soon s DCût BY BILL JOHNSON BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT;.. The reason some people can't do theii Christmas shopping early is that they don't know who their friends will be by Holiday times. The first of two annual meetings between Winston-Salem State and North Carolina A&T State in the Greensboro Coliseum Saturday night is well worth the drive to Greensboro. By the time you read this, O.J. Simpson and his wife of 11 years would have discussed an amicable divorce settlement...There's an all black basketball team in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors released their only white player last week, leaving the squad truly black. Even the two coaches, A1 Attles and Joe Roberts, are brothers. ine rniiadeipnia fogies defense, which gets ^very little media 'attention, has forced 42 turnovers, 22 interceptions and 20 fumble recoveries while allowing the opponents only 14.5 points a game...Another record worthy of note is the fact that Kermit Blount, Winston-Salem State's great junior quarterback, has been intercepted only two times prior to last Satur day's encounter with Delaware. Blount has thrown 133 times for 951 yards and six touch downs. He completed 55 of his tosses. Unless you're paid to do so, never argue with anyone over grammar. Only 7,500 attended the third annual Gold Bowl in Richmond, Va. last Saturday afternoon. In the meantime, Winston-Salem State was playing before a mere 10,000 in Delaware. The feelings here are that South Carolina State and Winston Salem State would have attracted an overflow crowd in the Gold Bowl and both schools would ι have reaped a harvest of publicity from the venture. If you missed the Gold Bowl in Richmond last weekend, you also missed out on an opportunity to take a basketball doubleheader, jazz show, the crowning of "Miss Gold Bowl" and pageant, ρ re-game activities, victory parties, brunches and commentaries. if you're wondering why you haven't seen Billy ''White Shoes" Johnson do his thing for the β Houston Otters this fall, it's because the famed broken field runner btm tûiéfl fldifflSd for the season with an eye injury. When Tony Dorsett missed a Dallas Cowboy practice and was fined for the oversight, a rival team's journalist labeled the Cowboys' famed glamor boy, "Sleeping Beauty." A reputation, acquired through publicity, isn't to be confused with character acquired through living. _ Jackson State has taken over the top spot in this week's top 20 black college football teams. Grambling is second, Winston-Salem State third and Florida, A&M, an outfit that thoroughly thrashed GrambBng last week, is fourth. Tennessee State, S.C. State, Alabama State, Mississippi Valley, Bethune-Cookman and Ken tucky State round out the top 10 in that order. How about three cheers for the fine job WBT announcer Ken Koontz did? List this reporter among those who thoroughly enjoyed WBT announcer Ken Koontz's play-by play descriptions of the West Charlotte football game in Wins ton-Salem two weeks ago. SUDDEN THOUGHT-Pederal Aid to Educat ion should start with the teaching of arithmetic in Washington, D.C. υ us au-oua, me spans iraormauon airecior over at Johnson C. Smith, is high on the JCSU basketball team. "We're going to be competi tive," Stroud boasted Tuesday afternoon. The reason for his optimism can be found in the pre-eeason performances of several promis ing athletes. Among them is Audrey Hoçd, 6Ί" frfcenter and the team's leading rebounder from" Greensville, S C. Stroud says coach Moses S harpe also likes what he's seen of freshman Anita Brewer and Tanja Walls. A 6'3V4" leaper from West Nyack, N.Y., Brewer should add backboard strength to Sharpe's attack. Walls Is a pure shooter. Sharpe is also expecting big things from Vernetta Simp kins, one of the team's most promising shooters. Sara McColl, Chanda Trues dale, and Loretta Lockhart round out what is expected to become a tough team to beat down the stretches. Sharpe is molding his team around three seniors, three juniors, three sophomores and six ' freshmen. Stroud announces that JCSU supporters should look out for Ronnie Thompson and Gary Adams, a couple of transfer students who shoida help the basketball learn during the second semester. / Thompson is a 6'7" forward from Camden, N.J. and Adams is a 6'S ' swingmsn from Miami, Fla. "They're going to help ui a lot," concluded Stroud. West Charlotte wiU host North Mecklenburg Friday night. Coach Charles McCuHough will then send his Lions against Olympic Tuesday right at