ClassifiedAds ' ~JI ■ -"* L 4.MW S_______I n. tli. L I_ Second in series . ".A :M }L? year lifts, that would - create a jubilee in HeU. For the inhabitants would know that then all their miser i iw would come to an end. Hefl is a place of no love. Ip this life you may want to get even with someone. Well, in Hell you’ll get your Opportunity to beat the tar out of them: That’s why Hell is described aSa place where there shall lye weep ing, wailing, and gnashing don’t turn to Christ, you are gctfsrtt tfteTfeinteserttsftt in)GodJ Word. I don’t worry about my epemHea because 1 know that they are on the road to Hefl, and mere gracious yet, I know that tail for the grace of God that would be J. M. tittle. A man here of late baa taken it upon himself to alapdw me as much as he could. That shows that he doesn’t know my Lord. A bomagain believer will not fight another bomagain beBever. Every word of slander has been record ed by the angels. At the Great White Throne Judg ement, he’ll see everything be did and wish ten mill - ion times he hadn’t done thosethings. Yeu’llseethat in bis life time I suffered through evil things while you had good things, but then you’ll see that I am comforted and you are tor mented. If you only knew, you wouldn’t do it. The rich man had no use for Lazarus while he was on the earth, just as you have no use far me. But When the rich man woke up in Hefl, Lazarus SEND THE BEST Are your children «w»y ta college? Keep them informed of what's happening in Charlotte by sending a copy of The Charlotte Post each week. — ■ » PLANNERI »19.390-124,747 <* • -The City of Charlotte has an immediate open ing for a Planner I position in the Planning Commission This per son will assist in co ordinating a sub-divi sion and site plans re view procedures to as sure conformance with appropriate city and county zoning and sub division regulations. Assist in preparation of detail plans and pro posals, explore, define and visualize various land use concepts and relationships Develop graphic illustrations of physical desing fea ha-ea. Requires grad nation from a 4 year college with a degree in Urban Planning, UrbM Design Landscape Ar chitecture or a closely related field with train tag conception in land use and development principles and prac tice. Experience in ap propriate field of plan Bing, praferabit sup piemen ted with grad uate course work Qua lified applicants apply Monday Thursday. » 4 at:, * PERSONNEL DEPT City Hall Annex CITY OF CHARLOTTE WOE Trade St Charlotte, N.C. 3002 Deadline: March 1,19X4 EOE, M-F-H i ^ .* ' *' Did Abraham honor the rich man’s request? No, and neither Will I be able to v. help you. The Lord am nounced a special nrw ai those who offend Hlnchild ren, “It is' impMble but the offenses will come: ■ ' • but woe unto Urn through I whom they come! It were , better for him that a mill stone' were hanged about 1 his neck, and be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones,v (Lk. 17M-J). That's God’s eternal Word. To hang a millstone about your neck and let you drowninthe^eo would be ! ter for you than feat you . should offend one of His chil^r?n‘ £ >. There are some of you here, many, feat those words apply to. There is no - hope for you. 1 harp seen Tfee hatred in fee Ipiirts of f some. If it weren’t for the restraints of God, you’d- :, hang me by my beds from fee highest .tree and tor ture me todeafe. The dune of God is upon you. The only hope is that one here or there is rebetving fee call and will be granted “• repentence. Most "of you have already been added to the number that will spend eternity in Hen. Now, some soul may be crying oU|r “Bro. little, is there any -ton* for a sirnitr kit and_ on the road to Hell?" Yes. One day I was a lost sinner■, t on the rood to HeD. If you’ll repent and torn to ChrMS/ God will save you. Plead C with the Lord to turn you unto Himself, awakened sinner. Christ and Christ alone is your only hope. He is my only hope. r <.ADVERTISEMENT BIDS WANTED -sfflS25g|KS^^g£SS?S Charlotte, North Carolina in the Conference Room of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utmty Department Administrative Offices, 5160 Brookshire Boulevard, until 2:00 P.M. on Tuesday, March V, 1964 at which time they will be publicly opened and rna<ft Proposal must be on standard forms furnished by the City a nd marked “PROPOSAL FOR WATER DISTRIBUTION PROJECT - VALVE REPLACE MENTS ON MOREHEAD STREET.” ,'-N « * V. • , • . > - .