: s - - t ghfltl ffnlomr, jgnmttr, PUBLISHED DAILY AND 'WEEKLY . !i i , i " tx m - . - If CITY OF RALEIGH, N. C- . i ' " . . j . . -FRANK.' I.: WILSON 4c 1 CO. it - - .i i N Itraisx.; Li WILSON, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. i . TERMS OF THAILY BANNER. ' 1 cop j 1 'Jfear, invariably ia advance, ..J,..... & 00 ; 6 copies t year, invariably in advance, .. '. 20 00 1 copy 6 months, invariably in ad ranee, ..'.. ... 2 50 .' The Dai'lt Baxxxk will be served to City subscribers at 10 cent a week, payable to the carrier. J . . Eisgle copies 2 cents. In wrsppen 2 cent. . ; terms 'of TncwEE2LT.pAyyEBx.-s - 1 copy I jear, Invariably in "aJVaace, ..'.L..... 2 CO copier 1 jvear, invariably in ad ranee, 10' CO 10 copies 1: year, invariably ia ad ranee, .....i..ur... "100 Single copies 5 cent. '-'." d - i DAILY ADVERTISEMENTS i - , Advertisements will be inserted Daily in tbe But six at ! tne lollowtog rates; counting lines to Lae square :. , First;; insertion, 75 cts. per sqaare, wu liusertioDs , 00 V three J.05 44 44 44 "'Five - V " 1.S .35 41 H r; l mi f i ' - 1 ' . . . S '": . ... f 'Advertiseinents for three, six or twelve months accord ing to contract,' ' j J YEEKLY ADVERTISEMENTS J i In the Weekly B ASsra fourteen lines will be counted to ?i the square, aad advertisements will be inserted at $1 per 4 mj-ar fr the. first insertion, and 25 cts. per square for" trh tneqeut insertion. There will beno deviation m from tiin rW-?. - !"' ". .' . . t, j- . :., ; WAKE COUNTY GOVERNMENT. Cp.UJTf Y-i OFFICERS, i ; Jas. A. Moire, Clerk Superior Court W. II. Moore, i. ':UePuty.. ... ; . .'. , -. t ThosJ. UtLy, Clerk County Court Jas.; M. Rojrster, . -'Deputy, j ' ' . I R. G.- Ixwis Clerk and Master ia Equity- appointed. AV. H. HigH, Sheriff; Geor W. Norwood,-Deputy. . HHintDn Hudson, Register. - , k J. F. HutclMens, Trustee. j ;'A; P.WoIali, Crier of ConrU " t J. K; Marriott, Attorney.. I G. W.'.dkison, Femlal Bevcs, Surveyors. , , t i ; OVERXMEST of the ; CITY of 4 RALEIGH. 5 J.jyor-Vm. II. Harrison, salary 600. J": , " ' commissioners: ; I "Eastern Hard L. Gayton, Wm. C. Upchurch, -and Mills Hi Browii. 1 " Millie Ward R. W. Haywood, R. II.' Battle, and P. F: IVscud. . .irerii irdrdV?. lit n. Tucker, T; U. Briggs, and AV. R. Richardson. ! i , f j , 1 "' ' ' i " - Ci'y Treasurer W'm. C. Upchurch, salary $150. Clerk to the lioqrd J. J. Christophers, salary $250 aad fees. . I Collector' Ijas. H. Murrav. . ' " J ' First City Constable; David Lewis, salary $400. Assistant iConslable-os. J. Bctts, salary $400. ; Weiph MJf!er F. G. King. . ' City PoUct E. M. . RoU-rts, . -V C. Tarker, E. A. "Johnson; Zacliariah Potter,' AV. L. Riley and E..Wag staff. ; ' jv ; " ' - " ; " ' -I ' DistriH C6nsichle J. J. Christophers, j )) : Sjton Ciborne Holt. ; 3 JvII. ARRANGEMENTS. - -Northern Mail arrives dailr (except Sundays,) via Raleigh A Gaston Railroad, at 3.40 p. in. . V "Northern Mail arrives, via North-Carolina Railroad east, daily (except -Sundays,) at 91.19 a; m. . 5 Southern Mail arrives daily, (except Sundays,) via North Carolina RaHroad, east, at 9.19 a. m. i " Western Maxt arrives dailr.( except Sundays) via North Carolina Railroad, west at 3.0 p.m. " j , . Eastern Mail arrires daily,! (except Sundays) via North Carolina Railroad, jeast, at 9,19 a.m. , ;. . Fayette viile Mail arrives iiiily, in stages, at 5.30 a.m. - Eagle Rock Mail arrivej Mondays, Thursdays aud Sat urdays at 12 m. . i ! Summervillc Mail arrives; Tuesdays' and Saturdavs, at 9. p. m.- . - Carthare Mail arrives Wednesdavs and Saturdavs via y. C. R.It.,atp.20 p.m. . " ." , J.Roxboro Mail arrives Wednesdavs at 10 a.ro. . i Leachburg Y 44 44 12 m.. . Northern ail closes daily (except Sundays) at 6 a.m. j! Southern Mail closes daily (except Sundays) at 2 p.m. ' Eastern Mail closes daily (except Sundays); at .2. 30 p.m. Western Mail closes daily (except Sundays) at 8 a.m., ' - New Yoi k Mail closes twice daily (except Sundays at ' a.m. and 2.3U p.m. i t Fay cttcvill4 Mail closes daily at 5.30 p.m. ; k Eagle Rock! " " Mondays, Thursdays and Satur days at 1 p.m,j ' ,5 i . Suramerville Mail closes Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 p.m Carthage Mail closes Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 a.m. t J Roxboro - 4 " . Wednesdays at 1 'p.m. Leachburg Mail closes 4 at I p m. j Ooo open for the delivery of Mails from 10.