J I T - " ora A.5T) rrrrca. Wkly-tt Yr, One Doll". laMrtl Darkun Portofflc U eon4 elui mkll Bine, bu tnvclui rwUUai B.tUr. Cmocrtie lm politic, conerrUTi U po-lcj ud for-horn UMiMti int. idnrtmc rW mUa knowm on 4ppUcisi to oSca 1 Dak Buildin. Wert MU it. IitertM 'Phone r. BeU 'Phone . mCff of adTenHementi mttit b) d 1 by U o'clock oa dj of pttollelo olarare) Uertloa. ' MONDAY, MAY 5. Is Zse ia s'.l Lis '--' ail iilUl icto New lork Lirtcr wi;b tLe LeiJ of an rrctruiicg rem every port cf tii frigate, as so evidence of tLe contempt for tte menial service to which hia vessel had been put. It is oft times the case that when the shoe is new there is then music in the sole. o " Durham has some persons who would make the greatest of ballet dancers. They are such great kick ers. , o Thk night pilferers and rogues infesting1 Durham are very consid erate. They take men's pantaloons, what money and jewelry they can find, but it is invariably the case they leave the building. o . Careful parents do not now ask the men who propose for their daughter's hands whether they can give them horses and carriages but whether they can give them beef three times a day. o Evert citizen in a community is aivancing its best interests, or keep ing back the advancement of these intireste. There is no middle ground to occupy. It is for or against the community's interests, and every citizen is personally responsible. o For a birthday present an Ohio man presented his wife with a box of candy. . Each piece was wrapped in a five dollar bill. Mow if men who insist on giving you a piece of their mind would do likewise their advice would be greatly sought af ter. . o The announcement made by Col R. M. Johnson, that Mr; Bryan does not. wish to be the party' standard bearer in 1904, may be taken as correct. - Col. Johnson' close personal relations with Col Bryan place him in a position to . speak authoratively. o The effrontery with which Ameri can officers attempt to excuse their torture of Filipinos by the state ment that the latter tortured American troops is lamentable. The Indians scalped American troops but we never knew of American officers resorting to a similar mode of retal iation. o- Timorous persons are urged not to put their dependence in lightning rods so much as in the thought that the chance of being struck ia ex tremely small, about one to each 200,000 inhabitants in a year which is a much' lower rate than in almost any other of the natural ac cidents. o -The impression prevails that Gen. Jacob H. Smith will been acquitted of the charge of cruelty to the Fili pinos. The finding of the court will m nr i m De lorwaraea to nasnington trom Manila. The administration seems m - t . . a i m nave a preiiy guuu Buppiy oi whitewash on hand, and it will no doubt be used freely. o According to Secretary Root's report to Congress the bed of the Quartermaster on the transport "Hancock", including mattress, pil lows, curtains, comfort and valance, cost the government $134 65. This does not indicate Spartan simplicity in the surroundings of oar army officers embarking for the front. . i Q The upveiling of the statue of Count Rochambeau, which will occur in Washington on May 24th, recalls the fact that the Count came . to America as the official representa tive of bis government and lent his military services to the struggling colonies in the name of France. La Fayette, while none the less brave, came merely as a private citizen. ' ."' o Thb Navy Department recently received a portrait of the late Cap tain "Mad Jack" Percival, of whom it is related that having been sent to Morocco to bring back cargo of A lot of the biggest back lambs on" Wall street were fleeced fcatur- day, and warrants of arrest have been issued. Siity banks are said to be losers. Ice justice issuing the warrants intimates that there is omething big behind the proceed ings. There must be when the losers claim that from five to ten millions of dollars are involved. And yet these fellows will go in and be fleeced some more taking others with them. o "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." This old saying would seem applicable to Senator Pritchard, who, seeing the handwriting on the wall, and sniff ing hia approaching defeat in the air, is making a very large spectacle of himself, and seeking notoriety, by making it appear that cruelties are practiced in North Carolina, while he is discussing the Philippine question, lie cannot throw sand in the eyesQof the people, with the 'sand cure" be has discovered, which is based upon the unsupported testimony of one negro witness. This is the one great argument the Senator uses against the cruel "water cure" General Smith practiced on the Philipinos. 