E Judge Phillips added that ra cial appeals have been overt and blatant depending on the level of black assertiveness in political and civil rights issues. F& ex ample, as thecivil rights move ment began after World War II, ovUrt racial appeals were com mon place among some North Catatthh public office seekers. Phillips noted racism in the po^ical campaigns of S*n. r Jea»e Uelpis in 1972 and in his current race againsyjov; Jim Hiipt as well as some earner ran* .v * > Regardless of the nature of the offense, it’s time for patents to fake some firm action with their children to assure that dm trend In such exclusions is reversed, and more significantly, to better Pamirs that wir rhildrrn wilt nnt be. threatened or harmed by ihel5 weapons that some youth are jdgnying to school. Parents, V have a moral obligation to pro tect not only die welfare of their maid Children, but also that of other school ebildreh by disci plining and teaching their child Dolitical had soma Influence In the de cision of US. Suprenih Court Chief Justice Wariren Burger’s refusal on February 2« to give the seven N.C. ie^sla tive dis tricts more time to redraw their districts before the May 8 '* primary., ;£■ v* The basic issue in the action of the Courts is that North Caro lina’s use of multi-member House and Senate districts sub merged blade voters in large, ' predominantly white districts, il legally diluting their voting strength. v V Xt^"^ *^ ~~~r~ All this could be in vain if black Charlotteans don’t in crease substantially their 35 per cent rate in the voting booths in <' primaries and elections. We have a responsibility to our selves, our loved ones, our neighborhood, our race, our dty, our state and the nation to vote . . our convictions at election time. Therefore, The Post offers a challenge to each of you to register and vote but vote yotir conviction because Bus is the only way to. preserve strengthen the democratic p*b Too many parents have aban doned their responsibility and t ’*ppear'to have assumed that the school shouM and" can- replace ; / direction arid psychological sup port that our students so greatly need. Money, material things and freedom in the use of their time is not all that teenagers want or need. They need the parents’ time to talk, to get you to listen to their concerns, to to be someone the youth truly feds comfortable confiding in with their problems. This is the true meaning of parenting. By the way, have you hugged your child today? And do you know where be or she is as you » are reading this column?^ ^ ^ The Human Relations Council noted, however, a riae in the employment ** What thi* means ^hTstate Government end most other public and private mipfriyilKUnte opportun ity* for women, more of ten than -r white women - are bah* and* at the expense of previous gains made, by - Hack em ployees. l H I a I For all the reasons state* and more, illiteracy exists, tat It remedied ' ”! i . .! =g=a=s—i THE CHARLOTTE POST ■y *" ' * 1,1 1 1 *iV ii •• >ft, 1 “THE P ’S NEWSPAPER” ■L ^ Every Thursday — - by The Charlotte Post Publishing Co.. Inc. Subscription Rate * 17.68 Per Year ■■ ■ ■ ■ Second Class Postage No. 966560 Postmaster Send 3576s to: 1531 Camden Rd.. Charlotte. N.C. 28203 Telephone: 704-376-6466 Circulation: 11,023 106 Years of Continuous Service Bill Johnson Bernard Reeves Fran Farrar Dannette Gaither Editor, Pu Mia tier General Manager Advertising Director Office Manager Second Class Postage No. MUM Paid at Charlotte. North Carolina Under the Act of March 8.1878 Member; Natfciamewspapir'~ Publishers’ Association North Carolina Black Publishers Association "*” 1 ■' 1 ■'#' ' Oil III »i Deadline for all news copy and Dhotoo is S pm.. Monday. All photos andcopy submitted become the property of The Post sad will not be returned. National Advertising Representative Amalgamated Publishers. Inc. —-■*■.! ■ ■ , Urn* Mtew*,. w «» w. «*»«.. Sans im SS&r* —.1 ' «u txay on Hat aide.'* Mid President Reagan. If .that- to true, why has be changed since becomii* Chief Executive? HtoAZ ministration to makii^ a •arkma attempt to overturn all the dvil rights gates of the fifties and sixties. - When he to asked, by tbs media, about his civil rights assaults, Mr. Befe gan very charasmaticaBy ts&nteni5? •rs, and be often adds sea* irrelevant anecdote to (he Right* AM in isn Ym, vary *od to

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