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m., anq from 4.30 to 7 p.m. j j- I .' GEORGE T. COOKEyP. M. HESPE11; AND OTHER POEMi, Br TREO. H. HILL. The undersigned has now; in press, a volume of Poems bearing the above title. Mr. Hill is welP known in this communitv, as the author of many fugitive poems, whichi-published anonymously have "gone the rounds of , the -press" sparkling, as pure gemsj wherever set. ' . t . . J I Having now reclaimed these wandering waifs, he pre-' , sents them to; the public with'others hitherto unpublished ' and his publisher would only aik for them a cordial recep tion impartial criticism. , . - I I f The vol q me a neat 12 mo. will beyent by mail, free pf. Postage, Price $1 per cbpyA Orders should be for "'n v at onco 10 subscriber, s b4t a small edition will be published. A liberal discount to the trade, HENRY D. TURNER, i . . N, C. Book-Store. , Baleigb, Jan? 23, 1SS1. ; - j 1-dtf.- " - i . REMQVAI - " ' 1 , - THOMAS I H. MOORK. PETERSBURG; VA-V HAS w ref the new nd Pcious S torero, 115 Syca- Qn t 'n. 00r Te Dnnan & Johnston's and next 1 Vf n iT? f!r' he now opening large stock . MerchanPlanters and other., are respeclrully Invited to au examinatioa of his Good before buying elsewhere. -Jaouarv. ISoL - tt- ' " COTCRNSIENT OF NORTH-CAROLnrA. : L V ' " ; . 1 -. Salary. JOfiy W. ELLIS, of Rowan. Governor, oer an- ' nam, and use of furnished bouse, '. $ 3,000 Ubahau VxrtA, of Craven, Secretary to the Uov ernor, (exclusive of fees.r 300 Rirrra IL I'a, of Wake Count r. Secretary of State, (exclusive of fee,) 800 Dasixx-W. Cocar, of Rockingham, Treirorer, 2,000 Ccarca II. Baoooxsr, of Wavne, Comptroller, 1,000 w. It. UiCBaansox, of Wake, Chier, Clerk to ! i Treasurer, j . . 750 Thx Cocssxx. or Stats, is com posed of the following gentlemen s-h .? t .,-" ,--!, Council Wooten, of Lenoir, Prett. ; John W. Cunningham, of Person ; Wj A. Ferguson, of Bertie ' ' J. F.Graves, of Surry ; - ' i David Murphy,; pf Cumberland; J. 4."Lonj,of Northampton; W.lL. IliUiard, of Buncombe.; .' '; ooTixxoa'a aim, wifa thx aaxt or colosxl: N. Colin Hucbea.. of Newbern: Jonios K. Loner, of Halifax; Wot J. Houston, of Duplin, and Chsa. J. Uamr "nerschol4,.of . Lincoln; . ! '$. n,,' ; Tie General Assembly commences its sT 0lb third JIon5jty; of NoTenbcr ererr alt;rnat?" fr Am next " S 'Ml.. 'r a M Mi tte If Com es 6ns, and for Garernor, will be held pa.thq tirVZhsrsday- of Angust, ; t it . . 5 . ; LITERARY BOARD. . : i The Board of Literature of North-Carolina is composed as follows: .-.: ' - j ' ' His Excellency, John W, EII, President, ex nfficut ; Arch. Henderson, of Rowan ; J B. Gordon, of W like ; Wm V. V ard, or Jones. Uraham leaves, secretary. .INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT BOARD. The Internal Improvement Board, is composed as folJ lows : ; , ! His Excellency John W. Ell is. President, ex officio; ' Jatnes Fulton,' of New Hanover : N. M. Xong, of Halifax.;, Urabam Dares, secretary. . i j STATE LIBRARIAN. Oliver H. Perry, of Raleigh. . - . TIME OF HOLDING THE COURTS. The United Statee Circuit Court for the' District of North; Carolina ta held semi-annually at Kaleigh; on the 1st; Monday of June nd last Monday in November. Judge rlon.s j. u. Wavne, rof Creorcna; . lion. rAsa Biffs, of Martin, District Judee salary, $2,000. Robert P. Dick. District Attorney: W. J. Saunders. Cleric j Wesley Jones, MarsbaL t . - - J ' -j The Untfed btate District VoHrt$ are held at Edenton, 3d llonday in April and October, J. M. Jones, Ulerat - t Newberu, 4th Monday in April and October, Benjamin; urown, vierit. i Wilmington, 1st Mondar after the 4th Monday in April and October, John it.. Cantwell, Ulerc. THE SUPREME COURT, i The' Supreme Court of Xorth-Carolina is held at Raleigh semi-annually on the second Mondav in June, and- the 2d Monday in December. It is also held once a vear in Mor ganton. Burke ciiunty,on the first Monday fn Augustr The othcers are' a follows: R.M. Pearson, of ldkin, Chief Justice : M. E. Manly; of Newborn. J ud?e : 1 Wm. a. UatUe, of Urange, J udge salary ol eacn $z,500per annum. - nuam a. jenxmy. oi v arren, -Attorney gen eral ; Hamilton C. Jones, of Rowan, Reporter; Edmund I ?reeman,of Wake, Ckik; James Litchford, of Wake, , B. F ar&a 0Maa ! ' SUPERIOR COURTS. The Superior Covrti are held in seven Circuits, by tbe following officers : Judges It. R. Heath, of Chowan; George Howard, Jr., of Wilson; John M. Dick, of Guil- fprd; Jas. Wi