Smart Driving Techniques Squeeze More Miles Per Gallon Special To The Post Galloping prices at the gas pump make it more desirable than ever to get the best mileage you can from each gallon you buy From the December Reader's Digest here are some proven-and sometimes surprising-tech niques gathered by Robert Sikorsky, a consultant to seve ral major oil companies. Don't warm up your car. Idling just burns gas An engine on the road at slow speeds for the first couple of miles warm up faster and lubricate more efficiently. Don't tailgate. Constant brak ing and accelerating is murd er on the mileage. The 55 mph speed limit was enacted because it saves gas. A car traveling at 70-mph gets only two-thirds the gas eco-, nomy of a car going 45. Open windows create wind turbulence and holds the car back. At highway speeds, they can lower mileage as much as ten percent. Keep your tank on the full side to prevent gasoline loss from evaporation or conden sation, but not to the brim in hot weather. Gas expands in heat and forces itself out, you could lose a half-gallon of gas this way. Inflating your tires three or five pounds above the re commended pressure will in crease tire life and gas mile age Running on underinflated tires could cost you two miles per gallon. Radial tires improve mile age; snow tires cut it down. So don't put your snows on until you absolutely need them, and take them off as soon as you can. Some car" extras will cost you in gas mileage, others will improve it. An overdrive, or five-speed transmission, can improve highway fuel econo my by up to 15 percent. Conversely, battery-powered accessories activate the alter nator-generator to restore to the batiery what is being used up. The car burns more gas to provide power to turn the generating unit. As a rule of thumb, anything that adds weight to the car decreases mileage The best way to lower your gas consumption is to car pool. A Federal Highway Adminis tration study shows that if you drive 10 miles each way to work in a standard-sized car, the yearly cost-including gasoline, insurance, deprecia tion and repairs-is $750. If yofl join a four-person car pod where each person shares J the driving, each of you cal save >884.—_ - 1 Reduce Holiday | "SUIVES-MOI" The Look: The hair is beautifully waved and rolled. / The Feeding: Romantic and elegant. Beads (from the haidwarc sUirel ) are used to accentuate thé contours of this *&]». Light Touch: The waves are captured and kept in place with the help of Light Touch, which is combed through the hair before it is rolled. Posner Introduce "Light Touch" Special To The Post Be it in New York, the West Indies, London or Lagos, to day's black woman is into a whole new look-ultra-chic and naturally feminine. Stunning ly beautiful, she turns heads in every city and graces the covers of leading fashion mag fashion and cosmetic industry have been quick to spot this burgeoning new market. That lrwfiy Posner Labora tories, a company with 80 years experience in the beauty business, is introducing Light Touch, a new hair care con cept for the black woman. Light Touch is a conditioner and grooming product that will ensure easy-to-manage hairstyles for a free and natu ral look. These softer styles have been impossible to achieve with the heavy pomades and conditioners which have been the only choice· to date. Transparent, pale gold Light Touch contains only a small fraction of solids, com pared with 40 percent to 90 solid materials in most other products. It does not contain petrolatum or wax and so is both light and emollient. Light Touch adds slip to the hair, and there is no sticky "drag", a real problem in cold weather when waxes solidify Even the cream's lanolin component is a special, de-waxed liquid lanolin. Light Touch is a specially formulated combination of rich substances. Besides lano lin, it contains silicone, which imparts gloss, softness and easy manageability. Another important ingredient is pro tein oil which replenishes hair protein lost during washing and chemical treatments. Light Touch also maintains proper moisture balance by acting as an insulator on the hair's surface: it locks in natural moisture and prevents outside humidity penetration so the hair is naturally lubri cated. In addition, delicately scent ed Light Touch protects and heals the hairs's cuticle, a natural protective layer which can peel off as the hair ages or is subjected to repeated chem ical treatment. If the cutifcle is lost, the hair shaft falls apart and the resulting split ends, uneven growth and surface holes deaden the look of any hairstyles-no matter how flat tering. In essence. Light Touch is a whole new experience in hair care for the black woman. The extensive Posner line of hair care products and cosme tics is carried by major retail chains and drug stores throughout the U.S and abroad Chores With Advance Planning Here's some plan-ahead ideas to help reduce the flurry of activity surrounding the Christmas holiday: Start baking and