VOLUME 59 ESTABLISHED, 1SS3. DUnnA.ii, 2?. a, 3ionday, may 5, 1202. FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA. SlXlftM &lffUliV A. W. HAWKS' AT ' Conservatory of Music Tuesday Night, May 7, at 8:30 o'clock. Prices 35 and 50 6ts. Seats on sale at YEARBY'S Drug Store. DeligMM Millinery When you choose a Hat you want pretty ones to choose from. Its a great advantage and we give it to you because ve have a large stock, and consists of the latest and best to be had. Our goods were purchased with a view to suit ing all styles of ladies. You will find no difficulty in findj irg just what you want FOR HOSPITAL BENEFIT. THE itm sra OPENS Durham High School vs Nearby House Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon, May Ttb, at Trinity Iark, the Durham ilicrb" School and learoy noose teams will cross bats. The proceeds will be for the benefit of the alts Hospital, and the game 19 to be called at 4 o'clock. Admission, Id cents. GraDd stand free. The line-up of the two teams will be as follows: Durham High School. Lea, short stop; Hicks, catcher; Hackney, right field; Simtb, 1st base; Jordan, 2d base and pitcher; Brown, 2d base and pitcher; Boddie, left -field; Dixon, center field; Parker, 3d base. Yearby House. Bernard, catcn- er; rngh, catcher; Villianis, ist base; Eubanks, 2d base; Corbett short stop; r-earson tmra w , , and first baseman of the Tulford, right fie d; Baldwin, ceo. - d R M. Ashec- ter held ; llobgood , lei I new. . q and UeemM Uo out and witness ine game - team are ba9ebaU thus help along one of the worthiest thoroughly understand institutions located in our miasi. . . . The North Carolina League Bea son began today with the following I i . . . i rv 1 r..i.. ba r. iintainff games in aaaiuon 10 me uwum- 1 M I.... . WnlnmK ' .1 Wl . r.L 1. . TS... ".vll.. VyUiriUlLB VlUir; XhitlCIL'U B. Illl- rorin uppusiic iiiniij .uiivf,v. a . w boro vs. New Bern, at New Bern-. The umpires assigned for these games were: Harry Mace, of Wash ington, at. New Bern; Thomas Mc- Namara, of Pittsburg, fa., at Wil DURHAM TEAM'S FIRST GAMEllN CHARLOTTE. For the Next Four Months There Will be Lively Ball Ahead for the Six Cities. . The Durham baseball team, of the State League, left Sunday after noon for Charlotte, where they were scheduled to play the team of that city this afternoon. They play there again on Tuesday and Wednesday, after which they go to Kaleigh to play the three remaining days of the week. Durham and Charlotte both have strong teams. Otis 11. Mocksdale, DOING A BIG BUSINESS. The Quaker Hemedy Co., is giv ing free entertainments every night in the western part of the cityon the vacant lot near Norris' store, iu9t across the railroad from Trini- tv College. The crowds that at . tji ij..j r tend ate large, in fact o.i Saturday mingion; ueorge wuu x .uuu, u. night there were several hundred Ph.ladelph.a, at Charlotte, people prPeDt, including men, wo- t From now until Tuesday, Sep em- men and children, and the best of u , " ? order prevailed. i . .u i e ;n . n ininn (a Iho Invars nr Inn aam in What struck a Sun representative r'Lv.o yMv ' . perhaps more forcibly than anything Z1L " Cf. ' Ra . else was the eagerness with wbich YTt Z L " the people purchased Quaker Heme- eign eru 80U "S'- dies. Persons were cured of head- Mal Tn...nrmw Afiemnnn. ache, toothache, etc., almost m-. A caUed meeUng of the JaUan S. staotiy on the platform in full view Cafr Ch ter of Daughters of the of the people. There was such a Coqfed' wiU be held tomorrow iT afternoon at 4 o'clock, at the mono that Dr. Payne could hardly wait Libra The meeting win fce for uui uu.uimingu, the purpose of perfecting arrange the case every night, the fame of ;(i,,n. nfnnnr the reraedies having out the citv and coun Some remarkable cures have already been made. A cake walk performance is also given dming the' concert, and this cares you of the blues in its'ludi ciousness. Liquid Air Coming. Very many persons have read and marveled at the paradoxical ana tartlinf; things done by Liquid Air. To be at Craven Memorial Hall Tonight. The Boston Festival Orchesta ar- rived in Durham today from Ual eigh, where they appeared on Satur day night. Tonight the orchestra will give a concert in the Craven Memorial Hall. Bv reaaest. the first number on the program will be William Tell Overture. This magnificent orchestra of fifty pieces has charmed the auuieuees everywhere they have appeared. Secure your ticket tor toe con cert at once at Sneed's druaj store. Concert will begin at 9 o clock, so as to allow persons -attending tht church services to be present, at the beginning. After the concert, the member of the orchestra expect to have by