Osborne of fMecklenbHrg : John ,L. Bailey, of Buncombe K.l !. r rencn, oi Kooeson ;ana uomnins M. Saunders, of Wake- Solicitors Elias C. Hines, of Eden- ton, ridps the Firet Circuit; W. J. Houston, of Duplin, rides the Second! Circuity William A. Jenkins, the Attorney-General, rides' the Third' Circuit;- Thomas Settle,iof Rockingham, rides the Fourth Circuit; Robert Strange, of New Hanoverj rides the Fifth Circuit; William Lander, of Lincoln, rides the Sixth Circuit; David Coleman, cf Buncombe, rides the Seventh Circuit. The Courts are held as follows : ',: J i ' FIRST CIRCUIT. , TurreJl, first Monday in March and September. ; ' iwahinrton, second'Monday in March and September. Bertie, third " " " Hertford, fourth5 " " " Gate, first Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. . ',', , .. ' Chowan, second Monday after the fourth Monday in March. and September! , " " Perquiman, third. Monday after the fourth Monday in March and Septeraber. Pasquotank, fourth Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. . , - Camden, fifth Monday after the fourth Monday in March 'and September. - r Currxtuctc, sixth Monday, alter tne lourtn juoaaay in; March and September. "' t '"'.'': ;:jr-;" i SECOND CIRCUIT. v - ' ' ' ' 1 Pnplin fourth Monday in March and September. Wayne, first Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September, i !i GreeneK second! Monday after the "fourth Monday in March and September. . Lcnoif, ;third Monday; after the fourth Monday in March and September. . - Craven, fourth Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. ! , - Jone, Wednesday next after the fifth' Monday after the fourth Mondav in March and SLptember. ' , , 04b", sixth Monday after tbe fourth Monday in March and September. ' . Carteret, seventh Monday after the fouth Monday in March and September. Beaufort, eighth Monday i after the fourth Monday in March and September. f ; f i 1 Hyde. ninth Monday, after the fourth Monday in March and September, j Wilton, tenth' Monday after the fourth Monday in March4 and September. ? ! . f i '" THIRD CTBCCIT. Martin, on the Monday before the first Monday in March and September. s ' ' ' .' . Pitt, the first Monday in March and September Edgecombe; second " 4 ! r, . v Nanh, third t 1 : , Johnston, fourth - " " t . Wake, fir at. Monday after the foartb .Monday in March and September. , . Franklin, second Monday after the fourth Monday in Mareh and September. H'arreM, third Monday after the fourth Monday in March" and September." " ' - . r Halifax, fourth Monday after the fourth Monday in -March and September. i . v . - Sorthetmptcm, fifth Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September, i ' : . , ; - ' ' : ' roraTH cibcttit. . ' .Granville, first Monday in March and September.- ' J Orange, second '.- Chathatn, third " i Baudot ph, fourth ' " ' - "' it tt -. Par id ton, first Monday titer the fourth Monday of March and September. i .' ' Foryt h, 'second Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September, j "--t.; . Stoke, third Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. V : ' .' ' ' Guilford, fourth Monday i after the Tourth Monday in March and September. - C" Bockingham, fifth "Monday 'after the fourth Monday in .March and September. . ; - . , i '.' - - CatweU, sixth Monday after he fourth Monday in March and September.; . . - s Person, seventh Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. . Alamance, eighth Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. . - - .;.:- r j,, jtfTii cxbccit. . v, ;-:;!. . Harnett t Mondav preceding the Monday next before the last Monday in February and August. i Moore, Monday be tore the last m February and August. Mont lamer, last Mondar in - " i . StanlyiGitt Monday in.March and September - third . ' . Robeon, fourth tt i u Bladen, first Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. . .-.j : : . -- Columbus, second Monday after the fourth. Monday in March and September. . . Bniwitk, third llonday afler the fourth llondaj ia 4Jrs ;uiu Bv llarch and Setrtember. Xem llar, forth Honda j cller the fourth loodaj ur larcn ana septemoer. ?! I Sspon, sixth Honda alter the ft&irth. Xlosdaj ia March and September. ' , - - I . ; I Csklrra4 .sere nth Hosdxy afler the i fourth llosda in March and September. ' i) -1 . ' t m ; gxx-ni ctxenr. - S " r, " i- Surry f footth Monday in Febrsarr and Aert..