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Thursday, April 6, 2006
Debate rages over political crucifixion
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involved, and there is, it’s “a
guilt that involves us all.”
Against Horsley, Bryan
argues that Jesus didn’t align
with forces that sou^t to
overthrow Rome’s rule and
install an independent Jew
ish government. Rather,
Jesus held all sorts of rulers
accoimtable for civil peace
and God’s justice. In that lim
ited sense, Jesus’ words and
works were "both political
and revolutionary” and
today’s Christians bear
responsibility for society
But — do the four Gospels
even teU us what actually
John Dominic Crossan, a
liberal Roman CaHiolic at
DePaul University in Chica
go, thought "the early Chris
tians knew nothing” except
that Jesus was kOled.
Bryan, however, considers
it “intrinsically unlikely” that
Jesus’ followers could have
been “so utterly devoid of
ordinary human concern or
curiosity” The ancients were
notably interested in learning
about people’s deaths as an
index to character.
Bryan, no fundamentalist,
is cautious about the Gk>spels’
Passion accoimts but thinks
it’s improven, and close to
unlikely that they lack his
torical value. 'That outlook is
shared by Raymond Brown’s
masterwork "Death of the
Messiah” (Doubleday 1994,
two volumes).
A typical historical dispute
involves claims from a few
that the Jewish Sanhedrin
would have had power to exe
cute Jesus for religious
offenses. If so, cmcifixion by
Rome implies the New Tfesta-
ment is wrong and Jesus was
executed only for political
Bryan says both classical
historians and Judaism’s Thl-
mud confirm that Rome had
exclusive power to enact cap
ital punishment. There was
only one special exception,
noted by the first-centxuy
Jewish historian Josephus;
Jewish authorities retained
the right to execute foreign
ers who entered restricted
precincts of the Tfemple,
Triie, Jews stoned Stephen
to death and Jesus rescued
an adulteroixs woman fi-om
stoning, but these were mob
lynchings, not formal tri
bunals. Josephus reports the
Jewish execution of Jesus’
brother James, but that took
advantage of a power vacu
um between Roman gover
Other recent treatments:
• “The Crucifixion of Jesus”
(M. Evans) by Frederick
Zugibe, retired chief medical
ecaminer of New York’s Rock
land County, forensics and
Shroud of Turin materials,
• “The Last Week’ (Harper-
SanFrancisco), a liberal
deconstruction from “Jesus
Seminar” members Crossan
and Marcus Borg,
• “Murder at Golgotha:
Revisiting the Most Famous
Crime Scene in Ifistory” (St.
Marttn’s); British journalist
Ian Wilson’s “crime scene
• “The Passion: The Tbue
Story of an Event That
Changed Human History”
(Penguin) by Geza Vermes,
Britain’s leading Jewish
scholar on Jesus, who empha
sizes discrepancies among the
fbttr Gospds.
Women’s conference at Kingdom of God Ministries
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practices. The registration fee
for the workshop is $50.
For more information con
tact Preserve Pro Inc at
(704)995-0731 or e-mail pre-
April 27
The Kingdom of God Chris
tian Fellowship Ministries
will host its sixth annual
women’s conference through
Saturday. Services begin
nightly at 7 p.m. with a Sat
urday morning seminar at 10
a m. This eyent, which will be
held at 4837 South TVyon St.,
is fi^ and open to the public.
For more information call
(704) 713-4862.
April 29
Addie L. Robinson Min
istries of Philadelphia will
host a Holy Ghost Boot Camp
Spiritual Warfare Conference
at the Ramada Limited, locak
ed at 7900 Nations Ford Road
at 9 a-m. and 7 p.m. The event
Trinity Park Baptist Church
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We are doers of the Word and not hearers only.
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Friday Youth Outreach Meetiugs
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For more information call
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May 6
Seigle Avenue First Church
of God Girls in Action for
Christ presents the first
Mother and Daughter Lm-
cheon, “Empoweiir^ Another
Generation.” The event runs
fixim 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at
the Bette Rae 'Thomas Recre
ational Center, 2921 Tuck-
aseegee Road. Tickets are $10
in advance and $15 at the
door. For more information,
call (704) 537-4690.
May 15
Triie Way Church of God in
Christ will host its annual
Men’s Conference throu^
May 17. The church is located
at 2931 James Road.
May 27
Tickets for JoyFest ‘06, a
gospd showcase of praise and
song, are currently on sale.
Put your ad before thousands
of Piedmont consumers.
Call (704) 376 0496
“The Seventh Day is the Sabbath of the Lord” - Exodus 20:10
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Trinity Park Baptisl Church
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Rev. Eric R. Miller
Parkviood Inslitutional CME Church
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iWdiaelansAJiAngels Episcopal Chuich
Prince of Pea» Lutheran Chuich
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Northeast SDA Chuich
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Paster, Frank L Hanel, Sr.
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No Walls Ministry
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Abundant Life Tabernacle
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Bishop T.L. Glenn
Greater Salem Church
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Dr. Anthony L Jinvaight
Greater Salem at the Lake
Cemetus Elementary Sshod
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Pasta Karriet Jinwright
God 's Meeting PlBM Word of - West
4100 GatentLn.rSleel Creek Bern 2300 Sanders Avenue
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New Bnth Christian FeAowshp
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The concert is scheduled to
take place at the Paladium
Amphitheatre at Para
mount’s Carowinds. The con
cert features Stellar Award
wiimer Deitrick Haddon. Also
appearing are lye Tribbett &
Greater Anointing, Cross
Movement and Serenity, a
gospel group out of Chaiiotte.
Advance ticket purchases
and discount tickets for Sea
son Pass members are avail
able throu^ Ticketmaster by
calling (704) 522-6500, by log
ging on to www.ticketmas- or at any Ticketmas-
ter outlet. Discounted tickets
for groups of 15 or more,
iTichidmg a group picnic
option, are available by call
ing Paramount’s Carowinds
at 1-800-888-4FUN (4386).
AU prices are slightly hi^er
tile day of the event.
Come Share the Vision and
Share the .Journey
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Early Morning Worship SiOOa.m.
Sunday School * 9;45a.m.
Worship Service 11:00a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study. 7:00p.m.
Producing KingdomCilizsns throu^ Evangelism
DisciplBship, Worship, Feibwship, and Servics
Pastor Claude R. Aleitander, Jr.
University Park Baptist Cburch
6029 Beatties Ford Rd. * Charlotte, NC 28216 ♦ 704-392-1681
The Park South
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Sunday Worship, 8:30am&Simday School, 10:00am
Wotsbip Times At
University Park Baptist Church
Sunday Worshp 7:00, 9:50 & 11:30am & Youth Cbtavb, 11:30am
Women's Bible S^dy, Monday 6:30pm
Men’s Bible Study, Monday 7:00pm
Bible Study, Thursday 6:30pm
Mount Carmel On The Move!
Power • Wisdom • Strensth • Stability
if you ore interested in an authentic biblical community of faith,
come experience the gift of God colle’d Mount Cormel. Join us for
worship at 8-.00 a.m. or 10:00 a m. services. Share in a new
beginning for os ond moke a new beginning for you. Come
7237 Tuckaseejee Road, Charlotte, NC 28214
Reverend Or. Casey Kimbrough, Pastor
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