freezing cookies weeks before Christ mas and arrange them in tins with a variety on every layer. Then you can fill a tray with an assortment in a matter of minutes, say specialists with tural Extension Service. Buy staples and holiday food necessities early. For minor, last minute shopping when the supermarkets are crowded, you can use the express check out lanes. Stock up on cheese, crack ers and nonperishable party food items so you can say "drop in" to friends on the spur of the moment. Bake a batch of assorted holiday breads and wrap them in separate packages to freeze and use as you need them. Christmas Sewing Leafing through pattern books is almost the same as leafing through a "wish book" for home sewers While searching for inspira tion for a special holiday outfit don't forget the back of the book section where the crafts, toys and costumes are located. It's there that you may find the accessories to complete your outfit, say specialists ' with the North Carolina Agri cultural Extension Service. Ί · e .«icuburg General Baptist Association held their annual Awards and Banquet Night at Friendship Baptist Church on Friday, December 1. An estimated 225 persons, representative of 19 churches were present for this event. Patricia Funderburk, a former Broadway actress, was the special guest of the evening. She gave a dramatic performance in which she por trayed two persons. Rev. W.C. Kerry, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church, was the guest speaker for the occasion. Three churches . oceived a valuaDle service award plaque | based on their active service and financial support for the organization. Recipients include: Usher Boards of Friendship Baptist, pastored by Rev. Kerry, First Baptist, pastored by Dr. J.B. Humphrey and Oak Grove Baptist, pastored by Rev. W. Nash. . Each family brought a covered dish for the banquet. Robert H. Watson serves as presi dent of the Usher's Auxiliary. Dr. J.B. Humphrey is Moderator of the Association. Farmers Market To Open For Three Saturdays : The Farmers Christmas Market, an extension of the County's popular Farmers Market, will be open for three consecutive Saturdays ! Dec ember, beginning Sa lay, December 9. It will be in the lobby of the Jefferson-First Union Tower on South "Tryon Street, between East Second and East Third Street. The Market will be open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday, December 9,16 and 23, and free parking will be available in the parking gar age on East Second Street. You will find a wide variety of handmade Christinas gifts and decorations at the Mark et, plus baked goods and plants. All items must be grown or produced by the person selling them. Sponsored by County Gov ernment, the Market is free and open to the public. The space has been made avail able by First Union National Bank, and the County Agricul tural Extension Service is pro viding management and coor dination services. Harold Fra zier, manager for the Farm ers Ayrket that operates dur ing tMe summer growing sea son, ΛνίΙΙ be the manager for the Christmas Market, and many of the vendors who sell each summer at the regular Market will be there with special Christmas crafts and Subscribe18to the Charlotte Post! Your support helps!. Goal Set For Little i_ " . ■' " Red Stocking Appea The Children's Home Soc iety of North Carolina, Inc. is launching its annual Little Red Stocking Appeal for 1978. Traditionally this appeal -occurs during the Thanksgiv ing and Christmas Seasons. The goal set for this year by the Board of Directors of the Agency is $125,000 as announced by Mrs. James G. Whitton, President. - The Children's Home Soc iety, a United Way agency, is ' North Carolina's only state wide, non-sectarian, voluntar ily supported adoption agency. Almost half of the Society's funding comes from direct contributions, * the major portion of which is derived from gifts made to the 'Litte Red Stocking. Approxi mately 31 percent of The Children's Home Society's funding comes.from allocat ions from Nortn larolu United Ways, with the re mai der of the operating budg coming from other source». In making her announc ment, Mrs. Whitton said, "Tl philosophy of The Children Home Society remains ot working policy today: evei child has a right to the loi and security of a family ar home of his very own." H trained, professional staff ι the Agency use their expertii in finding the moet suitab home for each child wt comes to the attention of t> Children's Home Society need of adoption planning. In addition to the placemei of babies and older children adoptive homes. The Chil ren's Home Society offei free, prefessional proble: pregnancy counseling ar post adoption counseling. Now Get The CHARLOTTE POST By Mail When Your Mail Arrives - Every Friday Receive Your Poet (OtnditionH Permitting) Call 376-0496 NOW! THE POST IS ONLY 813 Per YEAR I_ ....y μαγ nmieioi ine meaty Durger lasle your dogkjMe&andlhe H 100% nutrition he needs? 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