k t o i k i r i l t Cubanola cigars are made from ' j ' old, mild Havana leaf, which jy. j is all cured and aged sSf I I l in the Cuban ' ') C VlBns Thls other Five Cent cigar A!, 21 ON DAY, MAY 5. UERMAN POTASH SYNDICATE. gtgal Sletttc. North Carolina, Superior Court. Before the Olerit. Durham CountT, Haggle Copley, Executrix of John Desern, deceasea, and j. u. vopiey, ner uusoanu. ; Notice. Wiley A.Dezern. James Da- - vtiFri ITdfiip hpiApn.und others The defendants, James V. Dezern and roa die Deiern, above named, will late notice that an action entitled as above has bee a commenced In the Superior Court of Durham County, N. 0., before the Clerk of said Court, the purpose of said action being to sell the rea. estate of John Dezern, deceased, to make assets to pay debts, and the said de fendants, James C. Dezern and Eddie Dezern will further take notice that they are re quired to appear before me at njy office in the Court House In Durham, H. C, on tlie i5th day of April, 1903, and answer or demur to the complaint now on file in said cause, or the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In said complaint. C. B. GREEN, ' rierk of Superior Court, This 1st day of March. 1D02.-6 GINCHO. 0 The most Harmless and Beneficial Drink on the Market. NOrthDuarham bounty. SPe"' Adeline Barbee and A. B. I Barbee, her husband, I Notice of K.xequ vs. I tion Sale. Georire W. Pettlerew. I By virtue of an execution directed to the undersigned from the Superior t ourt of Dur ham Countv in the above entitled action. I will, on Monday, the l2h day of May, 1!2, at 12 o'clock M., at the ourt House door of said County, sell to the highest bidder, for cash, .. I . . .-..,) Aw.,nn 41... fnllnnlnffi).. Bcribed real estate of said defendant George w. rettigrew, to-wit: That lot in Durham Township, - Du'ham County, on W bitted Avenue, adjoining lands of Warren Land .Company. Louis Goodlow, Wm. Markbam and Giles MCLoy lot, contain Inn one-fourth Ci) of an acre, being lot con veved to said Georire W. Pettiitrew by deed . recorded In Book 17, page HI, of Deeds of Durham County. F. D. MAEKHAM, Sheriff of Durham County. This April 8th, 11)02. North Carolina, I Superior Court, Durham i ounty. ) Before the Clerk John J. Stewart, admlstrator) of Amanda Moosou, deceas'd t Notice. vs. - ! ' Frederick Chambers. I The defendant aoove namod will take no tice that a special proceeding entttled as ahnvR has been commenced in the Superior Court of Durham county, to sell to mako assets, a lot containing oue fifth of an acre nf land more or less, situated In Durham Countv. North Carolina, on the East side of ChaMian Street, being Lot No. 4ri. as Hhnwn hv the Dlot and survey recorded in Book of Deeds 13, pane i9, in the office of the Kegistr of Deds Durham County, and fully rlnui-.rihnd In the netitton filed lu this pro ceeding, and the said defendant will further take notice that ho is required to appear at the office of the Clerk of the superior court of 'said County on Saturday tne vtn aay or June, 11)03, at the court House of said County f iiiifhim. North Onrollna. and answer or demur to the complaint in said action, or the filalntlff will apply to tne uoarnor tne re let demanded in said complaint. C. B. GREEN, O.S.O. This the 24 day of April. 11)02. -i When you are thirsty, When you feel fatigued. When you feel nervous, . When your head aches. When your appetite is poor, When you feel bad. When you drink at all, Americans' Endeavor to Break Into It Rockefeller Behind Them. Berlin', May 3. John D. Rocke feller, it is understood ia bthini the Virginia-Carolina Chemical Com pany's designs on the Germin pot ash fieldo. 'While Messrs. S. T. Morgan, C. D. Crenshaw and E C. Sputbury are the only Americans taking part in the conferences which are being held daily at the Hotel Bristol with the members of the German potash syndicate, Peter D. Bradley and S. F. Gibbons, repre senting Mr. Rockefeller, are at the same hotel, waiting for the outcome of the negotiations and prepared to finance the project. Mr. Bradley in behalf of himself and Mr. Gibbons, firmly denies that they are here for any such purpose but the potash syndicate people of Stassfurt have been so informed. Messrs. Crenshaw and Sputbury , when they approached the heads of the syndicate several weeks ago we're repelled. After