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DEC 1 7 1976 H. *•". <9202
CHARLOTTE, N. C. 2820^,
, CALL 392-1306 - V .7 . . „ * ^ ' V JL | BY FAR. MORE
i ■■■ Charlotte s Fastest Growing Community Weekly” I BLACK consumers
Dr. Sutton
Is Formally
The Rev. Dr Alan B. Sutton
wins formally installed as pas
tot oT Kbenezer Baptist
Jiurch during Sunday after
noon services conducted by
denomination Moderator Dr.
J B. Humphrey.
After the “Administering Of
The Charge” to the church
congregation and pastor-elect
Sutton by Rev. Humphrey, the
former pastor of Union Bap
tist Church, Wilmington, N.C.
offically became the succes
sor of the late Dr. A.J. Ryans,
who held the post 28 years
befor his death.
To mark the occasion, an
Installation Committee, head
ed by Chairman Ceasar Wal
lace and composed of Claude
Boyd, William Byrd, Mrs.
Warbirk Corley, Mrs. Bernice
B. Douglas, Tennyson L. John
son Sr., Mrs. Mary B. Max
well, Ruben McKissick, and
Mrs. Bertha A. Spencer, con
ducted two days of activities
beginning on Saturday night,
November 20, with a Buffet
Supper in the Student Union
U O 11 rxf InknrnM r* o_
Organist William Crowder
and soloist James Nesbit fur
nished the music for the occa
sion which was attended by
225 guest including Judge Clif
ton Johnson, County Commis
sioner Robert Walton, Coun
cilman Harvey Gantt, Dr. and
Mrs. J.B. Humphrey, Rev.
^r.d- MrS; John Thomas, Rev.
and Mrs. R.W. Dalton, Rev.
and Mrs. Coleman Kerry, Jr.,
Rev. and Mrs. M L. Dilling
ham, and the famous dancer,
"Peg Leg” Bates.
The Rev. J.W. Baines, pas
tor of First Baptist Church,
Roxboro, N.C. was the featur
ed speaker for the Saturday
Guest speaker for the 11:00
a m. Sunday Worship Service
was Rev. M.L. Dillingham of
Wilmingtoh, PJ.C. and Rev.
R.W. Dalton delivered the
message at the Sunday after
noon Installation Service
where Ebenezer’s new pastor
"was presented several beau
tiful paintings, by artist Pres
ton Fair, for his office and
home,” according to church
spokeswoman Mary Maxwell,
who added, “A beautiful Re
ception in the church’s Fel
lowship Hall (733 East Trade
St.) followed the Installation
Rev. Sutton has served as
interim pastor of Ebenezer
Baptist Church since July. He
and his wife live on Capps-Hill
\Loc Road and have three
c*dren: Pam, Alan Jr., and
Gov. Holshouser
Appoints 5 To
Medical Commission
Governor Jim Holshouser
announced this week the ap
pointment of two new mem
bers and three present mem
bers to the North Carolina
Medical Care Commission.
The members reappointed
are: Dr. William L. Adcock,
Jr . of Raleigh, Dr David S.
Nelson of Winston-Salem'and
Thomas R Howerton of Dur
ham. The new members are
Mrs. Mattye M. Reed of
Greensboro and Sister Mary
J Spradley of Charlotte.
The EASIEST WAY to pick
out the host at a COCKTAIL
p.\KTY is to find the one who
...A very special person
Miss Tara Byrd
Is Beauty Of Week
By Melvetta Jenkins
Post Staff Writer
The delightful 16 year-old
Tara Byrd is featured as this
week’s Beauty.
Tara is the daughter of Mrs.
Betty Goines of 402 Benjamin
Street. She is a junior at
Myers Park High School,
where she is a member of the
ROTC, the Project Aries Club,
which visits area junior high
schools to help them with their
problems, the Upward Bound
Program, which is located at
Johnson C. Smith University,
and the Distributive Educa
tion Club.
Tara says that English is
her favorite subject and that
Mrs. Mason, a history in
structor, is her favorite teach
Among her various hobbies,
Tara listed dancing, singing,
and meeting new people as her
Presently Tara’s future
plans are up in the air, with
joining the Navy, where she
can implement the training
she has acquired from ROTC
and serve her country, or
going on to college being her
two main choices.