- - jaaxt nrwaiier wie luarva Mvouaj ta.Aeorarj sm Angus Li t 4 J - f JLke. aeoond after the fourth lloodar ia rebruarr and Aocuit., C 1 f j 'it '! I ' - : Wilkes, third after the fourth llonday & rhruary tad Aujruat.. ! .' ., r;f j . -M: ..... j r Alexander, fourth after the fourth Hcndir in February .land Anffut.'f:f..i:i ' ;:rfi!'. : jjav, lutn a;tf r tne lourta xioncay l reDruary an4 AaruiL fM ift ' 111 I v. Ireditt, ixth after, the fourth 2Iendar Lb FbmarT and Auzurf. I mm ?W 'Ip'vlHr-i Catatcba, serenth after the fourth Hosdj ia . rebruarr atd August. m I- - -; j -T. -:i f:--o f : ; 'Auguet.:;' ! ,.i"4 -' -"-:':"l v l-J :i- Gatton, ninth after the fscrlh TT;-!- U Tl.rzary and . : Zrio,'UatIi aTler tie fourth llonday Itf February sad Stccllenhursf, eleventh after the fourth Monday la Feb- marr and Angasti 4.;- fi-A : :" - ; -; .J :' -' - a ' : Cabarrus, twelilh after the fourth Mondar ia Februarv and Auguat-iilirjfu -Ur? f f --1 "- -'vr jioiPOMtnirteentn aiter uiiourxa aionuay in xeorwuy and August. 1- -iU s: asvKSTH cracrrr. Cherokee, first Monday in March aad September. Macon, second 44 ! tt 44 : HavKood. fonrtb " . ; " f Henderson. first S Monday; after the fourth ! Mondar in March and September. , ' Buncombe, second Monday after the foukh Mondar ia March and Septfeiiber. ' . 3fadivn, third s Monday .after the fourth Monday ia March and September." ' i 1 ; . I " . Taney, fourth rMondav After! the fourth Monday in JIarch and Srtimber; ! ! 1 , 1 IfcDotcelL fifib f Monday after the fourth Mondavi ia March and September. - , i' Caldwell, sixth , Monday alter tne fourth Monday i ia March and Sentiembar. '. ! . t Watauaa. seventh Juonaay alter the rourtn, Monday in March and September. : S j i j i?KrA-e,eightaiMbnday after the fourth Monday in March and Septembeiil M ' ';:; : ''MyA ? h .' -;J . T Rutherford: inntni Monday alter tne fourth, Alondayi in March and Sepfiembfer. ; 1 Polk, tenth Monday after the fourth Moaday in March and September! Tl , ; " L eaveiand. eteYentn iionday alter the rourtn aionaay in Alarch and ttottemDer. . s COURTS OF! fLEAS AND QUARTER? SES3IONS. Anion County! on ' the second Monday in January, April. July and October-M ' i ' J ! .. Ashe, fourth! Monday in 'February, May, August and November. -,:; I WA :' -'. -i; f . .- ' , i - - :' --I-$"K Alexander, first Monday in Mrch, June, September and December. : lm M ; -ti-K'::--:i ' i ' : s "V tl1 T7 5 k ,OUn iOTia7 OI ! T . I.. October. " , i;lti!i :"';--'vi Hl::!."l . ' f: '. v..-I.i J Beaufort, third Monday in March and September, and taenrf.1 Monday n uune and uecemoer. k , i wcond. Monday in February, Mar, August .and Bladen, first Monday in February. Mayl August and Brttmswick, I brst Monday in March, June, -September and December, j $ 4 V . ' ! - '5 - Buncombe, secohd r,3londay after the fourth' Monday in March, June-. September and December, f i ' l Burke, eighth llonday after the fourth Monday m March,' Jncj fcH-lrtWUci ajuI Dmunitwav i S : 1 Cabarr us, Unto, Monday in ; January, ApTil, Jnly and October.1 rhli!)i, , - :.H-: 'M--: t: r il Caldwell, sixth! Monday after the fourth Monday in March, June, September and December. I ' I Camden, eecondi Monday in March, June, September and December. iff?;" , ' ;- I I Carteret, the third Monday! in February i May, August and November. . 1 1 ? - , I s ! CaxieelL- first Mondav after the fourth Monday of March J June, peptemoei antj iecemoer. ; is : Cataxtba, thud Monday in January and July, and seen ond Monday after the fourth Monday in March and Sep- tember. ) . rmii-W : '"-r m -: '-1 ' .? . Chatham, seebnd Monday in February,! May, August and November i-'Vi ? t , i Chowan, hrst fSlouday in k eDruarv, May, August and November.-1 f l w U 'fi;.-' ; . -'.-:it-:- l- 4 :. ' Cleaveland, tetlf Monday after the fourth Monday in t March, June, September and December, jj Columbus, second talonday in r eoruaryMay, August and November " . U " ', i 1 Craven, second Monday in March, June, September and December. I iij i j . : v .- ii. Cumberland, .first Monday in March, June, September and Decembers ' Currituck, the. last Monday in, February May, August and November r.