North Carolina Newspapers

By Bob Johnson
REUNION FUN...Mr. and Mrs. Johnny J.
Young Senior hosted their 2nd annual family
reunion at their home recently. Family mem
bers from New York, Newark, N.J., and all parts
of South and North Carolina were present. The
Young's live at 512 Franklin Ave.
TION...Robert (Bob)
Walton, a very person
able young minister and
a Democratic candidate
for the Mecklenburg
County Commission was
the honoree at a func
tion held at the Sheraton
Motor Inn on McDowell
Street last Thursday.
Sponsors for the event
were Jim Babb, Harvey
Ganttv_Dr. Wilbert
Greenfield, and Kathryn Crosby. The program
for the evening consisted of poetry reading by
T.J. Reddy, songs by Purvis Lee, and excerpts
from the play "Purlie Victorious" presented by
Front Page Productions and featuring Josephine
Black, Scheryl Gant, H. Marie Smith, T. Michael
Moore and Larry Hardin. A mini fashion show
was also presented.
Some of the participants included Phil Berry,
A1 Midgett, Herman Waddell, Marshall Smith,
Willie Walker, James Walton, "Porgie" Wal
lace, William Hill, Herbert Anthony, Dr. and
Mrs. Raleigh Bynum, Rosie Grier, Bill Cunning
ham, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dew, Mr. and Mrs.
G.P. Johnson, Juanita Huntley, Sybil Scott and
Bernice Grier.
and Taurus Production are going to have to set
up offices in Charlotte if they continue to produce
big money making shows like they've done this
summer. Right on the heels of the Carolina Jam,
brother Perry and company put together a
package featuring Earth, Wind and Fire, Ram
sey Lewis and the Emotions. The date chosen for
this auspicious concert was July 24, time 8 p.m.,
and place Charlotte's big dome, The Coliseum.
Fantastic is a mild way to put the traffic mess,
the jubilant crowd, the dynamic performance,
and I'm sure the trip to Perry's favorite bank.
Among the people that^agejthaf frfcrosible
W^p;,MJtfg3,rfit Afln
Jerry Hudson, James Cutnbertson, Dorothy
Burgess, Vanessa Evans, John Brown, Carlos
Powers, Stephanie Massey, Wyatt Chase, Ervin
McKinley, Howard Staton, Delores Worthy,
Melvin Rosin, Belinda Bruce, Charlette Mcln
tyre, Julius, Vinson, Tommy Ferguson, Wilhe
mina Hemphill, Charles Morley, Raymond
Mason, Michael Hill, Sheldon Shipman, Mary
Rivens, Keith McCoy, Angela Massey, Sabrina
Johnson, Rene Boyd, Janice Borino, Ronnie
Ashford, David Leeper, Dusty Boyd, Shirley
Morgan, Hazel Walker, Scott Crawford, William
Dunston, Noms Dae, Paul Hemphill, Melvin
Walton, Russell Davis, Bobby Gates, Shasta
Montgomery, Johnny Outlaw, Lewis Jones, Carl
Johnson, Terry Grier, Jo-Ann Johnson, Troy
Coleman, Sylvia Johnson, Doris Crawford, Annie
Marie Straine, Thomas Rorie and Patrick
BASEBALL TRIP...Part of my weekend acti
vities included a trip to Harding High School's
baseball field to witness a rival contest between
the Charlotte Hawks and the Morris Field
Rangers. I must admit that everything about the
game was exciting, especially the bottom half of
the 9th when Randy Falls hit a grand slam
.lomerun to tie the score at 5, which consequently
led to the Rangers victory.
Some of the people responsible for the joyful
noise that rang in my ears were Larry Reid,
Leroy Herron, Jerry Nance, Annie Mae Davis,
Harry Evans, Lorraine Falls, Buster Alexander,
Rudy Pettice, Murphy and Ruby Morris, L.C.
and Carolyn Smith who entertained the victors at
their lovely home after the game, Eddie Ingram,
George Williams, Ronald Foster, David Ray,
Clifton Stowe, Annie Murphy, Calvin Story,
Peggy Grier, Amanda Williams, Robert Spence,
Ruby Hemphill, Woodrow Thompson, Samuel
Byrum, Nancy Manning, and Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Clawson.
C.B. HAPPENINGS...The C.B. Club owned
and operated by the Knights of Charlotte was the
scene of some real pariy happenings last
The club located 3112 North Davidson Street
rocked Saturdav night, July 24 to the tune of a big
tea, sponsored by the Knights boastin M.di CB
names as Queen City Skin Man, Triple L, Bo-Cat,
Service Man, Gas Man, Black Knight, Baby
Cobra, Old Buck, Mud-Man, Jungje Boy, Green
Gene, Howlin Wolf, Rag Man, Mongoose, Mr.
Clean, and Red Baron. These dudes with the help
of a rock group called Butternut entertained Ben
Chambers, Shirley Blackmon, Barbara Cureton,
Mildred Boss, Eligie McLloyd, Bobby Heath,
Jerry Howard, Carrie Cureton, Clara Ford,
Patricia Brooks, Gladys McLean, Foster Hun
ter. Annie Herron, Nathaniel Forte and many
others all night long.
