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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Fox to offer as many as 12
Christian films a year
home video division of
Twentieth Century Fox
said Tuesday it will acquire
as many as a dozen family
friendly movies a 5^ar and
market them under the
FoxFaith banner.
With budgets of less than
$5 million each, the films
will be aimed at the same
Christian audiences that
helped boost box office
receipts for such films
“The Passion of the Chrisi
and “The Chronicles of
“We saw the opportuni
ty to fill the needs of an
\mderserved market
place,” said Steve Feld-
stein, senior vice presi- \
dent of marketing at Fox
Home ^Tdeo.
“All of this programming
is entertainment first.
We’fe not in the business of
proselytizing or preaching,”
he said.
About half of the films
will be distributed theatri
cally through a third-party
company under a deal with
two large theater chains,
AMC Theatres and
Carmike Cinemas. The rest
will go directly to DVD.
The studio said last year
it' was forming the Fox-
Faith unit as part of a
broader effprt to reach
audiences seeking family
friendly films. Tuesday's
anndimcement brought spe
cific details.
FoxFaith coiild be suc
cessful if it concentrates on
the home video market
rather than theatri
cal releases,
. to mar-
Jpf^ket and
more risk,
, media analyst
“My guess is that the real
strategy is to build a DVD
library,” Vogel said. “Those
are the kind of things that
will sell steadily over many
The family friendly strate
gy was originally launched
to sell a broad array of
DVDs to retailers, including
titles such as “Hello DoHy”
and “My Friend Fhcka” as
well as “Love Comes Softly,”
a film based on the books of
popular Christian author
Janette Oke.
Fox passed on the chance
to distribute Mel Gibson’s
“The Passion of the Christ”
theatrically But the studio
did distribute the DVD
after the film grossed more
than $600 million at the
worldwide box office.
After the success of
k“Passion,” Hollywood
I studios made greater
efforts to market fami-
fiims to faith-based
I audiences. New Line, a
1 division of Time Warner
^Inc., is releasing the film
“Nativity” in December. The
.film tells the story of
Christ’s birth.
Several studios have hired
specialized firms to market
their films directly to
Fox has developed a net
work of 90,000 chiu’ches it
will use to help market its
FoxFaith films.
The first theatrical
release to be marketed by
the imit wiU be “Love’s
Abiding Joy,” based on the
fourth installment in the
Janette Oke book series.
FoxFaith will also be releas
ing “Color of the Cross,” a
film that portrays Christ as
a black man.
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God, He often sends the r^ht
people before us to turn us
back to Him. 1. How many
judges did God raise up in
Israel (vs. 16)?
After the death of Joshua,
there was a new generation of
Israelites that arose. Unlike
the generation before them,
this new gen^ation were not
believers and were not in tune
with the God of ihiracles and
victory They were nothing
hke their parents who knew
of the miracles of God and
were devoted to faith, duty
and purity They were igno
rant to the experiences of
their parents and gave in
more easily to corruption.
They followed the gods of the
people who were all around
them and this made God veiy
angry so he delivered them
into the hands of their ene
mies and they became very
distressed. This, however,
was des^ned by God as a
chastisement to lead the peo
ple to repentance. These peo
ple continually forsook God
but He did not forsake them.
That is why He raised up
judges finm time to time (13
total) to lead the Israelites in
their opposition to oppression
and gi'ant them the deliver
ance they needed.
2.H0W would you define
the role of the judges?
The role of the judges were
not like the lole of judges we
have today These jut^es were
used to the lead the Israelites
in their opposition to oppres
sion and grant them the ddiv-
erance they needed. Attunes,
they served as arbiters. More
often they were national
dehverers, fi*equently as mili
tary leaders. Since Israel
operated xmder a theocratic
monarchy, God served as
King and He appointed those
judges. They were in lead^-
ship positions only for a limit
ed time.
3. How did judges differ
finm kings?
These judges that God
appointed were only in posi
tion for a limited time. They
did not function like kir^ by
imposing taxes or negotiating
treaties with other nations -
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Priest goes to prison for his thefts
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said he “couldn’t think of a
case where a jail sentence was
less necessary I really believe
the appropriate sentence
would be a sentence of com
munity service.”
The judge also ordered
Woolsey to pay $50,000 resti
tution in addition to $200,000
he has already paid. The
judge said that if Woolsey is
destitute, as his lawyers
claimed, then he would have a
hearing on the restitution
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“Hell: A Living Reality" (Part V)
J.M. Little, Teacher
I was reading a national magazine. So-called fundamental preachers were denying the
reality of Hell. The leading evangelist of our day has been quoted as saying he didn't
know if there were a literal Hell or not. Now you may ask the question: Bro. Teacher, if
you were talking to the Evangelist, what would you say to him in regards to his
statement? Well, first I'd ask the evangelist if he made the statement. If he replied that he
did. I'd say to the evangelist: “Sir, you don't have to do but one thing to find out if there is
a literal Hell. Just go on the way you are going and you'll lift up your eyes in Hell!" I
cannot compromise with anyone! There was a discussion at my mother’s hours some
few years back. She said before my brother, who is a preacher: “He said I was going to
Hell because I don’t read my Bible every day." I replied: “No, I didn’t say you were going
to Hell because you don’t read your Bible every day. 1 said you are going to Hell because
you won't have the Truth!" I also said: “I'll let her go to Hell before I compromise with
her!" The Lord’s Coming is too soon and I'm too far down the Way of Grace to
compromise with any man! You’ll repent or go to Hell for your trouble! I don’t care how
close you are to me. My Heavenly Father did not change His Word for His only begotten
Son. And certainly He is not going to change His Word for a Hell-deserving sinner like
you and me, Down! Down! At the Feet of Christ in repentance! I’ll not compromise with
any family member. Praise God for delivering me out of the kingdom of Satan into the
Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. And no preacher or teacher is going to be saved as
long as he is accusing me of disrespecting the elderly by telling them they are on the
road to Hell! You are on the road to Hell yourself! Now you put that in your pipe and
smoke it. Bud.
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