North Carolina Newspapers

    Tuesday, October 2, 1928,
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Dr. Martin and his family, of
Emporia, Va., have recently mov
ed to town. Dr. Martin has pur
chased the home formerly owned
by Mr. M. E. Worrell. We are
very glad to welcome this family
in our midst, and to have Dr.
Martin as a physician.
Dan Storey, one of our up-to-
date barbers, has moved his place
of business from the Farmers-At-
lantic Bank to the old bank build
ing, beside the Post Office. He
will have quite an attractive shop.
Quite a number of the people
of Murfreesboro drove over to
Ahoskie the 26th to hear Mr.
Josephus Daniels. The speech was
very much enjoyed.
The Methodists are having re
vival services at their church, con
vening from the 23rd to the 30th.
Mr. Robinson, of Warrenton, N.
C., is doing the preaching; his ser
mons are very forceful.
Mrs. Allie Parham, who suf
fered a severe fall a few weeks
ago, is still confined to her room.
Mrs. Parham is one of the oldest
and most beloved women of our
town, and we hope for her a
speedy recovery.
The Parent-Teachers’ Associa
tion held its regular meeting Sep
tember 24. New officers were
elected, and the association de
cided to help standardize the 'ele
mentary school. We have the
average attendance, surely the
equipment can be obtained.
Mr. Roswell Pipkin, a promis
ing young attorney of Murfrees
boro, will, in the near future,
open his office for business.
The reception given recently to
the people of Murfreesboro by
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Edwards, in
honor of the faculty and students,
was certainly enjoyed by those
who attended. The reception
halls and parlors were beautifully
decorated in roses and ferns.
Chowan’s President, W. B. Edwards
Harvey Passes On
- ji
Harvey, form-
Great Britain,
maker of two
^olonel George 1^
:r ' Ambassador to
and famous as the
presidents, having had a promment
part in the selection of both VV’iison
and Harding as candidates, died o»
a heart attack at Dublin. N. H. ^
A Modern Venus di Milo
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ellington
and little son, and Mr. and Mrs.
Norman Halloway were visitors
of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Draper on
September 23.
The Hertford County Union
will meet with Christian Harbor
Church, October 2. We hope very
■mueli to have B htrge attendance.
Dr. G. N. Harrell has been a
recent visitor in town. Dr. Har
rell seems to like his work at Co
lumbia, N. C., very much.
Miss Ida Boddie, one of the
High School faculty, spent Sep
tember 23, at her home in Nash
ville, N. C.
The W. M. U. of Northampton
County will hold an all-day meet
ing at Garysburg Church, October
18. As many of the Baptist wom
en of the county as can do so, are
urged to attend. The young peo
ples’ organizations are also urged
to send as many representatives as
We are very glad to hear the
reports that are coming to us of
the improvement of Miss Lena
Terry, now at Pinecrest Manor,
Southern Pines. Miss Terry was
a member of the faculty here in
’25, ’26, and ’27. She expects to
return to her home in Alabama
In writing up the summer ac
tivities of Chowan teachers and
students for the last CHOWAN
IAN, we overlooked the fact that
Mrs. A. W. H. Jones and her
daughter, Hilton, studied at the
University of Virginia throughout
the summer. The CHOWANIAN
hopes to publish some of the re
sults of Mrs. Jones’ work soon.
Evelyn White, of Serem,
studied voice at the Boston Con
servatory of Music last summer.
Bom last August to Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Perry, of Ahoskie,
a dainty little daughter. Mrs.
Perry is known to Choiran M
“Miss Arnold,” former head of the
department of Latin.
Miss Fannie White, who taaght
here several years ago, is now
teaching home economics in Blue
Mountain College, Blue Mountain,
Miss Alice R. Collins, last year
head of the modern language de
partment here, ia quite happy in
her work at Salem College, Wins
ton-Salem, N. C. She is teaching
French there.
University of the Philippine#,
Manila, has an enrollment of 5,-
000 students.
Cannibals have evidently visit
ed Chowan recently. A member
of the journalism class wrote con
cerning the box auction of Sep
tember 7, “After buying the
boxes, the young men took the
girls out on the lawn and ate
Dempsey Becomes Ac tor
“Music Shop”
Pianos, Player Pianos,
Organs, Victrolas and Re
cords. Tuning, Repairing
and Refinishing.
Franklin, Va.
Practical Tin Roofer and
Sheet Metal Worker
Hardware, Paints and
Murfreesboro, N. C.
fempsey (Estelle
>Jack and Mrs.
Taylor), ai they apptared starring in
th« n«w play Broadway called
niie B!g Hght*
Some men move through life as
a band of music moves down the
thoroughfare, flinging out melody
and harmony through the air to
everyone far and near who
listens.—Henry Ward Beecher.
The Rexell Store
Hertford County’s Only
Drug Store
Phone 43
Ahoskie, N. C.
Hope’s Hopes Fulfilled!