...The former Miss Gwen Lawrence
Miss Gwen Lawrence Is
Bride Of Leon Hadley
July 17th marked a day of
splendor in the lives of Owen
ΓύLawrence) Hadley and Leon
ΰ Hadley when they took their
nuptial vows in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Patter
son of 553 Huntsmore Drive in
Charlotte. Rev. Webster Lytle
of Hickory, North Carolina
performed the ceremony. A
wedding reception immediate
ly followed.
The former Gwen Lawrence
is a native of Londell. North
Carolina. She attended Kings
College, where she met her
husband. After her graduation
from Kings in 1974, she be
came employed by Traveler's
Insurance Company as a
claims processor. Mrs. Had·
ley is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Lawrence of Lon
dell. North Carolina.
The groom attended Kings
College and Central Piedmont
Community College. He is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. K.T.
Wyatt of Robbins, North Caro
lina. who is presently employ
ed as a stock clerk at the
Federal Reserve Bank in
After a quick honeymoon in
the North Carolina mountains
near Asheville, the couple re
turned to Charlotte where they
now reside at 531-D Colony Aid
Alpha Alphas fcjitertain Fiettes
The members of Alpha Alpha
Chapter of Alpha Pi Chi Soro
rity, Inc. entertained the Piet
ies of Theta Omega Chapter of
Lexington, N.C. here last
Mrs. Carolyn Gibson served
as hostess for the occasion at
their lovely home at 56()l Cher
rycrest Lane.
In addition to the honored
guçsts, the organization heard
reports from Mrs. M able Dy
kes, chairman of the Rush
Committee, Mrs. Mable Ree
der, chairman of the Carna
tion Girl committee, and from
Mrs. Hallie Zanders, the cor
respondence secretary.
Piettes attending the meet
ing were Ms. Lizzetta Young,
Ms. Patsy Lattimore, Ms. Co
lumbia Nixon, Ms. Betsy J.
Calhoune, Ms Geneva Gil
christ and Ms. Rebecca Gil-i
Alpha Alpha members in
attendance were Ms. Virginia
Stepheau, president; Ms. Ro
berta Lyles. Ms. Reeder, Ms.
Marie Adams. Ms rivrf»
Johnson. Ms. Zanders. Ms.Dy
kes, Ms. Margaret Harris, Ms.
Doreatha Davis, Ms. Sadie
Griggs, Ms Ethel McDowell,
Ms. Margaret Johnson. Ms.
Lucille W'itherspoon, Ms.Bill
ye Roper, Ms. Ethelye Hay
nes, Ms. Lula Mae Brown and
Ms. Ruth Johnson.
— Births —
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cherry
451 Basin St....A boy
Mr. and Mrs. David Walker
2220 Holly St....A girl
I - -
Ms. Mattie Grisby
Heads Epicureans
The Silver Anniversary of
National Epicureans. Incor
porated. hosted by the Dan
ville, Virginia Chapter and
held at the Hyatt House, Win
ston-Salem, North Carolina,
attracted 171 delegates and
their husbands. The theme of
the activities was "Reflec
tions: Yesterday, Today and
Approximately 500 guests
attended the Silver Ball on
Friday night at the Benton
Convention Center Breakfast
was served after the dance.
At the Saturday afternoon
business session the following
officers were elected to serve
a two year term. The newly
elected National President is
Mrs. Donald D. Grigsby (Mat
tie Solice) of the Charlotte
Chapter Mrs. Ramon (Rheba
T.) Smithea of the New York
City Chapter was elected Vice
President. Other officers are
Mrs. Charles (Erma Β ) Tho
mas. Recording Secretary, of
the columbus. Ohio Chapter.
Mrs. Conway (Anne) Mitter,
Corresponding Secretary, of
the Norfolk, Va. Chapter.
Mrs. Warren (Jean P.l Ro
gers. Treasurer, of the Peters
burg, Va Chapter; Mrs. Wal
ter (Esther) Randolph, Par
liamentarian, of the Rich
mond. Va. Chapter; and Mrs.
William (Bettye) Morton,
Journalist, of Baltimore, Md
Special tributes were paid at
the closed Bicentennial Dance
held on Saturday night in the
Hyatt House Regency Room.
Recognition was given to th
Founders from Richmond, Va
who first organized a club in
UNCC Ranks
Among Southeast's
Top 10 Schools
For the second year, the
University of North Carolina
at Charlotte has ranked in the
top 10 schools in the Southeast
for the performance of its
student branch of the Institute
for Electrical and Electronic
There are 54 such branches
in UNCC's region. The UNCC
branch was selected on the
basis of an annual report,
membership efforts, and par
ticipation in a paper competi
Mrs. Mattie Grisby
.Elected to serve 2 years
1944 and selected the nami
Epicureans and the theme
"Eat. Drink, and Be Merry.'
The organization flourishec
and as its members moved tc
other parts of the country, new
chapters were formed. In 1952
a charter was issued by the
State of Virginia and National
Epicureans. Incorporated was
born What began as a club ol
young girl friends to maintain
contacts begun in high school
and college has now grown
into a seventeen chapter or
ganization with two hundred
seventy-seven members.
The original theme has been
expanded to include benevo
lent causes and socially ori
ented issues toward which
chapters within the national
organization make significant
contributions. Their national
project is the National Asso
ciation for the Advancement
of Colored People, each chap
ter subscribing t* a Life Mem
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