-V ** «•> • • Proposal forms, specifications and plana may be obtained at the Office of the Chief T*ngTnsf A deposit totaling 986 must be received prior to issuance of requested plans and specifications Each proposal must be accompanied by a deposit equal to 5 percent of the groos price bid and in a form acceptable to the Utility Department. All bidders are notified mat the lave of North Carolina and applicable regulations of various Licensing Bfeards, will be observed In recetviag bids and awarding contracts It t* the policy of the City at Charlotte to provide minorities and women equal opportunity tar parti cipating in all aspects of the City’s contracting «md procurement programs, Inc*—*'— *“* *—® employment, construction materials asrvioea mwrts, Consistent wl _ - person or business in pursuit of religion, sex. age, handicap or veteran’s status It is further the policy of the City of Charlotte to ""Hvr* its iwbirtiiq and procurement of the City of Charlotte 1* M to prevent such diacrimiaatiem Copies of the City M-WBE Plan may be Obtirtnedfrom the Com munlty BeUtions Committee, 03 East Trade Street, Charlotte, North Carolina - W4-50S A Pre-Bid Conference will ha held on Thursday, March 15. 1M4, at 5.00 p.m. at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department, 5100 Brootahfre . Boulevard. Charlotte, North Carotins. Comments, questions and-or suggestions from prospective bidders concerning M-WBE participation and-ar other aspects of this project wtH be entertained by representatives of the CharlottelfadtlenbiM Utility Department and the Community Relations Committee. The right is reserved to reject any or aB proposal - ___;_fc„ ..._J ' Rcr. Rabya GmI i 'r»flnr,fiittir,fV ~r: 'jjgfry ~;y. ; don't-mlk in the positfcjp of God, the DevUia rM and ready to steal, kill and destroy (John W:lo).’’ Hie belief that afflictions are God’s fault is a false hood to Rev. Goat “Some peepteHMame^God for it not punish!” he elated**" . Rev. L. D. Parker, pastor» of St Luke Baptist Church, teUevse that sioce we are —■■ • ^ NOTICE: MINORITY CONSTRUCTION ' CONTRACTORS . .We are seeking subbidsfor the below listed work for the S.CD^’effflihW^, Lexington Coun S.C.. file number 32.788, F.A. project number -jjft888 ~ bridge ora S.CX. rsUroad and_ roed S-l» along Intestate Route SB. Bid Date: March IS, l*M Structural Steel I f.’ s> Painting of Struqfc^ ■ fund Sted y -:—— «>»*» -• ■ * Traffic Control Placing Concrete Strw^Eacavfttkm Timber Piling Metal Stay- In-Place Deck Forms ’ Mana may be examined at tfca S-C. Dept of Highways, Columbia, S.C. or at Lee Construction Company, *U W«st Worthington Avenue, Char lotte, N.C. Submlt Uds to Lee Construction Com pany, P. O. Box 36128, Charlotte, N.C. 38336 before 18 a m. March 12, 1984. Phone: Mr. Tim Dixon or Mr. Phillip Brown (704) 333-7168 or 377-0909. Mr. Dlxoo and Mr. Brawn can be contacted alter 5p.m. the Carolina Inn, Columbia, S.C, (888) 799-8200. ... ;_ LEAD ELECTRONICS / : TECHNICIAN.; <17,M?-<22,447 . •Assigns wort to jour - neymaa level techni cians and serves as a; Lead Worker in the 7? maintenance inatalla , tion and repair of elec- - Ironically operated radio and other com munication equipment. - Requires considerable experience in the main tenance installation and -repurar aiWH«ik*iiy operated radio equip ment; graduation from high school preferably supplemented by cours es in Electronics. Pos session of FCC General Radio License or tod' Class Radio License with the ability to su pervise the work of othera; ,.•? ' Apply at: PERSONNEL DEPT. CITY OF CHARLOTTE City Hall Annex 600 K; Trade SL > ; Charlotte, N.C. 28302 % r eoe, m-f-h Cafeteria Attendant Waiter-waitress * ; Kitchen Station Attendants Bartenders + 'A Hoat4loatess> '* 7 Cocktail Waiter-Waitress * Banquet Bartenders * A Banqnet Attendants •v Cashiers ! •• 'f-.-.'f * ’A* Utility M . ;■■■£< \\ Dining Boom Attendants (Bus) Room Service Operators kt Room Service Waiter-Waitress Storekeeper •- in ■mu i^i Sr. Maintenance * ' ^ IfnhifmmtfsmnM ;*‘ 'niBHivniinv^ ^1 - yt nvi T * t° 1'* ; - Maintenance KeRMrs :-.v * '• Applications will only be accepted <rt: $ 316 E. Moreheod St. Charlotte, NC 9 o.m. to 4 p.m. Mon.-fri. ;_4 ../’-v >j ^ OPP«1on»y Employe M/F/H/V J-. ';|f' V. ,• /• -• t *- c *v ‘i'C^ & A ^ ‘ t; £!?£■ 1

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