-' . " . j . i I - Cherokee, firt Monday in' March j June, September and December. c ' J Bnplin, third Monday in January, AprilJ July and Oc- "iVuilV 4 Davidson, second Monday in February, May, August ana,ovemoer. -- . j - Davie, fourth onday in February, May, August November. .. j " J I!':'-. . ':'f.v . :-,' ";! I ' . -: and . Edgecombe, fourth Monday ia February,! May,!; August and November.;. ; ; ' " Franklin, second Monday in March, June, September and December;! J I i . For myth, third Monday in March, June Seytember and December. !',! , - Gates, third Monday in February May, August and November.- i''lf:;l " - ''i'" -.'H I..'. - fi. - GranviUe, first: Monday in February, May, August and NovemberJ;,'j..f1':i'ft v I :;: jf-j. ".r ": Greene, second Monday in February, Mayy August and. November. l ; ' i I , j - Guilford, third Monday in February, May, August and November. - f p i - i . j: j Gaston, third Monday in February and,; August, and fourth-: Monday after the fourth Monday ill March and September. ; 1 1 j. ' Halifax, third Monday in February, May, August and November.' N j; ? , Harnett, secopd Monday in March, June, September and December.' ' !' ' j ' i ' f I feyt4i, fourth -Monday in March, Jane, September and December.-' i 1 '!'. Hertford, fourth Monday in February, Mar. August and November. Ill i Hyde, second Monday in February, May! Aegust and I. November' -'t $-t'iid ir , ' - ilt.; r !-! -.v .: .:- ?r : Henderson, first 1 Monday after the fourth Monday in March June, September and December. t ' IreddL, third Monday in February, May aad November. Johnston, fourth Monday ia February, May, August and November. f I 1 i Jones, fifth Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September! ap.d on the last Monday in f January and July,-;.-U:ri H- :. , m'l: , I r-l C Jackont third Monday in March, j J une, September and t December. J ! !;-; '. . i..... - Lenoir, first 'Monday in J anuary and Juljv aad third i Monday in March; and'September. i j f : Lincoln, aecond Monday in January and July, aad third Monday after the fourth Monday in March and September. Martin, secondl Monday ia January, Apfil, July and ; October. ' J ! i ; " l- ' McDotseO, fifth Monday after the fourth Monday in . i March, Jane, September aad December. r i Mecktenburtjf fourth Monday in January, JaIy aad Oc tober. .;;;::,ai Ifef!;. I , ; : J (;," v--' : '" H " Montgomery,, first Monday in January, April, July and October. Moore, fourth: Mondav in January J ApriL 1 July aad Oc itober :.' ;:'' j--:-'-;7 ; " .( '.' "-"jj '- . S-M'- -Macon, aecond Moaday ia March , June, Steizrber and 1 December. r. f ! ' I . Madison, third Monday after the fourth Monday in March, June, September aad December. Nahy second Monday ia February, May! August and November.,,, j. '.,.,,.-., --.J' j:: : : f : I Xeut Hanover, second Monday in March, June, Septeav i per ana jjecemDer.i Northampton, first Monday ia March, Jane, September j and December. ' i I Onslatc, first j Monday in March. Jaae. September aad December. H.-:-:.-': j v'.-l ';. : '1;: Orange, fourth Monday ia February, May, August aad November. fteaJk, Cnt Moaday ia March, Jaae, Septcnber aad December. ; Pmfmimmnm, secoad Moaday ia February, May, Aagmat ua govern oer. -r. ( !:' - i . . Persem, third Moaday of Mareh, June, September and December, 'i - , 1 1 , "iff, first Moaday ia February, May, August aad No- Pnik, teath Moaday after the fourth Moaday la March June, September and December. BandeJpk, first .Monday ,1a February, May Aagvst aad November, f . r , 1 Mtame, third Monday ia January, April, July aad 27imm, first Moaday in February, May, Aagast and November ' -j ..,'.;"! - I . i. "c. .T... f . ' Motm, fourth Moaday ia February, May, August aad .November.', .; ' ;;); ? .!' .-j . 1; '; JZKUaUa, fourth Moaday la February, May, Aagmst . govern oer. ' ' t T r r Butkerford, ninth Monday after the fourth Mondav la March. June. September and Decerabar. Sampson, third Moaday La February, May, Aegust aad ovemoer. : . . . Stokes, second Moaday ia March, June, Septtaber aad -December. ' ' k. Surry, second Monday ia Februaryi May August aad. 'November-. . -. ' , , 1 . , - ", - . . . S:anlyt aecond llonday in Tebrczry, May, Acrrt aad ovemoer. 7jrrra, fourth Moaday of Jaauary, ApriL July aad Oo CAMt, first Moaday in Jaauary, ApriL July aad October. wakm, uard llonday la rebmary, May, August aad November. 1 VTrrm, fourth Moaday La February, May, August aad November. 1 , j. - " j , . - 1 ' ' - Washington, third . Moaday in February, May, August ana n ovemoer i 1 Watauga, third Monday ia February, May, Angust aad November. 