special train for Greensboro. REVIVAL CLOSES. Thirty-Four Conversions at the Trinity Church Meeting. The revival services, which were in progress at Trinity Methodist church for several days, closed Sun day night. As a result 34 protes sions. At the Sunday morning services, 26 lomed that church, 22 on protes sion of faith and 4 by transfer. The ordinance of baptism was admin iatered upon 18 persons. Rev. W. C. Norman conduoted the sjrvices throughout the meeting and preached in a most able and convincing manner. The entire membership of the church has been greatly built up and strengthened, and the gracious influences mam fested will doubtless last for some time to come. 3 cents the yard is our special low price for pure Silk Wash Taffeta Ribbon, full three and three-quaiter inch es wide. Two thousand yards, embracing all colors and white and black. The 13 cent Ribbon Sensation. 8. r 1 the purpose ot pertecting arrange-, t, the fame of mento t0 gjve lhe crosses of honor to spread through. the veterafl8 on next Friday 8fter. ounty as well. Tfae cr088e8 wiU be given only to Buch as have returned the blanks. The presentation will occur in the Opera House at 4 p. m. , Friday. Hon. D. H. McLean is to deliver the address. Couuty Commissioners. The Board of County Comrais sioners met today in regular month ly session. Very little business outside of regular routine matters, I such as providing for the outside poor, auditing and allowing ac counts, etc. . was transacted. The Board will be in BesBion again to morrow ana-prnapB longer. 1 'last) Taffeta Ribbon For the Neck and Waist. ELLIS, STONE & CO. WE WILL CLOSE OUT ! Wo txmiI olnan nnr our pnf.irfi stock f rom tViis date at the old corner stand without reserve. Every dollar's worth a 1 1 l Jtki rr of Clothing and Shoes at halt price All ouc. anu $1 uu Li'i.fa or in fin,! 7iV 9Fi nnd WV. Neck woarat 20 and 40c. $1 and $125 Hats for 75c. All other goods in same T .... T .-li 1 II 1 1 . proportion. These goods will De soiu ai aoove prices o vafoil r r irn will PrllQl ilpr fi rironosition for the whole. b i bun j x nv nut vi..'.v. r i' 1 turning over our well established old corner stand to the purchaser. This is the opportunity of a life time to engage in business at a good, well advertised stand, and to buy hne goods at almost give away prices. LAMBE and LYON, One Price Clothiers and Furnishers. -SHOE SPECIALS.- Police Court. There were seven cases .tried in the police court this morning. ; . 1 . . - , ... ... "m9i will want' to see and .nce Woods, charged witn assauu iwrnoreWitis wonderful fluid, and battery w,tb dead y weapon : mrs. l. reRKiii80h:&:,ESfi. ETiifiS apio-tf all win nave an opuoriuuu, to uU , n,vmpnt nt 2 bo. so. A large number of tickets have - y " ' ' J already been spoken for and all go- juagmeu. , uu uu-.-. r J . . . 0 rosnontivelv. Two drunks were let ing should secure seats early. Mfl 9 0 t resnec The lecture is not a sensational v.r - - - t . ,. . . . s hvoW . Onn for nislurhinc the neace one, but a series ot new wonaers "-v- - 7. 4o nn r will be presented from Btart to tin- B "u iah. It will begin promptly at 8:45 M WMv.a Father Dead. Concert by the Orphans. M': John F. Wily, cashier of the V r . oTford Ornhan West Virginia on account of the orphans from the Oxford Orphar nr. John Boll- Asvium are oeing auiu uy , ..... m-, j .. V .. ?. tu. wi:-.. hgWilv. Mr. Wily received the under me supervision ui nioa um- o . 03 j 1 r. 1 ' . r . . 1 aA informal inn on nundav and left beth Taylor. The price 01 aamis- - . ' tin 15 orjover the Southern railway in re gion to the concert will be 15, i- r-.u . iiA k.. ... II . V 1 1- I HIII1I1HH IU IUO UlCBCiatiC. 1IB Uo IU and 60 cents, nave me seais ucu.- -r-- " doff at once at Vaughan's drug ""cere sympathy of our people in HIS W. . w Tee Collection of Statuary. A Somerville, N. J , dispatch savs that the largest private collec tion of Btatuary and baBes imported into this country has arrived tnere for James B. Duke, president Qf the American Tobacco Company. The collection numbers about two hun dred pieces and filled several freight care. To better bring our Spring stock of Swell Shoes to the attention of Dur ham ladies and gentlemen interested in the higher grades of Footwear we. mention three leaders this week: Ladies' Patent Ideal Kid Lace k Ladies' Patent Ideal Kid Ox- 01 r - m km farA for this wpf-k. $2 KC. ouuc iv 1 Luis nnki j" T t 1 w- t ? ? ! 1 Straw hats from 10 cts np, at A. Max's. Get one now before they are picked over. A SPRINKLING OF NECKWEAR from this elegant Hoe will put your assort n.Ant tn the most satisfactory condition. There's a sparkling variety of all styles of nenk flxlnns for this season spots, figures, vertical stripes ana cross bars, as well as plain effects In beautiful colors. Collars ot all shapesthat are correct. Soft Shirts In many new weaves and combinations. Johnston Furnishing Co. 