" |j»UTOCA6'
Blanche Le Clair, well kiiuwii movie actress, has shoulder measurements
exactly the sinit as the famous Venus di Milo; acGordmg to studio physi-
cians who obscrx-ed the remarkable similarity in conducting a health- sur
vey. ^ Miss J-e Clair attributes hci shoulder development to tennis anl
swimming Her che^r leveJot>cncii( is fu:i' uirhcs.-
* Alumnae Colamn *
The alumnae and friends of
Chowan are very sorry to hear of
the death of Mr. J. R. Peterson,
of Clinton, N. C., which occured
September 14. His wife, former
ly Miss Roberta Marshbum, of
Clinton, is a graduate of the class
of ’94. The friends of Chowan
extend to her their heartfelt sym
pathy in her bereavement.
* * *
The marriage epidemic among
former Chowan students has not
ended. Edith Oakley of the class
of ’27 was married to Mr. Koonce
early in September.
Miss Sophie Faison, whose mar
riage to Mr. Morrison Parramore
took place Friday night, Septem-i
her 21, was a visitor at the college
which wishes may present one. All
couples congratulations and hope
that happiness will be theirs.
* * *
Hilda Matthews, of the class of
’25, is teaching at Elizabethtown,
and Elizabeth Watson, of the class
of ’26, is teaching at Wilton.
* • *
Chowan always welcomes her
former students when they return
to visit her. Misses Carrie Roun
tree, Ethel Britt and Margaret
Britt, and Mrs. Philips Downes,
formerly Miss Lizzie Jones, and
Mrs. Dick Cook, formerly Miss
Maebelle Ward, were callers at
the college Sunday, September 16.
Washington, D. C.
Frances Flythe: I’ve never
been, but I am certainly going on
my trousseau.
Miss Webster: Pauline, vhat
is the largest body you ever saw?
Pauline Simons; Roxie Flythe’s.
Miss Caldwell: Hilda, work an
example for me over there on that
board. This is the example:
X, boys; y, girls; z, chaperone.
X and y and z, misery.
X and y minus z, bliss.
• » •
Latin Professor: Mildred, do
yoh remember Horatius at th«
Mildred Hinton: I don’t think
I ever met him. You know we
see so few men in Chowan Col
» » *
Mrs. Jones: I would certainly
like for all the girls to go to
Proctor, walking into Raba Tay
lor’s room: Look, your dresser is
on fire!
Raba Taylor: No, it’s my elec
tric light. I couldn’t blow it out,
so I put it in my drawer.
* « *
Miss Carroll (scanning poetry
on English class): Eliza, what is
a foot?
Eliza Blackstone: Why twelve
inches, of course.
* * *
Maidie Wake; When I sing I
get tears in my eyes. What can
I do for it?
Eva Hoggard: Stuff cotton in
your ears.
• * *
Ann Downey: Mary, what de
gree are you working for?
Mary Stanley: I’m working for
rcuratii 1.
* • •
Freshman: I know something.
Senior: Never mind, you will
forget it before you reach my age.
» * •
In discussing how the Sopho
mores could raise money, Agnes
suggested that they sell postage
stamps and see if they could
make anything on them.
♦ * •
Addie M. Cooke: Who was the
heroine in "The Scarlet Letter?”
Myrtle Huff (with animation):
Oh! She was a woman.
* If «
Edna Harrell (explaining the
building to parents): There is
nothing on the fifth floor except
the conservatory. (Observatory).
♦ * •
Virginia Stanley: If Thanks
giving comes on Friday, and we
get a holiday, I am going home
for the week-end.
* * •
Teacher: It gives me grreat
pleasure to give you eighty-five
on your examination.
Pupil: Well, give me a hun
dred, and get a real thrill out
of it
Miss Hope Hampton looked to
ward Broadway after being ad
judged the most beautiful girl in a
contest where she lived, Houston,
Tex. She has become one of the
most fmous stars in moviedom,
and this season she is going to
make her debut as a f^nd Ooer^
vingej^ ■ ■ ■
Aulander, N. C.
Richard Theatre
Shows: 2:00; 3:45; 7:30; 9:15 P. M.
Dorothy Hempstead at the Kimball Organ
“Carolina’s Finest”
Cotton Seed Products and High Grade Fertilizers
Bring Your Cotton To Us For Highest Prices
and Improved Services
Aulander, North Carolina
Murfreesboro, N. C.
Dealer In
General Merchandise
Pay Me a Call While in Town!
Murfreesboro, N. C.
We Sell To Dealers Only!
Nine Years of Service in Our Beloved
Roanoke-Chowan Section.
We Will Thank You to Continue to Give Us Orders
Star Dry Cleaning Company
To Try Its
Murfreesboro, N. C.
Funeral Home
Ambulance Service Phone 26
Franklin, Virginia
Sawyer-Darden-Noweil, Inc.
Wholesale Druggists
Distributors for Sinclair Gas and Oils
Agents for Chevrolet Cars
“For Power and Pep, Our Gas ond Oil
Sure Has the Rep.”
Try H. C. Gasoline and See the Difference

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