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    Does It Matter Whether Female Ministers Pastor A Church Or Evangelize?
-■j irmi simmons
Post Managing Editor
If there is male nor fe
male because we are one in
Christ Jesus (Galatians
3:28), then does it matter
whether or not a female
minister pastors a church
or evangelizes?
This question is quite
popular today. Since
women have become more
vocal concerning equal
rights within the past eight
decades; it stands to reason
that the ministry of the
Word of God would be
Some believe that since
• males have authority-(re
vealed in Genesis after Eve
ate from the tree of know
ledge) they have authority
over the female. If this is so
then how can a female
. . preach to a male? Evan
gelist Larry Morrison cites
Titus 2:1-5. Paraphrased
these scriptures instruct
the spiritually advanced
woman to teach the young
er women what is good;
they should teach the
younger women how to be
loving wives and mothers,
sensible, chaste, good
housekeepers, good
natured, and submissive to
their own husbands. All of
this should be done so that
the Word of God should not
be blasphemed.
“A woman can't tell a
man about the Bible,”
Evangelist Morrison
stated. “But she can tell
another woman." The point
being, he stated, that a
woman cannot have do
minion over a man and
teaching the Bible would be
just that.
There are women, how
ever, who profess that God
has called them to min
ister. Women like Rev.
Mrs. Linda Pearl McD
wain, Rev. Mrs. Marla
Gool and Rev. Mrs. Bar
bara McCullough.
Out of the three, Bey, .
Mrs. Mcllwain has re-,
ceived the most pressure
from those who believe that
women are not supposed to
“I know for a fact that I
am called to preach,”
Rev. Mrs. Mcilwain
stressed, “I have come in
contact with black male
ministers who treat female
ministers like prejudiced
whites treat blacks. How
can a man know that a
woman Is not qualified to
pastor, to minister, to
^ lead? Sometimes I feel that
' there is a sign on the pul
pit which states “Men
Only.” Some are condi
Anna Hood
Mason Named
Youth Chib
Officers of the Charlotte
- Youth Club of the National
Association of Negro
■ Business and Professional
Women Clubs, Inc. were
recently installed.
Parents of the youth
members, members of the
Senior Club and friends
witnessed the installation
ceremony as each officer
vowed an oath of
commitment as outlined by
the National and Local
by-laws of the organization
issued by Anna Hood, co
founder and president-elect
of the dub.
The officers for the year,
«re president, Jadr
'Mason; vice president,
Di Juana Harris; secretary,
Yolanda Warren; assistant
secretary, Raena Johrison;
financial secretary,
Shannon Walker and
treasurer, Nichole Bobbitt.
The Charlotte Club is an
arm of the NANBPW and
its members are between
the age of 13 and 16.
During the year the
members were involved in
a variety of workshops and
seminars io enhance their
intellectual growth and
personal development.
They participated in
WBTV's Mountain of food
project and they have
worked with the senior
citlzena. Also last year the
dub waa cited for throe
Rev. Mrs. Mcltwjdn
.Concerned author
tioned to the point that they
believe only men can
“Some ministers feel
that it is fths^je allow a
female minister to preach
only on Mother’s Day or
Woman’s Day. The main
factor is not being able to
sit in the pulpit or to be
honored, but to have the
opportunity to carry God’s
“I can wait on the Lord,
but there are so many
women who are not an
swering their calling,
either because their hus
bands or their ministers
disagree about their min
istering,” Rev. Mrs. Mc
Ilwain commented. Within
the seven years Rev. Mrs.
McDwain has pastored, as
many as 20 ladies have
confided in her about the
prejudices against them.
Prejudices because of their
gender. Because of these
and other factors Rev.
Rev. Mrs. Marla Gool
.Protected from abuse
Mrs. MeIIwain has written
a book soon to be pu
blished entitled “Women
on the Outside Looking In.”
-^Presently, Rev.-Mrs.-Mc
Ilwain is assistant pastor at
Zion Chapel Church of God
in Fort Mill, S.C.
Rev. Mrs. Gool of Vic
tory Christian Center has
not encountered problems
concerning her ministry.
“I know there is opposi
tion. But when I was
called in 1972 I wasn’t
thinking about problems. I
didn’t tell anyone about my
“I did not put myself out
there for1..pressure. I was.
quiet and allowed God to"
perform for me. God goes
before me and prepares the
Rev. Mrs. Gool presently
teaches on a radio program
mainly geared towards
women. But she has
preached to men. “I have
shared to a group of men
Second in series
who very seldom had wo
men speak to them. But
God confirmed the Word
and the signs followed.
“If you go where God
directs you He will protect
you from abuse,” (Rev. 1)
Rev: Mrs Gool continued.
Rev. Mrs. Gool's husband
is Rev. Robyn Gool, pastor
of Victory Christian Cen
ter. “I’m supported by my
husband. My ministry is
with his approval,” she
.Rev. Mrs. McCullough is
associate minister at Gali
lee Baptist Church. She is
most often asked to preach
on Mother’s Day or Wo
man’s Day. “But this
doesn’t bother me,” she
Rev. Mrs. McCullough
has been preaching for two
years and she has not run
into a lot of opposition from
males. Her husband is a
minister and approves of
her calling.
One early June morning
she heard God speak to her.
“Preach,” He said. Her
reply: “But, Lord, I’m not
a preacher, my husband
is!" The voice came again:
“I had always been
taught that women were
McCollough stated. I tried
not to, but lf the Lord tells
you to do something you
will do it or there is no
For two weeks Rev. Mrs.
McCollough did nothing.
. She finally tnld her hire
band, also associate min
ister at Galilee, and her '
minister, Rev. Fred Grif
fin about her calling. In
November she preached
her trial sermon.
There are so many in
terpretations of the Bible’s
messages. Onfs thing that
has been made clear is not
to' listen’to «lwt a tM
pie man has to say. The
best action to take is to
pray to God for all an
swers. No matter if the
answers come in three min
utes or three decades, at
least you know His answer
is right.,___—
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