'Phone 440, Durham, N. C. store. The entertainment this year will be one of the best and most en joyable. Go out and hear the or phans sing. The Game Saturday. The exhibition game oLball Sat urday afternoon between the Trin ity and Durham teams was won oy SdarRB in Same Sections. t mm oontinna t hrnnarhniit this I the last named bv a score of 9 to 8 part of the State there is reported a Morris and Sullivan, of the Durham gcarcity of white tarm lanorers. a iteam, am ine puuumg iui immj. number of families have moved to The winning run was made in the Durham during the past few months ninth inning, the score being a tie to obtain work in the mills and in in the eighth. Durham's team show other businesses. A good many ne- ed up well at the bat, and in fact, groes have also come here to obtain I every player did well. wur. . ... , . . i here will oe no enuauipmeui ui Reward. tke state Guard this year. The cost Ten dollars reward win oe paia 0f Bending the provisional regiment for evidence to convict the person .A thn Charlpston Eitnosition was that damaged the pay station tele- kpiwppn 4.000 and 5.000. The phone at Southern Kailway passen- Slate hever had a better representa- .1 . W W Q.i.nr Sunt I.. . I . I Ikl. Wanteda Cook. Any color, nationality or shape.' House furnished. Apply at this office. ml-tf. guo &lvtKtlstmt&t. flPPBTIZING Nothing more so than a nice Din ner or Tea Set in China or Import ed English Porcelain. We have in stock the French, German, Japa nese, English and American goods to select irom. Also have a spe cial lot of English Plates, Caps and Saccers, and bowls, we are selling at io cents each. Nice handled Caps and Saucers at all times, at 40 cents per set, at J. HENRY SMITH'S ger depot W. W. Shaw, Supt. m3 3t. ct lawns. See them at A: Mix's. 9 them and get tinn nutsidft of its borders than this regiment gave it.' North at The most complete Duplicator on the market. We are agents for it and would be glad to have you call and examine it if y&u do any Du nlirflte work. Also see the SUN and CHICAGO Typewriters that we will sell you cneap. Yours truly, S. C. ANDERSON CO. Boys straw Hats, lioys straw Hats. Johnston Furnishing Co. Don't Let Them Suffer-. - Cften chi'dren are tortured with Carolina cut hearings A. Max's for lOcts per doaon. It is estimated that 12,000 to' 15, nnr wKHa men in the State disfran chised themselves, from voting by I failing' to nav poll tax. u is it ixu i a a a . itching and burning eczema and tnougui mat over ou.uuu ut-groco . other skin diseases but Bucklen'a the State will lose their vote on the Arnica Salve heals the raw sores, game account. r 1 rp, fVia rn wmoilir fr.ronatlvA- without a scar. vioan, iragrani,, j "7' r.vr,: 'o." "I "a cheap: there's no salvo on earth as neaH, ouiuur.u.u ovuuiu ffood lTV it. 1. urn euaraniwu. . ' - - - r. - Only 250 at It. Blacknall & Son'. n centa' For fia,eby TONE & DURABILITY Over 117,000 Now in Use. f The Nobbiest Patent Call and Patent Kid J 4 Oxfords to be seen this season. Q BUflCMOfliW COiyiPP Y. Q THE BEATEN BISCUITz: originated in the old Southern families, in ante-bellum days, when hos pitality and good cheer were the signs of good breeding. But the mak- ine of thi; favorite bread tojmeny invoivea uoia umc anu anu ui . . 1 .f I . ! 1 i. i. late years was in aanger 01 uecomiug a iwai mu .THE ACME BISCUIT BEATER however, makes this process an easy and quick one and all honse kef p- ers who try it pronounce u to De one ui mc muai uaciui mvcuiwus of the day. For sale by TAYLOR 6c PHIPP& "THE (IPPEL OFT , - POCLflip THE TO " t ha woll drnsspfi is ft nroner desire for both ftian and woman. We know that at our store men can get the proper Apparel. We make special effort to please, and have everything in Ready-To-W.ear Clothing, Under wear, Shirts, Straw liats, isecKwear, v, necessary 10 make men properly clothed for Spring. Come in and let us make you iook new. n is useless iur us tu cummcjii on the fact that our customers are always pleased. If you are not one, come aim jum mo yiuccoanm. n o mik you good. "Sale Agents For Knox Hats." W. A. SLATED COMPANY, CLOTH lEKS ANU fUKKISUfcKS. PIAUOSAK L MblNb ) u ----- - GOLD AND COLORS. AT HALF PRICE. . Next door to Postoffice. 'Phone 412. ibihiis Established ibJM To) TRflNKLlN PIANOS. .HARVARD PIANOS. Sold for cash or easy payments. W. R. Murray, Main Street, Durham, N. C. C. P. I lowerton & Son. man 9 tf tug H-tf r

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