the Americans had acquired options on Beveral outside works, indicating a serious purpose to break into the industry, the mem hfra nf the avndinatA invitpii them of aorta Carolina, Improve Urder t0 come to Stassfurt asjain. KeaiYien, rvaieigu, v., may cm M, Mnro-an wired Thursdav to v luiu, iue uuuc.u xMiiw.y w..t the -vnd cate members, savincr that ROUND TRIP RATES. Offered by the Southern Railway on Ac count of Special Occasions. On account of the Great Council daily li::;. I i could not riso to nr oaf TrnTi mi P'-un tin o C w U V X L-iA Cfc U till., "I had suffered for three years or more at monthly periods," writes Miss Ella Sapp, ot Jamestown, Guilford Co., N. C. "It seemed as though 1 would cie wua pams in my back and stomach. J could not nse to my feet at ail without fainting ; had given up all hope of ever being cured, when one of my friends insisted upon my trying Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. With but little faith I tried it, and before I had taken half a bottle I felt better had better appe tite and slept better. Now I have takeu two bottles of 'Favorite Pre scription' and one of ' Golden Medical Discov ery,' and am happy to say l am entirely cured, and all done in two months' time when all other medicines had failed to do any good at all." Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets a pleasant and ef fective laxative for women. !25 T5 sell round trip tickets to Raleigh and return at rate of $1.50. Tick ets on sale May 6th, 7th and 8th, Goal limit 12th. On account of meeting of Grand Lodge I. O. O. F., Greensboro, N. For sale at the City Drug Stores. Manufactured by the Cincho Co , Goldsbcro, N. C. apSJ-Zm ice Cream Every Sunday A Specialty at 209 Parrlsh Street. Interstate Phone 294. State of North C arolina I Certificate of Department of State ( Dissolution To all whom tnese presents may come i 3 nMt.lnC7. 1 victKURta. It annears to my satisfaction, by duly authenticated record of the proceedings Tor tne voluntary uimuiuuuu "j iinunlmmiH consent of all the stockholders. deposited In my office that the Durham Ice Company, a Corporation of this State, whose principal office Is situated at No. Street, in the City of Durham, County ot Durham, and State of North Carolina, (W. w. Whltted beinn the agent therein and in charge thereof, upou whom process may be served,) has complied with the requirements of an aot of the G neral Assembly of North Carolina, Session jUOI, entitled, "An act to revise the Corporation law of North Caroli na," preliminary to the Issuing of this Cer tificate of Dissolution. " Now, Therefore, I, J. Bryan Grimes, Secre tary of State of the State of North Carolina, do hereby certify that the said Corporation rtiH n,i the mh dav of Aurll. W03. tile In my office a duly executed and attested consent In writing to the dissolution of said Corpora nil hv till the stockholders there of, which said consent and the record of the proceeding aforesaid are now on file In my a.M nlllia un nrnvlrled hv law. in Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto apt. mv hund and atHxed roy official seal, at Wallah, this 28th day of April, A. D., One Thousand, Nine Hunared and Two. Umciai i.ouian uiuuiu, 0.,May 13th, the Southern Rail way will sell round trip tickets to Greensboro at rate of 13. Tickets to be sold May 11th, 12th and 13th, final limit May 17th. On account of annual meeting Classes of North Carolina, Re formed Church, Lincolnton, N. C, May 15th, "the Southern Railway will sell round trip tickets to Lin colnton at $8 20. Tickets on sale May 14th and 15th, final limit May 22d. On account of meeting of Gen eral Conference, M. E. Church South, at Dallas, Texas, May 7th to June 7th, the Southern Railway will Bell roind trip tickets from Hm QrnUh'o pnctonOTit UUjnam 10 ualla8 al rale 01 f 38,d0 ; 1. 0 1111 111 u fttJoUUrdUM Tickets on sale May 3d, 4th and 5th, final limit June 9th. By de posit of ticket on or before May ' 20th with joint agent at Dallas and upon payment of 50c. , and extension may be secured to and including June 30th. Oo account of the centennial cele bration of Salem Female Academy, Winston-Salem, N. C, May 22-29, the Southern Railway will sell round trip tickets from Durham to Winston-Salem at $3 30. Tickets on sale May 20th and other trains ar riving at Winston Salem on fore noon of .May 22d, also May 23d and 52th, with final limit May 31st. Tickets to be limited to continuous passage in each direction. 