He v. Alexander Montgomery .Dedicated christian Book Review The Everlasting Gospel Of Rev. Montgomery by Sherleen McKoy Post Staff Writer "After the Preaching, the Praying and the Shouting, What Then?" is a unified collection of thirty-two radio sermons compiled by Alexan der Montgomery, a devout and dedicated Christian, who received his "calling" in 1962 and has since been preaching the goepel for sixteen years. In his book, Montgomery tries to convey the fact that God is very much alive today and that He is a rewarder of them that do good and seek His will for their lives. "A man can want no greater reward than when Heaven is revealed to him," Mongomery stated. ϊϋ·. Montgomery's sermons ex - j pound on the existing relation ship between God and the church, the mounting trauma of violence and death sweep ing the land, the nature of God and the nature of sin and the "... glorious hope for a dying " world. The sum total of Montgo mery's God-inspired mess ages may best be summarized in his closing remarks: "We -, are a part of the everlasting nature of God that we can't get away from. People wouldn't be plagued by man's begin ning and his ênd if they didn't think God was over us, but rather in us, thereby making us a part of Him. He is present with us whether we acknow ledge it or not. When we realize this, we know the totality of our existence. " The vibrant message, pass L . ed from generation to genera tion and revealed in the Word V of God from the first coming of Christ until His Second Com ing, is to repent from all sin , „ and be saved from everlasting damnation Born in Lancaster, S.C., Montgomery received his B.A. degree from Johnson C. Smith University and attended Hood l'l Seminary, Livingstone Col lege in Salisbury where' he received a certificate in edu cation. He lives in Cherryville , with his wife, the former . Alline Benson, and his two • > children. _ It* Wise To Advertise In The P(hl God. revealed Himself in Montgomery's life in Pontiac, S.C. 1976, when a cross appeared in a Mrs. Frank Harley's window. Montgo mery said that the cross was predicted through a quiz that he ran in his hometown news paper in Cherryville, N.C. He offered $1,000 to the person . ■ who would provide the answer •.. to the scripture found in 2 Corinthians 3:18. Ten thou sand people flocked to see the miracle from heaven. It was then that he petitioned God to "" glvrhim-a similar miracle to . promote his Everlasting Goe ■ pel Ministry Thre*- moriths r φ later in his hometown, a fàcé , - appeared in a bush. Montgomery said of the mir acle, "God constantly reveals : - himself in a physical way, such as the cross in Pontiac, the bush in Cherryville or in i-^.«mç_iHÎ^rpurelyjrfiysical way. 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