1 ? - i ' Wayne, third Monday la February, May, August aad November I I i 1 t 1 Wilkes, first Monday after the fourth Monday la' Jaaua- ry, Apru, jaiy ana uctooer. Wilson, fourth Monday ia January, April, July, and ..October.-'.", f .-'. Li ' -'"!'-r I ' Yadkin, first Moaday in Jaauary, April, July and Octo ber. V :f. ''!; ;';,. .-. v' . ; ;. : " ' FaRejr, fourth Monday after the fourth Monday ia March, June, September and December. . -.' 4" ::'"'-lli''..' " T ' " ::-; -i-': r.-fi 1 ' -I fV' - PUBLIC WORKS i IN , NORTHrCAROLI N A. The Branch' Mint of the United States is located at Char lotte, in Mecklenburg county, in this State; this estab lishment was authorized, by Act of Congress, passed 3d March, 1833, 1 The ofScers are as follows : ! I Green W. Caldwell, Superintendent and Acting Treaa urer.. . ;' i . f;-;i:''-:L. v- '--i '.' . - v.j.- 1 S.'i ' John H. Gibbons, Assurer, Meiter and Refiner, i John R. Bolton, Chief Coiner. William F. Strange. Clerk. 1 1 , . The .University of North-Carolina, situated at Chapel Hill, in the county of Orange, twenty-eight miles W. N. W. from Baleighr-vi: - "f r... .-if:, . The North-Carolina Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and of the 'Blind, is located at Raleigh, W. J. Palmer, Principal J ,vf ? i ! : A Fortifications. Fort Macon, Beaufort Harbor, Carteret county ; Fort Caswell, Smith ville; Brunswick, county. U. 8. Arsenal. Located at Fayetteville. Maj. T. T. S. Laidley, Commandant. : Xt-S. ."! v-. J. i Insane Asvlutn of Korih-Caralina. sitnntA in this ripinl- f ty of Raleigh, will contain 250 patients ; 120 patients now in it. nr. k C. Jbisher, superintendent; Dr. r . T. Jb uller, Assistant Physician ; Mr, R. K. Ferrell, Steward, Mrs. Hill, Matron. Dr. Charles E. Johnson, Kemp P. Battle, W. W, Holden, Ed. Cantwell, A- M. Lewis Dr. W. f J. Blow, John A. Taylor and Dr. Columbus Mills, Directors. Dr. Charles E. Johnson, President of the Board; Wm. E. Anderson, Treasurer. Messrs. Holden, Johnson and Bat tle, Executive Committee. . , i j I 7 . All indigent insane persons entitled to be received, and treated, and taken care of at the public chartre. Paying patients are also received from this and other States. For proper form to be observed in sending indigent insane to. ylkmmm, R--i-A 0mM. .luptM on Mwjhstin. ' " ! COMMISSIONERS OF SINKING FUND. Thomas Baffin, Sr., of Alamance ; Weldon N. Edwards, of Warren ; : David L. Swain, of Orange, j Quentin Busbee, Secretary. . -' .-.;'- .".. - ";'!'; - ..."-..? U :. SUPERINTENDENT COMMON SCHOOLS. Rev. C. H. Wiley. ,' ' ; ! STATE GEOLOGIST Ebenezer Emmons. ' 1 BANts IN NORTH-CAROLINA , ' j;; bak iorjrATiTTEyrLLi; ' .J "':.-..:j,.- John D. Starr, President :W. G. Broad foot, Cashier; Wm. G. Matthews, Teller ; Wm. A. Rose, Clerk ; Alexan der McPhcrson, Book-keeper. ' is 1 . BANK OF .WASHINGTON. James E. Hoyt, President; Martin Stevenson, Cashier; Thomas II., McCluer, Teller; Thomas J. Latham, Jr., Clerk. Discount Day, Thursday of each week. . HXBChIkTS' BASK AT NKW-BKR5K. i ; .' Charles Slover, President; W. W. Clark, Cashier; Joseph Fulford, Teller, i Discount Day, Friday of each .'week.- '.;.jv i ;;; -'. ..''":: '.! '"'.'. l'-: ;h- I :' I -'':'":""':: -:" COXMXaCIAL BA3TX, WILMIKOTOir. j i ... . O, G. Parsley, President ; Timothy Savage, Jr., Cashier ; john JicKae, Teller; Asa H. Walker, Clerk. " BANK OF WAPXSB0XO. i ' i J. A. Leak, President; H. B, Hammond, Cashier. BAJTK OF KOaTH-CAXOLINA. CAFITAL $2,5 )0,000. j . Principal Bank at Baleigh. ; George W. Mordecai, President; C. Dewey, Cashier; Wm. E. Anderson, Teller ; Jordan Womble, I Jr., Book keeper; Seaton Gales, Clerk. - ii Branch at PayettetiUe. . i ,; i ... ' .1 v A. W. Steelj President H. C. Lucas, Cashier; Wm. Huske, Teller; W. S. Rose, Clerk. - ! ; Branch at Wilmington. i ;i ' E. P. Halt, President: William Reston, Cashier; W. D. Smith, Teller; J. IL Wright, Book-keeper. Branch at Nexcberne. Edward R. Stanly, President ; T. J. Jones, Cashier ; C. 8. Haakins, Teller. . J Branch at Tarborowgh. 1 . ; R. R. Bridgers, President; R. Chapman, Cashier; E- D. McNair, TeUer. ' Branch at Charlotte. - J. H. Carson, President; T. W. Dewey, Cashier; 8. L. Riddle, TeUer. . ,. i a..'.' Branch at Morganton. - 1. Geo. Walton, President; E. J. Erwin, Caahier. '!'