Our Beauty worships at
Gethsemane Baptist Church
where Rev. C.E. Dewberry is
the pastor.
"I like Gladys Knight," Ta
ra says, explaining the choice
of Miss Knight as her favorite
singer, "because of her dyna
mic voice and style. Her re
cordings are always ’right on
time' and have a lot of mean
ing which is accented by her
special style, of singing.”
Our 5'7" Beauty was born
under the sign of Capricorn on
January 13, 1960, so she is
looking forward to her upcom
ing 17th birthday. Tara says
that her knowledge of astrolo
gy is limited but that she has
heard other people describe
Capricorns as being stubborn.
"But I'm not,” Tara says,
clarifying the point.
Tara recognizes her aunt,
Mrs. Frances Debeuneure, as
the person she admires the
most, excluding her mother.
"She's really special to me.
Anytime that I want to go
somewhere, she's the person
who persuades my mother to
let me go. She's just sweet,”
Tara smiled
Our Beauty, in regards to
being Beauty of the Week,
says "It's a pleasure, really,
because, like most people, I
like to see my picture in
,the newspaper It makes you
feel special.
Tara, who used to be a
Candy Striper at a local hospi
tal, says that she still likes to
go visit the elderly people
there. ‘‘I like to visit them
because a lot of them are
without families and I believe
that having visitors makes
them feel like they are wanted
and that they’ve got some
She says that she loves
children and plans to adopt a
child when she’s in a better
position to do so. "I think that
there are too many unwanted
children in the world today
without parents,” Tara says.
“So, instead of bringing some
of my own into this over
crowded world, I plan to help
some of the children who are
already here and need my
"I believe that you should
“do unto others as you’d have
them do unto you,” because
it’s really true that what goes
around comes around.”
The POST urges all to take
heed of Tara’s refreshing,
hope-giving philosophy of life
and to enjoy this blessed
Christmas season.
W a _ _
^_ _ • *wv ^
Toys Before
Toy-related injuries wil!
wipe out the joy of the holiday
season for thousands of young
sters this year,. Many acci
dents can be avoided by heed
ing some common sense pre
cautions-especially by hur
ried shoppers looking foi
children’s gifts at the Iasi
The Dogwood Easter Sea
Society serving Anson, Cabar
rus, Cleveland, Gaston, Lin
coin, Mecklenburg and Unior
suggests that shoppers take i
few minutes to examine a toj
before buying. That extri
time could save a child fron
serious injury.
Although most toys on thi
market are safe for children comprehensive safe
ty standards developed bv th<
American Toy Industry, there
still are some that are poten
tially dangerous. The U.S
Consumer Product Safetj
Commission has banned some
1800 toys in the past three
years, most of foreign origin
Parents can help cut dowi
accidents by providing safe
storage space for toys suitable
for older children that wouh
be hazardous in the hands o
young children. Most of the
estimated 150,000 toy relatee
injuries each year occui
through misuse of the toys
lack of guidance and adequate
-Be sure your child is oh
enough or sophisticated e
nough for the toy you choose
Don’t give a six-year-oh
shooting toys, or a pre-school
er a chemistry set.
-Beware of rough or sharj
edges on toys and stay awae
from toddlers’toys that come
apart easily-those tiny part!
can choke a child.
-When shopping for an infant
be sure the toy is unbreakable
and too big to fit in the child’!
mouth. A broken piece o
plastic can do great damage te
a youngster’s eyes or ears.
-Check all electric toys to be
sure that both the cord and the
toy itself have UL (Under
writers Laboratory) approval
If not, don’t buy it.
vin, third from left, accepts gavel from past
president Rufus D. Spears, left. Other officers
•/">! . n • i
Photo by Peeler
included: Myra Maxwell, Willie Walker.
Jackie McKinly. Horace Gaines, and Julia
r resiueru
Melvin Heads JCSU Alumni
, ■ By James Peeler
, Post Staff Writer
I James I. Melvin, a native of
Cay'ce, South Carolina, was
installed last Wednesday night
I as President of the Charlotte
Chapter of Johnson C. Smith
University Alumni Associa
tion during the organization's
regular monthly meeting at
I Excelsior Club.
New President Melvin is a
1969 graduate of Johnson C.
I Smith University. He also has
an M.A. degree in economics.
