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    Thursday, December 6, 1923.
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Adventures In The
Sophomore Land
Uncle Remus Regales the Lit
tle Boy With Tales of the
“Savage Sophomores”
“Uncle Remus”, said the little boy
one evening, when he had found the
old man with little or nothing to do,
“did you ever go to college?”
“What me, honey? Dat I aint, but
I keeps up wid’em sho ’nuff jes like
my pap before me kept up wid de
“Well, did the Chowan College
Sophomores really kill any of the
The old man leaned back in his
chair, closed his eyes and chuckled.
He remained in that position for so
long that the little boy thought that
possibly Uncle Remus was asleep.
“What did they do, Uncle Remus?”
“What did who do, honey?” asked
Uncle Remus as he opened his eyes
“The Sophomores of Chowan Col
“You is des as insistent as yo pap
ever was. De Sophomores say to de
Freshmen, ‘We’re gwinter bobby cue
you next week, sho’.”
“Den de Freshmen talk mighty
“W« don’t keer what you do wid
us, wise Soph’mores, only please
don’t take away our privileges. Kill
us, haze us, throw us over in the
swimming pool, pack us up in sugar,
but please don’t take away our ordi-
rary privilsjgea”. |
“Hits so much trouble to haze you
dat we spect we better hang you”.
“Hang us des as high as you please,
wise Soph’mores, call ,a meeting and
make up some rules’. ’ Can you read,
“No, Uncle Remus,” The express
ion in the big blue eyes of the boy
was sad. He thought that the old
negro man was making fun of him.
“Dere now I moughter knowed dat
a little boy like you gwinter learn
how next year”, the old man said in
“Tell yo’ Mammy to read dem edi
torials in de news paper. Den come
back and tell me what dey done.”
The little boy ran in the house as
fast as his fat legs could carry him.
His mother willingly read to him the
following rules:
All freshmen will please take note
of the following:Sophomore week will
be observed beginning with tomorrow
morning. Regulations for each day
will be posted on the bulletin board
or read in the dining room the pre
vious evening. All freshmen who do
not abide by these rules will be tried
individually and dealt with accord
Monday: Every freshman is to ,ap-
pear at breakfast in an afternoon or
evening dress. Every freshman go
ing to town is requested to wear a
green band on her right arm, also
mis-matched hose.
Tuesday: All freshmen are to ap
pear at breakfast and to attend class
es throughout the day, in traveling
apparel, including hat, gloves, um
brella, and traveling bag or suit case.
fee is allowed at breakfast. All
freshman will salute the president,
members of the faculty and upper
classmen, when they meet them on
the front hall. All freshmen will as
semble on the front steps at 4:15
o’clock, with pencils and paper ready
to take the cat census of the town.
Thursday: The freshman class is
to give a program, lasting for at least
half an hour, this evening. Admis
sion two for five cents for those who
do not take part on the program.
Friday: All freshmen who are not
in the minstrel or amateur program
this evening will wear summer hats
and gloves. They will occupy the
seats marked with green paper.
Saturday: To show the freshmen
our appreciation of their sportsman
ship the Sophomore class invites them
to a weiner roast at the spring at four
o’clock this afternoon.
“Thank you, mother.” The little
boy did not wait for any reply. He
ran down the steps, across the yard
and soon reached the cabin of Uncle
Uncle Remus had shifted his posi
tion near the window. He seemed to
be enjoying something on the out
“Uncle Remus, why do you laugh?”
The old man stopped chuckling and
turned around abruptly.
“Lawsy me, chile, I thought you
wuz in de house wid yo’ Mammy”.
“But you told me to come back just
as soon as I found out about the
“Well so I did. I sho’ is gitting for-
gitful.” With that Uncle Remus
rolled his eyes toward the ceiling and
“Dem Freshmen puts me in mind
of Brer Rabbit”.
“Dat time he beg Brer Fox not to
fling him in de briar patch. Cose de
Soph’mores want’a hurt de freshmen
bad ez dey kin. So dey git de rules.”
The little boy laughed with Uncle
Remus. “The Freshmen bound to
fling back some er dey sass, en dey
holler out:
Soph’mores, Soph’mores, you is
mighty wise
But dem rules is fun in our eyes.
We’ll sho keep dem you kin jes bet.
Soph’mores can’t you do better yet?
The Alathenian Literary Society
held its bi-monthly meeting in the
North Hall Saturday evening, No
vember 24.
In a short business meeting pre
ceding the program Miss Willie Mae
Horton was elected Reporter from the
Society for the Chowanian Staff.
The subject for discussion was
“Southern Writers”. Miss Ada Har
rell, Mrs. McLean, Misses Ruby
Mitchell and Willie Mae Horton dis
cussed the lives and works of Thomas
Nelson Page, Joel Chandler Harris,
Sidney Lanier, and John Fox, Jr.
Miss Mildred gave a book report of
“The Little Shepherd of Kingdom
Come.” Miss Ida Mae Martin very
creditably read, “Seein’ Things at
Nighat”. The Society sang “My Old
Kentucky Home”, and “Thanksgiving
Song” between the discussion of the
topics. The final number was a
Ksedle^i^y the ZAJ5 Glee Club^ _ ^
Wednesday: All freshmen are to
ea.t food with a spoon onl]^ No c|^.langhB^
Thanksgiving Sentiment
WeVe thankful for the splendid growth of the FIRST NATIONAL
during its four brief but successful years of existence
—for the opportunities which are given us every day for genuine ser
vice and helpfulness
—for the growing number of people whom we have the privilege of
—for the confidence placed in this bank by the people not only in
Murfreesboro but throughout this section of North Carolina.
WeVe ready to serve you!
Resources Over Half Million Dollars
J. J. WHITE, Vice-President J A CAMPBELL President CHAS. R. STOREY, Cashier
R. C. BENTHALL, Vice-President ^ GEO. H. CAMPBELL, Asst.Cashier

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