. - 'il ::l f Tf rmki- ;JttB"T;!:;r't ' i '':::": '"!: ; . Geo. A. Smith, President; W. R. Hill, Caahier. Branch at Salisbury, i . Ji David F. CaldwelL President ; Moses W. Jarvii, Catkisr; David B, Newsom, Teller. - I , Branch at Windsor. L. S. Webb, Cashier. j r Agency at StalenxCU. C A. Carlton, Agent. : i . JLgtsntj at Goldsboro'. P. A. Wiley, Agent. ' ; ; Agency at Wenhcortht A. B. GaUaway, Agent. ! V Agency at Warrenton Joha G. Yancey, Agent, Il Diacouat Day, Wedaesday t each week --'-.: "!.;:v...,"'4 ' I'f'M.ff ,f bask or cat rxA--orricxxs ajtd aaAyeaas. Principal Bank at Wilmington, i Thomas H. Wright, President; H. R. Savage, Caahier; I J. D. Gardner, Teller : Joseph MeLaarin, Asaistaat Teller; I J. A. Bradley, Book-keeper ; J G. Burr,' Clerk. :-';:;. 1 ; ' :;;rwcr:!.Irajlo ,j ; ; V ." ; John Myers, President ; W. R. S. Bur bank, Caahier. L-' :: jl I'": : :-- -Xj!rm& a SaUskSmry.?i- D. A. Davis, Cashier. !h raaeA at Salem. J. G. Laah, Cashier. ; i j - ,"-p .;;. '''::;. . ;;!': Branch at TmyettewGU. i Charles T. Hai?b. Preaideat; A. McLean, Caahier; TT. Anderson, Teller; Joshua Canaan,' Clerk ; , Wngat 1 Hu&ke, Book-keeper. W. B. Jones, Cashier;. James A. Moore, Teller. Branch at JjUtriZ. j- ' 'J. .F. Eiyi Cashier.fl .'d; ; ': . .;(tV :,-rv - nbMa JeawIL Iiadjay. Casikrt lUbertOoajL tit count Pay, Tuesday of each weak. . 1 rax VAaaxxx aaxx, exxmacao'. C r. Meadeahan, PreaUat( XT. A. Calia3, j J?i U at Xjisatefl City. R. F. Owrmaa, Caahler. 1 , aaax or cxLotra, Joha J. rUckwood. Freaidcat: XL P. IVrraa. Caslisi 1 W. A. WiUIama, Teller. " - - - . - aart cr TAcrrvriX.a. I . ) Thomas D. Jchastca, Fm.lt Jesr J. Laxteav Cashier. , -,' i . . t v tin r cxamcxacs, riunnrat Joha D. WtHlama, FreaUant; Joha t. LLT-rd, Cash ier( ITa, TTardea, Teller Jaaaat llcCUrary, dark. -t -v'-' aaK of wmCTtro.." I '' . Joha McRae. Preaiirat: B. Jewtti. Caallarx aauu, leuer. r ... tku m. ' ' - - - w w : . tAjrx cr txzrarroa. 4 2L A, Sittrtll, Frtailttt; F. Lowe, Cii ttm. Jtria IL licit, CasMer." . uaxx c nsxrr-'. rr.rr2.:"2. JUT. Jerlx, rretliuj J.A. CisillT.- ; tax m ancaa axa ixajtxxx xajtx. arcarxr. A. T. DaTidsoa, rreaideat; D. C Eardea, Cailkr. PR03PHCTU 4kitmtK ARTUUR QOMC IAQAXI1C FOU IZZV i ' Tbe Ladiet notaa Zlaaxlae. i Toirxxs tTti" !ajra xvm. ' - . EDITED BY T. S. ARTHTB AND TTEQINIA T. TOWNSXND. ? : ' ". ;, Devoted to Social Uterature, JrL bro2r. froitt. aatf Domes tie "JIappinesi.. . j V rO WELL KNOWN I1 TTIK HoUC lfAQAZTIfZ kJ in all part of the United States aad the Caadaa. that we are scarcely required ia the aaaoaaeemeat for 141 to speak of its peculiar characteristics. AQ that It aaae implies, the editors have sought to make it. The readtag quality of the work has ever been the first coatideratioa ; and the pabliahers have noted, with pleasure, the asrvarv- ing testimoav received,1 year after year, from thoaaaads at sourees to its superiority ia this respect, . : "X- uur purpose has been to give a atagaxlas that s&euld . unite the attractions Of choice aad elersat literatare with hirh moral alnu. nnd teaeb urrtrl Imjmib Cm mm. mbm. and children ia all degrees of lifei a SMgaxiae that a has- v band might bring home to his wife, a brother to his abter, n K;. kilaM Vt .Kl.l- . - - .V.. I p MHWt W v.vm w, mmw. mmtm'. m ,ktm., mm. j v i i .S. , 1 . . . . UUUK U; W 1VCV1 ( U1CU UWJ W ftmMk Wl MM SHU mtM ATiitfiMllv witl thl CmIbm vT mmRmm I. terest, and usefulness ia the reading matter of the Home Masazine be renrded ia the future volumes. Our work is for homes; and we seek to make homes happier. In the January number will be commenced a new Storv. by T. S. Arthur, eetitled Miss Townsend will eontiaue to faraiah. rerslarly. those charming stories and exquisite picture-sketches, which have been the delight of so maar readers. While writers of the first talent and reputation will give their best efforts to our caffea. ueaidea it carefauv edited Literary de partment, a portion of the Magazine is devoted Vt ssbjeets or special interest to tne iioa circie. 1 it ass a maiia Denartment: a Mother's Denartment : a Toilet and Work Table Department ; a Boy's and Girl's Treasury; a noose keeper's Repository, and a Review Departmjit, ete., ete. In order to meet the wants and wishes of a tarr aunt- ber of ladies, attention is paid to Toilet aad Needle-work matters.-- ' j- From six to eight pages of Needle-work Patterns; Drawv , ings of Cloaks, Dresses, Mantles, Robes, Capet, Bon nets, Caps, Collars, Slippers, Headdresses, Uadtrtleevss. Chil dren's Dresses etc.. etc., etc., appear ia e eh number. , Thu farnlabiaia; latest styles at Drew m-em 4 Patterao for Embroidery in an almost endless variety, to the exteat of nearly a hundred pages during the year, and iaclsdiag several hundred dicerent designs aad ngures. . t '- An elegant Steel Engraving is rivea ia each aumber of the Magazine.' 