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CHARLOTTE, NORTH ÇAROLINA-28208-Thursday, December 30, 1976
Radisson Plaza Hotel To
Employ 350 Local People
Inn Prefers
By Hoy le H. Martin Sr.
Post Executive Editor
Downtown Charlotte's first
new hotel in 36 years, will open
at the corner of Trade and
Tryon Streets on or about
February 1 with a staff of
iipproximately 350 men and
women recruited and trained
trom the local labor market,
according to Harold Britt,
persona) director for the 15
story 381-room Radisson Pla
za Hotel.
Britt they arc "accept
iiig applications through the
local Employment Security
( ommission office· and will
begin interviewing applicants
next week. Britt noted that the
Radisson is "seeking appli
cants as much for their inte
rest as well as having an
aptitude" for hotel work.
"Obviously," he concluded,
"we prefer experienced peo
ple, however, others who show
a strong interest may lie hired
and given on-the-job train
Ms. Gail Anderson, an ESC
applicant interviewer, con
firmed that her office is giving
initial interviews to job seek
ers responding to newspaper
ads about employment at the
new hotel. She added that
Kadisson company applica
tion forms are filled-out and
appointments arranged for
each applicant to be finally
interviewed by Mr. Britfs
Kxcept for a few key per
sonnel transferred to Char
lotte from the Kadisson Hotel
Corporation's Minnesota
headquarters, all of the office
and accounting personnel, bell
service and housekeeping
staff, and food and beverage
employees will be employed
from the local area
The Charlotte Kadisson, a
reported $17 million invest "
ment, represents the 15th to be
operated by the Kadisson Ho
tel Corp.
City Auto Decabt
(ίο < In Sale Monday
All owners of motor vehicles
who live inside the city limits
must purchase a city auto
decal by February 15, 1977
The decals are SI.UO each and
may be bought at several
locations Beginning January
the decals may be purchas
cd at the North Carolina De
partment of Motor Vehicles
License Plate Bureaus at
F reedom Village Shopping
Center, 2949 Freedom Drive
und 8050 Ε Independence
Boulevard City decals will go
on sale January 4 at various
locations visited by the Mobilc
City Mall and a window num
ber one on first floor of City
Hall, BOO Ε Trade St All
oil ices of Charlotte city go
vernment will l»e closed Janu
ary I in observance of New
Year's Day.
Sponsored by businessman Oliii Grier
Grier Sponsors Dinner For 50
unn oner, owner of G & M
Supperette at 1215 Oaklawn
Ave. in the Green viUe residen
tial section, sponsored a
Christmas Dinner for 50 Sen
ior Citizens of the neighbor
hood last Friday evening at
Westside Neighborhood Cen
The elderly neighborhood
residents enjoyed a dinner of
Turkey, Ham, sliced barbeque
and all the trimmings follow
ing a brief program which
included a short speech by Mr.
Sam Kornegay, Director of
the Charlotte Area f und, and
the singing of Christmas ca
rols by the Huey Sisters of the
Waves of Joy Baptist Church.
Mrs. Verona Mclllwain is
Director of the Westside
Neighborhood Center where
the dinner was held. Mrs.Wil
lie Hart catered the food pro
vided by Mr. Grier who also
gave each of the Senior citi
zens a bag of fruit and a
monetary gift to neighborhood
resident Mary Allen who
brings Grier and his assistant, '
as unci M^a, —
Kay Brown, breakfast and
cakes from time to time and,
she is our mama.
GrifT sponsored a Christ
mas party for 300 neighbor
hood kids last Christmas and
says he plans to make the
Senior Citizen Dinner "an an
nual thing."
He is a member of McClin
tock Presbyterian Church,
pastored by Rev. Deforestei
Baxter, where he serves as a
Deacon and a member of the
Gospel Choir.
Governor-Elect Jim Hunt Asks
169 Policy Makers To Resign
ι ) -viovernor-eieci
Hunt's request for the resigna
tion of 169-top state govern
ment policy makers only in
cluded positions held by three
Blacks. Hunt said his "re
sponsibility is to run the go
vernment" as he said that
many of the career workers
would be retained.