He is married to the former
i Joyce Johnson, a student in
the School of Nursing at the
• University of North Carolina
i at Charlotte. They have one
daughter, Kerin, age 5.
He is a member of Mt
1 Carmel Baptist Church and
1 sing on the church's Senior
1 Melvin is also Second Vice
Polemarch of Kappa Alpha
! Psi Fraternity.
*, The 30-year-old Melvin suc
ceeds R.D. Spears who has
served at Alumni President
since December of 1974
During his administration,
President .Melvin says he “has
a strong desire to increase the
chapter's revenue so that larg
er amounts of money can be
given to the University." He
also "hopes to increase active
participation in the operations
of the chapter and form a
better liason between the
chapter and the University."
Other officers installed at
Wednesday's meeting includ
ed Joe Majors. Second Vice
President; Glynda Pyant.
First Vice President; Myra
Maxwell. Secretary; Jackie
McKinly. Corresponding Se
cretary; Horace Gaines, Trea
surer. Willie W. Walker, Sgt
At-Arms; and Julia Garvin,
(CCNS) - Joanne Little has
won two recent battles which
could have delayed her re
lease from prison on parole
later this month. The first
battle was a hearing to deter
mine if her 1974 probation
from a shoplifting conviction
should be revoked, thus mak
ing active a 6 month suspend
ed sentence The second was a
charge of possession of items
banned from inmate posses
sion at the North Carolina
Correctional Center for Wo
men where she is incarcerat
ed. She will be eligible for
parole on December 19. at
which time ;he will have
served one-fourth of her sen
The hearing before Superior
Court Judge Herbert Phillips
to determine if Ms. Little's
probation should be revoked.
Officially designated as a
court proceeding, it has been
characterized by Ms Little
and her supporters as one
more way to keep me in
prison.” The heroine was
charged with moving from her
home in Beaufort County with
out notifying and receiving
consent from her probation
Charlotte City Government
announces the follow ing sche
dule. for Christmas and New
Year's holidays.
Due to the four-day work
week, the Sanitation Division
will provide service to each
residence in the city on a
Monday and Wednesday and
Tuesday and Thursday sche
dule for backyard garbage
collections There will be no
curbside trash collection dur
uecemoer i v
Joanne Little Eligible For Parole
officer, Mary Moore, and with
violating the terms of her pro
bation when she was convicted
in June, 1974 for a January 9,
1974 breaking and entering of
a mobile home in Beaufort
It was following the Beau
fort County conviction, while
Ms. Little was in jail in
Washington, North Carolina,
that she was sexually assault
ed by jailer Clarence Alligood
She killed Alligood and was
later acquitted in a nationally
publicized trial
Jerry Paul, one of Ms. Lit
tle's defense attorneys, ar
gued that the State had waited
too long in bringing the char
ges. and that bringing the
charges at that point would
serve only to delay the parole
for which Ms Little will be
eligible on December 19
"Why did the State wait until
Ms. Little was ready to be
paroled to bring this charge?"
Paul asked the court.
"Your honor. I talked with
you on three occasions about
these violations and asked
your advice on what to do."
answered Ms Mary Moore,
Joanne Little's probation offi
, cer Judge Phillips and Assis
tant District Attorney Hoover
appeared shocked. “You said
that there was too much na
tional interest and publicity
around Joanne for charges to
be brought at that time' Ms
Moore continued to explain to
the Judge. The Judge's me
mory refreshed, he asked Ms
Moore what disposition she
would recommend, and she
suggested that Ms Little's
probation not be revoked
Despite the probation offi
cer's testimony D A Hoover
still argued that Ms Little's
probation should be revoked
because "we can show no
special treatment for Joanne
Little or Susan Smith." Paul
and co-counsel Williamson re
sponded that if it were not
Joanne Little the charges
would not have been brought.