'Some big states men appear mighty small at times and especially when a campaign is approaching in which they are inter ested. "Drowning men catch at straws." Should Be Well Represented. Charlotte Observer: It is of con sequence that the President of the United states should have a good opinion of North Carolina and he has certainy been deeply impressed with representatives of the State as he has seen and heard them abroad within the past month. He was quite captivated at Charleston by Governor Aycock and . appears to have been equally impressed at Annapolis t rid ay by Dr. Winston and after his address at the gradua ting exercises of the Naval Acad emy, to which Dr. Winston is a visitors, congratulated him and showed him marked attention. These instances should prove the impor tance or me oiates oeirg repre sented oh great puouc occasions celebrated without its borders, and of putting its best foot forward. It did the latter at the Charleston Exposition and on graduating day at Annapolis, and shone on both occasions. A Remarkable Centennial. Centennials of many things are passing before thp American people with increasing frequency as the years go on, but there are few to compare in importance with an edu - - i ' 1 ' tfl I cauonai one wnicn will occur in North Carolina this month. The oldest college in the South for girls and young women will be one bun dred years old then, and the city of Winston-Salem is preparing an elab orate cebbration of the Salem Acad emy and College's notable anniver sary, which is only the third of it6 kind in the united States. Many distinguished persons, rep resenting almost every section of the TT:..J u.-.-- ill l - .1 . uuneu Diaies, win De gamereu at vvinston-Baiem, in. u.. from Mav 23d to 29th, when the Centennial of the Salem Female Academy will be oeieoratea with appropriate and very imeretjMDg exercises. A Norfolk, Va., dispatch says that the battlpihips KearBagre, Ala bama and Massachusetts will so to me iNew xork navy yard for re pairs, arriving there on Mav 15 lhe vessels are now engaged in squadron practice off the Caoes. The repairs on the vessels are not of an extensive nature. It is alleged that sixty banks in different parts of the country are out more than 1 1,000,000 by the re cent stock market manipulation and the total loss is between $5,00Q,000 and $10,000,000. Warrants have been issued for the arrest of one man. Thousands Sent Into Exile. Every year a large number of poor sufferers whose lungs are eore and racked with coughs are urged to go to another climate. But this Is costly and not always sure. Don't be an exile when Dr. Kino'n Na. Discovery for Consumption will cure yuu at home. It's the most infallible meaicine for Coughs, Colds, and al Throat and Lune diao&AM nn nnrt.h The first dose brings relief. Astound rog cures result from nflrsininfc nao Trial bottles free at R. Blacknall & Son's. Price 60o ancl $1.00. Every TLlllLi: CACZIi tO Ki!il! tit lij 3. Ca M. Nichols cur cr the cucinaiiy, 90 VYii; Atiitrpua, Tfairi. YOEKVILLE, S. C, eta llaTy Stevens, E and J. Frank Lindsay, of the King's Mountain Military Academy, were drowned this afternoon about three clock. The shocking tragedy oc curred while the boys were bathing a Black a pond, two miles west of Yorkville. Immediately upon hearing the news me uoserver correspondent urried to the scene and found Drg. Walker, White, McDowell and Bar- ron, assisted oy dozens oi anxious citizens, trying to resuscitate the unfortunate young men. From eye witnesses the details of the tragedy were gathered as follows: There were sixteen cadets in the bathing party and only a few of them weie able to swim. The pond is a shal- ow sheet with a deep channel in the centre. Stevens, who was a strong, vigorous young fellow, ventured to wade across, heedless of warnings. He stepped beyond his depth and began to flounder. Nichols and Lindsay, neither of whom could swim, plunged to his rescue and all went down together. Mr. Fred Black, the miller, and Cadet Marsh Morrow, of Gastonia, both good swimmers, went to the aid of the three drowning boys and became en tangled in the death trap to such an extent that they barely escaped with their lives. Although much ex hausted, they continued their efforts until they recovered the bodies of Stevens and Nichols by diving. This as after the bodies had been down about 20 minutes. The body of Lindsay could not be found until the pond had been partially drained. t was at least an hour after the boys had gone to the bottom before the doctors arrived and all four reaohed the spot within a few minutes of each other. In the meantime, how ever, acting by direction of his mother, who had had a previous ex perience, Mr. Fred Black had al ready succeeded in getting the drowned men pretty well relieved of water, lhe doctors devoted their efforts to restoring respiration and worked two hours without success. One of the doctors thought he de tected a slight heart action, but was not certain. Dr." Walker opened a vein in Stevens' arm and got a flow of blood, but it was black and show ed no sign of oxygen. After the first excitement Cadet Morrow succumbed from shock. "Tt seems that before the final tragedy, he