'M - -f. - Tbe price to ciabs is made so low that there is scarcely a tamuy in the land tnat may not receive tne regular monthly visits of the Home Magazine. 1 a Ihi wkM., wi rj i ui u . u. w . t , m mm wa mw liome slagazine for a year at the triZUag cost of Si u each.- . ' . iv I ' -.''.":: - - v.'.-- -j ):; 'Pwmluioi. ' - j' - j ' We offer two elerant aad attractive steel engraviagt as ftremiums to all who make up Clubs. One of them is cal ed "Seventy-six," and is 14 inches by 20: the other, "He Knew the Scriptures from his Youth, 13 laches by 16. They are first-class engrayinrs (as to execution, aad will make handsome ornaments for any parlor. The pahUaher'f price for these plates is SL &o each. i (t- - ' Terms 1 copy (and one of the Premium plates, i(0 2 copies ( and one of the premium plates to retteri no of Club. V - I ' -. I S 00 2 conies fand one of the premium plates to tetter no of ClabJ -.".I " :',:. rf . 4 00 4 conies f and one of the premium plates to retter up of Club,) f ' I -:."'(! ; . -ji:" 6 00- 8 copies (and an extra copy of Magazine, and tma premium plats to getter up of Club, ) v i n 10 00 12 copies ( and an extra copy of Magazine, aad both ' premium plates to getter up of Clnb,) r f Is 00 17 copies (and an extra copy of Magazine, and v both premium plates to getter op of Cleb, ) . j ; 20 00 In ordering premiums, three red stamps mast be seat, ia every case, to pay the cost of mailing each premium. It is not required that all the subscribers to a elsb be at the same Post-office. ,. I p Specimen numbers seat to all who wish to subscribe, or make up clubs. . .--"'"!' 4 Clobbfng. ; Home Magazine and Godey's Lady's Book, one year, $3 50. --. .".-t. "' " " r I - '"' Home Magazine and Harper's Magazine, one year, S3 Mt Home Magazine and Saturday Evening Post, f 3 00. Address - T. 8. AB1TIUR A CO., . ' . 323 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZUf D AUD BJUT- , " -''-.--", isn REVixwa. ;.; !...-, S SCOTT t CO.. New York, eoBtiaue topubliA the .l following leading British Periodicals, vli I v he, London Quarterly, (Conservative,) 1 L ; i The Ediaburgh Review, (Whig,) t i. I f. Tbe North British Review, (Free Charch,) f iTbe Westminster Review, ( liberal, ) 1 , i . ' Blackwood's MsgsxiBe, (Tory) I v t These Periodicals aotr rprsea. tb ibree froa ooUO cal parties of Great Britain Whig. Tory, aad Badicsl but politics forms only one festers of their character, - As organs of themost jrofoaad writers on Scieaeo, litera ture, MoraUtv. and lieligioB. they stand, as they ever hare stood, unrivalled in the world of letters, being considered indispensable to the scholar aad O professional taaa, while to the intelligent reader of every class they faraiah a more correct and satisfactory record of the earreat Hier stare of the day, throughout the world, than earn he pos sibly obtained from any other source. - EARLY COPIES. t ' ; v The receipt of advaace sheets from the British pabtuh era rives additional value to these Beprists, loannucb at they can now be placed ia the hands of the suhoenbert about as soon as the original editions. j ? rxaas x ' - - .- For any one of the four Reviews, per aazraa, For any two of the four Beriews, V For say three of the four Ilevteurs, - For sJl four of the Reviews, For Blackwood's Msgsxtne, For Blackwood aad oos Tj"V For Blackwood aad two Rfriews, For Blackwood and gXiSSEul r- pt.w wvf and thetour ileilewa, (3 09 a 09 r tm M 3 CO ft 00 .7 09 9 09 19 09 Money earreat ia the State where atsited urHI be reeeiv- A discouat of twenty -five per eat. from the shore prises will be sllowed to Clabs crderiag four or aore copies cf aav one or more of the above works. Taaa, four eofsof Blackwood, or of one Review, wfl be seat tooaeadiross for Hi fow eopies of the four Bevies a Ikwood for gjo, aad so on ' - Postasx. Is all the priadpsl cities aad towai these works wiB he delivered treo of postage. TTbasvaeatay niail, the postage to say part of tSe United Ctatea will ho but twenty-four erata a year for Blackwood, cad but four teen cents a year for each f the fU views. 'A . If. ILTha pries iaGrcxi Eritiia cf tit Cva TtdCs S! tl-"'.; .lit! 4. m " -I -' - - , - , "'if

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