13y de posit of ticket on or before May 21, withC. Buford, who will act as joint agent of terminal lines at Winston Salem, and upon payment of 50 cents, an extension of limit to June 15th may be secured. On account of the commencement exercises of the A. & M College, Raleigh, N. C, May 25th to 28tb, the Southern Railway will sell round tickets at rate of $1.20. Tickets to be sold May 24th to 27th inclusive, finaf limit May 28lh. G. Dusenbery, Agent. is EGGS FOR HATCHING. i STANDARD BRED White Leghorn and Bar red Plymouth Rock. Every egg guaranteed to be strictly fresb and fertile. For sale b$ F. G. BATTLE, Durham. N. 0. Larire stock of Poultry Foods on hand for sale at reasonable prices. marU-d&w Administrators' Notice. Having qualified as Administrator of the estate of Mallnda Weaver, deceased, I here by notify all persons having claims against her estate to present the same to me on or before the 3Uth day of March. 11)03, or this no tice will be pleaded In bar of their recovery. All persons owing said estate will please make Immediate payment, T. J. MITOBENER, Adm'r of Mallnda Weaver. This March 29th, 1903. j deal ui octrowH i 1 of State. I Secretary of State. Filed In the office of the Clerk of the Supe rior Court of Durham County, April 29th i9 a. at 10 o'clock, A. M , and recorded in Re cords of Incorporations A, pp. K8 and 539. Clerk Superior Court Durham Co. Horlol and western if they wanted to see him they mast come to Berlin. Two members of the syndicate appeared yester and had a long talk with him. The indications are that the syndicate will be broken up at the termination of the present agreement in 1905. The ownership of the syndicate properties is widely distributed an buying control of the properties likely to require months aud capital exceeding $50,000,000. The only thing which may cause the Amen cans' withdrawal from the attempt is that some of the properties operal ed by the syndicate belong; to the Prussian treasury, which is also the owner of large unworked properties The Americans must secure a lease of these for long terms if they wish to dominate the industry. Cures Canoer, Blood I'olson, Eating 8ores, Ulcers, Costs Notuluu to Try. - Blood poison and deadly cancer are the worst and most deep seated blood diseases on earth, yet the easiest to cure when Botanic Blood Halm is used. If you have blood poison, pro during ulcers, bone pains, pimples mucous patches, filling hvr, itching skin, scrofula, old rheumatism or or fensive form of catarrh, scabs and cales, deadly cancer, eating, bleed ing, festering sores, swellings, lumps persistent wart or Eore, take Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) It will cure even the worBt case alter everything e se fails. B. B B. drains the poison out of the system and the blood, then every sore heals, making tne blood pure and lich, and building up the broken down body Botanic Bhod Balm (b. b. b ) thoroughly tested for 30 years. Drug Btores, $1 per large bottle. T ial treatment f ree by wr.t ing Blood Balm Co , Atlanta, Qa. Describe trouble and free medical ad vice given until cured . B B . B does not contain mineral poisons or mer cury (aa so many advertised reme dies do), but is composed of Pure bj tanic lngredients. Over 3000 testi monials of cures by- taking Botanic Blood Balm (b. b b ) in. k3 ft SEABOARD A IE LINE EAIL17AY.: TO ALL POINTS SCSTH, S0QTH ASD SOUTEWEST. Corr - ' So'L Ht'cl- of beard - tr way Trains Dec. l?t. '1 K, i-i F No 1 Kt Sua r ni-!; ' it r r K' .1 ir r Phil i ou L, O j j, N m 8 M pa. f n a;a 8 & pia IX I . . .. ir hi . WaL u irBa t -. wP. IM r N V r d a. A. L .4 V S. Ry. P l u 3 tioi i 51 am B 6 p'n ( 35 "i Hi.io 10 10 am 1: S p-a 11 in ru 'S wm 1 J pin S i un 4 li pm Uuuto. Ko. 211. Ei f-un No.'.. EiSan r New York. OD.S.iOv 8Wpm 3(0paa t " N.Y.e.AN. 8 55 pm T56am t Phlla-'elrhl. " 11 i p;a 10 li aat :vBi,tiiore BtyLtre 9 pm v atthington, N4W.8.B. S 0tn '"fvt ...if s A T. Sm IWrm v Klchaond. a v Feters' urK, r bur. am. 8. A. li. 10 am 1037 pm lul l am 11 A) im 4 00 pm 8 30 am Tickets on sale to all point Pnlluanand ri-t reservations 3de on application. 