Joanne's second bout to pre
vent a possible delay in her
December parole came the
following day, December 1, in
Women's Prison in Raleigh
Ms. Little was charged in
November with possession of
a pair of scissors and cassette
tapes Both items are prohi
bited from inmate possession
Ms Little said that her pos
session of the items was ap
proved by prison staff mem
bers. The shears, she said,
was approved by a quilting
instructor, and the tapes by
her drama instructor She said
that the charges were "ano
ther way of them to keep me
from_ being paroled "
Superintendent Louis Po
well, contacted by reporters,
made an investigation and
later in the day dropped the
Home Builder*
Optimistic About
Hoiiaing Upsurge
Home Builders Association
of Charlotte this week expres
sed optimism for the local
housing industry. End of the
year figures support this out
look as single family housing
starts to surge upward
Comparing J a n u a r >
through November starts, 197*.
shows a 3 percent increast
over the 1974 figures and a Jo
percent increase over the 1973
From Court
delegation from the Ronnie
Long Defense Committee was
ejected from the Rowan Coun
ty Court House in Salisbury as
they attempted for the second
time to present petitions call
ing for reduction in Ronnie
Long's $100,000 bond to Supe
rior Court Judge William Z
Wood, the judge that sen
tenced Long to two life terms
after an intense week-long
trial in Concord in September
of this year, had set Long's
bond at $100,000 pending ap
me ueiegauon naa in meir
possession petitions contain
ing the signatures of over 1000
persons calling for reduction
of the bail. They had been
waiting at the Rowan County
Court House to present the
petitions to Wood, who was
scheduled to begin holding
court there. Wood a source
said, spotted the delegation
and entered the court house
from another entrance. The
delegation then attempted to
present the petitions to Wood,
but were prevented from do
ing so by the Rowan County
Sheriff’s Department, which
refused to allow them into the
courtroom They were then
told to leave the courthouse
and were escorted out by
several armed deputies.
Long, age 20 of Concord,
N.C.. was convicted by an
all-white jury of the rape of
Sarah M Bost, the widow of a
Cannon Mills executive. Seven
of the jurors were Cannon Mill
employees. Cannon Mills is
one of the major industries in
North Carolina, and in the
Concord area in particular.
This was the second time
that Wood had refused to
accept the bail petitions. Ear
lier an attempt was made to
present them to Wood when he
was still holding court in
Concord huf hp rpfucprt in
City Announces
Holiday Schedules
ing the week Therefore, the
city officials are asking that
no trash be placed at the curb.
A spokesman for the city said
the York Road Landfill will be
open from 8 a m to 4 p.m.
from December 20 through
December the 23 It will also
be open until noon on Decem
ber 24 The landfill will be
closed on Christmas Day.
City employees will also get
a holiday on Monday, Decern
accept them He told the com
mittee that-they would have to
present them through the law
yer, which the committee said
appeared to be an attempt to
divert and delav the presenta
Mrs. Staley To
Attend White
House Conference
Mrs Hazel Staley of Char
lotte has been appointed by
Governor James E Holshou
ser, Jr to be one of the sixteen
delegates to represent North
Carolina next year at the
White House Conference on
Handicapped Individuals
The appointment took place
in Raleigh at a luncheon meet
ing on Friday December 10,
where delegates were pre
sented their commissions by
the Governor
Six regional North Carolina
Conferences of the White
House Conference have been
held throughout North Caro
lina during the past several
months providing North Caro
lina's handicapped individuals
an opportunity to speak out on
their needs and problems
The White House Confer
ence will be held May 23-27.
1977 at the Sheraton-Park Ho
tel in Washington. D C. Total
attendance at the conference
is estimated to be 2.S00 per
sons and at least fifty percent
of these will be handicapped
i 4/ v.uiin iMm Mrrv ites ior
the week alter Christmas will
be on a Tuesday and Thursday
and a Wednesday and Friday
schedule, with two backyard
garbage pickups during the
Special curbside trash ser
vice will be provided during
the week
Residents north of Wilkin
son and Independence Boule
vards should place their trash
at the curb by 7 a m Thurs
day, December 30 for collec
tion the same day On the
southside. residents should
place items at the curbside by
7 a m on Friday. December 31
for pickup the same day
The York Road Landfill will
be open from 8 am. tot pm
from December 27 through
December 30and until noon on
December 31 The landfill will
be closed New Year's Day
All City government offices
will be closed on Monday,
Januar> 3 in observance of
New Year's Sanitation Divi
sion will provide two backyard
garbage collections during the
week on a Tuesday and Thurs
day and Wednesday and Fri
day schedule
No curbside trash will be
collected during the week
However, trash at the curb
will be collected on Tuesday.
January II and on Wednes
day. January 12

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