had taken Nichols out of the very same danger and was lying down resting at the time Nichols and Lind say plunged in after . Stevens. He was in the water for the next half hour under heart breaking circum stances. Then he took a chill and at this time is in a serious oondition. The physicians are with him. Cadet Lindsay was the eldest son of Capt. J. K. Lindsay, of York ville. Cadet Nichols was the only son of Mr. T. J. Nichols, a promt nent farmer who lives near this place, and Cadet Stevens was brother of Mr. John T. Stevens, a leading merchant of Kershaw S. C. While hurrying to the scene of the tragedy on horseback t rank C. Kiddle, aged about 12, fell and was seriously hurt. At first it was thought he would die, but the doo' tors now say he will recover. Spe oial to Charlotte Observer. , - Fahrenheit no cce could sres of cold than Le did with i ia 17.4, t;i-u I that proJace a greater de- e and sait is degree below -reezing, thoag he did not suppose that cold ended there. Dew&r, of London, has carried hia. experiments witn cold farther than any other scient ist, and has succeeded in cooling the rare gas helium by the use of lique fied hydrogen, to a point within IS degrees of the theoretical zero, which is about 440 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.. The well known Hawley collec tion of rare violins, Consisting of twelve examples of the best work of Guarneriu?, Stradivariu, Bergocz, Amati, Maggini, etc., has been bought by a company of Chicago en thusiasts, the prices paid being over $50,000. A clock has been devised which is wound up by the pressure of a column of alcohol expanding under the influence of heat. The natural rise in temperature occurring daily after sunrise is sufficient to auto matically wind the clock for anoth er 24 hours. A Polish child wonder is start ling Europe with his piano playing and has already written a grand opera which will be produced in sev eral countries next fall. The largest subterranean lake in the world was recently discovered in a grotto on the island of Majores in the Mediterranean. It is 600 feet long, 100 feet wide and 30 feet deep in some places. Charles Robinson, son of a prom inent citizen of Butler, Pa., disap peared from his home a month ago while suffering from temporary mental aberration, and is believed to be wandering along the Atlantic coast. Sciatic Eheumatlsm Cared After Fourteen Tears of Suffering. 'I have been afflicted with sciatic rheumatism for fourteen yean," says J 0611 J7gar, or Uermantown, Cal. "I was able to be around but constantly suffered. I tried every thing I could hear of and at last was told to try Cnamberlain'a Pom Balm, wmcn 1 dii and was immediately ret evel and in a short time cured, and I am happy to eay it has not since returned.", Why not use this liniment and get well! It is for sale by W. M. Tearby. Examination of Applicants. An examination of applicants for for certificate to teach in the Dur ham Graded Schools will "be held on Saturday, May 17th, at More head School. By order of School Board. a24-td The secretary of the treasury re quests collectors of customs at At lantic ports to look out for Charles Robibson, who under temporary insanity is supposed to De wander ing along the coast; There's no sentiment in business, but there's business in. sentiment. Life. . . ' Wnooplng Cough, A woman who has bad experience with this disease tells how to pre vent any dangerous consequences from it. She Bays: Our three chil dren took whooping cough last sum mer, our baby boy being only three moots old, and owing to our giving them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, they lost none of their plumpness and came out in much better health than other children whose parents did not use tbis remedy. Our oldest little girl would call lustily for cough syrup between whoops.-Jessie Pink ey Hall, Bpringville, Ala. This Rem edy is for sale by W. M. Y wby Ex-Governor Russell writes Jus tice Clark that the latter can have copies of the much talked of Clark- Russell letters for publication or he (Russell) will publish them if Clark so desires. No Loea of Time. I have sold Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for years, and would rather be out of coffee and sugar than it. I sold five bottles of it yesterday to threeners that could go no farther, and they are nt work again this morning. H U. Fdelps, Plymouth, Oklahoma. As will be seen by the above the threshers were able to keep On with th?ir' work without losing a single day's time. You Bhould keep a Dot je of this Remedy in your home For sale by W. M. Yearby. , You May Snap Your Fingers at fate If you're Insured against loss and want in such reliable fire companies as we represent. Give you a policy that Is at once concise and plain, as well as liberal in Its terms. A contract that furnishes protection at minimum of cost. Prompt settlement as sured, also. No better Investment. Gome ana see us, or write. James Soutbgate & Son's Insurance Agency. Phone 46, Office over Morehead Banking Co sepl7 Where are you going- -to spend the summer ? neepyour eye on Montreal. Ever been there? No! Well go early and spend the entire summer. Nothing like it In all 'The Land of the Sky" HOTEL MONTRERT Rlehtlnthe wild woods. Beautiful for situ atfon. New Hotel with all modern comforts ngnc in tne heart or nature. Surroundec all sides by lofty mountain peaks, walks i drives of Indescribable grandeur. Mineral Waters just developed. Llthla and Chalybeate of Iron Water. Hotel ready for business. Open all seasons. t or illustrated booklet, address W. D. PAXTON, Proprietor, mayl-3m Montreat, N. O. Administrators' Notice Having qualified before the Clerk of the Superior Court of Durham County as Admin istrator of the estate of the late Mrs. Mollle 8. Lyon, this Is to notify all persons holding claims against the said estate to present them to the undersigned on or b-fore the 18th day of April, 1903, or this notice will be plead In bar of their recovery and all per sons Indebted to the said estate will please UlHItC lUUIKHllalie UtVUIDUb WM. IT. irnPKTNB Administrator of the estate of Mrs. Mollle Q. LlJOU. This the 11th day of April 1902. praaytly prorand, OS HO FEB. Bend mode, iketoh, or photo for frw nnort on patentability. Book "How to Obtain U. 8. and Fonign Patent! and Trade-Marki,' ' FUB. Fairest termf ever offered to inventors FATENT LAWYERS OF t YEARS' PRACTICE. ,,,20,000 PATENTS PROCURED THROUGH THEM. All buunew eonndential. -Sound adviot. Faithful Harriot. Moderate, charges. wteCe A. SNOW &CO. PATENT LAWYERS, . Opp. U. 8. Patent Office, WASHINGTON, 0. C. V ) Tte treatment cf Catarrh with antiseptic and i astringent washes, lotions, salves, medicated tobacco and cigarettes or any external or local application, is iust as senseless as would be kindling a hre on top of 7. the pot to mate it Don. ime, mese give temporary relief, but the cavities and passages of the head and the bronchial tabes soon 11 up again with mucus. - Taking cold is the first step towards Catarrh, for it checks - perspiration, and the poismous acids and vapors which should pass o5 through the skin, are thrown back upon the mucous membrane or inner skin, croducine- inflammation and excessive flow of mucus, much of which is absorbed into the blood, and through the-circulation reaches every part of the system, involving the Stomach, Kidneys and other parts of the body. V hen the disease assumes tne dry lonn, tne Dream becomes exceedingly foul, blinding headaches are frequent, the eyes red, hearing affected and a constant ringing in the ears. No remedy that does not reach the polluted blood can cure Catarrh. S. S. S. expels from the circulation all onensive matter, and when ncn, pure blood is " again coursing through the body the mucous membranes become healthy andjthe skin active, all the disagreeable, painful symptoms disap pear, and a permanent, thorough cure is effected. S. S. S. being a stpctly vegetable blood punher does not derange tne Stomach and digestion, but the appetite and general health rapidly improve under its tonic effects. Write us about your case and get the. best medical advice free. 3Jook on blood and skin diseases sent on application! V TBS SWIJT SPKCiriC CO. Atlanta, Ct, FINE LINE: WALL PAPERS ".- m t "We are up to it in the - , " f -paper business. ' f OUR STOCK CANT BE BEAT. B. J. LONG, 224, West Main Street, - . - Durham,. 0. Inter-State 'Phone 468. mar22-lw B. N. DTJKK, President. JOHN P. WILY, C&ehier THE, FIDBLITY BfNK DURHAM, N. C. Capital $100,000.00. . . ... . .Surplus $85,000.00 Deposits $700,000.00. This branch of our business has gradually grown until we have issued 1,675 SAVINGS BOOKS. In order to encoage thrift and economy among our people we receive from $1.00 up and allow interest thereon. Safety Deposit Boxes for rent. This Bank is authorized by its charter to act as Guardian, Executor, Ad minifltrator, Trustee, Agent, etc. jan25-3m DURHAM, N. C. ' CAPITAL AND PROFITS $155,000.00. Q. E. RAWLS, Freiclent. O. CYLC x Vice-President. w L... j MURRAY, Cashier. We solicit the accounts of Merchants, Manufacturers, Firms acd Indi viduals, and all business en'tosted 1o us will recede prompt srd accu rate attention, end every facility and accommodation in keeping with the account will be extended. Wf cordia'ly invite a personal interview an5-6m or correspondence. reeriess lceirean) Meezefs MAKES CREAM -IN THREE AND A EAIF MINUTES. tv.-T. m v j. r .uau vnurns, uynnuer unurns, Washing Machines, . Clothes Wringers, High Grade Brooms, Garden Tools, Garden Hoes, Poultry Wire, Paint in Cans, and in bulk for all purposes at Lloyd's Hatduiar Durham, N; C. Durham is Moving. IPUSH IT ALONG.SS Support Home Industries. Patronize its Schools. Help its Library and Hospital. Go to its Churches. A!ID READ THE DAILY AND WEEKLY SUN. t The Dartoin) Weekly Sat, One Dollar a Year,

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