Hunt's move to require the top
policy makers to resign and
possibly be retained by him
would allow him to "get con
trolof the bureaucracy." The
thiW Black policy, makers
within the 169 were Dr. Renee
Wescott Hill, Director of the
Division of Social Services of
the Department of Human
Resources; Harold Lilly, Ma
nager of a Geographic Com
mand Section within the Divi
sion of Prisons of the Depart
ment of Corrections; and
Frank Bright, Field Opera
tions Director of the Adult
Probation and Parole Section
of the Department of Correc
The positions asked to be
vacated by the governor-elect
mciuueu ii irum uie uepan
ment- of administration, 11
from the Corrections, 10 from
Commerce, 10 from Cultural
Resources, 27 from Human
Resources, 15 from Military
and Veterans Affairs, 7 from
Revenue, 22 from Natural and
Economic Resources, and 27
from Transportation.
Whether the three Blacks in
top positions will be reap
pointed and more Blacks hired
in policy making positions to
replace the traditional all
white core of policy makers is
yet to be seen. Gary Pearce,
press secretary for Governor
elect hunt, said that the ap
pointment of Howard Lee, a
Black, and former mayor of
Chapel Hill and Dr. Sarah T.
Morrow to first cabinet ap
pointments indicated a "diffe
rent perspecitve."
Most of the positions that
Hunt asked to be vacated were
management level positions.
John Edwards, a memeber of
the transitional staff of Gover
nor-elect Hunt said recently
that Blacks were much needed
in top management level posi
tions, and that an effort was
being made to recruit Blacks
Poet Office To
Observe Holiday
New Year's Day will be
observed as a national legal
holiday by the U.S. Postal
All administrative offices
will be closed, said a state
ment from the Postmaster. No
call window service will be
maintained at any station.
Self-service units will be
operating as usual and stamp
vending machines will be a
vailable. said a statement.
No regular delivery service
willjie made.
with management skills. Ed
wards said that Blacks with
management skills do not
want to leave the security of
their jobs in business to take a
job for four years. Fearce said
that Blacks are being sought
for management level posi
tions to fill top cabinet level
Blacks have been hired in
policy making positions in
scarce numbers by most ad
ministrations since the turn of
the century when Blacks lost
most of the electoral power
attributed to the decline of the
Reconstruction Era.
Most recently, the Demo
cratic administrations which
preceeded the Holshouser ad
ministration had only one or
two Blacks in visible positions
as a sign of Black progress
Government Figures
Offer Mixed Views
By Sidney Moore Jr.
Post Staff Writer
Government tigures on tne
economy offer mixed views of
how workers are getting a
The figures show workers
had more money to spend in
November than in October. A
report from the Bureau of
Labor Statistics says the in
crease resulted from (1) an
increase in average hours
worked, (2) a rise in average
weekly earnings, and (3) a
slowing in the rate of inflation.
Rule Changes
In Social
Security Law
Rule changes in the social
security law will benefit retir
ed workers and result in high
er taxes for the upper middle
Presently, retired workers
can earn up to $2,760 per year
before social security pay
ments would be cut off. The
new 1977 limit will be $3,000.
Under the old rules, a retir
ed worker could earn up to
$230 in any month before a
social security payment would
be denied. That limit changes
to $250 in 1977.
Since the social security tax
rate is still 5.83 of covered
wages, most people will pay
the same amount. Only those
persons earning over $15,300
per year will be affected,
according to published re
ports. Previously, the govern
ment did not require social
security tax payments on
earnings greater than this fi
gure. Now the government
will require tax payments on
income up to $16,500.
About 19 million people will
be affected by the change.
Each will pay a maximum of
$70.20 additional social securi
ty tax during 1977. Self-em
ployed persons may pay a
slightly higher amount.
However, the figures also
show that workers have .less
money to spend this Novem
ber than in November 1975.
The bureau blames inflation
and recession.
Since 1967, economists at the
bureau have been measuring
the effect of the changing
economy on workers. It is
using these measurements to
determine the value of money
workers earn and spend.
From this information, the
bureau reports whether the
worker is better or worst off.
According tO| the bureau,
workers have experienced
slight increases, in spendable
earning from July through '
In addition to earnings, the
bureau measures the effect
of prices. This measure is
called the consumer price in
The index shows that prices
have risen 173.8 percent since
During the recent recording
period, the index shows a
small decline in food prices.
The rate was 0.3 of 1 percent.
Prices for goods other than
food rose about 0.4 of 1 per
cent. Charges for services also
Lower overall food prices
resulted from sharp decreases
in the price of fresh vegetables
and pork. Dairy products were
also lower for the first time
this year, said the bureau.
Food prices that increased
include beef, fresh fruit, eggs
and coffee.
Non-food goods with in
creased prices include furni
ture, tobacco products, appa
rel, used cars, gasoline, motor
oil, fuel oil and coal.
