison system
The Alliance believes that the
issue of the prisoner's death
cannot be dismissed by dia.
nosis and care that could have
prevented his death "Other
statements by Mr Kautsky
asserted Ms Mitchell, ' are
deliberate attempts to divert
the attention of the public
away from the real issues, and
demonstrate more concern for
a cover-up of the problem than
for the welfare of *
Fund E*tabli><he<J In ^
Memory Of Late
Mm. Julia Duncan
SALISBURY."The family of
the late Miss Julia Β Duncan
has established a fund in her
memory It will be called the
Livingstone College Julia Β
Duncan Players Fund
Only checks should be sent
to the fund, which is being
handled by Joseph C. Duncan,
trustee. 423 S Caldwell Street,
Salisbury. Ν C
Only the interest from the
fund will be ^pent

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