Olympic High. First release of Johnson C. Smith basketball statistics show freshman William Tibbs leading the individual scoren with a 20-point per game average. Tibbs is shooting better from the fleld tytan he is from the free throw lines. FRESHMAN WILLIAM TIBBS ...Bulls' leading scorer Golden Bulls Clash With Bears In WBTV Classic by Chase Vance Post Sports Writer The Johnson C. Smith Uni versity Golden Bulls, who are coining off a two week layoff, will tangle with the Bears of Lenoir Rhyne in a 7 p.m. first round game of the WBTV Carolina Classic on Thursday. The winners will play on Friday at 9 p.m. The cham pionship is Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Lenoir khyne is having a disappointing season. Coach ed by Neil Hodges, they are young and inexperienced But so are the Bulls. The bears didn't return one senior from last year's 19-12 team. Seven freshmen, two sophomores and four juniors are included among the ranks. Mark Moore and Mitch An derson are both 6-3 return. They averaged three points and one rebound each. Height is a problem unless β'7" Hick Buchanan and6'7" Jeff Nifong who transferred from junior colleges begin to help immed iately. Six-six freshman, Kevin Maloney and a pair of 6'4" frosh, Gary Nobles and Alvin Cobb are vying for the point guard spot. Currently 0-2, the Bulls, playing without Sonny Francis Proctor, are hoping to better last year's 10-17 record. Lack of experience is their biggest problem. Top scorer Herb Entzminger is gone and Robert Moore is beginning his first season as head coach. Leading the Bulls in the first two games has been 6'6" freshman lefty, Timmy Tibs, who has a soft touch with his jumpers. The winners of this game will play Belmont Abbey or catawba One of Smith's defeats was at the hands of the A hhfi r nuwy : —__________ ι our (Jar insurance Has Increased RALEIGH....The North Carolina Rate Bureau filed with the State Insurance Com missioner on June 30th a rate increase that would amount to 5.6 percent, statewide. The increase would cover liability and medical payments and physical damage insurance for private passenger automo biles. The industry-run bureau has advised Ingram that-they wUi put these increases into effect on December 1, despite the Commissioner's disapproval of the requested increases. This means that all new and renewal private passenger automobile insurance policies written on or after December 1, 1978 will show these increa ses and policies written before December 1 that is scheduled to become effective on or after January 15, will also reflect the increases. I State Insurance Commiss ioner, John Ingram, said he was extremely disappointed that the insurance industry chose to ignore his order, and put the higher rates into effect. Ingram has given the State Rate Bureau an opport unity to refile its request presenting specific statistical data showing the need for the increases. The insurance in -dustfy -did not priant thaL· data at the earlier hearings. Deputy Insurance Commiss ioner Byron Tatum said for some North Carolina drivers this increase will amount to about 30 percent. Tatum said compounding the two increas es that the insurance industry has put into effect over In gram's disapproval in less than a two-year period, own ers of private passenger auto mobiles will be paying some 48 million dollars in increases , · *· * It1· No Gamble. The Hnarificd» have been bringing résulte to your neighbors for yean. Why not put your money on a eure thing The Pout Clamifieds! . For More Information , raD 376-0496 Poet Classified· Get Résulte! Poet Salutes Frank Christopher Brown py cnase vance Post Sports Writer In a rare occurence this week, the Charlotte Post salutes a ninth grader as its player of the week Ordinarily this would not happen, but the poise and determination displayed by Frank Christopher Brown of the Charlotte Catholic Cou gars warrants the occasion. BrQwn, a ninth grader, pumped the Nets for 22 points in an 85-69 loss in the 4A 1 Olympic and sank two crucial free throws to give the Coug ars a 70-68 win over 4A East Mecklenburg last week. He hit 23 point5 against East. That is a total of 43 points in his debut on the Charlotte Catholic varsity team. Anyone who has a chance to see this youngster play should He was a legend at Our Lady of Consolation Junior High School where he averaged 51 points and 31 rebounds per game They say that Brown a as the team's playmaker, re bounder and shooter The team was one of the lop parochial junior high teams in the city. Brown