8p ial schedules prepared and ai.y other lDfor nstion cueerfal.y turnished. Convenient -chedalfs3d low rates to ail irlnclptd tum tier Heeoi ts during season. 8. 11. KEA..S, Agent. Durham. N. C. "Giving Uim Taffy" won't suit him half as well as offering him a glass of I'ortuer's beer when he calls upon you. mere is an a man in ine city wuose ejes won't sparkle with delight when bis tinst or nosiess auencnes nis nurst wiiuu foaming glass of rich and palatable Portner beer. Don't be afraid of asking him to have onel Ked lemonade and cake Isn't Id it with him. Try a bottle of our Ureen Klver whls knv. It fsnure and nalatablo. We also car ry everything usually found In a first-class saloon. T. II. SCOGGINS. No'. 124 COENEK M ANG DM Sc PEABODY STS OCtl-tf When Yon want Wood uantltles of from five, ten, one hundr or two hundred cords, call on J. &. BOWLING, Neit to Electric Light House, for prices. He v nones interstate 111 make noil lua. Out wood to order, and coal of all kinds de ll verea uroaiutiy. mar9-tf Sohedule in Effect JAN 1, 1901. Ex- DUKHA.M DIVISION. Daily cept Sunday. P. M. A. M. P. M. A. M 4.55 7.00 Lv. Durham Ar. 9.15 9.35 6 07 8 16 Roxboro 7.48 8 16 6.37 8.45 Denniston 7.15 7.45 6.55 9.12 Ar South Boston 6.55 7.25 11.45 Ar Lynchburg Lv 4.10 WESTBOUND Leave Lynchburg. 8:00 a. m. The Washington and Chattanoo ga Limited, for Roanoke, Radford, Blneneld, Pocahontas also for Rocky Mount and all sta tlouH on Wlnaton-Saletn Division and all lnts south and west Solid vestibule train Chattanooga and Memphis, Pullman State of North Carolina, I Certificate of Uepartmeufc ui ctaio. uidsuiuuiuu. To all whom these presents may come Greeting. ' , .. ' Whbrkas, It appears to my satisfaction, bv duly auiheuttoateu record of the proceed ings for the voluntary dissolution thereof by tha imnninmuH euniieut of all the stdckhold- ers. deposited in uiy- office thst tue Durhano I hlectrie sleepers to MemDhln and New Orleans, 2:30 p. m. The Chicago Ex tress for Roa ooke, Blnefleld, Pocahontas, Kenova, Colum tms and Chicago. Pnllaan Buffet sleeper hoanoke to Columbus, also for Radford, BMs tol. Knoxvllle, Chattanooga and Intermediate points. Pullman sleeper Roanoke toKnox vhle. Pullman Buffet Palaoe Oars Norfolk and Roanoke. v. 6.uo p. m. Dally except Sunday for Roan ose ana intermediate stations. For Rent. One three story brick building with elevator on ParrishSt., suit able for wholesale or retail. Second and third stories in brick building on Parrish St. One store room on 1 arrista St. One store room on Cleveland St. Apply to j30-tf. E. C. Hackney. Engineer and Fireman Killed. Clyde, N. Y., May 2. The New York Central fast mail, No. 3, west bound, collided with a fast freight direction going in the opposite direction a Trains arrive at Lynchburg daily from the quarter of a mile west of the station money. Dere at 6 p. m., Killing tne engineer and fireman of the mail and serious ly injuring thirteen mail clerks. Lighting t ompany, a corporation of this State, whose principal otnee is situated at No street, in toe Lity ot Durham, County of Durham aud State of North Caro lina, (it. L. Llndaey being the agent therein and In charge thereof, upon, whom process may be served,) has compiled with the re aulremetitsof an act of the Geueral Assem bly of North Carolina, Session 1901, entitled. "An act to revlso the Corporation Law of io.,ki!..,lHnu." nre lmlnarv to the issuing ct this Certificate of Wjll -01 5' Now. Thereiore, i, ui j . y west at i:ou a. m. ana 6:n p. m. EA8TBOUND -Leave Lynchburg. 8:45 p. m. Daily for Farmvllle, Richmond, Petersburg and Norfolk, arrives Petersburg at 7.66 p. in,, arriving at Richmond at 8.68 p m., arrive at Norfolk at 10.40 p m. 8:10 a m. Arrive Petersburg 6 86 a. mA ar rive Richmond 1M a. m., arrive Norfolk 8.10 . m. Pullman palace ' sleeper between liynchburg and Rlcnmond. This oar will be ready at Lynchburg at9 p. au for reception of passengers. vyiNSTON-SALEM DIVISION.-Dftlly Ex cept Banday. 'Well, how are you feeling now?" asked the doctor. "I've had a stitch in my side all day," replied the pugilist. "That a. alj right. It shows that the bones are knitting." Chicago Tribune. He Kept His Leg. Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan, of Hartford, Conn., scratched his leg with a rusty wire. Iofljmation and blood poisoning sot in. For two rears he suffered intensely. Then the best doctors urged amputation, 4ibut," he writes, "I used one bottle of Electric Bitters and li boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve and my leg was sound and well as ever." For Eruptions, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Sores and all blood disorders Electric Bitters has no rival on earth Try them. R. Blacknall & Son wil euarantee satisfaction or refund (July 51) cents. 4 B. R. HOUSTON, echanical Draughtsman and Builder. Will give estimates on all kinds or work Plans and specifications made on applica tion. Work done on short notice. Satisfac tion guaranteed. Corresponoeace suuciwu. LiOCK Box no. out), uuruam. n. Job Work a Specialty. sepl9-tf taTV of State of the State of North Carolina, 4.65 P.M.A M. 1.26 8.00 LV. m 8.43 9.18 0.23 io. ao 1.10 Ar, Winston Wa'nut Cove Madison Mayodan MarUnsvUle Roanoke P, M. A M. Ar. B.60 8.40 . 9.06 7JS8 8.28 7.18 8.23 7-18 7.15 6.06 Lv. 4.35 itn hnrnhv eertilV mat tne saiu jor"urawuu i m. mn a rinlv executed and attested consent mo. in wrl In to the dissolution of said Oorpora tlon, exJuted by all the stockholders there of, which said consent aud the record of the proceedings aforesaid are now on tile In my. said ouico as provided by law. InTkstimony Whbhkof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my offlolal seaj, at Kaieiih. this 88th day of April, A. I).. One Thousad. Mne Hundred and 1 wo, TOffloiiaT'' I J. BEYAN GEIME8, 1 Seal of Secretary of State. t Socretary of State. "Tj i v,o r,mc nf the Clerk of the Suoe- lir.. iiniirt. of Uurham County, April 2Uth, im, at 10 o'clock, A M.. and recorded lu lie cords of Incorporations A, pp. f Clerk Superior Cpurf Durhum w. o. tn. WESTBOirND Leave Burkevllle 18.05 a. in. and 12.07 noon. ' All inquiries as to routes, rates Ac, prompt ly answered. W. B. HE v ILL, General Passenger Agent, Roanoke, Va, VL F. BHACKi, Traveling Paesenger Agent, Roanoke, Va. . -K. M. (RAHAM. Atrent. Dnrham. N. O. The Wkbklv Sun is only $i a year. From 20 to 23 columns ol live, interesting local, state and general news each week. ' Sub scr.be and get a wide-awake Dr han paper. Glover When mv wife smells smoke at night she gets the whole house up. Slover -That's notbiog. My wife does that when she only thinks she smells smoke. Town 1 Topics. Biliousness is a condition charac terized by a disturbance ot the di gestive organs The stomach is de bilitated, the liver torpid, the bow els constipated. 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(Jarrii-n nuianon bumper reenboro to lialfcigh 9:40 a. m., jnc. 8, 'i,stbt.un(i, taily, forRal:igh, tclnia and Golds - xro: connecta at eeima wim at- antic Oiost Line -north for Wueun .nd Rocky Mount, at Gol iijboro for ?axbcro, and Norfolk. At Sola 'or Fayetteville and Florence. 9 :50 a. m., No. 35, westbound, dui'y 'or Greensboro and mternu'iUaie local points; cot nects at Greensboro with U. b. ifast MaU lor Danville, Lynchburg, Washington and all -omts Nortn and Weer, as also wnn No. 30 Jitksonvii'o to Now Yv rk via Uichmoud. Southern Railway Din ii'g Cars operated on trains Nos, 36 tnd30. 9:65 a. va., No. 16, northbound, lyilj for Oxford, Heuderscn, JtfTrie3, Kejsville tnd Richmond, o change f cars between Durham and Rich -mond, where close connection is made to all points north. Close connection at Ji If ies for Norfolt and Steamboat Lines to Washington, Bdltimoie, New York and Boston . 2-a7 p. m., No. 38 eastbound, daily for liaieign, teima, uoiasooroona intermediate stations. 4:43 p. m., westbound, daily, for Greontboro and all poir ts t Counects it Greensboro for Wmpton- Sa em, ilso with Nos. and ' for Salis oury, Charlotte. ColumLiu, CharleE cou, t avannah, Jjcksonv llo, Atlanta and New Orleans; at Salisbury for A.sheville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Louisvillo, Cincinnati and St. Louis. Connects lorthbound with No 12 for Richmond, Nos. 38, 34 and 40 for Lynchburg, Charlottes- vi lie, Washington, Baltimore and New York. 5:00 p. m., No. 74, northbound, laily except Sunday, for Oxford. ieysville, Richmond and interme diate stations. Pullmhan and Southern R ilway Dining Cars operoted on all (through) Main Line trains. No trouble to an twur questions. i. H. HARD WICK, Gen. Paeonger Agent. FRANK 8. GANNON, 3d V. P. and Ueneeral Manager. G. 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