Costs for services that in
creased include transporta
tion, auto-insurance rates,
parking fees and medical
An overveiw of these statis
tics seem to indicate that the
economy in November was at
a standstill. Slight increases in
spendable income for workers
was matched by increased
prices for some foods, non
food goods and services.
...Born under sign of Capricorn
Marilyn Tillman
Is Beauty Of Week
By Gardenia Dalton
Post Staff Writer
Miss Marilyn Denise Till
man comes to us as the
of the Week. Miss Tillman
resides at 315 East Meeting
Street in Lancaster, South
The daughter of Mrs. Alice
Tillman and the late Henry
Tillman, our Beauty was born
under the sign of Capricorn on
January 5,1958. This dutstand
ing young lady is now 18 years
A*junior at the University of
South Carolina at Lancaster1
Regional Campus. Miss Till
man is majoring in elemen
tary education She has been a
cheerleader at the Regional
Campus for three years and
has served as head cheerlead
er for two years. She has
received two trophies for
cheering at this point Along
with cheering, Marilyn's inte
rests are also centered on
basketball. She is a member of
the girl's basketball ieam at
USC-Lancastêr. She was se
lected "Miss Homecoming"
by the men's basketball team
for 1975-76. Her other interests
and hobbies include meeting
new people and participating
in track
In June of 1976, Marilyn
Tillman competed in the
"Miss Black Lancaster Pa
geant." She won the evening
gown competition and also the
title of Miss Black Lancaster
She also competed in the state
pageant, held the following
month Says Marilyn, "I did
not place in this pageant but I
met some of the nicest people
you could ever want to meet
and some of the most beautiful
girls "
Her plans for the future are
to become an elementary
school teacher and to live in
Columbia. South Carolina.
Hunt's Inauguration Set For Noon, January 8.
υ., λ«η ι_ . .. *
Post Staff Writer
Governor-elect Jim Hunt
will be inaugurated at noon, in
Raleigh, Saturday, January 8.
The inauguration is the
highpoint of a two-day sche
dule of ceremonies and
"We want this inaugural to
be for all the people of North
Carolina and I look forward to
seeing the people from
throughout the state at the
inaugural," Hunt said.
Governor James E. Hols
shouser Jr. is scheduled to
proclaim the beginning of in
augural ceremonies al 11 a m
Friday, January 7 The Inau
gural Ball begins at R ρ m.
Three events precede the
inauguration on Saturday The
ceremony will be followed by
a I:to unit parade, which will
be viewed from a special
stand by Governor and Mrs
Hunt. Lieutenant Governor
and Mrs. Green.
Mecklenburg Democrats
are sponsoring a parade float.
There will also be Army ROTC
units from North Carolina
A4T University, St Augustine
College and five other schools
A public reception follows
the parade at the Executive
Mansion at 3:30 p.m.
Hunt is a 39-year-old
Greensboro native. He attend
ed public school in Wilson
County. The new governor
earned a Β S degree in agri
cultural education from North
Carolina State in 1939 and an
M S degree in agricultural
economics in 1962 He also
earned a law degree from the
University of North Carolina
in Chapel Hill in 1964
in aaainon (ο practicing
law. Hunt has been economic
advisor to Nepal and has
worked for the Democratic
National Committee. He has
held membership in a number
of civic, professional and so
cial organizations
He was elected the state's
first full-time lieutenant go
vernor in 1972 and, in four
years, presided over four ses
sions of the General Assem
bly He was the highest-rank
ing Democrat to overcome a
Republican tide that year, for
the first time in this century.
Republicans won the race for
Governor and United States
As lieutenant governor, he
established a record of pro
gressive. people-oriented lea
dership He was responsible
for enactment of campaign
ι muni r iriurms mut rruui eu
the influence of special inte
rests in elections and for tin
passage of an ethics code
requiring legislators to dis
close their economic interests
He followed suit by disclosing
his own income tax returns
and full details of his econo
mic interests
He also actively supported
utilities reform, the establish
ment of a reading program for
the schools, land-use legislu
lion, the Equal Rights Amend
ment, the Energy Policy Act
and a state kindergarten pro
In his campaign for gover
nor. Hunt called for a New
Beginning" in North Carolina
He emphasized educational
improvements, particularly
better reading instruction,
strong anti-crime legislation
Jim iiuni
People oriented leader
stronger utilities regulation
and a new thrust ior economic
development in the state.
Nothing is more depressing
than to feel bad in the morning
without having had any fun
the night before.

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