was seasoned last summer at Dean Smith's bas ketball camp at UNC-Chapel Hill where it is said that he brought smiles to the Tar Heels mentor's face Brown lives in the western part of the county near the Catawba River with his par· ents Mr. and Mrs Frank Brown The Lougars are members of the Rocky River 2Λ Confer ence The league had better be prepared for Frank Brown's basketball exhibition. Teams in the conference include: West StanJy, Park wood, Monroe. South StanJy. Piedmont and Mount Plea sant Catholic is one of the favor ites. W. Charlotte Came Away As Winners by Chase Vance Post Sports Writer The rumor has it that when West Charlotte head football coach Rudy Abrams starts playing tennis again his foot ball season is over. The gifted tennis player seldom practices during football sea son. Usually, he begins playing tennis in November but this year it was different. The season ran right down to the wire with a state 4A champ ionship game with Richmond County Senior High School and although the Lions ended up with less points on the score board, they came away as winners. This was the best year the team has had since 1945 and 1954 when they won state championships in the all-black North Carolina State League. "It was a good year for us," said Abrams -in his usual conservative and poised man ner. "We came a long way and we accomplished a lot of things other people didn't ex pect us to accomplish We were supposed to finish some where in the second half of the conference and we wound up on top.'' _ ... Two losses blemished West Charlotte s 12-2 slate One was to Richmond. The other came against East Mecklenburg Included in this success story were eight shutouts and a 4.7 scored against average Several accompanied the team to the little Hamlet of Rockingham located on high way 74 in Rockingham County, mere must have been 12,000 people packed into the stadium at the beautiful and spacious school The largest in the state with 2600 students. Richmond County High School lost the state finals in 1976 to High Point Andrews by a 6-0 score but w ere not to be denied this time around. 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DR7B 1·» 1*78-14 (R78 14 G*78 14 (HIS tu. ίο tti *9 »71.00 «5 40 I» 45 $73.60 '235 75R15 | I*/a 13 >7» iO Alio available In lint to At import cars iAIN CHICK If ere sell out of your si/e ere wilt issue you a rain check, assuring future deluery at tne advertised price J2 35 %2 56 12 61 12 67 12 68 J2 74 U 'jO $3 00 Lube & Oil Change • Up to 5 quarts 10/30 major brand oil • Help* protect mov ing parla · Helps en sure quiet operation • Chassis lubrication and oil change · In cludes light trucks * Call for an appoint $588 Oil Filter Citr· If Needed Front-End Alignment And 4 Tire Rotation • Helps protect tires and vehicle perfor mance · Inspect and rotate all «tires, check suspension and steer ing system · Set cast er. camber and toe-In to proper ali|nment Mest U.S. tan - seme Import» Additional parts and services it needed Front wheel drive and Chevettrs excluded $1588 Engine Tune-Up • Electronic engine, starting and charging system analysis · In stall new points, plugs, condenser and rotor · Set dwell and timing · Adjust car buretor · Includes Volkswagen. Datsun and light trucks 134 M Includes listed part* end labor $4 test for electronic ignition No eitra charge for air conditioned cars 4-cjfl. 144·· β-cyl. •39«? I. η . __a efi2i8tÎi llv «Ι ihw τ οιΗτ wiyt le b»> ()«ι Owo l-uitni^ir Crtdil PIm 1 llicf Sqv i k'iroi) I#9 - _ Krvonmg . Ma%i»»r (.hart* · Vii* · Amrnran F.apr*·· Card · Cert* Blanch* fl «mai oay ^naigc ii (>»nrVfomn .ϋ,π.·>» Ι I Confidence STKVI McCAU, M Of. DOWNTOWN » Ttrow $t *T |TOM(WAti CM»nom ru moyu MOM WDOtaiOIXfll Ut I» » t0<00'« ROM CUNC. MGt. KANNAfOUS no«mT««t m m>iH HON rn |>« fOllQf M W ι AX tO5«0fM. IftOY IONG. MG*. SUGAK CHECK «?♦! MCAKKd rMAttotr? w »υπ>Λ <*OH rti MAM lOlM'M J·f « a m to 5nor m Ntlt HINSOH, MO* MONIIOC 'WWrWAYM *4 Ttl ? 144 MON ·*1 CAM TO )«0» M " SAT I AM. IO >40'A. KEN ftUCKWflOCt EASTLAND ΑΜΑ ttOfl tiMMttu 9r CMAtlOfTffM «4«4«V MOI «tl ι OA* M Sât · a ·· - · '·Γ Η CAIVIN PETTUS, MGt. TtUCK T·» rCMTM Ν · IJOOWI fn j/2 «m FRANK McKINNf Y, MGI STAHMOUNT U>TTM»<Vt> *'«·< MO*l( ΓΜ*·ιοττι#ν jnw ••On »·I I A M TOJJPPM %AI I * M TO J 00» M SHELBY, N C ΤHi AUTO INN ΛΝ iA<9AV«r*f |f Ρ* «Λ7 nu CHUS l AYMAN MOt FRfCOOM WUAOf rMâtiontn* )*? ?<4J MO* 'KIAM 'OJMUd ur · * m το ι oo » m COtNiUUS, N.C. TutNM mn SMV9CI NO·*** A* ST. m ft}-4$44

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